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Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 for Business - Web camera - color - audio - USB

You can take your individual and small group video conferencing to the next level with this premium HD webcam that’s optimized for Microsoft® Office Communicator.Qualified by Microsoft You can be confident that your webcam is optimized for Microsoft® Office Communicator to give you the best video conferencing experience.75-degree wide-angle lens The wide-angle field of view allows for individual and small group video conferencing.HD video capture Coworkers and colleagues can see you in fluid, widescreen video at HD quality (720p) up to 30 frames per second.*True 2-megapixel sensor Your images look real thanks to HD-quality (720p) video capture and 8-megapixel photos (with optional software installation).Carl Zeiss® optics You’ll enjoy razor-sharp images from a glass lens designed with the help of one of the pioneers in the industry. Find out more about why our collaboration with Carl Zeiss benefits you.Premium autofocus Your images stay razor sharp, even in close-ups (up to 10 cm from the camera lens.)Plug-and-play video calling Setup is fast and easy on Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, and Windows® XP *. You just plug it in and you’re ready.VGA-quality video You’ll enjoy fine detail and fluidity with VGA-quality video (640 x480 pixels) at up to 30 frames per second.Clear audio The audio chamber design and RightSoundTM technology let you have crystal clear conversations without annoying background noise.*If your system and application support HD format. **Software installation required for autofocus, video/photo capture, Rightlight 2 and Rightsound technology.

Products Feature 1. Enjoy razor-sharp images-even in close-ups- due to our Carl Zeiss® optics with premium autofocus 2. Experience fluid, true-to-life widescreen video (720p) and snapshots at up to 8 megapixels. 3. Logitech Video Call is free, fast, and easy for you and anyone you call. It sets up when you set up the webcam

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Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 for Business - Web camera - color - audio - USB