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Race Review: Brookline Symphony Orchestra 5K – September 29, 2013 Shannon Downey

I ran the Brookline Symphony Orchestra 5K Fun Run with Billy (Billy Hutchinson, fellow Wicked member and my loving hubby.) It was a beautiful day for a running and for a good cause. The Brookline Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit, fully volunteer orchestra that relies on this race to help fund their season. This was the third year of the race. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am friends with the race director (Greg Gordon) and have known him for years. He is a Boston Marathon qualifier and loves to run and race. I gave him some advice when he first started this race but this was the first year I’ve run it. Getting to the race was a breeze – it was a two loop run on the path around the reservoir in Brookline. An easy drive and my GPS got us right there. I think it’s on the T as well. I don’t normally love two loops but this one was OK because it was so pretty. Also, I appreciated the fact that we weren’t on the street so there was less of a chance of getting hit by a car. Parking was limited but we got there early so it wasn’t a problem. When we arrived to pick up our numbers we were greeted by members of the orchestra set up and playing classical music. There were also a few vendors: Whole Foods, a massage therapist and some company that was giving out deli-

cious looking bread. Check-in was well staffed and there were indoor bathrooms as well. What makes this race unique is that there are members of the orchestra set up around the course, playing music for us as we ran. Very nice! There was even a fiddler in one of the trees directly over the course. The course itself was very, very flat until you get the final point one, which was actually a downhill finish. The surface of the path is crushed stone (same as the Danvers Rail Trail) which is OK but not my favorite. Those of you that know me know that I am a fan of one surface – hot top. I don’t like my sneakers getting that dusty. Billy thought that the surface was difficult to race on because he felt like he was slipping which I understand – it felt a little unstable at points. The first half of the loop is completely exposed and the sun was HOT but the second portion of it had some shade from the trees. It’s also not closed to the public but it wasn’t an issue. As for my personal race experience, I decided that I was going to race this one and go for a PR. Why not? I was pushing hard for the first mile and had to dial it back because I didn’t think I could sustain the pace. It didn’t help my psyche that Greg’s 9 year old son passed

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The Wicked Running Register • September 2013 •


Ask the Coach


With Mike Toomey

From Kelly Pheulpin: Q: Are there benefits to splitting up your long run to two shorter runs in one day? Especially if you run at a slower pace?

A: That’s a great question! There are definitely benefits to splitting up runs, especially if you are just starting up or coming back from an injury. For example, if the schedule calls for 60 minutes, but you feel that may be a bit 2 x 30 minutes that day. 30 minutes is actually the biggest bang for your buck, meaning it’s the highest reward with the

least amount of risk. Following a model like that, you can gradually introduce longer runs in a very healthy way. Try to go no shorter than 20 min on any run would take you longer to change/shower than the actual run! If you have a question for Mike, send it to and it will appear in the next newsletter. For submitting a question that has been published, Kelly gets a free Toomey Sports shirt. Contact Mike at to get your gear.

UPCOMING TOOMEY CLINICS 6 Week Wild Turkey Running Clinic Thursdays (6:30pm) 10/24-11/28 @ Salem Willows Cost is $65 ($55 for Wicked Running Club Members) Ideal for ALL levels and will focus on training for 5 mile Wild Turkey Race. 10 Week Indoor Clinic at Latitude Sports Club in Peabody, MA Tuesday nights (7:30pm - 8:30pm). 12/3, 12/10, 12/17, 1/7, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28, and 2/4. Please note that during the two holiday weeks there will be no clinic indoors but each runner will receive a detailed workout to complete on their own. Cost of clinic is $125.00. Sign up before November 1st and pay $100.00. Space is limited...please sign up early at!

Brookline Symphony Orchestra 5K, Continued me at mile 1 and never let up even though this was his first ever 5K! I could still see Billy ahead of me but it wasn’t hard since he was the only guy wearing a kilt. (Side note: he crossed the finish line directly before a true Scotsman who told us after the race that he was chasing the kilt!) When I ran past the finish for the first loop, Greg was on the microphone and highly entertaining. I knew I was working a good pace and the two loops actually worked to my advantage a little bit because I knew what was coming, specifically the fiddler in the trees, who was around the 2.75 mile mark. I could see the finish line and looked at my watch (small race, no chip timing) and I was working a good PR. I crossed the finish line 1:26 faster than my previous PR. And I felt it! And Greg was a great MC, cheering in all the runners by name as they came in. Overall, this is a really nice race. It was nice to get off of the North Shore and having the orchestra there made it a lot of fun – they were very enthusiastic when playing for the runners on the course. My main complaint is that there was no water on the course. As I was training for a marathon, a 5K didn’t seem like much at all but to many runners a 5K is their first race and a little water at around mile 2 would’ve been great. Also, my dear friend Greg, while entertaining and a wonderful speaker, chose to line us up at the starting line and do all of the thank yous and everything then. I think those speeches should be before the awards ceremony when we aren’t all anxious to get running. Overall, this race gets a 4 out of 5 cats. Definitely try it out next year!

The Wicked Running Register • September 2013 •

Presidential Perspective


Wicked Board 2013: T.R. Ramsdell

This month, I’d like to talk a little bit about team spirit. More specifically, Wicked team spirit. I go to a lot of races. Even races that I’m not running in. So I have the opportunity to see a lot of members from other clubs out there. One thing that I’ve noticed time and time again is the amount of team spirit that Wicked has.

President: T.R. Ramsdell Vice President: Kenny Hewson Treasurer: Melissa Jaynes

Just take a look on Facebook, and you’ll see the spirit I’m talking about. Someone has a good run or race, members jump all over with high fives and congratulations. Someone has a bad run or race, and even more will offer condolences and support. Need a running partner for that grueling 20 miler this weekend? Just ask, and someone from Wicked will step up and come out and share the experience with you.

Secretary: Alison Phelan

My favorite thing that we do? At the end of a race, as each of us finishes, we turn around and go back out before the finish line and cheer the rest of our runners in. But not only do we cheer in OUR runners, we cheer in ALL runners. I’ve had so many members of other clubs come up to me and thank me for cheering them in. Their usual response? “My own team mates aren’t even out here cheering for me, why do you do it?” My answer is, “Why not?” We’re all in this together. I want to beat you while I’m running, but I want to hug and congratulate you when we’re done, even if you do beat me.

Clothing Director: Michael Harvey

I think most members share the same outlook that I have in that, while I love competing and running races, it’s the social aspect and the camaraderie that I enjoy the most. I’m at my best when I’m surrounded by all my running friends. You guys rock, and it’s a lot of fun being around you, even if we aren’t running.

Non-Board Positions

So, keep showing up, keep running, and keep cheering. I know I will. Happy running!

Grand Prix Series Co-Coordinator: T.R. Ramsdell

Membership Director: Michele Campbell

Member-at-Large: Doug Bollen Member-at-Large: Mike Toomey

Newsletter Editor: Michele Campbell

Grand Prix Series Co-Coordinator: Don Gallucci Webmaster: Tim Short

Smiles after 13.1 Miles: Billy Hutchinson, Beth Griffin, Mike Fitzgerald, Kate Fox, and Rick Marciano gather for a group shot after the Wicked Half Marathon.

The Wicked Running Register • September 2013 •


Wicked Grand Prix Series 2013 T.R. Ramsdell

The racing season is coming to a close for 2013 (sniff), but there are still a couple of events on the calendar that are in WGP series. This Sunday, October 20, was the Baystate 1/2 and full marathons in Lowell. This is one of the flattest and fastest marathons anywhere, so if hills aren’t your friend, this one is for you — if you missed it, get it on your calendar for next year. Typically, 25% of all finishers qualify for Boston. That’s amazing! Next we have one of the best races around. The Wild Turkey 5 miler on Thanksgiving morning, November 28. This is the 10th anniversary of this award winning North Shore race. What better way to start off your turkey-day, than by running 5 miles around The Willows and Winter Island, and really earning that second (or third) helping of pie after your meal?

If you haven’t run this with us yet, why not? It is the most fun you’ll ever have running. You and 4 team mates running 5 legs of various distances, leap-frogging over each other to get to the next transition area, racing against 19 other running clubs, in hopes of securing a brick. That’s right a brick. An actual red brick is the trophy that we seek. After all the running is over, we gather in the Claddagh Pub for some post-race festivities. This is a very cool event, and not one to miss. And, Wicked pays all team entry fees! That’s it for now gang. And once again, I remind you, PLEASE wear your Wicked gear when you are out there racing. I can’t cheer for you if I can’t spot you quickly in a race. Michael Harvey has plenty of clothing, so no excuses! We are a team, and teams wear a uniform. WEAR YOUR WICKED GEAR!

REGULAR race series: March 17 Olde Salem Greens 5k Cross Country, Salem. May 2 Pipestave Hill 5k trail race, W. Newbury July 30 Yankee Homecoming 10 miler, Newburyport Aug. 16 Derby Street Mile, Salem Sept. 15 Lone Gull 10k, Gloucester Oct. 20 Baystate 1/2 or full marathon, Lowell (your choice, both will be scored) Nov. 28 Wild Turkey 5 miler, Salem Dec. 15 Festivus 5k, Salem And the relays: Aug. 21 Lynn Woods Relay Sept. 7 Lake Winni Relay Dec. 8 Mill Cities Relay For more on the series:

And our last relay of the year, is our best relay that we run. The Mill Cities Relay is an invitational event put on by the Mill Cities Alliance, which is a collection of 20 area running clubs, including Wicked. It’s billed as “27 miles, 5 legs, 2 states, 1 river.” HAPPY NEW YEAR

STY January 1, 2014 at 10am

Lone Gull Gun Show: Melissa Jaynes (left) and Michele Campbell (Hey, that’s me!) show some strength before killing the course at the Lone Gull 10K. Good times!

The Wicked Running Register • September 2013 •


Spotlight: North Shore Cancer Run RUN FOR A REASON WITH TEAM WICKED NATION Before you know it Team Wicked Nation will be once again lacing up our shoes for the North Shore Cancer Run on Nov 10th. Wicked Running Club has generously supported the North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) each year by having our members serve as race director(s), volunteers, and fundraisers for this race. The NSMC is one of the largest sponsors of the club’s Frosty Four Road Race. Proceeds from the Frosty Four fund scholarships each year to local high school athletes. As Team Wicked Nation Captain for this year’s Cancer Run, I am asking for your help.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2013 New this year: The North Shore Cancer RUN will feature a 5K and 10K road race starting at the Cove Community Center in Beverly, MA. This year’s race directors are Wicked members Denis Garriepy and Caitlyn Gaglione. Both routes are along the scenic Beverly coast and are “out and back” courses. The cost to participate is $30 and the first 300 participants will receive a long-sleeved tech running shirt. 7:00 a.m. Registration opens at the Cove Community Center 8:00 a.m. Shot gun start! 5K and 10K 8:30 a.m. Awards FREE PARKING - Lynch Park DIRECTIONS - The Cove Community Center is 2 miles from Route 128, located at 19 East Corning Street, just off of Route 127 in Beverly, MA.

My mother-in-law Mary Duffy was first diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in December, 1992 just before my daughter’s first birthday. We had thought she had beaten the cancer the following year. We received a devastating phone call in the summer of 1995 that her cancer had returned. Following a heroic effort to beat the cancer, Mary passed away shortly before Christmas at Mass General Hospital. Too many of us have similar stories to share. Please join us in helping patients fight cancer at the North Shore Cancer Center in Danvers, as well honor those who are no longer with us. Join Team Wicked Nation and run for a reason. Thank you. — Rich Tabbut

3 Ways to Make a Difference: 1. Volunteer (Contact Cait Gaglione at 2. Join Team Wicked Nation (Contact Rich Tabbut at 3. Donate (visit

The Wicked Running Register • September 2013 •


The Question Is ...




... What are some of the funniest spectator signs you’ve seen during races? Shannon Downey: At the Baystate Half a couple of years ago (my first half) my friends made a sign for me that said, “Shannon, we are so proud of you running your first half marathon that we don’t even care if you crap your pants!” At Chicago last year a sign that said “You are running 26.2 miles because 26.3 would just be crazy!” And “Go Random Stranger!”

Annie Miller: “SMILE IF YOU PEED DURING THE SWIM” (Whaling City Sprint Triathlon, July 2013)

Michele Campbell: New York City Marathon 2011: When heading into the Bronx these signs made me laugh out loud: “Welcome to the Bronx. You better start running.” And “Run like you stole something.” And in Harlem, a group of high school girls all held signs that read, “You’re the sh*t!”

Chicago Marathon 2012: “Chuck Norris Never Ran a Marathon.” Wicked Half Marathon 2013: A young boy was holding a sign that said, “You better run fast. I just farted.” Chicago Marathon 2013: “Running burns more calories than twerking.” “Do Epic Sh*t!” And, “I’m proud of U and I don’t even know U.”

Where in the World Is Wicked?

Winning at Winni: Mickel McClish (left) and Chris Nolin getting it done for their teams at the Lake Winnipesaukee Relay in NH.

WRR September 2013  

Official Newsletter of the Wicked Running Club, Salem, MA

WRR September 2013  

Official Newsletter of the Wicked Running Club, Salem, MA