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WAGUESPACK: Viewing the atomic bomb aftermath ‘was a horrible sight to see’ FROM PAGE 1

Dangerous pursuit

There was only one time Waguespack said he felt his life was in grave danger. When driving investigators in his jeep one night, he noticed they were being followed. That’s when he sped up and tried to outmaneuver their pursuers. “They were right on my tail,” Waguespack said, and shots began to come. He was able to put enough distance between the black sedan in pursuit of Waguespack and the MPs that he turned off his lights and made a U-turn under the awning of a business. “When I turned, that’s when I felt three bullets whiz by me,” Waguespack said. “We got out and took cover behind the jeep and the car just passed by us. I said, ‘I better get out of here.’ So we took off for the base.” One of the sights that visibly shakes Waguespack, even today, is seeing the results of what an atomic bomb can do. “It was a horrible sight to see,” he said. “Almost everything was flat. There wasn’t a SUBMITTED thing standing.” Ken Waguespack, shown at attention in his Waguespack also saw many of the surROTC uniform, saw Hiroshima, Nagasaki. vivors of the blasts at Hiroshima and

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Nagasaki. Hospital rooms normally used for two people held six to eight patients. The hospital still held the stench from burns. “It was horrible, walking in those hospitals. We had to wear masks,” he said. As for serving under MacArthur, Waguespack said the general spent little time in the field with the troops because it would have put them in danger. “I visited his P.T. boat once,” Waguespack said. “It was like a command ship. He used it mostly from the Phillipines to Tokyo or Korea because it was very fast.” Waguespack returned on the USS Bundy in 1948, spending another Christmas at sea. After finishing his time in the regular Army, he returned to New Iberia and began studies in engineering at Southwest Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) and joined the ROTC program. He eventually joined the National Guard and worked his way up to commander of the local unit. He retired from the National Guard as a major in 1972, as well as from his insurance job at DJW Insurance. Now, he and Emma Waguespack have SUBMITTED downsized and spend their cozy life togethKen Waguespack smiles in his U.S. Army er, caring for each other in the autumn of uniform shortly after enlisting in 1946. their years.

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Veterans Profile 2011  
Veterans Profile 2011  

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