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Logitech HDTV Widescreen Video Cam

Logitech TV Cam lets you visit long distance with friends and family from the comfort of your couch by enabling you to make and receive High-Definition video calls* on your hdtv. * video resolution depends on both parties’ internet connection speed.

Products Feature 1. TV Cam makes widescreen, high-definition (720p) video calls from your HDTV 2. Requires Logitech Revue with Google TV, Logitech Vid HD, and high-speed Internet connection 3. Call any webcam for free with Logitech Vid free video software for Mac, PC, or Logitech Revue 4. Comes with a wide-angle, Carl Zeiss lens with autofocus and 5x digital zoom 5. Sounds clear through noise reducing, echo canceling audio and two digital directional microphones

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Logitech HDTV Widescreen Video Cam