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3M privacy filter- 3M PF319 Monitor privacy filter

3M(TM) PF319 Black Framed LCD Desktop Monitor Privacy Filter fits 19" standard displays. Offers outstanding privacy protection; allows only those directly in front of the monitor to see onscreen data. Others see only a darkened screen. The only framed privacy filter offering an anti-reflection film.

Products Feature 1. Filter viewing area 12 3/8" x 15 5/16", fits 18.1" to 20" standard monitors 2. Reduces screen glare and reflections more than 98% for more comfortable viewing. 3. Optically clear with greater than or equal to 92% clarity plus the east-to-clean surface repels permanent marker. 4. The only light-weight framed privacy filter available for both widescreen and standard desktop monitors 5. Screen data is visible only to persons directly in front of the monitor. 3M privacy technology darkens on-screen data when viewed from the side.

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3M privacy filter- 3M PF319 Monitor privacy filter