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A special print finish similar to spot varnish was achieved using a black foiling technique

A set of twelve posters on display in Leeds College of Art

TYPO London 2012 Product Range & Promotion

The Brief was to research, review and communicate about Typo London and the speakers at the events. The target audience is tutors and fellow students st LCA The outcome includes a publication and set of twelve posters which would be placed around Leeds College of Art

A ‘sample’ size publication bound together with a binding screw.

OUGD301 Design Practice 3

Lisa Whitaker Brief 3 TYPO London Board 1 of 3

Consideration was given to the typeface selection and the layout based on the nature of the quote and the character of the speaker. For example Matthew Butterick stated that ‘working with the written word is a noble and significant tradition.’ The most appropriate typeface had to be Renaissance or old style. I chose Adobe Jenson Pro, an historical revival font designed by Robert Slimbach, which captures the essence of Nicolas Jenson’s Roman Typefaces from the 15th Century.

TYPO London 2012 Content

The publication includes a summary of Typo, twelve quotes, details about each speaker, a ‘what I thought’ section and an index of typefaces. The Posters and Publications would be distributed around college as part of a Typo Event and shared online digitally.

Each quote includes the speakers background, their latest project and website address. The Index of Typefaces includes Designer(s), date of design and publisher. The whole range is printed on 150gms mango and black stock and laser printed.

OUGD301 Design Practice 3

Lisa Whitaker Brief 3 TYPO London Board 2 of 3

TYPO London 2012 Context & Concept development

A research driven brief reviewing Typo 2012 and its speakers with a focus on developing type and layout skills. The research included primary research by attending Typo 2012 in London. Target audience Leeds College of Art tutors and students.

The tone of voice is inspirational ’TYPO gold’ and the outcome needed to appeal to designers, through the design and form.

OUGD301 Design Practice 3

Lisa Whitaker Brief 3 TYPO London Board 3 of 3

Brief 3 Typo Boards  
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