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Whiskey Bourbon Parkers Heritage - 15.00 Soft, sweet, and very smooth. Richly textured layers of caramel, toffee, vanilla fudge, nougat and maple syrup. Worth the money. Old Crow - 5.00 Old Crow is cheap whiskey and it's everything cheap whiskey should be. It will give you the strength to topple nations. Rebel Yell - 5.00 It’s gotten a bad rap ya’ll. Lighter in color, not the smoothest but great with coke. Knob Creek - 6.50 Smells of toasted nuts, grain oak with a rich, sweet, woody, full-bodied, almost fruity taste. Long, rich and glowing at the end. Willett Family - 13.00 Notes of vanilla, coconut, and crème brulee, provide a base for emerging notes of cedar wood shavings, cinnamon, soft mint and a hint of fennel. Eagle Rare - 5.00 Vanilla spice, with hints of candied orange peel. Powerful vanilla notes and a rich, lingering butterscotch finish on the palate. Bookers - 10.00 Vanilla and woody. Some must and burnt marshmallow. It really reminds me of a saxophone reed. Old Grand Dad 114 - 6.00 Sugar, Rye, Heavy wood tones, some hay in the flavor. Heavy Burn. A rock or two is advised. Hancock’s Reserve Single Barrel - 13.00 Lemon, Virginia tobacco, rye notes. Nice sipper, no cubes needed. Old Bardstown- 8.00 Rich caramel with hints of corn an tobacco. Maybe one cube. Buffalo Trace - 6.00 Wonderful thick mouthed feel, warming but not burning at first. Smooth sweet honeyed notes with oak pepperiness at the end and an after taste of vanilla, fruits, mint and a warming heat. Jim Beam Black - 6.00 Tastes of corn, charcoal, and oak. Warm corn-syrupy finish lasting pretty long. Be patient and wait for the rye to come through.

Bourbon Jim Beam - 4.50 We proudly serve Jim Beam in our well. Charcoal- like, grainy, and a little fiery and harsh, but the taste smoothes out a little bit as you taste more. The taste is sweet overall. Bakers - 10.00 This bourbon is sweet to start but balances with the rough. Tastes of leather and pepper seem to dominate. The finish is where this whiskey shines the most. Basil Hayden - 10.00 Remarkably smooth, light sweet and spicy with hints of brown sugar not very complex. Short finish leaving just a bit of spice. Bulliet - 7.00 Bulleit has the highest rye content of any bourbons at ~30%. Opens with a nice honey bite on the nose and a lasting finish of oak. Great for the price. Fighting Cock - 5.00 This bourbon has a bit of a fiery kick to it. That is followed with some strong corn flavor with a little vanilla and pepper spice. Blanton’s - 9.00 Sweet start, then going dry quickly,creamy roundness to it ,corn and rye.Touch of persimmon perhaps, char and rye at the end. Makers Mark - 7.00 Smooth, rich ginger, chocolate and peppery flavors. A classic pillar among Bourbons. Makers Mark 46 - 9.00 More yellow brown / amber in color than Maker’s Mark, Maker’s 46 looks different in the glass. The nose is infinitely more complex with notes of butterscotch, vanilla bean and huge maple syrup. Undertones of caramel, cardboard, and sweet oak. The finish is longer and much sweeter than Maker’s Mark and cleans up leaving your mouth very cool. Woodford Reserve Masters collection - 12.00 Maple syrup hits on the front palette followed by a slightly spicy sweetness. The syrup feel on this is distinct but light and flows into back notes of warm berries and honey. Woodford Reserve - 6.00 Light notes of charcoal and dark chocolate, smooth with subtle spice and a delicate woody sweetness, but not quite as potent as the nose. The finish is long and dry with a flowery twist. The official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby. Giddy up kids. George Dickle - 6.00 Sweet at first, then then a little burned & woody. Some aromatic grainy taste in the middle.

Bourbon Wild Turkey Rare Breed- 8.25 Hints of light oranges, mint, and tones of sweet tobacco. Long, warm and nutty finish with hints of hot peppers and well-toasted whole wheat bread. Wild Turkey 101- 6.00 Wild Turkey has a wonderfully inviting nose of vanilla and leather, but quickly moves to a spicy and peppery wallop. The finish is rather long, with echoes of oak.

Other Georgia Moon - 4.00 No more than 30 days old. Straight corn whiskey. Try it with the 3 dollah Hollah, Rainier or our can of the month. Our ode to Moonshine. Rouge Dead Guy - 10.00 Oregon makes whiskey!!?? Delicately sweet with a rich malt complexity, opens up to a warm peppery finish. Matured in ocean aged barrels. Very nice sipper. Jim Beam Rye - 5.00 Good natural whiskey taste and without the grassy coppery anise. Corny.

Canadian Canadian Club 6 Year - 6.50 A soft entry leads to a dryish light-to medium body of honeyed rye toast, caramel, and peppery spice flavors. Finishes with a touch of wood spice, hot pepper, and limestone. Crown Royal - 6.00 Light bodied and gentle on the palate. Slightly sweet. A good, all-purpose blend. A surprisingly warm, mellow and creamy finish. Crown Reserve - 8.00 Crown Royal Reserve is a little soft in the mouth. Spicy rye and a little dank bourbon and corn flavor. The whisky is smooth with a mild sweetness, a gentle vanilla, and a gentle spiciness. Seagrams 7 - 5.00 Mild but robust flavor. It deserves a bit more credit than it oftentimes earns. The finish is moderately lingering, and slightly pleasant. V.O. - 6.00 Very smooth start. Subtle grains, slight sweetness and a bit of oak. The finish is fairly short with a very subtle bitterness in the back of the throat. Pendleton - 6.50 Creamy. Grainy. Some rye spiciness. Canadian Whiskey Made in Oregon. Hint of gingery spiciness.

Irish Bushmills - 7.00 This is a sweeter whiskey than most with honey vanilla tones. The whiskey becomes spicier and a more toasted oak flavor presents itself. The use of single grain is more evident as the finish is a little sourer than most single malts. Jameson - 6.00 Sweet, with pleasant amounts of wood and malt. Jameson Gold - 8.00 Silky and subtle, an essay in bittersweet balance with the final, drier, bitter notes reminding you of some decent age. Jameson 12 Year - 6.50 Clean and slightly malty start. stretches across the pallet. Semi-dried peach softness and crisp cereal/oak. Balanced, honied and soft. John Powers - 6.00 Complex but remains gentle, not smoky and peaty like Scotch. Red Breast - 8.00 Oaky vanilla comes across strong. It is a warm, sherry-sweet sort of finish. Tullamore Dew - 8.00 Spices, slight lemon taste, malt, wood. When mellowed over ice cubes or with a little water added in you can really taste the subtle flavors in the finish. Ancient Age - 5.00 Fresh corn, caramel, toffee, vanilla, and ginger, with a touch of rye.

Single Malt Scotch Cragganmore 12 Year Speyside - 12.00 Sweet and salty peat, with an overtone of honey. Aberlour 12 Year Speyside - 7.00 The first sip is confident and spicy, indicating hints of chocolate, spices (the heat of cinnamon?) above the warm sherried flavor. Glenlivet 12 Year Highland - 8.50 Flowery, peachy, notes of vanilla, delicate balance between sweetness & malty dryness. Caol-Ila 12 Year Islay - 13.00 Fresh, smooth in the mouth: not as "raw" as the southern Islay single malts, with a slower burn and a less aggressive attack.Finish: long and smoky with a mild astringency, even very slightly sour at the very end. Glenmorangie 10 Year Highland - 11.00 Very pleasant with little peat. Smooth, sweet, complex enough to please most everyone Like kissing god

Single Malt Scotch Lagavulin 16 Year Islay - 18.00 It has a powerful, peat-smoke aroma, and is described as being robustly fullbodied, well balanced, and smooth, with a slight sweetness on the palate. Talisker 10 Year Isle of Skye - 14.00 Peat, malt, oak, hint of white pepper, and smoke, Your first sip will burn the back of the throat a little, but after that, everything goes down just fine Laphraig 10 Year Islay- 18.00 It opens with sweetness on the palate with an oily, light to medium body. Then the smoke broadsides you followed up by the drying sea salt. Finishes with more smoke and iodine. Finish, smooth and intense, can last for hours.

Blended Scotch J&B - 4.50 Sweet, light bodied and very faint peat. Tastes of cinnamon and more candied sweetness. Dewars White Label 12 Year - 7.00 Honey and fruity notes with vanilla hints make this a well rounded blend.  Its more lightly bodied in taste but its smooth taste and lingering smokiness make it a good all-around blend. Johnny Walker Red 12 Year - 7.00 This Scotch whiskey offers flavors like sweet, smoked grain and spice. An aftertaste that is smoky and a little sweet, with some hints of vanilla coming through at the end. Johnny Walker Black 12 Year - 9.00 The aroma is sweet and fruity with a touch of peat. This leads to a sultry palate of warm grain and oak with vanilla and butter notes. It finishes semi-dry and retains a balanced smoke for a period. Johnny Walker Green 15 Year - 13.00 Sweetness coupled with a burn of cinnamon, a heather sense is present along with the honey and vanilla. Overall, the spiciness dominates the taste up front. Johnny Walker Gold 18 Year - 15.00 Characterized by smoky peat, heather and spices. Very Complex blend and demands much attention from the palate. The burn is actually from ingredients and can be appreciated.

Beer Domestic Bottles Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale - 5.00 Inversion IPA - 5.00 Black Butte Porter - 5.00 North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout - 6.50 Fish Tale (Organic) Blonde - 5.00 Amber - 5.00 Stone IPA - 5.50

Domestic/Import Cans Guiness Stout - 6.00 Pabst Blue Ribbon - 5.00 Can of the Month - 3.00

Austria Samichlaus Helles - 12.00

England Meantime Coffee Porter - 8.00 Young’s Double Chocolate Stout - 11.00 Samuel Smith Organic Apple Cider - 12.00 Samuel Smith Organic Cherry Cider - 12.00 Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout - 6.00 Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo - 12.50

Canada Unibroue Ephemere - 6.50 Unibroue La Fin du Mond - 6.50 Unibroue Maudite - 6.50 Unibroue Trois Pistoles - 6.50

Belgium Chimay Gand Reserve (Trappist) - 14.00 Westmalle Tripple (Trappist) - 12.00 Achel Bruin (Trappist) - 7.50 Orval (Trappist) - 11.00 Rochfort 8 (Trappist) - 11.00 Bosteels Kwak - 7.50 Stella Artois - 5.00 Greens Triple (Gluten free) - 11.00

Germany Spaten Lager - 5.20 Schneider’s Organic Wiessen Edal-Weisse - 9.00 Schneider’s Aveninus - 10.00 Spaten Optimator - 7.50

Non Alcoholic Beer Bitburger Drive - 5.00

Mead Celestial Meads Original Sin (Alaska) - 12.00 Celestial Meads Desire (Alaska) - 12.00 Orange Blossom - 12.00 Raspberry Melomel - 13.00

Red Wine (Glass/Bottle) Cycles Gladiator Merlot (California) - 6.00/24.00 Gnarlyhead Red Zinfindel (Chile) - 6.00/24.00 Tilia Malbec - (Argentina) - 6.00/24.00 Los Caraos Syrah (Argentina) - 6.00/24.00 Cono Sir Bicycle Pino Noir (Chile) - 7.00/28.00 Tillia Cabernet Savignon (Argentina) - 6.00/24.00

White Wine (Glass/Bottle) Cycles Gladiator Pino Grisio (California) - 6.00/24.00 Naked Chardonnay (Columbia Vally Washington) - 6.00/24.00 Mairena Sovignon Blanc (Argentina) - 6.50/25.00 Relax Riesling (Germany) - 6.00/24.00

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