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2 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Graduation 2013 -


4 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Nogales High School

Class of 2013

‘13 Photos by Jorge Balderrama - Blue Pix Studio

There were 347 mortarboards atop the Nogales High School Class of 2013 during the May 23 commencement ceremonies at Apache Stadium. At right, clockwise from top left, Marissa Arana keeps in step while a couple of her classmates “pound it” behind her. Ernesto Herrera does a heartwarming rendition of the National Anthem. Silvana Becerril gives a short salute and Carmen Robles, Itzel Samaniego and Kamila Buelna share in the limelight.

To my SonChristopher My son on graduation day, more than anything else I would like to give you some of life’s most precious gifts, those that have value beyond any price, gifts that will last your whole life through.

These are the things that I wish for you. The courage to stand up for what you believe in during times of trouble and controversy, a cool head, a warm heart and a sense of humor to help you through the most challenging of situations; an open mind that recognizes that no matter how intelligent or knowledgeable we become, we need to continue growing and learning through life. The love and support of family, the inspiration and faith to follow your dreams.

Love Mom, Dad, brother and sister. XNLV92162

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement: Graduation 2013 -


Elise Muñoz

is a science and math person By Kathleen Vandervoet

Elise Noelle Muñoz may be academically at the top of her Nogales High School graduation class, but that didn’t come without focus, determination and hard work.

Muñoz has been a top student since her days at Desert Shadows Middle School, but as a freshman at NHS, she wasn’t aiming to have the best grades among her peers. The possibility of becoming valedictorian, she said, “crossed my mind, but it was never really something really important, but eventually when I realized I was that close to it, it became really important. I guess the ranking was never that important to me, but just doing the best I could.” She has a weighted grade point average of 4.6 and is a candidate for the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. To accomplish all that takes strength of character. “I used to think I had good time management, but the IB program was really hard. I did pull a couple all nighters. I like to be with my friends, as well. It was hard to balance it towards the end, but it’s possible.” Muñoz knows her strengths: “I’m a science and math person.” Even so, she noted, “physics was really hard for me this year, but now I like it. When I started understanding the material better” it became interesting, she said. “It just took more of an effort.” The most difficult would be English, since she says, “I’m not that good of a writer.” She’ll attend the Honors College at the University of

Arizona and expects to major in biochemistry. Muñoz has already become acquainted with the campus. Last summer she participated in a seven-week program on the UA campus titled “Keep Engaging Youth in Science,” a research internship with the College of Pharmacy. She met a professor through that program and contacted him and this summer will work with him in a lab. First, she’s heading to California to Six Flags amusement park with friends and to New York City with a friend. Muñoz’s family includes her father Mark, who works in the Mexican produce industry in Nogales; her mother Kerri, a social studies teacher at Desert Shadows Middle School; and her brother Marcus, an NHS student. Soccer is one of Muñoz’s passions and she played on the NHS varsity soccer team for four years. This year the team had the best record, and “we were really close, about a game away, to making it to the playoffs.” She wants to investigate joining a club or intramural soccer team at the UA. She wasn’t on the tennis team, although her mother is the NHS girls’ tennis coach. Instead, Muñoz was the tennis team’s manager and she was able to join them as they traveled to state playoffs recently. In addition, she was treasurer

of Z Club, sponsored by the Zonta Club of Nogales. On campus she was a member of National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Honors Club and Junior Statesmen of America. “I’ve volunteered at St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic since I was a freshman and that’s really important to me. I work in the orthopedic department and work with my grandmother,” Cindy Grimm. She said she files papers, cleans tables, and helps patients “go where they need to.” Muñoz has learned a few things about attaining goals. She suggests to younger students who want to be successful: “Prepare for the work, because it’s not going to be easy, but give it all you’ve got because it does pay off eventually. It might seem like a lot, but it will help you in the long run.” Younger students shouldn’t let their shyness hold them back, she said. “Make sure you know what you want to do when you start, because if you get behind your freshman and sophomore years, it’s really hard to get caught up. Be determined from your freshman year and get the advice you need. There are a lot of people at this school that know what you’re supposed to be doing. You just need to go out and talk to them.”

6 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Nogales High School

Class of 2013

An emotional Ana Paola Andrade gets a hug from a classmate, while at right, David Figueroa and Veronica Picos celebrate.

Photos by Jorge Balderrama - Blue Pix Studio

Nogales High School seniors march around Apache Stadium greeting family and friends during the May 23 commencement ceremony. Above are Daniel Badillo and Lucia Burrola, followed by Nick Colgate and Kamila Buelna. Below, Benjamin Beyerley and Carolina Duran march head on into their future.

Martin Quezada bids adieu to some of his graduating classmates, who had at their helm, from left, Principal Judith Mendoza-Jimenez, Assistant Principals Aissa Bonilla, and Cesar Miranda, and Athletic Director Tim Colgate.

Ana Balderrama gets an assist from Frank Morales, a longtime area educator and member of the Nogales UniďŹ ed School District Governing Board. At right, Robert Morten is congratulated by Alfredo Velasquez, schools superintendent for Santa Cruz County.

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement: Graduation 2013 -


13 Lourdes graduates

rake in more than half a million dollars in scholarships By Manuel C. Coppola

The 13 graduates of the Class of 2013 at Lourdes Catholic High School received more than half a million dollars in scholarships and were accepted to 21

colleges and universities in the U.S. and Mexico. Among them, they racked up 131 college credits under the College Now program. One student, Theresa

Galhouse, earned 28 college credits, which she will apply at the University of Montana Western where she plans to study environmental science. Kevin Ramos, who came to

Lourdes as a monolingual Spanish speaker in the fifth grade, was selected class valedictorian. Now fully bilingual, he plans to attend the Autonomous University of Guadalajara to study medicine. Co-salutatorians were Antonio Irastorza, the latest in a long line of family members to graduate from Lourdes, and Jocelyn Olguin. Olguin was also an English language learner when she arrived at Lourdes in the seventh grade. She will be attending the Catholic University of San Diego where she plans to study architecture. Irastorza will join her there but will take up political science. During the graduation Mass at Lourdes Chapel on Wednesday, May 22, the Rev. Bishop Gerald Kicanas of the Tucson Roman Catholic Diocese urged the grads to always carry the word of God with them throughout their lives’ odysseys. Their textbooks may become obsolete in a while “when your grandchildren are studying here at Lourdes High School. But there is one book that has survived generations and that is the word of God, Scriptures,” he said. During his homily, Kicanas shared a litany of “pithy” greeting-card messages, ranging from “syrupy” to funny that he had come across. But then he shed the microphone

and, in an animated style that seemed to connect well with the students, imparted some of his own greeting-card messages, including: “We are so proud of you. One milestone done, so many yet to go.” “Know that the world has a lot to offer you; some good, some bad.” “As you make decisions in your life that lies ahead keep this in mind: Trust God from the bottom of your heart and you will never go wrong.” The last one: “We look forward to the great things you will do. That you are living your life in the service of the Lord – yippy, yahoo!” Social Studies Department Chair David Troelsch was the keynote speaker during the commencement ceremony held in the gymnasium following the Mass. He said his high school graduation was rather superficial compared to a Lourdes High School graduation. “Here at Lourdes we are family and a family means more than just a fond farewell. “People see graduation as an end. And in a sense it is, but really it’s simply a stepping stone to an extension of life. It is a time to break away from the last 13 years of comfort and familiarity and move into new unexplored territory of the world. Mystery is all around us – in our

faith, how the universe works, how we think. Graduation is a time to explore something that up until now has been a mystery – life outside these walls of Lourdes; life outside your home; life outside Nogales,” he said. “College is new door to becoming a person you have dreamed of becoming. Now you go down a path that you set to explore what interests you. This next stage in your life is a time of exploration and questioning who you are, who you want to be, what you want to be and what impact you will have in this world,” Troelsch said. “But in remembering here and now, you have been given the strength to stand firm in who you are. Take yourself out of comfort, risk doing things that help you grow. We are confident that we have done all that we can do to prepare you for the world you are about to enter. It is now your time to become the people that we have diligently helped shape, those that will change the world, and those that will be the defenders of what is good and what is right – people who will stand in front of adversity and come out victorious.”

8 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Lourdes Catholic High School

Class of 2013

Kevin Ramos Valedictorian

Jocelyne Olguin Salutatorian

Photos by Manuel C. Coppla

Above: Sterphanie Acu単a, left, and Gemma Corella give each other some emotional encouragement. Left: Sister Barbara Monsegur, LCHS principal, receives a class picture from Raul Nava. Right: The Rev. Father Sean Carroll imparts saged advice to Antonio Irastorza and Hector Lopez.

Antonio Irastorza Salutatorian

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Lourdes Catholic High School

Class of 2013




Graduation 2013 -


Photos by Manuel C. Coppla

1. Sisters Luisa Maria Valdez and Rosa Maria Ruiz share a text prior to the commencement ceremony. 2. Senior Martha Laura Tardaguila hugs freshman Saul Gonzalez. 3. Social Studies Department Chair David Troelsch, originally of Lancaster, Penn., was the keynote speaker for the Class of 2013 commencement. He was selected by the graduates as an example of professionalism, service and volunteerism, combined with excellence as teacher.

10 - Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement Graduation 2013

Katie Ram

Getting ahead of the game pays off She attributes the position in which she finds herself – not only headed to college with scholarships, but also relaxed and ready – to her hard work as a freshman. In fact, that is precisely the advice she would give to incoming freshmen: “Work hard now because it’ll make your life easier in the long-run.” As a freshman, Ram was “very work-oriented” and By Curt Prendergast torian is on her way to the Uni- “stressed out,” she said. “I Katherine “Katie” Ram made versity of the Pacific in Stockton, made a habit of just doing my it to the top of the Rio Rico High Calif., with her sights set on a best on everything and I found School academic ladder by get- dual major in philosophy and that after a while I didn’t have ting a leg up early on. psychology and study abroad to stress so much about it. It Now, the 17-year-old valedic- trips to faraway lands. just became easier for me,” she

said. As the final days of her high school career approach, she is “laid back” and “ready to go,” she said. While building a 4.0 grade point average, which comes to 4.7 when weighted classes are included, she also participated in student government, National Honors Society, Spanish Club, Social Studies Club, Music Honors Society, and a leadership academy, among others. However, the last four years haven’t been all work and no play for Ram. She enjoys playing the flute and piccolo in the marching

Krystal De La Ossa Theater made all the difference By Curt Prendergast

From a shy freshman to a main player in the Thespian Club, Krystal De La Ossa has come a long way in four short years. The 18-year-old salutatorian of Rio Rico High School has big plans for the future, beginning with courses in psychology at the University of Arizona this fall and then on to pursue a law degree. And it all began with

the theater. “I guess I fell in love,” De La Ossa said of her first encounter with the Thespian Club at RRHS, which was made possible by drama teacher Celia Concannon pulling her aside when she was a freshman and telling her: “You’re going to be in my club.” “When I walked into high school my freshman year, I was really shy and I really didn’t talk that much. Having drama

throughout my high school career really helped me in public speaking and that sort of thing,” she said. During the spring, when the big performances were held, she would rehearse every day after school and then help build the set all morning and into the afternoon on Saturdays, she said. “It took a lot of work being in theater for four years,” she said.

Her “absolute favorite” performance was in the comedy “Murder in a Nunnery,” in which she played a foreign schoolgirl who spoke with an accent and was “a strange child,” she said. While dedicating much of her time to the theater, she managed to earn a weighted grade point average of 4.6 and an unweighted GPA of 4.0. She also participated in Spanish Club, SEE De La Ossa / PAGE 12

band and concert band, she said. The dance aficionado also teaches ballet at the Young Artists’ Community Ballet in Green Valley. This summer, she will spend her days at a dance workshop and then taking off for Europe, she said. She also plans to use the university’s “amazing study abroad program” to travel to Chile or Spain and improve her Spanishspeaking skills, she said. That desire to travel grew out of her upbringing in Santa Cruz County, where “you have a combination of different cultures,” she said. “When I go to

places, it’s so interesting to see how other people live and to see how other people’s cultures affect them and their lives,” she said. In a few months, Ram will begin her studies in philosophy and forensic psychology, building on the skills she honed while taking formal reasoning courses such as calculus and physics. After she finishes her degree at the University of the Pacific, she plans to take on another challenge: law school. Ram is the daughter of Kimberly Corsaro and Walter Ram of Rio Rico.

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Graduation 2013 -

Rio Rico



Residential and Commercial Sanitation Services

Congratulations RRHS graduates wave to friends and family as they wait in line to have their photos taken and receive their diploma during the commencement ceremony on May 23.

Rio RicoHigh School

Class of 2013 Right: Rio Rico High School senior class president Emanuel Valdez speaks during the ceremony. Below: RRHS graduates listen to speakers as their friends and families look on.

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Photos by Curt Prendergast

12 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Above: Three graduates, at center, smile for the camera during the RRHS commencement ceremony on May 23. Below: RRHS graduates listen to speakers during the ceremony.

Christian Fernando Ibarra


on your transition to kindergarten, one of many steps to go, we know you will succeed. You are such a special child may God Bless You. Love, Mom, Dad Big Bro Nick and sister Jackeline XNLV91320

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

A fireworks show hailed the end of the RRHS commencement ceremony. Inset: Graduates get ready for the RRHS commencement ceremony to begin.


National Honors Society, student government, a mentor program for freshman called Link Crew, and a community service club associated with Rotary Club. Outside of school, De La Ossa is active in Young Life, a religious organization for high school students, and Campaigners, which she described as similar to a Bible study, she said. In addition to drama class, she also enjoyed the clarity of studying mathematics “because there’s a definite answer,” she said. “I like things that have definite answers.” Her love of plays translated into a love of literature in Eng-

lish class, she said. She counts “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald as one of her favorite books and approved of the recent Hollywood incarnation of the classic story. Her decision to study psychology grew out of a desire to understand the people around her, she said. “I’m just really interested in human behavior. To find out why someone does something is fascinating to me,” she said. Due to the foresight of her great-great grandfather, much of De La Ossa’s tuition at the University of Arizona will be paid for through a family scholarship. She also can count on a renewable Wildcat Excellence scholarship and another one from Rotary Club. After she gets her degree,

which might just include a minor in theater, she plans to attend law school, she said. Her knowledge of psychology should come in handy as a lawyer, allowing her to “read their body language and get into their minds,” she said. Looking back on the impact the Thespian Club and other activities had on her high school career, her advice to freshmen is to get out of their shell and meet people. “I would definitely tell them to get involved,” she said. “That’s the main thing. Clubs, sports, anything. It’s the best way to assimilate into high school and it’s the easiest way to make friends.” De La Ossa is the daughter of Carmen Gomez and Jaime De La Ossa.

Graduation 2013 -


14 - Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement: Graduation 2013

Jesus Atondo

stepped it up at Pierson High By Jonathan Clark

Jesus Atondo’s high school career got off to a bit of a rocky start. But then a heart-to-heart talk with his school counselor put him on the right track. “He kind of made me open my eyes a little bit about what it was that I really wanted to do, and if I wanted to be successful in life,” Atondo said. “So from that moment, I decided, ‘I want to step it up and become someone better than I am.’” Atondo, the 17-year old son of Maria Teresa and Humberto Atondo, stepped it up to the point that he not only graduated after three years at Pierson Vocational High School, he also finsihed as the valedictorian of his class. “I am thankful that Mr. (Principal Joel) Kramer chose me as valedictorian because that shows he trusts me and he’s see what I’ve done and what I’m capable of,” said Atondo, who delivered the valedictory speech at PVHS’s May 20 graduation ceremony. Sophomore year was when he really started to come into his own as a student and campus leader. He piled up four student-of-the-quarter recognitions, accumulated enough credits to put him on track for early graduation, and passed his AIMS test on the first try. “That made me think, ‘Wow I didn’t know I could do this.’ I managed to go beyond what I thought I could do,” he said.

His teachers encouraged him to do even more, including his chemistry teacher, who told him about the Mariposa Community Health Center’s Summer Youth Institute, which trains youth and empowers them to educate others about positive health behaviors. Atondo joined the program after his sophomore year, and the experience gave him a new direction. “After I finished the program, I decided, well I want to do something in the medical field,” he said. When he returned to PVHS, he joined the school’s Career Technical Education Certified Nursing Assistant (CTE CNA) program and studied under one of his most influential teachers: Sarah Swann. In the CNA program he combined the academic study of subjects like anatomy and physiology with practical training such as caring for the elderly, which he performed at a nursing home in Green Valley. “I was practicing my skills with real people and that made me realize that this is what I want to do in the future,” he said of the experience. Atondo also immersed himself in activities such as the PVHS Leadership Club and the Business and Finance Club, where he received positive mentoring from teacher Chris Miranda. He was vice-president of both organizations. He also joined the CNA program’s chapter of

HOSA, a club for future health professionals. With so much going on, he said, he started to feel overwhelmed. It was time for another breakthrough moment. “I did manage to break that barrier. I said, ‘No more, this is not going to break me down.’” A few weeks before graduation, Atondo passed his CNA certification exam, and that took a lot of the pressure off. “That made me relax, knowing that my future was secure, and that all of the hard work that I did really paid off,” he said. As soon as he turns 18, Atondo can apply for jobs as a CNA. In the meantime, he’s got a caregiver’s certificate and a pending job offer. His plan is to work for a while and gain experience before eventually becoming a registered nurse or medical assistant. “The CNA program gave me that benefit of getting a degree in nursing assistant and being able to work and then (advancing) a little bit more,” he said. Atondo also plans to continue a community service project he began with his family: providing diapers, food and other necessary supplies to families with premature babies at a hospital in Hermosillo, Sonora. As for what he’s learned from his trials, tribulations, successes and experiences: “You can always step outside that box and rule the world and make it a better place,” he said.

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Photos by Curt Prendergast

Above: Jesus Islava poses with family after the ceremony. Right: Graduates of the Career Technical Education CertiďŹ ed Nursing Assistant program are all smiles prior to the commencement ceremony.

Graduation 2013 -


16 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Karen Jaramillo (above) and Joseph Bustos (below) receive their diplomas.

Left: Jerry Booth, who founded Pierson Vocational High School in 1989, shares words of wisdom with the graduates. Right: Rene Morales, a graduate of PVHS and Arizona State University, encourages the recent graduates to continue their education “whatever it takes,” saying their high school degree “is just the beginning.”

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Graduation 2013 -


Pierson Principal Joel Kramer gives the students some parting thoughts about working hard after graduation.

Mariana Sotelo receives her diploma

Daniel Badillo


Alex’s Tires would like to congratulate all the graduating classes in our community! 30 E. Calle Sonora 520-377-9143

President of Junior Statesmen of America, President of Science Honor Society IB Candidate National Honor Society Parliamentarian Honor Graduate

Son we are so

proud of you! You are destined for Greatness enjoy your Journey! And may

God Bless you along the way XNLV91327


Come and see us “YOUR TIRE FRIENDS”!!!

With determination and the right tools, You can do great things.

18 - Graduation 2013

Congratulations! Hats off to you! Belts on!!!

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Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement: Graduation 2013 -


Crianna Padilla

leads the way at Patagonia Union High GPA was 4.06. Padilla, the daughter of Ralph and Stephanie Padilla, will be attending the University of Arizona next fall to study physiology in her quest to become a doctor. She has received the De La Ossa family scholarship, which will pay half of her tuition. She also received the Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative scholarship, the Elgin By Marion Vendituoli High School Class of 2013. Community Club scholarship It was not until a few days It all came down to the final and the Mountain Empire Rotary before graduation that Crianna grades of this last semester, as scholarship. The University of Padilla found out that she would she and eventual salutatorian Arizona presented her with the be giving the valedictorian Caleb Foster had identical GPAs Wildcat Excellence Award. speech for the Patagonia Union up to that point. Padilla’s final Padilla’s high school years

have been busy. She played volleyball and basketball all four years, played softball her freshman, sophomore and senior years, and tennis her junior year. She was the captain of her volleyball, basketball and softball teams in her senior year. She lettered in sports all four years, and received 10 sports awards, including plaques for best defensive player in basketball and best utility player and best offensive player in volleyball. She was named MVP for both volleyball and basketball in her senior year. She also received the Babe Ruth award,

Caleb Foster

has his sights set on police work By Marion Vendituoli

Caleb Foster, this year’s salutatorian at Patagonia Union High School, hopes for a career in law enforcement. Foster, the son of Mike and Amanda Foster, plans to study criminal justice at Pima Community College and then transfer to a four-year college to complete his degree. Although he would like to become a detective in the Tucson Police Department,

he is also interested in a career as a journalist and would like to travel. Foster, whose GPA is 3.96, has been awarded a $2,000 Mary Bowman scholarship, a $1,500 scholarship from the Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative and a Mountain Empire Rotary scholarship. He works weekends at the Café Sonoita and plans to get a job when he moves to Tucson to

help with his college expenses. Foster was homeschooled by his parents in Elgin until entering Patagonia High School as a sophomore. He credits his years of homeschooling for his academic success. He believes that he developed self-reliance and self-motivation, because his parents, who are both missionaries as well as running a small business, were not always at home to help him and his sister

with their studies. “When my Mom was not there, we would teach ourselves,” he said. Foster also feels that he developed his own style of learning during his homeschooling years. “I’m more of a visual and hands-on learner,” he said. “My success in school comes from my ability to learn in a different way. School’s not the most fun SEE Foster / PAGE 23

based on her character and her grades, as well as her sports participation. Padilla was also named Athlete of the Year at PUHS. In addition to sports, Padilla has been active in student government. She was class president in 9th, 10th and 11th grades. She was a member of the Student Council for two years and served as Student Council president her senior year. She is especially proud of the recycling program that the council initiated under her presidency. The Council also worked to plan student activities and to

revise the school’s dress code. She has also been involved in the school’s forensic speech and debate club, the hiking club and the chess and Spanish clubs. Padilla served on the yearbook committee this year, as well. She has helped to coach her younger brothers’ little league teams, helped to rebuild her uncle’s house, has volunteered at St. Theresa’s Church, will be working at the community pool for the third year as a lifeguard, has waitressed at the Home Plate Restaurant and has helped her grandmother, Dinah MenSEE Padilla / PAGE 23

20 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Left: Allison Cunningham accepts her diploma. Right: County Attorney George Silva addresses the PUHS Class of 2013 during graduation ceremonies at the school gym on May 24.

Photos by JB Miller

Left: Valedictorian Crianna Padilla makes her way into the gym for the graduation ceremony, followed by Sabrina Paz. Right: Daniel Roberts has his photo taken as he enters the gym.

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To the Class of 2013, Remember you can be anything you want. The world is open to you!



PUHS Graduates!

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Graduation 2013 -


The Patagonia Union High School Class of 2013 includes, from left: Alberto “Beto” Antonio Romero, Daniel Jose Roberts, Joshua Gordon Purvis, Sabrina Jade Paz, Crianna Marella Padilla, Austin Michael Mason, Rogelio Angel Galindo, Caleb John Foster, Allison Renee Cunningham and Gilbert Castro.

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Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Salutatorian Caleb Foster gets ready outside the gym (above) and then delivers a speech to the audience inside (left). Right: Austin Mason walks into the gym at the start of graduation ceremonies.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Congratulations

To our 2013 scholarship recipients!

Caleb Foster

Crianna Padilla

Josh Purvis


22 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement


doza, in the office at PUHS. Math has been Padilla’s favorite subject. “I understand math really well,” she said. “I feel really prepared for math in college.” A member of the National Honor Society, she already has college credits in physics and English. This year, in addition to her academic classes, she has served as a teaching assistant for the second grade. She loved working with the younger kids, tutoring and



thing in the world and I had to figure out a way to make it more enjoyable.” Even while he was still being homeschooled, he participated in sports at Patagonia High, playing football, basketball and baseball. He became a student at the high school as a sophomore. Foster chose Patagonia because he felt it would be an easier transition to enter a class of 10 students than to attend one of the larger schools in the area. He does feel that the small number of students can also be drawback, however. “The diversity of people is very limited,” he said. He played football and basketball all four years,

assisting the teacher. In fact, she is considering a career in elementary education as a possible alternative to medical school. Padilla believes that she benefited from attending a high school that has a senior class of only 10 students. “You get more one on one time with teachers,” she said. “It helps so much to know your teacher on a personal level.” She recognized that there were disadvantages to the small school, saying, “Anything you do, pretty much everyone knows and things get around

pretty quickly. You have to see the same people every day.” She feels that her aunt Carina Douglas has been the biggest influence in her life. “I feel like she’s a really good role model,” she said. “She’s always been there for me and helped me with whatever I need, either personal or school related.” Padilla noted that she would miss her close friends and the small town atmosphere of Patagonia, but she is excited, she said, “to meet new people and to experience things I never even thought existed.”

played baseball his freshman and junior years, and tennis his sophomore year. He was named Most Improved Player in basketball his sophomore year and Most Valuable Player in football his senior year. He was named to the All-State first team in defense and the second team in offense for football, as well. Foster is hoping to play football at Pima College, but will probably wait until his sophomore year to try out. He was inducted into the National Honor Society his sophomore year and served as class vice-president his sophomore and junior years. He has participated in the debate team and played in a steel drum band. His hobbies include writing short stories and poetry, as well as video games and sports. This year Foster worked as a

library aide in the high school and as a teaching assistant. His favorite class has been U.S. history, taught by Mr. Spencer, whom he said has been his biggest role model. He has travelled to Kenya, the Navajo Nation and Panama on mission trips with his parents. In Panama the group worked with children in a remote village for two weeks. “I really love to travel,” he said. “Missionary work is a possibility. I’m kind of keeping that in my back pocket.” Foster is looking forward to attending Pima College next fall, although he will miss being able to be home with his family. “Going to Pima will help me figure out what I want to do,” he said. “I’m excited to get started on the next chapter of my life”


2013 SCHOUTEN & SULLIVAN PPLC Certified Public Accountants BETH A. SULLIVAN CPA

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Dearest Amy, Congrats! Your hard work has won you much success and your future is so bright. For all the times of late night studies, lack of sleep, sacrifice of enjoyment and parties, your reward is here. Next stop - U of A! We could not be more proud! Go Girl! Love, Mom, Keith, Anthony, Alex and Austin



Graduation 2013 -

Amy Scheid Cienega High: High Honors, Principals Award, FFA Scholarship Award, Psychology Award

24 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Pinnacle Charter High School

Class of 2013

The Class of 2013 at Pinnacle Charter High School in Nogales included 12 students who were honored at a graduation ceremony on May 22 at the Mesa Arts Center.

Elam Garibay

Gerardo Martinez

Ivonne Villa

Juan Borbolla Parra

Juan Villa

Marco Espinoza

Marie Martinez

Martha Langarica

Victor Herrera

Gonzalo Duarte Cabrera

Martin Acosta

Martin Garcia

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Graduation 2013 -


26 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Congratulations to our grandchildren, High School Graduates; Mikey (NHS) and Marky (RRHS) Lopez and WCMS Transitioner, Ricky Paredes and Grabriel Paredes transitioning from Lincoln elementary to Middle school. We want you to know that we are proud of all of you for your hard work and perseverance. We wish that you continue your endeavors as “Mighty Men of Valore� May the blessings and wisdom of the Lord overtake you. Now go on to the University and High School and conquer that too!

Love dearly,

Nan and Tats Lopez XNLV91889

2013 Carlos Hidalgo

Karen Silva

Daniela Almada

Linka Martinez

Annalia Cota


Anne Genardini-Solley Scholarship

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement

Graduation 2013 -


28 - Graduation 2013

Nogales International / Weekly Bulletin Special Supplement


Graduations from Santa Cruz County High Schools


Graduations from Santa Cruz County High Schools