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Sponsoring contests is a great way to reach a large audience! We are now able to hold contests online at We are getting a great deal of engagement through these contests and would love for you to be a part of it. Check out our schedule below and call your Marketing Consultant to sponsor a contest today!

C O N T E S T S : FEBRUARY • Cutest Couple Photo Contest APRIL • Pet Look Alike Photo Contest MAY • Mother’s Day Photo Contest JUNE • Father’s Day “Mini Me” Photo Contest • Ugly Grill Photo Contest JULY • Summertime Fun Photo Contest • Fishing Photo Contest

AUGUST • Back to School Photo Contest • Guess the First Snowfall SEPTEMBER • Cutest Little Football Fan Photo Contest OCTOBER • Kids Halloween Costume Photo Contest • Pet Halloween Costume Photo Contest NOVEMBER • No Shave November Photo Contest • Thanksgiving Coloring Contest DECEMBER • Santa Tantrum Photo Contest

Frontiersman 352-2255 M at- S u V alley


JANUARY • Cutest Baby Photo Contest

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