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The Wicked Running Register July 2011 • Priceless

EST. JAN 2010

Grand Prix Series Update T.R. Ramsdell

We have a busy month coming up, so I apologize in advance for going long in this issue. Who says that Summer keeps runners down? Wicked had a fantastic showing at the Jennifer Tinney 5 miler on July 4. With 29 members coming out and taking on this fast, albeit hot and sweaty, course, Wicked was well represented as usual. Several age group awards were garnered by our runners as well. Although I still can’t be out there running with you guys, I’m thrilled to cheer and scream for you as you pass by. Let me also say how proud I am of all of you for coming back and joining me when you finish to help cheer in, not only your Wicked team mates, but every runner that passes. Wicked has the best team spirit as evidenced by the many comments and thank yous that were tossed my way near the finish. And speaking of sweaty, guess what our next race in the Series is? You’ve got it. Race #5 is The Yankee Homecoming 10 miler in Newburyport on Tuesday evening August 2. This race is NOTORIOUS for being super hot and muggy. This is a great race, with a challenging hill at about mile 6. It’s a crowded course with not only the runners, but with all the folks cheering along the way. If I could offer a word of advice from my own experience from last year’s race, carry your own water with you. The water stops along the course are useful only to dump over your head. The water is undrinkable. Whether it comes from a hose or someone’s pool, I’m not sure, but trust me that it does not come from a bottle (unlike our Wicked awesome water stops). Without proper hydration both before and during the race, you will find yourself in my situation last year, chills, disorientation, light headed, etc. Not the way you want to end this race. Race #6 is the world-famous Derby Street Mile on Friday evening August 19. This race is my all time favorite: A one mile drag race from The Willows to Derby Wharf. This one requires some strategy to run well with plenty of “beatin’ and bangin’” along the way. I won’t disclose Mike Toomey’s secret to the race, but if you ask him nicely, he just might tell you. And finally, on Wednesday evening August 24, is race #7, The Lynn Woods relay at (where else) Lynn Woods. This is a great way to pick up some extra points in the series. Team spirit abounds with this one. Wicked always puts on a terrific show when we work together on a relay team. Contact Kerry Phelan at kphelan18@gmail. com to get signed up. All levels are welcome and strongly encouraged. There really is nothing quite like running the woods. I’m disappointed that I can’t be there to defend my 2 year Masters Team title, but I will be out there screaming for each and every one of you, so wear your Wicked gear. As I always say, C’mon, who’s in? :o)

JOIN US! 1st Annual Salem Run@Work Day Presented by Mayor Kimberley Driscoll, Salem Park, Recreation & Community Services, and the Wicked Running Club What: The goal of Run@Work Day is to raise awareness about the importance of daily physical activity for adults. National Run@Work Day events are community based and promote and provide the opportunity for individuals to incorporate at least 30-minutes of exercise, in accordance with the National Physical Activity Guidelines, into their daily routine either before work, during lunch, or immediately following work. Adding exercise to one’s daily routine can markedly improve overall physical health. When: Friday, September 16, 2011• 12PM Where: Salem Common Why: Great opportunity to network with runners and promote products, retail or service business, or running club. For event details contact Tim Short: Go to for event information.

The Wicked Running Register • July 2011


Co-Presidential Perspective Shari Hewson and Alison Phelan

So here we are, a little more than the halfway point of the year. As your co-presidents, we have been talking about the running club events this year, thus far. Just to name a few, we started with the very successful Frosty Four race, followed by a well attended WRC Winter Banquet, then onto our popular Grand Prix races, it’s just been a very busy year. Not to mention, that in the last 2 months, WRC has co-sponsored 3 races – the North Shore Cancer Run, the Wicked Kidz Race and most recently Wicked Presents Miles Over the Moon. The Club has really become a venue for all types of runners. These events plus others have led us to think about all the goals Alison Phelan celebrates a that all members might have for themselves. successful Wicked Kidz race Whether that goal is just to run more this year, on July 9. run longer, or better yet, have a specific race to conquer, goals are important to each and every one of us. For instance, it was our goal in conjunction with Doug Bollen, Salem Park and Rec Director, to host a summer night race, since there seemed to be no other night races available in the area. It was also the goal to run it through the historic parts of Salem that people might visit as tourists, but not necessarily use as a running route. It wasn’t an easy task to undertake, but with the help of a race committee and many volunteers, we think the outcome was a success and hope to see it for many years to come. Just like Club goals, members also have goals that are important to them. Perhaps joining a running club, like the Wicked Running Club, is a goal for some of our new members in their efforts to attain their running goals. Whatever motivates each member into achieving their next aim, the WRC is here for you. With all its different running times and routes, members can usually find someone to run with or at least count on meeting other members to talk with about their runs. It’s that team spirit and support that we hope continues throughout the rest of the year for each and every member as we go through the next 5 months of 2011. As we have said before, if you have any suggestions or comments on how to make the Club a better one, please talk to any of the Board members. This is Shari “the Gazelle” your Club and we want all members to feel good about Hewson kicks it to the the WRC. See you on the roads!

finish in Boxford on July 4.

Join the fun in 2011!

Wicked Grand Prix Series Schedule March Olde Salem Greens 5K, Salem 3/20/11 April Fools 4 Miler, Salisbury 3/26/11 May Twin Lights Half Marathon, Gloucester • 5/15/11 July Jennifer Tinney Memorial 5 Mile Road Race, Boxford • 7/4/11 You

can do August it! Yankee Homecoming 10 Mile, Newburyport • 8/2/11

Derby Street Mile, Salem • 8/19/10 Lynn Woods Relay, Lynn 8/24/11 September Around Cape Ann 25k OR Run the Goose 7k, Gloucester • 9/5/11 Lone Gull 10k, Gloucester • 9/18/11 October Fall Frolic 5k, Beverly • 10/16/11 November Wild Turkey 5 Mile, Salem 11/24/11 December Mill Cities Relay, Nashua NH 12/4/11 (estimated date) Questions? Email Rich at welshhammer@gmail. com, or T.R. at

The Wicked Running Register • July 2011


Get to Know Your Board: T.R. Ramsdell Board Position: Member-at-Large Occupation: Auto Body Tech/ Owner C & G Auto Body Years in WRC: 2 1/2 years Congratulations to Team Wicked Nation for North Shore Cancer Run members who officially raised $3,570! Since TWN raised more than $3000, the team is eligible for a brick to be inscribed and placed in the Healing Garden at the Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center in Danvers. Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center presents this opportunity for individuals, teams or organizations to be recognized, or to honor a loved one by having a brick inscribed and placed in the Healing Garden. Any individual, team or organization that raises or donates $3,000 or more to the 2011 North Shore Cancer WALK/ RUN will be eligible for a brick. A special dedication will take place in October 2011 at the Healing Garden.

Favorite WRC moment: Very hard to say. Being fortunate enough to have Captained the top Wicked team at The Lynn Woods relay, Mill Cities relay, and The Wiffleball Throwdown for the past 2 years each is a biggie. Working on the Board of Directors for 2 years has also been very exciting. But my favorite moment is crossing the finish line and having my Wicked team mates cheer me on, and then when I join them to cheer on the rest of the finishers. High Crossing the finish line of my very first Runner’s High: race (The Disney Marathon), and having that medal slipped over my head. Still gives me chills thinking about it. Post-run snack: I love bananas before and after a run. Favorite movie: Wow how much space do we have? I love goofball stuff like Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Animal House, or anything with Clint Eastwood (we share a birthday coincidentally). Guilty pleasure: I’m not a big sweet eater, fortunately, but I do like a cold beer after a run. There’s a new fall half marathon in Newburyport on Sunday, October 23, the Green Stride Marathon. The director is Doug Bollen’s cousin Eli Bailin, and some of you may know his wife Lauretta Charpentier Bailin who is also a runner. If you have no fall plans yet, check it out at

The Wicked Running Register • July 2011


Race Review Jennifer Tinney Memorial 5 Miler Tim Short

July 4, 2011 Boxford Generally speaking July 4th should be relaxing, right? Maybe you have a few hot dogs, New member Rich a couple of Byrne with Michele beers and Campbell. celebrate with family and friends. If you are a runner you know that July 4th also means an opportunity to lace up those racing shoes and pick up a morning race before watching the fireworks. I first ran this race back in 2010. Fellow Wicked Runner Aaron Toleos had suggested the race to me and it was a short drive up to Boxford from Middleton where I live. So when I saw that the race was going to be included in the Wicked Grand Prix Race Series this year, I was very excited. The race is named after Jennifer Tinney who was a 21-year-old Northeastern

honor student and avid runner; she was killed by a drunk driver while running the Boxford 5-mile route after attending a family gathering. Proceeds from the race are directed to the Jennifer Tinney Scholarship Fund at Masconomet High School, honoring the former Masco track captain. Having run many races, I’ve found the Jennifer Tinney Memorial 5 Miler to be a low key, straightforward, well-managed race. No frills here, just a bunch of runners coming out to support the family of Jennifer Tinney. The course can be described as having some rolling hills, which is a classic trait for any New England race. The treelined course had a few spectators who cheered along the runners. For the second year in a row it was HOT! With plenty of water on the course and at the finish, all runners were able to stay well hydrated. A nice touch was the volunteers who handed out a bottle of water as runners crossed the finish line.

WRC mascot Miles shows some holiday spirit as Shari Hewson (left) and Stephanie Hagyard hit the finish line.

Since it was a holiday, there were little to no cars on the course to deal with. At intersections there was a uniformed police officer. This was huge for me because when I race I don’t want to think about the cars, I just want to focus on my running. Runners who pre-registered got a t-shirt, not a tech shirt. Some runners might see this as a step backwards as a large percentage of races now have tech shirts for their participants. Personally I think it’s great that there are still some races that give out a T-shirt. Nothing better than kicking back on the weekend with a Sam Adams while sporting your last race T-shirt! Overall this race is a solid experience for any runners. Of course it was a pretty special time for Wicked as our very own John Ayers smoked the course and picked up 1st place overall. I would suggest that any runner who wants to get back to a classic road race put this one on their summer schedule. I give this one 4 of out 5 cats!

The Wicked Running Register • July 2011


Question of the Month: What is your favorite summer race? Marissa Rodriguez Member Miles Over the Moon

Tim Short Webmaster and member My all time favorite summer race is the Yankee Homecoming Road Race in Newburyport. Growing up in Amesbury, this was the race that me and all of my friends would run together. Whether it’s the 5K or 10 Miler you can’t go wrong. Running through downtown Newburyport is a great experience. The support on the entire course is very impressive as well. Oh and the 10 Miler is a Wicked Grand Prix Race for August. Hope to see many Wicked Runners up in Newburyport in a next week! Miles Fartlek Mascot and member I love any race with my picture on the T-shirt, but the Wicked Kidz race (photo bottom) is my favorite. I get tons of free hugs and was almost adopted this year! Kelly Gifford Member I struggle with the humidity as we all do, but, I have enjoyed a few runs that are worth mentioning: The North Shore Cancer Walk/Run was great. However, I think to date my favorite has to be the 1st Annual Miles Over The Moon. The energy and positive attitude of the volunteers

and runners alike made this event one to remember and I’m already looking forward to next year. Rich Tabbut Member-at-Large and member My favorite summer race is the Beverly Homecoming 5K. I am a life-long resident of Beverly and see the race as a chance to re-connect with all my teammates from BHS along with friends from years past. Dave Long Member Beverly Commons Trail Race, and, uh, runner-up: Derby Street Mile Amber Woolfenden Membership Director and member Run the Goose 7k up in Gloucester on Labor Day.

Julie Arrison Member I love the Heritage Days 5K. Yes, I say that because I’m one of the organizers but I also love that it’s one of the few races in the area that supports historic preservation. Salem is a great place to run because of its surroundings and Historic Salem, Inc. truly helps both homeowners and the city as a whole maintain its historic value. Kathey Moskal Member I am not sure if it qualifies as a summer race, but there is NO BETTER race than Lone Gull! Editor’s note: Technically summer ends in mid-September so this counts! Doug Bollen Member Falmouth Road Race.

The Wicked Running Register • July 2011


Ask the Coach

Train with Toomey: Upcoming 2011 Running Clinic

With Mike Toomey

Dave Long: What is the best way to fuel during a long race? The best way to figure out what fueling plan works for you is to practice taking the different products such as Gu, gel blocks, etc., during training runs. A general rule of thumb has you consuming 150-250 calories per hour. Everybody is different and the best way to be sure you have a good plan is to discuss your plan with an experienced nutritionist that works with endurance athletes. We spend 4 months sometimes getting ready for a marathon; it’s worth the 60 minutes of your time to meet with a pro. I work with Laura Kennedy (Wild Turkey and Derby Mile champ) on all my nutritional questions. She is a new balance athlete with a degree in nutrition. For submitting a question that was published, Dave Long is this month’s winner of Toomey Sports Running Center T-shirt. What are you waiting for? Submit your question today to


Offered by Toomey Sports Running Center and Salem Parks & Recreation

6 Week Wild Turkey Running Clinic • Thursdays (6:30pm) 10/13-11/17 • Cost is $65 ($55 for Wicked Running Club Members) • Ideal for ALL levels and will focus on training for 5 mile Wild Turkey Race • Entry into Thanksgiving Day race is included Contact Doug Bollen:

Where in the World is Wicked? Patriot Place, Foxboro

Double Trouble! PHOTO LEFT: Billy Hutchinson (left) and Steve Gibbs show their defensive moves at the Harvard Pilgrim 10K at Patriot Place in Foxboro on July 4. Editor’s note: WRC can’t afford to let these two go, so I personally called Robert Kraft and told him to back off! PHOTO TOP: Behind every good linebacker is a fabulous Wicked runner! Paula Renzi Gibbs (left) and Shannon Downey joined their hubbies (photo left) for a fun day at Patriot Place.

The Wicked Running Register • July 2011

Seen and Heard on the Run The man using the bullhorn during Miles Over the Moon shouting, “Don’t run over the man with the bullhorn!” And in related news: Keep your megaphones away from Craig Barcelo, aka “Mr. Stephanie Hagyard”.... just sayin’! Read on Facebook...what Wicked running couple goes by the moniker “Gichele”? Check out Shannon Downey’s sportie new shorter hairdo. Thanks to her donation to Locks of Love, someone else is now sporting a new do as well! From Miles Fartlek: I recently had a coughing fit during a race and Gif Campbell told me that vaseline cures fur ball problems. THANKS Gif... apparently all runners, two and four legged, benefit from a little Vaseline.

Running Personals NEW BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENT! From Tim Short: Doug Bollen and I have started North Shore Road Race Guide. We thought it would be a great idea to highlight all the amazing road races along the North Shore of Massachusetts. Our goal is to one day produce a bi-monthly magazine with articles, race applications and more! ‘Like’ NSRRG at or check out our calender full of races at


New Member Spotlights: CHRISTIAN KOST Danvers, MA Joined Wicked because: The camaraderie I have seen among the Wicked members. They seem to be always there for one another at each race and cheering each other on, to push to the finish line. Favorite Race: So far, it is the Olde Salem Greens 5k. The hills really kick your butt and make you give it that extra effort. Favorite Distance: Don’t really have a favorite yet, but so far it is 10k.

When I’m not running I like to: Enjoy the outdoors, go to the beach, hike, hang out with friends. STEFANIE SMITH Salem, MA Joined Wicked because: I wanted to become a better runner and enjoy the feeling I get when I attempted to run previously. I would like to one day become so addicted to running that I need it daily. :o) Favorite race: Haven’t run a race yet. I assume my first race will be my favorite until I run the next.

Goal for this year: Marathon Secret Talent: I will never tell.... When I’m not running I like to: Travel to the Caribbean and spend time with my family. ALEXIS CIFRIC • Salem, MA Joined Wicked because: I love to run and am looking to meet new people and friends that share the same interest. Favorite race: North Shore Cancer Run Favorite Distance: 5k Goal for this year: To improve my endurance and feel stronger on longer runs. Secret talent: Accomplished equestrian

Favorite Distance: Still new to running so I’m not able to compare any distances as of yet. Goal for this year: To learn my comfortable pace, my distance, and run a road race. Secret talent: I’m a great whistler. I can whistle a entire song and it can be recognized by listeners. When I’m not running I like to: Read, Mentor young adults, and be amongst family and friends. A BIG THANKS to Ann Sousa for helping obtain new member profiles. If you are a new member and have not been featured yet, please contact Ann at

The Wicked Running Register • July 2011


Wicked Kudos From Michele Campbell: A BIG shout out to all WRC members who ran Boxford on July 4. It was amazing to see so many in the club participate. Congrats to Wickeds who placed in this race: John Ayers (overall winner!), Wendi Marciano, Kerry Phelan, Bill Jackson, Timothy Short, Rich Tabbut, Rick Marciano, and Beth O’Grady. Thanks to T.R. Ramsdell for cheering us all on! From Tim Short: Thank you to all the members who volunteered their time at the 3rd Annual Wicked Kidz Race and 1st Annual Wicked Presents Miles Over the Moon. A HUGE thank you to Steph Hagyard for her Volunteer Coordinator skills over the past month. She made sure the 2nd Annual North Shore Cancer RUN, 3rd Annual Wicked Kidz Race and 1st Annual Wicked Presents Miles Over the Moon all had plenty of volunteers. T.R. says: Wicked congratulations to Shari Hewson and Dawn Cobak for completing their first Olympic Tri-athalon. Well done ladies!! From Melissa Jaynes: Big Thanks to Dan Cooper for helping coach me up the “big hill” on Chestnut street during the Miles race. Wicked Big “Way to Rally” to Marie Duignan for her hard work on the Miles race and for having the most cheering sections on the course. To Jeff Citroni: thanks from the bottoms of my soles for chasing me down and encouraging me in two July races! Soon, you just might not catch me;)

From Marissa Rodriguez: Thank you to the members of WRC who have been so friendly in my first few months a member, especially the volunteers during the races who cheer/ shout support for all of the runners. The friends that I have had running with me during the North Shore Cancer Run as well as those who ran Miles Over the Moon with me have all been impressed with WRC and the support shown to it’s members. :) From Doug Bollen: Kudos to race committee for Miles over the Moon, this race will become larger then the Frosty Four, mark my word! From Shannon Downey: I would like to give a shout out and thank you to Paula Renzi Gibbs, Steve Gibbs and Billy Hutchinson for cheering me on during the brutally hot finish of the Harvard Pilgrim 10K at Gillette Stadium. While it’s basically in the marriage contract for Billy to cheer, it was a great boost to hear Paula’s voice ringing through the stadium as I ran through tunnel and inflatable helmet towards the 50 yard line. When I looked up and saw the trio of Wicked red shirts clapping for me and screaming my name it inspired me to finish strong. Thanks guys, I love you! From Amber Woolfenden: Thanks to Kathy Moskal for introducing me to trail running! Love it! From Julie Arrison: Stephanie Hagyard has done an amazing job as the volunteer coordinator for a big concentration of races over the past few weeks. Thanks to the Wicked Running Club, New England Running

Company, and B&S Fitness for donations to Historic Salem Inc.’s Summer Sipping fundraiser. From Beth O’Grady: Huge kudos to Melissa Jaynes for morphing into a full sized Miles Fartlek at recent events. I saw her working registration at Miles Over the Moon, then zipping through the finish line in Wicked gear, then handing out awards at the end as if the run in the middle never happened. Perhaps the original MF shared his secret of how to be in two places at the same time. From Paula Renzi Gibbs: I’d like to send a shout out to my awesome hubby, Steve Gibbs, on smokin’ the Miles over the Moon Race!

HISTORY NEEDS YOU Course Volunteers are still needed for the Heritage Days 5K. If you have an hour to spare on Sunday, August 7, please get in touch with Michele Washburn at hsirunner@ or Julie Arrison at

The Wicked Running Register • July 2011

Wicked Board

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say “hello” feel free to email us: Co-President: Alison Phelan Co-President: Shari Hewson Vice President: Peter Raymond Treasurer: Melissa Jaynes Secretary: Dawn Cobak

SUMMER RUNNING TIPS: Wear a terry wrist band for longer run and races so you can soak it with water and cool down your neck and forehead at water stops.

ALSO, if you run the Salem/Marblehead path, at the end of the Marblehead Post Office portion before you get to the temple parking lot, there is a dirt path to the JCC on the left. At the entrance to the tennis courts there is a water bubbler that is always ice cold — nice!

Next Board Meeting Monday, August 8, 2011 Salem Senior Center, 5 Broad St. 6:30 p.m. All members are welcome.

Membership Director: Amber Woolfenden Clothing Director: Michele Campbell Member-at-Large: Rich Tabbut Member-at-Large: Stephanie Hagyard

Non-Board Positions Newsletter Editor: Michele Campbell

August 7, 2011 • 9:00 a.m. Heritage Days 5K Salem Maritime Visitors Center on New Liberty Street; Bag Assembly and Course Volunteers are still needed. Please contact or to sign up or if you have any questions on the race. You can like us on facebook, too! August 19, 2011 • 7:00 p.m.: Competitive Run • 7:15 p.m.: Family Run Derby Street Mile Salem, MA; Contact: August 20, 2011 • 9:00 a.m. Weathersfield 250th Trail 5K Free, but donations are accepted for the Weathersfield Historical Society for conservation of the original NY charter. Only day of registration available; Basic details at; Runners are welcome to stay for day of festivals, swimming, BBQ, and evening fireworks; Free campsite available (minimal services). Contact Julie Arrison ( if interested.

Did you know?

Grand Prix Series Co-Coordinator: T.R. Ramsdell

Webmaster: Tim Short

Get Out and Race:

Saturday, September 24, 2011 5th Annual Granara-Skerry 5K Walk/Run to Benefit Pancreatic Cancer Research Medford, MA; $25.00 • Children (ages 6-12) $10.00

Member-at-Large: T.R. Ramsdell

Grand Prix Series Co-Coordinator: Rich Tabbut


Meow Power! Christina Chadwick Bennett’s daughter Ashlyn had a great time hanging with Miles at the Wicked Kidz race on July 9!

Saturday morning runs were originally held at Salem Common. Then in 2005 they were moved to Forest River Park. WICKED FUN FACTS

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WRR July 2011  

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