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The Wicked Running Register November/December 2011 • Priceless

EST. JAN 2010

Grand Prix Series Year-End Wrap Up T.R. Ramsdell, the New V.P. :o)

Helllloooo Wicked Runners, Can you believe we are at the end of 2011 already? What a great year we had. The Wicked Grand Prix Race Series had the biggest rise in participants ever, thanks in part to some great races, even greater members coming out and getting involved, and the introduction of our team series. We had a record 205 members take part in at least one race in our series this year. That’s 2/3 of our entire membership folks! We also had 6 “Iron-people” that ran every race in the series including the relays. No small feat. Congrats to everyone that came out and ran with the red. Our last regular series race was Doug Bollen’s Wild Turkey 5-miler on Thanksgiving morning. Albeit a little chilly, we still had 124 Wicked members show up and run this 8th annual race. Doug knows how to throw a party with lots of post-race food, and lots of medals. Great job on another successful event Doug! Our final event of the year was The Mill Cities Relay held on Sun Dec 4. The race, which takes place in 2 states, over 27 miles, with 5 legs, along 1 very long river, was Wicked’s 4th trip to this invitation-only event. Once again this year, we sent a club record 11 teams to do battle with 19 other running clubs, finishing 6th overall, and winning a coveted brick in the Male Masters category. This is a fantastic way to spend a day with some of your team mates. Some of the most fun you’ll have is leap-frogging

Wicked at Mill Cities: Mike Higgins, Patrick Smith, Frank Lanzillo, Don Gallucci, and Kenny Hewson (l to r). Nice job guys!

around trying to get all your runners to their correct hand-off spots. Congrats and thanks to all of you that came out with us to run this one. Well that’s it guys and gals. My last column for the year. I would like to thank Rich “The Hammer” Tabbut for being my co-race coordinator this year. He’s the guy that puts together all the results with his fancy spreadsheets (I write pretty, he does the numbers). He’s also the guy that put together the idea of doing a team series. While I’m at it, he was also the guy that helped me put together all the teams for Mill Cities and put that whole event together. He’s also a pretty good guy to run with (just don’t run on his right, you’ll get whacked). Without the help of so many members (sometimes uncredited, but never unnoticed), this little running club of ours would never be where it is today. In the 3 very short years since I joined (Frosty Four race 2009), we have grown

from 100 members to about 320. That is amazing growth in a small amount of time. I would like to assure you that the incoming Board of Directors (about half vets and half newbies) will continue to work in the best interest of our club. Great things are on the horizon for 2012, and with your help, the Wicked Running Club will continue to grow and flourish, and take its place as the premier running club on the North Shore. Thank you all for a wonderful year.

Join the fun in 2012!

Wicked Grand Prix Series schedule will be announced soon! Questions? Email Rich at welshhammer@gmail. com, or T.R. at


The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •

Co-Presidential Perspective a/k/a “The Roller Coaster” Shari Hewson and Alison Phelan a/k/a “Mocha and Vanilla”

More from Mill Cities: Dorothy Preston, Shari Hewson, Dawn Cobak, and Beth Griffin (l to r). Nice job ladies!

Roller coasters – from the old rickety wooden ones to the thrill seeking, technologically advanced, high adventures of Six Flags and Disney – they are one of the great rides at amusement parks. For everyone, roller coasters bring back a memory. The ride that often causes anxiety and thoughts of, “I can do this, why do I want to do this? Whose idea was this? Can I back out now? How bad can it really be?!?!?” After you talk yourself into going on the roller coaster, you purchase the ticket and stand in the line waiting for the “ride of your life”. Is it really the “ride of your life?” What is so enjoyable about the onset of anxiety, palms becoming sweaty and the jolt of the start of the roller coaster? As you buckle yourself in, these thoughts, and your breathing, may become more rapid as you think about what is ahead of you. Cachoonk – the sound of the wheels engaging on the track and then the cars start to climb steadily up the hill of the roller coaster. Going up, up and up

until finally, it reaches the top of the hill and then . . . . . . aaaahhhhhh, eyes closed, hair flying back, hands clenching the safety bar, heart pounding, as the car catapults down the hill, swerves around a corner and just when you think you honestly cannot survive one more second on the roller coaster – it ends. Wow, whew, you made it. At this time one of three (3) thoughts is racing through your mind: (1) I survived, cannot get off this thing fast enough and will never do it again; (2) that wasn’t so bad but don’t feel the need to stand in line to ride again – will try a different ride; or (3) WOW! What an incredible high! I want to ride again and you scramble back in line excited to once again feel the anxiety, trepidation and adrenalin rush. Entering the world of running can be seen as a parallel to riding a roller coaster. Perhaps it was your decision to start running or a friend “convinced” you that it was fun. Next thing you know, you are in it. Then, you sign

up for a race. Good grief, you may think – “what have I done?” As you train for the race, you are in line for the roller coaster, the whole time questioning your thought process and sanity. As with the roller coaster, you wonder how you allowed someone to talk you into this and question your ability to see this through. What if I get injured? What if I am sick? What if I cannot finish? Just as the line to the roller coaster moves along bringing you closer to the front, the days leading up to “the race” tick by, bringing you closer to race day. All of a sudden, here it is. Race day has arrived. You move along with the rest of the crowd to the starting line and wait. Check the iPod, Garmin set – you are in the seat of the roller coaster. Waiting, waiting, nerves starting to tingle, thoughts of “oh shoot, I have changed my mind” fill your mind as you glance around anxiously and before you know it – Cachoonk – the siren for the start goes off. Uh oh, oh boy, this is it, I am doing it. Running along with the rest of the crowd. Yikes, climbing up the hill of the roller coaster. You keep running along, trying to stay on pace on not crash and burn. Just when you think you cannot run another step . . . you cross the Finish Line. Wow! Woo! Hoo! I did it!!!!! As with the roller coaster, you now have one of three (3) thoughts racing through your mind: (1) I finished and survived but consider this “one and done”. No need to do another race; (2) hmmm, that was not too bad but either not sure this distance if for me or not sure I really care for racing; or (3) Woo! Hoo! I rule – I am awesome! Where and when is the next race? Sign me up!

The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •

With either scenario, you have accomplished something. However you reached that point, you did it, survived and should be proud. Do not let anyone tell you differently, make you doubt yourself, criticize or question your choices, actions and results. As you are reading this some of you may (or may not) be wondering how this relates to our year as Co-Presidents. Others may not care and still others are having an “aha moment”. For those having the “aha moment” – you are correct. Our year as Co-Presidents can be compared to the training for and running a race and riding a roller coaster. Although we thought being Co-Presidents may be a venture worth trying we both doubted our time and ability to do a good job. Our Club has grown, our membership is awesome and we are recognized and respected. We feared that we would not be able to devote the necessary time and energy to maintain this level of success. However, our Board bought a roller coaster ticket with us, we

T.R. Ramsdell, Amber Woolfenden (top l to r) Alison Phelan, and Beth O’Grady (bottom l to r) at Mill Cities.

stood in line together and Cachoonk . . . . the wheels engaged, the race started and the year began. There were times of stress, anxiety and doubt, couple detours off the race course for a water stop or porta pottie, few corners at high speed but the overwhelming feeling of our term was, “Wow! What a ride!” Along with the Co-Presidency this year, we also shared our ups and downs as we were Co-Race Directors of two (2) popular races in Salem – the well known Wicked Frosty Four and the newest race – Miles over the Moon (“MOTM”). Both these races were fun, adventurous and all geared to the students in the area. There were “miles of time and planning” to conquer and money to track, but the destination was always the same . . . to run and have fun with our fellow Wicked members. Not to say that there weren’t hairpin turns here and there, but in the end there were no regrets in “going for it”. For it was all worth it, when we saw the smiles on the four (4) Frosty Four scholarship winners at the summer outing and on the cross country captains from the Salem High team in the fall as we awarded the proceeds from the “MOTM” race. We owe the success of our ride to our Board. Each person on the Board is dedicated, willing to offer opinions and guidance and always, always there for support and encouragement. There have been many comments by and between members that Wicked is family. It is so true and if any member has ever needed assistance, you know you do not need to look far. As with all families, we may not always agree with one another but we can “agree to disagree” and at the end of the day we still respect one another.


We have been questioned, criticized and judged but more importantly, we have been supported, acknowledged and encouraged. We got on that roller coaster, we completed that race and our term has concluded. To our family we say, thank you for accompanying us on this ride. Thank you for purchasing a ticket, holding our hands as we walked to the start and began the climb and most importantly, thank you for being there at the finish.

Did you know?

Wicked’s first appearance at Mill Cities Relay was back in 2008. The Co-Ed Open team picked up a brick that year placing 3rd.


Thank you, Outgoing Board Members! Thanks to Melissa Jaynes, Michele Campbell, Amber Woolfenden, Peter Raymond and Stephanie Hagyard for their time and commitment to the Board of Directors for 2011.

SAVE THESE 2012 DATES! February 4 Wicked Winter Banquet More info coming soon! September 8 Lake Winnipesaukee Relay. A/K/A Tim Short’s favorite relay of all time!


The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •

Race Review Cayman Islands Half Marathon Shannon Downey

If you are looking for a destination race in a beautiful location, this is the race for you! The race was perfectly well organized and every part of the experience - from bag pickup to post-race activities - was phenomenal. We were looking to do a half marathon on our wedding anniversary, which is December 4th. After considering the Rock & Roll Half in Las Vegas (too expensive!) and one in Dallas, we decided to do the Cayman Half. They also offer the full marathon and a four person marathon relay. The price of the half marathon was just $50 (which included a free pasta dinner the night before at a local restaurant) and we got discounted airfare through Cayman Air and discounted hotel rate at the race hotel (a beautiful Marriott) for running the race. Once we signed up we started to get e-mails from the race director who was available to answer any questions we had and help us along the way prior to race day. This is a relatively small race 100 full marathoners, 50 in the relay and about 600 running the half. It’s also a very early start due to the heat - we were off and running at 5:00 am!!! The race is so well organized that they take away all the anxiety of doing an out of town race. When we landed at the airport we were greeted by a race volunteer who gave us gift bags and directed us to the immigration/customs

line specifically for runners. The expo was small but we were able to pick up our numbers, timing chips and sign up for the bus that brought us to the starting line. No need to worry about getting there - the buses ran in a continuous loop all morning. The race started at exactly 5:00 am - it was pitch black, breezy and about 70 degrees. The super-flat course started along the water, through residential neighborhoods, many of which had their Christmas lights on just for the runners! It was a lollipop-like loop, where you ran out for about 6.4 miles (along the famed 7 Mile Beach), did a turnaround, then ran back but went into a loop at about 9 miles so you weren’t along the water anymore. That was my only complaint - at that point the sun was up (and very strong) and I would have preferred to be running along the water then. Either way, you ended up back where we started, in the heart of downtown Georgetown. Another great part of the race was the water stops - there was one at every single mile, with water and Gatorade. Also, the race organizers have a contest for the best water stop that the runners vote on when they finish. The winning water stop must get a great prize because there is a waiting list to get a water stop in the race! By mile 9 they were handing out watermelon slices and candy bars in addition to the water and Gatorade. Very well done. Once you cross the finish line, the MCs announce you (always cool in my book) and were

Caribbean Cool: Billy Hutchinson and Shannon sport their finisher medals with mascot Miles. Left: It was pitch black when Shanny started, but her bright smile led the way!

joking around with finishers. You were given a COOL medal and directed to the runner’s tent where there was plenty of fresh fruit, bagels, juices and other food. Oh yes, and all the free beer you could drink! There was also a tent with free massages (the line was a little long) and another tent with personal trainers there to help stretch you out. I had a trainer stretch me and it felt great, made a huge difference in my recovery. We hung out at the finish line with Miles for about 2 hours, drinking beer and cheering in runners. Everybody loved Miles and the race organizers were thrilled that we brought our mascot. Then we just hopped on the bus that brought us back to the hotel - easy as anything. We LOVED this race! I can’t wait to do it again. We would love to have a Wicked contingent there and the race organizers would love it, too. The hospitality was fantastic, the course was great, the people were wonderful and it was simply beautiful. I’m giving it a 5 out of 5 cats!

The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •


$65 One-Hour Massage (Regularly $75)

Contact Wicked Member Ann Sousa for an appointment and mention this ad. 978-825-0040



Ask the Coach

With Mike Toomey

From Julie Arrison: How would you recommend runners dress for sub-freezing weather, especially for long training runs? When dressing for cold weather we often go overboard and wear too much by dressing to be warm for the start of the run. This approach almost guarantees that you will overheat by the end of the run...especially a long one. A good rule of thumb is to go with 2-3 layers on those really cool days, with the first layer being a high tech material to get rid of moisture and the outside layer protecting you against the elements such as snow and rain. Don’t forget gloves, hats, and comfy socks! From Lisa Driscoll: Is it required to run 30 miles a week to run a successful half marathon? This is a loaded question and totally depends on how you define success. You can absolutely run less than 30 miles a week and finish a half marathon in one piece and enjoy it. Its when you start adding in time and place goals that you may have to start thinking about tweaking the plan. A good rule of thumb here is to get in a good long run each week along with a day of interval training...those two days will get you through, especially if you can mix in a bunch of 30 minute runs the rest of the week. I have provided a sample week below...remember, consistency is key :) • Monday: Day Off • Tuesday: 1 mile warm up / Repeat 800’s (6) / 1 mile cool down (5 miles total) • Wednesday: D5k (3 miles) • Thursday: 3 miles • Friday: 3 miles or day off • Saturday: Long Run of 8-10 miles • Sunday: 3 miles

Decadent treats for Birthdays, Holidays and Every Day! We offer everything from basic birthday cakes and cookies to custom wedding cakes, unique cupcakes and specialty treats and baskets. 978-436-1932 Members of the Wicked Running Club will receive $5 off your order of $10 or more! Just mention this ad.

This plan calls for a total of 22-27 miles with one or two days off. It gives you everything you need to tackle that half! Good luck! Lisa Driscoll will receive a free Toomey Sports shirt for having a question published in the WRR. Contact Mike at mike@ to get your gift!


8 Week Spring Running Clinic (Session 1) Thursdays (6:30pm) 3/15– 5/3 Cost is $75 ($65 for Wicked Running Club Members) Ideal for ALL levels and will focus on events from 5k 1/2 marathon Sign up online at



The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •

Question of the Month - November:



If you raced on Thanksgiving Day/Weekend, what was your favorite moment? Melissa Jaynes Outgoing Treasurer, and Member Since October I have seen the story of a woman who recently found fitness and took up running splayed on a billboard at the Salem YMCA (including a photo of her running our own Frosty Four race)--her story has moved me to workout a little longer on numerous post-fall marathon occasions. After the Thanksgiving race, I was answering questions at the Wicked table and just happen to see her and was able to tell her she inspires me. Thanksgiving running in true form! Laura Knight Member I did run on Thanksgiving day my 1st Wild Turkey. My favorite moment was running through the Willows neighborhood with all the residents cheering from their porches and sidewalks. I hope I will be able to run this race for years to come! Miles Fartlek Mascot I LOVED eating and napping all weekend. Thanksgiving was a little warm for me and there were so many wild turkeys at the Salem race that I was afraid my tail would get stepped on. I am holding off until the Frosty Four.

Tim Short Incoming President, Webmaster and Member My favorite moment of Thanksgiving Day was seeing all the Wicked Runners in front of the Gazebo on Salem Common right before the start of the Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run.

Rich Tabbut Incoming Treasurer, Outgoing Member at Large, and Member My favorite moment was receiving the awesome sweatshirt for running the Salem Road Race Series and winning a $25 raffle to the New England Running Company.

Doug Bollen Member My favorite moment of the Wild Turkey race was being in the lead police car at the turn around point at Winter Island seeing the enormous wave of runners coming in the opposite direction. It was an incredible sight.

Michele Campbell Outgoing Clothing Director and Member I loved seeing the club represented so well at the Wild Turkey race — the sea of red all along the course. And, I will always remember my first Gabe’s Run. I had so much fun running with Mary Bruno and Amber Woolfenden and seeing other Wickeds there was a blast. I can’t wait to run this one again and conquer that “hill” in the middle of the course!

Marie Gesnaldo Member Wild Turkey... I have race anxiety, after 4 miles in The Wild Turkey 5 miler, I started to have my hard time being anxious, looking at the finish a mile away, slowing down my pace unable to breath, then from behind, my husband appeared and started yelling at me “oh no you don’t, not quitting now, let’s go, let’s move it” and off I was to a great strong finish. He should be “Wicked.” He’s my T.R. of Wicked. Because you guys are ALWAYS there for me. Thanks Wicked. I love you.

Paul Zampitella Member Favorite moment of the Wild Turkey 5 Mile: The cheers from the residents of the Juniper Point neighborhood. You guys are awesome!

The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •

Question of the Month - December:





What are your running goals for 2012? Tim Short Incoming President, Webmaster and Member Run two marathons; run a sub 3:05 marathon; run a sub 30 minute 5 miler; complete one race series outside of Wicked GPX (maybe Series); and take on leg 3 or 8 at Lake Winnipesaukee Relay. Hmm, I think I better start training! Shannon Downey Member To learn how to better acclimate to the hot weather and improve my summer running. Billy Hutchinson Member To run my first full marathon.

David Long Member 1. Complete Salem Road Race Series 2. Run Stonecat trail marathon 3. Cheer on my son and the other Wicked kid runners at the upcoming 4th Annual Wicked Kidz Race.

Michele Campbell Outgoing Clothing Director and Member Run two marathons (going for sub 5s!); Learn to swim properly so I can try a TRI; Improve my standings in the North Shore Mixed Doubles Tennis League; Complete the NERC Trail Running Series; Beat my 2011 score in the Wicked Grand Prix Series. And, have even more fun with my running and tennis peeps! Better get movin’! Lisa Driscoll Member My first half marathon; A sub 35 min 5k; 2 half-marathons; The Race Series sans Thanksgiving Day Race (I will be out of state). Tennille Doyle Incoming Member at Large and Member Complete the entire Salem Road Race Series and also my very first half-marathon in Hyannis in February!

Amber Woolfenden Outgoing Membership Director and Member Run New England Running Company Trail Series and have a great time doing it! Rich Tabbut Incoming Treasurer, Outgoing Member at Large, and Member My goal is to run in smaller events and complete the Salem Road Race series for the 3rd straight year. Dawn Cobak Secretary and Member To run a few marathons with friends, to enjoy them and just be there for the experience of running 26.2, and not running to vomit. Also looking to get more into biking and hopefully swimming - lookout Wicked Triathloners (that’s my word and I’m keeping it) :-) Julie Arrison Member I plan on training for the Boston Marathon and the Chicago Marathon in 2012 and am contemplating an ultra if I can get my speed up...otherwise it will be a sunrise to sundown run!


The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •

Wicked Kudos From Melissa Jaynes: Wicked Kudos to the Gabe’s Run race committee. They know how to put on a race and honor an athlete’s spirit. Gabe’s Run made me feel like a kid (though the numerous high school and college athlete’s made me feel a little old)! I highly recommend running this race! Wicked Kudos to Dawn Cobak for the improved start position at Gabe’s Run compared to the Wild Turkey and Kerry Phelan for giving me a pre-race introduction to Scilly’s “hill.” Wicked Thank You to the Saturday morning group. Susan Keezer and Merry Kaulbach were friendly and happy to run with my friend from out of town on her weekend long run. From Beth O’Grady: The Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run hit yet another record this year with over 1600 registered runners and over 1450 finishers! Kudos to Doug Bollen who puts his heart and soul into this event, which has become an amazing turkey day tradition in the north shore, for runners, volunteers and community cheerleaders

alike. Special thanks to Patsy Emberley who jumped in to help, arm splint and all from her recent, serious car accident. She got more accomplished with one arm than I’ve done in 8 years of volunteering with 2 arms! When Rich Tabbut put the message out (unbeknownst) that T.R. Ramsdell was left Mill Cities teamless, the Club stepped up and answered the call! It was great to see so many runners volunteer last minute to help him out after all T.R. has done to cheer and support us, even when he wasn’t able to run. Now if we could only do something to stop it from raining every D5k Wednesday, TR would be truly grateful. From Tim Short: Congrats to Doug Bollen on another very successful Wild Turkey! Can’t wait for next year’s race! Great job to everyone who ran the Wild Turkey on Thanksgiving! Congrats to Kerry Phelan and the entire Hamilton-Wenham girls XC team on winning Regionals and qualifying for Nationals out in Oregon.

Thank you Michele Campbell for all the hard work and dedication that you put into the Wicked Running Register! Oh, did I mention that I nominated you and WRR for Road Runners Club of America Outstanding Club E-Newsletter award. Keep your fingers crossed! Editor’s note: I’m blushing over here! Great job to our Co-Grand Prix Coordinators - TR Ramsdell and Rich (Hammer) Tabbut. The reboot of the Wicked GPX was awesome this year and I’m looking forward to the 2012 Wicked Grand Prix Series. Congratulations to the 2011 Board of Directors from the Wicked Running Club for an outstanding year! You are all amazing! Thank you to Stephanie Hagyard who was our Volunteer Coordinator for 2011. At one point she was organizing volunteers for 3 different races in the span of only a few weeks. This is no easy task, yet Steph did it all with a smile!

Wicked Wild Turkey!

The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •

Hats off to the dynamic duo of Alison Phelan/Shari Hewson! Not only did they lead the club to greatness as CoPresidents this year, they were also the Co-Directors of the 4th Annual Wicked Frosty Four (5th Annual as well) and the brand new Wicked Presents Miles Over the Moon races. It was a busy year for the Club, full of awesome accomplishments and achievements. Oh and thank you to every Wicked Runner! Our Club is amazing and fun because we have the best members. Looking forward to many great things for WRC in 2012! From Michele Campbell: Thanks to T.R. Ramsdell and Rich Tabbut for all of their work on the Wicked Grand Prix Series. Rich, introducing the team element was a great idea. I had so much fun and have great memories this year because of the series and team element. I am still smiling about Lynn Woods Relay. What a blast. Here’s to 2012! From Dave Long: To Michele Campbell for receiving the WRR torch from Beth O’Grady in January and successfully carrying it throughout the year. Great work! Editor’s note: Still blushing over here! From Kelly Gifford: I’d like to send a special & very heartfelt Thank You to all the members of WRC for thinking of me and my family during my time of loss. There are too many people to mention individually so this is for “you know who you are.” I received many cards from various friends and family from across the country, however, I must admit that when I opened one little red envelope and saw that a gift was made in memory of my mother Evelyn Gifford to the

American Cancer Society by the Wicked Running Club, I could not hold back the tears. I will forever be grateful and thank you all so very much. From Tennille Doyle: A BIG thank you to Amber Woolfenden for running the last 1.5 miles of my very first race, this year’s Devil’s Chase, with me! You kept me going! Also, HUGE kudos to our outgoing WRC Board of Directors for all the hard work, blood, sweat and (hopefully not many) tears you’ve put into the club in 2011. I hope that we will do you proud in 2012! From Amber Woolfenden: Thanks T.R. Ramsdell & Rich Tabbut for making mill cities relay a huge success!


in NYC in support of my little charity! YOU GUYS ROCK. Editor’s note: Back at you, Dawn! From Julie Arrison: Thanks to Jason Carraro, Paula Renzi Gibbs, and Shari Hewson for joining the Franklin Park Coalition Boston Marathon Team and to Mike Toomey for signing up to be our coach on a volunteer basis. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with everyone over the next few months. From Laura Knight: Congrats to Karen Pocalyko Aalto, Stacy Adams and Susan Roses who ran their very first marathons this Fall Karen ran the Marine Corps and Stacy and Sue ran Philly!!! Woohoo!!

From Rich Tabbut: A huge thank you to everyone who ran and volunteered at the Mill Cities Relay! Special kudos for putting up with all my e-mails, answering my call for runners for the Senior and T.R.’s team, and showing up for the event. We beat some pretty damn good clubs and had a blast!

From Doug Bollen: Thank you to Runners, sponsors and volunteers who participated in the 8th Annual Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run, I can’t thank you all enough for making this the largest race on the North Shore and for being part of it. All proceeds go to the Boys & Girls Club and Park and Recreation youth programs. I can’t thank you all enough!!

From Dawn Cobak: I would like to thank Shari Hewson and Alison Phelan for doing a phenomenal job as co-presidents of Wicked in 2011 and to the rest of the departing Board members you will be missed!

From Shannon Downey: I would like to thank Team T/S for running me in the for the last mile of the Wild Turkey. I’m sorry that I couldn’t answer all of the questions you were asking me, but I was unable to breathe at that point!

I would like to send a HUGE shout out of appreciation to Paula Gibbs, Michele Campbell and Nicole McGuinness for running the NYC Marathon to raise money for For Jake’s Sake! I can’t thank you guys enough for taking the time and effort to run a marathon

From Lisa Driscoll: Annie Sousa was so nice on my first Wicked Sat run. I wanted to do a 5 mile run. She was planning an 8 mile. With all the great talk we did 7. I was so impressed that someone would change their plans for a stranger. Thank you for welcoming me and making me feel part of a great group immediately!


The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •

New Member Spotlights:

part of such a fabulous group! Favorite race: I’m still fairly new to running races, but I ran my first Devil’s Chase this year (in a tutu no less!) and it was fabulous! Can’t wait to start prepping my costume for next year! Favorite Distance: So far I would have to say 5K, but I’m slowly working my way up. Goal for this year: My goal for 2012 is to complete the Salem Road Race Series, including my first half marathon!

KAREN AALTO Groveland, MA Joined Wicked because: Running with people keeps me accountable. Favorite Race: The Lone Gull 10k Favorite Distance: half marathon. Goal for this year: Sub 2:00 half marathon, sub 55:00 10k, sub 26:00 5k Secret Talent: I have pretty good singing voice. When I’m not running I like to: cook, hike, and read. TENNILLE DOYLE Salem, MA Joined Wicked because: WICKED ROCKS! Every person I have met so far from Wicked has been amazing. From encouragement on the course during a race to sharing pizza and beer at Engine House after a weekly 5K, I can’t think of a better group of people to be around! The camaraderie and support is absolutely outstanding and I’m so happy to be

Secret talent: I love to bake! I’m sure some delicious treats will be making an appearance at a race near you soon.... keep an eye out. When I’m not running I like to: Read, hike, ski in the winter, hang out with family and friends and have an adult beverage now and then! ;) SHANNON WHITE-GEORGES Groveland, MA Joined Wicked because: I have heard great things and would like to do more outdoor running. Favorite Race: Loved Miles Over the Moon Favorite Distance: 5k Goal for this year: Black Cat (10 miler) When I’m not running I like to: take care of my boys.

JARED AND ABIGAIL PERRINE Medford, MA Joined Wicked because: Since we met Tim Short on one of the Wicked Saturday runs, we knew that Wicked was a group of good people. Meeting Julie Arrison, sealed the deal. Though we haven’t made it up to a Thursday night run yet, that is on our to-do list (so we can meet more of the crew). Favorite Race: We both very much love Seacoast Half Marathon. It was our first half. Favorite Distance: Jared’s favorite distance is the halfway mark of whatever distance he is running. Abby’s favorite distance is 8-10 miles--just long enough to feel like she’s done something long, but no so long that she’s zapped for the next three days. Goal for this year: Hyannis Marathon in February (Jared’s first marathon) Secret Talent: If we told you, we’d have to kill you. Seriously. When I’m not running I like to: hike with our Great Dane, Copley, and read.

THANKS to Ann Sousa for helping with new member profiles. If you are a new member contact Ann at to be featured.

The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •


Seen and Heard on the Run: MILL CITIES MAYHEM? Kenny Hewson: “Frank, I told ya we shoulda brought 2 cars for this. Look at this traffic. We’re never gonna make it to zone 3 in time for the hand off ”. Frank Lanzillo: “Aaaahhhh, I mighta mis-calculated. Better step on it.” IRRITATING IRENE New member Mike McKie was trained and ready to make a run at qualifying for the Boston Marathon at Quebec City, only to find out marathon morning that they would only be able to run the half marathon thanks to Hurricane Irene. Only those who know how much time and effort is involved in training to qualify can truly feel his pain! WEAR IT WELL In the “It’s a small world” category, Melissa Jaynes was in NYC buying a coffee and spotted a customer wearing a Ball State University T-shirt from her home state of Indiana. Turns out they not only went to the same grade school, but Melissa’s mom grooms his dog in her shop. To which Karen Giroux noted that she once saw someone on Newbury Street wearing a shirt that was given out at her family reunion in Nova Scotia, and ran across the street to say hello and found out they were indeed related. Funny to think of everyone we pass in our normal lives that we are connected to but we don’t know it because they are not signaling us with the right logo. That’s why we always say, wear Wicked! PARTY ON, DUDE I know why Shari Hewson drinks a lot of’s because she does not know how to pump a keg. This fact was proven at the Stone Cat post-party.


WARDROBE MALFUNCTION? More like weather malfunction. SHORTS!!! in November and December!!! Everywhere ...






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Courtes y of the

Boston Herald.

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22, 2011

Powell had her best race of the season in the Division 2 state meet where she was a sterling second in 18:43. Powell was a strong third in the Div. 4 Eastern Mass. race (18:59) and a key component of the Shamrocks’ Eastern Athletic Conference, Div. 4 Eastern Mass. and Div. 2 State team titles. Powell, who runs the mile and 2-mile in winter and spring track, is an honor roll student and a member of the English Honor Society.


Powell AN Divisionhad her best race of the sea second 2 state meet son in the the Div. in 18:43. Pow where she was compon 4 Eastern Masell was a strong a sterling Confere ent of the Sha s. race (18:59) third in nce, Div. mro and a key team title 4 Eastern cks’ Eastern Athletic Mass. in winter s. Powell, who runs the and Div. 2 Stat dent and and spring mile e trac a mem ber of thek, is an honor and 2-mile roll stuEnglish Honor Soc ROCHA iety.




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Phelan was the Cape Ann League champion and placed third in the Division 5 Eastern Mass. race as H-W had an undefeated campaign. Phelan ripped a fourth-place finish in the Div. 2 state meet with a time of 18:58. She has worked at the Food Project since 2009 and is a member of the National Honor Society. Phelan competes on the outdoor track team and is considering Merrimack and Northeastern.


Phelan placed was the Cape as H-W third in the DiviAnn League cha ripped had an undefeasion 5 Eastern mpion and a meet withfourth-place ted campaig Mass. race finish in n. Food Proj a time of 18:5 the Div. Phelan 2 stat Nationa ect since 200 8. She has worked e outdoor l Honor Society 9 and is a mem at the mack andtrack team and. Phelan com ber of the petes on Northea is the stern. considering Mer ri-


Congratulations Kerry Phelan for a Stellar Track Season!


Kerry Phelan’s cross country Hamilton/ Wenham team won 1st place at Northeast Regionals in NY and the town of Hamilton threw them a cool parade for their homecoming. At their banquet the next day, Kerry won MVP for her team. Her team then went to Portland, Oregon to compete in the nationals. Awesome!

Catarina Rocha (right) leads the pack at the start


The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •

Where in the World is Wicked? Somerville, Dublin, the Big Apple, Philly, Caribbean, and ... a formal ball?

Luck O’ The Annie. Annie Rose Willis adds a wicked cool message to the wall at the Dublin Marathon. Wicked Classy! Above: Michele Washburn, Jackie Washburn, Melissa Jaynes, and Ann Sousa (l to r) look ravishing at Hamilton Hall in Salem.

Hurdles? Miles attempts to hop the Fence at the Cayman Islands Half Marathon. Thankfully Billy Hutchinson was there to save the day (with beer)!

Jingle Bell Rock Stars. Left: “Tebowing” before the big Jingle Bell Run in Somerville. Below: Frank Lanzillo, Mary Bruno, Kate Swails, Angel Green, Billy Hutchinson, Shannon Downey, Ann Sousa, and Julie Arrison get festive.

The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •


Fabulous in Philly. ABOVE LEFT: Sarah Garriepy, Stacy Adams, Sue Roses, and Katie Keve rocked the streets of Philly harder than Rocky. ABOVE RIGHT: New member Adam Kingsbury also tackled Philly finishing in an impressive 2:44:36 (ten minutes faster his goal time!) His girlfriend, Kim Bier, who attends Villanova Law School, also went the full 26.2.

If we can make it there, we can make it anywhere! Nicole McGuinness in Central Park (top left), Dawn Cobak with hubby Jay (top center); Jay Carraro at the finish (top right); Michele Campbell flashes her NYC bling (bottom left); and Paula Renzi Gibbs gives a thumbs up.


The Wicked Running Register • Year-End Issue: November/December 2011 •

Running Personals HELP KEEP THE WRC WEB SITE SUPER COOL From Tim Short: I’m looking for members of Wicked who would be interested in becoming involved with the upkeep and development of our club website, HTML knowledge is not necessary! Updating our website is very simple and I’d be happy to sit down with anyone that is interesting in learning more about this volunteer opportunity. Email me at for more information. WALK WITH LISA D. FOR A GREAT CAUSE! I am on the North Shore Arthritis Walk Committee. We do a 3 mile walk around Lynch Park, Sunday May 20. If anyone is interested in walking or donating, let me know at Thank you. — Lisa Driscoll

YMCA North Shore Road Race Series Results: Wicked is in the House! Several Wicked Members participated in this year’s series. Annie Rose Willis finished second overall for women, and David Long and Erich O’Neill finished second and third overall for men. Nice job to all club members!

north shore ROAD RACE


Tired of trying to locate a race on the Check out our own James DeLuca and his Wicked singlet featured on home page for the Mill Cities Relay Race:

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