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SY 2010-2011

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The organization aims to build a cohesive and empowered Psyclique Organization engendered by good relationship and cooperative effort toward social responsiveness and self-growth. Psyclique organization shall promote mutual understanding through psychological, social, civic, intellectual, and recreational activities and programs.

Promote unity and oneness among its members Establish linkages with other academic orgs and institutions Provide services to psychology-related organizations Maintain school aspirations to promote academic excellence

Month June



September October

Activity Welcoming of the new students and teachers; Orientation of rules and regulations. Objective: to start a year of good relationships and rapport Expected date: June 30 Acquaintance Party Objectives: to provide a place where everybody can enjoy friendship, to build bonds, to further strengthen bonds Planned date: July 3 Sportsfest Objectives: to discover potential athletes, to further strengthen bonds, in preparation for intramurals Planned date: Aug 21

INTRAMS... Duh.^^ Leadership Training/Teambuilding Objectives: to provide a venue to create Lions out of Lambs, and to provide a venue to strengthen the pack.

Month November

December January

February March

Activity Psych Month: Quiz Bowl, Research Forum, Workshops Objectives: to provide a venue to have their heads filled then exercised while having fun. Christmas celebration Psych Tour: 3 settings Industrial, Clinical, and Educational Objectives: for the kids to see the importance of their chosen program College Week Evaluation, Pinning/Nameplating, Recognition, Seniors’ Farewell Objectives: to provide a venue where everyone’s hardwork and dedication are recognized and valued. To celebrate their unemployment. Joke.^^

 

JPACC revival Partnership with Cebu Braille Center and ANINAG organization. Involvement with other schools’ Facilitator’s Circle.

We also need your suggestions.^^ what would you suggest Psyclique should do for the student body?

Psyclique Tactical Plan