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The Wicked Running Register April 2011 • Priceless

Co-Pres Perspective

EST. JAN 2010

Wicked Runners are More Wicked in the Snow

Shari Hewson and Alison Phelan

Patrick Smith

FROM SHARI: Wow, has spring finally sprung?!?!?! We’ve enjoyed some beautiful warm days and then were slammed with unseasonably cold temperatures and wind – what is up with Mother Nature?! Marathon Monday was gorgeous and many of us volunteered at the Gel Stop to support the marathoners and most importantly, those from Wicked!

2011 DUNGEON ROCK RACING RECAP The Dungeon Rock Racing Snowshoe Team, Captained by the Wicked Running quartet of Dan Cooper, Patrick Smith, Bill Morse and Jay Curry, capped off a successful season at the Granite State Snowshoe Series 10k Championship finale on March 13th claiming the Bronze (3rd) for the day and solidifying 3rd in the team standings for the 2011 season (minimum 5 races with minimum 5 team members). Races through the season varied from 5k to 10k, hard pack to deep drifts, rolling to mountain climbing. The venue at Mt. Washington was the best of the season with plenty of snow, as 60 shoers took on a 10k course that included a 5k sprint through rolling groomed XC-ski tracks, through a tunnel under Rt. 16, and a hilly/mountainous 5k finish that included 3 climbs (one a 700ft lung/leg burner), a long ¾ mile decent the had racers tumbling from 2-3ft post-holing, and a finish designed by the DRR Captains that just couldn’t take the easy way back as it re-ascended only to go back down, snaking back and forth across the valley-way in Cyclocross style fashion. The difficult finish did not sit well with some racers, but DRR loved it!

The Hewsons at Doyle’s Road Race: Shari, Kenny and son Kyle.

Unfortunately, we also supported sunburns. Fast forward to Thursday at running clinic and we were met with severe wind – quote for the evening, “Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.” Well, enough about the weather and on to other matters: congratulations to all who ran in the Boston Marathon. As a volunteer, it was an incredible thrill and adrenaline rush to cheer (or more often scream) for, and hand Power Gel to our fellow Wickeds. What a great day – yes, Continued, next page

In the season finale, the Wicked DRR shoers finished: Patrick Smith 18th (1:00:19), Jay Curry 25th (1:06:09), Dan Cooper 33rd (1:11:34), Admiral Bill Morse 35th (1:12:37) and Steph Cooper 49th (1:34:39). For the season, the fantastic “Captains 4” kept the team high on the charts with final individual series results (min 5 races) of: Patrick (12th), Jay (17th), Dan (24th) and Admiral Bill (26th). Big thanks to all the other Wicked Runners that helped make the season possible including: our top girl Steph Cooper, Dave Dixon (huge fill in at Beaverbrook!), Melissa Jaynes, Steve & Deb Touchette (sorry about that arm), Liz Touchette-Sullivan, Chip Bott, Bill Shea, and anyone else that I missed that ensured we had a season to talk about.

Snow Doesn’t Stop These Wicked Runners: Back L-R: Dan “Super”Cooper, “Iron”-Jay Curry, Patrick “Master-Blaster” Smith; Front L-R: Steph “Superlicious” Cooper, Admiral Bill “Bucketlist” Morse.

The Wicked Running Register • April 2011

Get to Know Your Board:


Co-Pres Perspective, continued

it’s awesome to be at the Gel Stop, the jacket we receive for volunteering is cool but the experience of seeing our friends, giving them a “high-five” and/or a hug is priceless.

Peter Raymond Board Position: Vice President Occupation: Electrician/HVAC Technician for National Grid Energy Services Years in WRC: 3 years in May Favorite WRC moment: Mill Cities Relay in 2008 when I was put on a team and met Shannon O’Donnell (pictured above) for the first time Runner’s High: April 2009 when I ran two 5Ks in the same weekend, the Bentley School Race and Wellness Race and earned a PR both days Post-run snack: Banana or bagel Favorite movie: Caddy Shack

Guilty pleasure: Any kind of pastry

We are excited about many upcoming races, activities and volunteer opportunities: Wicked Kidz Race on July 9th – always a great time; the new Miles Over the Moon on July 15th; and don’t forget the next race in the Club’s Grand Prix Series – Twin Lights Half Marathon in Gloucester on May 15th. The new format for the Grand Prix Series is great – we love the addition of “team scoring.” A lot of fun and good natured “smack talk” has been heard on the runs! Also coming soon is the Tufts Marathon Relay Challenge (6/25) and the North Shore Cancer Run (6/26) – if you would like to run and/or volunteer please let us know. As a Club we not only like to have fun and run but realize the importance of volunteering. We look forward to seeing you on the road and at volunteer and social activities. FROM ALISON: Spring has definitely sprung and this week looks to be a great week in weather. We were at the New England Running Company Members’ night on Tuesday celebrating the start of a fun spring and summer season. Yes, I know there were a few of us – including myself – who bought some new running sneakers for the season. As I look ahead, I can’t help but think about the past as well, and what a tough winter it was for all who lived and trained during those cold, snowy months. We are “all survivors” in many respects for running outside and trying to endure those workouts. As a participant in the Boston Marathon this year, I felt I had earned my spot and so as my

The Phelans on Marathon Monday: Natty, Alison and Kerry (L to R).

co-president, Shari stated, it was a great day for all. On a personal note, I would like to thank my two daughters, Kerry and Natalie, who were waiting for me at Mile 17 to cheer their “old mom” on and then, Kerry ran the last 9m in right through the finish line. No matter how tired I was feeling during those last few miles, Kerry would not let me slow down for too long. I will never forget the feeling I had when Kerry grabbed my hand as we turned onto Boylston St. and she just basically pulled me along to go faster and finish. At that point, time wasn’t a factor anymore, it was all about experiencing this great Marathon with someone who loves the sport as much as I do – it was truly a photo finish! So onward we all go, as a Club, to all those summer trainings, Lynn Woods races and summer fun. Let the games begin! Sunday, May 8, 2011 8:00 am AOH Hall 58 Lowell Street Peabody, MA

The Wicked Running Register • April 2011


Wicked Kudos BIG congrats to new member Christine Morgani who at age 51 completed her first sprint triathlon, the Epic Marketing Spring Fling Triathlon in Orlando, Florida on April 2nd, earning 14th place in her age division! The next day she wore her Wicked shirt and placed 2nd in her age group at the Run for Lungs 5K in Tampa! From Rich Tabbut: Thanks to our members who completed the April Fool’s race in freezing cold weather and returned to the finish to cheer on every Wicked runner who finished. We were the only club to do this. Well done! From Julie Arrison: Congratulations to Michael Smith for continuing to break the NRFTW PR record! From Amber Woolfenden: Thanks to Mary Bruno for making me run faster! Wicked Kudos to Julie Arrison for arranging our road trip to the Doyle’s 5Miler in Boston! From Kathey Moskal: Wicked shout out to Sarah Carrier for being so supportive. From Mickel McClish: I’d like to thank Julie Arrison for being so proactive and organizing the Wicked participation in the Doyle’s Race. From Don Gallucci: I’d like to thank all the Wicked Runners who wait at the finish line and cheer us on to the end. That type of camaraderie and support is one of the best benefits of Wicked! From Mariko Weston: Congrats to Kendra Patterson...she finished the Chase the Gorilla 5K with her head held high even though she was in some distress (and in pretty good time). Congratulations Kendra, you’re the best! From Tim Short: Congratulations to WRC on having our website selected by the Road Runners Club of America as an Outstanding Website - Large Club for 2010! And, thank you to everyone who volunteered at the Boston Marathon Power Gel Station. It was blast seeing everyone and gave me an extra burst of energy that I needed to make it to Heartbreak Hill. Wish you guys were also at the top of that freaking hill! A big thank you to John Mahoney who was responsible for organizing the volunteers! From Shari Hewson: A VERY, VERY special thank you to Stephanie Cooper, Karen Giroux and Chris Anderson for being with me on the Tuesday morning run when I received the call that my brother had died. I totally fell apart and they ran me back to my car and somehow kept me together. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. From Shari, Ken and Kyle Hewson: THANK YOU to our Wicked family for the kind words, thoughts, prayers, hugs and support during our time of sorrow when Shari’s brother died suddenly. We appreciate all that our Wicked family has done.

Join the fun in 2011!

Wicked Grand Prix Series Schedule March Olde Salem Greens 5K, Salem 3/20/11 April Fools 4 Miler, Salisbury 3/26/11 May Twin Lights Half Marathon, Gloucester • 5/15/11

Coming up fast!

July Jennifer Tinney Memorial 5 Mile Road Race, Boxford • 7/4/11 August Yankee Homecoming 10 Mile Newburyport • 8/2/11 Derby Street Mile, Salem • 8/19/10 Lynn Woods Relay, Lynn 8/24/11(estimated date) September Around Cape Ann 25k OR Run the Goose 7k, Gloucester • 9/5/11 Lone Gull 10k, Gloucester 9/19/11 October Fall Frolic 5k, Beverly • 10/16/11 November Wild Turkey 5 Mile, Salem 11/24/11 December Mill Cities Relay, Nashua NH 12/4/11 (estimated date) Questions about the series? Email Rich at welshhammer@gmail. com, or TR at

The Wicked Running Register • April 2011

Race Reviews Doyle’s 14th Annual Emerald Necklace Road Race Shannon Downey

Sunday, April 10, 2011 • Jamaica Plain, Mass. A large race is a love-or-hate venture: some folks love them, some avoid them at all costs. Personally, I like them because I am slow and there is less of chance that I’ll be last. And I’m happy to say I didn’t come in last at Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5 Miler! It was a beautiful day and Wicked was well represented. The course start, a full half mile from Doyle’s itself, began with a first mile of rolling hills through a pretty park in Jamaica Plain. There were several thousand runners so it started in fits and starts but it was fine – the feeling of camaraderie and fun prevailed over a slow start. The course was good – not very hilly and it was in a park throughout so I wasn’t worried that I was going to get hit by a car at any point! After a turnaround past the second mile marker, there was just one hill and the rest of it was mostly downhill. The finish was pretty fast, albeit quite crowded, but I still managed a 5 mile PR and cut a full 3 minutes off of my previous time. The downside of large races like this is the clogging at the finish – I want the water to be right there and I had to search for it. Julie Arrison arranged for a Wicked tent where we could all relax and dance after the race. We had an absolute blast! The music was great, the food was awesome and the laughs were plentiful. Wicked was very well represented and a great time was had by all. I can’t wait to do this race again next year and I hope that more Wicked folks will join us. So much fun!


Building Center 1-Mile Road Race Brant Henne

Saturday, April 9, 2011 Gloucester, Mass. This was a great race, and you wouldn’t know it was the inaugural running. The course was scenic with a seaside view the entire distance, and it was flat as a pancake - which is great for a short race. The timing was well done, and posting of the results was within hours. A porta-potty was available, police blocked the road, EMTs were in attendance, parking was ample, and the even had a tent for race supporters to buy bells to cheer people on. Everyone was positive and had a great attitude, and it was a healthy mix of folks of all speeds. I had a great time, zero complaints, and I’m looking forward to the next 8 in the series, which get progressively longer.

I’d give this race a 4 out of 5 cats. I can’t include the last cat because I never did get my free beer — the line was ridiculous. But I also give a shout out to Julie for organizing and for Steph Hagyard for giving me one of her beers for free :-) 5 OUT OF 5 CATS! - just a caveat that it could be considered a hike for a 1-mile race. If people are ready for it to be done in 10 minutes, it’s a great run. Goofing Around at Doyle’s:

Mickel McClish got a lift from several WRC ladies (L to R): Kelly Gifford, Dorothy Preston, Michele Campbell, Julie Arrison, and Stephanie Hagyard. After we, um, dropped Mickel, a random male runner said, “Now it’s my turn.” Not happening, dude.

The Wicked Running Register • April 2011

Great Bay Half Marathon

April Fool’s Four Miler Mickel McClish

Sunday, April 3, 2011 • Newmarket, New Hampshire

Organization and Facilities: The event seemed well organized from my perspective. The registration area was in the Newmarket High School and it was laid out really well. No congestion and everyone I interacted with was helpful and informative. To pick up your T-shirt you needed to walk outside to a separate wing of the school. Not a big deal at all, but other races I have done this year (granted, which is only 4) had everything in one room or central area. There were plenty of portable toilets near the high school, the start line, and dispersed regularly along the course and at the finish line. There were plenty of water stations along the course too. And there was often musical and dancing entertainment as well! There was one water station where a guy on roller blades, whirling a hula-hoop at the waist, shirtless, played a guitar. At about mile 10, there was a pack of belly dancers! I liked the random performers. We must have passed half a dozen guitar players. The finish line was at downtown Newmarket, where there was a huge tent for water, bananas, bread, and all of that. There was plenty of room for everyone as the recently finished runners came trickling in, plus tons of people cheering everyone on. About 1,200 people


competed, I think. Also, free Smuttynose beer was offered at a couple of establishments for runners. THAT was really nice. I love Smuttynose. One minor complaint, and there’s not much organizers can do about this because of the layout of the town, but the parking locations, the registration location, and the start lines are fairly far apart…especially the parking area. A shuttle was needed to get to and from the race area to the parking area. Fortunately, there was a bag check at the registration area and bags were delivered to the finish line. The Course: In a word: Awesome. The weather was excellent…50 degrees and sunny. With the exception of approximately the first two miles and the last two miles, the course was mostly in the woods. Very beautiful. Very peaceful (i.e. no cars). The second half the course snaked along the Great Bay so the view was stunning. The course was also quite hilly. Once the course went into the woods, the hills took over. Rarely was there any extended flat portion of the course. If hills are your nemesis, you are going to hate (love) this race. Lastly, 2 or 3 miles of the course was packed gravel. I didn’t mind this though, but others may be put off by not being on asphalt. Overall: I greatly enjoyed the race. It’s a beautiful course. The town is perfect to host the race. With the exception of the parking, which I don’t believe anything can be done about, the race was organized really well. I will definitely want to do this race again. 4 out of 5 cats.

Ann Sousa

Saturday, March 26, 2011 Salisbury, Mass. The race was really easy to get to, right off the highway and there was plenty of parking. Upon exiting the car I realized it was a lot colder and windier than I expected. I added the race shirt to my layers and kept saying to myself “Caribbean in 4 days.” The race started right on time and the course was great, neighborhoods and back roads with minimal traffic. You also got to see many of your friends as the course overlapped itself. The “Wicked Crew” hung out at the last turn cheering everyone on to the finish. By the time we got to the bar the race was already playing on the TVs, way cool. Alas, I could not hang at the party very long because I had to pack for vacation. I give the race 4 out of 5 cats. One cat deduction because of the 11am start and long porta potty lines.

Faster runners Chris Nolin (left) and Rich Tabbut waited and cheered for Wickeds at the last corner of the April Fool’s race. The sea of red grew as members finished and joined them.

The Wicked Running Register • April 2011



Question of the Month:

To iPod, or not to iPod. Do you like running with music? Julie Arrison Member, WRC I always run with my iPod on and would be lost without the combination of Poison, Ke$ha, Smashing Pumpkins, and Taio Cruz to get me through a run. I am also still holding onto my first generation iPod mini until it dies. It has be dropped on multiple occasions, has had water spilled on it, and it just will not die and therefore I am made fun of for my “ancient” Apple technology. Debbie Shahidi Member, WRC If I am on a long run and running alone, I absolutely need my iPod. It helps me to relax, and it drowns out all of the noise around me [including my breathing!] Beth O’Grady Member, WRC I prefer chatting with running buddies when I’m just logging in miles with no concern for pace, but if I’m racing I’m all about my iPod shuffle loaded with motivational music at a good pace to keep my feet moving. Sarah Carrier Member, WRC I think music really helps and there are times when I will wear my iPod, but I also enjoy listening to my own breathing and footsteps. I feel more in synch with my body when I run without.

Rich Tabbut Member-at-Large and Member, WRC One of the main things I enjoy about running is that it gives me a peaceful time to review what is going on in my day as well as enjoy nature. I do not own an iPod and have never listened to music as I ran (on earphones). Additionally, it is dangerous to run on busy roads without the ability to hear what is going on. There have been many times I have avoided being hit by a car because I heard it coming from behind, etc. Running with music on rarely traveled streets or paths seems okay to me, otherwise I don’t think it is a wise idea for long term well being. Stephanie Hagyard Member-at-Large and Member, WRC I like to run with an ipod because it helps keep me motivated and run. Most songs I associate with a different race- and I like putting in on shuffle for my different playlists to see what will pop up when- like a line of a Bon Jovi song that I was listening to during my first half coming down the hill from Marblehead back to Salem. I looked up and saw the “Welcome to Salem Sign” as JBJ was saying “But this is my hometown....” Kathey Moskal Member, WRC Obviously if I am running with someone - no music; for long runs and speed work I usually run with music, it helps distract me when I start to struggle, otherwise, it just depends on my mood.

Patrick Smith Member, WRC Hmmmm…….yes and yes. For a long run alone on the pavement the iPod is a magical motivator to pick up the tempo when the human engine starts to lose its gittyup. But on the trail, or with others, or with my canine gal pal Tula, let me enjoy the company and the woody sounds around (and my pup barking). So a 20% yes and an 80% no to that one. Eminem is a great fire of tempo to run to. Mickel McClish Member, WRC While I truly love music, I don’t listen in while running. This is because 1) I prefer to run as unburdened as possible and 2) I want to be able to hear other runners (or cars) coming up behind me. Doug Bollen Member, WRC I personally don’t listen to music when I run and I am not much of a talker. I like to just concentrate on my running. Don Gallucci Member, WRC I love using my iPod, especially on long runs. The right music relaxes me and puts me in the groove. On race day, I get a motivational playlist that helps me push through to the end.

The Wicked Running Register • April 2011


WRC is a Member of ... ... USA Track & Field - New England Part two of a special three-part series by Tim Short Last month I wrote about our membership with the Road Runners Club of America, which is a national grass roots organization that promotes running across the country. This month I will profile our membership with the USATF. According to the USATF website, on January 30, 1878, rower and runner William B. Curtis founded what became the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) in New York City. The name was formally adopted in 1887. The AAU governed the sport until 1979, when the first Amateur Sports Act decreed that the AAU could no longer hold international franchises for more than one sport.

The Athletics Congress/USA (TAC/ USA) became fully operational in late 1979 with its first annual meeting, conducted in Las Vegas in conjunction with that year’s AAU Convention, and a constitutional convention held in Dallas/Fort Worth in 1980. The first stand-alone annual meeting occurred in Atlanta, Georgia, in the late fall of 1980. In 1992, the name was changed to USA Track & Field (USATF) to increase recognition for the organization and the sport in the United States. So what does this history lesson of the USATF have to do with the Wicked Running Club? Well, I’m glad you asked! Wicked is a member of the USATFNE, which is the local New England association of the USATF. As one of USATF’s 57 associations, USATF - New England administers programs in the

states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Our main reason for being a member with the USATF-NE is so that we can participate in the NE Road Race Grand Prix as a club. Any Wicked Runner that runs in a NE Road Race Grand Prix should use the member number 266 when filling out the race application. This not only goes for a NE Road Race Grand Prix race, but any race that asks for our club number. For more information about the USATF visit or visit for the USATF – New England website. Next month I’ll talk about our membership with the Mill Cities Alliance which hosts the Mill Cities Relay each December. Keep on Running Wicked Nation!


June 26, 2011, 11:00am All volunteers will receive a newly designed, fabulous race tech shirt! Please email Co-Race Director Michele Campbell at

2011 Marine Corps Marathon is SOLD OUT

But you can still run with the Accelerated Cure Project for MS

25 charity bibs are available for the now sold-out MCM. The team fee is $35 and the runners are asked to raise $1500. Runners must also pay the MCM registration fee. Team members receive a runner’s bag, marathon shirt, ACP t-shirt and water bottle along with weekly training and fundraising emails.

The Wicked Running Register • April 2011

Boston Marathon Recap Congrats to all Wicked runners and volunteers on a spectacular day. See page 13 for a special message from John Mahoney.

BETH O’GRADY Lessons learned from the Marathon: If you have asthma, even if you rarely have an attack, bring an inhaler! I was surprised medical tents did not have one when I needed it. Also...compression socks are AWESOME! After the hills I could feel my calves quivering and trying to lock up but my super socks saved the day! Funny marathon story: As I was picking up my clothing bag at the end of the race, Bill Rodgers was standing next to me looking longingly at the clothing bus. I said “Hey Bill, I’m sure you were not in my chute!” Turns out a friend of his was in the medical tent and asked him to get her clothing bag but they wouldn’t give it to him without a number. To his credit, he did not play the “do you know who I am?!” game, which didn’t stop me from saying to the guy who handed me my bag: “Do you know who Bill Rodgers is, well he’s right here and he needs some help!” The guy jumped and got the bag and Bill was very gracious to him and me. I gave Bill the thumbs up and said “I get things done Bill!” and he said “Women always do!”


The Wicked Running Register • April 2011


New Member Spotlights: LEEANNE NAGLE Beverly, MA Joined Wicked because: I joined Wicked to stay both physically and mentally motivated when it comes to running – and to meet like-minded fitnessoriented people.

DON GALLUCCI Beverly, MA Joined Wicked because: Dawn Cobak spoke highly of her experiences with Wicked; it prompted me to look into it. I’m looking for support (camaraderie, training tips, and motivation) to help me achieve my goals.

MEGHAN PORTER MAHONEY Cambridge, MA Joined Wicked because: Originally from Beverly and participate annually in some of the wicked events.

Favorite race: Beverly Homecoming 5K

Favorite race: Lake Winnipesaukee relay.

Favorite Race: My first and only race to date was the North Shore Wellness 5k – which I loved. I have several races scheduled in the upcoming months.

Favorite Distance: 5K

Favorite Distance: Half marathon.

Goal for this year: Run a 5K in under 23 minutes.

Goal for this year: Beat my last half marathon time in a race in May.

Favorite Distance: 5- 6 miles

Secret talent: Would it be a secret if I told? I’m very good at problem solving. [Don, don’t worry, we won’t tell!]

Secret talent: Philosophy

Goal for this year: Improve my 5k pace and finish my first half marathon (The Rock n’ Roll Providence Half)

When I’m not running I like to: Eat.

When I’m not running I like to: Spend time with my family.

Secret Talent: Cat Whisperer When I’m not running I like to: Rock climb and 4-season backpack/hike.

A BIG THANKS to Ann Sousa for helping with obtaining new member profiles. If you are a new member and have not been featured yet, please contact Ann at

Wicked Good Feedback It seems like the line of members from the Wicked Running Club cheering on finishers at the April Fool’s Four Miler race made a very good impression on one runner! “On behalf of the many ‘slower’ runners at the April Fools Race on Saturday, I thank you all. You must be proud to surround yourself with ‘class act’ athletes who would stay at the course, long after they had completed their own race, to cheer on those who needed the encouragement. I was having a tough time on Saturday, still a new runner, still learning HOW to run and still getting in shape. The cheering that your club provided as I rounded the last corner gave me the strength to finish strong. Thank you to the Wicked Running Club, I am forever grateful!” – Dave Randall, Danvers See photo on page 5 of the group Dave encountered.

WICKED MILESTONES FOR THURSDAY’S GROUP RUN! 100 Runs & Two Year Anniversary Celebration THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 2011 6:45 PM Salem Common Run; 7:15ish Party at the Engine House Join No Rest for the Wicked, the weekly Thursday group run, for this fun night. Contact

The Wicked Running Register • April 2011


Seen and Heard on the Run

Get Out and Race:

From Julie Arrison: Kyle Hewson walking from the Ellicott Arch in Franklin Park to the Doyle’s race start: “This is epic.”

May 1, 2011 • 9:00 a.m.: Walkers • 10:00 a.m.: Runners Wallis Sands Half Marathon Rye, NH

From Beth O’Grady: Overheard at the Salem State University 5k and fitness expo: 1) A prospective member approaching Tim Short and Doug Bollen before the race asking if they thought the Wicked Running Club was worth joining. Of all the people to randomly ask! 2) Another woman grabbing a Wicked Kidz 1/2 mile/1 mile flyer telling Alison Phelan “Well, I have to start somewhere.” :)

Running Personals FREE WORKSHOP Monday May 2, 6pm Body & Soul Massage and Wellness Center 60 Washington Street, Salem MA Eat Slow for Weight Loss: Learn how slow, relaxed eating and its benefits to your nutritional metabolism in this Free workshop. Andrea Cohen, a food psychology coach, from Full Circle Food Coaching will speak about the healing power of mind body nutrition. If you have been dieting for years without feeling happy or healthy, you will enjoy learning about this holistic and integrative approach to losing weight and gaining health. RSVP: 978-825-0040

Tiny Member News This just in...Lily Short is no longer the youngest member of Wicked Nation. Little August Hardy Maclay (left) was born Tuesday, April 19th to Wicked parents Colin Maclay & Rachel Hunt. Congratulations!

The WRR needs you! Submit news, race listings, kudos, high resolution photos and more. Email me (Michele Campbell):

May 22, 2011• 9:30 a.m. Fueled for Fitness 5K and Kids Fun Run North Beverly, MA; June 11, 2011 • 9:00 a.m. Market Square Day 10K Road Race Portsmouth, NH; July 8, 2011 • 9:00 a.m. Wicked Kidz 1/2 Mile & 1 Mile Race Salem, MA; Age Groups: 6-8, 9-11, 12-14 Contact: July 15, 2011 • 8:00 p.m. Wicked Presents Miles Over the Moon 4 mile road race Salem, MA; Contact: August 7, 2011 • 9:00 a.m. Heritage Days 5K Salem, MA; Contact: August 19, 2011 • 7:00 p.m.: Competitive Run • 7:15 p.m.: Family Run Derby Street Mile Salem, MA; Contact:

Get Out and Have Fun: June 11, 2011 The Second Annual Wicked Wiffleball Throwdown Come out and cheer your wicked friends as they compete in a friendly game of Wiffleball. No more team spaces left, but spectators are welcome! Location TBD. Contact Nicole Short:

The Wicked Running Register • April 2011


Ask the Coach


Mike Toomey Answers Three Questions this Month Sarah Carrier: I am currently running 5 days a week with track 1 day and tempo runs 2 days. What are the best days to incorporate strength training? On days of rest or intensity?

Rest days should be just days. Since you need to warm up before lifting, scheduling a strength session after a run is usually a good idea. Like anything else, it should be done in a manner that compliments your running and you should be careful to not overload. For example, don’t do heavy leg work on the same day you run hills or have a VERY intense track session. It looks like you already doing intensity training days 60% of the time you run, so be careful as you add in extra pieces.


Tim Short: What is the optimal amount of time to take off after running a Marathon? I ran the Boston Marathon and my legs are at a point where I could go out for a run now without any pain. Is this a good idea or bad idea?


That’s the million dollar question for marathoners. Everyone is different, but I’m definitely a fan of better safe than sorry in this scenario. I think a week completely off from running (cross training is good), and then a week of light runs of 30-45 minutes puts you in good shape going forward. It’s important to recover from Boston completely so you can enjoy a nice summer of running and racing....I hear there are some great races in Salem this summer :) Enjoy the time earned it! We need to close one chapter completely before we can open a new one.


Kathey Moskal: How can I expect to run a specific time for a half marathon or a marathon if I don’t train that distance at the pace needed to actually run the time I want to run. How does training at a slower pace = running a faster race?


Great question! A well rounded plan will include all different types of paces to get you to your goal. Yes, easy mileage will be at a pace that is slower than actual race pace, but that’s why we add in speed work, tempo runs, hill repeats, lifting, nutrition, etc. Speed work will always be faster than race pace and prepares your body to get used to what’s coming and will contain the following: • Interval workouts (to stress aerobic power and VO2 Max) • Threshold workouts (to maximize endurance) • Repetition workouts (to improve speed and economy) Jack Daniels’ book The Running Formula is a great resource for this subject.

IT PAYS TO ASK: For submitting a question that was published, Tim Short is this month’s winner of one free 30-minute session at Toomey Sports Running Center. What are you waiting for? Submit your question today to newsletter@

Wicked Members Save! Save Toomey Sports 20% Running Center offers a 20% discount to Wicked Running Club members for all sports therapy services, including sports massage and ART. Mike can be reached at

Train with Toomey:

Upcoming 2011 Running Clinic Offered by Toomey Sports Running Center and Salem Parks, Recreation and Community Services

8 Week Spring Running Clinic (Session 2); 5/19 – 7/7 • Thursdays (6:30 p.m.) • Cost is $75 ($65 for Wicked Running Club Members) • Ideal for ALL levels and will focus on events from 5k to half marathon Contact Doug Bollen:

The Wicked Running Register • April 2011


Where in the World is Wicked? European Vacation, Patriot Place and Across the Pond

Tom Brady for a Day: WRC’s own Robert Guay (left, in Wicked singlet) was

caught by paparazzi when he crossed the finish line at the Patriot Place 10K last July 4. This image is being used in the ad campaign for this year’s race!

Miles’ European Vacation: John From New England to England: Marie Duignan raced in the UK with her

mother (#170) who is a member of the Romsey Road Runners. This photo was featured in a local paper along with this quote: “... three Romsey ladies (+ visitor) headed into the heart of the New Forest to compete in the Ringwood Rabbit Run. Advertised as a 10k but actually measuring 6.4 miles ... the ladies put in excellent performances with visiting runner Marie Duignan (representing the Wicked Running Club based in Salem, Massachusetts) finishing an excellent time of 49:20, followed by Anna Duignan in 59:20, Gill Callus (#54) in 63:56 and Wendy Couper (#5) in 67:45.” Nice job ladies!

McDonough invited WRC mascot Miles Fartlek to experience France, Latvia and Poland. Top: Miles gets palatial at Versailles. Center: John and Miles enjoy the view from the Eiffel Tower. Above: Miles sports his medal and blanket from the Warsaw Half Marathon. See the whole trip at:

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Get to Know Your Board: Clothing Director Michele Campbell • Twin Lights Half Marrathon Review

Wicked Volunteers for the Boston Marathon

Thanks to all volunteers who helped at this year’s Boston Marathon. You all did a great job. The first group are pioneers who volunteered at the clothing check-in at the starting line. This is the first time Wicked provided volunteers for this assignment and, so far, I have only gotten positive feedback. They liked being in early, being part of the start when anticipation is high, and then being finished early to see the race unfold, get to the finish before the runners, or get back to their normal life with a large part of the day still available. The volunteers at the clothing check-in were: Katherine Anderson Mary Bruno Melissa Kent Julia Long Shelby Morrison Rosemary Poppe Alice Ryan Then, of course, we had a great, large group at the mile 17 gel-stop again this year. We had a lot more to do this year, putting up many more barricades than have been used in the past, moving lots of heavy weights and sandbags, and even assisting directly

at crowd control to keep the spectators off the course. Everyone did a great job. The volunteers at the gel-stop were: Julie Arrison Nicki Barker Andrew Bencal Robert Bevington Doug Bollen Sunniva Buck Serena Burgdorf Gifford Campbell Michele Campbell Ellen Capua Erica Capua Kristine Capua Marissa Capua Jason Carraro Sarah Carrier Maggie Delaney Shannon Downey Kendra Dunlop Sue-ann Dunlop Laurie Fontaine Caitlyn Gaglione Susan Goniprow Stephanie Hagyard Brant Henne Kenneth Hewson Shari Hewson Billy Hutchinson Melissa Jaynes Darla Johnson Susan Keezer Shane Kilroy Frank Lanzillo Louise Lembo Robin Lermond

Kelly Livingstone John Mahoney Joanne Malilay Amy Maysa Tracy McLaughlin Joan Meagher Kathey Moskal Erin Muldowney Jennie Murack Melissa Murphy Chris Nolin AnnMarie O’Conner Erich O’Neil Meghan Porter-Mahoney Courtney Ramsdell Denise Ramsdell T.R. Ramsdell Paula Renzi Gibbs Brett Rickenbach Annie Rose Willis Allison Rourke Debbie Shahidi Nicole Short Ann Sousa Edward Veiga Julianne Veiga Amy Walsh Jacqueline Washburn Amber Woolfenden All Wicked Running Club members can be proud of how our volunteers took time off work or out of their normal life to support this great event. I am thrilled that I got to be part of the team. — John Mahoney

WRR April 2011  

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