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Do you want the fox guarding the hen house?

DON’T LET THE ARIZONA LEGISLATURE REMOVE YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW FROM THE NEWSPAPER. Don’t let the Arizona State Legislature remove public notices from the newspaper. The Committee on Published Public Legal Notices, created pursuant to Laws 2010, Chapter 132, is scheduled to meet at the Arizona State Capitol on December 6, 2011 at 1 p.m., in Senate Room #1. There will be an opportunity for public comment regarding this important issue. Public notices inform citizens of government or government-related activities that affect citizens’ everyday lives. Public notices are required by law to be published in a newspaper of general circulation. Public notices describe activity of public interest and concern and report activity or planned activity by government including the courts. Public notices inform local citizens of pending decisions and/or actions in their community that may affect them such as hearings, property sales and auctions, corporations and partnerships, civil cases, etc. Newspapers print the notices as required by law and post them on their websites at no additional cost. They are also posted free online at – a searchable website created in 1998 by the Arizona Newspapers

Arizona Newspapers Association

Association that lists all public notices across the state. If you value public notices and open government, now is the time to tell your Legislator, before public notices disappear from newspapers. If you cannot attend, please email your comments to the legislative study committee members: Sen. Andy Biggs Sen. Frank Antenori Sen. Leah Landrum Taylor Sen. Robert Meza Sen. Steve Smith Rep. Russ Jones Rep. Chad Campbell Rep. Tom Chabin Rep. Steve Urie Rep. Ted Vogt The current system, where a private third-party handles the notices, ensures public notices are independent, archivable, accessible and verifiable. If public notice is managed by the government – how will the public be adequately noticed?

Fox guarding the hen house  

Don't let Arizona legislature remove your right to know from the newspaper.