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Arizona Wine Country



he oldest commercial vineyard and winery in Arizona, Sonoita Vineyards opened in 1983, and now includes over 30 acres of vines.

As the first winery established in Sonoita, Arizona, our history is as rich as our wines and a great place to start your wine tasting adventure! Sonoita Vineyards is a 30+ acre vineyard situated on the south side of a hillside, surrounded by rolling grasslands and several mountain ranges. This hillside planting protects the vines from harsh winds and frost. In addition to our daily tastings, Sonoita Vineyards hosts events throughout the year, ranging from small private affairs and large weddings to our own massive HarvestFest celebration.

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2019 EVENTS July 27th: HarvestFest 2019 November 9 - 19th: Annual Sonoita AVA New Release Festival

2020 EVENTS April 4th: 42nd Annual Blessing of Sonoita Vineyards July 25th: HarvestFest 2020 November 14 - 20th: Annual Sonoita AVA New Release Festival

Tasting Hours: Open Daily 10am - 4pm 290 Elgin-Canelo Road Elgin, AZ 85611




(520) 455-5893

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Arizona Wine Country 2019  

Arizona Wine Country 2019