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The Wicked Running Register • September 2013 •


Ask the Coach


With Mike Toomey

From Kelly Pheulpin: Q: Are there benefits to splitting up your long run to two shorter runs in one day? Especially if you run at a slower pace?

A: That’s a great question! There are definitely benefits to splitting up runs, especially if you are just starting up or coming back from an injury. For example, if the schedule calls for 60 minutes, but you feel that may be a bit 2 x 30 minutes that day. 30 minutes is actually the biggest bang for your buck, meaning it’s the highest reward with the

least amount of risk. Following a model like that, you can gradually introduce longer runs in a very healthy way. Try to go no shorter than 20 min on any run would take you longer to change/shower than the actual run! If you have a question for Mike, send it to and it will appear in the next newsletter. For submitting a question that has been published, Kelly gets a free Toomey Sports shirt. Contact Mike at to get your gear.

UPCOMING TOOMEY CLINICS 6 Week Wild Turkey Running Clinic Thursdays (6:30pm) 10/24-11/28 @ Salem Willows Cost is $65 ($55 for Wicked Running Club Members) Ideal for ALL levels and will focus on training for 5 mile Wild Turkey Race. 10 Week Indoor Clinic at Latitude Sports Club in Peabody, MA Tuesday nights (7:30pm - 8:30pm). 12/3, 12/10, 12/17, 1/7, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28, and 2/4. Please note that during the two holiday weeks there will be no clinic indoors but each runner will receive a detailed workout to complete on their own. Cost of clinic is $125.00. Sign up before November 1st and pay $100.00. Space is limited...please sign up early at!

Brookline Symphony Orchestra 5K, Continued me at mile 1 and never let up even though this was his first ever 5K! I could still see Billy ahead of me but it wasn’t hard since he was the only guy wearing a kilt. (Side note: he crossed the finish line directly before a true Scotsman who told us after the race that he was chasing the kilt!) When I ran past the finish for the first loop, Greg was on the microphone and highly entertaining. I knew I was working a good pace and the two loops actually worked to my advantage a little bit because I knew what was coming, specifically the fiddler in the trees, who was around the 2.75 mile mark. I could see the finish line and looked at my watch (small race, no chip timing) and I was working a good PR. I crossed the finish line 1:26 faster than my previous PR. And I felt it! And Greg was a great MC, cheering in all the runners by name as they came in. Overall, this is a really nice race. It was nice to get off of the North Shore and having the orchestra there made it a lot of fun – they were very enthusiastic when playing for the runners on the course. My main complaint is that there was no water on the course. As I was training for a marathon, a 5K didn’t seem like much at all but to many runners a 5K is their first race and a little water at around mile 2 would’ve been great. Also, my dear friend Greg, while entertaining and a wonderful speaker, chose to line us up at the starting line and do all of the thank yous and everything then. I think those speeches should be before the awards ceremony when we aren’t all anxious to get running. Overall, this race gets a 4 out of 5 cats. Definitely try it out next year!

WRR September 2013  

Official Newsletter of the Wicked Running Club, Salem, MA

WRR September 2013  

Official Newsletter of the Wicked Running Club, Salem, MA