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SuNDAY, MARCH 30, 2014


By Brandon Smith, Central Elementary

Community needs large animal shelter By Renton holt, fiRst place

By Hudson Severson, Central Elementary top 10

By Avery urruh, Central Elementary top 10

I had just let our little Papillon Clarice outside. It was cold so I went away from the door to a vent. I stood there waiting for her to bark, signaling me to let her in. After a few minutes with no bark, I opened the door and called her name. No response. I called her a few more times but she still didn’t respond, so I ran upstairs and grabbed my coat and boots. I also stopped by my parents’ room to tell them what had happened, then ran downstairs and went outside. Walking around I spotted Clarices tags of vaccination lying on the cold hard ground. “This cannot be good” I thought to myself. I ran all around the neighborhood searching for her, but to no good. My parents called me inside and told me that we would look for her later. The next day I was able to run around the neighborhood but only for a few minutes, because my parents were busy. One day later, my mom was able to take me to the animal shelter. We walked in and up to the front desk, but no one was there. Then out of a door to the right came a cry of pain and terror. It sounded just like Clarice. This story is not real but could be for others. The animal shelter here in Sidney is small, they put the dogs down in two days! So a good community project would be building another larger animal shelter. We could also set up an animal adoption program. Instead of putting the pets down once their time has expired they would put them up for adoption. The program wouldn’t stay in one city, they would move to Fairview, Williston and Miles City. This would make life for many Montanans and Dakotans much better as they could save a dog or cat by adopting it. It would also help if someone went on a vacation and forgot to get a dog sitter then they could retrieve their pet. These are the reasons that I think that we should create an animal adoption program and improve the animal shelter. More animals would have families to go to and less would be killed.


Creative kids

sunday, March 30, 2014

sidney herald

Why community needs a gun range By Wyatt Heringer, second place

By aden Graves, central elementary top 10

By Tate Wieferich, central elementary top 10

By Jessica romo, central elementary top 10

Have you ever owned a gun? Have you ever wanted to shoot that gun? Are you sick and tired of being crammed into town and are able to see your neighbor’s neighbor’s house through your neighbor’s window? So you need to get out off the couch and out of the house and do something enjoyable? This is a dilemma for many people in the great state of Montana. There is a need in our community, and in the surrounding communities, including: Fairview, Lambert, Savage, Crane, to have a centrally located indoor and outdoor gun and shooting range. The inside part will be for handgun target practice. The outside will have three parts. The first part will be a 25- 45 yard range for small to medium size caliber rifles. The second part will be a 150 500 yard range for bigger caliber rifles, and can be used to sight-in rifles for upcoming hunting seasons. It can also be used to figure out ballistics of the weapon before they go hunting. The third part will be a clay pidgin range and a ten to twenty yard range for shooting shotgun. This will give hunters a chance to practice before the bird season arrives. This project will benefit the residents of Sidney and the surrounding area (said above) for many reasons. Hunting is a very popular sport in our area, and this gives hunters the opportunity to sight-in rifles for various hunting seasons. After they sight-in, they have the opportunity to have fun shooting AR’s, 22, ect, in the rifle range. Or shotgun in the clay pidgin range. Or even take a few shots with their pistol in the indoor range. Many people now have received concealed weapon permits due to the increase in the population during the oil boom. This will give those people a place to practice and to get to know their weapon better, so if an attack were to happen they would be more efficient, effective, and ready in that situation, than someone who has not practiced with their weapon at all. This will also be a great place for families to come and have a great day. It will get the kids interacting with the parents and not just in the chair playing X-Box. Families can connect and have fun doing so. They won’t have to travel so far and not spend a bunch of money on gas or other things. It will be a great place to introduce the sport of shooting to youth and inexperienced adults in a safe place and manner. It is a great place to hold competitions with friends, family, and people in the community. This project is very important to many people. It will allow hunters a place to sight-in, get to know their weapon better, and become a better shot. This place will allow people with concealed weapon permits to have a place to practice and get to know their weapon better, so if an attack were to happen, they are efficient and effective. It will get people in the community interacting with each other and having fun. I believe this last one is the most important. It will give people knowledge and ability to use a gun to protect themselves in a life or death situation. In summary, a gun range would be highly beneficial to the people in our community and people in the surrounding communities, based on their love of hunting, the sport of shooting, and the knowledge and ability to protect themselves and loved ones.

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SuNDAY, MARcH 30, 2014

Winter games would benefit community By Hailie larson, Top 10

I think that Sidney should have a winter games event. The event would be lots of fun and would make a huge profit to donate to various places in Sidney that need money. The admission fee would be $5 for kids 12 and under, 13 and older would pay $10, and babies 2 and under get in free. You could also get a card that you wear on a lanyard to go all 7 days for $50. The event would be held at the fairgrounds. We don’t necessarily “need” to have this event but it would be a great way to raise money for those in need. It would not only bring in profits, but it would bring our community together. The amount of money we would raise would be absolutely phenomenal! It’s almost like a winter version of the fair! And who doesn’t like the fair? Everyone would have so much fun, yet the money goes to a good cause. This event would take a lot of time, effort, and hard work, but in the end it would all be worth it. We could possibly make thousands of dollars! This project would be a fantastic idea for our community because it’s always so cold so why not have a little family fun with it? The funds would go to various places in Sidney that need some financial help. Some of those places include: the SMS and SHS bands, the food bank, and other places in and around Sidney that need some financial help. This event would be very beneficial because it will help lots and lots of people in the Sidney area who are struggling with money. With that I will explain what we will be doing. Where we usually play soccer in the summer would be covered in ice, on one side there would be open skating and on the other side there would be hockey. All around the fairgrounds we would have a huge snowball fight! Where the rodeos are held during the fair, various games like trying to hit snowmen with snowballs for a prize would be held. Other games would include: racing on a sled down a big snow pile, a snow fort making contest, etc. Those activities would be for people 7 years old and older. For little kids, 6 and under, inside the big building where people sell things during the fair would be games in booths like: pin the carrot nose on the snowman, a snowman making contest, a little snow hill to slide down, a coloring contest, there would be a little area to sit and watch the movie frozen and other movies etc. Also, there would be places to get things like hot cocoa, snow cones, coffee, and foods to sell like pies, cookies, and more! This project may not be considered important to some people but think of how many people are in our area living in campers, hotels, maybe even on the streets! We need to work together and give back to our community. You really can’t go wrong with this idea, bring your friends and family out and have some fun and your hard earned money you spend will be worth it and is greatly needed. This would be a great event to have in Sidney. The importance of this project is immense! People in Sidney need financial help with how expensive things have gotten not to mention how much houses are around here even little ones and people’s monthly rents are sky rocketing! If we don’t do something now it will have negative effects on our community later. If we actually did this think of how much money we could raise and how many people we could help out.

By Ali Merritt, central Elementary Top 10

By Alexis Erickson, central Elementary Top 10

By Santos Riggs, central Elementary Top 10



sunday, march 30, 2014

Creative kids

sidney herald

community garden should be in area By Cortney HeCker, top 10

By steve christensen, central elementary top 10

By shaylee dean, Fairview elementary top 10

By morgan slade, central elementary

In our community we could use a community garden. A community garden would be a helpful thing for the community of eastern Montana. Making a community garden would also help the environment. Another thing we could do at the community garden would be to put solar lights throughout the garden so it is beautiful at night too. By making a community garden it will bring this community together and we could have a part flowers and some veggies so when they are ripe some could go to the famers market and the rest could be donated to the homeless so they could have some fresh food too even when they may not have the money to buy some. The community garden can be watered by underground sprinklers we could and people and different clubs could volunteer to help keep the garden nice and pick the plants and take them to the farmers market and to help pick up trash there too because we know there will probably be a lot of that in the garden and all around it. At the garden there could be different activities to help raise money. We could have more fun events like a water balloon fight. We could also have a food truck there in the parking lot of the garden we could plant the garden every spring and have some that comeback every year like tulips. The garden could also have solar light around it and in the middle. You may be thinking “wow how much is this going to cost us� and could have some fundraisers and make more money to buy the solar lights, flowers, and underground sprinklers. And may be having some local businesses to donate to the cause. As you can tell I think this is a needed in the community.

many ways to improve our community By katrina MeldaHl, top 10 Have you noticed that some places in Sidney are being treated badly? When kids and teens have nothing to do they sometimes do bad things to keep their minds occupied. We could do something to lessen that behavior by creating a place like a recreational center. Or like a bridge that crosses over mainstreet to connect the bike paths. This will not be so dangerous to cross the streets then. The streets are much busier. Here are some ideas of community service projects that could help out our community. A nice way to get started is by planting flowers and/ or trees in dull areas that might need some color added. A few more ways are by getting together with friends and family and creating a community newspaper on your ideas. You could also start a fundraiser for multiple things and places Sidney could use. Such as a recreational center that includes a basketball/volleyball court, a large indoors swimming pool for use during the winter, a track, a tall rock climbing wall, indoor swings, slides, and other playground equipment, and a new larger dance studio for dance members. There are many more things the recreational center could have. You could also just help by doing good things on your own. You could help elders with shoveling snow,

See page iMprove page 5c


Creative kids

SuNDAY, mARcH 30, 2014

Improve: helping neighbors from page 4C

mowing their lawn, planting and watering flowers, cleaning their house, or help paint it if needed. You could walk around the block picking up any trash you find on the ground or stuck in trees. These are some helpful ways to keep your neighborhood clean. When you do good things like cleaning up and helping out your neighborhood, the idea of helping might rub off on others without you having to ask them to help you. You could also tell people without words by putting up food drive, fundraiser, and community cleanup posters. There are many more things you could advertise about. You could do On the Calender projects as well. Some of those ideas are delivering a May Day basket, conduct an Easter egg hunt for needy children, ring the bell for the Salvation Army during the holidays, mow the lawn for your dad on Father’s Day, or make a Halloween safety kit for youth. Some more of those ideas are plan a Memorial Day program and invite the whole community to attend, recognize veterans in your community, and decorate a Christmas tree for a nursing home, hospital, schools, or a homeless shelter. These are great ways to involve your whole community, not just your neighborhood. Animals need help too. Some ways to do this are become a foster parent, raise money for pet causes with a pet photo booth, care for a neighbors pet, adopt a zoo animal, go around maybe during Halloween and collect food items for a local zoo, pet shelter, or people with animals that don’t have enough money to care for their pet well. These are great ways to care for animals. Community service can be fun but hard work sometimes if you want to do well with your project.

By Austin Brown, central Elementary

Entertainment with paintballs By Carson allen, top 10 It could be said that the Sidney area needs something to do for fun. I’ve lived here for about 6 years and have seen the town of Sidney grow in the past few years. I like to shoot and ride ATV’s and dirt bikes, but there’s nowhere to do those types of things unless you have time to travel. Out of school there are not many places to hangout

‘so I think that we should do

By matthew Hansen, central Elementary

something for the community and have a place with entertainment.’ with your friends, other than at their house. One of the only places you could go to have fun in the winter were a couple of hill on which we sled on, was sold and know is private property. So I think that we should do something for the community and have a place with entertainment. I think that a paintball center would be a big hit around here. Most people like to shoot, and would love to be able to shoot at friends and have fun. With the oil boom going on, this is a good opportunity to get a bonus. With so many workers working long hours and getting off work with nothing to do except an occasional movie, a paint ball center would be the perfect way let off some of the stress that they may be feeling. The hardest part of this would be finding enough land to start this project. Once that’s done it would take about $200,000 for a large all year round center, but I think it’s worth the cost, plus I’m guessing that it will pay for itself. It’s just one idea but I think that the community will agree that we could use some entertainment in this town. Though I think that a paintball center would be very successful and would be an improvement to the community.

By curstine Gaffield, central Elementary



sunday, March 30, 2014

Creative kids

sidney herald

recreation center is needed in community

By ElizaBEth hill, top 10 I believe that childhood obesity is an ever growing problem nationwide as well as in Richland County. One of the best defenses against obesity is exercise. We do not have a recreation center on our community that offers a wide variety of activities that fits everyone’s interests. An effort to contribute to the construction costs or outfitting the facility with

‘it would also be nice to have an area where the younger children can keep busy while their parents or guardian are

By erin shannon, Fairview elementary

working out.’ equipment, Sidney Middle School students could auction themselves for labor. We could hold a “slave” auction at the Sidney Middle School auditorium. We could invite business owners and other community members could come and place bids for student labor. Willing students could labor up to a day week or month depending in the bid and. the needs of the community member. The benefit that the students will receive from this experience is getting exercise, the knowing that they helped contribute towards a recreational center that will help them and the community. They will also have that satisfaction that comes from hard work. In the recreation center some of the things I would like to see would be a large pool with water activities, a diving area, a weight lifting room, rock climbing wall, and a basketball court. It would also be nice to have an area where the younger children can keep busy while their parents or guardian are working out. I realize the student “slave” labor won’t pay for all of the expenses but I am hoping investors will see that this cause is very important to our community and will contribute money towards the recreation center.

By lydia Breuer, central elementary

equestrian center could teach lessons By KylE topp, top 10

Sidney, Montana has been growing and changing my whole life. And for that whole time I have thought how big an improvement it would be if an Equestrian Center, or actual stable, that had real trainers was built. About 2 years ago I got my

‘if you’re not riding, you could do many other things like lead line, drafting, and mini eventing is jumping miniature horses over obstacles by leading them.’

By Whitney shaffer, central elementary

own horse. He has taught me so much and helped me through problems better than most people. Horses are therapeutic and can help people not just mentally, but physically too. Many people might argue that riding horse is not a sport, but it very much is. Some stables even have their own teams that compete and travel. The Saddle Club is Sidney’s own ‘horse thing’, but it doesn’t really include people from anywhere. Stables usually have lesson horses and lease horses for people who can’t own a horse. So if an adult had a horse or pony as a child and would like to

SEE CEntEr, page 7c


Creative kids

SuNDAY, MARcH 30, 2014


CenTer: VALuAbLE LIfE LESSoNS From page 6C

go back to that fun, they have the opportunity. Or if a kid or teen just wanted to see what it was like, they could. 4-H has a horse program, but to be in that you must reach certain requirements like simply being a 4-Her, which that in itself has a lot of responsibly some people don’t want to have. A stable could fix this problem. Some people may also think that keeping a horse or pony means riding constantly, but its not like that at all. If you’re not riding, you could do many other things like lead line, drafting, and mini eventing is jumping miniature horses over obstacles by leading them. Even by doing these you can build an amazing lifelong relationship with a horse. Having an Equestrian Center could also teach young people valuable life lessons. Owning a horse requires lots of care and effort. Pitching hay, grooming, tacking up, learning new techniques, simply taking care of a horse can rouse a sweaty brow, but it is all worth it when you see the lessons learned from them. Overall, an Equestrian Center would improve the community greatly by providing jobs, recreation, learning experience, and a new sport for people to enjoy.

by christian Lassey, East fairview Elementary

by Hailey Hasvold, central Elementary

community should clean up, recycle By Brooke Franklin, Top 10 A project that would help Eastern Montana a lot is cleaning up trash and recycling. If everyone threw their trash away and recycled then there wouldn’t be even close to as much garbage as there is laying on the ground right now. What would happen if the whole Earth filled with garbage because no one recycled and everyone littered? We need this project in our community because there is a lot of garbage all over. It could also cause people to stop smoking because 65% of the world’s garbage is cigarette buds. Another reason it is needed is because not very many people recycle. Recycling also saves money because it costs more to make more new things than it does to use old things as scraps to make a new thing. This project would help the community because there is a lot of garbage on the ground. This project would benefit everyone. If we recycled more the landfills wouldn’t fill up and harm animals. If we threw our trash in garbage cans instead of littering it wouldn’t pollute the Earth as much and our air would be cleaner. If we threw our trash away it also would not get in the ocean and harm the sea animals. This project is important because landfills are filling up really fast and people don’t know what to do about it and one thing you could do is recycle. Another reason to recycle is because garbage takes a long time to break down so if people kept throwing more and more stuff away the Earth could fill up with garbage. It is important that you clean up trash and don’t litter because when there is garbage all over it looks bad, smells bad, and makes it harder to breathe. The importance of this project is of there was too much garbage they burn it and it creates pollution and it can give people deadly diseases. If everybody littered and no one cleaned any garbage up there could be garbage everywhere you go. The benefit of this project is so people don’t get diseases, animals don’t get killed, and it is better for the Earth.

by Abigail Martinson, central Elementary


Creative kids

sunday, March 30, 2014

sidney herald

More basketball courts are needed in community By Alec lovegren, Top 10

By chloe schroeder, central elementary

Our town already has two or three basketball courts in the school or churches, but I think we could use some more high quality gyms. When we host lots of games in one or two days it becomes a lot to handle in just one gym. Sidney could have more tournaments like the class C tournament we host each year. Also, during traveling basketball there would be more places to play games and the teams from all the other towns would be more willing to come and play. I have lived in Sidney for all my life and ever since I’ve been in basketball, whenever there is a scheduling conflict like the wrestlers have a match or something, the older kids get to use the gyms first and the younger kids get pushed out of a gym. The bigger gyms would also be good for other uses like volleyball or wrestling. A lot of new and more people would be coming to Sidney to play and maybe we could host bigger tournaments like divisional or state for any of the sports that can be played on the courts. Overall, building new basketball courts or new gyms would be very beneficial to our community and a good community project for northeastern Montana.

Picking up america By chrisTiAn DeAn

By Brooke Morrill, central elementary

By Jordan darby, central elementary

Have you ever looked at this town and said Wow! This town could use a nice pick up trash day. Well now you can, I think that if we have a pick up the trash day then our town would be such a clean place. Don’t you ever get tired of seeing cigarette butts on the sidewalk? I know I do, that’s why I think this a great idea. Plus you could get all of your friends to do it, so you could have a great time when you do it. You also get a pretty good workout. This will help our community because no one wants a lot of trash everywhere. I think it would be nice to have a pick up trash day. Sidney would be a very clean place if we did this once or twice every month that would help are need to pick up trash I think. This project will help are community because one who doesn’t love a clean town. Plus just to get outside get an exercise, flowers, and just have a good time. Do whatever have a picnic and pick up some trash while you have a good time. Now I know we live in Sidney, Montana. It does get cold so you could at least help someone elderly who might live across the street. You could shovel there sidewalk or maybe there driveway or something anything works as long as you get out there and help. Plus who knows there may be a cookie with your name on it right around the corner. I think this is really important to the community because it is nice to have a clean town. I think this a fantastic idea and I would love to see it all come together and one day be an actual thing not counting Earth Day.

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SuNDAY, MARcH 30, 2014

Providing winter clothes for the needy By ABBy Reitz

Wow! What a chill in the air. Now that it’s getting cold it’s time to bust out the warm winter clothes. But not everyone has the money to pay for coats, hats, gloves, and boots. It’s time to come together and help out those in need of winter necessities the year. Almost everywhere I go I see people walking. Whether it’s to work or to the grocery store some people are walking in below zero temperatures. This is extremely dangerous especially when the wind is blowing. Just a few days ago I saw someone walking with no hat or gloves. I felt horrible for the person and I really wanted to help, but at the time I didn’t know how. Now I do though! Almost every year we outgrow our coats or we no longer like them. Those old coats are replaced by new coats. So why not have a drop box where you can drop off your old or never used coats, hats, gloves, and boots to be donated to people who can’t afford them. This will benefit people who can’t find work and also people who don’t have to cars and have to walk everywhere. This will also benefit the children whose parents can’t afford to buy new or even used coats, hats, gloves, and boots. I know how it feels to be outside without a hat or gloves so I know how much of a difference it could make to a child to have a hat and gloves during recess in the winter. It is so important to have a coat, a hat, a pair of gloves and boots, especially in the winter. This project not only rids people of their old coats, hats, gloves, and boots but it can help someone in the community who can’t afford to stay warm during the winter. Now with the temperature dropping it’s time to get the winter coat, hat, gloves, and boot. But not everyone can afford all the winter necessities. My project will help benefit adults and children without winter clothing. I can’t express how important it is to have winter clothing when it’s below zero, which is why I came up with a project that will help anyone. I know if I was without warm clothes during the winter I know I would be one thing, cold. But warm clothing can make anyone happy, especially in below zero weather.

By Sean Earle, central Elementary

By Nicko Dorce, central Elementary

Prospects for new recreation center By Luke tuRek

Sidney has many public facilities: parks, an ice rink, a pool with water slides, tennis courts, and more. But, only so many people enjoy hockey, tennis, or golf. As a semi-athletic teen gamer, a rec center would be the obvious way to provide options that would suit the community best. In fact, a few decades ago, plans were being made for a great rec center. Unfortunately, a small group of people didn’t want the noise of construction to disturb them, so the project was cancelled. But, times have changed, and there are more people looking for something to do. Also, a rec center would open up some new jobs and possibly provide some income for the city. This would be a great Community Project for Eastern Montana, giving people more options for entertainment and making life in Sidney even more attractive. The rec center could house

See CenteR, PAgE 10c

By Boston Anglesey, central Elementary



Creative kids

sunday, March 30, 2014

sidney herald

CenTer: perfect addition from page 9C

many activities, such as basketball courts, an indoor water park, a rock climbing area, and more. Another fun option would be what I believe is called a SkyDome, a warehousesized room with the floor being comprised entirely of trampolines, with some trampolines next to the walls angled toward the middle. It might not be that easy to build or maintain, but I think it would definitely be worth it. Having extra basketball courts and/or indoor ice rinks would also mean

The rec center could house many activities, such as basketball courts, an indoor water park, a rock climbing

By Gwyneth avery arthur, central elementary

area, and more. that travelling basketball/ hockey teams could have their own areas to practice and provide the means for Sidney to host more tournaments. Also, if there was an indoor gymnasium with padded floors and other padding, all the people who want to learn how to do flips and other tricks wouldn’t have to join gymnastics to do so (I’m not saying people shouldn’t join gymnastics, just that guys who want to learn how to do flips and other parkour/ freerunning stunts either practice flips on trampolines, which isn’t very realistic, or join gymnastics with all the little girls in it. Kind of embarrassing, and not something you brag to your friends about.) All in all, a rec center would be a perfect addition to Sidney’s public facilities. People could work out without having to buy their own weights or feel awkward by joining a health club, or just have fun climbing rock walls. There would also be some new jobs available, such as instructors and maintenance workers. Also, admission fees could also possibly provide some revenue for the city. If you’re looking for something to do, a rec center would be the perfect choice!

Why we need a motocross track

By andoni idoate, central elementary

By avery gurney

By Mash sander, central elementary

I have lived in Sidney most of my life, but I also lived in Worland Wyoming. When I lived there I picked up a very fun hobby, motocross. They had a sweet track and when I moved back here, I was left with a dirt bike, a pile of gear, and nowhere to ride. When I want to ride I usually have to go to Crane or Glendive but that’s when I can find someone to take me (about 95% of the time that’s impossible). There are some small private tracks in Sidney but they get pretty boring after a while and you only have a small chance to even get permission to go to one. I used to race in the 65 class, but I had to give up that sport when I moved here. It would be more than great to start racing again. Also if there was a track in Sidney people wouldn’t tress pass to find a place to ride as much. People wouldn’t ride as much in populated areas such as the subdivisions or in town. If Sidney did get a motocross track I believe it would be used a lot. My friends and I ride quite frequently but it gets boring going to the same place and it’s not always 100% legal. We usually ride in or on the channels or sometimes Sidney Circle and if we got a track we could stay out of peoples’ way and ride out there. I really hope Sidney gets a motocross track so I can have more fun with my friends and not get in trouble as much.

Creative kids


Community There’s need to garden has many make things look benefits better By Lauren Beenken There are many things that you can do to improve your communities. Have you thought about fresher vegetables? What about getting together with your community in ways all can connect in? This is what I will be showing you with my project, the Community Garden. The need in our community you ask? Well we can cut back on trash. With this garden people won’t use as many paper/plastic bags as when we do going to the store. Also instead of throwing away our wasted vegetables and fruit, we can incorporate the nutrients we do not eat into the dirt giving the dirt nutrients also. Another reason is that we can get the nutrition from our freshly grown plants that some of us lack when shopping at grocery stores. How will this help our community? Honestly, I think most people can benefit from this. Smaller kids can find at an early age how to care for things, and how to garden of course! Also now with all of the oilfield workers moving into town, not all of them will have a house with a backyard. This garden can give them another chance to pick up and start with a garden that maybe their family had to leave behind when they moved here. Not quite everyone is included or has many friends to hang out with. Therefore joining this activity gives them an opportunity to find friends they might not have ever thought they would become friends with. This project is important and could be important to people if they see the good that is involved. The project can bring to people friendship, responsibility, and to feel accomplished when eating their food! With this oil boom, bringing together our town is so important for everyone. The last paragraph of my essay will be my conclusion. So first I am writing about why we should get a community garden. Next is the need for it in our community. Cutting back on trash as in, (paper and plastic bags) and throwing away food we do not eat, (mostly fruits and vegetables) will be good for the community and environment. Who can benefit from this and what from? Anyone who can water a plant can participate let alone benefit from this. They can benefit from the healthy choice of fresh food! This is important to bring people together. You can do this by working together to make healthier choices and trying new things. I hope you enjoyed my essay, and thank you for reading it!

Exchange sports equipment By Kyle Twigg

Imagine a place where you can swap sports equipment for smaller and bigger sizes for free. You can trade sports equipment with friends and others to get the right size sports equipment for you. We need this in our community because some of us don’t have enough money to buy sports equipment, also because there aren’t many stores in our community. I think it would work very well here. This would help the football players, baseball players, volleyball players and hockey players. As well as many other players. This project is important since we have so many people that play sports in our growing community. It’s also important because there are many more people that are moving her ethat have kids who play some type of sport. This would be very beneficial for everyone. It would be used for new shoes, new sports equipment or smaller and bigger sizes of sport equipment.

By Carlee STraSheim

There are many things we could do to help out the community life of North Eastern Montana. I think one very important thing would be to help people repair and paint their houses. It would make everything look better and make everyone happier. The need in our community is to make everything look better. Some houses are old and broken, but if we repaired them they would look better and new. There are many houses that the paint has chipped off or practically came all off. If we painted them our community would look way better. This project would help our community greatly. Maybe people would want to take more walks because the houses would look nice instead of looking at old houses. Maybe people would be happier to come home knowing there house looks nice and good. Everyone would benefit if we repaired and painted houses in our community. This project would help our community a lot. This is why painting and repairing houses would be important for our commu-

nity, It would be important for our community because some people may not have enough money for someone to come repair and paint their house and they might not know how to do it by themselves. It would also make the community look like a better place to live. That is why repairing and painting houses would be important in our community. The importance and benefit of repairing and painting houses is to make our community better. It would make our community look nicer and it would make everybody happier. It would be a better place to live. That is why repairing and painting houses would be a great way to help out the community life of North Eastern Montana and make it better.

People need to help pick up garbage in area By lilli SeiTz

Have you ever seen the sidewalks and canals, an etc. in our town? Have you seen how dirty this town is getting? I know when I go with my school on earth day to clean up some of the garbage on our streets it

is pretty discusting. Thats why I think we should have a group of volunteers or for anyone who is willing to go look around our streets looking for garbage. Well obviously we can all tell that our town’s population is booming, so that means there is going to be more and more garbage. That’s why we need volunteers to go looking around our streets for garbage and if you ask me it isn’t very hard to find garbage on the streets in this town. I also believe that if people start cleaning up instead of just throwing it out on the streets that it will basically be like a chain reaction and more people will start picking up. This project will benefit everyone in the community and everyone who is visiting. It will also make everyone happier and healthier. And will make everyone be proud of where they live. This project will be important for everyone who lives or is visiting in our community. It will improve everyone’s health, and since we have a bunch of people in our community driving diesel trucks for the oil and etc. the least we can do is clean up some garbage for our community’s sake and for our sake. The importance and the benefit of this project would be huge. If we all just start picking up garbage and recycling our town will look

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Hand-in-Hand project can help Provide shelter for many people By Kylee Byer homeless people

better and just be a healthier place to live in. This is what I think would be a very important and beneficial project.

By Kyler garSjo We should have a group that gives homeless people a shelter. That gives them a warm place to eat and sleep. We could have different people every Sunday go around town and try to find people in need of help. The city could help them find a job. The people of the town could donate money to give to them. We could promote this program by hanging posters in the in the streets because if you homeless most likely see. I really think this would be a great thing to do around our community to help the people in need of help. I think it would give a great feeling to whoever takes part it this activity. I think there should in every town and city that helps people in need to get there life back on track. So if everyone puts effort into this project our community would be a great place for everybody to live.

If I were to do something within my community to help I would defiantly do something through my school district. I love working with kids and people my age so I would do a buddy system for kids with disabilities. It’s called the Hand-inHand project. In our school, we have

‘i really think this would be a great thing to do around our community to help the people in need of help.’ many kids with different disabilities. With this oil boom we are getting more and more as the days go on. This project would be inviting to kids all around. The Hand-in-Hand project can help many people in many different ways. These people with disabilities don’t usually know how to make friends and make people like them. This project can help them make friends. Any person who helps these kids will


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sundAy, MARCh 30, 2014

Projects: Feel AMAzing

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make that kid’s day a million times better. It will make them feel special and reassure them that people their age do care. Not only would the kids we helped feel amazing so would everyone that helped in this program. When you help someone that is not up to the abilities you are or even do the littlest thing for them, you defiantly feel amazing about yourself. Not only could this project be for kids with disabilities, it could also be for the new kids. With the oil boom going on, there are a ton of new kids in our school district that could use friends. This program could easily give them a way to get friends. It also is a way for you to make new friends. This project is very important to many people. It helps people make friends and makes the people who don’t feel like people don’t want to like them feel like they are special. You also feel like you did something that made someone feel amazing. For a conclusion, so many people are benefitted by this program. It can make so many people feel so good about them. It helps people get friends and feel so important. You might not realize this but just the smallest little action to someone could

make them feel amazing.

Animal shelter is needed in county By Hollye Blekestad My topic is animal shelter. The need in this community needs animal shelters. This will help the community by saving stray and abused animals. It will help strays stay off street and prevent any harm coming to anyone

‘this community would be doing everybody a favor by building this shelter that can have so much use to it. animals will be fed and cared for at this shelter.’ or anything. It benefits the whole community and because it will help keep danger off the streets so that nothing can happen. This project is really important because if an animal has a disease and if it bites someone than that disease can spread to them

and get them sick. This community needs one because of all the dangerous things that have been going on. And some of the disease can kill someone. When animals are abused than the shelter can have people go and rescue them from their abusive home. If we save an animal from an abusive home than that means that is one less animal to worry about. Also when there are strays all over the place it is very easy to hit or run over them. With a shelter there will be less of all the accidents and abuses. Once enough animals are at the shelter than they can have like a pet adoption week to give animals to nice and caring homes. Just think if this community builds a shelter than it will be easier for everyone. This community would be doing everybody a favor by building this shelter that can have so much use to it. Animals will be fed and cared for at this shelter. Just one shelter could help so many people and so many animals. Just think of all of the strays in this community. Just think that all of the animals that will be off the streets and away from people. Also people can help with the shelter. We can have volunteers. They could have beds, food, drinks, and medicines. Many animals die because of sickness. When they are out there in the cold they

don’t get healthy so that’s why we need the shelter so that animals will get their medicines. This will benefit everyone. With the community’s help it will get better for the animals. And for us. This shelter would be so kind to the community. Just one step could help so many animals. It could save a lot of lives, humans and animals. If this community builds one shelter than that will help a lot.

The Recreation Center Project By sHeridan Williams

Are you wishing for a way that your family or your friends could have fun? Well maybe we should have a recreation center! It would be a fun place for your family to have fun in a fun and safe environment! The reason we need a rec. center in our community is because we don’t have anything like this in our area where kids and adults can have fun! It would be a safe environment so you can trust that you would be safe here. It would be cool if the rec. center could have birthday parties so that kids and their friends could have fun in a fun place because there aren’t many places in the community where kids could have

sidney heRAld birthday parties. Let’s say a business needs a place so they could have a meeting, and they don’t have the room at their work place so maybe they could have it at the rec. center. People could get into shape if we had a rec. center. I think this project will help the community come together in a fun way! This I think will have parents stop worrying if their chil-

‘everyone in the community would have fun rockclimbing, swimming, exercising, playing basketball and other sports, and a lot more! People would meet new people at the rec. center.’ dren are okay because they would know they are in a safe environment. This will help people in the community get into shape. There are not many places in the

North Eastern Montana area where people can exercise and kids will have fun so this will be a wonderful thing! I think this project is important because it will bring people together in a really fun way! Adults and kids would make lots of new friends. Everyone would be safe. Everyone would have fun! Everyone in the community would have fun rock-climbing, swimming, exercising, playing basketball and other sports, and a lot more! People would meet new people at the rec. center. A friend could say to a friend “Hey let’s go meet at the rec. center!” I really think this would be a great project for the North Eastern Montana area to have. It is a great opportunity for everyone to come together and have fun. It would be a safe and fun way for people to have fun! There are not that many places like this in the Eastern Montana area and I think this would be a great opportunity to meet new people, and for the community.

Trash cleanup should be goal for residents By jace Winter

What kind of town would you like to live in? A town with trash and junk everywhere or a town litter free. You probably don’t think when you throw that one pop can on the side of the road that it could make its way to the ocean and kill sea life. Just think that if everybody threw just one pop can onto the street in your community how much more uninviting it would make it. With many people coming to North Eastern Montana looking for work in the oilfield, you want to have your community welcome them. With trash everywhere your community wouldn’t look very welcoming to families coming here. The difference of having a trash

‘there will become a point where we can’t do anything because it will be too far out of control. if that happens, nobody will want to live here.’ free community might just make them want to stay. It will benefit the community because the more people that come will benefit the businesses. It will make the community look like a bright and happy place to be. The less trash there is, the lower risk of wildlife dying from it. It will also help the environment to grow and flourish. The places where trash lay on dirt and turning the grass it yellow could be a beautiful place instead. This is definitely important because if nobody does anything it will just keep piling up. There will become a point where we can’t do anything because it will be too far out of control. If that happens, nobody will want to live here. The environment would die and eventually our community will have nobody left. It would not take much either. Just pick up trash where you see it and throw it in a garbage can. So the conclusion is that if people try not to litter and if you throw away trash, then our community will have a very bright future. That is why I think we should pick up garbage to help our community.

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