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Wicked Running Club Board Meeting Minutes Date: November 14, 2011 Salem Senior Center Presiding: Shari Hewson & Alison Phelan Minutes: Dawn Cobak Roll Call: Shari Hewson, Alison Phelan, Kerry Phelan, Michele Campbell, Peter Raymond, Amber Woolfenden, TR Ramsdell and Rich Tabbut. Special Guest: Tim Short. Absent: Stephanie Hagyard Topic Action Taken/Needed Responsible Date Party Due Welcome Shari & Alison extended a warm welcome to Shari/Alison everyone. Proposed By Laws 1. Board members are required to attend a Shari/Alison/ Addendum Vote – minimum of eight (8) Board Meetings per Rich document attached calendar year (January - December). If a Board member is unable to attend, a meeting notice shall be given to the President via telephone or e-mail communication. 2. The "outgoing President" a/k/a "Past President" shall remain as a member of the Board and shall have a vote on any items presented for discussion and vote. 3. Any expenditures of equal to or less than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) shall be within a Board member's discretion, submitted for expense and not required to be presented to the Board for approval prior to accrual. Such expenses shall be limited to race and/or Club related expenses. We also discussed "requirements" for Board Members that included: 1. Serve on one Wicked Committee per year 2. Work/volunteer at one club event per year 1. Work/volunteer at one club race per year At 6:30 General Meeting - Motion by S. Hewson to approve all bylaw amendments. Second by T.R. Ramsdell. Motion carried unanimously.

Revised WRC Application

A discussion on the revised WRC application was brought forth and who’s name should be put on as the membership director. It was decided that we will keep the old application and switch it to the new one at the end of December from Amber to John M.

Big News Item

Wicked has been granted two applications to Shari/Alison the Boston Marathon for 2012. Criteria similar to that of Wicked Ambassador will be used to choose Wicked members to use the numbers. Members have been asked to submit their interest by Nov. 30.

Facebook: Wicked Member Business Page vs RRCA Salem Runner Friendly Page (Michele)

We would like to avoid having people join Shari/Alison Wicked solely to promote their businesses. Michele does a great job incorporating business advertising in the newsletter, but that should be it.

Winter Banquet


Shari reported that the Moose Lodge was Shari /Alison available for the Winter Banquet on February 4, (last year it was held on Feb. 12). She will contact Café Salerno and Matt Beals from the Tavern to ask about food donations. It is safe to expect 100-125 people. Wicked Night at Shari will contact Dave at New England Shari Hewson NERC Running Co. to determine a good night to hold a Wicked Night, possibly early January. Secretary’s Report Members had been e-mailed the October report, Alison Phelan (as small changes were recommended via e-mail. Dawn was Motion to approve the October minutes as absent) presented by S. Hewson. 2 by R. Tabbutt. Motion carried unanimously. Treasurer’s Report M. Jaynes had e-mailed the Treasurer’s Report. Melissa Jaynes Current balance is approx. $11,081.60. Expenses and payments for Frosty Four and the bill for the RRCA renewal are biggest items this month. Wicked taxes are up to date. Motion by R. Tabbut to accept the Treasurer’s Report as written. 2 by P. Raymond. Motion carried unanimously. Membership A. Woolfenden distributed the Membership Amber Report. Current member total = 315, 10 are Woolfenden new. $450 deposit given to M. Jaynes. Motion to accept the Membership Report as written by T.R. Ramsdell. 2 by M. Jaynes. Motion carried unanimously. nd



Clothing Report

Michele reported that clothing has been quiet Michele this month. There are a few members who still Campbell owe money, and she will send reminders. Joe from Franklin Tees will be doing the Frosty Four shirts and would like the art very soon, so members will need to vote on the final design which she will try to send out this week. The next Frosty Four meeting will be on 11/22 at Shari’s house. Michele will do one last inventory before her term ends. At some point the Board may want to consider making sweatshirts or Ambassadors. Motion to accept the Clothing Report as written by A. Phelan. 2 by S. Hewson. Motion carried unanimously. nd

Scholarship Committee

We will send out an email to the Club asking Shari Hewson for volunteers to sit and someone to chair the Scholarship Committee again this year. We will need 10 members including the chair, but the chair does not vote. If interested in serving, members should express their reasons for serving on the committee.

MOTION TO ADJOURN by A. Phelan, 2 by R. Tabbut 6:30pm to attend the Wicked Annual Meeting to discuss nominations for the 2012 Board and changes to the Bylaws. Next Meeting; Monday, December 5, 2011 6:30pm at the Salem Senior Center nd

November 2011 Board Meeting Mintues  

November 2011 oard Meeting Minutes

November 2011 Board Meeting Mintues  

November 2011 oard Meeting Minutes