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Int rod new ucing Vir Stude the tua l Ca nt rd! How do I use my Student Virtual Card?

A partnership between Wicomico Public Libraries and Wicomico County Public Schools

Your Student Virtual Card works just like a regular library card. No plastic card is required. Your card number is WCPS plus your lunch number. For example, WCPS12345. When you visit the library and check out a book, tell the staff member that you are a Wicomico County Public Schools student and tell them your card number or show them your student ID.

What can I do with my Student Virtual Card? • Check out 5 print materials (no audio-visual) • Use any computer at Wicomico Public Libraries • Access professional databases online, including test prep, languages, research tools, and more IF YOU ARE A WICOMICO COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS STUDENT IN GRADES 1-12 YOU NOW HAVE ACCESS TO THE INFORMATION AND SERVICES OFFERED AT WICOMICO PUBLIC LIBRARIES! ALL ACCOUNTS ARE FINE-FREE.


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Wicomico Public Libraries - Spring 2019  

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