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The Wicked Running Register October 2011 • Priceless

EST. JAN 2010

20th Portland Maine Marathon 2011 – Denise Murphy’s Stormy Day Patrick Smith

A marathon that could have been a picturesque run, there were no sights to be seen on a day that rivaled the 2009 Baystate and Newport rain/snow/wind marathon weekend. Denise joined fellow WRC runners Kathey Moskal in the marathon and Amber Woolfenden in the half. It rained from getting out the door at 6am, through the waiting start, all during the race and well past the finish with a little wind thrown in for good measure. But all were troopers finishing the task at hand, although very cold and wet, they survived. As I saw Denise’s race, she is my super-trooper, suffering quad cramps by mile 2 and throughout, she could be found at a number of country mail boxes stretching out. Which had one guy calling her the energizer bunny as she passed him time and time again only to be found re-charging at another mail box. Sounds

like she beat this guy a dozen times in one race. And fortunately for Denise, Tula’s (WRC backup mascot) bark “is” very high and distinctive. After the start I quickly drove to mile 2, but was unable to spot Denise as I stood in the road, until she came from behind me yelling to my brother Mike who was holding a barking Tula (barking at me since I wasn’t standing 6 inches from her). If it weren’t for Tula, Denise would not have know we were there and I wouldn’t have been able to help her, and her fuel belt that was down around her ankles. I thought I quickly fixed it for her, until when on her 5th step away from me the whole belt exploded to the wet ground. So much for my MacGyver skills. I didn’t fail on the second fix as it lasted to the end of the race. Even an umbrella was no help for spectators as Tula and I were almost as wet as the runners by the time Denise came to the finish with her typical strong finishing stride. Her half split was great (2:06 and change), if it weren’t for several dozen ballet moves at the mail boxes (“honey, why are there tread marks on our mail box”) she would’ve had her 4:15, but still had a great race at 4:24 considering the conditions. Kathey Moskal also had an impressive day under tough conditions (including many wardrobe changes on the fly) finishing in 4:38 with Amber cheering her in following a quick change from her completion of the half marathon. Congrats to all 3 WRC runners. What a day.

Portland was a wet race for Kathey Moskal (left), Denise Murphy (center), and Amber Woolfenden.

8th Annual Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run 11/24/2011 • 8:00 AM 13 Hawthorne Blvd. Salem, Massachusetts 01970

Proceeds from the 8th Annual Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run on Thanksgiving morning benefit youth programs for the City of Salem Park and Recreation Department and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem. This is the largest race on the North Shore, with 2,000 anticipated participants. Contact Doug Bollen:


The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •

Co-Presidential Perspective Shari Hewson and Alison Phelan

Ahh, fall – that time of year when the air changes, leaves turn color, the sun sets earlier and rises later. It is also the time of year to reflect and plan. Did you have goals this year? Were they accomplished? Do you have new goals for the year to come? Shari had a “memory lane moment” with Tim Short at the Green Stride Half Marathon. People were talking about the race, the club, etc., and Tim mentioned that he and Shari first met at D5K in 2008. At that time, Shari’s goal was to finish a 5K without walking. Wow, how far we have come. Maybe your goal when you started running was a time goal for a particular race or to complete a certain distance. We know many members have also come very far in their individual goals. That is what it is about – what do you want? What is on your horizon or in your future? What are you looking to do whether it be in terms of a particular, time, distance or race. Believe it or not, these are the same questions the Board asks in terms of the goals of the Club. The Board and members work hard to make this the awesome club that it is. We are fortunate that we now have two (2) races that provide to others: proceeds from the Frosty Four are used to fund four (4) scholarships in the amount of approximately $1,000.00 to local students and our new race, Miles Over the Moon generated funds to

purchase items from Salem High School Track Team’s wish list. That is a really good feeling. The love and enthusiasm we have for our sport helps others. Doesn’t get much better than that! With regard to the Board and the Club, the fall not only brings the changes referenced above, it also brings elections and once again focuses on your goals. Every year in November, the Wicked Running Club, holds elections for all the Board Positions. If this is the year you’ve been thinking about jumping in and helping the Club at another level, then you should do it. The positions open are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Director, Clothing Director, plus 2 Memberat-Large positions. If you’ve been a member for a few years now, maybe it’s time to serve on the board and really get involved or even if you haven’t been a member for too long, you might have some new ideas for the Club. A listing of the positions and their duties are included in this newsletter edition (see page right).

helping the Club. This year, serving as Co-Presidents, has been awesome. Much has been accomplished due to the efforts of our Board and members. It has been our goal to keep the Club moving in a positive direction and we appreciate the efforts and talents of our members. Although we have had a great time and enjoyed working with everyone, other commitments are pulling us at this time so we will not be running for the position of Co-Presidents again. This does not mean you can get rid of us! We will both remain very active with the Club. We encourage you to think of whether you would like to be on the Board or nominate someone else. Peter Raymond, our Vice President, will be sending out the dates for nominations and voting. We appreciate all you have done for the Club and look forward to continue working together for the benefit of the Club and those we are able to support.

Back in 2008, we had only been members for less than a year before we decided to throw our names on the ballot to serve on the Board. Since then we have held different Board positions because TOP LEFT: Shari Hewson enjoys a post-Green Stride beverage. we wanted ABOVE: Alison Phelan gets a lift from T.R. Ramsdell. to continue

The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •


Join the 2012 WRC Board Nominate a member, or yourself, for any position. Elections are this November! What are members serving in Board positions responsible for? PRESIDENT: • Preside and maintain order at all meetings; • Set and approve the Agenda for all Board meetings. Send agenda to Board and General Membership; • Inform the Board and general membership of all meeting dates and locations; • Approve Committees and Chairpersons thereof; • Serve as ex-officio member of all committees, with the exception of the Election Committee; • Sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer; • Approve and present Annual Report to membership; • Assume other responsibilities as deemed appropriate to the office. VICE-PRESIDENT: • Assume the powers of the President in his/her absence; • Take on special assignments as requested by the President; • Organize and oversee the election process, as approved by the Board; • Assist as needed with formation of and guidance to all Committees; • Assume other responsibilities as deemed appropriate to the office. SECRETARY: • Verify presence of a quorum at Board meetings; • Record Minutes of Board meetings, including attendance and all motions and votes; • Maintain a file of all Board meeting minutes; • Make available meeting minutes to Club membership; • Assume other responsibilities as deemed appropriate to the office.

TREASURER: • Administer to all financial matters of the Club; • Receive, deposit, and disburse funds for necessary appropriations, as directed by the Board; • Prepare and distribute financial reports, including Annual Report; • Maintain accurate records of Club finances; • Track all Club expenditures; • Assume other responsibilities as deemed appropriate to the office. MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR: • Facilitate the process of new member registration as well as current member renewal; • Maintain a database of the Club Membership; • Forward membership dues to the Treasurer; • Welcome new members to the Club and distribute T-shirts and Membership cards; • Submit Annual Report; • Assume other responsibilities as deemed appropriate to the office. CLOTHING DIRECTOR: • Maintain and manage clothing inventory and distribution; • Forward clothing payments to Treasurer; • Develop relationship with clothing vendors to maximize clothing quality while minimizing cost; • Has discretion to propose special clothing item(s) based on member interest; • Assume other responsibilities as deemed appropriate to the office.

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: • Assist the President with transition into office; • Provide support to the President when needed; • Shall not have a vote except in an instance where a tie-break necessary; • Assume other responsibilities as deemed appropriate to the office. AT-LARGE MEMBERS: • Participate in and vote at Board meetings; • Serve on Committees to help fulfill the Club’s Mission; • Serve as the body from which replacements are selected for Board; vacancies, with the exceptions of the positions of President and Immediate Past President; • Assume other responsibilities as deemed appropriate to the office.

Board Position Nominations Due 11/9! E-mail nominations to Peter Raymond at no later than Wednesday, November 9th. All nominees and interested parties will then attend the General Membership Meeting on Monday, November 14th at 6:30 p.m. at which time they will address the attending membership as to their desire to be considered for the 2012 Wicked Running Club Board of Directors.

Editor’s note: Being on the board is a GREAT way to meet new members and contribute to the success of the club. Take it from me, your Clothing Director for the last two years!


The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •

Race Review 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Julie Arrison

Each year, a number of Wicked members travel out to Chicago over Columbus Day weekend to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. In 2011, Mary Bruno and I discovered why this is the case. For both of us, this was our first marathon and the reasons that we chose Chicago were the large field of runners, excellent reputation for runner support, amazing rumors of spectators along the course, and the chance to see one of the great American cities on foot. For all of these reasons, the Chicago Marathon delivered. Chicago is a great city--full of museums, a rich architectural heritage, great restaurants, and a wonderful music scene. The city also caters to Marathon weekend making it festive with banners, signs, and a very helpful attitude for getting runners around the city. The best example of this was at the taping for NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” where the host, Peter Sagal, who is a marathon runner himself and a contributor to Runner’s World, shared the secrets for the best pasta places for the night before the race and where to get a last taper run in on Saturday morning. While we should have rested our legs, we really enjoyed being tourists, taking boat rides, eating a lot of deep dish pizza, and shopping at Niketown for marathon merchandise. As for the race itself, the excitement started at the Expo, which takes place at the city’s convention center. The theme of the 2011 race was “Let’s Run Together,” and all of the signage as you

approached the main portion of the expo really captured that team spirit. We opted to go to the expo on Friday morning. Number and d-tag pick up was efficient and quick and the merchandise around the expo was plentiful from the vendors. Nike, being the main sponsor, had a video of the course playing (which we watched in awe and panic) as well as a wall around their merchandise area with the theme of “Own Chicago” made up out of graphics with the runners names. We made a return trip to the expo that evening and were happy that we bought what we did early— many sizes and items were sold out and there was still another day to go! Marathon Sunday would have been perfect if it wasn’t 87 degrees. Our hotel was about a ½ mile from the start and made for a perfect warm-up and cool down after the race. Getting into the corrals at Millennium Park was a little confusing and the lines at the porta potties were long, but that is a usual complaint at most races. Because we waited a bit longer to get to the start and then had the wait, we ended up starting in the 14 minute mile corral versus the 11 minute mile corral as we had intended. This proved problematic as we got past the half marathon point and many who started with us or even in front of us were walking, sometimes five across. After a couple of frustrating miles of dodging these folks, Mary and I settled back into the run. Miles 15-22 were arguably the toughest as the shade gave way to bright sunshine on freshly set

Mary Bruno (left) and Julie Arrison enjoy Chicago’s view. Hey, what was in that empty glass between them?

asphalt. I think in those 7 miles, most of our language was rated R at best as were our general attitudes. At the end of the day, we both agreed that we would not have changed a thing about the conservative pace that we took in running the race and that even the parts of the race that were challenging we LOVED. It is amazing to get to see the majority of a beautiful, historic city on foot. The signage that the spectators were holding ranged from the inspirational, “One day you won’t be able to do this…today is not that day!” to the hilarious, “I put laxatives in your water.” The on course entertainment was amazing—U2 blasting from a church, a 30+ piece band playing “Ticket to Ride,” the boys of Boystown getting down to Lady Gaga, and the people of Pilsen yelling “Vamanos.” We took full advantage of every aid station, which were well stocked, well marked, and had incredible volunteer support. The medical stations seemed to be well staffed and had pools of ice to cool off hot runners and there were also numerous stations with

The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •

sponges. Reminiscent of the Yankee Homecoming, the neighbors came out with hoses and sprinklers along the course and cooled down runners for the entire 26.2 miles. The race ends with a quick incline and for the two of us a strange burst of energy. We treated that hill like a hot summer night at Collins Middle School and dominated in a way that would have made Mike Toomey proud. The cheering was deafening as we crossed the fin-

ish, collected our medals, and had frosty Goose Island 312 beers handed to us. For anyone considering the race— whether you are a first time marathoner or experienced, we would say do it! We’ll be there again in 2012 to achieve that sub-5 hour goal that we intended on if Mother Nature had cooperated. And even if she doesn’t cooperate again, I think we’d both still cross that finish line with smiles on our faces. 5 out of 5 cats...even miles can’t control the weather!


Seen and Heard on the Run Thrown to the Dogs When a dog bounded up and surprised Karen Giroux, Shari Hewson and Alison Phelan during a recent run in Lynn Woods, Karen exclaimed, “Eat the little one first!” She was referring to Alison! Feet Relief Yoga Sandals (, with spacers between each toe, can be helpful to wear after runs and/or at night to help with a variety of foot issues from bunions to plantar. At the Green Stride Half Factoid: Not only is Green Stride race director Eli Bailin Doug Bollen’s cousin, so was the lead singer in the band that played the post-race party, In A Pig’s Eye regular David Bailin and the Bailouts. Check them out at the Pig!

Get Out and Race

December 4, 2011 To run or volunteer, e-mail Rich Tabbut or T.R. Ramsdell NO LATER THAN November 15th Please include: name, age on race day, recent race time and distance, preferred leg, and if you are interested in being a team Captain. Key West Half Marathon January 22, 2012 (THAT would be a nice winter escape.)

The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •


Question of the Month: Have you raced in a costume? If so, what was your favorite getup? Adam Fitch Editor’s Note: Adam Fitch did not respond to this question but it needs to be said that he goes all out in October and is our favorite zombie runner!

Rich Tabbut Member at Large and Member I raced in a court jester outfit at the Devil’s Chase last year. It was a tight fit since it originally was my daughter’s Halloween costume when she was 10 years old. Editor’s note: We couldn’t find the Court Jester deal, but here’s Hammer with Devil Horns. Beth O’Grady Member At the Disney Princess Half Marathon, a group of wicked women and friends wore sparkly ballet skirts (Thanks to Steph Cooper’s mom), T shirts with PRINCESS across the front and crowns. My white arm warmers on that chilly morning added an extra regal touch. Can’t say costumes are good for speed but they are fantastic for fun! Shari Hewson Co-President and Member Yes, I have raced in a costume. My favorite get up was the Princess costume for the Disney Princess Half. Beth O’Grady, Steph Cooper, Susan Keezer, and I went down with Lori Wetzel (GAC) and Lana Popova (MVS). Steph’s mother made us tutus, Lori made us shirts that said “Princess” and we bought “Princess” tiaras. We were awesome! We met up with Michele Campbell at the race and had a GREAT time! Lot of laughs and posing for pictures!

Miles Fartlek WRC Mascot I am offended by this question. Editor’s note: Miles, anyone who has ever tried to put clothing on a cat can understand this response! Mickel McClish Member I have never raced in a costume, but I am running the Devil’s Chase this’ll see what I can do. Tim Short Webmaster and Member I haven’t had the chance to run a race in a costume. If I did though, I’d dress up as a...wait for it...Jedi Knight!

Editor’s note: This fabulous photo of Beth, Steph, Michele (hey, that’s me!) and Shari was taken by Wicked’s own official photographer Gif Campbell!

The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •

Patrick Smith Member An attire that is fast, wicked, and firey, I am the Devil’s Chase 6.66 most notorious Devil, and I’m fast in character as long as I don’t step on my cape, or stab myself with my trident or blow a lung out with my evil horn. I’ve run in it, and scared runners with it as I man the aid stations……..this year you will see me 2x at the 10/29 race, and beware… …..I aim to scare.


Karen Giroux Member Yes, one year I ran the Witch City 5K as Peter Pan. Not quite sure what possessed me to dress up, but somehow this picture captured it for all of eternity....(photo was featured on and also spent waaaaay too long up on a wall at the Salem Y!)

Fun SHOTS! Wicked Caught on Camera

Darla Johnson Member 2010 Devil’s Chase 6.66 Race – was the first time I ever attempted to run in a costume. For those of you who know me, running can be a challenge, must less being in a costume! My buddy Holly Allison was a “Speed Demon” and I was an escaped “Cereal Killer,” and we had a blast! For those planning their outfits, I would suggest doing a test run to see how it holds up, especially if you want to finish in a respectable time. From our experience, Holly ended up with some bruises from the little box cars banging against her legs while running on the route. I had empty cereal boxes stapled to me, worse thing I had was little cuts from the staples. This year, we’ve got a new theme for the race and are looking forward to it! Have fun with your costumes!

Brian Chisolm at the finish line of the 2010 Boston Marathon: “Just after turning off Hereford St. I emptied my pockets and tossed away my inhaler then made a feeble sprint to the finish line. I thought I had 7 minutes to sprint but actually had 11. I ran it in 7... Just after this picture was taken a spectator ran up beside me huffing and puffing and handed me the inhaler. He said, ‘I’ve been trying to catch up to you since you dropped this.’ I couldn’t do much thinking at the time, but looking back, that guy must have been really out of shape. I could have been passed by a parking meter.”


The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •

Wicked Kudos FUN AT THE FROLIC Congrats to Lily Short who completed her first 5k at the Fall Frolic with the help of her dad Tim who propelled her racing stroller. She was looking pretty in her pink Nike gear.. perhaps she was channeling Annie Rose Willis! From Don Gallucci: Congrats to T.R. Ramsdell for returning from his injury and posting an excellent time in the Fall Frolic! Fantastic job by Shari Hewson on putting together an incredible Fall Frolic 5K and Kids Fun Run! From Shari Hewson: Thank you to all Wicked runners that participated in the 2nd Annual Fall Frolic 5K & Fun Run - the Beverly Elementary Schools appreciate your support. Wicked captured six (6) out of ten (10) medals! RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY From Mickel McClish: I congratulate all the Wicked Runners who, despite the totally lousy weather that day, ran the Smuttynose Hampton marathon and half marathon! MARATHON MOMENTS Darla Johnson left the Newport Marathon with a medal and another marathon PR. Nice! Melissa Jaynes continues to bring on the speed as she PRd at yet another marathon at Bay State- great work! A huge congrats to Mike Higgins for qualifying for the Boston Marathon at Bay State. One less goal on Mike’s bucket list! From Jackie Washburn: Congratulations to Mike Higgins on his BQ time at the Baystate Marathon - very inspiring performance

WICKED GENEROUS From Beth O’Grady: I’m tempted to list all my wicked friends who have or are running races for charity this year, but I’m afraid I’d miss someone alone the way. Let’s just say if we added up all the money raised by members I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pushing triple digits. Wicked generous! GO, GO GREEN STRIDE Congrats to: Dawn Cobak wrapping up training for New York City Marathon by pacing her friend Stacy Nelson in her first half marathon. Jason Carraro also running a strong PR on the road to his first marathon in NYC. And Michele Campbell (aka Wonder Woman), also winded down her New York City training by running the scenic course with Shannon Downey, who did her Hubby Billy proud by raking in a fall PR! Shannon was a last minute entry, or as Shari Hewson noted she decided to run “on the DQ”, which after a few confusing minutes we realized was suppose to be “the DL.” Great job to Laura Knight on finishing her first half marathon, with help from her family who came to cheer her on. A big shout out to Tim Short for setting up the Wicked table at the race which not only got a lot of traffic, but was an excellent bag drop off spot. Tim crushed his “daddy goal” race time by 3 minutes, noting that training time is now fit in around Family time- wicked good priorities Tim! Shari Hewson broke 2 hours with a fantastic finish in her best half marathon to date, on her way to the Stonecat Trail Marathon. Beth O’Grady ran one of her slowest marathons to date, but took a tip out of Rich “the Hammer” Tabbut’s

playbook, and decided to call it a 50’s age group PR! From Shari Hewson: Congratulations to all who ran the Green Stride Half - awesome times! Thank you to Stacy Adams for being on the Green Stride Half course at Mile 5 cheering on the Wicked runners! Editor’s note: I second this. What a nice surprise as I rounded the corner. From Jay Carraro: Congrats to Shari Hewson for breaking 2 hours at Newburyport. From Tim Short: Congrats to everyone who scored a PR at the Green Stride Half Marathon! Thanks to Billy Hutchinson for manning the Wicked Running Club/North Shore Road Race Guide booth while I was out racing! WRC IN CHI-TOWN From Shari Hewson: Congratulations to Julie Arrison and Mary Lester Bruno for conquering Chicago! WRC ABOUT TO NYC From Jay Carraro: Thanks to Dawn Cobak, Michele Campbell, Paula Renzi Gibbs, and Nicole McGuinness for making training a whole lot of fun. Editor’s note: Back at you, Jay! And to Julie Arrison and Mary Bruno for always popping up on a race route for support. YUKAN’T BEAT BRANT Congratulations to Wicked Runner Brant Henne who is the 2011 Road Race Series Champion! Brant also completed all nine races in the series.

The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •


Where in the World is Wicked? Windy City and Reaching the Beach

ABOVE LEFT: Mary Bruno and Julie Arrison recently completed their first marathon in Chicago on October 9. While they forgot to bring Miles Fartlek along for the race, they wanted to share their gratitude with the many Wicked members who helped them achieve their goal! Chicago is a great city and they did the Wicked Running Club proud for 26.2 miles. ABOVE RIGHT: Cathy Bozek (proudly sporting her Wicked jacket) and the rest of the River Runners team at the finish line of Reach the Beach NH in September.

New Member Spotlights: KATE FOX Beverly, MA Joined Wicked because: Wicked’s taking over! I seem to know more and more Wicked runners, and I when I decided to sign up for the Wild Turkey Clinic, joining Wicked was a logical next step. Favorite Race: I haven’t been running long enough to have a favorite race. The Fall Frolic 5K in Beverly got me into running, so I’ll give it the credit! Favorite Distance: I’m still working on my 5K. Goal for this year: Crossing the finish

at the Wild Turkey (Anyone know the forecast?!) Secret Talent: Oh, how I wish I had something like yodeling or dog whispering to fill in here. When I’m not running I like to: Hang out with my family. RICH DUNHAM Peabody, MA Joined Wicked because: One reason I like to run races is to feel like part of a big family of runners. I’ve mostly run alone between races, so I decided to try joining a group. Michele Campbell convinced me that Wicked would be a good choice. Favorite race: I’m new to the area, so I haven’t run many local races, but I really liked the Lone Gull 10K this year. The Warner NH Fall Foliage run stands out, because I ran it annually for many years. Recently, I’ve run mostly on Cape Cod, like the Brewster in Bloom, Brew Run,

Johnny Kelly, Dennis Annual, Hyannis Shore, etc. Favorite Distance: Probably 5 mile or 10K. I’d like to train for longer distances. Goal for this year: I’d love to run a HM this year! Secret talent: Ignoring negative thoughts and focusing on the future. When I’m not running I like to: I love to bike to cross-train for running. I also like to play tennis any time. Sailing is a new passion for me, and I enjoy kayaking a lot. I’ve always enjoyed camping and hiking in the summer, and downhill skiing or snowshoeing in the winter. When I’m not doing these activities, I love doing woodworking projects.


The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •

Get to Know Your Board: Shari Hewson Board Position: Co-President Years in WRC: I think 3 (joined at the same time as Alison) Favorite WRC Moment: running the 2011 Disney Marathon with Kenny and T.R. Ramsdell. First marathon for Kenny - we had a lot of laughs good time and great memories.

Runners High: running races with Kyle. Great quality time. Post Run Snack: basically, anything I can shovel (yes, I said shovel) into my mouth. Usually a bacon egg and cheese wrap. If running in Lynn Woods with Alison Phelan, Karen Giroux, and Steph Cooper we go to Dunkin Donuts for a Mocha Swirl Iced Latte with skim milk and whipped cream - SO AWESOME!!!!! Favorite Movie: hmmm, probably Pretty Woman - love Julia Roberts and Richard Gere together. Guilty Pleasure: naps, I love to take naps. Oh, that and wine : )

Did you know? Wicked Runner Shannon Downey created the first WRC Facebook Group page back in 2008? WICKED FUN FACTS

The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •


Wicked Grand Prix Series Update T.R. Ramsdell

With a snap in the air, and the leaves starting to fall, it can only mean the signal that Autumn has begun. And what better way for Wicked to embrace the changing of the season than by running The Fall Frolic 5K and Fun Run. Well, 35 members of The Wicked Running Club, as well as 367 “regular people”, took on the 5K course on Sunday, Oct 16. This was a second year race put on by our very own Co-Prez, Shari Hewson, and timed by Mike Page of North Shore Timing Co. Shari’s Sophomore effort was a huge success raising money for the Elementary Schools of Beverly. As many will attest, this is a very fast course, which explains why there were quite a few awards won by some of our “speedier” team mates. Congrats to them and especially to Shari for putting on such a great event. And since we’re on the subject of Fall, our next race in the series, number 11, is The Wild Turkey 5 Miler, on Thanksgiving morning. This is Doug Bollen’s signature event, and has taken place for the last 7 years. This is fast becoming the “in event” for turkey day races. Very fast certified 5 mile course that winds around the Salem Willows neighborhood, and back to the Salem Boys and Girls Club. Doug really knows how to throw a party, so be sure and show up for this one. And once again I implore you, please wear your Wicked gear when you’re out there racing. I promise you that when I finish a race, I will come back out and cheer you in, but I can’t scream for you if I can’t see you. So. I’ll see y’all at the race. C’mon, who’s in? :o) I spy a gazillion Wicked runners in this 2010 Wild Turkey group photo. How many will show up this year? See you at the Common!

Join the fun in 2011!

Wicked Grand Prix Series Schedule March Olde Salem Greens 5K, Salem 3/20/11 April Fools 4 Miler, Salisbury 3/26/11 May Twin Lights Half Marathon, Gloucester • 5/15/11 July Jennifer Tinney Memorial 5 Mile Road Race, Boxford • 7/4/11 August Yankee Homecoming 10 Mile, Newburyport • 8/2/11 Derby Street Mile, Salem • 8/19/10 Lynn Woods Relay, Lynn 8/24/11 September Around Cape Ann 25k OR Run the Goose 7k, Gloucester • 9/5/11 Lone Gull 10k, Gloucester • 9/18/11 October Fall Frolic 5k, Beverly 10/16/11

Earn those T-Day calories!

November Wild Turkey 5 Mile, Salem 11/24/11

December Mill Cities Relay, Nashua NH 12/4/11 Questions? Email Rich at welshhammer@gmail. com, or T.R. at


Running Personals

Julie Arrison is the Marathon Charity Team Leader for the Franklin Park Coalition — an official BAA Boston Marathon Charity Team. If you would like to run the Boston Marathon for the Franklin Park Coalition, the deadline to apply has been extended until November 15. For complete details about the team, the fundraising requirements, what your efforts will support, and the applications, please visit or contact Julie at Two of the newest members of the Wicked Running Club, Jared and Abby Perrine, are introducing RunSalem Running Tours, a “spin off ” of their incredibly successful RunBoston Running Tours organization. On the last Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m., runners will have the chance to see many of Salem’s rich history in a 5Kish loop around the city. RunSalem is offering a “test run” for free to members of the Wicked Running Club on Saturday, November 19 at 10:00 a.m. To sign up, please visit RunSalem will also be looking for guides to come on board, so feel free to contact Jared, Abby, or Julie Arrison ( about this fun opportunity.

The Wicked Running Register • October 2011 •

Jacqueline Washburn is running the NYC Marathon for a good cause. With the fall comes marathon season and I am planning to bite the Big Apple for my first. When I qualified last fall I knew I wouldn’t do it unless I had a reason to run, so I decided to run for the Plummer Home. The Plummer Home is one of those small charities that do a lot, but aren’t typically able to obtain a bib for a big race. I have been training for much of the summer and it has been by far the toughest thing I have ever done. I have thought of giving up many times but when I do I try to think of the boys at the Plummer Home who face even tougher challenges everyday. Included below is a link to my website where you can make a contribution to the Plummer Home. For every $25 you contribute, your name will be registered to win a chance for a weekend stay at Good Harbor Beach. Below is a picture of the 4 bedroom house. — Jacqueline Washburn

Wicked Board

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say “hello” feel free to email us: Co-President: Alison Phelan Co-President: Shari Hewson Vice President: Peter Raymond Treasurer: Melissa Jaynes Secretary: Dawn Cobak Membership Director: Amber Woolfenden Clothing Director: Michele Campbell Member-at-Large: Rich Tabbut Member-at-Large: Stephanie Hagyard Member-at-Large: T.R. Ramsdell

Non-Board Positions Newsletter Editor: Michele Campbell Grand Prix Series Co-Coordinator: T.R. Ramsdell

Next Board Meeting Monday, November 14, 2011 Salem Senior Center, 5 Broad St. 6:00 p.m. All members are welcome.

Grand Prix Series Co-Coordinator: Rich Tabbut Webmaster: Tim Short

WRR October 2011  

Newsletter of the Wicked Running Club.

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