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The Wicked Running Register August 2011 • Priceless

EST. JAN 2010

Co-Presidential Perspective Shari Hewson and Alison Phelan

Fun at the Lynn Woods Relay: Alison Phelan, Melissa Jaynes, John Mahoney and Shari Hewson (l to r).

Wow! Summer has certainly flown by and the smell of fall is in the air. The end of summer brings so many changes in terms of hours of daylight, temperatures, getting children ready to go back to school just to name a few. For many this time of year is also a time to “ramp up” training for fall marathons which often requires a change in training.

One thing that does not change with the seasons is the Mission of the Club and the Club’s success. We have had an exciting year to date including our relationship with RRCA, the new Miles Over the Moon race, a record breaking turn out at the Lynn Woods relay and the formation of the new Strategic Planning Committee. With the Miles Over the Moon race we are once again in a position to donate money, this time to the Salem High School cross country team. What an honor to be able to provide assistance to young athletes. Tim Short has been doing a phenomenal job cultivating our relationship with RRCA and putting Wicked on the map – thank you Tim! The turn out at Lynn Woods was phenomenal – 14 teams from Wicked – awesome! We had a great time, picked up a couple 1st places and several 2nd and 3rd. It was a great time to mingle, chat, meet new members, cheer our team mates and be in total awe of the magnificent sea of red. Remember, this race is in the Wicked Grand Prix Series so you got points just for showing up – how cool is that. A special thank you goes out to Rich Tabbut (a.k.a. “Hammah”) and Kerry Phelan for their work putting together the teams. That is not an easy task! As fall begins, the Strategic Planning Committee starts the process of looking at the overall picture of where the Club is going, where it’s been, what do our members want and what will our Club look like in five years. As you can imagine this is a monumental task and Rich Tabbut has volunteered to chair this committee. We are fortunate to have so many members that participate and help make this Club what it is. While the Club grows and we put on races, run races, volunteer at races, and hang out together at events it is important to remember that we are here to have fun! The “mission” to have fun has been clearly evident at recent events. Thank you to everyone who keeps it fun and we look forward to a great fall!

Join the Board!

The Wicked Board is looking for new members to serve in 2012. This is a great opportunity for members to contribute to the club. Elections will be held in November for all positions: • • • • • • •

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Membership Director Clothing Director Members-At-Large (3 positions)

Any current members can nominate any club member or themselves for any position. More info will be available soon.

There’s a new fall half marathon in Newburyport on Sunday, October 23, the Green Stride Marathon. The director is Doug Bollen’s cousin Eli Bailin, and some of you may know his wife Lauretta Charpentier Bailin who is also a runner. If you have no fall plans yet, check it out at

The Wicked Running Register • August 2011


Wicked Grand Prix Series Update T.R. Ramsdell

September is another busy month for racing in the WGP series. We’ve got two events this month, but first let’s catch up on August. The Yankee Homecoming 10M on Aug 2nd had a huge showing of Wicked support with 43 members taking on this great course. A nice surprise was the cooler-than-in-the-past temperatures which helped many runners get PRs. Congrats to all for showing up, running well, and representing Wicked! We also had Doug Bollen’s World Famous Derby Street Mile on Friday Aug 19th. As of this writing, I don’t have a final count on how many members ran this one, but it was a LOT (see photo below!). Seems to me I was continuously yelling for all of you as you streamed by my vantage point. Many of you put up some pretty speedy times. Congrats to all for running my favorite race. Great job Doug! And lastly, The Lynn Woods relay. Wicked sent an unprecedented 14 teams to the woods. It was a beautiful evening for the run as evidenced by Wicked claiming 6 group awards. The relay was followed by a trip to Prince Pizza for a little apres get together. Relays are a great way to meet fellow members by working as a team towards a common goal. Or maybe it’s the huge bonus points we’re giving for doing it that motivated you. Whatever the case, thanks for participating and congrats to all. Now on to September, and race #8 in the series takes place in Gloucester on Monday Sept 5th (Labor Day). You can run either the Around Cape Ann 25K or the Run The Goose 7K. Let me help you out with the metric math. The 25K=15.5 miles, and the 7K=4.3 miles. The larger race boasts “16 major hills.” Much of this course is the same as the Twin Lights 1/2 Marathon, so if you didn’t like that one, go for the 7K. The smaller race is half road and half woods, so remember to wear your trail shoes. Both are challenging, so that being said, choose your poison. Race #9 is one of the prettiest ones around, the Lone Gull 10K, also in Gloucester, on Sunday the 18th. Wes from New England Running Company has been directing this for 5 years. Very scenic course with light rolling hills, which equals fast race. This is a well organized race with very cool tech shirts, and even breakfast after you run! What’s better than that? Wicked always has a really strong showing here, so why not join us? As always, please be sure to wear your Wicked gear so your team mates can find you, and I can see you and yell my butt off for you. C’mon who’s in? :o)

Join the fun in 2011!

Wicked Grand Prix Series Schedule March Olde Salem Greens 5K, Salem 3/20/11 April Fools 4 Miler, Salisbury 3/26/11 May Twin Lights Half Marathon, Gloucester • 5/15/11 July Jennifer Tinney Memorial 5 Mile Road Race, Boxford • 7/4/11 August Yankee Homecoming 10 Mile, Newburyport • 8/2/11 Derby Street Mile, Salem • 8/19/10 Lynn Woods Relay, Lynn 8/24/11 Get your

Gloucester September on! Around Cape Ann 25k OR Run the Goose 7k, Gloucester • 9/5/11

Lone Gull 10k, Gloucester • 9/18/11 October Fall Frolic 5k, Beverly • 10/16/11 November Wild Turkey 5 Mile, Salem 11/24/11 December Mill Cities Relay, Nashua NH 12/4/11 (estimated date) Questions? Email Rich at welshhammer@gmail. com, or T.R. at

The Wicked Running Register • August 2011

Get to Know Your Board: Amber Woolfenden Board Position: Membership Director Occupation: Ophthalmology Scientist @ Novartis Years in WRC: 3.5-4ish Favorite WRC moment: Running in woods with friends. Runner’s High: Finishing Mt. Desert Island Marathon Post-run snack: Banana & Peanut Butter Favorite movie: Goodfellas and Fast Times at Ridgemont High Guilty pleasure: Beer! Beer! Beer!


Wicked Kudos From Tim Short: A big congrats to my wife Nicole for running her first Derby Street Mile! From Amber Woolfenden: Thanks to Alison Phelan for the laugh I am going to have at mile 3 of my trail half marathon in Virginia! From Dawn Cobak: Kudos to Michele Campbell for setting two PRs in one week with Falmouth and the Derby Street Mile! Wooo Hooo!!!!!! From Melissa Jaynes: Congrats to Beth O’Grady who is back at running and testing new theories on her the flash. A big Good Luck to Courtney Maher as she travels west for college. (A big good luck to her dad, Jim, too...) From Doug Bollen: Thanks to all Wicked members for volunteering and running the Derby St. Mile. From Don Gallucci: Wicked Kudos to T.R. Ramsdell for giving me his secret strategy on conquering the Derby Street Mile. His coaching tips helped me cross the finish line with the fastest mile I’ve run since High School (long, long ago)! From Debbie Shahidi: I would like to thank T.R. and Denise Ramsdell for helping me move TWICE and for everything you have done for me these past few months. You are awesome! From Beth O’Grady: At the end of a hot SHS alumni 5k race, Melissa Jaynes — who had finished well before me — was waiting at the finish and asked if I needed her to get my inhaler, handed me some ice water and put a cold bottle of water on my back to cool me off. Just some of the perks of having wicked fast friends! From Jason Carraro: Wicked kudos to Cait Gaglione Home for running the Yankee Homecoming, way to go Cait! From Dawn Cobak: Two Thumbs Up to Cait Gaglione for running with Baby G (photo right!) all over Newburyport and Salem! Editor’s note: And Lynn Woods!

The Wicked Running Register • August 2011


Race Review Yankee Homecoming 10 Mile Road Race Christina Chadwick Bennett

Aug. 2, 2011 The Yankee Homecoming Race brings back some great memories for me, as this was the first 5K race that I ever ran (I won’t share with you those results!). This was my third trip to the Yankee Homecoming race. I was thrilled to arrive in Newburyport and notice that for once it wasn’t the scorcher that it had been in the past (2010 was fresh in my mind). We even got a little sprinkle of rain before the race started, which was great. We took some pictures, registered, and we were ready to go! I started the race with Allison Rourke, Sarah Carrier, and Frank Lanzillo. The beginning of a race is always a little challenging for me, so I was thrilled to have company. The course was lined with great cheering spectators, especially for the first couple of miles. And I think most of the runners enjoyed being sprayed from the hoses. What a welcome relief and I think I went for every one! Once we passed through town (what a crowd!), the quieter portion of the race began. My momentum started kicking in finally around the big hill at 4.5 miles, and I was very happy to reach the halfway point. I

seemed to forget (or did I block it out?) how many inclines there were! Although the crowds became a bit sparse, there were still some spectators cheering us on, which always helps on these long distance races. I have to admit that I got a little lonely out there once people started spacing out more. I just put my head down, focused, and continued. Approaching the High School was amazing. There was great crowd support and a group of Wickeds on the corner yelling for me to hustle over that last hill to the finish. Once up the hill, there were more Wickeds screaming for me as I approached the finish. As always, it means the world to have that support behind you. Just a sea of red pulling for you. Fantastic! Why didn’t I join sooner?! OK…onto the negatives…I was annoyed to learn, once I saw my results) that there was no starting matt to kick off your time. I completely forgot it was

gun time. It took us over 90 seconds to get to the start, so needless to say, our times reflected that delay. Another negative was the water situation. I remembered how bad the water was at the stops in the previous years, so I made a choice to carry my handheld bottle. Believe me, I would choose to have nothing in my hands, but I knew I couldn’t take the water again. And to see them fill the cups at the end directly from the hose was icky (of course I was out of water by then and had to have some). I also wish the post event was a better one. People just tended to scatter, as there is not much keeping you there. But then again, there is always Michael’s Harborside, which we bee lined to. It was a great race, and it was a fantastic showing for Wicked, but with some of those negatives, I would rate it 4 cats out of 5.

The Wicked Running Register • August 2011


Ask the Coach

With Mike Toomey

From Miles Fartlek: Mike, I’ve been trying to avoid the heat by getting up early (hard for a cat) for my jogs. Can you suggest ways to help me wake up on that first mile a little faster? the days get darker do you have suggestions for me to just get out the door? It is hard to wake up when it is dark out.

and swim events but that’s been a preevent routine. If you are getting a deep tissue/sports/ or Swedish massage it’s a good idea to get it Tuesday or Wednesday for a weekend race as it take 48-72 hour to completely flush. Much like our fueling for a race, try getting massages on different days during training to see what works best for the big day.

I feel your pain Miles…judging from your Facebook posts we should start with getting you some more rest as you appear to be quite social. A good (and easy) way to feel a little better before you run is to do a quick two minute warm-up before the run. You could do a dynamic warm-up like skips or bounds or even something simple like jumping jacks will get the heart rate up and get you ready to dominate the roads!

From Tracy McLaughlin: Should you run with injuries? If not, how long should you take off to completely heal?

From Runner in need of a massage: Coach- how close to an event should you get a massage? Is a day or two before too close?

The short answer is No. The real answer is somewhere in the middle…is it an injury? A pain? A tweak? A system that works for me and my athletes is never run if you’re limping or changing your stride. Let the injury heal and do some cross training to stay fit. It takes a long time to lose fitness. Two things make you a better runner, REST and CONSISTENCY. Both help when dealing with injuries or injury prevention.

There is no right answer here as everyone is different. Also, it depends on the type of massage. For example, I have worked on people same day for track

From Cathy Bozek: What are some tips for running on hilly terrain? Getting up the hills efficiently, and down the hills safely. Going up: keep those arms swinging and the legs will follow. Use a slight lean forward and be sure keep your eyes up. All these things will allow for good form and keeping your head up will help with the breathing. Going down: use the arms to balance you and watch your step! As always, practice makes perfect.

Coach Toomey with Miles and friends at the Wicked Kidz race.


Train with Toomey: Upcoming 2011 Running Clinic

Offered by Toomey Sports Running Center and Salem Parks & Recreation

6 Week Wild Turkey Running Clinic • Thursdays (6:30pm) 10/13-11/17 • Cost is $65 ($55 for Wicked Running Club Members) • Ideal for ALL levels and will focus on training for 5 mile Wild Turkey Race • Entry for Wild Turkey 5M included Contact Doug Bollen:

From Mary Bruno: There are a lot of marathons coming up and for many of us it will be our first one. What are the most important things to bring with you on an away marathon? Things that shouldn’t be left at home. If you were going to fill a backpack with necessities - what would it contain? Here’s my backpack for a race…and this is my carry on luggage. DO NOT pack anything you need on race day and check it in! Uniform, training shoes, racing shoes, hat, fuel, foam roller or stick, mineral ice, water, socks, plastic bag for rain, throw away shirt to wear to line, sunglasses, Runner’s World, books such as Toomey’s Guide to Wiffleball, etc. For submitting a question that was published, Cathy Bozek is this month’s winner of a Toomey Sports Running Center Tshirt. Email Mike to get your shirt: mike@

The Wicked Running Register • August 2011


Question of the Month: Have you TRIed a TRI? Shari Hewson Co-President and member I have tried a tri and have done three: two sprints and one Olympic. I enjoy the triathlons as you participate in three different activities. Miles Fartlek Mascot and Member Tri? I really don’t enjoy getting my fur wet. Maybe I’ll do a biathlon. Watch for me riding a bike around town. Tim Short Webmaster and Member I haven’t given the tri a shot yet. Right now 1/2 marathon and marathon training is all I really have time for. Maybe down the road though, they do look like fun! Cathy Bozek Member I’ve done a few Olympic tris and a bunch of Sprints. I love the built-in cross-training and the challenge of combining all three sports in one race, but I hate packing all the gear. It’s so much easier to basically just think about your shoes when you’re doing running races!

“ You get sucked in and before you know it, Tri owns you.” — Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith Member and Comprehensive Racing Co-Captain I have Tri(ed) Tri(s) of all sizes and types, from sprint to Ironman, river swims to ocean, off road runs to hot asphalt. What I like most about tri races/training is the diversity. You don’t get bored with this sport (but you also don’t have any spare time). You’re swimming 2-3 times a week, running 2-3 times a week, biking 2-3 times a week, weight training/yoga 1 or 2 times a week. You get sucked in and before you know it, Tri owns you. It’s a physical high. And a race keeps you so busy with the transitions from swim to bike and bike to run, and the set up and planning for the transitions (how fast can I strip and ride?), that you are focused throughout. On the down side, all this diverse fun means a lot of gear and a lot of stuff to tote around (and buy!) and clean up (I hate the cleanup of wet suits and bikes and gear). The down side of the race?, waiting in the 9th or 10th heat for your swim to start (could be 45 min). The adrenalin has been running so long as you wait to jump in the water with a 100 or so other wired racers, that for me the swim start to 5 minutes in is always full of anxiety as the heart rate isn’t matching the breathing and arms and legs are beating you from all sides. But at the end of the race, there’s no finish sweeter than the finish of a tri; there’s definitely a sense of accomplishment to get through all this craziness, from a 17 mile sprint race to a 140.6 M Ironman, you feel it. Ya gotta love it. (And, it’s even better when you get your spouse hooked; Editor’s note: See page 7, “Hooked on TRIs.”).

Ryan Schumacher gives it his all during the run at a triathlon.

Ryan Schumacher Member Yes, I’ve done 11 triathlons in the last two years. My favorite part is the opportunity for cross training. I used to take my lunch break and go out for a run, or a sprint bike workout, then in the evening I would go for a swim. Really it just depended on the kind of day it was outside. I had plenty of biking and swimming to train for so if it were 90 degrees out I would head for the water! Going back and forth between the disciplines made it much less tedious than maybe only biking, or only running. Another thing you could look forward to when you are in the race was the great 2nd and 3rd wind you get when you go from transition to transition.

“ I love the built-in crosstraining and the challenge of combining all three sports in one race...” — Cathy Bozek

The Wicked Running Register • August 2011

Have you TRIed a TRI? Continued

Wicked Golfing Club?

Dawn Cobak Secretary and Member Yes I’ve tried a Sprint Tri and an Olympic Tri. The Title 9 Sprint was fun, the swim was short enough I wasn’t exhausted and finished the bike and run in good time! The Olympic was too long with too little training for the mile swim and 24 mile bike. The swim almost killed me, but

I’ll do it again next year! I’m doing Title 9 again this year on Sept. 11 with Shari Hewson and a few other Wicked Women! Melissa Jaynes Treasurer and member I would tri someday, but am happy to stick to running.

Hooked on TRIs


When the 12th Annual Steve O’Grady Open nearly got rained out, the only group Beth O’Grady didn’t question would show up was Team Wicked: Doug Bollen, Ken Hewson and Steve Touchette. Considering some of the conditions we run in, a little rain during a golf tournament ain’t nuthin! Could technical golf shirts with Wicked logo be far behind? A similar situation occurred at the First Annual For Jake’s Sake Golf Tournament. The day before Hurricane Irene, golfers played in the rain but that didn’t dampen their spirits.

I started competing in triathlons back in August of 2003 by registering for my first race, The Witch City Triathlon, a sprint triathlon which was held at the Salem Willows. I signed up for the race without knowing how to swim (couldn’t make it down the lane of the Salem YMCA pool without clutching to the side of the pool deck) or running farther than a 5k. I was determined to finish my first triathlon so I spent that summer swimming, biking and running six days a week. I even took swim lessons which in the beginning was embarrassing…try being the only adult in a swim class blowing bubbles in the water with a bunch of toddlers. I showed up at the starting line wearing a scuba diving wet suit, a borrowed bike and borrowed triathlon shorts (yuck!). Eight years and approximately 50 races later, I consider myself a “triathlete”, but more importantly, I still enjoy and get excited (and sometimes nervous) about racing in this sport. I’ve competed in every distance triathlon, Sprint, Olympic, International, Half Ironman and Ironman and my gear (or as some call it; “toys”) have come a long way (i.e. I now wear my own triathlon shorts!). Like running, triathlon is a way to challenge yourself and to continually learn (and tweak) your technique, strategy and nutrition. Prone to running injuries, I enjoy the cross training this sport demands. I am a proponent of “Run Less, Run Faster” by filling in the days I don’t run with swim and bike workouts (like back in 2003) and adding weight lifting and yoga to my weekly workouts. I do my best “problem solving” when swimming laps in a pool and running has become my stress reliever. Biking keeps me mentally sharp by having to pay attention to cars on the road and always being ready to “clip out of my pedals” at a moments notice. For anyone considering entering this sport, be warned…the first time you cross the finish line, you’ll be hooked! — Denise Murphy

TOP: Kenny Hewson, Steve Touchette, and Doug Bollen (l to r) play for the Steve O’Grady Foundation. ABOVE: Mike Toomey (far right) and the Chick family play for For Jake’s Sake.

The Wicked Running Register • August 2011


Where in the World is Wicked? All Over New England!

FAR LEFT AND LEFT: Leeanne Nagle was a rock star at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Providence, RI on 8/7. Other rock stars who ran in the rain that day were Paula Renzi Gibbs and hubby Steve Gibbs.

LEFT: Wicked’s top finishers at the Falmouth Road Race, Rich Tabbut (left) and Jason Matulewicz. BELOW: Rich a.k.a.“Hammer” with his good friends from North Shore Timing. BOTTOM LEFT: Jeff Citroni kicks into the finish at Falmouth.

The Wicked Running Register • August 2011


All Over New England! Continued

From Beth O’Grady: So I missed the wicked picnic/scholarships because I was doing the Paul Perry Memorial Hike up Mt. Washington (New Hampshire) that same day, but I took this photo towards the top to prove I was still thinking of all of you, probably right around the time that unbeknownst to me I was being named a Wicked Ambassador by the Club. Having been with the club since the first community meeting at Winter Island to talk about the idea, I have seen Wicked go from baby steps to the strong community group it is today. The club has helped me achieve both personal and running goals, and I have made some lifelong friends as well. I am not worthy, but I'll do my best to represent!

LEFT: Miles hanging in Gloucester during the Run Gloucester 7 Mile Race on 8/21. ABOVE: Jay Carraro (seated left) and Rich Tabbut promoting WRC and making new friends in Gloucester.

Julie Arrison (left) and Kelly Gifford had some fun running the Weathersfield, VT 5K Trail Run and hanging out with some chickens.

Greetings from Del Mar, CA Wicked Nation... I wore my Wicked colors for this morning’s 9 miles through the Torrey Pines preserve, combining road, trails and beach with a view of the ocean the whole time. — Chip Tuttle

The Wicked Running Register • August 2011

Seen and Heard on the Run From Cindy Johnson: Silliest run ever. Saw a mariachi band, fife and drum corps, TV Diner host Billy Costa, and a sign for a “FurnAture Sale.” From Julie Arrison: Race Director: turn left at the maple trees. Kelly Gifford: what’s a maple tree? From Melissa Jaynes: Running in DC: Just as the smell of sewage and a huge rat made me question why I was running down these streets, the sight of the Lincoln Memorial humbles me and the sound of a symphony playing the “1812 Overture” as I run by the Washington Monument reminds me of the amazing “feets” of human beings who have their minds set on something they believe in. From John Mahoney: From a book I was reading: “Cool Papa Bell was so fast that he could turn off the lights, get undressed, and be under the covers before the room got dark.” From Melissa Jaynes: At mile 5 during the Newburyport 10M I hear: “hey, there is another Wicked runner. Isn’t that the big club that puts that race on Jan. 1st?”

New Member Spotlights: AMANDA TRESBACK Salem, MA Joined Wicked because: I miss being part of a team and enjoy the accountability and motivation that a group of runners provides. I also enjoy racing and loved the information that Wicked had about upcoming races.

FUN FOR A GREAT CAUSE! Join Team For Jake’s Sake NYC for a Salem bar crawl/scavenger hunt fundraiser on Saturday Sept. 24 at 5:00pm. Meeting location tbd.

Goal for this year: Run a 5K Occupation: I am a PT and own OrthoWell Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in Beverly. www. We specialize in treating running injuries, biomechanical analysis, custom foot orthotics, and specialized soft tissue work such as Active Release Technique and Graston. When I’m not running I like to: Boat!

Favorite Race: 5K LEWIS BEILMAN Salem, MA Joined Wicked because: I like to run.

Favorite Distance: 5 or 6 miles for a normal run. 3 miles for a race. Goal for this year: To maintain a consistent running schedule and work out routine. Secret Talent: I suppose I keep my artistic talent a bit secret. Other than odd little quirks I think that’s about it. When I’m not running I like to: Be with my friends, hike, read, do anything outdoors, and volunteer.

CHRIS DUKARSKI West Newbury, MA Joined Wicked because: Joined with the intention of returning to 5Ks.

Running Personals HELP COMPILE RACE RESULTS From Tim Short: I’m looking for 1 or 2 members to help me compile race results for our website (non-Wicked Grand Prix series races.) Please email me at! 10

Favorite race: Haven’t run a race yet. I assume my first race will be my favorite until I run the next. Favorite Distance: 5K

Favorite race: I’m still looking for one. Favorite Distance: 5k Goal for this year: I’d like to improve my 5k time. Secret talent: Writing When I’m not running I like to: read, write, and spend time with my cats

A BIG THANKS to Ann Sousa for helping obtain new member profiles. If you are a new member and have not been featured yet, please contact Ann at

The Wicked Running Register • August 2011

JOIN US! 1st Annual Salem Run@Work Day Presented by Mayor Kimberley Driscoll, Salem Park, Recreation & Community Services, and the Wicked Running Club What: The goal of Run@Work Day is to raise awareness about the importance of daily physical activity for adults. National Run@Work Day events are community based and promote and provide the opportunity for individuals to incorporate at least 30-minutes of exercise, in accordance with the National Physical Activity Guidelines, into their daily routine either before work, during lunch, or immediately following work. Adding exercise to one’s daily routine can markedly improve overall physical health. When: Friday, September 16, 2011• 12PM Where: Salem Common Why: Great opportunity to network with runners and promote products, retail or service business, or running club. For event details contact Tim Short: Go to salem-run-at-workday for event information.

Get Out and Race:

Saturday, September 24, 2011 5th Annual Granara-Skerry 5K Walk/Run to Benefit Pancreatic Cancer Research Medford, MA; $25.00 • Children (ages 6-12) $10.00

Next Board Meeting Tuesday, September 6, 2011 Salem Senior Center, 5 Broad St. 6:30 p.m. All members are welcome.

Did you know? Wicked made its first appearance at Lynn Woods Relay in 2005. WICKED FUN FACTS Tiny Member News Wicked member Bethany Radabaugh has exciting news to share — the birth of her baby girl — Callie Beth, born July 15th, 5lbs. 7oz., 18 1/2 inches. Bethany’s been absent from the running scene since December when she learned she was pregnant... now she’s looking forward to making her return to Wicked! Congratulations Bethany, and welcome Callie! 11

Wicked Board

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say “hello” feel free to email us: Co-President: Alison Phelan Co-President: Shari Hewson Vice President: Peter Raymond Treasurer: Melissa Jaynes Secretary: Dawn Cobak Membership Director: Amber Woolfenden Clothing Director: Michele Campbell Member-at-Large: Rich Tabbut Member-at-Large: Stephanie Hagyard Member-at-Large: T.R. Ramsdell

Non-Board Positions Newsletter Editor: Michele Campbell Grand Prix Series Co-Coordinator: T.R. Ramsdell Grand Prix Series Co-Coordinator: Rich Tabbut Webmaster: Tim Short

WRR August 2011  
WRR August 2011  

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