United States


We are the generation of great hope. We have the resources to create, to inspire, and to bring about the new digital enlightenment. Connected in a frenzy of chaotic digital technologies, we are plugged in and we are airing it out. Our senses are extended to the vibrations of cell phones, the beeps of instant messengers, while our eyes trace the never-ending cascade of multiple browsing windows. We resonate in vivid reality the worlds of our ever expanding creative prophets. The renaissance is now.

Wide-Eyed aims to recognize the greater picture. Wide-Eyed seeks those quality contributions to the landscape of art, music, and thought which are vibrantly coexisting in the creative consciousness.

Our delivery is simple– the marriage of words with powerful and intriguing visuals. An image with a story. In a jolt perception world, an insightful read must be carried on the shoulders of a provocative image.

Keep singing, writing, and creating. The Wide-Eye is on you.