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March 2013

Heinz SC & The Sunshine Van Festival Tour April 2013

May 2013

June 2013

July 2013

August 2013

T in the Park, Kinross-shire

V - Festival, Stafford V - Festival, Reading

Latitude, Suffolk Glastonbury

Wireless, Hyde Park

Tour and free tickets competition promotion: • Website • Mobile App • Point of sale • Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter • You Tube viral Moving Image

Heinz SC & The Sunshine Van Festival Tour Campaign

Leeds Fest Reading

September 2013

Bestival, Isle of Wight

Free taster Dip N Squeeze samples. Free Heinz Salad Cream and chips available at the Sunshine Van

Campaign to run March 2013 to September 2013. Introduce Heinz SC & The Sunshine Van through Festival Ticket give away. Target audience young people aged 18 to 22 years old.

Lisa Whitaker YCN Heinz Salad Cream Campaign Board 1 of 5

Adshel advertising Campaign

Viral moving image on YouTube and Vimeo

Campaign Media & Distribution - Win Festival Tickets

Point of sale Bottle labels

Lisa Whitaker Heinz Salad Cream Campaign Board 2 of 5

Step 1 Download the SnapTag App (*)

Step 2 Find a SnapTag and line up the SnapTag with the red ring

Step 3 The ring turns green when the SnapTag has been recognised

Step 3 Your customer is now linked to the SpyderLynk platform

Brand marketers employ SnapTags™ to activate a wide variety of marketing campaigns with hundreds or even thousands of variations, all enabled by the SpyderLynk Platform. Use SnapTags to enable instant access to exclusive content. Grow social networking communities and allow social sharing. Deliver coupons, discounts and loyalty points. Power contests and sweepstakes. Even use them for mobile transactions and gift cards. It all starts with brand objectives. Visit for further details * If you don’t own a Smart Phone take a photo of the SnapTag with your Mobile and you can still enter the competition and interact with Heinz Salad Cream

Campaign Media & Distribution - Snap & Tag Competition

SnapTags are the new QR codes except better. Brand imagery can be used inside the SnapTag and they work across both Smart phones and mobile phones.

Lisa Whitaker YCN Heinz Salad Cream Campaign Board 3 of 5

Sample giveaway A6 satin finish 240gsm card to include a free dip n squeeze salad cream pot. (Actual size)

Live Heinz salad Cream photo sharing Festival folk will be encouraged to share their salad cream experiences through

The chip cone Satin finish 240gsm card Includes details of the Liveshare photo competition designed and made by Kirsy using the logo Campaign logo I designed

2013 Heinz SC & The Sunshine Van Festival Tour Campaign

The Campaign theme tune is a KC and the Sunshine Band hit called ‘That’s the way I like it.’

This photo sharing platform enables Brands to create events which their customers can attend. Photographs streamed at the event almost in real-time (can be moderated) More details are available at

Lisa Whitaker Heinz Salad Cream Campaign Board 4 of 5

Tone of voice

Heinz already have the perfect sample “Dip or squeeze’ design for ketchup

Concept & Context

Brief: Develop a Campaign which will get 18-22 Year old young people to eat Heinz Salad Cream The tone of voice of the majority of previous campaigns has been middle of the road often using classical music with voice over by a mature middle class man or woman.

Lisa Whitaker Heinz Salad Cream Campaign Board 5 of 5

OUGD203 Module submission  

Collaborative brief - my contribution

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