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Play a game while learning the basics of video game design. 6:30 pm Monday | Mar. 6 LEGO STOP MOTION ANIMATION IPAD EDITION Get creative on the iPad! Make a mini movie with LEGO Stop Motion Animation. 2:00 pm Saturday | Mar. 11

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ROBOTICS CLUB Explore the world of robotics and coding! Learn how C++, Labview, Mindstorms, and Java are used to program robots built with LEGOs, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and 3D Printers. How do motors, 3D Printers, and drones work anyway? You’ll find out and in the process become the ultimate robot overlord. 6:00 pm Wednesday | Mar. 22 Apr. 12, 26 May 10, 24 ANIME CLUB - SPECIAL MANGA EDITION! We’re hosting a special anime club meeting devoted solely to manga! Bring your fan art and your favorite manga. Meet other fans and get recommendations for new series. 6:30 pm Monday | May 22 ROBOTICS CLUB - TEEN TECH WEEK It’s a SuGO Tournament! Tonight we are battling robots - Sumo Wrestling Style 6:00 pm Wednesday | Mar. 8

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Belong | Spring 2017