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Williston Basin Energy Festival 2011 Over 22,000 days ago, the basin changed forever! In April 1951 (just south of Tioga, N.D.), the Williston Basin first oil Executive Director well was suc- Williston Area Chamber of Commerce cessfully drilled. The Kevin Paschke Clarence Iverson No. 1 well changed our history. Oil fever raced through everyone’s veins. One year later, in 1952, the first Oil Discovery Day celebration was held. It was a huge success with over 10,000 people attending. Amerada (Hess) provided 3,000 pounds of prime beef to feed the enthusiastic crowd. On Sept. 17, the Energy Committee of the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce will produce an event called Williston Basin Energy Festival 2011 ( to celebrate 60 years of oil in the Williston Basin. It will be a time to look back to remember the risk takers who had the vision and believed oil was beneath us. We will also salute the oil companies and their employees. Just as Amerada (Hess) did in 1951, today’s oil companies take risks and invest in our great region and communities. Kick off begins at 9:30 a.m. (CT) with the region’s largest energy industry parade. The honorable N.D. Gov. Jack Dalrymple has been confirmed as the parade’s grand marshal. After the parade, a free barbeque for all will be provided by Hess. Target Logistics is the Food Logistics sponsor. There will be exciting kids’ events all afternoon with inflatables, face painting, clowns and games. Everyone will sleep soundly after a full day of fun! Twenty-two company teams (entries limited to sponsors) will prepare all kinds of different foods for our Food Festival. With ribs, steak, shrimp and all things in-between, it will be a time to savor foods from all over the United States. Even alligator is on the menu! All proceeds from the Food Festival People’s Choice Award with go to help the flood victims in Minot, N.D. Early afternoon, we’ll begin with what everyone in the Williston Basin is buzzing about... the contests! Competition in three individual and two team contests will start with arm wrestling, truck tow (team of four), bit toss and the “win or get dirty” tug of war (team of four). There is also a Miss Williston Basin Pageant. Finally, there will be a street dance and fireworks show to end the evening. All events except the parade will be held at the fairgrounds. Visit for complete details.

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Oil Discovery Celebration 60th Anniversary 1951-2011

Saturday, Sept. 17, Williston, N.D.

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9:30 a.m.-noon. . . . . . . . . Parade (energy-themed), starts downtown Noon-4 p.m. . . . . . . . . . . .Kids’ events: inflatables, face painting, clowns, etc. 12:30-3 p.m. . . . . . . . . . .Free barbeque, provided by Hess 1-1:30 p.m. . . . . . . . . . . .Program with the Honorable N.D. Gov. Jack Dalrymple 1-6 p.m. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Food Festival (over 22 dishes) 2-6 p.m. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Contests – arm wrestling, truck pull, bit toss, tug of war and Miss Williston Basin pageant 7-8 p.m. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Awards ceremony


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9 p.m.-12:30 a.m. . . . . . . .Street dance and fireworks (Location: Upper Missouri Valley Fairgrounds (excluding parade). All times are Central Daylight Time) 406-482-7870 1-888-287-7808 Sidney, MT

A variety of inflatables will be at the Williston fairgrounds to entertain the children during the Williston Basin Energy Festival. Other fun activities will be a power jump, mechanical bull and a 36’ obstacle.

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Energy Festival



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On Aug. 28, 1950, Bill Shemorry of the Press Graphic flew over the Clarence Iverson No. 1 location and took the above picture of the nearly completed rig. The well was spudded Sept. 3, 1950.

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North Dakota’s first successful oil well The first probe for gas and oil in North Dakota was made in 1916 and 1917, drilled 3 1/2 miles east of Williston. Phillips was the promoter and driller. It was abandoned when it hit water at 1,200 feet. • 1927 – An attempt was made by Big Viking Corporation to discover oil. • 1937 – The California company drilled a well on Neis Kamp approximately 8 miles south and west of Clarence Iverson’s farm. It was abandoned at 10,281 feet with a stuck drilling pipe in the hole. Cost was $1.4 mil-

lion. Twenty-six dry holes were drilled in North Dakota from 1935-1950. Leases for the discovery well were taken by Thomas W. Leach and A.M. Fruh. The leases were assigned to Amerada Petroleum Corporation. • 1942 – Amerada conducted first seismic program in Williston Basin • 1947-1949 – Most of the leasing on the Nesson Anticline was done during this time. • 1947-1950 – Amerada spent money leasing and seismographing the lands twice.

• End of July 1950 – Drilling equipment arrived. J.F. Burton drilled a water well at Clarence Iverson’s farm site. Lofflund Brothers’ Drilling Company was the drilling contractor. Drilling begin Sept. 3, 1950, on the first well of Amerada Petroleum Corporation. • March 14, 1951 – Perforated 11,706-11,720 feet but only gas encountered. • April 4, 1951 – Perforated 11,630-11,660. The initial test started at 12:55 p.m. and continued for 17 hours; 307 barrels of oil were recovered. Approximate cost was $1

million. The discovery of oil made North Dakota the 27th oil-producing state in the nation. • June 22, 1951 – The first royalty check received by Clarence Iverson for $172.27 Sixty years later the oil industry still continues to thrive in the Williston Basin, a bowl-shaped area that includes parts of Montana,North Dakota, South Dakota and Canada. A combination of 3-D seismic technology and horizontal drilling makes the finding of pools of oil more positive than ever before.

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What is the Williston Basin Energy Festival? "A day to advocate for energy-related companies, protect their interests and help accelerate their business vision." 701-842-4248

• A salute to energy industry workers and time to decompress • Bring together residents and industry • Education and fun for the youth

Eastern Montana's five fields in the Williston Basin • East Poplar • Richey • Glendive (most active field) • Pine • Little Beaver (Combined flowing potential for all five zones: 6,700 barrels/day)

What's happening today?

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• The Williston Basin continues to produce at every increasing rates. (Harold Hamm - 24 billion barrels) • Energy has given economic prosperity to the region • True heroes working in the elements to give us American oil from under American soil. • We have quality of life! Thousands are moving here.

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Energy Festival




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Dynneson No. 1 Dynneson No. 1 was the first oil well in Richland County.

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Richland County’s first successful oil well presence of oil where this, their initial drilling project, will begin. The company has a large and extensive acreage leased in the area. A United Press writer, in the Billings Gazette, says: “The answer to the $64 question should come pretty soon� as the result of this drilling “smack in the middle of the eastern Montana oil activity.� Site leveling on the location was begun Tuesday and if this major oil company hits black gold, Sidney will be “in�. The borrow from that writer, “It will be very well true that this test will be the most important in the Montana section of the


The Sun Oil Co. will begin drilling its first test oil well in the Williston Basin at a location 9 miles northwest of Sidney on the Dynneson farm to be known as Dynneson No. 1 on or before Oct. 1, it is definitely assured with the drilling equipment now being assembled on the site. Jack Prather, Sun Oil Co. production manager, says the well will go down 13,000 feet “to fathom Sidney’s future.� This move on the part of the Sun Oil Co. would indicate that results from seismograph work of the company’s crews point to the

Williston Basin, because of its central location. Oil men reason if there’s truly a vast pool in this area, Sidney is floating right in the middle of “it�. The drilling rig is being moved in from Lemmon, S.D., by the Kid Williams Drilling Corporation of Tulsa, Okla. Slim Hill is the tool pusher. Sidney is located in almost the exact center of the present main drilling areas in the Williston Basin where producing wells have been brought in, mainly northeast of Williston in the Tioga field, northeast near Poplar, the Shell discovery and several subse-

quent producers near Richey, and a flock of them west of Glendive. The whole basin is being perforated with widely spread test drilling. If Sun brings in a producer in the Dynneson No. 1 test, this central basin area will undoubtedly come in the unprecedented drilling activity and boom conditions which accompany it. Nationwide oil interest will be focused on the progress of the Dynneson test drilling. There is every prospect that drilling will be started on a number of other locations in the immediate Sidney area where large acreages have been

block-leaded by drilling interests without much further delay. The Sun well will be the third drilling project in Richland County. The first was the Otis Waters well northeast of Richey where drilling was stopped and the pipe pulled without definite abandonment. It is now reported that deeper drilling there is scheduled to be undertaken soon. The Shell Etzel No. 1 well about 50 miles west of Sidney, and slightly north, down over 8,000 feet, has shown traces of oil at succeeding depths and is being watched for more definite results.

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Sanjel is proud to be part of the Williston Basin

Festival events

60 year

PARADE – “NORTH DAKOTA’S LARGEST ENERGY INDUSTRY PARADE!â€? • Parade route: Spectator viewing will begin at the corner of Broadway and Main Street. The route will continue to 11th Street and turn west. At the corner of 11th Street and Second Avenue, the route will turn north. It will continue north on Second Avenue until it reaches the conclusion of the parade at 26th Street. Grab a lawn chair and head out to your favorite spot along the parade route!


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• After the parade, a food festival will be at the Upper Missouri Fairgrounds with 22 energy industry companies cooking dishes from around the United States. Some of the dishes will include chicken, shrimp, venison, hamburgers, pulled pork, jambalaya and yes, alligator...and so much more. Vote for your favorite! All proceeds from the Food Festival’s People’s Choice Award will go to the flood victims in Minot, N.D. • Target Logistics is the Food Logistics sponsor.

KID’S ACTIVITIES •Inflatables • Power jump • Mechanical bull • 36’ obstacles • Face painting • Clowns • Balloon twisters and tons of more fun


FRIENDLY CONTESTS • Arm wrestling • Truck pull • Tug of war • Bit Toss • Miss Williston Basin Energy Pageant prizes awarded


• Live band in the agri-sports building

• Everything an energy worker would want...including a bear hunt!





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Energy Festival




The Chiefs Confer Photographed at the Bakken well are E.L. Rambo, tool pusher, W.A. Garrett, assistant drilling superintendent for the Noble Drilling Co., and A.D. “Blackie” Davidson, assistant production superintendent, Montana and Dakota Division, Amerada Petroleum Corp.


Congratulations President of Amerada Petroleum corporation Alfred Jacobsen, center, looks on while North Dakota Gov. Clarence Brunsdale and Clarence Iverson shake hands at the first Oil Discovery Day held in Williston April 5, 1952. “[The oilmen are] the last pioneer to appear in our midst. The oilmen have led the way and should prosper. Because they have the know how, our people will prosper,” Gov. Brunsdale - 1952.



Williston Basin

A big ‘IF’

A drawing of the oil industry’s most intense exploratory effort, the vast Williston Basin, covering some 93,000,000 acres in three states. As of Aug. 7, 1952, there were 90 active drilling locations with eight pools shown in various stages of development.

Amerada’s Risser No. 1 in McKenzie County, North Dakota, was tested at several levels in 1952. The big “if” was if the well came in.

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Energy Festival 2011  

Energy festival 2011 in Williston, North Dakota.

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