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•DRAFTING ABOUT ANOREXIA What is anorexia? Some people think that anorexia is just not eating. But in reality is a nutritional disorder and this would lose weight but disease the disease the girls who suffer from this disease think they look very thin they begin practice this disease when they decide to stop eating and then not stop losing weight. The causes of this disease is because your body is not accepted or because they have family problem or school failure and suffer from low self-stem, this disease suffer girls from 6 age to adult and all because they are accepted as they are and begin to eat small amounts of food until they reach the point of not eating nothing. Now there are several treatments to care this sick because these girls suffer from very small age and some die. The most receive treatment for correction of bad nutrition and family therapies they would have to live for a long time in medical center for treatment. In conclusion this sick is very danger but with the support of this family can be overcome. Starting by accepting your body and keep track of the food, and this is how you can win this sick is now very common.

Do you are student? The 80% of students think that study is important to achieve our goals. I think that the study in the teenagers is important because you have big opportunities in your life. The study in the teenagers is important because you would have a big knowledge. Is necessary because you achieve your goals and will be a best person I the studies. You can have important opportunities for work because the companies need people who study. Your development in study of the university will be the best. If you study you going to The top. If you study will be a person of success. All the teenagers are intelligent and don´t listen the a bad commentaries that the people say. If you study would be that you have a good grades and your parents say congratulations. All the teenagers have a potential to study and don´t stop when feel bad. You are a good student but always think that you can do. In conclusion I learn that all teenagers have a big potential to study. Is important because all teenagers it has to have knowledge to reach the success. I recommend study because is the best that our parents give us.

How you take decision? Much of young people take decision so fast they don’t take a minute to think. I think that all young people we take a minute to think and think more in our decision. Young people must take decisions, and thinking carefully about the consequences. Sometimes we making decisions so fast after that we repent because we don’t think about it. For example when we are angry with someone does not think about it and say the first thing we have in mind. When we have to choose one thing and another by the pressures also make decisions that are not correct. We have to take a minute to think about the decisions. When we have pressure to make a decision the important thing is to calm ourselves. It is also important to keep open our mind to changes. We have to ask others what they think about that. And finally take our decision with the certainty that is correct. We make a good decision. So, I learn to take a minute to think in our decisions. Because our decision have consequence. I recommend taking our counsels about it.

Excessive beauty. Some women believe that the excessive is good. For me the excessive beauty is not good. One of the reasons because you should not do this is because you can have cancer. One of the reasons because you should not do that because is a lot of money. You spend you should not do this because is dangerous. You should not do this because it could be harmful. This do not do this because it can have bad effects. Another reason is because you do not need it. You should not do that because you are beautiful. You should not do that because you are happy. You are a beautiful Woman. You should not do that because it is very dangerous.

Do you think about abortion? Many people think that abortion is an action abhorrent because is when you commit a crime trying to get rid of a person who can not fight for his life. I think abortion is illegal and should be banned. abortion has many consequences. one of the consequences of abortion is venereal disease. one of the most common consequences of abortion is death. The most unfortunate is that the mother contracted AIDS by not having the care expected. abortion is the result of depression for not having enough support from their loved ones. abortion is not the only way to not take responsibility for the baby. apart from the abortion there is a sufficiently human adoption. the girl who tries to have an abortion is consistent with the consequences of that can happen in their lives. however if you opt for adoption the baby and the mother lives does not comply with the consequences. abortion is not the proper way to not take responsibility for the baby. SO, I think that young people do not opt ​for abortion. must learn to survive this problem. I recommend researching other ideas of how not to be responsible for the baby but opting for a human idea to the ordinary baby.


All the people have health? People think that not all the persons have health because they don´t have: money, time, or they have problems in their home. They say: could be, because the stress, problems in their jobs, unhappy, or they feel very well and they don´t take care their health. I think is something very important for all the people, because of that we can survive in the world. With out health we can´t do anything, and we are nothing. We have to take care our health because is valuable. Is the key for have peace in your heart. Without health you can´t do the things that you want to do. You can´t see well without health. The health is valuable so you have to assess. Think about that because is important for you and the people aroud you. You can care your body and the people around you. You can do excercise for be more heathy. You can jogging with your friends, parents, sisters, brothers, or any person to be more healthy. You can go to the gym, if you don´t want to do other tings for be healthy, You can dance. You can scream also, because when you scream you take out the stress. You have to eat my healthy without grease or other chemical. I learned to assess bodyfood, because when you are sick you can´t do anything, you can´t drink anything, you can eat anything, so you are useless. Is important remember that you are a unique person in the world, so you have to care your body. I recommend allways care your body, you mind because is important, and is for you be well.


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