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SOLID OR ENGINEERED FLOORS It’s about Options, Not Restrictions When considering a Carlisle floor, our engineered floors will appear identical to our solid wood floors because we use the same quality material for both. This is not a common practice.

4mm Solid Hardwood Top Layer

ENGINEERED PLANK 11 Layer Baltic Birch Plywood Base Layer*


Engineered flooring is a staple of the wood flooring industry and is surrounded by misinformation and misconceptions. When considering engineered wood flooring options, the quality of the floor is determined by both aesthetic and intrinsic differences, which should be evaluated as part of the decision making process. The quality of the final product is greatly impacted by the quality of the raw material and the manufacturing process. At Carlisle due to the exceptional quality of our raw material, and the unique single board production process, you do not need to choose engineered or solid based on the look you desire in the floor. Both structures will appear the same after installation. This simplifies your decision down to what structure will preform best given the unique environment of your specific project. We are here to help you understand the variables that impact that decision. Always feel free to reach out to your personal Wide Plank Specialist at 800-595-9663 for greater insight to determine if solid or engineered is the best structure for your project. * The Carlisle Studio Collection features 5/8� thick engineered flooring which will have a slightly different profile due to its thinner overall construction.

QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN SHOPPING FOR A NEW HARDWOOD FLOOR The following standards apply to both our solid and engineered floors. n



1 Will the engineered floor look different than the solid floor? At Carlisle there is not a difference between the visual appearance of our solid or our engineered floors. We use the exact same wood


to produce both. We simply slice the board thinner to produce the engineered wear layer. You can choose which structure is best for your environment without sacrificing the look you desire. However, this is not true for all engineered products. Since the wear layer


for some engineered products is peeled from the log it will have a dramatically different appearance when compared to a solid product. 2 Will I be able to tell it is an engineered floor?


Not with Carlisle. The visual appearance and long-term durability of the floor will be the same. This is extremely helpful if you are considering using both structures in your home. Where solid might be appropriate for the main living areas and an engineered structure is better for the higher relative humidity in a basement you can continue the same look in both living spaces and no one will know the difference. 3 Can I get an engineered floor over 6� wide? Yes. We offer engineered flooring in most species up to 10� wide, which is extremely wide for most manufacturers. We can offer this exceptional width due to the stability of our wood, the unique quality of our substructure and the attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process.


Selectively harvest all wood from areas where each species grows best. Cut each board from the center of the log, never the limbs. Use only the first 40-60 feet of the butt log. 4-12 month long double curing process including air and kiln drying. Higher heart content in every board for stability and aesthetics. Higher percentage of vertical grain for stability in a wide plank board. Our proprietary flooring grades go beyond traditional lumber grade standards which are primarily designed for the furniture and cabinet industry, allowing us to maximize the artistic characteristics of each board versus a floor made with mass produced uniformity.

4 Is it all one width, or multiple widths? You can have it either way at Carlisle. Each order is made specifically for that project, so when working with your Wide Plank Specialist discuss with them what width configuration best fits your design vision. 5 Can I get boards up to 10" wide with an engineered floor? Yes, in most species 10" is available. 6 How long are the planks? Our engineered floors, in most species, range from 2-12' long with an average of 7', making our floors some of the longest in the industry. This length allows you to feel the flow of the grain in the wood with far fewer interruptions than you may experience in floors where the longest length is 6' and the average could be as low as 2-3'. 7 Can you get lengths up to 12’ long? Yes! We provide random length floors which will include a percentage of boards that are 11-12' in length. 8 Will my boards be all the same length? No. Most species will range from 2-12' as we maximize the yield from each batch of lumber we work with. This allows

11. Can you tell me what my average lengths will be? Most of our floors average between 6-7' with some variance between species. This average is often longer than the longest length available in other products 12 Is the wood made from the center cut or rotary

you to receive the longest lengths while naturally

sawn material? We use center cut material for

revealing the unique beauty of each timber. Fixed

both our engineered and solid floors. This allows

length flooring (all planks measure 4' for example) is

us to provide you with a very thick wear layer in

a relatively new occurrence in wood flooring. Most of

our engineered floors. It is so thick that we offer a

the time this is done for logistics reasons rather than

Refinishing Warranty that guarantees you can sand

out of respect for the timber. It is easier to palletize

your floor up to 3 times should you need to. This is the

and load shipping containers for export to the US if all

same number of sanding’s that can be performed on

the boxes are the same size.

solid floors that are 3/4" thick.

9 Will I get a lot of short boards because it is

13 What is the wear layer? The wear layer is the visual

engineered? No. We monitor the length of every

layer of wood applied to the plywood substructure. It

board and provide a breakdown of lengths that meets

is the wood you see on the floor once the planks have

or exceeds the following parameters:

been installed. At Carlisle our wear layer measures

a. 2-5' 30%

4mm thick which allows you to refinish your floor

b. 5-9' 50%

multiple times just like a solid floor, while also

c. 9-12' 20%

providing the ideal balance between the wear layer

Some species may have slight differences to these

and substructure so that the overall construction is

parameters, but your wide plank specialist can review

one of the most stable in the industry.

the exact breakdown for your species. 10 Can you take out all the boards less than 2' long

14 How many plies is the engineered backing made from? Our plywood substructure is Marine Grade

from my order? Yes, we can. Because we make each

Baltic Birch which is an 11-ply structure. The more plies

floor individually, we make it to whatever specification

you have the greater the stability (less movement)

you like. There is an upcharge for altering the length

you achieve in the floor. Some substructures have

specification, but your Wide Plank Specialist can

as few as 3 plies and are more prone to cupping and

review the options with you.

crowning post installation.

15 Why are your engineered floors more stable than

19 Is the floor made in the USA? Yes! Every floor we

other in the industry? Our floors are a combination

craft is made here in New Hampshire at our own mill.

of the highest quality wood wear layer, the most

We would love to have you come by and meet our

stable backing product AND a unique single board

craftsmen if you are ever in the New England area.

production method that results in a higher quality bond between the wear layer and the substructure. Each wear layer is individually pressed through nine pressure rollers to insure the greatest level of adhesion between the components. It is not uncommon in some structures to have the wear layer separate (delaminate) from the substructure due to poor adhesion at the time of production. At Carlisle our process virtually eliminates this concern. 16 Is the overall flooring thickness at least ž" thick?

20 Do you use any fill or putty in my flooring? We do not use fill or imitation wood putty in ANY of our floors. It is common to see this in other products because if you are using lower quality wood and begin to slice the wood into thinner layers you will have defects that can result in holes in that wear layer. Many companies will fill this void with an epoxy or wood putty to try and maintain the length of the board while improving their yield. The issue is that the products they use often do not accept a stain

Yes, our standard option is ž" although we also offer

color and are dramatically different in appearance

5/8" thick flooring up to 6" wide.

than the wood surrounding the filled defect. These

17 How many times can I sand and refinish the floor? We use such a thick wear layer that we warranty you can sand your floor up to 3 times. This is the same number of times that you can typically refinish a 3/4" thick solid floor.

areas stand out as a visual distraction disrupting the overall cohesive appearance of the floor. At Carlisle because we use such high quality raw material, and we individually craft every single plank, we do not need to use fill to maintain the length of our product.

18 Does the glue holding the engineered layer together contain formaldehyde? All our adhesive products and substructures are formaldehyde free and CARB 2 compliant which is currently the strictest indoor air quality standard.

Contact a Carlisle Wide Plank Specialist with any additional questions at 800.595.9663

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Solid or Engineered Floors: It's About Options, Not Restriction  

When considering a Carlisle floor, our engineered floors will appear identical to our solid wood floors because we use the same quality mate...

Solid or Engineered Floors: It's About Options, Not Restriction  

When considering a Carlisle floor, our engineered floors will appear identical to our solid wood floors because we use the same quality mate...