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programs. Libraries use partnerships with other institutions to connect patrons in need with the services and help they need (Cabello, 2017). In FY17, Wicomico County libraries offered over 1,300 programs for the community including programs that promote lifelong learning and wellness and that encourage cultural diversity. Conclusion The non-quantifiable effects of public libraries in a community are impressive as they not only help the local economy by way of assisting the workforce and local businesses, but they also help to better the public by assisting in increasing literacy rates and preserving the local history. The indirect impacts of the local support, collaboration, and resources on the overall well-being of individuals lead to additional downstream employment and economic impacts that, although difficult to track, are notable in considering the impact of public library systems within their communities.

Economic and Community Impact of the Wicomico Public Libraries


Conducted by BEACON 2018

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Wicomico Public Library Value Study  

Wicomico Public Library Value Study  

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