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The Wicked Running Register August/September 2012 • Priceless

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summer celebration double issue

Race Review


Timberman 70.3 Half-Ironman Triathlon Mike Paulin

I recently completed the Timberman 70.3 Half-Ironman Triathlon in Gilford, NH (Lake Winnipesaukee) on August 19th.

but that was about it. But the Sprint distance proved to be very fun experiences ... which only further built my triathlon intrigue.

I have always been a pretty strong runner, but never had a huge desire to do triathlons. When I happened upon a relatively affordable road-bike about 18 months ago, I became intrigued by the idea of triathlons and decided to do one or two Sprint distance events (.25 mile swim, 10-15 mile bike, 5k run). I was pretty nervous, since at the time I could swim to save my life ...

Slowly I developed a bucket-list goal of completing a Full Ironman distance triathlon. I could not, of course, jump from Sprint distance to Full Ironman in one leap, which is what led to the Timberman 70.3 (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run). Over the past several months, through much swimming at the Sterling Center YMCA in Beverly, several long bike rides through the North Shore and my old stomping grounds of Western Massachusetts (for some hill work), and the continued dedication to running (thanks to Wicked!), I was able to complete the race and also have a great time with it ... it was a truly enjoyable experience and a great distance. I also have to say that it was one of the best-organized races that I have ever completed, from the check-in process through the race event itself (I definitely give it 5 Cats!). I was able to complete the swim in 43 minutes, the bike in just under 3 hours (2:57), and the run in about an hour and a half (1:33), for a total time of 5 hours and 24 minutes. Now, ready or not, I am registered for the Lake Placid, NY Full Ironman triathlon in July 2013!


The Wicked Running Register • August/September 2012 •


Ask the Coach

With Mike Toomey

From Beth Dixon: I’ve recently started running again and 15 minutes or so into my run, my feet fall asleep and I get pins and needles. I have loosened my laces to make sure my shoes aren’t on too tight, but I still get them? What is causing this and how can I stop it from happening? This actually happens a lot. My first thought is to check the shoes and perhaps switch laces to elastic ones. Next, check your calves and make sure they are not tight, and are stretched out properly. Finally, if nothing else works ... see your sports doctor and they may check for a trapped nerve or compartment syndrome or at the very least rule them out. Good Luck!

Train with Coach Toomey: Upcoming Running Clinic Offered by Toomey Sports Running Center and Salem Parks & Recreation

Wild Turkey Running Clinic • Thursdays (6:30pm) 10/11-11/15 • Cost is $65 ($55 for Wicked Running Club Members) • Ideal for ALL levels and will focus on training for 5 mile Wild Turkey Race • Entry for Wild Turkey 5M included Contact Tim Short:

Upcoming Meetings Next Board meeting - November 5, 2012, 6:00pm, Salem Senior Center.

Fun SHOTS! Wicked Caught on Camera

11/22/2012 • 8:00 AM 13 Hawthorne Blvd. Salem, Massachusetts 01970

Proceeds from the 9th Annual Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run on Thanksgiving morning benefit youth programs for the City of Salem Park and Recreation Department and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem. This is the largest race on the North Shore, with 2,000 anticipated participants.

General Membership Meeting November 5, 2012, 6:30pm. Pizza and soda will be served as the Board of Directors gives an overview of how the club is doing. Nominees for 2012 WRC Election will give speeches as well.

Contact Doug Bollen:

Fall Open House

Join us at the Fall Frolic 5K in Beverly on October 14 (9:00 a.m. Fun Run; 5K starts at 9:30 a.m.) for a WRC Fall Open House. We will have our tent set up and a table with lots of other information about Wicked Running Club and some of the fun events coming up this fall and winter. For more information about the Fall Open House contact Tennille Doyle, Membership Director at

9th Annual Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run

Nicolle Quinn (left) and Ann Sousa celebrate their completions of the Call to Honor Triathlon, September 9 in Boxford. Nice job, ladies!

The Wicked Running Register • August/September 2012 •


Seen and Heard on the Run

Presidential Perspective

From Beth O’Grady: I absolutely love my long run conversations! Recent topics included Michael Harvey reciting Shakespeare, discussing ice fishing vs. fly fishing with Herb Cohn, and swapping ghost stories with Mia Mountain & Holly Allison. The miles fly by! Tim Short and Doug Bollen catching a lot of flak for wearing matching Park & Rec shirts at the Wicked summer outing.

As Salem celebrates its 1st year as a Road Runners Club of America – Runner Friendly Community, I’d like to highlight an event that Salem Park, Recreation & Community Services and the Wicked Running Club partnered on recently that many of you took part in. Last year’s Salem Run@Work Day proved to be so popular that it made a comeback this year with great success. The 2nd Annual Salem Run@Work Day took place on September 21, 2012 at the Salem Common. With just over 70 registered runners, the event also had several sponsors that set up tables on Salem Common with information about their businesses. Toomey Sports, Body & Soul as well as New England Running Company were there just to name a few.

From Marissa Rodriguez: Lake Winnipesaukee Relay - Leg 2 - Mile 3.75 - Gunshots? The runner right behind me said, “I didn’t know NH had an open season on runners!”

Get Out and Race The Gold Star Run for Jared Raymond of Swampscott who was killed in action. It is nice loop around Vinnin Sq. Either 5k or 10k A great flat course and for a good cause. From Valerie Mathews: It’s still a ways away, but one of my favorite annual 5Ks is the Jolly Jaunt in Danvers, which raises money for the Special Olympics. You can pay $30 or choose to fundraise, but either way it’s a great race for a great cause (despite the uphill ending), and the food following the race is not to be missed! Save the date- Sunday, December 2nd! Fall Frolic 5K - October 14, 2012 9:00 a.m. Fun Run; 5K starts at 9:30 a.m. Race, Run, Jog or Walk! Join us to benefit all five Beverly public elementary schools. More info at www.fallfrolic5k. com.

Tim Short

The goal of RUN@WORK Day, presented nationally by the Road Runners Club of America, is to encourage adults to get 30 minutes of exercise each day, in accordance with the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, either before work, during lunch, or immediately following work. RUN@WORK Day also encourages companies to help employees schedule time for physical activity. Incorporating exercise into one’s daily routine can markedly improve one’s overall physical health Along with others like B&S Fitness, Salem Park, Recreation & Community Services and WRC were instrumental in obtaining the RRCA Runner Friendly Community Designation which is good for five years. This event showcases the continuing relationship that Salem Park, Recreation & Community Services and the Wicked Running Club have together. Over the course of the last 8 years both organizations have been leaders in the “running boom” in Salem. We are very lucky to have so many supporting businesses and groups in Salem that believe in and support the running community. As the Recreation Supervisor for Salem Park, Recreation & Community Services I can also say that the City does its best to accommodate and work with groups that hosts races throughout the year. Part of my job with the City is to guide race directors though the application process to have a particular race approved. Combine that with the strong relationship with the Salem Police Department and runners can be assured of awesome events that are not only fun but very safe to participate in. Working together, Salem will continue to be Runner Friendly Community for many years to come. Keep on running Wicked Nation!

The Wicked Running Register • August/September 2012 •


Join the fun in 2012!

Wicked Grand Prix Series Update

Wicked Grand Prix Series Schedule

T.R. Ramsdell

G’day Wicked Runners,

March Olde Salem Greens 5K, Salem • 3/25/12

Welcome to our summer-end, action-packed, double issue.

May 2nd Annual Patrick Downey 5K, Peabody • 5/13/12 July Greenbelt Run for the Hills 10K Trail Race, S. Hamilton, MA • 7/14/12 Yankee Homecoming 10 Mile Road Race, Newburyport • 7/31/12 August Derby Street Mile, Salem • 8/17/12 Lynn Woods Relay, Lynn • 8/22/12 September Lake Winnipesaukee Relay Weirs Beach, NH • 9/8/12 Lone Gull 10k, Gloucester, MA 13.1 9/16/12

miles of

October FUN! Green Stride 1/2 Marathon Newburyport • 10/21/12 November Wild Turkey 5 Miler, Salem 11/22/12 December Mill Cities Relay, Nashua, NH 12/2/12

Complete 5 of the regular 8 races to qualify as a series finisher. Relays are extra and reward you with big bonus points. Questions? Email Rich at welshhammer@gmail. com, or T.R. at

Well, since I last wrote, had a very busy race schedule. I left off with the Yankee Homecoming 10 miler, on Tuesday, July 31. As usual, Wicked had a very strong presence at this one, but what wasn’t usual, was the weather. For the first time in recent years, it actually wasn’t about 90 degrees, and humid. In fact, with the light drizzle, it was an almost pleasant experience. Well done friends, well done. The next race we had in the series was the World Famous Derby St. Mile. This has got to be the most fun you can have wearing running shoes. An all out, elbows flying drag race up Derby St. My favorite race of all time was well attended by a very large contingent of Wicked runners in both the competitive, as well as the family race. The last race of August was the Lynn Woods Relay. Check this out for numbers: There were 94 teams total entered in the relay race, and of the 13 teams that Wicked sent, we went to the podium 6 times. How’s that for percentages? We medaled male and female Open, male and female Masters, and male and female Seniors. Notable is we also had two fourth place teams. Absolutely incredible guys and gals. After the race, many of the runners met over at Prince’s Pizza in Saugus for a little post race celebration with free pizza. Good turn out there as well. And speaking of relays, we also sent four teams to the Lake Winni Relay this year. This September relay is a perennial favorite amongst Wicked brethren, and this year was no different. A great time was had by all who took on this very challenging relay course. The Lone Gull 10K returned again this year, as rumors of its demise were greatly exaggerated. After 5 years in the very capable hands of Wes from NERC, it returned under new guidance and was awesome as usual. It was a picture perfect race day as 38 Wicked runners took to this beautiful 10K course on Sunday, September 16, at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. There are plenty of 5Ks around, but 10Ks are hard to come by these days, which is why we love this race so much. That’s it for this month. And hey, don’t forget to wear your Wicked gear when you’re out there running. I hope to see y’all at the Green Strides 1/2 Marathon on Oct 21. Until next time, I ask you as always, C’mon, who’s in?

The Wicked Running Register • August/September 2012 •


Race Review Witch City Triathlon: Sunday, July 29th

Wicked Kudos Ann Sousa

Val, Ann and Cathy show off their big smiles at the Tri.

A foot injury in February forced me off the road and into the pool. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed swimming and forced with the idea of not being able to run in the near future I began to think about a triathlon. Fortunately, a few other Wicked members had the same idea.

Cathy Bozak, Nicki Barker and I began swimming on Monday nights. The YMCA added a noon time spin classes that worked well with my schedule and so the training began. Training for a triathlon is similar to a ½ or a marathon, you do drills, sprints and distance training but in 3 sports, not one. The day of the Witch City Triathlon dawned misty and grey. I figured I was going to be wet from the swim anyway so a little rain was not going to hurt. I gathered my gear bag, hoped on my bike to meet Cathy. We double checked our gear and rode to Forest River Park. As I set up in the transition area, imagine my surprise when I saw not only fellow Wicked members Valerie Mathews and Dawn Cobak but lifeguards and spin instructors from the YMCA. I was still not sure what I had gotten myself into but it felt good to be surrounded by people I knew. After some instructions from the race director and pledge allegiance to the flag, we were off. The event was challenging: ½ mile swim from the beach at Forest River, Bike 3x around the neck and a 3 ½ mile run down the path. Not only were there familiar faces in the event but a contingent of Wicked members including Julie Arrison, Kate Crowley, Mary Bruno, Kelly Gifford and Nicki Barker were there to cheer us on. I not only finished the race but the adrenalin rush that I had for the rest of the day made it all worth it. I even loved the challenge so much I sighed up for another triathlon in September! Overall the event was well organized, supported and the course was familiar. I give it 4 out of 5 cats because it is a USTA certified course which can be a challenge for beginners.

From Dawn Cobak: I want to congratulate Mary Bruno on a fantastic job at the Crane’s Beach Triathlon - her first Triathlon ever! It takes a lot of courage to show up at a triathlon alone, well except for your awesome mom in law (especially not having told anyone you were planning on doing it)! You were awesome, way to make it look easy when it wasn’t! From Valerie Mathews: Congrats to Michele Campbell, Mary Bruno, and Amber Woolfenden on their recent 50K- yikes, that’s a lot of Ks! Congrats to everyone who completed all or part of the recent YuKanRun triple threat- I think the heat that day made it a quadruple threat! Congrats to Coach Toomey on his new job at Endicott College! From Melissa Jaynes: Thanks to Brant Henne for all the great company at workouts and on tempo runs lately. We’re getting there! From Peter Gagnon: Thank you to my 11 amazing teammates on the Wicked 24/7 Reach the Beach NH team. From Tim Short: Thank you to Bill Hathaway for pushing me through the last few miles of Lone Gull. It was great seeing so many Wicked Runners at LG 10K as well! Congrats to all the Wicked Runners who have picked up PRs over the past few months! Good luck to everyone who has an upcoming Half Marathon or Marathon.



The Wicked Running Register • August/September 2012 •

Question of the Month: Which fall race are you most looking forward to?

Annie Cantik Member I’m looking forward to the Tache Realty’s Wicked Half Marathon! This will be my 1st year running it, and I love the course (similar to the Black Cat’s in March).

Melissa Barker Member It’s two: the Wicked Half Marathon in the Salem series, and The Gold Star Run for Jared Raymond.

Billy Hutchinson Member Fall Race I’m looking forward to Chicago Marathon of course!

Marissa Rodriguez Member I am most looking forward to running the Devil’s Chase 6.66 mile run in October. I had registered for last year’s race, but ended up in New Jersey for a family emergency that weekend so I couldn’t run it.

Don Gallucci Member I’ve never done a Half, so I’m most looking forward to the Green Stride Half Marathon.

John Mahoney Member at Large and Member It’s a tie! Lake Winnipesaukee Relay: It would be even better if I could run it. But I will be there for support! Wild Turkey: A great race and the first one I can run since Salem Greens.

Valerie Mathews Member I’m actually getting excited for a bunch of races this fall, but I guess the one I’m most looking forward to is Green Strides, since it’s my first half marathon!

Melissa Jaynes Member Nahant. It is one of my favorite. Sadly now the same day as the great Lone Gull, but why run 10k when you can do 30?



Peter Gagnon Member Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon on 9/30

Michele Campbell Member I love the Nahant 30K. It’s a great training race for a fall marathon. And of course this year I am going back to Chicago for 26.2. Can’t wait!

QUOTES ON THE RUN: “ You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.” — Steve Prefontaine

“ Every day is a good day when you run.” — Kevin Nelson

The Wicked Running Register • August/September 2012 •

Where in the World is Wicked?

Scott Carrier (center) in South Berwick, Maine at the Pumpkinman 1/2 Ironman where he came in first in his age group in his first 1/2 IM! Way to go, Scott!

Wicked smiles from Annie Rose Carter in Maui, Hawaii

A fantastic group turned out for the Second Annual Run@Work Day right in Salem. Mayor Driscoll was also at the event!



The Wicked Running Register • August/September 2012 •

Race Review Great Scottish Run, Glasgow, UK: September 2, 2012 Marie Duignan

Back at the beginning of the year, I asked around if anyone would like to join me for a destination race - a 10k or half marathon in Glasgow, Scotland, in September. It’s an annual Duignan family tradition where we run and raise money for Cancer Research in memory of my Dad and this was the 8th year we would run. Of course the NRFTW gang jumped at the chance and planning was soon underway. Fast forward 8 months later and Rosemary Poppe, Mia & Scott Mountain, Shelby Morrison, Jeremy Metzler and I have bought plane tickets and entered for the races. Sunday 2nd September, 2012 RACE DAY! Our hotel is one block from the starting line and is the usual meeting place for all the family. The 10kers (Mia, Scott, Roey and Shelby, plus 2 cousins and an aunt) meet at 9am and make their way down to their starting corrals (4 corrals for each race, determined by your projected finish time when you registered). The music is blaring, the crowds are in their thousands so we take the opportunity for some team photos before sending the runners on their way. There are so many 10kers this year it takes 20 minutes for the whole field to go through the start! Jeremy and I were running the half marathon and our race didn’t start until 11am, so we had time to go back to the hotel and go through final race preps (it’s great to have your own hotel room and bathroom right at the start line. Oh wait, too much information?... no, you’re all runners, you get it!). We were

soon ready again to meet the other family members (my Mum and uncle) and friends (Nicki MacGachey, nee Barker) who is on her honeymoon in Scotland and managed to fit in a wee half at the same time!) back at St Georges Square. The excitement was building up all over again and I got a shout out over the PA system saying “Welcome to Marie Duignan, from Salem Massachusetts”!!! At this point I screamed, and jumped up and down to the shock and amazement of those around me. After the obligatory group photo opportunity, the nerves and anticipation for the race were building. The weather was pretty perfect - overcast, with no heat or humidity, and no rain. We walk to our corrals, and Jeremy tells me to “kill it”. As I reply, “I’ll try”, it dawns on me, today should be a PR kind of day. The conditions are perfect, the training is done, so really I have no excuse not to try! The final mental calculations for pacing and finish times are done and the watch locates the satellite, and then we’re off! Even with the corralled start the beginning is somewhat congested and with an immediate uphill of a significant gradient, the first mile turns

“ We walk to our corrals, and Jeremy tells me to ‘kill it’. As I reply, ‘I’ll try’, it dawns on me, today should be a PR kind of day.”

Smiles from Scotland. Marie wears her race bling.

out to be my slowest. The steady pace soon comes, only interjected by bursts to man-oeuvre around other runners. I relax, remember to enjoy it and soak up the atmosphere. The bagpipers, drummers and supporters lining the streets offer great distractions and with the first few miles twisting through and out of the city center, over the River Clyde and into the suburbs, we’re soon at the 5k mark. The less I look at my watch, the more I realize I’m running well, my breathing is good (ah, the cool Scottish air!) and I’m feeling strong. The route takes us through two parks - Bellahouston and Pollock. The city-scape is

The Wicked Running Register • August/September 2012 •

replaced by trees, grass, rolling up and down hills and narrower paths than the roads. My pacing here is helped by running alongside ‘Julie’ who in her Bellahouston Park Road Runners singlet has shouts of support from all her friends and family - I pretend they’re shouting ‘Go Marie, Go Wicked’ like it would be at home. In Pollock Park I simply pace behind a really cute guy and then smoke him as we exit back onto the streets of Glasgow suburbs!! As we head back into the city center, I hear someone asking what distance we’re at, and I somehow find the energy to call back and shout 9.5ish. Then I realize, I’m on the home stretch: we get to mile 10, and I do the mental calculations for the last 5k, working out what I need to do to beat my previous PR. For the last 3 miles, I continue my pacing, leaving nothing on the course. We cross back over the River Clyde and enter Glasgow Green park. A short sharp downhill and a hairpin turn sees us getting into the last half mile. As the crowds increase cheering us in, I know I’m running the hardest I’ve ever run, and I ‘just’ have to keep it going for a few more minutes. We round the last turn at mile 13 and I look up to see the finish line ahead with the crowds at 10+ people deep and a grandstand tiered seating on each side. I try my best at a sprint to the line but I literally can’t feel my legs. I’ve never felt such exhaustion at the end of a race - but its over-ridden a desire to finish strong, so I keep going and go as fast as I can. The atmosphere is incredible, the music, the cheering, and the other runners giving it their all. I cross the line in 1:39:50 and within seconds am slapped on the back by a guy saying ‘thanks’ and ‘what a great run’. It turns out he’s the one who asked

what distance we were at back at 9.5 and by all accounts had paced off of me for the rest of the race thinking I must have gunning for a sub 1:40 too. We did it!! The organizers of the race put on a great day - managing 24,000 registered runners over the 2 distances is no mean feat, and they did it so well - the course, the mile markers, the entertainment, the water stops (official and unofficial!), the volunteers, the finish area, the facebook page for constant updates and promptly posted results online later that day. This has to count as my best race to date, for so many reasons more than the PR. I’m happy with the run throughout the whole distance - staying strong, giving it my all, being able to support other runners; I’m happy that I was joined by a great group of friends who each also had great races; I’m happy that this all came together in my Dad’s hometown and with our family. Overall, I can only give this race 5 out of 5 cats!


north shore ROAD RACE


Join in the conversation about road races and running with North Shore Road Race Guide on Facebook! Check us out at northshoreroadraceguide

RunSalem Signature Group Tours take place on the last Saturday of every month. If you haven’t taken a history tour of Salem lately, this is a great way to get in a 5K and learn some fun facts. Visit for all the details or contact

NRFTW invade Glasgow: Scott Mountain, Mia Mountain, Marie, Shelby Morrison, Rosemary Poppe and Jeremy Metzler.

The Wicked Running Register • August/September 2012 •


Member Spotlights: MARY RUHL Winchester, MA Joined Wicked because: I started working in Beverly and wanted a club that was easy to get to after work. I’ve enjoyed the Thursday night runs, so far that’s the only event I’ve done with Wicked. Favorite Race: Doyles or the James Joyce Ramble. I tend to like races in the cooler months. Favorite Distance: 10k Goal for this year: keep up my miles to be able to run more half marathons. Secret talent: making tiramisu (learned while studying in Italy during college) When I’m not running I like to: sail LAURIE BRENNAN Beverly, MA Joined Wicked because: I want to meet people and improve my running. Favorite race: Feaster Five because it was my first 5k Favorite Distance: 5k is longest I’ve run Goal for this year: Run 10k When I’m not running I like to: garden and quilt.

LICHELLE ALDANA Salem, MA Joined Wicked because: For support and motivation to run more regularly and to get advice from more experienced runners. Favorite race: Frosty Four Favorite Distance: 5k Goal for this year: to run more consistently during the week and to stay injury free. When I’m not running I like to: travel; read. CASEY FINNEGAN Salem, MA Joined Wicked because: I would like to meet some new people in the area who love running, doing races and, most importantly, enjoying the beer you deserve after any run :-) Favorite Race: Boston Marathon Favorite Distance: 10K or 10-miler Goal for this year: do a few half marathons before I get married in October! Secret talent: Oh wow, I’ll have to think on that and get back to you! When I’m not running I like to: go to the beach or go hiking in NH.

THANKS to Ann Sousa for helping with new member profiles. Contact Ann at to be featured.

BETH CROWLEY Salem, MA Joined Wicked because: I love running and wanted to meet new people who share my addiction :) Favorite Race: Devil’s Chase Favorite Distance: 13.1 Goal for this year: to recover from injury and run a full marathon. Secret talent: I’m a life long musician and still perform baritone sax. When I’m not running I like to: camp, hike, kayak, ski and travel. DENIS GARRIEPY Beverly, MA Joined Wicked because: Spent Mt. Washington Road Race weekend in a house with most of the Wicked Team. As soon as we got in the car to drive home I said to Sarah (wife), “We’re obviously joining Wicked right?”… she said “Yes!” Favorite Race: Any with beer at the end. Favorite Distance: Marathon and Half M Goal for this year: 3h15m at Marine Corps Marathon. Secret talent: Juggling tennis racquets When I’m not running I like to: Watch T.R. Ramsdell sleep at night and figure out how to sneak in and cut his hair… that, and take any chance to play outside with our girls (5 and 3).

The Wicked Running Register • August/September 2012 •

Get To Know Your Board


Wicked Board 2012

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say “hello” feel free to email us: President: Tim Short Past President: Shari Hewson Vice President: T.R. Ramsdell

Name: Alison Phelan Board Position: Member at Large Years in WRC: 4.5 years

Name: Rich Tabbut Board Position: Treasurer Years in WRC: 3 Fun in the Club: Enjoyed introducing each of the Winners of the Wicked Frosty Four Scholarship at the Summer Party last year. Runner’s High: Running 27:03 for the 5 mile and 57:45 for the 10 mile race at the old Pioneer Classic in Lynnfield. Favorite book and/or TV show: Big Bang Theory Running shoe brand: Brooks

Treasurer: Rich Tabbut Secretary: Dawn Cobak

Fun in the Club: Last year’s summer outing at Camp Naumkeag - good turnout and it was so great to meet our scholarship winners and families. Just a nice time for all!

Membership Director: Tennille Doyle

Runner’s High: Running the last loop of this year’s GAC Mother’s Day 50k Run w/Shari Hewson aka “Vanilla”, MJ and my girls - Natalie and Kerry

Member-at-Large: Alison Phelan

Favorite book and/or TV show: The Closer Running shoe brand: Asics Guilty pleasure: Lounging on my deck w/my girls and reading my favorite running magazines

Clothing Director: Jay Carraro

Member-at-Large: John Mahoney

Non-Board Positions Newsletter Editor: Michele Campbell Grand Prix Series Co-Coordinator: T.R. Ramsdell Grand Prix Series Co-Coordinator: Rich Tabbut

Guilty pleasure: Dark Chocolate

Webmasters: Tim Short, Tennille Doyle Alison with daughters Natty (left) and Kerry (right).

Social Activities Coordinator: Tennille Doyle

WRR AugSept 2012  

Newsletter of the Wicked Running Club