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he oldest commercial vineyard and winery in Arizona, Sonoita Vineyards opened in 1983, and now includes over 30 acres of vines.

As the first winery established in Sonoita, Arizona, our history is as rich as our wines and a great place to start your wine tasting adventure! Sonoita Vineyards is a 30+ acre vineyard situated on the south side of a hillside, surrounded by rolling grasslands and several mountain ranges. This hillside planting protects the vines from harsh winds and frost.

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In addition to our daily tastings, Sonoita Vineyards hosts events throughout the year, ranging from small private affairs and large weddings to our own massive HarvestFest celebration.


Tasting Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily 290 Elgin-Canelo Road Elgin, AZ 85611


(520) 455-5893




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Anɭhʝʢʖnɒ ʃȱɏ Reʔiʝɚ


hen Dr. Gordon Dutt opened Sonoita


Anchoring the region -----------------------------------3 Village of Elgin Winery --------------------------------6 Winemaking women---------------------------------- 13 Grown up grapes ----------------------------------------8 ••• Canyon Vista Medical Center-------------------------3 Cochise Oncology------------------------------------- 14 Flying Leap Vineyards----------------------------------5 Getaway Tours of Az---------------------------------- 12 Hofman Vineyards ------------------------------------ 10 Kief Joshua Vineyards -------------------------------- 16 Lightning Ridge Cellars -------------------------------4 Many Horses Trading Co. --------------------------- 12 Mountain View Gardens ----------------------------- 15 Rancho Milagro --------------------------------------- 13 Sonoita Vineyards ---------------------------------------2 The Cafe ------------------------------------------------ 10 Tumbleweeds Health Center ------------------------ 12 Village of Elgin Winery -------------------------------7 Vineyard Cafe Sonoita ---------------------------------5 Wilhelm Family Vineyards -------------------------- 11 Xanadu Ranch Getaway ----------------------------- 11

Vineyards in 1983, it was the first of its kind- a commercial

winery in Arizona. Formally designated in the mid-1980s, the Sonoita American Viticulture Area (AVA) has since seen the number wineries and vineyards mushroom. While the region continues gaining respect in the world of wine, a couple of wineries have stood the test of time

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by growing quality grapes and taking care of their customers.

Photos by Mark Levy; photos of Copper Hop Ranch on pp. 10–11 by Kay Phillips.

What’s Up? at Canyon Vista Medical Center

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-Michael Leonard

5700 E. Highway 90, Sierra Vista, AZ •


”The staff was great!”




ithin a stone’s throw of Copper Hop Ranch Farm & Microbrewery sits Lightning Ridge Cellars. Ann Rancone is the winemaker. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Rancone started out making what she calls “garage wines.” She and her husband Ron purchased the property in 2003, established the winery in 2005, but didn’t open for business until 2009. “We wanted to open with estate wines,” Rancone explains. “And it takes awhile to grow the grapes to make that happen.” With an annual output of 1,000 cases, Rancone says her Elgin-based winery is classified as a micro-boutique. The size of her operation — basically a two man show between her and Ron — leaves very little time to participate in some of the more lighthearted festival-type events in the region. “I spend about 85 percent of my time in the vineyard,” Rancone explains. Lightning Ridge currently has 10 planted acres. “So, I can’t do as many events as other places. It’s pretty much just me and I’m at the mercy of Mother Nature,” she said. Lightning Ridge Cellars remains a top winery without relying on gimmicks


due to its straightforward approach to winemaking and respect for the craft. Their wines are mostly dry, mostly red with the occasional dessert wine. Their most popular wine, the Estate Montepulciano, is made from a warm weather Italian varietal. “We chose specific plants, plants that nobody else had in the area at the time,” said Rancone. “It wasn’t a blind planting.” One of those pointed plantings resulted in their 2013 Aglianico, a wine that takes some by surprise. “It’s a blast to have people try it,” explains Rancone. “We love having people taste things that they normally wouldn’t.” Something visitors rarely see is the barrel room. Enormous wooden double doors in the back of the building swing open onto a dim, intimate space that is not only home to 80 barrels of aging wine, but a 12-person dinner table, Persian rugs and soft music. Ann admits that not many people get to see the barrel room, but that’s fine with her. “At the end of the day, it’s about the wine,” she said. For tasting room hours, visit

Specializing in Italian varietals. Come by and enjoy our wines and scenic views. We’re located 7½ miles south of Sonoita on Hwy 83. Find us at: 2368 Highway 83, Elgin, Arizona. Open Friday - Sunday 11:00AM to 4:00PM. 520-455-5383




Tusccany, just an hour south of Tucson....



award for best red wine in Arizona. The owners offer several tours a week and are eager to explain anything from what exactly a varietal is to how to properly taste wine. “But we aren’t a bar,” said Breanna. “We will get to know you and what you like. We’ll give you as much — or as little — knowledge as you want.” They are proud to be the only “100 percent estate wines” in the Sonoita/ Elgin area. Their website says they prefer a “hands off” approach to grape growing, “allowing our grapes to make the wine with as little intervention from the winemaker as possible.” When asked how they’ve lasted so long, Breanna says it’s because of good wine and good neighbors help. “People sometimes ask me about our competition, but none of us in this area are competing,” she explains. “We can all support each other because we are all different.” When asked why they’ve lasted so long, Chris Hamilton laughs and says, “We can’t afford to close.” For updated tasting room information, visit


ocated off “winery row” Rancho Rossa Vineyards room has quietly made a name for itself by being the only winery in the Sonoita Viticultural area that is 100% estate- they only use the grapes they grow. Owner Breanna Hamilton and her husband Chris have owned and operated Rancho Rossa since 1999. Prior to that, Chris was a home-brewer and winemaker for nearly 20 years. In 2002, the couple planted their first acres and harvested in 2004. Today, the property has grown to 310 total acres, 24 of which are planted. Rancho Rossa has the fourth oldest tasting room in the Sonoita AVA. Their tasting room is in a low, unassuming building. The inside is more mancave than tasting room with leather couches, vintage concert posters and a giant fish tank. The rock theme continues with wines with names like Emotional Rescue and Sweet Emotion. Their 2014 Ziggy Stardust is a white blend named after the late David Bowie’s alter ego. Playfulness aside, the Hamiltons are all about business when it comes to their wines. Their 2004 Syrah won the Arizona Wine Growers Association

(520) 455-4779 3252 Hwy 82 • Sonoita 85637 Open Wed. - Sun. 6:30 to 2:30





Hand-harvested, foot-stomped


Village of Elgin is the largest producer of wine in the Sonoita American Viticulture Area


illage of Elgin Winery was founded in 1982 and sits in the Heart of the Arizona Wine Country. According to the winery’s website, they are the largest producer of wine in the Sonoita American Viticulture Area (AVA), producing nearly 30 different wines annually. Dr. Gary Reeves is the owner/winemaker at Village of Elgin Winery. The winery specializes in reds, white and rose wines. Authenticity is paramount to Village of Elgin; they only use grapes grown in Southern Arizona and the Sonoita AVA. Tradition is also important, as the grapes are hand harvested and foot-stomped and wines aged in wooden barrels. Tradition does not stand in the way of progress, as Village of Elgin Winery also employs a super-efficient automatic bottling line and, based on research, have switched their bottle closures from cap to cork. Village of Elgin Winery wines are available for tasting and sale through their tasting room, including the Tombstone family of wines, and Four Monkey wines. Despite being one of the region’s oldest wineries, the Village of Elgin Winery recently expanded its offerings to include the Elgin Distillery. Located adjacent to the Village of Elgin’s tasting room is the newer Elgin Distillery. Founded in 2014, the distillery produces whiskies, brandies and rums. The Elgin Distillery bills itself as the first craft distillery in Elgin, Arizona and its website boasts recent awards won for, among other offerings, their Arizona Bourbon. For the most updated information on tasting room hours, events and more, visit and

The Village of Elgin Winery is the one of the oldest in the area.


A customer at the Village of Elgin Winery peruses the available wines.


Village of Elgin Winery brand ambassador Traci Quandt serves customers in the establishment’s tasting room in Elgin.

The Village of Elgin Winery is located at 471 Elgin Road.






hoosing to further

one’s education of the wine-r things in life can be intimidating,

especially if there has been a visit to a less-than-welcoming tasting room. The following wineries are more than happy to help- assistance without the attitude. The following vineyards, distilleries and microbreweries say they’re more than happy to demystify the product without abasing the experience.


Since buying their property in 2013, Flying Leap Vineyards has earned quite the reputation. Between planted acres in Sonoita, Willcox, and a smaller Estate vineyard in Elgin, the operation yields enough fruit to produce approximately 500 cases of wine annually. Flying Leap operates tasting rooms located in Bisbee, Tucson, Willcox, Elgin and Tubac and with a sixth opening in Prescott. Despite operating multiple tasting rooms, Vice President, Co-founder and Winemaker Marc Moeller says the atmosphere within remains the same. “Visitors will be greeted by friendly staff who’re well able to explain how a tasting flight works and the wines available,” he said. Moeller and his co-owners take the training of their staff so serious that they developed a mini training for more details. Along with the new events venue, the vineyard has recently begun distillery operations. Moeller said plans had been in the works for about three years. Distillery operations began last August. “We’ve got a lot of things going at the distillery,” he said. The state-ofthe-art facility features, among other things, German-built stills. For now, the distillery is putting out apple brandy, vodka, Irish single malt, as well as starting on bourbons. “The craft distilling industry in Arizona is in its infancy,” Moeller said. “We have vineyards, so we can distill some wines and make these wonderful vodkas and brandies from our wines. While the distillery’s tasting room isn’t open just yet, the owners welcome visitors to take a peek inside. “As we get more established and busier, we’re going to do more of a structured tour and tastings,” he adds. All told, Moeller said he’s encouraged by the Sonoita AVA’s reputation in the world of wine. “It’s encouraging that people are seeing Arizona as a stand-alone wine industry,” Moeller said. He notes that it’s always nice to entertain new visitors, not only at Flying Leap Vineyard and Distillery, but elsewhere in the region. “It benefits us all,” said Moeller. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”


Bisbee visitors Annie Casper, left, and Jan Zahner sample some wine at the Flying Leap Vineyards Tasting Room and Fine Art Gallery as sommelier Keith Dennis serves in the Bisbee facility.

When the sign at Copper Hop Ranch Farm & Microbrewery says open, that’s exactly what they mean. The five acre property is home to Santa Cruz County’s first licensed microbrewery. It is also a working farm. Located off the beaten trail, it has the laid back feel of a neighbor’s front yard, complete with barns, pets and corn hole. Owner and Winemaker Melanie Pyle

and her husband Tom describe their and microbrewery as “the place you find when you’re out in Vermont or something and you see a fruit stand on the side of the road and you have to stop.” Copper Hop Ranch & Microbrewery are known for their ciders, which include a pineapple, peach mango and their flagship pear cider. The fruit for the ciders is locally sourced from the neighbors. In fact, the farm prides itself on wasting very little. They grow their own hops. Extra grain is used to feed their chickens as well as their neighbors’ animals and even the peppers used in their Hatch chili beer are local. “We support each other and send each other business,” Pyle says of her neighbors. She and her husband have been known to pitch in during harvest time at nearby vineyards. “Ninety-nine percent of the brewers will send you around to other wineries and to us. We’re a tight knit community,” she said. None of the products from Copper Hop Ranch & Microbrewery have added sugar. Their beer shack is a converted 16-feet by 20-feet barn that doubles as a tasting room and bar, complete with tasting patio. Another, slightly larger barn holds the brewery operation. Pyle said the ambiance is intentional. “It’s like going to a farm or an antique store on a farm. We’re not fancy. We just want people to relax and have a good time,” she said. Good times and community are what it’s all about, according to the Pyle’s. They’ve been known to allow selfcontained campers to stay on their property and let visitors pick their own hops. “Sure, we take folks out and let them pick a couple of hops to put in their beer or cider,” said Pyle. This month, the hops are just beginning to sprout. When the hops are on the bine — yes, bine — they can tower well over eight feet.




program for them. “The program covers the Arizona wine industry, the history of Arizona wine, how many different wineries, even what fruit yields are,” he said. Some staff even attend lectures through the University of California, Davis. “It’s not like, ‘here are your six tastes and if you like something, buy it’,” Moeller said. “We’re about communicating the love of what we do.” In turn, he says, that knowledge is passed down to their visitors; either through informal tasting room conversations or through first-hand, hands-on experience. “We’ve had visitors come to the back and explain what we’re doing that day or the equipment they see,” Moeller said. “It gives them a connection to our vineyards and to the Arizona wine industry. There are several reasons why Arizona wines are so unique, he said. “With small wineries, you will notice a difference between the years of the same wine,” Moeller explains. “We can’t aggregate the crops, so our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is going to differ from the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon due to microclimate changes.” He goes on to say, “Sonoita sits around 5,000 feet above sea level and grapes do well in those conditions.” Flying Leap specializes in several grape varietals, including Tannat, Petite Verdot, Graciano, and Tempranillo. “You couldn’t grow great grapes at lower elevations because it’s just too hot and the grapes don’t have time to recover,” Moeller says. Although the festival scene isn’t Flying Leap’s bailiwick, the vineyard and distillery does offer five or six wine pairing dinners throughout the year. The next pairing is their Spring Fling, scheduled for April 8. The catered dinner takes place in their brand-new event venue. The large venue- perfect for weddings or corporate gatherings- is available for rent. Contact the vineyard at contact@



Grʝʨɚ Uɞ Grʋȼeɡ



Melanie Pyle shows off the hops beginning to bud at the Copper Hop Ranch Farm and Microbrewery

Jeff Bronco and Yellsolina Sweeper of Bisbee take advantage of the tasting barn’s patio

Visitors find Pyle, a former winemaker, and her husband not only hospitable but willing and more than able to educate visitors. One thing she enjoys is talking about the science behind why hops do so well in Arizona. “You can grow hops here just like they’re grown in Germany. In Germany, there is a lot granite in the soil and here we have clay, as well as granite,” Pyle said.. According

to her, Copper Hop Ranch & Microbrewery sit at the lowest elevation of any hop farm in the continental U.S. “Just like with a vineyard, you taste the quality of the soil in the wine and the same applies to hops,” she said. Melanie and Tom’s hops have quite the reputation, even catching the attention of Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company.

“The company was sourcing everything from Arizona and we wanted the certain beer to be a true Arizona beer,” said Pyle. She has nothing but praise for her close neighbors, too. “The people down here are amazing. They’ve opened their arms to us. We have the best neighbors ever,” she said. Several of their neighbors helped get Copper Hop Ranch and Microbrewery on its feet, from pouring concrete to painting. “Our neighbors come over all the time, but we’re like that with everybody. “You might come as strangers but you leave as friends,” laughs Pyle. “We are going to get to know you. We take the time to talk, find out about you and we always ask, what brought you here?” Melanie and Tom say that, although they are not a vineyard, they’re proud to do business in the Sonoita AVA and be a part of showing off the best of their county. “We want to show folks what

Experience chefitude at The Cafe XNLV317675

Chef Adam’s natural sense for food provides guests with approachable, comfortable, appetizing offerings designed to provide a tasty and price-valued dining experience. He selects his staff to have an innate gift for supporting an enjoyable guest experience.


German & Rheinland-Pfalz wine grapes

Charless & Kaa ree n Hoo fmann n Owners

Lunch ........ Sunday-Wednesday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

HOFMANN WINERY AND TASTING ROOM OPENED IN 2016. TOURS OF VINEYARD ARE AVAILABLE NOW. CALL FOR AVAILABLE TIMES. Located in Tombstone Heritage Ranch North side on the historic High Lonesome Ranch Road that connected the mines in Gleason to the processing in Bisbee, Arizona. Going south on Highway 80 to mile marker 321 at Davis Road. Follow Davis Road east to mile marker 15 and turn north on High Lonesome Road 1.6 miles to the Winery. From Highway 191 in McNeal, go west on Davis Road also to mile marker 15. Do not use GPS as it will incorrectly

Dinner ......... Thursday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

take you to an unpassable route.

Happy Hour ..... Thursday - Sunday 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. 3280 Highway 82, Sonoita · 520-455-5044 ·



We select our wines and beer to complement our food. Our house wines are provided by Rancho Rossa, the only 100% Estate Wines in the Sonoita Appellation. Our beers are flavorful and interesting, sourced locally to Arizona, and imported. We also feature special beer and wines, to share amazing finds with our guests.

9399 High Lonesome Road P.O. Box 100, Mc Neal AZ, 85617 520-403-2100 & 405-7899

Winemaking from University of California, Davis — the first Arizona winemaker to do so. She and Kevin purchased their land in 2003, added more acreage the following year. Today, Wilhelm Family Vineyards covers 20 acres with half of those designated for vineyards. The vineyard produces over 2,000 gallons of wine annually. That wine is produced from predominantly French and Spanish varietals like Tannat, Grenache Noir, Tempranillo and Graciano. In 2008, the vineyard began producing red and white Gluhwein. Karyl remembers the story behind it. “People would say, ‘Oh, Wilhelm. What German wines do you have?’ and we’d say, ‘Um, Spanish and French’,” she recalled. These days, the Gluhwein is a top seller, along with their sangrias. The latest sangria is a prickly pear jalapeno sangria. All three sangrias are available at Sierra Vista’s La Casita Mexican restaurant. The vineyard also specializes

“The bottom line is, do you like it?” That is Karyl Wilhelm’s approach to winemaking. Karyl and her husband Kevin are the owners of Wilhelm Family Vineyards and, when it comes to their visitors, they aim to take the intimidation of out and put the fun back into wine. Winemaker Karyl Wilhelm, a biomedical engineer in a former life, says she is now “engineering fine wine for your good health.” Karyl received her certificate in Viticulture and

Tom Pyle tends bar while Jeff Bronco and Yellsolina Sweeper of Bisbee enjoy cider in the tasting barn. in Port style dessert wines. To date, Wilhelm Family Vineyards has no less than 14 dessert wines- seven white and seven red. The whites have flavors like Orange Blossom sunrise and White Chocolate Almond

“Specializing in Specialties” Dry and Sweet

A dreamland vacation for you and your horse…or just yourself!

April - September Fri - Sun • 11am - 5pm October - March Daily • 11am - 5pm



Special Occasions Birthdays Anniversaries


Accommodate 150+ Catering Available



Indoor/Outdoor Venue Large Dance Area



21 MOUNTAIN RANCH DR. Lower Elgin Road 83


Xanadu means “A place of great beauty, peace and contentment, “ Xanadu Ranch is Trip Advisor’s Number One Pick for Sonoita, Elgin and Patagonia. When you check in at the Xanadu, you get a wine tour map, and a wine testing discount card. Take some of our wine glasses and you’ll save even more. So, check in here first and save!

Horse Motels

One of the oldest homesteads in RV Hook-ups Sonoita, Xanadu Ranch was built in 1912. Enjoy our unique style - a hybrid bed & Group Gatherings Family Reunions breakfast. All rooms have private entrances and private baths. Our deluxe rooms have full kitchens.

MARCH 2017 • HERALD/REVIEW 21 MOUNTAIN RANCH DR ELGIN, AZ 85611 (520) 455-9291

is a born teacher — she homeschooled her children and was a martial arts instructor for several years. “In the educational role, I try to help people get a little more knowledgeable about things

Xanadu is ultimate getaway adventure



Sunrise, while the reds include Hazelnut Sunset and Chocolate Raspberry Sunset. Those wishing for a little more from their wine-tasting experience will find it in Wilhelm Family Vineyards. Karyl

Weekend Retreats 520.455.0050 92 S. Los Encinos Road, Sonoita Only 1½ miles from all of the finest shops and restaurants at the Sonoita Crossroads

All rooms have satellite TV, DVD players, wireless internet, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, coffee & tea and toasters. We offer a number of options for breakfast, plus local restaurants. Book online and save! Pay nothing until you check-in. The Xanadu caters to birders, bikers, Nightly & weekly rates, multiple night savings, cash hikers, horse lovers, wine lovers or people discounts and promotional savings. who just want to get away from it all! email:


Wilhelm Family Vineyards


Santa Cruz county is all about,” said Pyle. “From Nogales to Sonoita to Patagonia. It’s all good.” One thing that’s not good, according to Pyle, is attitude. “We’re like family here and manners are free,” she said, growing serious. “I don’t put up with that crap. I don’t care if the customers speak English or not, if they’re of whatever political party. We treat people with respect around here.”


warns. “I can be an ass to people who know everything about everything. “When you walk into my tasting room, I want you to find something that you love.” In addition to winery tours, Karyl and Kevin have no problem letting people into their inner sanctum. “There have been times when we’re bottling and people get a sneak peek and they get to pour their own,” she said. The near future sees Wilhelm Family Vineyards hosting an upcoming wine club social and wine club member ap-

preciation weekend. This is where Karyl takes her six suggested spring wine pickups, often new releases, and pairs them with food. This year sees the debut of two new whites, including a 2016 dry white and a dry red. Karyl Wilhelm says she is sympathetic to those who have outgrown the overthe-top party atmosphere, but who are wary of those tasting rooms who take themselves so serious that they are a turn-off to potential customers. “The frat party environment is not for everybody,” said Karyl. “Somewhere in between is a nice mix. That’s where we are.

Get a little wine, get a little knowledge. “We’ve got loads of options for our sweeties and for our dry folks.” Ultimately, she goes on to say, “the proof is in the pouring. If someone finds your winery and had an enjoyable experience, they’ll come back and bring their friends and family.” The tasting room at Wilhelm Family Vineyards is open daily April 1 through October, then Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.



that interest them,” explains Karyl. “Walking into a tasting room should be like walking into a friend’s house.” Karyl says she has fun answering questions for people and stresses that no question is a “dumb question”. “People ask, ‘What does it mean if a wine has legs?’ or say they don’t know what to ask for at a restaurant. That’s what I’m here for,” she said. On the other hand, Karyl has fun with those on the other end of the spectrum. “Don’t come here and try to make the people around you feel dumb,” she

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Locally Owned and Operated Since 1999 FUN TRIPS AFFORDABLE PRICES



Many Horses Trading Co. Native American Jewelry & Art


3254 AZ-82 Sonoita, AZ 85637




We sell quality handmade Native American, Southwestern jewelry and fetishes.

Karyl Wilhelm, of the Wilhelm Family Vineyards, serves customers recently in the Elgin winery.

Wʖȸʑmɪʘʖnɒ wʝȷʑɚ mately create parity across the science and technology fields. When it comes to winemaking and brewing, Pyle says she’s noticed a definite trend. “We are definitely becoming more female driven,” she said. “Either behind the scenes or out in the vineyards.” Pyle worked as a winemaker under master winemaker Leon Santoro of the acclaimed Stags Leap in Napa. Santoro obtained his knowledge from Robert Mondavi in the early 1970’s. She ran a small microbrewery for one year in California and transitioned to beer after discovering that hops were a more sought commodity than grapes. That distinction, however, came with challenges.

“Hops are harder to grow and cultivate into an exceptional product for brewers. There is a lot of science behind soil, organic, good bugs vs bad bugs and water! And it’s a constant battle with wind,” she said. Producing an exceptional beer involves a lot of technical aspect, Pyle explains. “You have temperatures, sugar extraction from grain, living organisms converting theses sugars into alcohol and all under specific temperature conditions,” she said. “You have specific hop varieties that provide unique flavor profiles and bitterness qualities. You’re also looking at the final gravity of the liquid for its ABV (Alcohol by Volume) and IBU’s (Interna-

tional Bittering Units). “And that’s just scratching the surface.” Rancone maintains that it doesn’t necessarily take a background in engineering or math to be a winemaker, “but, much like with any other career, other

life knowledge helps,” she adds. Instead, Rancone says the key is drive and attention to detail. When it comes to winemaking, it’s art and science, all at once. “If you’ve got grit, determination and a willing to constantly learn, engineering isn’t a




nne Rancone from Lightning Ridge Cellars worked as a mechanical engineer for 24 years. Melanie Pyle of Copper Hop Ranch Farm and Microbrewery worked as a winemaker before making the switch to brewer. These are just a few of the women winemakers of the Sonoita American Viticultural Area (AVA). These women are owners of vineyards and microbreweries and make use of science and technology daily. The last several years have seen a push across the country to get more girls interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) classes in hopes that these women will choose to stay in field and ulti-


The ladies behind Sonoita AVA share some of their art and science



requisite,” she said. “Artistry, on the other hand, is.” Rancone, a self-professed Excel fan, says she loves making spreadsheets, so the project management side of running a vineyard comes naturally to her. “The spreadsheets help with the efficiency of tracking the harvest, as well as other efforts throughout the year to be more efficient,” she said. “In fact, on a regular basis, any math or science necessary is usually trying to fit 36 hours of work into a 24 hour day.” Breanna Hamilton of Rancho Rossa finds running her vineyard a little easier with the help of her husband Chris. She notes that the wineries and vineyards of the Sonoita/Elgin area tend to have a more family atmosphere. “There are lots of husband and wife teams out here,” said Hamilton. “And we work hard. My husband Chris touches every bottle we make. I do the billing and marketing… we have to work together as a team and it can be a challenge working with your

spouse every day.” While these female winemakers and vineyard owners may differ in opinion on whether art or science is a priority in winemaking or brewing, they all agree that it takes skill and patience. “Someone told me once if you can bake cookies you can make wine,” remembers Pyle. “Well, if you can make a flourless chocolate Lê Bette Noir in the pitch dark, then you can make an outstanding beer!”






Karyl Wilhelm at her Wilhelm Family Vineyards.

5151 Hwy 90, Sierra Vista, AZ

Hope Strength Courage

Dr. Mark McCarthy, MD Oncology/Hematology

Dr. Valerie Israel, Medical Oncology/Hematology

L O D G I N G A V A I L A B L E F O R O U T- O F - T O W N P A T I E N T S

Dr. Janet Nettleton, Radiation Oncology


At Mountain View Gardens, we have an abundance of heart and we can’t wait to share it with you. Come visit us!

love to We’deet you! m

me Welco e! Hom

Mountain View Gardens is family owned and operated by a dedicated team of men and women that have been in the senior housing business since 1969. We attribute the success of our personal relationships with our residents and community to our caring couple management team. 2XUOLYHLQPDQDJHUFRXSOHVDUHWKHNH\WRDVXFFHVVIXOO\UXQIDPLO\ÀUVWEXVLQHVV :HDUHGHGLFDWHGDQGFRPPLWWHGWRWKDWFRQFHSW MARCH 2017 • HERALD/REVIEW

Welcome to a community where caring hearts and friendly smiles await you; welcome home.


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SUMMER WINE CONCERT SERIES Ever y Saturday, from 1-4 pm beginning Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 27 through Saturday, August 26. JULY 15th Dinner in the Vines, a four course meal paired with wine in the vineyard. RSVP required. Space limited.

August 26th, 11 am to 5 pm

KIEF-JOSHUA VINEYARDS is a small family business with 20 acres in

beautiful Elgin and 40 acres in Willcox Wine Country. Our Elgin tasting room is open daily and is situated right in the middle of what is known as “winery row.”

STRIVING FOR ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY VINES Kief made the commitment to implement sustainable farming techniques from vineyard to bottle. The vineyard is free of herbicides and pesticides, and this environmentally sound approach will continue to be implemented over the years.

GRAND OPENING MAY 2017: Our Willcox Tasting Room, will be open

for wine tastings Friday through Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm. @ 4923 E. Arzberger Road, Willcox, AZ 85643 Road, Willcox, AZ 85643

Magdelena Bash Harvest Festival, 2 bands, 2 food vendors, new wine releases and more.

MAY 27TH, 1-4pm Rhythm Jax

JUNE 3RD, 1-4pm Jenny Jarnigan

JUNE 10TH, 1-4pm Bryan Dean Trio

JUNE 17TH, 1-4pm Corey Spector

JUNE 24TH, 1-4pm Kroehler & Rovnak

JULY 1ST, 1-4pm Sage Gentle-Wing



JULY 8TH, 1-4pm Josh McCormack

JULY 15TH, 1-4pm Blaine Long

JULY 22ND, 1-4pm Joerdie

JULY 29TH, 1-4pm Tommy Tucker

370 Elgin Road, Elgin, Arizona 85611 Email Address:

(520) 455-5582

AUGUST 5TH, 1-4pm Black Cat Blues

AUGUST 12, 1-4pm Jacob Acothsta Band

AUGUST 19TH, 1-4pm 76th Street




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