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Magnavox 26MF231D 26-Inch Widescreen LCD HDTV

Magnavox 26MF231D 26 inch HDTV LCD Flat PanelTelevision26" high-definition LCDdisplay:This conveniently slim LCD TV delivers high-definition resolution (1366 x 768)so that you can enjoy outstanding picture clarity when watching HD programming.The set also offers a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees so you can see thepicture clearly even if you are sitting far left or right of the screen.Built-in HD (ATSC) tuner: Some HDTVsdont have a tuner. This set comes with a built-in tuner so that you can viewHD programming right out of the box.Picture quality features: Brightness and contrastan excellent brightness level (500 cd/m) and contrast ratio (800:1) means the picture will not appear dull or washed out. 3D motion adaptive de-interlacingcleans up noise that can occur in digital video streams, so the image is crisper, without jagged edges (an especially important feature if you download video from the web) Smart Picturewith the push of a button, the TV automatically changes the picture settings to optimally display the program you are viewing, adjusting for lighting, motion and more. 3D digital comb filterif you use low-quality (composite or RF) cables to hook up your DVD player to the TV, the 3D digital comb filter fixes problems with color and blurriness that can arise from using composite cables.Widescreen: The TVs widescreen (16:9)format enables you to watch films in their original widescreen dimensionswithout the picture cropping that happens when movies are converted totraditional (4:3) screensso you can literally get the whole picture.Built-in speakers: Experience great stereosound from built-in speakers. Smart Sound automatically prevents the jumps involume between programs and commercials and provides a steady volume level.A/V inputs: Cable quality affects pictureby affecting the quality of the signal the TV receives. The TV comes with inputsfor high-quality HD component cables (sold separately) so you can enjoy HDTV toth

Products Feature 1. 26" WideScreen LCD TV 2. Integrated ATSC - QAM Tuner 3. 1366 x 768 Resolution 4. 3D Comb Filter 5. HDMI Input

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Magnavox 26MF231D 26-Inch Widescreen LCD HDTV  

Magnavox 26MF231D 26-Inch Widescreen LCD HDTV Get Discount - Click Now!