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Releases Nov 19th

Captivations This new After Dark Wicked Bite will take you into a world of Vampires and a club where anything can happen. We follow Jillian, a tough day keeper who doesn't take crap from any Vampire, even the Deacon brothers. But this club is anything but just a Vampire club. It has twists turns and the series promises to have some great sex through out. Check out this ongoing monthly series starting Nov 12th and every second Friday after that.

Catch the entire Series for just $.99 a story and find out why it got 4.5 out of 5 at the Book Wenches.

Grab Good For The Goose From Anne Holly Releases Nov 19th

Excerpt "Good night, then, Dr. Mintz," he said softly to her, his eyes gleaming with a naughty spark of fun, as if he was enjoying her discombobulation. "Natasha," she said impulsively. "You can call me Natasha. Most of the grad students do." "Natasha," he whispered, inclining his head slightly. My God, her plain old name sounded almost magical on those Latin lips. "Good night." Slipping past him, finally, she scurried into the bathroom and snapped the door shut behind her. Before her, she could see yet another poor night's sleep. And she was right.

On their second day of marking she had managed to fall asleep just bare hours before her alarm, blaring some light rock cover of an old Christmas children's song, jolted her awake. She almost felt worse for having slept - her vivid dreams had been so busy that they left her feeling like she hadn't slept at all. Quietly, she had slipped down stairs where Raphael was still asleep, undisturbed by her alarm upstairs. Sitting on the edge of the coffee table, she wondered what the best way to handle the morning was. He was extraordinarily beautiful in the sweetness of sleep, his long lashes resting like splashes of black ink on his pale cheeks. His shaggy hair was a swath of jet on the white pillow case, and his long, graceful arms were thrown openly over his head, revealing biceps that were somewhat surprising in an academic man. His tight shirt clung to the dips and shallows of his chest and tummy, and his boxers were clearly visible above the sheet, which had fallen down around his thighs. Oh lord, she thought, and tried to quickly look away - he had a morning erection! Her eyes drifted back to him of their own accord, and she reminded herself that this was a very young man and thought fondly of all that pent up sexual energy. Her mouth went dry thinking about how many times a young, healthy man could go at it in one night and her only thought had been, "I want some of that, please!" Read all of this hot story Nov 19th. Stop by

Get Your Scare On With Raven Starr

In The Machine by Ashlynn Monroe. Available now. Excerpt She did. Sliding into the bed next to the mysterious man, Shoshanah could not speak or think as want of that cock inside of her roared in her head. Her hands moved of their own accord. If this was heaven, she had been a very good girl. Taking the strange man into her hands, she marveled at the texture of his skin and the scent of his body. Her groan rumbled out of her, scaring her for a moment. It had been so very long since another being had touched her. He brought her lips to his. She tasted the spice of his breath as she threw her arms around his neck, clinging to him desperately.

Other Works By Ashlynn Monroe

It did not matter that she did not know his name. She knew that her body wanted him and that was enough. Her nameless lover pulled her effortless towards him. Something built inside of her and then her orgasm shook her until she was keening with a piteous wail. When she shattered, her soul blossomed. In that moment, she loved him in a way that defied explanation. It was an empty love that fulfilled her epically and completely. When the blinding pleasure subsided, she was changed. Shoshanah looked down at him.

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