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Bernadette Heys School of Theatre Dance

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OUR APPROACH Our classes for our infant members run for 1 hour per week. During this hour they study Ballet, Tap & Theatre. We work on creativity & imagination at this young age as technique will develop with age. From their first lesson we work on discipline as this is a vital skill for dance & performance. Even the youngest students know how to follow instructions and follow their rules (look, listen & quiet) with hand actions. Junior students classes are 1 hour 30 minutes and Senior students work up to 2 hours 30 minutes. This is as they progress onto higher examinations and begin to cover more subjects to a higher standard, learning technique and start to build up strength. All of our students learn all subjects during class as each compliments the other and makes pupils well rounded dancers. We teach all our subjects in one lesson as then students do not have to come to the studio on different days for different subjects. We have found this is very helpful for parents as well as the students. It cuts down on travel expenses and also frees up the child’s time to take on other hobbies. Also when a senior student is studying for academic exams they can still schedule in dance class as a study break as it is only one evening a week. We do offer extra classes and private lessons for students who wish to develop their dance skills on top of the weekly class.

OUR FOUNDER AND TEACHER Bernadette Hays Bernadette began dancing at the age of 5 at Doreen France School of Dance in Tap & Theatre, then at 18 continued to study Ballet at Illingworth School of Dance. She went on to achieve the IDTA teaching qualifications at Constant Grant Theatre School under Judith Sylvester. In 1974 Bernadette opened Bernadette Heys School of Theatre Dance in the old Cooperative Building in Huddersfield. The school moved to Marsden in 1977. Throughout her Career she has choreographed and produced shows and pantomimes for local Schools and Theatre Companies including Marsden Operatic Society, Slaithwaite Carr Lane Methodist Society, Honley Players, Gilbert & Sullivan, Saddleworth Operatic Society & Delph Players. She has enjoyed working with many charities and organisations over the years, donating show proceeds and taking part in fund raisers including Roy Castle Tapathons. Bernadette works with local schools developing dance in P.E. Lessons and also at special needs centres bringing dance and movement to help people with development and physical restrictions.

OUR TEACHERS AND STAFF Yvette Flaherty Yvette began dancing at the age of 14 months at Bernadette Hays School of Theatre Dance, then at 18 continued her training at Northern Ballet School graduating with a National Diploma in Professional Dance. . She went on to achieve the IDTA teaching qualifications under Bernadette Hays and IDTA examiner Nigel Edgar. She enjoyed teaching in New York, USA at Frenchwoods Festival of Performing Arts. Choreographing dance and musicals for ages 7 – 18. She has choreographed and performed in shows and pantomimes for Schools and Theatre Companies including Honley Players and the school’s touring company Cabaret Troupe. Yvetter created Dance Extra for students workshops and courses during the school holidays. Becki Pogson Becki began dancing at the age of 3 at Bernadette Heys School of Theatre Dance and has achieved IDTA teaching qualifications through the school. She has been Freelance teacher in Primary Schools and Supply teacher to other IDTA dance schools, Becki also enjoys performing in local pantomimes and projects including the School’s touring company Cabaret Troupe. Trish Haigh Trish has been our Book keeper and administrator since 2002. She also enjoys chaperoning the infant classes and has the very important role of Backstage show co-ordinator of schools annual shows.

EXAMINATIONS All our examinations are taken through the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) one of the world’s largest examining bodies, covering the full spectrum of dance styles. Taking examinations is optional but every class work towards grades in the core subjects as a progression. We start examinations with students as young as three years old. These are where the children are assessed on basic skills in a lesson setup conducted by one of our teachers. We use these to build confidence and it allows the children to get used to examination conditions for when they dance unaccompanied from the Preparatory grades at around age five to six years IDTA Graded exams run from Preparatory to Primary and then Grade 1 – 5 in all core subjects (Ballet, Tap and Theatre Craft) We also have performance medals which run alongside the grades as well as adult medals and special needs awards. Once a student passes Grade 5 they reach Intermediate, Advanced 1 & Advanced 2, which are classed as professional exams. These are good to put on college and university applications as well as on CV’s if their career leads to a profession in dance. Each child progresses at a different speeds and because dance is so physically demanding it is vital that students are not pushed beyond their physical limits. With a large teaching staff we are able to work with the students as individuals and help them work at a speed that is comfortable for them. Our classes are based on individual ability and progress not age, therefore children will not always be in the same classes as at school. Usually when children get to Graded examinations they are in a class which they work well in and the class then progress through the grades together.

DANCE EXTRA Dance Extra are courses, which take place during school holidays, for the talented children of the Bernadette Heys School of Theatre Dance. The aim of the course is for the children to get a wider understanding of different aspects of dance and to gain enjoyment through improving their skills. The first of these courses took place in Summer 2006 and due to its success we now hold annual junior and senior courses during the summer and 1-day workshops during other holidays. In the past we have studied ballet repotoire from Sleeping Beauty, La Fille Mal Gardee, Coppelia, Peter Pan and Swan Lake. We have also held classes in contemporary, jazz, tap, costume design, stage makeup, anatomy and nutrition. The teachers and students all have a great time, they work hard but also have lots of fun. Dance Extra allows students to be creative and try new things whilst still improving on their core skills.

SCHOLARSHIP TRUST FUND Bernadette set up the Scholarship Trust Fund in 2008 to raise money for the students to attend workshops or to bring guest teachers in to the school. We want to be able to offer our students the best opportunities and broadening their dance experience is a great way to do this. In 2009, 21 students successfully auditioned to perform in The English Youth Ballets performance of the Nutcracker. The Scholarship Trust Fund was able to offer each student ÂŁ100 towards their performance costs. We have also been able to sponsor over 20 students to go to London on Dance Forwards 5 day Easter course and also the Northern Ballet Summer School. In 2012 the Scholarship Trust Fund started the private lesson scheme. Each month the teachers choose a student to receive 1-on-1 coaching sessions for 4 weeks. These are awarded to students who have worked hard in class and are striving to improve.

PROGRESSION The school has nurtured a wealth of talent and our success stories include: Martyn Garside A Graduate of Royal Ballet School Worked for San Francisco Ballet & Ballet Boyz Jack Hallinan A Graduate of The Hammond School Worked at Moulin Rouge, Paris, toured with Spirit of the Dance and for Celebrity Cruises Ellie Senior A Graduate of Northern Ballet School Worked for Carnival Cruises James Stephens A Graduate of The Royal Ballet School Contracts with Boston Ballet & Vienna Festival Opera Bryan Mottram A Graduate of The Hammond School Worked for Royal Caribbean Cruises

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Wayne Sleep

Jo Gartland MBE

Andrew Ward

OUR SHOWS AND COSTUMES Bernadette Heys School of Theatre Dance Annual Junior & Senior shows have been performed at Oldham Coliseum, Halifax Victoria Theatre & Colne Valley Specialist Arts College, as well as local venues throughout the Colne Valley.

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Bernadette Hey School of Theatre Dance Marsden Liberal Club Peel Street Marsden M: 07714 344886

Dance School 4th draft  

Dance School 4th draft

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