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ochise County welcomes you! This is where uncommon ground meets extraordinary skies, where international and local cuisine pair with award-winning wines, and where a journey spanning centuries can be done in just a day. We are delighted you have chosen to visit our beautiful corner of southeast Arizona, and we hope you use this guide to make the most of your time here. No matter your interests, you will easily find something to see and do to create long lasting memories that will hopefully bring you back for more. We hope your time in Cochise County will prove to be a voyage of discovery, and we look forward to welcoming you back as our guests in the future. Jennifer Sorenson Publisher



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Queen Mine Tour, Bisbee Don your yellow slicker, hard hat and miner’s lamp and head 1,500 feet underground while a former miner recounts mining days, techniques and dangers.

To Discover In Cochise County

Hummingbird Banding, Sierra Vista Get an up-close look at the many species of hummingbird that use the San Pedro River as a freeway between their winter homes and their summer nesting grounds.

Bisbee Farmers Market, Bisbee Taste the flavors of Cochise County at this open air market in the Warren neighborhood of historic Bisbee.


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Coronado Vineyards, Willcox Vineyard owners Mark and Jacque Cook believe the true value in wine is in its experience. So visit their wine tasting and tapas lounge for an experience of your own.

Fort Huachuca Historical Museums Explore the rich history of Fort Huachuca’s famous “Buffalo Soldiers” and other curiosities related to the post, which was first established in 1877.

Gunfighter Hall of Fame, Tombstone Immerse yourself in old west history with a visit to this treasure trove of gunfighter memorabilia.

Slaughter Ranch, Douglas Step back in time with a visit to the home of a beloved character from southwest lore.

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While you’re here . . Sierra Vista




The annual Independence Day extravaganza is a highlight of the year for many Sierra Vista residents. Pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the impressive display.

Get your oompah on at Oktoberfest. Gather in the park for a variety of cuisine and live entertainment at Der Biergarten.

Held the first weekend in October, Art in the Park transforms Veterans Memorial Park in Sierra Vista into a colorful marketplace of unique gifts and artwork.





Bisbee Chocolate Tasting

The Great Stair Climb is arguably one of the most unusual and challenging events in the world. The 4.5-mile course features nine staircases connected by winding roads.

Held every June, this three-day extravagant party embodies a spirit of solidarity and a sense of being home for those attending, which has expanded beyond the LGBTQ community.

Every February, the Friends of the Library hosts a chocolate tasting and auction. Goodies are donated by home bakers and candy makers as well as a few local restaurateurs.

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Don’t miss out on these popular annual events





“The Town Too Tough to Die” pays tribute to a local legend with a weekend of Western fun, including featured guests who have portrayed Holliday on the big screen.

A “true to life reproduction of Tombstone’s rip-roaring days,” the town comes together in late October to celebrate the history and magic of this western gem.

Organized as a tribute to the men and women of the armed forces, the event features a parade and full weekend of street entertainment, raffles and vendors.

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Jocelyn T. Lawley (520) 266-2568

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Eyes on the skies


ochise County is home to multiple nature conservatories and birding locations, providing a sanctuary for a variety of bird species from the Black-Chinned hummingbird to the Sandhill cranes. Whether you’re looking to spot a particular species, to expand your knowledge on the history and landscape, or just a fun weekend getaway, Cochise County provides multiple resources and experiences to get you started on your next adventure. Not only will you get to witness the beauty of the mountain sierras, fresh air, and mild climate, but you will also get the chance to learn about the history, botany, and wildlife that migrate through the area along with those who call this land home. Due to the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the seasonal events hosted by each of these sites have been postponed until 2021. However, there are a few areas that remain open to the public under limited hours and group restrictions. We highly recommend contacting the area you’re planning on visiting ahead of time to confirm the availability of these locations. Here’s a few to get you started.

Ramsey Canyon Preserve: The Ramsey Canyon Preserve is a 20-minute drive from the city of Sierra Vista, traveling along Highway 92 and turning westbound onto Ramsey Canyon Road. Located within the east side of the Huachuca Mountains, the Ramsey Canyon Preserve provides sanctuary from the traditional dry desert plains, offering shaded forest trails, upper canyon wildlife, and gentle streams. According to the Ramsey Canyon Preserve Manager, Peter Leiterman, the preserve has over 25,000 visitors annually, making it a popular site to visit for local birdwatchers and tourists in the Sierra Vista and Hereford area. The preserve is on the migratory route for multiple bird species, with the most sought after being the Elegant Trogon, Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher, and an ample variety of hummingbirds. Leiterman says that the best time to visit the preserve is 8

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from late March to early June to see the widest variety of species, but the preserve is open year-round with many species being year-round residents. “The preserve offers the opportunity to immerse visitors in a beautiful wooded canyon just minutes from Sierra Vista. Our trails are well maintained and can be easily accessed by young families to seniors. Guided hikes are available during certain parts of the year and staff and volunteers are present to provide information and answer questions,” said Leiterman. The preserve’s visitor center provides additional information and handouts on the various plants and wildlife within the conservatory. Leiterman mentions how “The preserve offers visitors of all ages and abilities the opportunity to get in a short hike or spend a full day exploring the beautiful Huachuca Mountains since the preserve’s trail system connects with trails that lead into the Miller Peak Wilderness.”

Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary: About 20 minutes away from Ramsey Canyon Preserve, traveling further south on Highway 92, birders and tourists can have their opportunity to view up to 192 different bird species at the Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary, according to the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory web page on the canyon. Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary used to be the former residence of the late Mary Jo Ballator, a birder, naturalist, and gardener in the Cochise County area. Listed on their webpage, the Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary provides visitors with

“naturalistic water features, a pollinator garden, and a photo blind available by reservation.” Some of the most soughtafter species to view on the property are the Plain-capped Starthroat and the Lucifer Hummingbird, both of which have drawn birders and photographers from all around the world. After the passing of Ballator in May of 2019, the Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary has since been purchased by the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory and has continued to provide local birders and tourists the opportunity to see and photograph the numerous species that migrate to the area. According to the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory’s webpage, the best time to view hummingbirds in the canyon is during their migration from March through September, but there’s still a wide variety of species that visit the canyon year-round. The Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary has limited parking and access during Friday through Wednesday from “dawn till dusk,” with the exception of the canyon having limited hours on Thursdays from “noon till dusk.” Due to the pandemic, there can only be ten visitors as a time in the canyon and parking has been restricted to encourage this guideline.

Wings Over Willcox: If you’re looking for a weekend full of hands-on field trips, seminars, and resources on the wildlife and environment of the Sulphur Springs Valley area, look no further than the Wings Over Willcox (WOW) Festival. According to the WOW’s website, the festival is hosted annually during the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and provides a comprehensive introduction to the wildlife, geology, botany, and history in the Sulphur Springs Valley and Willcox area. Once registered for the festival, the participants have access to numerous nature and wildlife seminars, tours, and a live nature exhibit located at the Willcox community center at 312 West Stewart Street. According to the Wings

Birding in cochise county

Over Wilcox website, transportation for the tours must be arranged in advance, with reservations being “filled on a first-come first-served basis.” Attendees of the festival are advised to wear multiple layers of clothing to accommodate for the 15-degree temperature difference between the morning and afternoon, rain gear, and to bring their own reusable water bottles, with refills provided by the Willcox Nature Association. Mary Peterson, the Willcox Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture Board President says that, “Willcox is a great place to visit for any number of reasons, including our birding scene. With great local flavor, Willcox is a fun way to spend the day or the weekend!”

San Pedro House: Traveling 15 minutes eastbound down highway 90 from Sierra Vista, birders and hikers alike can explore the variety of sparrows, larks, warblers, while hiking down alongside the San Pedro River. According to the Friends of The San Pedro River, over 12,000 visitors come to the San Pedro House annually for a chance to spot species like the rare Green Kingfisher or the year-round Scaled Quail. Ten species, including the yellow-billed cuckoo, gray hawk, and the summer tanager, can all be found around the cottonwood canopy by the river. Further west from the riverbed, out along the trails in the grasslands, Lillian’s Eastern Meadowlark, Botteri’s and Cassin’s Sparrows can be spotted. Many of these species migrate to the San Pedro in the spring months and eventually depart for the fall. However, the sparrows, waterfowl, and the Green-tailed Towhee flock to the river area in the cooler winter weather. The San Pedro house also hosts a variety of different wildlife and birding events. David Wood, a life-long birder and Cochise County resident for 11 years says that the San Pedro House is one of his favorite sites to visit for birding. Wood is one of the docents at the San Pedro House, and he mentions that they host bird walks every Wednesday. “People come to Cochise County from all over the world because we get a lot of the Mexican species. Sierra Vista is the Hummingbird capital and that’s not an idle boast,” said Wood. One of the prominent events hosted at the San Pedro House, is the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO)’s hummingbird banding event. Once during the summer migration and again during the fall, this event invites members of the public to watch volunteers and employees of Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory catch, weigh, 10

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measure, band, and release the hummingbirds as part of the ongoing study conducted on site right behind the San Pedro house. According to the City of Sierra Vista’s webpage on the event, visitors get the opportunity to view ten different species of hummingbirds for the two-hour event. While attendance is free, the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory graciously accepts donations to continue their study on hummingbirds. In addition to the numerous bird species and the well-kempt trails, the San Pedro house provides a wide variety of educational resources on the Cochise County area, including field guides, biographies, novels, hiking apparel, and brochures for other prominent birding locations. Within the gift shop area of the San Pedro house, you can find wildlife-inspired merchandise such as coffee mugs, tee shirts, holiday ornaments, jewelry, and postcards.

Gray Hawk Nature Center: Just northwest of the San Pedro House, is the Gray Hawk Nature Center, located off of the east side of Charleston Road in Sierra Vista. Within the nature center, visitors of all ages are welcome to explore and learn about the wildlife on its conservation land. According to the Gray Hawk Nature Center’s custodian Sandy Anderson, about 5,000 visitors come to visit the nature center every year to learn about the diverse landscapes and wildlife of the “sky islands” of southeastern Arizona. According to the Gray Hawk Nature Center’s website, the San Pedro River is, “The last major free-flowing river remaining in the southwestern United States,” to which the Gray Hawk Nature Center capitalizes on through providing

educational programs for students of all ages to learn about the importance of maintaining the San Pedro and its wildlife through a hands-on experience. Anderson, the naturalist and educator at Gray Hawk Nature Center, says that her main motivation is to educate the youth and students of the Cochise County area on wildlife conservation through her educational programs and field trips. Anderson said that there are 251 different wildlife species that have been spotted on her property. She attributes this to the variety of landscapes and terrains within the Gray Hawk Center. “I have a lot of varied habitats, desert upland, mesquite woodland, cotton willow wood forest, sacaton grass. Anytime of the year is good to bird in Cochise County, that’s why us bird guides came here thirty years ago,” said Anderson. If you’re interested in participating in one of the guided nature tours, learning about the invertebrate and reptiles through the live displays, the Gray Hawk Nature Center will provide you with hands-on experience and a chance to learn from Anderson’s thirty years of experience in the area. All services at the Gray Hawk Nature Center must be scheduled in advance by contacting the Gray Hawk Nature Center via the email address on their website.

Whitewater Draw: If you’re looking for wide open skies, level trails, and good wildlife photography opportunities, Whitewater Draw is a fantastic location for you. Located about 10 minutes to the southeast of the McNeal community, Whitewater Draw is located at the heart of the sandhill cranes winter migratory path in southeastern Arizona. According to the Arizona Game & Fish department (AZGFD)’s web page about Whitewater Draw, visitors during the winter migratory path can view over 20,000 sandhill cranes along the water bank during the winter months. Wildlife biologist and photographer, Bob Luca says that he enjoys visiting Whitewater Draw because the area has good access and a wide-open landscape for taking photos. While the sandhill cranes are a popular attraction for most visitors of Whitewater Draw, the area also houses multiple varieties of ducks, hawks, owls, sparrows, thrashers, shore birds, and many more. Some of the most common species spotted in the area are the black-crowned night heron, Vermilion flycatcher, Northern pintail, white-faced ibis, and the loggerhead shrike. The Whitewater Draw area contains 1,500 acres of land and is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The AZGFD says that overnight

Visit any time of year Weather - average daily temperature (F) & monthly total precipitation (inches)

camping is permitted in Whitewater Draw only in the specified areas and for a maximum of three days at a time. There’s no camping fee but only a vault toilet available on site with no other utilities. If you’re looking to experience the wide variety of bird species, learn about the culture and history of the

area, and traverse across the dynamic landscape, Cochise County is the place to go. “Southeast Arizona, which includes Cochise County, is one of the biggest birding spots in the county. There’s a lot of species that can only be found here,” said Theresa Lawson, who’s been birding for eight years in the Cochise County area.


































































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Discover.. Our Natural Wonders


ochise County, with its stunning blue skies, desert landscapes and ancient canyons, is a place where outdoors enthusiasts can find endless possibilities. With the sun shining year round and mountain peaks creating sky islands all around, Southeast Arizona and Cochise County is a dream for hikers, bikers and bird watchers alike. For those who crave outstanding natural beauty, this corner of Southeast Arizona is an absolute wonder, dazzling at every turn. Stop by for the hiking trails, bike paths, and scenic byways, and extend your stay to experience the mountains, rolling hills and grasslands and unforgettable vistas.


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Birding & wildlife Cochise County is heaven to birders, boasting countless winged creatures that revel in their Southeast Arizona environs. Ornithologists come from across the world in hopes of spotting one of the many rare birds found in this region. From the more than dozen species of hummingbird, to the elusive trogon, the county offers nearly endless bird-viewing opportunities throughout its canyons and wooded areas. Visitors to the peaceful Ramsey Canyon Preserve in Sierra Vista, the Chiricahua and Dragoon mountains near Willcox, or to the San Pedro River will almost surely encounter diverse and varied wildlife. Coyote, wild turkeys, black bear, deer, coatimundi and bobcats can be found all throughout Cochise County’s more than 6,000 square miles. and

Hiking, biking & more… With miles of bicycle paths and sheer volume of hiking trails, along with the numerous vistas, it’s not hard to understand why Cochise County attracts so many outdoors enthusiasts. Off-road vehicles and horses can also make their way through the mountains and valleys that cross the county, ensuring your vacation or weekend getaway will not lack excitement. More and more mountain bikers are flocking to the Huachuca Mountains to tackle the challenging trails, and Sierra Vista was named a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Sierra Vista is also a mouth to the Arizona Trail, a hiking path spanning 800 miles from the Mexican border to Utah. or www.

Stargazing Watching the Milky Way arch across the dark night sky, or seeing shooting stars shimmer above the Southeastern Arizona mountains never gets old for Cochise County residents. People come from far and wide to take in the gorgeous sights of our corner of Arizona, including the unforgettable stargazing.

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Golf The seven golf courses in Cochise County take full advantage of the stunning vistas and more than 300 days of sunshine the county enjoys each year. Sierra Vista is home to two courses, including the championship course at Pueblo Del Sol Country Club. There are also courses in Douglas, Benson and Willcox. and www.

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ether you like to travel with a motor home or prefer to sleep under the stars, Cochise County has many options for enjoying the high desert ringed with mountains while you visit historic cities, enjoy an active nightlife, shop, hike the canyon trails or follow paths around a renowned river in search of that bird to add to your life list. All across the county, one can find the perfect spot to enjoy an escape from winter weather or big city life or head out on a family vacation at one of its many RV parks and campgrounds. Here is just a random sampling of a few of Cochise County’s RV parks.

Camping Cochise

Lifestyle Starting on the east side of the county near the Chiricahua Mountains, Lifestyle RV Resort in Willcox features a fitness center with weights and cardio and strength machines. There is a heated indoor pool and spa. The camp store has a wide selection of snacks, souvenirs, clothing and RV supplies. The laundry room is open all day, every day, as are showers and restrooms. There is a movie lounge, a library with hundreds of books and the park has highspeed WiFi. Lifestyle is a dog-friendly park with a dog run. The city of Willcox retains the charm of the Old West and has several local attractions and eateries. It is near wine country and there are a number of vineyards and wineries just a short drive away. There are festivals each fall and in the winter thousands of Greater and Lesser Sandhill Cranes and water fowl call the Willcox Playa home. Chiricahua National Monument is a short drive with spectacular views and hiking and birding opportunities.​ Lifestyle RV Park is located at 622 N. Haskell Road, Willcox. For more information, visit the website at: https:// or call (520) 384-3303.

Sandy’s Heading south, Sandy’s Restaurant and RV Park in Sunizona offers comfortable 14

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accommodations, as well as family dining serving breakfast and lunch every day. The park is open for business year-round and that includes weekends and holidays. The park has 24 spaces for RVs of any size. Each space comes with all the bells and whistles, including shower hook-ups. Rentals are available by the day, the week or the month. It is located at 5120 E. Highway 181, in Pearce, AZ . Call toll-free (855) 327-7192 for more information or visit the website at:

Hidden Treasures Heading due south, Hidden Treasures RV Park provides a secure environment close to a golf course and the border town of Douglas. The new entrance into the park

is through the entry gates of Rancho Perilla Estates. The park can accommodate RVs from 45 feet to 95 feet long by 35 feet wide on spaces with full electrical service. With great views of the Douglas Municipal Golf Course and the mountains, the park provides a great place for a getaway. The easily accessible golf course, built in the mid-1930s by WPA work crews, expanded from nine holes to 18 in 1999. It has a bar, a nice patio and a large meeting room for clubs or large family gatherings at reasonable prices. Douglas offers restaurants and shopping and the opportunity to cross the border to visit Agua Prieta. Slaughter Ranch, Rucker Canyon and many ghost towns are just a short drive from the park. All excellent spots for bird

the mid-1930s by WPAbiking work and crews, expanded watching, mountain getting out Pets are welcome but must be on a leash, from nine holes 18 in 1999. It historic has a bar,towns a nice in nature. Alsotonearby are the but are not allowed to be walked within Bisbee Parkor the golf course. The patio and a large meeting room forworth clubs or large of Bisbee and Tombstone, well a day the park RV proper Headingpet south to the area border, Bisbee RV family gatherings to visit each reasonable prices. designated walking is outside Park at Turquoise Valley Golf Course, located Douglas restaurants and is shopping Hiddenoffers Treasures RV Park located and at the park fence. There is an off-lease area in Naco, Arizona, sits at an elevation of 4,500 the opportunity to cross the border to visit Agua 3851 Camino Del Rancho, Douglas, Az. For available. feet and a great golf course just across the road. Prieta. more information, visit the website at: http:// Bisbee RV Park is located at 1791 The pet-friendly park and campground offers Slaughter Ranch, Rucker Canyon and many or email: W Newell St, Naco, Arizona. For more full hookup RV camping for the winter, spring, ghost towns are just a short drive from the park. or call information, visit the website at: https:// summer and fall. It is a year round destination All excellent spots for bird watching, mountain (520) 840-0026. or call (520) 505-1642. due to the mild climate. biking and getting out in nature. Also nearby Situated one mile from the quiet border are the historic towns of Bisbee and Tombstone, crossing into Naco, Sonora, Mexico, crossing is wellDesert worth a day toOasis visit each one. WiFi is available, as are laundry facilities and Queen Mine quick and it is an easy walk to get to dentists, Hidden Treasures RV Park is located at full hookups. There is also a game room. Heading west into the Sulfur Springs To the west, Queen Mine RV Park, Double Adobe physicians and pharmacies. 3851 Camino Del Rancho, Douglas, Az. Located just outside of historic Bisbee in Valley, Desert Oasis Campground is nestled located in the Mule Mountains, is within The park is just south of the historic Bisbee For more information, visit the website at: Southern Plateau healthful Just down the road a fewregion, miles this is the on the east side of the Mule Mountains near Arizona’s walking distance to historic Old Bisbee, with a plethora of restaurants, unique shopping or email: area boasts sunshine 86 percent aof108-space the time. Double Adobe Campground, Bisbee. aand picturesque and authentic mining town a lively nightlife. or call (520) Average temperatures between 80besides and park which also offersrange campsites and, The park has 21 spaces with full hook-ups, located in the southeastarecorner of Arizona Washroom facilities modern and clean, as 840-0026. 46 degrees, with evenings cool in summer. being pet-friendly, is horse-friendly and seven RV rentals and two cabins for lease. just five miles from the Mexican border. is the laundry loom and recreation facility.This Rich in historical lore, Cochise County offers a gun-friendly. There is an area set up for dry camping and former copper mining town is built the Pets are welcome but must be on ainto leash, but realDouble taste ofAdobe the OldCampground West only miles from the offers skeet tent camping. are not allowed to be walked within the park Double Adobe sides of two intersecting canyons. Businesses campground. shooting, trap shooting and sporting clays Thedown recreation center a funisplace for proper the golf course. Thehomes designated pet Just the road a fewismiles the Double line the or canyon floors while are built Double Adobe Campground is located at shooting. evening gatherings, acocktails, walking area is outside Adobe Campground, 108-spaceplay parkfree which the canyon sides. the park fence. There is 5057 W. Double Adobe Road, McNeal, Az. For into WiFi is available, as are laundry facilities pool or watch the game on a big screen off-lease areaspaces available. also offers campsites and, besides being petare 25 at the quiet hilltop more information, visit the website: http://www. anThere and full hookups. There is also a game room. Bisbee Park isviews, locatedclean at 1791 W Newell friendly, horse-friendly and gun-friendly. TV or is even movies. It also has some or email at: doubleadobe@ park with RV awesome bathrooms, Located just outside of historic Bisbee St, Naco, Arizona. For more information, visit Double Adobe Campground offers skeet exercise equipment for an added indoor or call (520)364-4000 or showers, and laundry facilities. Full hook-ups in Arizona’s Southern Plateau region, this or call (520) 505-1642. shooting, trap shooting andthe sporting clays shooting. workout. Then there’s full kitchen for (800) 694-4242. are offered and big rigs welcome. Like most healthful area boasts sunshine 86 percent special meals, like the annual three-turkey places in Bisbee, pets are welcome. of the time. Average temperatures range Christmas dinner to which everyone brings Queen Mine RV Park is located at 473 between 80 and 46 degrees, with evenings a dish. It also has a library with donated N Dart Road, Bisbee, Arizona. For more cool in summer. Rich in historical lore, books which the people swap back and information, visit the website at: https:// Cochise County offers a real taste of the Old forth. or call (520) 432West only miles from the campground. Art shows, craft workshops, cribbage Don’t 5006. Double Adobe games, yard sales and even star nights of the forget our Campground is located atdelicious 5057 W. Double Adobe Road, McNeal, International Space Station crossing the sky Tombstone RV Az. For more information, visit the website: Fajitas! are some of the extra activities offered for or email For an Old West adventure, check out the travelers. at: or call Tombstone RV Park and Campground in The park now has over three miles of (520)364-4000 or (800) 694-4242. the middle of the county which offers many hiking trails on its 120 acres, which have amenities onsite with the legendary town of become a mecca for morning dog walkers. Tombstone just a few minutes away. Yes, Desert Oasis is pet-friendly. Bisbee RV The park has large, level, pull-through It is big rig-friendly, as well, with spacious, Heading south to the border, Bisbee sites, camping cabins, cowboy motel suites 80-foot pull-through and 90-foot easy angle RV Park at Turquoise Valley Golf Course, and tent sites. It is pet- and horse-friendly. back in lots offering maximum privacy. located in Naco, Arizona, sits at an elevation There is a playground for children, picnic Plus every lot has a spectacular view of the of 4,500 feet and a great golf course just tables and grills, a recreation hall, extra clean surrounding mountains and valley from across the road. The pet-friendly park and Breakfast, burritos, restrooms,tacos, hot showers, laundry facilities, a sunup to sunset. All numbered lots are full campground offers full hookup RVtortas, camping mariscadas and pool, campfire rings, WiFi and a shuttle to hook-up with 30/50 amp electricity. It also for the winter, spring, summer and fall. It much more!!! Tombstone for guests. offers WiFi. Authentic Mexican like Red is a year-round destination due to the mild Tombstone RV Park and Campground The camping area has a panoramic view of and Green Enchiladas, Tacos, climate. 103 E 5th St. | Douglas, AZ is located at: 1475 Hwy 80, Tombstone, the Mule, Swiss Helm, Perillo, Chiricahua Situated one mile from the quiet border520-364-6196 Chimis and... Arizona. For more information, and Dragoon mountains and is located just Mon-Sun 7:30am through 10pm crossing into Naco, Sonora, Mexico, crossing visit the website at: http://www. outside the quaint, historic city of Bisbee, is quick and it is an easy walk to get to or voted as having the best year-round climate dentists, physicians and pharmacies. email: or call in Arizona. The park is just south of the historic (520) 457-3829. Desert Oasis Campground is located at 301 E 10th St. | Douglas, AZ Bisbee with a plethora of restaurants, unique 5311 West Double Adobe Road, McNeal, 520-364-1144 | Mon-Sun 11am through 10 pm shopping and a lively nightlife. Az. For more information, visit the website: Washroom facilities are modern and clean, or call 520-979-6650. soco 2019 49 as is the laundry loom and recreation facility.

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Tombstone Territories Tombstone Territories RV Resort is located outside Huachuca City on the west side of the county. The park is situated on 30 desert acres and is designed to blend in with the natural environment at a 4,000-foot elevation offering awe-inspiring mountain vistas in every direction. The great expanse of ranch land that surrounds the park is the perfect setting for a quiet, relaxing getaway. It offers large lots with full hookups, ATV trails, Complimentary WiFi in the clubhouse and satellite TV at each site. There is a clubhouse, laundry facilities, restroom and shower facilities, a large recreation room and a fully equipped kitchen. Indoor activities include shuffleboard, billiards, a library, table tennis, darts and exercise and weight machines. Outdoor activities include horseshoes, an 18-hole Frisbee course, heated swimming and exercise pool and a spa. The pool area and mesquite grove offer fire-pits and the exercise path around the park is perfect for walkers, joggers and bikers. Dogs are welcome, but there is a two-dog limit and certain breeds are restricted. There is an enclosed dog park. Designated paths in the desert offer leisurely walks and there are miles of hiking, riding and biking trails. Excellent golf courses are within easy driving distance and Sierra Vista is close by for shopping, dining and entertainment. We also have miles of trails for motorized fun with ATV’s. Tombstone Territories RV Resort is located at 2111 E. Hwy 82, Huachuca City, Arizona. For more information, visit the website at: site/Home.html or call (877)316-6714 or (520) 457-2584.

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Cochise Terrace Located in the northwest corner of the county, Cochise Terrace RV Park in Benson is situated uniquely close to Tucson and Sierra Vista on 52 scenic acres with 308 sites. RVs over 10 years old require prior management approval. All of sites are a generous size and have 20/30/50 amp hookups with water and sewer. Cable is at every site and Wifi is available throughout the park. The Crow’s Nest is the clubhouse and has a pool table, books, seating area, large laundry facilities, restrooms and showers. It also has an outdoor pool, covered picnic areas and a putting green. The Barn is great for potlucks with the RV community. Activities include cards, bingo, potluck dinners, exercise classes, dance classes and more. There are restrictions on certain dog breeds, mostly the larger breeds, due to insurance limitations. Cochise Terrace RV Park is located at 1030 S Barrel Cactus Ridge, Benson, Arizona. For more information, visit the website: or call (520) 720-0911 Certified Guides - No Experience Required

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ere are our top picks for discovering more of Cochise County’s natural wonders.

Cochise Stronghold Dragoon Mountains, 30 miles southwest of Willcox Once a hideout for legendary Chiricahua Apache Chief Cochise, for whom our great county is named, Cochise Stronghold now provides a quiet retreat for modern-day travelers. Leave behind the daily grind as you wander through a maze of granite rock formations that allowed Cochise and his followers to elude U.S. Army troops seeking to capture him in the 1800s. Hikers will be enthralled by the towering boulders, imposing ravines, and cool mountain streams that comprise the Cochise Trail, beginning at the Cochise Stronghold campsite. recreation/horseriding-camping/ recarea/?recid=25446&actid=104

 oronado National C Memorial

Hummingbird Banding San Pedro River, 8.8 miles east of Sierra Vista No matter how many times you’ve seen a hummingbird, the experience is always a true delight. Now imagine one of these tiny creatures sitting in the palm of your hand. That thrilling encounter can be yours when you attend one of the hummingbird banding sessions organized by the Southeastern Arizona

Bird Observatory at the San Pedro House between April and September. See these captivating birds up close at one of the county’s best wildlife locales. hummingbird-banding/

Huachuca Mountains, 19 miles south of Sierra Vista This is where history and culture collide to provide an unparalleled experience that peaks with the panoramic vistas at Montezuma Pass. Coronado National Memorial commemorates the expedition of Spanish explorers, hoping to find mythical cities of gold, in 1540. Thanks to its location at the Mexican border, this expanse of mountains, desert landscapes, and rugged canyons, has highly influenced the local lifestyle, celebrated in the excellent visitor center. Don’t miss an opportunity to hike to Coronado Cave, believed to have provided shelter for the region’s first settlers more than 8,000 years ago.


Sky Islands Summit Challenge Huachuca Mountains, Sierra Vista Test your physical prowess and enjoy breathtaking scenery in the City of Sierra Vista’s annual Sky Islands Summit Challenge. Held on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, subject to permits, participants can choose to climb up to three peaks in the majestic Huachuca Mountains.

Those who hike all three will have traversed around 18 miles of trails, with sweeping views across the San Pedro River Valley as their reward. This event is part of Sierra Vista Sips & Skies, which includes a wine, beer and spirits festival at Veterans Memorial Park.

Ramsey Canyon Preserve Huachuca Mountains, 10 miles southwest of Sierra Vista It’s easy to see why local residents return to Ramsey Canyon time and time again. From its shaded and peaceful setting, to the multitude of wildlife and flowing streams, this Nature Conservancy preserve is the jewel in the Huachuca Mountains’ crown. Home to around 15 species of hummingbird, not to mention a number of rare feathered friends that draw visitors from around the globe, Ramsey Canyon is the place to take all of your cares away. Whether you’re finding respite from the summer sun, or marveling at the spectacular fall displays, be sure to put this attraction on your ‘must-do’ list. unitedstates/arizona/placesweprotect/ramseycanyonpreserve.xml

 hiricahua National C Monument Chiricahua Mountains, 36 miles southeast of Willcox Words cannot describe the awe-inspiring Chiricahua National Monument. It is simply breathtaking, with spectacular views across its soaring pillars of rock. Millions of years in the making, this geological wonder is one of Mother Nature’s most generous gifts to the southwest. As soon as you arrive at this National Park Service attraction, the astonishing landscapes you experience etch themselves into your memory. Enjoy its 17 miles of hiking trails, be sure to watch for wildlife, visit the historic Faraway Ranch, or drive the eight miles to Massai Point and lunch at a picture-perfect picnic spot.

The National Forest Service has two ranger districts in the region where more detailed information can be found. Visit the Sierra Vista Ranger District at: recarea/?recid=74398&actid=29 Visit the Douglas Ranger District at: recarea/?recid=74397&actid=29 Further information can also be found at: www.VisitSierraVista. com and www.explorecochise. com/Camping-Information Biking With its 29 miles of multi-use and bike paths, mountain bike trails, and open roads, Sierra Vista is the ideal location for those who love to cycle – the community was designated a Bicycle Friendly Community by The League of American Bicyclists in 2017. The City of Sierra Vista produces an excellent map of local and surrounding bike routes.

Hiking Shaded areas along many hiking trails in Cochise County can be limited, so take precautions when walking in the sun. Consider starting early in the warmer summer months, and wear sunscreen.

hikers and history buffs. SanPedroNCA.html

Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area McNeal, 46 miles east of Sierra Vista More than 200,000 sandhill cranes arrive at Whitewater Draw each winter, and it’s a remarkable sight to see. After spending the night standing in the area’s shallow waters to evade predators, these large birds fly out each morning to find food, before

Throughout Cochise County there are options to camp and hook up an RV.

Visit for more information.

San Pedro River San Pedro House visitor center, 8.8 miles east of Sierra Vista Designated by Congress as the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, the river is a birder’s paradise. When you wander along its cottonwood treelined banks you’re immersed in one of the most important ecosystems in the nation. More than 100 species of breeding birds flock to the San Pedro River, along with numerous mammals, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Originating in Mexico, the river runs from south to north and offers activities for wildlife spotters,

Camping & RVs

returning in the afternoon and evening. Throughout the year, however, and particularly during wetter seasons, this wildlife magnet attracts ducks, geese, herons, egrets, shorebirds, gulls and terns. wheretogo/whitewater/

Take plenty of water and snacks, and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Make sure you have a fully charged cell phone and, if you plan to hike alone, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. For more information about regional hiking trails go to www.

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Parker Canyon Lake/Patagonia Lake State Park

Patterson Observatory University of Arizona South campus, Sierra Vista Cochise County is blessed to have extraordinary skies that afford some of the best stargazing in the country. Look up at the dark, clear swathe above you and prepare to be dazzled by a spectacle of stars, galaxies and other celestial wonders. Not sure what to look for? Then head to the Patterson Observatory for one of its monthly public viewing nights (except July and August). Members of the Huachuca Astronomy Club will guide you across the night skies for an unforgettable, otherworldly adventure. patterson-observatory

Discover…even more Enjoy these other natural wonders during your stay: Willcox Playa Wildlife Area wilcoxplaya/ Arizona National Scenic Trail

Parker Canyon Lake is 28 miles southwest of Sierra Vista; Patagonia Lake is 25 miles southwest of Sonoita. Parker Canyon Lake is a perfect escape from the hot summer weather. The marina on the lakeshore is stocked with last minute supplies, boat & kayak rentals, fishing licenses, camping & fishing gear, food & snacks, and much more. Patagonia Lake State Park contains a 2.5-mile-long, 250-acre lake. Located near Patagonia, the park is a popular site for fishing, camping, boat rental, picnicking,

hiking, and birding.

Kartchner Caverns State Park other unique mineral formations. When you finish your visit, consider exploring the remainder of the park and taking one of its scenic hikes. Advanced reservations for the cave tours are highly recommended. kartchner/

Did you know Cochise County is home to the “Best ArizonaAttraction”? That prestigious accolade was awarded to Kartchner Caverns by readers of USA Today, who also voted it the best cave in the nation. A guided tour of this underground wonderland takes you through a magical landscape of stalagmites, stalactites, and

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Explore Cochise County on horseback


pectacular rock formations, rolling grasslands and magnificent mountain ranges are features that contribute to Cochise County’s diverse beauty and outdoor attractions. Trails that crisscross this southeastern-most corner of the state allow access to horseback riding and other outdoor activities in breathtaking settings. “Almost everywhere you go in Cochise County, the riding is incredible,” said Whetstone resident Eileen Swiers, who hits the trails regularly with riding companion Catherine Ricks Urbalejo. “One of our favorite places is Fairbank, an old ghost town that was settled in 1881 as a railroad stop. It’s a beautiful ride with a lot of wildlife and huge cottonwood trees that line the San Pedro River.” Located within the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, Fairbank is nestled between Whetstone and Tombstone along Highway 82. The historic site has a large parking lot ideal for horse trailers that’s easily accessed from the highway. The area’s trails vary

in difficulty and distances while looping through a peaceful desert oasis enjoyed by trail riders and hikers alike. Riders cross the San Pedro and explore trails on the other side of the river where remnants of years gone by serve as reminders of the region’s intriguing history. For advanced equestrians who are on the hunt for more challenging trails, head to the hills and tackle rugged terrains found in the Dragoon, Chiricahua, Whetstone and Huachuca mountains. Cochise County’s majestic mountain ranges offer great horse camping in the foothills and trail riding opportunities for all skill levels. While exploring the mountains, be sure to investigate the region’s canyons and experience the rich biodiversity found in Southeast Arizona. Wildlife, petroglyphs, old railroad trestles, abandoned cemeteries and the crumbled remains of mining camps are just some of the offerings found throughout the region. “Exploring Cochise County on horseback is an awesome experience,” Swiers said. “Every ride is a fabulous adventure.”

Hitting the


Need horses?

If you’re looking to rent horses for trail riding, the following list provides a few options in different areas of Cochise County: Buffalo Corral on Fort Huachuca. Horse rentals are available Thursday through Sunday, with one-hour guided rides offered every Thursday, Friday and Sunday and two-hour guided rides on Saturdays. Reservations are required. Open riding is another option, but only after the person demonstrates ability. Call 520-533-5220. of the distant Dragoon Mountains on trails that take guests through Lucky Hills Ranch is located at the Chihuahuan Desert. Reserva643 Louis Road just off Charlestions are required, with at least a ton Road less than a mile from Tombstone. The guided rides take one-day advance notice. Call 520457-8707. visitors down an abandoned rail bed that extends under an old Triangle T Guest Ranch, located at railroad bridge. Sunset tours also 4290 E. Dragoon Road, is tucked are available. Reservations are rec- amid the incredible rock formaommended, but not required. Call tions of Texas Canyon in the Little 928-856-0145. Dragoons near Willcox. The historic Tombstone Monument Ranch, located at 895 W. Monument Road three miles west of Tombstone, offers one-hour guided rides. These scenic rides provide views

ranch offers horse rentals and guided tours on the 160-acre property. Reservations are required, with a recommended three-day advance notice. Call 520-586-7533.

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Our Taste


he people of Cochise County love to eat and drink! Throughout the region you will find a vast range of cuisines, influenced by the local multi-cultural population. From high quality sushi and Vietnamese, to authentic German schnitzel and Mexican dishes, you won’t be disappointed by the fingerlicking, lip-smacking and just plain delicious options available. Throw award-winning wineries and breweries into the mix, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a memorable culinary adventure.


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Restaurants No matter where you find yourself in Cochise County, good food is never far away. In Sierra Vista there are the familiar chain restaurants, along with independent eateries offering international fare, southwest home cooking, and classic American favorites. Bisbee is home to an eclectic mix of upscale venues, cozy cafes and laid back coffee shops, while a hearty meal awaits you in the steakhouses and saloons of Tombstone.

Farmers Markets This may be the high desert, but fresh produce is grown in abundance, thanks to our year-round temperate climate, endless sunny days, and monsoon rains. The fruits of those labors can be found at the local farmers markets, alongside grass-fed meats, baked goods, honey, jams, and more. Voted the best market in Arizona by the American Farmland Trust, the Sierra Vista Farmers Market is held every Thursday in the beautiful surroundings of Veterans Memorial Park. Popular with local residents, the market also offers tasty lunch options and often has live music. The long-running Bisbee Farmers Market takes place on Saturdays at pretty Vista Park in the historic Warren neighborhood.


31 Years

For fans of local wines, delicious beers and fancy cocktails, there are many options to enjoy in the county. When you’re in Sierra Vista, visit a wine bar or stop by a pub for a relaxed drink with friends or the best place in town to watch the big game. Experience an historical setting in one of Bisbee’s unique bars located in Brewery Gulch. Saddle up to a lively saloon and get a flavor of the Wild West in Tombstone. While sipping on your Sarsparilla seated among 1880s gunslingers and saloon dancers, take in the sounds of wagon wheels and gun fights.

The Garcia Family WelcomesYou All our foods are made daily in house from our family recipes. Gluten free, Vegetarian options are available! Come in and feel at home with that homemade flavor.

Sun. 11am-7pm • Mon. CLOSED Tues.-Sat. 11am-8pm 465 E. Fry Blvd. • Sierra Vista, AZ

520-459-7400 2075 EL MERCADO LOOP SIERRA VISTA, AZ 85650


MONDAY-wEDNESDAY: 3:00PM-9:00PM THURSDAY: 3:00PM-10:00PM FRIDAY: 11:00AM-10:00PM SATURDAY: 11:00AM-10:00PM SUNDAY: 11:00AM-9:00PM

(520) 458-2376

Take Out, Full Service Catering, Private Banquet Room

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What the locals love Benson

Best Restaurant – Wild Dogs, 1020 West 4th St. Selected by Money magazine as one of the 10 best places in the country for a hot dog. Best Pizza – G&F Pizza Palace, 114 E. 5th St. Quality food and fabulous service. Best Mexican Cuisine – Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant, 723 W. 4th St. Serving generational family favorites. Best Steak – Benson City Grille, 926 N Madison Ave. Taking pride in every dish that goes out. Best Fast Food – Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, 775 N. Ocotillo Rd. Serving up authentic, slow-smoked barbecue.

huy’s Bisbee noodle shop Best Breakfast – Bisbee Breakfast Club, customers who come from as far away asTucson Dang and Holz met in Vietnam at a coffee 75 Erie St. for delicious food, andKnown Mexico. shop. He is an attorney who wanted to take a hen Thuy Dang arrived in this “Bisbee is a small town. before we even opened break from practicing law and went to Vietnam ambiance. country eight years ago,drinks she could not and peoplewelcoming knew about it,” Holz, 50, said. “We had to teach.



speak English. opened a restaurant. t know what to do or how to make a g said recently in her tiny eatery in Old o Tom told me, ‘Open a restaurant.’ “ ult was Thuy’s Noodle Shop at 9 Naco d Bisbee, a wildly popular cafe that hes from Dang’s native Vietnam. “Tom” husband of eight years — Tom Holz — g met at a coffee shop in Vietnam. he Mekong Delta in Vietnam, the ld Dang launched Thuy’s Noodle ost seven years ago. Today, the res— with fewer than 20 seats — serves ve days a week who are more than stand in line in almost any kind of o sample Dang’s cooking. They have

the lines at or Thuy’sSandwich/Lunch could soon end. the restaurant. Best Soup,ButSalad – He takes on cases he feels passionDang is getting ready to open a larger location ate about. They speak to each other in Vietnamese. up the road at 207 Tombstone Canyon. Thuy’s Cafe Cornucopia, 14 Main St. PlentyDang ofsaid she worked with her father when she husband Holz is excited about the new locale. was a child in Vietnam and her two sisters worked options for a delectable lunch “There’s a beautiful patio area. It’s going to beexperia in the house with their mother. really pleasant spot,” he said. “Most every girl in Vietnam knows how to cook ence. The new eatery will be across the street from for the family,” Dang says. “If we have a wedding, a customers the first day.”

For now, Holz helps his wife in the kitchen at

already has several customers who work at the Their menu is simple — a few dishes done well, Best Dinner/Place to Get a Mixed Drink, courthouse, but some don’t venture over at lunchHolz says. Beer or Wine –they Cafe Roka, time for fear won’t find a seat. 35 Main St. The menu includes: beef noodle soup, chicken “We have 18 chairs,” Dang says with a smile. An emphasis on quality food usingnoodle lo-soup, vegan rolls, pork and shrimp rolls, The new place will have twice as much indoor fried pork and shrimp rolls and chicken lemonseating, outdoor seating and possibly even a seatgrass with rice, among other goodies. cal ingredients. the Cochise County Courthouse. Holz said Thuy’s

ing area in the basement, Holz said. “We have a lot of room to expand,” Holz said.

death anniversary, or a party, we cook.”

Thuy’s is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Best Mexican Cuisine – Contessa’s Cantina, 202 Tombstone Canyon. Wowing the community with great food. Best Pizza – Screaming Banshee Pizza, 200 Tombstone Canyon. Serving up hand-crafted artisan pizzas from a wood-fired oven. Best Coffee & Tea –Bathtub Coffee, 31 Subway St. Providing tasty coffee at affordable prices. Best Place to get Takeout or Delivery – Thuy’s Noodle Shop, 207 Tombstone Canyon. Wildly popular cafe serving dishes from Vietnam. Best Desserts, Sweets & Treats – Patisserie Jacqui, 91 Main St. Baked goods made from scratch.


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Best Breakfast – Mana Restaurant and Bakery, 1030 East 19th St. Great food, great atmosphere Best Fast Food – McDonald’s, 104 5th St. Good service, good food. Best Grocery Store – Palo Verde Stop n Go Carniceria, 3219 N Washington Ave. Providing high quality meat products, groceries and beverages. Best Pizza – Pizzarama, 515 Pan American Ave. Great food and a memorable dining experience. Best Restaurant – El Chef, 1057 E 11th St. Family owned and operated since 1997. Best Food Truck – Lico’s Hot Dogs y Mariscos, 900-998 D Ave. Great Mexican hot dogs and sea food.

Eat and drink like a local when you visit these venues, voted for by readers of the Herald/Review in its annual “Best Of” awards.


Best Pizza – Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, 417 E Allen St. The Best Cowboy bar in the West! Best Place to get a mixed drink, beer or wine – Tombstone Brewing Co., 107 E Toughnut St. Bringing world class beer to the Town Too Tough to Die Best Coffee & Tea/Soup, Salad or Sandwhich/Desserts, Sweets & Treats – Ethan’s Coffee Corner, 720 E Fremont St. Providing a quiet, friendly environment to come have coffee. Best Steak – The Depot Steakhouse, 60 S 10th St. A friendly environment for 35 years. Best Burgers/Lunch/Locally Owned Restaurant/Place to get Takeout or Deliver – OK Cafe, 220 E Allen St. Generous plates of classic American fare in a homey, rustic space.

Sierra Vista

Best Desserts, Sweets & Treats – Julie & Sammy’s 33 Flavors Ice Cream Parlor, 268 W Fry Blvd. Great ice cream with fast and friendly service. Best Coffee & Tea –Jo2Go Drive thru Coffee, 40 Avenida Escuela. Great hot coffee and refreshing cold drinks. Best Steak – Texas Roadhouse, 2075 El Mercado Loop. Steak and hardy sides. Best Place to Get a Mixed Drink, Beer or Wine –Hoppin’ Grapes, 409 W Fry Blvd. Craft beers and excellent wines at fair prices. Best Fast Food/Lunch/Locally Owned Restaurant/Place to get Takeout or Deliver – 143 Street Tacos, 80 S Carmichael. Specializing in Sonora style taqueria, serving authentic street food. Best Soup, Salad or Sandwich – Fresh, 629 AZ-90 #2. Bringing fast and fresh food to Sierra Vista. Best Food Truck – Toy’s Egg Rolls. Serving up great foods at farmers markets and community events. Best Asian Cuisine – Indochine Family Restaurant, 1299 E Fry Blvd. Healthy, fresh Asian dishes for the whole family. Best Breakfast – Landmark Cafe, 400 W Fry Blvd. A great place to meet people and get a great meal.


Best Restaurant/Food Truck – Big Tex BBQ, 130 E Maley St. Event food wagon and catering service. Best Fast Food – Adolfo’s Taco Shop, 575 S Haskell Ave. Great meal at a great price. Best Winery – Coronado Vineyards, 2909 E Country Club Dr. Perfect setting to enjoy wine and appetizers with a group of friends or family.

Best Pizza/Wings – Vinny’s New York Pizza, 1977 S Frontage Rd. Great food in a family atmosphere. Best Burger – Culver’s of Sierra Vista, 632 S AZ-92. Craveable ButterBurgers and signature Frozen Custard. Best Mexican Cuisine – La Casita Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, 465 E Fry Blvd. Serving mouth-watering food for 31 years.

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Wine country

Willcox If you can see yourself sipping fine wines surrounded by rows of grapes growing on the vine with mountains adorning the distant scenery, you need to visit Willcox and try its award-winning vintages. Some of the region’s premier boutique vineyards and wineries claim Willcox as their home, smack in the middle of Cochise County’s agricultural heartland. A visit to the Willcox wineries is a great opportunity to experience rural Cochise County, where the mountains meet the meadows. 26

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ochise County is home to numerous vineyards and wineries, stretching from the farmlands of Willcox to the mountainous Sonoita-Elgin region. The area boasts top-notch wines to be enjoyed by even the most sophisticated palates.

Light traffic makes these wineries much more accessible than those of California’s Napa Valley, but the wines are competitive with their west coast counterparts. Less than an hour and a half from Sierra Vista is Golden Rule Vineyards, tucked away in the small settlement of Cochise, with the drive there taking you past beautiful rock formations and through the quaint Dragoon community. The eastern slopes of the Gunnison Mountains are visible from the tasting-room patio, as are the gorgeous Chiricahua Mountains.

It’s the wines, though, that make the trip truly memorable. Red vintages, from earthy, dry Sangioveses, to full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot blends, the wines are both sophisticated and delicious. Golden Rule uses its 26 acres to produce nine grape varieties, taking full advantage of the highdesert climate. Tastings are accompanied by the orchard’s own bowls of pistachios, which you can also purchase to take home with you, along with your favorite bottles of wine. Approximately 40 minutes

2. Carlson Creek Vineyard

11. Kief-Joshua Vineyards

115 Railroad Ave., Willcox. (520) 766-3000

4923 E. Arzberger Rd., Willcox. (520) 609-1017

Fri-Sun, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fri-Sun, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

7. Coronado Vineyards

6. Passion Cellars

From I-10 take exit 336 and turn right on E. Maley St.

2909 E. Country Club Dr., Willcox. (520) 384-2993

3052 N. Fort Grant Rd., Willcox. (520) 609-8008

Some tasting rooms are open to the public during regular hours, but there are other wineries you can visit by appointment.

Mon-Sat, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Sun, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sat-Sun, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment

3. Flying Leap Vineyards

8. Pillsbury Wine Company

100 N. Railroad Ave., Willcox. (520) 384-6030

6450 S. Bennett Pl., Willcox. (310) 508-3348

145 N. Railroad Ave., Willcox. (520) 954-7891

Thurs & Sun, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., Fri & Sat, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Sat-Sun, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by appointment,

5. Golden Rule Vineyards

9. Zarpara Vineyard

3525 N. Golden Rule Rd., Cochise. (520) 507-3310

6777 S. Zapara Ln., Willcox. (520) 222-7114

Thurs-Sun, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment

Fri-Sun, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment

Willcox Wine Country

There are 11 wineries and tasting rooms in the Willcox area, including several in historic downtown. Directions to downtown Willcox:

Here’s a list of the region’s tasting rooms and wineries: 1. Aridus Wine Company

Thurs-Sun, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 10. Bodega Pierce 4511 E. Robbs Rd., Willcox. (602) 320-1722

4. Keeling Schaefer Vineyards

Thus-Sun, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment

154 N. Railroad Ave., Willcox. (520) 766-0600 www.keelingschaefervineyards. com Wed-Sun, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.












6 1 4


To New Mexico



Wineries vineyards




Not drawn to scale







To Tucson


Chiricahua Nat. Mon.


down the road, Zarpara Vineyard, which is tucked beneath the Dos Cabezos Mountains, awaits your thirst for European-style wine. The drive across cattle ranches, cornfields and abandoned homesteads adds to the mystique of Zarpara Vineyard. Zarpara boasts about 5,000 vines of Mediterranean varietals, and wine lovers can taste a crisp, dry Sauvignon Blanc, or sip a Mourvedre, which won a gold medal at the Arizona Republic Wine Competition. Nearby, win lovers can find Kief-Joshua Vineyards, Pillsbury Wine Co. and Bodega Pierce, all of which offer awardwinning wines in similarly beautiful settings.






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he oldest commercial vineyard and winery in Arizona, Sonoita Vineyards opened in 1983, and now includes over 30 acres of vines.

As the first winery established in Sonoita, Arizona, our history is as rich as our wines and a great place to start your wine tasting adventure! Sonoita Vineyards is a 30+ acre vineyard situated on the south side of a hillside, surrounded by rolling grasslands and several mountain ranges. This hillside planting protects the vines from harsh winds and frost. In addition to our daily tastings, Sonoita Vineyards hosts events throughout the year, ranging from small private affairs and large weddings to our own massive HarvestFest celebration.

Check our Website For our current and future events. We are now offering Gift Cards! Private & Wedding Events available at our great facilities.

a Sonoit rds Vi n e ya an offers aw a r d f o y a arr wines g n i n win g f ro m r a n gi n f r u i t y nd crisp a and to bold x. comple

T w w a v c ( t a C n a P f v s

Tasting Hours:

Open Daily 10am - 4pm Closed Tuesdays 290 Elgin-Canelo Road Elgin, AZ 85611 Email:

(520) 455-5893

T v e t t W o R

E l a


Discover cochise

a s.


a s.

s e

Our grapes come no further than the Southeastern Arizona Region with the majority of wines being vinted from estate grapes.

e we? Who are The oldest commercial vineyard and winery in Arizona, Sonoita Vineyards was started in 1974, opened in 1983 and now includes over 30 acres of vines. Aided by the unique growing conditions of the Sonoita Appellation (AVA – American Viticultural Area), the winery consistently creates award winning wines, including a Cabernet Sauvignon chosen by national wine critics to serve at a Presidential Inauguration Gala. Perched at an elevation of 5,000 feet among rolling grasslands, the vineyard is surrounded on three sides by soaring mountain ranges.

Lori Reynolds, Winemaker

not impossible, as do most rot, mold and mildew. Cold winters in the high altitude of Arizona greatly reduce the risk of Pierces disease. Insects and other pests generally exist in much lower concentrations in desert areas as compared to the lush valleys of California and the Pacific Northwest, providing growers positive conditions for reduced-pesticide farming. At Sonoita Vineyards, we define sustainability broadly, seeking not only to be responsible stewards of the land, but also to preserve this land for future generations of our family. There is nothing static about this view of sustainability—it requires innovation and action. We believe that preserving the unique ecosystem of Sonoita is essential to wine quality, as well as to the health of our family and business. In 1976, Dr. Gordon Dutt developed a

The Vineyards & Winery

2013 & 2014 Awards

The staff is small making each vintage of wine a one of a kind experience. The small staff does all the production and vine care under the guidance of Lori Reynolds, our Winemaker and granddaughter to our founder Dr. Gordon Dutt and Robi Reynolds, our Vineyard Manager. Every bottle of wine is hand bottled, labeled and capped in small batches at less than 2,000 bottles per vintage. © 2020 Sonoita Vineyards. Enjoy some wine.

Sonoita Vineyards is a 30+ acre vineyard situated on the south side of a hillside, surrounded by rolling grasslands and several mountain ranges. This hillside planting protects the vines from harsh winds and frost. The grape varietals grown at Sonoita Vineyards are Chardonnay, Mission, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. In 2013 we planted on Malbec, and in April of 2017 we planted Tannat. Certainly there are challenges to growing fine wine grapes in the climate of the American Southwest, but Vineyard Manager, Robi Reynolds, takes advantage of the benefits this region offers. The phylloxera louse finds life in such dry weather extremely difficult – if

A row of Pinot Noir at Sonoita Vineyards

system of water harvesting utilizing the hillside and building berms that would both reduce the effects of erosion and reduce the overall amount of water needed to irrigate. It has been the policy, since our inception, to recycle all bottles and cardboard at the local recycling center. We also compost all wine making byproducts by returning the grape skins, stems, and seeds to the vineyard for use as a fertilizer, which in turn reduces waste.

290 Elgin-Canelo Road • Elgin, AZ 85611 520) 455-5893 • Discover cochise



The Village of Elgin Wines

The Village of Elgin Wines produces wines from more than 30 different types of grapes, all grown in southeastern Arizona and is the second oldest winery in the state. The vineyard produces an assortment of wines that fits all tastes. From sweet wine to dry and everything in between, this old winery has something for everyone, which owner Gary Ellan hopes will keep people coming back. But it’s not just wine the team at The Village of Elgin Wine produce. Next door to the wine tasting room is the Elgin Distillery, which produces rum, brandy, vodka and gin.

The liquors are internationally renowned, Ellan said, and the distillery boasts top honors from competitions across the globe. The distillery’s team has a local-first attitude that transcends into its production. Like its winery, the distillery has its own history. It’s the first licensed craft distillery in the state, Ellan said. But it doesn’t stop there. The village is a triple threat — it also has its own brewery. Like its other products, the village’s brewery strives to serve beer with distinct “Arizona characteristics,” Ellan said, with locally-sourced ingredients.

471 Elgin Rd l l Gary Ellan, Owner l 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Rancho Rossa Rancho Rossa has served the community as a 100 percent estate winery for the last 12 years. The wine sold and available for tasting at Rancho Rossa is made with the grapes grown on the vines planted on the 12 ½-acre property. In 2002, Breanna Hamilton and her husband planted their first 12 1/2 acres of vines of premium Bordeaux and Rhone varietals. In 2003 they planted 4 1/2 acres of white varietals on their winery property just across the street. Since 2003 the couple added another 6 1/2 acres of reds and whites. The Hamiltons prefer the “hands off ” approach, using oldschool techniques and allowing their grapes to make the wine with as little intervention from the winemaker as possible. In 2006 the duo opened the tasting room. Quality is at the top of the couple’s list. They believe quality grapes make quality wine

Rune Wines

and will always will be 100 percent estate. Other than having a wide assortment of wines and grapes, Rancho Rosa separates themselves from other wineries by having a unique atmosphere. In addition to benefiting wine lovers, the winery likes to help animal rescues.

201 Cattle Ranch Lane Elgin l 520-455-0700 l l Friday to Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


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Three years ago James Callahan opened Rune Wines in Sonoita after discovering his passion for wine in 2005. After receiving his degree in history from Arizona State University, Callahan began his journey to owning his own winery. He said he wanted to work in the winemaking industry for 15 years before opening Rune Wines. His knowledge of wine began from the server and sommelier side of the business. In 2007, he began making wine in Tempe and then traveled to Washington and New Zealand to better learn the craft. Rune Wines features dry wines; Callahan does not offer any sweet wines. He produces three reds, a white and a rose. He carries Viognier, Grenache, Syrah and Apple Cider. Last year, Callahan planted his vines for the

first time. What make Rune Wines different from the rest is his outdoor tasting room, so visitors can take in beautiful views. The facility is solar powered and his wines are made with wild yeast fermentation. The tasting room is open Thursday from noon to 4 p.m. and Friday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call to request a time.

3969 State Route 82, Sonoita, AZ 856371 l 520-338-8823 l l Thurs 12 to 4 p.m.; Fri–Sun 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Sonoita/Elgin JB Vineyards and café

Copper Hop Ranch

Arizona Hops & Vines

Tired of the pace of city life, Eight years ago, the first Melanie and Tom Pyle decided to grapevines were planted, but the take a leap of faith and purchased first harvest did not come until land in Elgin to start their own 2016. brewery. Now Jon and Jennifer Bollin “We became our county’s first are not only growing and licensed microbrewery. It’s a ton of producing their own wines, but work owning and running a family they have opened the Vineyard farm, but it’s a labor of love and Café in Sonoita where they we sure do love it! We are living feature some of Arizona’s best the dream,” Melanie said. food, wine and beer. It is the only Part of that dream is to grow as restaurant that sells its own wine. many of the ingredients for their Donn Ivey, a longtime friend, beers as they can or use foods retired school teacher and groups andVineyards provide the best in and grown only in Arizona. The goal a partner in the& café, grows JB Arizona Hops is to work with local businesses to of unique ciders they offer. Like food, beverage and service. vegetables and herbs in a garden cafe produce a delicious product for the any typical farm, critters abound. Vines The café opened in 2014, and behind the restaurant. community. There are horses, sheep, turkeys, has beenyears experimenting with The Bollins own a small, 14Eight ago, the first grapevines wned by sisters Megan HallerCopper Hop does grow a chickens, and of course, their different dynamic cuisines over did not acre piece of Elgin not far from were planted, but the first harvest and Shannon Zouzoulas, Arizona variety of hops that produces now-famous donkey, “Buddythe years. Bollins have been the restaurant planted with petit come untilThe 2016. different flavors in the brewing The Super Donk” — a kid and Vines features robust bolds, told they best eggs verdot, Carignan and tannat. Now Jonoffer andthe Jennifer Bollin are not process, like Cascade, Centennial, adult favorite. While they can hardonnays and an ever-popular Benedict and the best-tasting These grapes are the hearts of the only growing and producing their own Liberty, Nugget, Mount Hood — be enjoyed by all who visit, the in a ratherwines unconventional setting. burger. The only way to know is they produce and bottle. wines, but they have opened the Vineyard 14 varieties in all. animals play an important role in sters started The the winery in 2011 by to go see for yourself. Maybe you catering service can Café in Sonoita where they feature some It is not just beer and a variety the farm’s operation, Melanie said. away from the traditional “stuffy will discover a new favorite. accommodate small to large of Arizona’s best food, wine and beer. It is ” of wine etiquette and created a the only restaurant that sells its own wine. riendly party spot with camping, Donn Ivey, a longtime friend, retired (weather permitting), live music, 3252 Highway 82, Sonoita l l Wed school teacher and a partner in the café, 2330 Highway 83, Elgin l 520-455-4673 l just an all-around “crazy-good” 11–3; Thu 7:30–3; Fri–Sat 7:30–7:30; Sun 9–2 l 520-455-4779 grows vegetables and herbs in a garden l 11 to 5 p.m. - Fri-Sat-Sun uzoulas said. behind the restaurant. inery’s uniqueness is what gives The Bollins own a small, 14-acre piece Vines a “cheeky” reputation in a of Elgin not far from the restaurant glass swirling, wine tastings and planted with petit verdot, Carignan and rings. swirling, wine tastings and food pairings. Co-owned by hearts sisters Megan tannat. These grapes are the of the Haller-Stranik morning mimosas made with a From morning mimosas made with a sparkling and Shannon Zouzoulas, Arizona Hops & Vines wines they produce and bottle. wine called The Fluffer, to The features robust bolds, blends, chardonnays and an wine called The Fluffer, to The Drag Queen, a The catering service can accommodate ueen, a wine co-fermented with hops wine co-fermented with hops and dressed up like ever-popular moscato in a rather unconventional small to large groups and provide the best ed up like a beer, offerings at Hops a beer, offerings at Hops & Vines step away from winery setting. in food, beverage and service. step away from traditional norms. traditional norms. The sisters started the winery in 2011 by The café opened in 2014, and has been g events, kids enjoy the “Sober During events, kids enjoy the “Sober Shack,” stepping away from the traditional “stuffy experimenting with different dynamic and created a familygiving youngsters a fun place to hang out, while business” of wine etiquette giving youngsters a fun place to cuisines overfriendly the years. Thespot Bollins parents enjoy events on the 10-acre property. party with camping, bonfires t, while parents enjoy events on the have been told they offer the best live eggsmusic, DJs and just an Haller-Stranik tends the vineyard and makes (weather permitting), property. Benedict andall-around the best-tasting burger.time, The Zouzoulas said. wines, while Zouzoulas runs the tasting room “crazy-good” -Stranik tends the vineyard and only way to know to go see for yourself. and handles marketing and event planning in Theiswinery’s uniqueness is what gives Hops & ines, while Zouzoulas runs the this unique winery where there are “no rules.” Vines a “cheeky” reputation in a world of glass oom and handles marketing and Address: 3252 Highway 82, Sonoita anning in this unique winery

3450 Highway 82, Sonoita l 301-237-6556 l l 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fri–Sun; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thurs ere are “no rules.” Phone: 520-455-4779

ss: 3450 Highway 82, a, AZ 85637

: 301-237-6556


: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday h Sunday and 10 a.m. to 4

Hours: Wednesday - 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Thursday - 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday - 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Sunday- 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Dinner - Friday & Saturday Website: www.

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Lightning Ridge Cellars

Sonoita/Elgin For Ann Roncone, more than science goes into making wine. She speaks from experience after 21 years as a mechanical engineer, before she and her husband, Ron, took the plunge into fulltime winemaking. Today the couple operates Lightning Ridge Cellars in Elgin, offering classic Italian varietals: Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Montepulciano, Primitivo, Malvasia and Muscat Canelli. In 2004, Roncone and her husband quit the profession and moved to the Sonoita-Elgin area, identifying a 20-acre parcel where the vineyard now operates. 2368 State Route 83, Elgin l Fri–Sun 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Willhelm Vineyards Clattering sounds and the hum of machinery meant something was being bottled at the Wilhelm Vineyards in Elgin. “Today we’re bottling Peach Sangria,” said tasting room manager Stephany Rader. Rader runs the tasting room for Kevin and Karyl Wilhelm, a couple who met in the Gulf War while serving in the military. Their idea for the perfect life was working for themselves at something they loved to do. Since Kevin grew up on a farm, growing seemed to be the thing to try. In 2004, they decided to try their hand at wines and now grow a variety of Spanish and French grapes to make their awardwinning sangrias and ports, Rader said. In 2018, Wilhelm Family Vineyards won the Best Dessert Wine Award in the Arizona

Kief Joshua Vineyards

Grand Wine Competition for their sunset port. To honor veterans, they came up with a line of wines called Patriot Salute. The label is handcrafted by artist Jim Laurier, a former pilot like Kevin. There is a wine club, free to join, and people can choose to purchase bottles of wine , either 12 or 24 depending on which membership is selected, over the course of a year.

21 Mountain Ranch Dr., Elgin l 520- 455-9291 l 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Fri, Sat & Sun


The second career for Roncone has had consistent success, beginning with the purchase of properties for the vineyards, the construction of trellising by hand on the first 7 1/2 acres, then planting that acreage and picking the first harvest. The couple has also built a tasting room and winery at the property since opening in 2005. Located at 2368 State Route 83 in Elgin, the tasting room is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday through Sunday and features six varietals at a cost of $11, which includes a souvenir wine glass. If you bring your own glass, even from another vineyard, the cost drops to $7.

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Operating namesake vineyards in Elgin and Willcox, Kief Joshua Manning has invested the past 20 years pursuing his passion. At the tender age of 15 a family friend helped him secure a job at a Scottsdale wine shop where he started learning about the industry. By 18 he had graduated from high school early and was off to California where he enrolled in college courses to study viniculture and growing grapes. Too young to legally consume alcohol in the United States, Manning transferred to Melbourne, Australia, where he spent five years perfecting the art of making wine. In 2003, together with his dad and five friends, Manning built the spectacular tructure on Elgin Road. Kief Joshua Vineyards currently grows 14 varietals on two separate parcels – the 20 acres in Elgin and another 40 acre

parcel in Willcox. Inspired by the dream to sustain his vineyard for hundreds of years, Manning is determined to grow vines free of all pesticides and herbicides. Public tastings are offered daily at the Elgin vineyard from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Private tastings are offered by reservation. In Willcox, tastings are offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

370 Elgin Rd, Elgin l


Charron Vineyards

crop, and the roses are blooming. It is a beautiful time of year to visit.” The family-owned and -operated winery gives guests the chance not only to relax, but also to learn more about what’s in their glass. “The higher elevation overlooking the rolling slopes of the Santa Rita and Empire mountains brings fresh mountain air, rich soil and an essence of tranquility,” Criag said. “At Charron, you are encouraged to relax while each handcrafted wine is brought to your table and a knowledgeable server explains the wine’s journey from grape to glass.

18585 S. Sonoita Highway, Vail l Susan Craig, owner

Located off of Elgin Road in Sonoita, the family-owned and -operated Callaghan Vineyards offers a wide range of dry wines. They produce dry whites, dry roses, dry reds, and now offer sparkling wines to their customers. The owners pride themselves on spending most of their time in the vineyards to offer the best possible product. Their indoor training room costs $10, which includes a souvenir 21-ounce crystal glass. Bottles can be purchased, but not opened, on the vineyard property.

The winery is in its 29th year of business after being founded by Kent Callaghan and his parents Karen and Harold in 1990. The family decided to open their own winery based on their love of European wines. The company prides itself on its numerous accolades and the multiple times it has had wines served at The White House. Callaghan Vineyards has had its wines featured at the White House four times, with the most recent being for the Governor’s Dinner in January 2017.

336 Elgin Road, Elgin l 520-455-5322 l l Thursday to Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sonoita/ Elgin Wine Country Directions from Sierra Vista to Sonoita/Elgin:

Drive north on State Route 90, turn left on Hwy. 82. We picked two tasting rooms to visit in Sonoita/ Elgin, but there are plenty more to choose from, all within a short driving distance. Here’s a list of the Sonoita/ Elgin tasting rooms and wineries. 1. Dos Cabezas WineWorks 3248 Hwy. 82, Sonoita. (520) 455-5141

www.doscabezaswinery. com Thurs-Sun, 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m.

2. AZ Hops and Vines 3450 Hwy. 82, Sonoita. (301) 237-6556 Thurs, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., FriSun, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 3. Wilhelm Family Vineyards

21 Mountain Ranch Dr., Elgin. (520) 455-9291 Daily 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

4. Deep Sky Vineyard

124 Elgin Road, Elgin. (520) 490-6170 www.deepskyvineyard. com

Thurs-Sat, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sun, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 5. Rancho Rossa Vineyards

(520) 455-9309

Daily, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Daily, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

11. Lightning Ridge Cellars

10. Sonoita Vineyards 290 Elgin Canelo Rd., Elgin. (520) 455-5893

www.sonoitavineyards. com

32 Cattle Ranch Lane, Elgin. (520) 455-0700

Fri-Sun, 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 6. Callaghan Vineyards 336 Elgin Rd., Elgin. (520) 455-5322

7. Flying Leap Vineyards & Distillery

342 Elgin Rd., Elgin. (520) 455-5499

Fri-Sun, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 12. Rune Wines

2 Daily, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


www.charronvineyards. com

3989 Hwy 82, Sonoita. (520) 456-9000

Thu-Sun, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To Highway 90

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Wineries vineyards


Not drawn to scale

9. Village of Elgin Winery/Elgin Distillery 471 & 473 Elgin Rd., Elgin.

18585 S. Sonoita Hwy, Vail. (520) 762-8585

13. Hannah’s Hill Vineyard


Daily, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

370 Elgin Rd., Elgin. (520) 455-5582

14. Charron Vineyard

Fri-Sun, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To 83 Vail

www.flyingleapvineyards. com 8. Kief-Joshua Vineyards

Elgin, Sonoita

www.callaghanvineyards. com Thurs-Sun, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2368 Hwy. 83, Elgin. (520) 455-5383

Most weekends & by appointment

3969 Hwy. 82, Sonoita. (520) 338-8823


Callaghan Vineyards


Established in 1995, Charron Vineyards produces handcrafted wine made from locallygrown grapes. Susan Craig, co-owner of the vineyard and winery, said her business’s goal is to produce a wide variety of wines that appeal to all palates. As the seasons transition from winter to spring, the vines are bursting with flavor — literally. Craig said this spring season brings new grapes and new blends for guests to enjoy. Plus, it’s also a beautiful time to take a look around, she said. “The vines are budding out with this year’s


9 To Fort Huachuca West Gate

Sonoita/Elgin Flying Leap Vineyards Mark Beres and Marc Moller co-founded Flying Leap Vineyards in 2010 after retiring from the Air Force. The winery, located in Elgin, features about a dozen red wines and a half-dozen whites. Flying Leap Vineyards prides itself on growing and producing their wine on their own properties. The wine produced by the staff are Spanish reds, French reds and Sangiovese Italian wines. Flying Leap Vineyards features a pure varietal of reds and the white are blends, said marketing and events coordinator Tom Kitchens. The winery tasting room is open every day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and costs $12.99 for six tastings. However, if you purchase a bottle of wine, $8 is taken off the tasting. New to Flying Leap Vineyards is their distillery, which is conveniently located next to the winery. Like the wines, the vodka,

Dos Cabezas WineWorks

liquors and brandies are made with grapes grown by Flying Leap. Kitchens said vodka made from wine grapes is not common and is one unique aspect to Flying Leap Vineyards. A The veteran-owned business offers a military discount those who serve or have served with an ID.

342 Elgin Rd. Elgin, AZ 85611 l 520-455-5499 l l Daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Todd and Kelly Bostock farm two vineyards in southern Arizona to produce the grapes for Dos Cabezas WineWorks. The Pronghorn Vineyard is located in Elgin, while Cimarron Vineyard is in Kansas Settlement, south of Willcox. With 15 acres planted in Elgin and 38 in the Kansas Settlement location, this family owned and operated business features wines from grapes representing all regions of the world, including France, Italy and Spain. Dos Cabezas, which is Spanish for ‘two heads,’ is one of the state’s first wineries to roll out canned wine, which has proven popular in summer months, Kelly Bostock said. Its packaging is designed to go everywhere beer goes. The winery produced a canned sparkling wine, Methode Canpenoise,

which was named the top wine by judges at the Azcentral Arizona Wine Competition in January. The winery was started in 1995 by Al Buhl, and purchased by Todd Bostock in 2006. Dos Cabezas produces 6,000 cases of wine a year, including five reds and two whites, Kelly said. Along with Todd and Kelly, the business includes Todd’s parents, the couple’s two children and the family’s dog and cat.

3248 State Route 82, Sonoita l 520-455-5141 l l Thu–Sun 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Or by appointment.

Copper Brothel Brewery

Brews, Taprooms & Distilleries


Just a few miles off Interstate 10 and down state Route 83, the Copper Brothel Brewery sits in front of a open field of golden grass and an expansive horizon. The business is one of the many alcoholic wonders of Sonoita and Elgin, serving up craft beer from microbreweries across the state. The brewery is co-owned by mother-daughter duo Cheryl and Sammie Jesser, who originally hail from Colorado. The two operate the business together with some help from Cheryl’s husband and Sammie’s father, Bob. With a goal of bring a healthy beer culture to the Sonoita area,

the Jesser women are serving up ales by small breweries from around the state. But the Jessers won’t just serve beer from other breweries. Sammie, the brewmaster, plans to produce a collection of beers special to Copper Brothel, made in the seven-barrel brewing system in the back. The Jessers are also known for their knack for cooking, and have a full-sized kitchen where patrons can order meals and snacks. “I think the most unique thing is that we have food and a full bar all together, as well as enough seating for people to relax,” she said.

3112 state Route 83, Sonoita l Cheryl and Sammie Jesser, owners l Opened March 2018

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Brews, Taprooms & Distilleries Tombstone Brewing Co.

Even before its doors officially opened, business was booming for the Tombstone Brewing Co. What started as a home-based hobby has turned into a full-fledged, brick-and-mortar enterprise for Matthew Brown, and it would seem people like his beer. The 35-year-old was a home brewer for about a decade and has been an active, and very successful, participant in competitions. He bought the former Tombstone City Hall building on Toughnut Street — it was originally built as a brewery — and set to work

transforming the space. The brewing equipment has been handmade and imported from Canada, after Brown felt the company there offered the highest quality products. Brown is determined to go to great lengths to ensure the beers and ales he is producing are top notch. Perfecting his craft seems to have paid off. Currently, Tombstone Brewing Company has 25 commercial accounts across the state, including at the Crystal Palace Saloon, and The Table in Bisbee, and the demand is growing.

107 E. Toughnut St. l 520-222-6781 l

Bone Dry Tap House

Bone Dry Tap House is fit with 31 taps and plenty of room to sit in its rustic-industrial lounge area. Mike Appleton, owner of Bone Dry, wanted to give beer-savvy locals a whole new adultbeverage experience. A spot designed for customers to kick back, relax and enjoy a glass of craft beer. It’s a tasting experience, almost like a cafe. Instead of meeting a friend over a shot of espresso, it’s behind a bar with a glass of beer. Pierce hopes patrons find something new that satisfies their taste buds. The dozens of taps at

Bone Dry will feature a variety of brews bursting with unique flavors. “A lot of places around town offer a lot of domestic beers, whereas this will be a place where people can get a craft beer,” Pierce said. That’s why, at Bone Dry, patrons won’t find cans of Coors Light or Keystone. Instead, the tasting room features beer made by breweries from all across the state. At Bone Dry, it’s about connecting with others, trying something new and taking time to detach from technology.

962 Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista l Mon–Wed 3 to 9 p.m., Friday 3 to 10 p.m., Sat–Sun noon to 10 p.m.

Silver Strike Winery


On tap in Southern Cochise County



Tombstone Brewing Co. Silver Strike Winery

90 Bone Dry Tap House


Old Bisbee Brewing

Silver Strike Winery and tasting room features Arizona wines made from locally grown grapes within 50 miles of Tombstone. Owner Jann Bengle purchases her grapes from growers in Willcox, Dragoon and Sonoita. Open daily from noon until 6 p.m., the business stocks 14 local wines and offers tastings for $10 plus tax. Located at 334 E. Allen Street, Silver Strike can be reached at 520-678-8200, or by going to The website is www.silverstrikewinery. com. 334 E. Allen Street, Tombstone l 520-678-8200 l l Noon to 6 p.m.


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Old Bisbee Bisbee Old Brewing Brewing Brewing Company Company Company

Located in the hear heartt of historic Brewery Br Gulch justt toff Brewery ewer y of fhistoric Br ewery Located in the heart hear historic Located in the hear heart ofof Avenue, A venue, experience Old Bisbee Brewery Br Gulchjust justof off Brewery eweryy Gulch of Br ewer Brewery off Brewery Br f fBr ewer yy Avenue, A Bisbee Brewing Br Company. Savor our ewing experience Company.Old Avenue, A venue, experience Old Bisbee Brewing Company. Br . . Savor our renowned rBr enowned selection of beers Brewing Company. Savor our ewing Company Company rrenowned enowned selection ofof beers root (including our special root rrenowned enowned selection beers (including our special oot gourmet beer), root (including our bratwurst special rroot rand oot bratwurst beer), gourmet and beer), gourmet bratwurst and


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Proudlyproducing producingand and serving artisan beers Proudly serving artisan beers inhistoric historic Brewery Gulch, Bisbee, in Brewery Gulch, Bisbee, AZAZ Proudly producing and serving artisan beers Since 2010 Since 2010 in historic Brewery Gulch, Bisbee, AZ

Located in the hear heartt of historic Brewery offf Br Brewery Br ewery Gulch just of ewery Avenue, A venue, experience Old Bisbee Brewing Company.. Savor our Br ewing Company rrenowned enowned selection of beers (including our special rroot oot beer), gourmet bratwurst and


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Old Bisbee Brewing Company

chili, specially made for us by famous Cafe Roka, in a setting where you will want to spend hours gazing at the mountains from our elevated patio or enjoying convivial conversation in our tap room.



Proudly producing and serving artisan beers in historic Brewery Gulch, Bisbee, AZ Since 2010

Since WWW W.W. OO LD BB I SI SBBEEEEBBRREEW MPPAANNY. Y.CCOO •5 25 02 -04-3423- 2B -RBERWE W 2 97 )3 9 ) LD WIIN NG C O M MM• 2010 ( 2 7( 3 W W W. O L D B I S B E E B R E W I N G C O M P A N Y. C O M • 5 2 0 - 4 3 2 - B R E W ( 2 7 3 9 )

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Established in 2010 above the legendary Brewery Gulch in the mile high, historic town of Bisbee, Arizona, Old Bisbee Brewing Company has become renowned for its exceptional quality. With both equipment and staff’s excellent brewing capabilities, Old Bisbee Brewing Company incorporates local ingredients such as native hops, Sonoran mountain limes, and Sonoran white wheat. Sit next to the serving tanks, at the stainless steel bar in the Tap Room, or journey up to the elevated patio and enjoy the views over Brewery Gulch to the mountains beyond. The savory, beer simmered barbequed bratwursts, famous Cafe Roka’s chili, and free popcorn are always available during operating your yb shours u rof efor dam yllaenjoyment. iceps ,ilihc cirotsih fo traeh eht ni detacoL Request a gytour of the brewhouse. The beer n koRylleafiacCepssuo Gi ydreetw B bitstues raofnei d,am ,im lihacf yciris reowpumped tseirhB ffofotrtaseuhj hechltun aceorL under the street between the brewhouse and Tap Room d n e p s o t t n a w l l i w u o y e r e h w e e b s i B d l O e c n e i r e p x e , e u n e v A g ittes a ni ,akoR efaC suomaf yrewerB ffo tsuj hcluG yrewerB buildings! sdnnieaptns uootmtneahwt tlaliwgnuizoayg esreuhow h reuebosiB rovdalO S e.ycnnaepim oC B rep xe g,enuiw neevrA rsoniatoniu taopm deehttavtaelegnirzuaog srmuorhf sru reoebrovfoaS n.yonitacpelm esoCdegnnwiw on ereBr vnodceltaaivveivlenocrugoniym ojonref storeoerb lafoicepnsoitcreuloes gdneindw ulocnnei(r rnooitaosirtaep t iryuoojnnei d noitasrevnoc lai.vmivonoorcpgan tonoar tslrauicwetpasrb rtueomrugongidu,)lrceneib( .moor pat ruo ni dna tsruwtarb temruog ,)reeb




Old Bisbee Brewing Company

Proudly producing and serving artisan beers in historic Brewery Gulch, Bisbee, AZ Since 2010

Located in the hear heartt of historic Brewery offf Br Brewery Br ewery Gulch just of ewery Avenue, A venue, experience Old Bisbee Brewing Company.. Savor our Br ewing Company rrenowned enowned selection of beers (including our special rroot oot beer), gourmet bratwurst and



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chili, specially made for us by famous Cafe Roka, in a setting where you will want to spend hours gazing at the mountains from our elevated patio or enjoying convivial conversation in our tap room.



Welcome to Wel


sreeb nasitra gnivres dna gnicudorp ylduorP ,eseibtrsa iBg,nhicvlrueG yn reawgenriBcucd iroortpsiyhld nu i orP sreeZ bAna sd Old Bisbee Distillery’s ZBisbee Blue Gin is handcrafted 0 1 0 2 e c n i S A ,eebsiB ,hcluG yrewerB cirotsih ni in Bisbee, Arizona’s small mountain town; loving is 0510•2 eM cniO Scare. Y ) 9 3 7 2 ( W E R B - 2 3 4this -02 N A P M O C G N I W E R B E E B S I B D L O .W W W given to every facet of creating premium gin.CThe ) 9 3is7 dedicated 2 ( W E RtoB using - 2 3 4the - 0 2finest 5 • ingredients M O C . Y N A P M O C G N I W E R B E E B S I B D L O .W W W distillery and freshest botanicals available. Ingredients are mashed and fermented in-house then distilled twice prior to a long, slow vapor infusion of delicate flavors. Juniper berries are harvested from the master distiller’s property in the aptly named Juniper Flats area of the Mule Mountains above Bisbee. The Bisbee Blue name carries the legacy of the town from which it originated: Bisbee, Arizona. As the local mining industry developed and expanded, a unique turquoise was discovered and dubbed “Bisbee Blue” for its distinct and desirable color. By utilizing dried butterfly pea flower, this gin holds not only a signature color but a reference to that deep legacy of the region within each glass. Following Bisbee’s history, the Old Bisbee Distillery team prides itself in highlighting what the land provides, specifically, Alligator Juniper that grows wild in the aptly named Juniper Flats overlooking the town. Featuring Bisbee’s high altitude Juniper, the gin has unique freshness and balance. Coriander and cardamom highlight the complex herbal character. This gin finished with floral notes of angelica and orris for a well-rounded experience. Hints of citrus and black pepper add the perfect level of refreshment. The unique processes and ingredients produce a gin that is easy tomix while being smooth, all on its own. Located in the hea Brewery Br ewery Gulch just Avenue, experience A Brewing Company Br rrenowned selectio (including our s beer), gourmet br


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Visit both the Old Bisbee Distillery and Old Bisbee Brewing Co. in the heart of the Brewery Gulch today! If you cannot make it, enjoy the craft beer at select locations in Sierra Vista, Tucson, Tombstone, or many fine establishments in Bisbee.

A sweet escape

Visit Apple Annie’s, best place in the nation for a classic all-American experience

Open: Monday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Easter Phone: 520-766-2084


here’s nothing more American than apple pie. And according to a Lonely Planet book, “eating apple pie in the U.S.A.” ranks as the 85th most prized food experience of the top 500 culinary adventures one can have across the globe. Moreover? The best place to have that slice of apple pie is right here in Cochise County. Apple Annie’s, a family-run apple orchard in Willcox, has become an institution in the state visited by people from Sierra Vista, Tucson, Green Valley, Phoenix and more. The number and distance of those coming to pick fresh apples right off the branch or enjoy fresh baked or jarred goods is only growing. Lonely Planet, a leading, international travel book publisher, released its first edition of “Ultimate


Where: The Country Store, 1510 N. Circle I Rd.

Discover cochise

Eats,” a book about the top 500 food experiences in the world, last August. The accolade for Apple Annie’s was a happy surprise for Mandy Kirkendall, current owner and daughter of founders Annie and John Holcomb. “We were notified by Lonely Planet, and we weren’t told in advance about it at all,” she said. “They have been out here, tried it, and it’s been huge. They’re a big deal, and we are really excited for it.” Everything is done from scratch at Apple Annie’s, from the apples plucked and peeled by hand, to the home-made crust. They can bake 20 pies per oven, with four ovens total. People are able to buy pie by the slice or a whole one, and they sell many other fresh products like fudge, preserves and cider. It’s not just apple, either. Depending on the day, people can choose from

peach, raspberry, rhubarb, pecan, pumpkin and mixed fruit pies. Lonely Planet didn’t just highlight the quality of the baked goods; they called Apple Annie’s the best place to eat apple pie in the country. There is something to being surrounded by the trees that the apples came from, picking them yourself. “Kids love picking their own, and adults do, too,” Kirkendall said. “Experiences right now are so big. People want experiences — to take that picture of your friend or your child picking an apple, taking a selfie of yourself picking an apple off the tree. “That’s what it’s all about.” People can purchase a box for $1, or bring their own container and are given a little wagon to go out in the orchard and pick as many apples or other fruit as they’d like. The price is by the pound.

Where: Fruit orchards, 2081 W. Hardy Road Phone: 520-384-2084 Open: Early July to Sept 30: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Open Oct. 1-31: 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Where: Produce and Pumpkin, 6405 W. Williams Road Phone: 520-384-4685 Open: July 1 to Sept. 30: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Open Oct. 1-31 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Website:

Touring Benson


and neighboring communities

here’s a lot to see and do in Benson and the surrounding area. While out exploring Southeastern Arizona and the amazing places that contribute to its heritage and landscape, be sure to experience the region’s quieter side. The following list, which starts with the Benson Visitor Center as a resource for information, represents a small mix of popular destinations as well as some unique “off the beaten path” places that delight locals and visitors.

Historical Museum With a goal of providing the public a look into Benson’s history and heritage, the Benson Historical Museum is filled with exhibits that showcase the town’s Old West past. From the Butterfield Overland Stage that ran through Benson to the north, the town’s historic connection with the railroad and the ranchers and pioneers that settled the area in the 1800s, the museum’s documents, photos and relics take visitors back into another era. Docents are on hand to answer questions and provide information. 180 S. San Pedro St. in Benson’s historic district. Open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday Cost — Adults $5, Seniors $4, Children (12 to 17 ) $2, children under 12 are free. For info, call 520-586-3134 or go to

Kartchner Caverns State Park In 2017, Kartchner Caverns was named the best attraction in the state by USA Today readers. That designation came a year after it was voted best cave in the U.S. This living, breathing cave system, tucked in the eastern base of the Whetstone Mountains, was discovered in 1974 by cavers Randy Tufts and Gary Tenen. After revealing their discovery to a select few, the property was purchased from the Kartchner family by Arizona State Parks and went through a meticulous development process. The cave’s Rotunda/Throne tour was open to the public in November 1999. The Big Room tour followed in 2003. Kartchner Caverns, with its stunning formations and fascinating story, has become a favorite destination spot among the thousands of visitors who venture into the darkness to experience this natural wonder. 2980 Highway 90, nine miles south of Benson Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week For info, call 520-586-4100, or go to

Benson visitor center The Visitor Center is a great starting point for those who want to explore Benson, Cochise County and Arizona. Take advantage of the free brochures that highlight destination spots throughout the county and ask the staff questions about the town and surrounding region. 249 E. Fourth St. in Benson’s historic district. Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For info, call 520-586-4293 or go to Discover cochise


Holy Trinity Monastery This peaceful retreat is described by visitors as an “oasis in the desert” and a “gorgeous piece of Arizona.” Located in St. David, the monastery is set along the San Pedro River where huge cottonwood trees shade walking paths and birding trails. The property features a meditation garden, chapel, bird sanctuary and serene sitting areas. Free roaming peacocks greet visitors while Koi watch for handouts as they swim about the medication pond. An all-volunteer run gift shop is open from Thursday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 1605 South St. Mary’s Way, off SR 80 at milepost 302.5 in St. David.

The property is open daily, from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. For info, call 520-720-4642 or go to the website at

Gammons Gulch Old Western Town and movie set

Singing Wind Bookshop Located on an old working cattle ranch, the Singing Wind Bookshop has been attracting visitors from all over the world for 45 years. Winifred “Winn” Bundy and her husband, now deceased, opened this unique bookshop in 1974, fulfilling Winn’s dream of sharing her passion for reading with others. In 2016, when she was 86, Winn received the prestigious Sharlot Hall Award, presented every year since 1984 to a living Arizona woman, for “contributions to the understanding and awareness of Arizona and its history.” First-time visitors to the bookshop stand in momentary awe as they gaze at the floorto-ceiling collection of books — literally thousands of them — situated on shelves crafted out of mesquite wood the Bundys found on the ranch. If you go, bring cash or checks — credit cards are not accepted here. 700 W. Singing Wind Road. Take exit 304 off Interstate 10 and turn north on Ocotillo Road for about 2 ¼ miles. Look for the Singing Wind Road sign on the right, or east, and follow the road for about a half mile onto the ranch property. Open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For info, call 520-586-2425.


Discover cochise

This Old West-themed movie set, located about 12 miles north of Benson, features 17 late 1800s buildings. Built by Jay and Joanna Gammons, the property opened to the public in 1994 as Gammons Gulch and has became a popular setting for weddings, commercials and large events. More than 50 movies have used the set for their productions. Tours of the property are available by reservation only. Joanna invites guests to bring a picnic lunch and eat in the saloon or on one of the picnic tables on the property. Joanna urges folks to make arrangements to visit neighboring Forever Home Donkey Rescue while in the area.

331 N. Rockingspring Lane. Located 12 miles north of I-10 from exit 306 (Pomerene) which is the east Benson exit. Go through Pomerene, turn right at the stop sign and keep going. About 2 ½ miles after crossing over a long flat bridge, there will be a bank of mailboxes on the left. Just past the mailboxes, turn left onto Rockingsprings Lane and look for Gammons Gulch. Because this is a mom and pop run business, reservations are required. For info or to make a reservation, call 520-212-2831 or go to gammonsgulch@

Forever Home Donkey Rescue and Sanctuary This private sanctuary, founded by John and Tish Hiestand nearly 20 years ago, is home to 26 friendly donkeys and one miniature mule. While visitors are welcome to tour the property and meet its four legged residents, be sure to call ahead, preferably giving the Hiestands at least one day’s notice. When you stop in, be prepared to make a lot of friends, especially if you’re willing to brush the donkeys. They love attention and stand in line for brushings. 360 Rocksprings Lane. Located 12 miles north of I-10 from exit 306 (Pomerene) which is the east Benson exit. Go through Pomerene, turn right at the stop sign and keep going. About 2 ½ miles after crossing over a long flat bridge, there will be a bank of mailboxes on the left. Just past the mailboxes, turn left onto Rockingsprings Lane and go past Gammons Gulch movie set. After driving through a small wash, the sanctuary is on the

right. Look for the “You’re entering Donkey Country” sign. Visitors welcome daily, but call ahead for an appointment. For info, or an appointment, call 520-2125300, email, or visit the website at foreverhomedonkey.



train townBenson, railroad hub of Cochise County BY DANA COLE

a G-scale Union Pacific replica Founded in 1880 when Southern Pacific ounded in 1880 when Southern Railroad came through, locomotive that pulls five railcars Railroad came through, BensonPacific was Benson was established as the transportation hub of Southern and a caboose as it moves over established as the transportation hub of Arizona, connecting the mining towns of Tombstone, Charleston, Contention City and 96-feet of track suspended from Southern Arizona, connecting Faribank. the mining Nestled in picturesque San Pedro Valley the ceiling. People of all ages are invited towns of Tombstone, Charleston, Contention against a backdrop of distant mountain ranges, Benson is 45 miles southeast of Tucson at to operate the train through an American City and Fairbank. the intersections of state routes 80 and 90, a location that gives the town its “Gateway to Association of Railroads (AAR) life-size Today, the town has nine motels and rights. Cochise County” bragging “Long after the mining boom in Tombstone control stand, vcomplete with a throttle, boasts 18 RV parks with more 1,100 and Bisbeethan went away, Southern Pacific Railroad continued to serve this area,” said brakes, horn and ell. RV spaces, creating an ideal basetourism forsupervisor winter Bob Nilson, for the City of Benson. “Union Pacific bought the line in 1997 feeling they’re operating a real train. A “Train A camera mounted on the front of the visitors and tourists. and Benson continues to serve as an important Operators Certificate” is awarded to all who sit transportation hub with deep, historic ties to USA registry, representing the first town in in the engineer’s seat. engine projects an image of the train’s “Visitors love this location when it comes the railroad.” “The throttle control is a real railroad Today, the town has nine motels and boasts the railroad’s western region to receive the component that was donated by Power Rail scenic route as it travels around the to exploring all parts of Cochise County,” Bob 18 RV parks with more than 1,100 RV spaces, Distribution, and the brake module was an ideal base for winter visitors and designation. donated by Multi-Service Supply,” said Nilson. room, giving engineers the feeling they’re Nilson, tourism supervisor,creating said. “Southeastern tourists. Logos featuring different rail companies that “Visitors love this location when it comes to The Benson Visitor Center is in a building have rolled through Benson through its 140-year operating a real train. A “Train Operators Arizona has a lot to offer and come exploringpeople all parts of Cochise County,” Nilson history with the railroad are mounted on the said. “Southeastern Arizona has a lot to offer modeled after a train depot that once sat parking lot walls of the visitor center. Murals Certificate” is awarded to all who sit in the here from all parts of the country world. and people comeand here from all parts of the Benson’s historic connection with the country and world. And tourists are fascinated along Benson Visitor Bob Nilson operates theCenter town’s tracks. Thedepicting depot’s railroad — createddesign by artist Doug Quarles — are engineer’s seat. And tourists are fascinatedwithwith Benson’sBenson’s special connection with the a train whistle at the faux station interacpainted between each of the logos. tive display in the center. railroad.” emulates many of the architectural features The visitor is full of informative brochures “The throttle control is a real railroad special connection with theIt’srailroad.” a connection that earned the town special local and state attractions. The friendly original depot built over a century ago. recognition by the railroad itself. found the original depotabout built staff answersover questionsaand provide guests with With itsin train-theme, the visitor center component that was donated by Power It’s a connection that earned town In 2012,the Union Pacific Railroad awarded information about destinations they may be captivitates both tourists and locals with a Benson membership in its Train Town ago. interested in visiting. G-scale Union Pacific replica locomotive that Rail Distribution, and the brake module special recognition by the USA railroad itself.the first town in century registry, representing Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through pulls five railcars and a caboose as it moves the railroad’s western region to receive the With theSaturday. visitor center over 96-feet ofits tracktrain-theme, suspended from the was donated by Multi-Service Supply,” said In 2012, Union Pacific Railroad awarded designation. “We urge travelers to stop by the visitor ceiling. People of all ages are invited to operate The Benson Visitor Center — which captivitates and centerlocals and be partwith of the whole train the train through an both American tourists Association Nilson. Benson membership in itsis Train Town where Nilson works — is in a building experience,” said Benson Mayor Toney King. of Railroads (AAR) life-size control stand,


modeled after a train depot that once sat along the town’s tracks. Located at 249 East Fourth Street in the heart of Benson’s historic downtown, the depot’s design emulates many of the architectural features found in the

complete with a throttle, brakes, horn and bell. A camera mounted on the front of the engine projects an image of the train’s scenic route as it travels around the room, giving engineers the

“Bob and his staff do a fantastic job of helping visitors with questions they have about different destinations in Benson and Cochise County.” n

Endeavor Art Gallery 46

Soco 2019

Established by the San Pedro River Arts Council (SPRAC), the Endeavor Art Gallery is hailed as one of “Benson’s best kept secrets.” The gallery features a variety of media created by local artists, as well as a collection of handmade gift items for sale in the Endeavor gift shop. Filled with unique, original artwork, visitors enjoy the gallery’s beautifully displayed pieces created by local artists as well as the reasonable prices. 198 E. Fourth St. — across the Street from the visitor center. Open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

on Saturday. For info, call 520-586-4630, or go to sprarts.

San Pedro Golf Course This 18-hole championship course, built in 2003, is owned and operated by the City of Benson. In 2017,the San Pedro Golf Course was included as a top rated golf destination by Golf Advisor, an online resource with ratings that come from golfers. PGA Golf Pro Joe DelVecchio has been San Pedro’s golf director of operations since 2015. 926 N. Madison Ave. Take exit 304 off I-10 and go north on Ocotillo Road. Turn east or right on Darby Ave, then north or right on Madison Ave. Open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week. For info, call 520-586-7888, email, or go to the website at Discover cochise



y r o t s i H r u O & Heritage


rom the boardwalks of Tombstone to the grand Victorian architecture of Bisbee, history abounds in Cochise County. Wild West legends gained notoriety here, Buffalo Soldiers battled Indian warriors, and mammoths roamed the high-desert plains. This fascinating corner of Southeast Arizona provides a peek into the thrilling past of the Wild West.

Douglas Once the haunt of Hollywood and political superstars, the border community of Douglas is rich in both history and culture thanks to its strong Mexican influences. Among the early 20th century buildings lining its downtown district is the famous Hotel Gadsden, which has welcomed the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Lee Marvin, and Shelly Winters. Worth a visit is the lobby of the hotel, where a stunning Tiffany stained glass window provides the backdrop to a sweeping Italian marble staircase. Douglas can trace its roots back to the Spanish conquistadors, but came into its own as a smelter location for the nearby mining town of Bisbee in the early 1900’s. The city is also home to the United States’ first international airport, and Amelia Earhardt once landed there during a cross-country flight. Located a short drive out of town, the airport has an impressive aviation museum.


Discover cochise

Sierra Vista Though Sierra Vista is a relatively young city, she has an historic past. Incorporated in 1956, the town had already developed roots, with neighboring Fort Huachuca having been established the prior century in 1877. In the shadows of the Huachuca Mountains, Fort Huachuca was home to the famed Buffalo Soldiers, whose heroic past and military history are commemorated at the Fort Huachuca Museum. Just outside the post’s Buffalo Soldier Trail gates lies Sierra Vista’s West End, where happy homesteaders claimed land in 1912 after Arizona was admitted to the union in February of the same year. You can learn how those pioneers helped shape the city at the

Henry F. Hauser Museum. On the outskirts of the city lie the mammoth kill sites, which were once inhabited by the ancient Clovis people. And along the nearby San Pedro River, you will find ghost towns, an abandoned Spanish presidio, and what still remains of a ranch that was once home to some who participated in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Tombstone Tombstone is More Than A Title From a Movie! A Visit to Tombstone, Arizona WILL Be the Most Historic Fun You Will Ever Have! Tombstone Arizona is internationally known for its stormy and storied past. Western legends like Wyatt Earp and “Doc” Holliday became household names after the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral®. However, the legend didn’t end there, it continues today! In its early days, Tombstone was a rough and tumble silver-mining town made famous by the O.K. Corral gunfight. Today, you can walk where Wyatt Earp walked, see where the infamous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral took place, visit American Old West historical places such as the Tombstone Courthouse, Bird Cage Theatre, and much much more. Tombstone is proud of its American Old West history - and love to entertain visitors with reenactments, celebrations, and visual displays that depict the rich history that made Tombstone “The

Town Too Tough To Die.” We invite you to walk the streets that these and other legendary men and women of the American West walked throughout the years. Come absorb the experience and history that is unique to Tombstone, Arizona! Step back into the Old West for a few days or even weeks. It is an encounter with history that you and your family can only get in “The Town Too Tough To Die.” Visitors to Tombstone will ALWAYS find more than enough to do and see. History is everywhere and most often presented in highly entertaining family friendly manner. Tombstone is a city where history comes alive. You will find historic reenactments, gun fights, historic places, and museums. Lodging here in Tombstone is often historic as well. Inns that date from the 19th century are not uncommon, complete with beautiful vintage furnishings. Tombstone’s RV Parks and Camp Grounds allow you to experience the beautiful Southern Arizona

Benson Described as the gateway to Cochise County, Benson is a historic railroad town set among panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges and river valley. In the 1880’s, this community acted as a vital transportation hub for the region’s mining towns, in particular silver rich Tombstone. Before the arrival of the railroad industry, Benson was a stopping point for the stagecoaches navigating the 2,800-mile Butterfield Overland mail delivery route – something the city celebrates every October during its Butterfield Overland Stage Days. Railway buffs will delight in the Benson Visitor Center, housed in a replica of the original railroad depot built more than a century ago. Take a wander along the historic main street until you reach the Benson Area Museum. Run by The San Pedro Valley Arts and Historical Society, the museum pays homage to the region’s Southwestern history and the important part this community had to play in that compelling story.

landscape up close. Tombstone has plenty of great restaurants and saloons - all filled with history, legends and lore. Many of the visitors have said that it is like stepping back in time - thinking that maybe Doc Holiday leaned on this bar, or possibly Wyatt Earp sat here. History comes alive here in Tombstone everyday! Are you getting married anytime soon? There’s no better place for an Western Themed Wedding than Tombstone Arizona. Many of our establishments and historic locations will gladly accommodate your wedding plans. Whenever you decide to visit, you’ll find that there’s always plenty to do in Tombstone. Just stop by and see for yourself, and we guarantee that you will never be bored. With a mild year-round climate, any time is the right time to visit Tombstone! History truly comes alive here in Tombstone, Arizona! Tombstone Chamber of Commerce,

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Willcox Underneath the sleepy exterior of Willcox and its surrounding environs lies a captivating story of cowboys, Apache Indians, and railroads. Known as the “cattle capital of the world”, this community is particularly proud of its long ranching history. Head to the downtown area for a visit to the Rex Allen Arizona Cowboy Museum and the Willcox Cowboy Hall of Fame. These attractions sit alongside a number of wine tasting rooms and galleries that occupy renovated historic buildings. It was thanks to the Southern Pacific Railroad that Willcox was first founded, and cargo trains still roll through town today – take some time to visit the historic Southern Pacific Depot. A little further afield are Fort Bowie National Historic Site, a 19th century army outpost, and Cochise Stronghold, where Apache Indian Chief Cochise evaded his military pursuers. Legend has it that Cochise is buried in a secret location here.

Nestled among copper colored hills near the Mexican border, the former mining town of Bisbee is brimming with character and charm. At its heart is the historic downtown area, where splendid Victorian buildings house museums, galleries, boutique stores, and award winning restaurants. Thanks to its eclectic nature and fascinating backstory, Bisbee was voted the best historic small town in the nation by readers of U.S.A. Today. Get a true sense of that history at the Smithsonian-affiliated Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum, or take a tour of the Copper Queen Mine where former miners lead you on a riveting journey underground. Spend the rest of your time wandering the winding streets and alleyways, but save some energy to climb one of the many historic staircases that zigzag across the surrounding hillsides. If time is limited, consider hopping aboard one of the jeep or golf cart tours to learn about this community’s engaging past from a knowledgeable guide. We also recommend a side trip to nearby historic Lowell, which sits next to the 300-acre, 950 feet deep Lavender Pit, which was mined for almost a century from 1879.

Grand Canyon





Sierra Vista






























Distance (in miles) to:

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“ B e s t Cow b OY B A R I N T H E W E S T ” L I V E M U S I C , G R E AT F O O D & N E V E R E N D I N G F U N 12 Draft Beers on Tap Over-Stuffed Corned Beef Reubens

HANGINGS BY APPOINTMENT (520) 457-3107 • 417 E Allen Street • Tombstone

OPEN DAILY Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Sunday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. (520) 457-3405 - 501 E. Allen St - Tombstone

Check out Kate's custom brewed beer and glasses!

Too! ater or C e W us f Book xt Event Ne Your

Authentic Mexican and Italian dishes made with the finest ingredients available to bring you the real flavors of Mexico and a touch of Italy.

Fresh salsa Top shelF MargariTas assorTeD MeXiCaN Beers WiDe VarieTy oF TeQUilas (520) 457-2277 131 S. 5th Street Tombstone Discover cochise


highlights in history Fort Huachuca Still an active military installation, Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista has a fascinating history. Established at the base of the Huachuca Mountains in 1877, this army camp played a critical role in the Apache Indian wars. Visit the Fort Huachuca Museums, where exhibits walk you through a timeline beginning in the late 19th century and ending with the present day. Housed in historic buildings, the museums can be found at Brown Parade Field, where the original stone barracks and officers’ homes still stand. You can take a self-guided history walk in this part of Old Post. Take some quiet time to visit the Old Post Cemetery, and don’t miss the first-rate Military Intelligence Soldier Heritage Learning Center. FortHuachucaMuseums


here is no shortage of places

to see if you love history. Visit these sites for a fascinating

journey spanning centuries.

Access to Fort Huachuca All visitors 18 years and older, who do not have a Department of Defense identification card, will be subject to a background check before being allowed entry. To complete a background check, and to be issued an installation access pass, you must go to the Visitor Control Center at the Fort Huachuca Van Deman gate and complete an access request form. Allow 30 minutes for processing. International visitors are not permitted access, unless they are sponsored and escorted by authorized personnel. International visitors must contact the City of Sierra Vista Visitor Center at least three weeks prior to their visit (800-288-3861) to arrange for clearance and an approved escort. For information regarding installation access call (520) 533-3269/2447.


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Amerind Museum

San Pedro River Aside from its ecological significance, the San Pedro River has had an important part to play in local history. Along or near its banks are prehistoric sites, ghost towns, petroglyphs, and an abandoned fortress. This south to north flowing body of water was where Paleo-Indians hunted and killed game, including mammoth, around 9,000 B.C. It was once dotted with thriving towns like Fairbank – the closest railway stop to Tombstone – and Millville, which processed ore from nearby silver mines. Eighteenth century Spanish soldiers also established the Presidio Santa Cruz de Terrenate, but left after just five years thanks to frequent Apache attacks and harsh desert conditions. For more info visit or

Its highly acclaimed exhibits relating the history of the Native Peoples of the Americas places the Amerind Museum high on the ‘mustsee’ list. Aside from its beautiful location among the spectacular rock formations of Texas Canyon, this world-class facility displays western-themed works from renowned artists, including contemporary Native American art. The museum also hosts special events and programs highlighting Native American culture.

Fort Bowie National Historic Site Fort Bowie’s location atop a high desert bluff was undoubtedly a strategic choice in the 1880’s, but today it affords visitors panoramic vistas across the surrounding valley. To get to this historic army outpost you must hike the moderate 1.5-mile trail, which takes you through grasslands once travelled by the mail stagecoaches. You’ll also pass the Fort Bowie Cemetery, where Little Robe, son of Apache Chief Geronimo, is buried. What remains of the fort is a scattering of adobe and stone ruins, which now sit in isolated and peaceful beauty.



2100 N. Amerind Rd. Dragoon, AZ 85609 • 520-586-3666

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00 am-4:00 pm Closed major holidays

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 ohn Slaughter J Ranch

Brown Canyon Ranch / Carr House life was like for those local trailblazers, and a short walk takes you to the picturesque ruins of early 20th century dwellings. Imposing Carr Canyon provides a breathtaking backdrop, which includes a spectacular seasonal waterfall.

From pioneer families to modern day hikers, the Huachuca Mountains have always proved to be irresistible. Find out why earlier settlers chose to homestead in the foothills when you visit Brown Canyon Ranch, built more than a century ago. This area of the mountain range is also popular with mountain bikers, wildlife spotters and hikers. Rustic Carr House also offers a taste of what

As Cochise County’s Sheriff in the late 1880’s, “Texas” John Slaughter earned a reputation as a fearless lawman. Elected just five years after the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Slaughter helped track Apache chief Geronimo, and crossed paths with the likes of Johnny Ringo and Pancho Villa. Today visitors can tour his former home, set in a peaceful location near Douglas belying the tumultuous times he lived through. Surrounded by lush green pastures and a serene pond, this once thriving cattle ranch sits adjacent to the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge. After touring the ranch house and outbuildings, take the pleasant walk up to the site of a former military camp and enjoy lovely views across the San Pedro River into Mexico.

Sierra Vista Historic Plaques Find out how pioneers of Sierra Vista carved their place in the local history books with a self-guided tour of plaques at sites of significance or interest. You’ll need to park the car and wander on foot through the West End district, where most of the plaques are located, to discover a fledgling city of entrepreneurial spirit, bustling

Arizona Folklore Preserve Set in a tranquil and gorgeous location in Ramsey Canyon, the Arizona Folklore Preserve hosts musical performers from across the western United States. These talented musicians focus on Southwest culture, with many relating Arizona’s place in history, along with its people and heritage. Performances take place on weekends between fall and spring. Visit www. for scheduling and ticket info. 48

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bars and cocktail lounges, and a community with identity and purpose. Stop by the Fry Pioneer Cemetery on 7th and 6th Streets, which was established in 1919 and is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Pick up a map at the Henry F. Hauser Museum at 2950 E. Tacoma Street.

Tombstone’s finest Lodging for Over 50 Years


• Large Clean Rooms • Free Wi-Fi & Local Calls • Air Conditioned • In Downtown Tombstone


• Non-Smoking Rooms • Free In-Room Coffee •Western Hospitality



John Wayne’s Favorite

Large clean rooms! (520) 457-2272

410 E.Fremont Street / P.O.Box 224 Tombstone,Arizona 85638

Come and step back in time with us at the Beautiful Saloon Theatre. See the True and Rich History of Tombstone and Cochise County come to life daily inside our 1880’s style saloon. We perform daily historic gunfight shows @ 11:30 1:00 and 3:00

277 N. 4th Street P.O. Box 1511 Tombstone, AZ 85638

Thursday - Monday: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday & Wednesday: Closed 109 S. 3rd St. Tombstone, AZ 85638 • (520) 457-8802

520-457-2311 Check us out on Facebook!

The Sage Brush Inn is for sale! The operation is turn key and just waiting for the next owner!

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Engage. Inform. Entertain

rning and ime gym also has a o busy parents can 520-459-3668

e h t e c n e i r e p Ex

t s e W d l i W BEST PLACE TO STAY 1 Larian Motel

est Ranch

2 Tombstone Monument Gu 3 Casa de San Pedro BB

Larian Motel

Larian Motel


For Us!

The Larian Motel located in historic Tombstone earned the 2019 Best Place to Stay by local voters. Built in 1957, the Larian l rian Minote ThiseaLa Motel landmark its own in historic atedContinually locright. providing sto a level ned earservice Tomb ne of and Western Hospitality st Place Beusually 2019that to the its guests, local y by exceeds their expectations. to Sta They located in 1957, Builtcentrally, ters. voare “in the heart” of Tombstone’s the Larian Motel historic district enables guests to enjoy its inTombstone landmarkthat is a everything almost has to y providing a allExperience nuso. nti ht. aCo offer block or n rigjust owwithin thelev ‘Old and Western Hospitale anindstyle. vicrelax of ser elWest’



eeds ity to its guests, that usually exc their expectations. the They are located centrally, “in Good Enough Mine Tour district Yell Ln. heart ” of Tombstone’s historic almost everyles gu enabMine wasest to enjoy AZ 85615 The Goodenough stone has to offer Tombstone’s major silver producer. The t Tomb tha thing rience claim was filed in 1878, production within just a block or so. Expe began in 1879. Take the tour and learn m ’ and relax in style. estsilver ‘Old how the miners the worked, seeW what

ore looks like, and experience what it’s like to go underground in a perfectly preserved underground historic hard rock mine. Well informed guides lead you through the old workings. A fun and educational experience. It took years of work to remove the debris, rock, equipment and dirt that had collected in the tunnels from a hundred years of monsoons and 30 years of mining. The miners used some of the old vertical tunnels as dumps for waste rock, lunch cans and a variety of equipment, Granger said. The man who discovered the silver mine is credited with the birth of Tombstone and that man is Ed Schieffelin. He had been working for the military at Camp Huachuca and looked for color wherever he went. As he traveled farther and farther into the desert looking for minerals he soldiers told him the only thing he would find out there was his Tombstone. Schieffelin did find silver in 1877 and when a camp sprang around the mine site, he named it Tombstone.


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Doc Hollidays Saloon Rustic, Old West charm right on Allen Street in Tombstone, Arizona! DocHollidaysSaloon/

Wells Fargo RV Park Park your rig and walk in the historic footsteps of gunslingers, lawmen, outlaws and miners in the authentic old west of Tombstone, Arizona. (520) 457-3966 huachuca 520-533-3638


Nora’s Place Nora’s Place

Ghost ation

erly one of neral parlors Days

ld & up ld & up


n Available


0 per hour per half hour

Offering paranormal expeOffering riences for a little more than a paranormal year Nora’s Place also includes experiences forSouvea a Ladies Boutique and nirs. The nightly paranormal little more than a investigations take place in the year Nora’s part of the buildingPlace the undertakers their work. a alsodidincludes Owner Nora Weed started Ladies her business Boutique to enable her to share gifts with others. andherSouvenirs. The Besides the paranormal invesnightly paranormal tigations, Weed also does Tarot Readings and Reiki Healings. investigations take One of her most recent proud place came in the part moments when she did a reading on abuilding local womanthe and of the told her she would be pregnant their Owners Nora Weed and Audrey BEST inundertakers a year and she justdid found out work. TOMBSTONE she’s expecting her first child. business Roch started their to enable Nora to share her gifts “If it wasn’t for our wonderGHOST TOURS others. Besides investigations, Weed fulwith customers we wouldn’t have the paranormal 1 Nora’s Place LLC achieved this,” Weed stated on also does Tarot Reading and Reiki Healings. One of her 2 Bird Cage Theater receiving the Best of honor. most recent proud moments came she Tours did a reading 3 Good Enoughwhen Mine & Trolley 520-210-2810 on a local woman and told her she would be pregnant in a

year and she just found out she’s expecting her first child. “Thank you to our customers, without them we could not have achieved this,” Weed stated on receiving the Best of honor two consecutive years.

Helldorado Days Helldorado Days stands as the Tombstone’s oldest festival and is celebrated with three days of gunfight reenactments and rollicking skirmishes, along with a parade on Sunday. As Tombstone’s signature event, Helldorado draws thousands of visitors to the town from around the country and other parts of the world. A true to life reproduction of Tombstone’s rip roaring days is sponsored by Helldorado, Inc and is held each year in October.


Boots-Moccasins • Famous Brand Hats • Western Leather Belts


Arlene’s Gallery • Southwest Trading Company • Southwest Silver & Gold 520.457.3678 or 520.457.3833 • Allen Street, Tombstone, AZ


503 E Allen St, Tombstone, AZ 85638 • (520) 457-3465 Mon - Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. • Sat & Sun 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Stay awhile


Benson MOTELS Benson Days Inn, 621 Commerce Dr., 520-586-3000 Best Western Quail Hollow Inn, 699 N. Ocotillo Rd., 520-586-3646

Red Barn Campground, Ocotillo & I-10, 520-586-2035 San Pedro MH & RV Park, 1110 S. Hwy 80, 520-586-9546 El Rio Motel & RV Park, 825 E. 4th St., 520-586-9314

Letson Loft Hotel, 26 Main St., 520-432-3210,

Jonquil Motel, 317 Tombstone Canyon, 520-432-7371,

Oliver House, 24 Soule Ave.,

The Shady Dell, 1 Douglas Road, 520-432-3567,

520-432-1900, oliverhousebed

C G Motel, 757 W. 4th St., 520 586-1406

SKP Saguaro Co-op RV Park, 600 E. Saguaro Dr., 520-5867343

Comfort Inn, 630 S. Village Loop, 520-586-8800

Western Horizons RV Park, 801 S. Lee, 520-720-4140

Motel 6, 637 S. Whetstone Commerce Dr., 520-586-0066

Valley High RV Park, 1200 S. Hwy 80, 520 586-3771

Audrey’s Inn, 20 Brewery Ave., 520-432-1866,

Quarter Horse Motel, 800 W. 4th St., 520-586-3371

Valley Vista RV Resort, 1060 S. Hwy 80, 520-720-0024

Bisbee Grand Hotel, 61 Main St., 520-432-5900,

Sahara Motel, 1150 S. Hwy 80, 520-586-3611 Super 8 Motel, 855 N. Ocotillo Rd., 520-586-1530


BED & BREAKFAST & GUEST RANCHES Birdsong Ranch, 520-850-1257 Cochise Stronghold Bed & Breakfast, 1-877-426-4141

AA Mobile Home Park, 895 E. McNeil Rd., 520-586-9377

Down by the River Bed & Breakfast, 520-720-9441

Apache Mobile Home Park, 79 N. Apache Terrace, 520-720-4634

Double R Guest Ranch, 520334-5591

Benson I-10 RV Park, 840 N. Ocotillo Rd., 520-586-4252

Sunglow Guest Ranch, 520-8243334

Benson KOA RV Park, 180 Four Feathers Lane, 520- 586-3977

Triangle T Guest Ranch, 520586-7533

Butterfield RV Resort, 251 S. Ocotillo Ave., 520-586-4400 Cochise Terrace RV Resort, 1030 Barrel Cactus Rd., 520-720-0911 Holy Trinity Monastery RV Park, St. David, 520-720-4642 Kartchner Caverns State Park, S. Hwy 90, 520-586-4100 Pardners RV Park, 950 W. 4th St., 520-586-7887 Pato Blanco RV Park, 625 E. Pearl St., 520-586-8966 Quarter Horse RV Park, 800 W. 4th St., 520-586-3371


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Bisbee BED & BREAKFAST Calumet and Arizona Guest House, 608 Powell St., 520- 4324815, Copper City Inn, 99 Main St. 520-432-1418, 520-456-4254, The Gardens at Mile High Ranch, 901 Tombstone Canyon, 520-432-3866,

Schoolhouse Inn B&B, 818 Tombstone Canyon, 520-4322996,


Canyon Rose Suites, Subway Street & Shearer Avenue, 520432-5098, Copper City Inn, 99 Main St., 520-432-1418, 520-456-4254, Copper Queen Hotel, 11 Howell Ave., 520-432-2216, Eldorado Suites Hotel, 55 OK Street, 520-432-6679, The Gardens at Mile High Ranch, 901 Tombstone Canyon, 520-432-3866, Gym Club Suites, 39 Howell Ave., 520-234-5921, bisbeelandmark. com Hotel LaMore / Bisbee Inn, 45 OK St., 520-432-5131, Hotel San Ramon, 5 Howell Ave., 520-432-1901, The Inn at Castle Rock, 112 Tombstone Canyon Rd., 520- 432-4449,

Silver King Hotel, 43 Brewery Ave., 520-432-3723, Tombstone Canyon Inn, 102 Tombstone Canyon, 520-4325000,

GUEST HOUSES A Bisbee Opera House, 132 B Opera, 520-678-9268 Above and Beyond Rentals, (619) 884-2280 for address and availability, Art Avenue, 26 Art Ave., 520559-0901, Bisbee Adobe, 634-2 Tombstone Canyon, 760-468-3398, Bisbee Guest Cottages, 51B OK St., 520-366-2194, Bisbee Ironman Suite, 201 Tombstone Canyon, 520-266-0401, ironmansuite/ironmansuite.htm Bisbee Vacation Rental - The Toland Adobe, 39A Shearer, 530306-4405, abisbeevacationrental. com The Brewery Penthouse, Brewery Gulch, 520-432-2739, Casa de Alegria, 234 Opera Drive, 505-720-9976 Copper Queen House, 520-2270030, Doublejack Guesthouse, 1-B Temby Ave, 520-559-6708,

Dragonview Mountain Retreat, 507 D Bailey Hill, 520-456-4286,

Queen Mine RV, 473 N. Dart Rd., 520-432-5006,

High Road House, 34 High Road, 520-432-3950,

Turquoise Valley Golf & RV Park, 1794 Newell Street, Naco, 520-432-3091,

A Little House on Taylor, 108 Taylor, 602-828-8996, vrbo. com/vacation-rentals/usa/ arizona/tucson-area/bisbee


Mozart Garden Suite, 48-B Shearer Ave., 520-432-7217,

Hotel Gadsden, 1 046 G Ave., 520-364-4481,

Mule Mountain Cottage, 3586 W Hwy 80, 520-432-5537,

Best Western Douglas Inn & Suites, 199 E 7th St., 520-3645000,

Sleepy Dog Guest House, 212A Opera Drive, 602-620-2597, 322 LAST HOUSE on the RIGHT, 322 O’Hara, 917-721-9913,

CAMPGROUNDS/RV PARKS Desert Oasis Campground, 5311 W Double Adobe Road, McNeal, 520-979-6650, Double Adobe Campground, 5057 W. Double Adobe Road, McNeal 520-364-4000,

Motel 6, 111 16th St., 520-3642457 Border Motel, 1725 A. Ave., 520-364-8491 Traveler’s Motel, 1030 19th St., 520-364-8434

GUEST RANCHES Price Canyon Ranch, Rodeo, NM, 520-558-2383,

RV PARKS Douglas RV Park, 1372 East Fairway Drive, 520-364-1588 Twin Buttes Mobile Home & RV, 4912 W. Highway 80, 520-3647075,

VACATION HOMES Hummingbird Ranch Vacation House, Pearce,

Sierra Vista BED & BREAKFASTS Ash Canyon Bed & Breakfast, 5255 Spring Road, Hereford, 520-378-773, Battiste Bed, Breakfast & Birds, 4700 E. Robert Smith Lane, Hereford, 520-803-6908, Beatty’s Guest Ranch & Orchard, 2173 E. Miller Canyon Road, Hereford, 520- 378-2728, Casa de San Pedro, 8933 S. Yell Lane, Hereford, 520-366-1300, Gasthaus Mountain View, 5444 Santa Claus Ave., 520-378-2554 Lazy Dog Ranch, 3123 North Thistle Road, 520-458-5583, Rail Oaks Ranch, 3248 E. White Lily Lane, Hereford, 520-3780461, Ramsey Canyon Cabins, 76 Ramsey Canyon Road, Hereford, 520-803-7409,

Ramsey Canyon Inn, 29 Ramsey Canyon Road, Hereford, 520378-3010, River Ridge Guest Ranch, 10637 River Ridge Road, Palominas, 520-508-9259, Sundowner Guest House, 2881 Keeling Road, Hereford, 520378-6852, Whisper’s Ranch Bed & Breakfast, 1490 Hwy. 83, Elgin, 520-455-9246

HOTELS Bella Vista Motel, 1101 E. Fry Boulevard, 520-458-6737, Best Western Plus Sun Canyon, 260 North Garden Ave. Sierra Vista, 520-335-0404 Reservations 1-800-528-1234 Candlewood Suites, 1904 S. Hwy 92, 520-439-8200, 800-4654329, Comfort Inn & Suites, 3500 E. Fry Boulevard, 520- 459-0515, 800-228-5150, Days Inn, 3460 E. Fry Boulevard, 520-458-8500, 800-225-3297,

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Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, 3855 El Mercado Loop, 520-439-5900, 800-228-2800,

Stampede R.V. Park, 201 W. Allen St., 520-457-3738, 866-409-4778 Tombstone Livery Stable, 919 Highway 82 West, 520-457-3559

Garden Place Suites, 100 N. Garden Ave., 520-439-3300, 877439-3301,

Tombstone R.V. Park & Campground, 1475 North Hwy 80, 520-457-3829, 800-3483829

Gateway Studio Suites, 203 S. Garden Ave., 520-458-5555, 877443-6200, gatewaystudiosuites. com

Wells Fargo R.V. Park, 201 E. Fremont St., 520-457-3966, 800269-8266

Hampton Inn — A Hilton Hotel, 4100 Snyder Boulevard, 520439-5400, 800-426-7866,

Willcox HOTELS AND MOTELS Arizona Sunset Inn, 520-7663400, 340 S Haskell Ave.

Holiday Inn Express, 1902 S. Hwy 92, 520-439-8800, 800-4654329,

Budget Riteway Motel, 520-3844655, 660 N Haskell Ave.

Motel 6, 1551 E. Fry Boulevard, 520-459-5035, 800-466-8356,

Days Inn, 520-384-4222, 724 N Bisbee Ave

Quality Inn, 1631 S. Hwy 92, 520458-7900, Regency Inn & Suites, 250 Carroll Drive, 520-458-5499

Holiday Inn Express, 520-3843333, 1251 N Virginia Ave Los Arcos Park, 650 E. Busby Drive, 520-458-6870

Tombstone Boarding House Inn, 114 N. Fourth St., 520-457-8075 Tombstone Grand Hotel, 580 Randolph Way, 520-457-9507

Sierra Vista Extended Stay, 1850 E. Wilcox Drive, 520-458-0540

Mountain View RV Park, 99 West Vista Lane, Huachuca City, 800-772-4103, 520-456-2860,

Towne Place Suites by Marriott,3399 Rodeo Drive, 520-515-9900, 800-257-3000,

Mountain Vista Mobile Home & RV Community, 700 S. Carmichael Avenue, 520-4520500

Travel Lodge, 201 W. Fry Boulevard, 520-458-6711 |

Quail Ridge RV Park, 2207 N. Yucca Drive, Huachuca City, 520456-9301,

Western Motel, 43 W. Fry Boulevard, 520-458-4303

Sierra Grande Mobile Home Park, 500 S. 7th Street, 520-4586908

Sierra Suites, 391 E. Fry Boulevard, 520-459-4221,

Windemere Hotel & Conference Center, 2047 S. Hwy 92, 520459-5900, 800-825-4656,

APARTMENTS (Furnished units and short-term leases for seasonal visits) Oasis Apartments, 4250 E. Busby Drive, 520-458-8321, Porte Royale Apartments, 1201 N. Colombo Avenue, 520-4588600, wwwporteroyaleazapts. com Savanna Springs (The Place), 289 S. Hwy 92, 520-458-2200,

RV PARKS & CAMPING Apache Flats on Fort Huachuca, Active Duty & Retired Military Only: 520- 533-1335, 520-5332222 Bel Aire Mobile Home Park, 96 Bel Aire Place, 520-458-5688, 520- 458-1311 Corte del Rey RV Park, 226 S. Huachuca Boulevard, Huachuca City, 520-456-1912


Discover cochise

Sierra Vista Mobile Home Village, 733 S. Deer Creek Lane, 800-955-7606, 520- 459-1690 Thunderbird Mobile Home & RV Park, 3300 E. Fry Boulevard, 520-458-2794 Tombstone Territories RV Park, 2111 E. Hwy 82, 877-316-6714, 520-316-6714, Vista View Resort, 526 Clubhouse Lane, 866-459-0775,



Tombstone Sagebrush Inn, 227 N. Fourth St., 520-457-2311 Tombstone Budget Host Inn, 502 E. Fremont Street, 520-4573478 Trail Riders Inn Motel & RV Park, 13 N. 7th Street,520-457-3573, 800-574-0417

BED AND BREAKFASTS Crazy Annie’s Bordello Bed & Breakfast and Saloon, 95 South 10th St., Marie’s B & B, 101 N. 4th St., 520-457-3831, 877-457-3831 Tombstone Bordello B&B, 107 W. Allen St., 520-457-2394

BED & BREAKFASTS, COTTAGES AND GUEST RANCHES Cave Creek Ranch, 520-558-2334, 1396 W Piedra Blance LN, Portal Cochise Stronghold B&B, 520-826-4141, 2126 Winddancer, Pearce Dancing Crane Cottage, 520-642-0011, 4937 W Dancing Crane LN, McNeal Dos Cabezas Spirit & Nature Retreat, 520-384-6474, 7101 E White Pacheco St., Dos Cabezas

Wyatt’s Hotel B & B, 109 S. Third St., 520-678-7281

Dream Catcher B&B, 520-8243127, 13097 S Highway 181, Pearce

VACATION RENTALS/ GUEST RANCHES Katie’s Cozy Cabins, 16 W. Allen St., 520-457-3963, 520-559-0464

Landmark Lookout Lodge, 781 North Hwy 80, 520-457-2223

Lucky Cuss Vacation Cottage Rentals, 2nd & Bruce Streets, 520-457-3142

T. Miller’s Tombstone Mercantile & Hotel, 530 E. Allen St., 520457-2405

Super 8 Motel, 520-384-0888, 1500 W Fort Grant Rd

Dragoon Mountains Guest House, N Sky Islands End, Cochise

Tombstone Monument Guest Ranch, 895 West Monument Road, 520-457-7299

Sunrise Motel/Apartments, 21 N. 10th St., 520-457-3170

Royal Western Lodge, 20-3842266, 590 S Haskell Ave.

Virgil’s Corner B & B, 97 E. Fremont St., 520-548-1025

Bella Union Adobe Lodge Motel, 505 E. Fremont Street, 520-4572241

The Larian Motel, 410 E. Fremont St., 520-457-2272

Motel 8, 520-384-3270, 331 N Haskell Ave

RV PARKS & CAMPING Desert Hills Mobile Home Ranch, 612 West Setting Sun, 602-535-1282 Silver Belt RV Park, 10th & Allen Streets, 520-457-3961

Hummingbird Ranch Vacation House, 410-679-7918, Sulphur Springs Valley, Pearce Quailway Cottage, 520-5580019, 152 W Portal RD, Portal

RV PARKS Fort Willcox, 520-384-4986, 1715 W Ft. Willcox Grande Vista RV Park, 520-3844002, 711 N Prescott Ave Lifestyle RV Resort, 520-3843303, 622 N Haskell Ave Magic Circle RV Park, 520-3843212, 700 N Virginia Ave Sagebrush RV Park, 520-3842872, 200 W Lewis St

Family Practice Family Practice Family FamilyPractice Practice

520.263.3762 520.263.3762 520.263.3762 520.263.3762 MOB2, Suite 200 MOB2, Suite 200 MOB2, Suite Blair Goodsell, Do MOB2, Suite200 200 Blair Goodsell, Do Blair Goodsell, Blair Goodsell,Do Do

General Surgery General Surgery General General Surgery Surgery

Obstetrics & Gynecology ObstetricsObstetrics & Gynecology Obstetrics & Gynecology & Gynecology

520.263.3620 520.263.3620 520.263.3620 MOB2, Suite 300 520.263.3620

MOB2, Suite 300 MOB2, 300 Natalie Andress, MOB2, Suite Suite 300CNM Natalie Andress, CNM Natalie Andress, CNM Misty Decker, CNM, RNC-EFM Natalie Andress, CNM Misty Decker, CNM, RNC-EFM Decker, RNC-EFM Mamie “Liz” Ramchandani, WHNP MistyMisty Decker, CNM, CNM, RNC-EFM Mamie “Liz” Ramchandani, WHNP WHNP WHNP Mamie Ramchandani, Mary Schlotterer, MD Mamie “Liz” “Liz” Ramchandani, Mary Schlotterer, MD Schlotterer, MD Sidney Semrad, DO, MaryMary Schlotterer, MDFACOOG Sidney Semrad, DO, FACOOG Sidney Semrad, DO, FACOOG Sidney Semrad, DO, FACOOG

520.452.0144 520.452.0144 520.452.0144 MOB1, Suite 100C 520.452.0144 MOB1, Suite 100C MOB1, 100C Andrew Adams, MD MOB1,Suite Suite 100C Andrew Adams, MD Adams, Andrew MD Cherokee Carrillo, PA Andrew Adams, MD Cherokee Carrillo, PA Haj, Cherokee Carrillo, PA Roland DO PA Cherokee Carrillo, Roland Haj, DO Roland Haj, Jody Jenkins, MD Roland Haj,DO DO Jody Jenkins, Jody MD Douglas Opie,MD DO JodyJenkins, Jenkins, MD Douglas Opie,Douglas DO DouglasOpie, Opie, DO DO

Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Internal Internal Medicine Medicine

520.263.3762 520.263.3762 520.263.3762 520.263.3762 MOB2, Suite 200 MOB2, Suite 200 MOB2, 200 Roberto Molina, MOB2,Suite Suite 200MD Roberto Molina, MD Molina, Roberto Roberto Molina, MD MD

Orthopedics/Sports Medicine Orthopedics/Sports Medicine Orthopedics/Sports Medicine Orthopedics/Sports Medicine

520.263.3761 520.263.3761 520.263.3761 MOB2, Suite 200 520.263.3761 MOB2, Suite 200 MOB2, Brian Daines, MD 200 MOB2, Suite Suite 200 Brian Daines, MD Brian Daines, MD Jared Haymore, Brian Daines, MDPA-C Jared Haymore, PA-C Jared Haymore, Dean Marturello, PA-C PA-C Jared Haymore, PA-C Dean Marturello, PA-C Marturello, Randal Roy, MD PA-C PA-C DeanDean Marturello, Randal Roy, MD Randal Roy,MD MD Laurence Susini, Randal Roy, MD Laurence Susini, MD Laurence Laurence Susini,Susini, MD MD

Podiatry Podiatry Podiatry


520.263.3761 520.263.3761 520.263.3761 MOB2, Suite 200 520.263.3761 MOB2, Suite 200 MOB2, Suite 200 Jarrett Hamilton, MOB2, Suite 200 DPM Jarrett Hamilton, DPM Jarrett Hamilton, DPM Jarrett Hamilton, DPM

Wound Care Wound Care Wound CareWound Care

520.263.3770 520.263.3770 520.263.3770 1st floor, Ste 150 520.263.3770 1st floor, SteSte 150 1st floor, Ste 150 1st floor, 150

Urology Urology Urology


520.263.2690 520.263.2690 520.263.2690 MOB1, Suite 200C 520.263.2690

MOB1, Suite 200C MOB1, Suite Peter Niemczyk, MD, FACS200C MOB1, Suite 200C Peter Niemczyk, MD, FACS Peter Niemczyk, Peter Niemczyk, MD, FACS MD, FAC

Call or visit our website to schedule an appointment Call or visit website to schedule an appointment Call orvisit visit our website to schedule an appointment Call our or our website to schedule an appointment Medical Office Building 2 (MOB2) | 5750 East Highway 90 | Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Medical Office Building 2Building (MOB2)2(MOB2) | (MOB2) 5750 East Highway 90 | Sierra Vista, AZAZ 85635 Medical Office | 5750 90 |Vista, Sierra AZ 85635 Medical Office EastEast Highway 90| Sierra | Sierra Vista, 85635 Medical OfficeBuilding Building21 (MOB1)| 5750 | 75 Colonia deHighway Salud AZVista, 85635 Medical Office Building (MOB1) | (MOB1) 75 Colonia de Salud | Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 Medical Office Building Colonia de Salud | Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 55 Medical Office 1 Building 11 (MOB1) | 75| 75 Colonia de Salud | Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 Discover cochise

Open Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Subject to change)

Profile for Wick Communications

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Discover Cochise 2020  

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