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Hospital Leadership • 2012 Hall of Fame Inductess • New Cibola Family Health Center PUBLISHED BY CIBOLA BEACON, SEPTEMBER 2012


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Message from the Chief Executive Officer Andrew Carnegie once said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision; the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." Several years ago, some ordinary individuals came together with a common vision: a vision that their children, parents, friends, and neighbors would have access to doctors, specialists and medical services, right here in their hometown. Because of the hard work and dedication of these individuals, the new Medical Office Building of Cibola Family Health Center has gone from a vision to a reality. Cibola General Hospital board members, both past and present, staff, physicians, and Cibola

County Commissioners have worked together for several years to plan, design, and build an efficient, environmentally-friendly building where doctors will want to practice medicine and where community members have access to the care they need. On behalf of everyM, MAKOSKY one at Cibola General, we thank those individuals who have donated so much of their time to this vision. This month we are proud to open the doors of this 22,000square-foot facility to our providers, staff, and patients. The building was carefully designed to be as efficient and comfortable as

possible. The building is a LEED Certified Building (by the US Green Building Council) and includes several environmentallyfriendly features to help reduce water and energy consumption. We are extremely proud of the new facility. We invite the community to help us celebrate the opening of our beautiful, new location. Please stop by and visit any time, and we hope you will consider choosing one of our many providers for your healthcare needs. In addition, we hope that you will join us for our “Denim and Diamonds Hall of Fame” event on Oct. 6.

About Michael D. Makosky Mike was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Cibola General Hospital in March 2011. Prior to assuming the responsibility of the CEO role, he served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer at a similar-hospital in West Virginia. Mike is a seasoned CEO who has served in many leadership and operational roles during the last 18 years. He received his Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Maryland in 1990, a Master of Business Administra-

tion from Frostburg State University in 1998. Mike also has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and an Associate’s Degree in Hospital Equipment Technology. Mike is dedicated to the progression of healthcare and to the constant improvement in the way we deliver care. His philosophy includes: • Providing outstanding clinical healthcare to the people in our community; • Being good financial stewards; • Providing a rewarding place for our employees to work;

• Building, nurturing and preserving a strong partnership with the physician community. Change is a constant in today’s healthcare environment. Vital to the success of our healthcare community is the constant investment in our people, facility and technologies. Quality of care is the most important aspect of our hospital work, and patient satisfaction is the most important indicator of our success. The investments we make will have a lasting effect on the health of our community well into the future.


Respectfully, Michael Makosky Chief Executive Officer


Message from the Chief Financial Officer The 2011/2012 Fiscal Year has been one of many exciting developments and changes for Cibola General Hospital. Our goal has been to maintain financial stability to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our community. While the state of the healthcare environment continues to be tumultuous and full of uncertainty, we work hard to ensure that we position our organization successfully for sustainable growth as we continue to work toward achieving our vision – to earn your trust and to be the first choice for your healthcare. One of our priorities is to carefully manage finances so that we may be in a position to acquire the latest technology for our patients. For example, this year we purchased a state-of-the-art, 64 slice, CT scanner. This is just one example, among many, of equipment and computer IT upgrades we’ve been able to bring to our patients. Our goal is to be able to provide you with as many new services as possible that are within our reach. We also strive to ensure that our facilities are kept updated and comfortable. This year we renovated our Nurse’s Station and placed new beds in the patient rooms.

We also continue to invest in recruiting physicians to practice in our community; signing on two physicians and one nurse practitioner during the last year. The physicians not only increase access to care for our comJ.F. RIMEL JR. munity, but also function as a funding source for future hospital developments. Our providers will be housed in our new Medical Office Building

idents voted in favor of continuing the mil levy support, which helps the hospital offset the cost of providing care for the uninsured and underinsured. Additionally, after a three and one-half years of legal discussion with Medicare, Cibola General Hospital was granted “Critical Access Hospital (CAH)” status, by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The change in status means that we will now receive reimbursement for the reasonable costs of providing care to our Medicare and Medicaid patients. Overall, Cibola General is in a strong financial position. Through the efforts of our employees, physicians, and board volunteers, the organization has improved the operational effectiveness and efficiency, and reduced the cost structure for delivering our services to you, the public. The graph above expands on our uses of funds for the year.

Use of Hospital Funds


(MOB) which will be a focus of excellence in health care for our citizens for many years to come. The completed MOB costs roughly $6.2 million and will be fully paid for by the hospital’s cash reserves. Part of our financial health can be attributed to the support of our community. Last fall, resCIBOLA GENERAL HOSPITAL

Respectfully, J.F. Rimel Jr. Assistant Administrator & Chief Financial Officer Cibola General Hospital, Inc.

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About J.F. Rimel Jr. Assistant Administrator and Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Rimel, came to Cibola General Hospital in March of 1994 as Assistant Administrator and Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for the financial oversight of all hospital systems and specific operational departments. He has more than 40 years’ experience in financial management of for-profit and notfor-profit organizations. The last 30-plus years Rimel has served as the CFO in small rural hospitals in Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. He is a combat Vietnam veteran with active duty in the U.S. Army from 1967 through 1969.

Cibola Coun t y Co m

Rimel holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University with dual majors in Finance and Personnel Relations. He is an active member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association and has served several terms as its chapter director and Rural Taskforce Chairman. He was chairman of the Voluntary Hospitals of America CFO group, chaired an area credit union for six years, and was a board member for the Grants/Cibola County Chamber of Commerce and the Cibola Arts Council. Jeff's passion is to ensure the financial stability, success, and progression of Cibola General Hospital.

missio n an

Hospital Board of Directors Ron Ortiz, President Les Gaines, Vice President Nestor Griego Carlos Tapia Laura Council Paul Milan Charles Onyeama, MD Bob Tenequer Karna Patel, MD

d Cibola G g toget eneral Hospital Board workin


Scott Vinson, manager

Commissioners: Edward Michael, chairman, Antonio Gallegos, vice chairman, T.Walter Jaramillo, Patrick Simpson, Lloyd Felipe XNLV50589



Chief Clinical/Nursing Officer Pamela Akin, RN, MSN Pamela Akin, RN MSN joined the Cibola General Hospital team in June 2008 as the Interim Chief Clinical Officer, accepting the permanent position in September of 2008. Pamela is currently responsible for the oversight of the Emergency Room, In-patient Medical Surgical, Intensive Care Unit, Obstetrics, and Surgical departments. Pamela’s focus in this role is the implementation of Evidenced-Based Nursing and FamilyCentered Care practice, as well as driving quality initiatives to improve the health of our community. Prior to joining the CGH team Pamela was consulting as a Department Director and Chief Nursing Officer, traveling throughout the United States. Pamela holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Nursing Administration and Health Care Systems degree from Washburn University, Topeka, Kan., and Wichita, Kan., respectively.

Human Resources Director Sheila Cox Sheila Cox has been employed at Cibola General Hospital since 1985. Beginning in 1986, Sheila assumed her current position as Director of Human Resources. She learned to love the healthcare field while working as an admission clerk at Cibola General Hospital during her senior year of high school. She is a member on the Hospital Services Corporation Joint Unemployment Compensation Board and the Hospital Services Corporation Workers’ Compensation Board. She attended Brigham Young University in Utah as well as New Mexico State University-Grants Branch. CIBOLA GENERAL HOSPITAL


— COMMUNITY PHYS Family Practice

Family Practice/OB

Patel, Karna P., MD, MPH PMS Western NM Medical Group Phone: (505) 287-2958

Rocha, Patricia MD Cibola Family Health Center Phone: (505) 287-6500

Ukanwa, Melanie M., MD Mayimrapha Comprehensive Health Care, Inc. Phone: (505) 287-5365

Vitale, Karla S., DO Cibola Family Health Center Phone: (505) 287-6500

Valdivia, Arnold W., MD Grants Medical Center Phone: (505) 287-4474

OB/GYN Church, Ann K., MD Cibola Family Health Center Phone: (505) 287-6500

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ICIAN DIRECTORY — Onyeama, Charles O., MD Cibola Family Health Center Phone: (505) 287-6500 General Surgery Gutierrez, Karl R., MD Gutierrez Medical Group Phone: (505) 287-2948 Podiatry Dodder, J. Boyd NM Foot & Ankle Phone: (505) 287-6500 Wrege, Steven DPM NM Foot & Ankle Phone: (505) 287-6500 Internal Medicine Gammon, David G., MD Cibola Family Health Center Phone: (505) 287-6500 Dentistry Abraham, Kenneth, DDS Phone: (505) 285-4444 Berrin, Robin S., DMD A to Z Children’s Dental Phone: (505) 285-3443 Gladney, Marcellus N., DMD A to Z Children’s Dental

Phone: (505) 285-3443 Kaminski, Pamela M., DMD A to Z Children’s Dental Phone: (505) 285-3443 Mattila, Jeffery R., DDS Southwest Dental Phone: (505) 287-2000 Valdivia, Patricia L., DDS Grants Dental Phone: (505) 876-4034


Baca, Derrick, DDS Grants Dental Phone: (505) 876-4034

Healthy April Montoya, Owner

753 E Roosevelt Grants NM 87020 • 505-285-3624





Cibola General Hospital

Health Center Employed Physicians Karla S. Vitale, MD Family Practice/Obstetrics Joined Cibola Family Health Clinic in 2008 Residency: Dr. Vitale completed her residency at the Phoenix Baptist Hospital in Phoenix, Ariz. Education: Dr. Vitale received her medical training at the Midwestern University, Glendale, Ariz. Professional Activities: She is Board Certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Charles Onyeama, MD Pediatrics Joined Cibola Family Health Clinic in 2009 Residency: Dr. Onyeama completed his pediatric residency at Sinai Children’s Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, in Chicago, Ill., a specialty hospital serving more than 72,000 children each year. Education: University of Nigeria, Enugu, Nigeria Professional Activities: Dr. Onyeama is Board Certified in General Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). Dr. Onyeama has written seven research publications in various pediatric journals. He also belongs to the American Academy of Pediatrics, Nigerian Medical Association, and is a Fellow of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine in the United Kingdom.

Ann K. Church, MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Joined Cibola Family Health Clinic in 2010 Residency: Dr. Church completed her residency at the University of Wisconsin Hospital, Madison. Education: Dr. Church received her medical training at the University of South Dakota, Vermillion. Professional Activities: Dr. Church has been board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is a member of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Medical Association. 10


David G. Gammon, MD Internal Medicine Joined Cibola Family Health Clinic in 2011 Residency: Dr. Gammon completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Ohio Valley Medical Center in West Virginia. Education: Dr. Gammon received his medical degree from the University of Vermont. Professional Activities: Dr. Gammon has been Board Certified in Internal Medicine from the American Board of Internal Medicince since 1982.

Patricia M. Rocha, MD Family Practice/Obstetrics Joined Cibola Family Health Clinic in 2012 Residency: Dr. Rocha completed her residency at the University of New Mexico Family Practice Residency Program. Education: She received her medical training at the University of New Mexico Medical School. Professional Activities: Dr. Rocha is Board Eligible by the American Board of Family Medicine. Dr. Rocha belongs to the American Academy of Family Practitioners and the California American Academy of Family Practitioners.

Lisa R. Lackey-Molina, FNP-BC Family Nurse Practitioner Joined Cibola Family Health Clinic in 2012 Education: Lisa received her Nurse Practitioner post-baccalaureate degree from University of St. Francis in Albuquerque, N.M. Lisa also holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She is a lifelong Cibola County resident.



Hall of Fame History 2009 Inductees

2011 Inductees

Dr. Diane C. Banks A long-time community physician known for her sincerity in her work

Mr. Rosalio B. Candelaria Donated five acres of land upon which the hospital was built

Dr. J.H. Fjord Founding physician who help establish the hospital

Mrs. Josefita Candelaria Donated five acres of land upon which the hospital was built

Dr. Gilbert Gutierrez Founding physician and served as the first chief of staff

Ms. Manuelita !Mannie" Martinez Dedicated obstetrics! nurse, known for her compassion towards patients

Mr. Frank Holmberg Spearheaded funds to raise initial funds for the hospital and long-time volunteer and supporter

Dr. Jane C. Pitts Area physician dedicated to improving the health of the community

Mrs. Zoila Holmberg Long-time hospital volunteer and auxiliary member Dr. Arnolfo Valdivia Founding physician dedicated to improving and researching the health of miners

ongratulations to the hospital staff on the new family healthcare center


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8)8:t.*-"/ /.t




April Montoya


Mrs. Chelnissa !Babe" Ritter Donated her salary to the employee assistance fund


Congratulations to CGH!

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Dr. Norton R. Ritter Founding physician, dedicated to improving the health of miners and their families

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees For the past two years, Cibola General Hospital has recognized outstanding individuals from the community who have volunteered and made a valuable contribution to success of hospital. This year, the following notable individuals will be recognized:

Antonio C.

“Tony” Esparza Providing an incomparable level of leadership, Tony Esparza served as a dedicated Cibola General Hospital Board of Trustees’ member and was instrumental in his leadership role on the board. Ensuring access to quality healthcare has also been Esparza’s “big priority.” Esparza, an accomplished businessman, served two different terms and the better part of two decades on the board, with most of his second term spent as the chairman. With Esparza’s leadership, the Board of Trustees exemplified the difference between simple volunteerism and dedicated effective governance to establish Cibola General Hospital as one of Cibola County’s most notable and respected institutions. Among his most notable accomplishments, is that he navigated the political waters in transforming the Cibola General Hospital from conception through construction during the late 1980s.

Along with the new hospital came an enormous rise in patient utilization. Furthermore, in cooperation with the CEO, CFO and the board, the hospital experienced an annual budget, which more than doubled. He was instrumental in guiding the successful passage of the county’s hospital mil levy. The hospital’s emergency department began fulltime physician staffing, allowing community doctors to care for patients in their offices. During this growth period, the hospital successfully achieved and maintained Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO/Joint Commission) accreditation. Outside of his hospital achievements, Esparza has been involved with the Grants/Cibola County Chamber of Commerce, Cibola County Economic Development, and the Cibola Foundation. The Chamber of Commerce named Esparza “Citizen of the Year.”



Kurt Gottlieb A resident of Cubero for 54 years, Kurt Gottlieb was born in Germany and came to live in the United States as a teenager. He served this country during World War II, and upon his return he entered into the area’s trading business with Sidney Gottlieb. He was also a partner with Gottlieb’s brother, Hans, and his long-time friend B. Lee Francis, who helped establish the Cubero Trading and Associated companies. Surrounding his trading activities, he played an integral role in the life and economy of area communities.

Congratulations to the Cibola General Hospital Board on the new medical building.

Lillian Vigil Insurance Agency 200 West Santa Fe Ave.




He was president of the Greater Grants Industrial Development Foundation. Kurt Gottlieb’s dedication to Cibola General Hospital began during the hospital’s inception to the late 1980s. He served as a volunteer for more than 20 years, serving as a Board of Trustee member and served several terms as the chairman. During his tenure, Gottlieb played an important role in keeping the hospital afloat by navigating it through the turbulent waters of economic change. The hospital experienced several setbacks, as the community changed from a “booming” mining community to a struggling “bust” town. As has been written, Cibola General Hospital was always near and dear to Kurt’s heart, and he continued to serve as a strong advocate for the hospital and the community as well as other organizations. Gottlieb passed away in 1992. He was married to Gloria Gottlieb and they had four children: sons, Keith and Kevin, and daughters, Sharon Karnes and Nona Abraham, and several grandchildren. In addition to his hospital involvement, he was active member of the Cibola Foundation, the V.F.W. Post, and president of the Zuni Mountain Country Club. He received the “Citizen of the Year Award” for his outstanding leadership and contributions to Cibola County. Gottlieb was an accomplished pilot and pioneer balloonist.


Mary M. Gunn

of the Paguate Land Grant. She also helped in the taping of Laguna Folktales and history narratives.

840 Lobo Canyon Rd Grants, NM 505-287-8867



In 1908, Mary M. Gunn was born in the State of Coahuila, Mexico. Gunn’s family came from Alicante, Valencia, Spain, and was under contract with then Mexico’s President Francisco Madero to manage a large farming enterprise owned by the Madero family. After the Mexican Revolution and the president’s assassination, Gunn’s family became expatriates who settled in Eagle Pass, Texas. The coal companies in Gallup, N.M., offered the family jobs and visa status and recruited her family. Gunn attended schools at the mining camp and later graduated from Gallup school system and attended the University of New Mexico. She served as a role model for women and young girls who aspired to achieve their goals. Mary married Wallace (Wally) Gunn from Laguna in 1934 and had two sons: Robert and Donald Gunn. Mary and her husband managed the Villa de Cubero Trading Post and Café from about 1937 until their retirement in 1971. Involved in many organizations, Mary was a trustee for the Cibola General Hospital for 20 years. In addition, she was an active member of the Grants Public Library and the Pueblo of Laguna Library, the Grants Pilot Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Pueblo of Laguna Service Center, St. Joseph’s School in San Fidel, and active both in her husband’s Haskell University Alumni Association and the Republican Party. She was a devout Catholic. The Catholic Church conferred on Gunn, by the Apostolic Delegation from Rome, Italy, the “Benemerenti Medal” for her outstanding service to the church. She also received numerous awards from the New Mexico Restaurant Association including the “Best Chef of the Year.” Mary was adept in translating old Spanish documents and used her expertise when the Pueblo of Laguna and the Anaconda Mining Company had a dispute with a family who claimed former ownership


1016 E. Roosevelt Ave. Grants, New Mexico

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Lawrence Sanchez

His commitment to public service is what Lawrence J. Sanchez has always maintained. From the beginning of his involvement with Cibola General Hospital, Sanchez has been totally committed to the mission of the hospital by serving as the vice chairman, chairman and member of the board. Sanchez was born in Santa Rosa, N.M., on April 3, 1964. He attended New Mexico State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree and also did some graduate degree work. Sanchez served as a strong advocate and helped lead the Board of Trustees in their efforts in recruiting physicians and the development of a hospital medical practice.

Congratulations to all involved for the new Family Healthcare Center!

Tony Gallegos Realty (505) 287-4314 (office) (505) 287-2845 (home) (505) 285-6415 (fax) 18


1203 E. Santa Fe Ave. Grants, NM 87020

He played a key role in the development and implementation of a multi-generational long-term plan, which included the purchase of land for a future hospital site and campus and construction of the Medical Office Building (MOB). Sanchez worked with the area’s state senator to request and secure critical state legislative funding to finance the MOB. Another notable accomplishment was that he led a cooperative effort with the New Mexico State University, Grants Branch, to start a nursing program. He led in the hospital’s application for “Critical Access Status,” which was granted in 2011. Sanchez’ impressive community service resume was recognized in January 2011 when he was named as the Grants/Cibola County Chamber of Commerce “Citizen of the Year.” Sanchez and his wife Lisa were married in 1986. They moved to Grants in 1990, where they started a successful insurance agency business. The couple has two daughters, Kathryn and Laura. Besides his hospital accomplishments, Sanchez has served as the president of the Milan/Grants Rotary Club, president of the development association, president of the St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School board, Grants/Cibola County Chamber of Commerce board president, and many other organizations. He and Lisa continue to contribute thousands of dollars for area and statewide scholarships. Sanchez retired from public service after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).



“Nollie” Watts

Editor’s Note: Information for each 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee was provided by Cibola General Hospital, and the profiles were written by Cibola Beacon Staff Writer Bob Tenequer.

Congratulations to the citizens of Grants on the new healthcare center!


GRANTS OFFICE | 310 W HIGH | 287-8801 ALBUQUERQUE OFFICE | 219 9TH ST NW | 244-3225 STATEWIDE TOLL FREE 1-800-834-4862



When James “Nollie” Watts came to Grants in 1955, he worked for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. At the time Grants, was a uranium “boom town.” In a town of 10,000 residents, they had no hospital to serve the miners whose safety Watts was in charge of protecting. Moreover, area residents lacked access to emergency medical care for injury, illness or pregnancy. The closest medical facility was a 70-mile drive to Albuquerque, losing critical minutes to care for severe emergency cases. Watts was born in 1919 in McComb, Miss. He served in the United States Coast Guard during World War II; was an “Eagle Scout” and a “Silver Beaver” with the Boy Scouts and served on the board of the Western Colorado Council with the Girl Scouts. In addition, he chaired the Mesa County Safety Council, volunteered as paramedic at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, Colo., and was a member of Red Cross Chapters in Grand Junction, and Gulfport, Miss. Nollie, took it upon himself to organize community members to form the Western Valencia County Health and Welfare Coordinating Council, with a major goal of getting a hospital built. Although Watts never saw the fruit of his labors, because he was transferred back to Grand Junction, through the hard work of the council he helped found Cibola General Hospital was built. Nollie Watts and Barbara, his wife for 33 years, currently reside in Gulfport, Miss., where they moved after living in Grand Junction, where he retired in 1984. Between Nollie, Barbara and his first wife Lainys (deceased in 1976) they raised seven children: Jim, Susan, Rick, Jane, Carter, Danette and Paul.







State-of-the-Art Clinic ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY FACILITY By Rosanne Boyett Cibola Becon Staff Writer

GRANTS – The Cibola General Hospital’s recently completed health clinic is “a dream come true,” according to many in the medical community. Area residents will find the new facility has a welcoming ambience that reduces the stress that people often associate with “going to the doctor.” The four-year process initiated by the hospital board during 2008 strategic planning sessions has culminated with the 22,000-square-foot structure that is less than one-half the size of hospital, which is 55,000 square feet. Five doctors, whose offices were previously scattered around Grants, now offer their patients a convenient location at 1423 E. Roosevelt Ave., which is one block east of CGH.

The new building also provides space for visiting specialists, such as the NM Heart Institute and NM Foot & Ankle staff. The earlier planning sessions emphasized that the county’s major provider shortages are in the areas of family and general practice, internal medicine, OB/GYN, and pediatrics. Providing adequate medical facilities is integral to attracting new physicians, according to CGH board members. The new building’s interior includes slate and ceramic tiles that were incorporated into the flooring and sections of the walls. The minimal use of carpeting in the walkways and hall areas offers a pleasant contrast. The spacious rooms are painted in desert-toned shades of sand, burnt orange, sage green, deep blue and complimentary shades that reflect the Southwest-


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ern color palette. Natural light from numerous windows decreases the need for individual fixtures during the day. Afterhours lighting relies on a variety of energy-efficient fixtures. Approximately three-fourths of the structure is dedicated to the clinic, and the remainder is designed for community activities. Three “pods” connect to the central reception area. Each unit has its own patient waiting area and houses a specific service: family practice, obstetrics and pediatrics. The building was also designed to serve specialty populations. Currently the hospital’s physicians see a number of prison inmates. The prisoners have a separate entrance, waiting room, and exam area so that they do not mix with the general patient population, according to Marcie Chavez, CGH resource development and community relations. “We had planned a medical library for the community section,” recalled Mike Makosky, hospital CEO,





Foot & Ankle Clinic and Store

Dr. Boyd Dodder Grants Location: Cibola Family Health Center 505.287.6521 Northwest ABQ 505.872.3333 Northeast ABQ

5111 Juan Tabo Blvd. Albuquerque, NM 87111


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Grants State Bank Congratulates


for the wonderful addition to our community and encourages everyone to use our local hospital and doctors for their medical needs.

1423 E. Roosevelt Ave. Grants, NM 87020

4801 McMahon Blvd., #110 Albuquerque, NM 87114

“but that concept has been put on hold because of staffing and equipment issues.” In addition to physician offices and examination areas along with support staff work spaces, the complex includes meeting rooms with flexible configuration options and teleconferencing capabilities that will be available for both hospital staff and community use. An education center with three adjoining classrooms was designed for staff training as well as community use. The education center is equipped for distance- learning opportunities. The design also features a computer training/orientation room, which will be used primarily by hospital staff and will be available for community organizations’ use on a limited basis, according to hospital officials. The landscaping reflects the high-desert climate and features Xeriscaping that incorporates native plants, which reduces water consumption and maintenance costs.

Diplomates, American Board of Podiatric Surgery Certified in Foot Surgery

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Certified in Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery


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The main entrance faces south with easy access from the parking area. The overall designs takes advantage of the benefits of passive solar lighting to reduce operational costs. The clinic is an integral element in the hospital’s efforts to bring needed primary care and specialty physicians to the area. Cibola County has been designated as a “Health Professional Shortage Area” by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration, according to Chavez, CGH community relations. Early on in the planning process the board and staff agreed that the hospital has an environmental responsibility to the community. Healthcare construction presents an opportunity to use the emerging sciences of evidence-based design, materials’ assessment methodologies, and green building tools to construct healthier healthcare facilities that benefit employees, patients, communities, and the environment, emphasized CGH officials. “The medical complex demonstrates that green building is feasible and part of our responsibility as healthcare providers. In the State of New Mexico,

Proud Supporter

Mayor Tom Ortega Board of Trustees:

Vivian Brumbelow Ellen Baca Halen Dayan George Knotts

there is currently only one registered “green” healthcare facility project,” said the community relations’ director. “The new building is a milestone achievement for rural communities everywhere,” explained Chavez, “demonstrating that even small communities can accomplish sustainable healthcare facility design.” Site development was an integral component of the design process. Sustainable site selection criteria contributes to healthy ecosystems – clean air and clean water – and enhances the public health by protecting agricultural lands and open spaces. Adhering to integrated land use and development planning helps to contain sprawl and the associated development patterns that influence it including transportation, air quality, exercise, and the resulting unhealthy air quality and sedentary lifestyle indicators associated with autodependence and transportation-related air pollution. Several studies show that increased sprawl correlates with obesity and high blood pressure, according to health officials. Chavez noted that the hospital’s commitment to sustainable construction is important to the industry as a whole because this structure enables staff to participate in research that documents how healthy buildings contribute to healthier people and increased employee productivity. “The facility is a role model that can lead society toward building schools, homes, and office buildings that promote occupant health and consideration of the environmental and public health implications of building materials and systems,” emphasized Chavez. Nationwide, there are currently more than 12,000 building projects pursuing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. There are only two registered projects in this county, according to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) website, noted Chavez. The Cibola Family Health Center hosted an “Open House” on Wednesday, Sept. 26, that highlighted the logo: “Find Quality Care – Close to Home” and announced that the facility offers “healthcare with a hometown touch.” The event featured a tour to welcome community members. Call 287-6500 for more information.







THE TIMELINE FOUR YEARS OF PLANNING 2008 Vince Ashley was CEO of Cibola General Hospital. The Board of Directors and executives were considering expanding the hospital during strategic planning discussions. • May 2008 – Kenneth Cochran became CEO and focus was shifted to physician recruitment because of the shortage of providers within the community. In order to recruit more physicians, CGH needed a location to house them. Fall/Winter 2008 The hospital considered the Valdivia and Gutierrez medical buildings as well as vacant lots around the hospital. It was decided to lease the remodeled office on Roosevelt Avenue from Larry Baca and Walter Meech.

Kathy Chavez sold 17 acres of property near Roosevelt Avenue and Sakelares Boulevard to the county. The board decided this would be the future home of the medical office building and eventually a new hospital. 2008/2009 Jeff Rimel, hospital chief financial officer, investigated various options for financing the medical office building including the USDA, the New Mexico Finance Authority and utilizing current capital cash reserves. After months of evaluation, the board decided to utilize cash reserves for the project…..this would keep the hospital free of debt while preserving an acceptable level of reserves.


Cont!d on Page 27 25

Congratulations!!! To The Cibola General Hospital Board, County Manager and Commissioners.


1447 Roosevelt Avenue, Grants 505-285-3445


Former Cibola General Hospital Board President Ida Chavez speaks at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Spring 2009 The hospital board selected Mullen-Heller Architects to design the MOB. Design process begins.

Winter 2011/2012 Foundation and support beams were completed. Unusual snowfall created some delays.

Winter 2009/2010 Cibola County Commission and hospital board have conflicts about the architectural agreement and the solecommunity-provider funds. The MOB project was put on hold.

Spring 2012 Construction of the MOB was back on schedule. Interior framing, duct work, plumbing, electricity, roofing, site work grading, and curbs and gutters were the focus during this phase of construction.

Winter 2010/Spring 2011 Mike Makosky becomes hospital CEO. Building plans were resumed by the county commission, architects, and hospital building committee.

Summer 2012 Finishing, interior work, and furnishings were installed.

Summer 2011 Hospital acquired permits and advertised construction bid. FCI was selected.

September 2012 Approvals by state inspectors and opening of new clinic. An “Open House� was held on Wednesday, Sept. 26, from 4-6 p.m., for community members.

Oct. 27, 2011 Groundbreaking ceremony



Makosky continues physician recruitment efforts to bring more providers to the community. The completed MOB total cost is estimated at $6.2 million and includes all the construction, exam tables and furnishings. It is an energy-efficient, LEED-certified building. The certification, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED,) consists of a suite of rating systems for the design, construction and operation of high-per-

formance green buildings, homes and neighborhoods. This is the first such structure in Grants, according to hospital officials. The Cibola Family Health Center is about 22,000square-feet and will hold up to 12 physicians, allowing CGH to house more physicians to meet residents’ increasing healthcare needs.

KEY PLAYERS At the beginning of this process Vince Ashley was CEO and Clemente Sanchez was president of the board. The following were also board members: Lawrence Sanchez, Bob Ewell, Ann Mattila, Paul Milan, Adoree Russell, Dr.Jane Pitts, Ida Chavez, and Sandra Nemeth. During the land purchase and architect selection process Ken Cochran was CEO, Lawrence Sanchez and Ann Mattila served terms as board presidents and Arnold Valdivia took Dr.Pitts’ place on the board. Russell, Ewell, and Nemeth completed their terms of office. Ron Ortiz, Walter Meech and Dr. Janice Shipley became board members. Mike Makosky became CEO and Les Gaines, Nestor Griego, Dr. Karma Patel, Carlos Tapia, Laura Council and Bob Tenequer joined the board.

City of

1430 Mortel Drive Milan, NM 87021 (505) 285-6621 CONGRATULATIONS to the Cibola Medical Board on the new health center.

20% Off Clip out and bring in!




Joe Murrietta

Martin “Modey” Hicks Walter Jaramillo




Michael Quintana Ruben Sandoval XNLV50636



The health center was designed by Mullen-Heller Architects of Albuquerque and constructed by FCI of Aztrec.

Congratulations to the new health care center

123 N. 1st St, Grants, NM

505- 287- 4 432



“If it’s important to you, it’s important to us” XNLV50578


BERNIE & ISABEL DIOGUARDI • 1305 W HWY 66 • MILAN, NM • 505-287-2070



Thank You!

From the Administration and Staff of Cibola General Hospital



Congratulations!! NMSU Grants is a workforce training partner with Cibola General Hospital, supporting development of its future Nursing workforce. NMSU Grants and NMSU offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program on the Grants campus with funding support of from Cibola General Hospital and Silver Lining Services, LLC.





Find Quality Care–Close to Home– at Cibola's New Medical Office Building!

Healthcare with with aa H Healthcare Hometown Touch Touch Hometown

At Cibola General Hospital, we are committed to our patients’ healthHospital, and well-being, and we aretoexcited to bring quality Athappiness, Cibola General we are committed our patients’ healthcarehealth closerand to home with our Office Building. happiness, well-being, andnew we Medical are excited to bring quality We hope closer you’ll visit us soon ournew convenient environmentallyhealthcare to home withatour Medicaland Office Building. friendly We hope facility! you’ll visit us soon at our convenient and environmentallyfriendly facility!


Family Health Center Cibola General Hospital, Inc.


The following providers will be seeing patients at The providers will be seeing patients at ourfollowing new location: our new location: U Dr. Karla Vitale, Family Practice/OB UUDr. Vitale, Family Practice/OB Dr.Karla Charles Onyeama, Pediatrics UUDr. Charles Onyeama, Pediatrics Dr. Ann Church, OB/GYN

UUDr. Church, OB/GYN Dr.Ann David Gammon, Internal Medicine UUDr. Gammon, InternalPractice/OB Medicine Dr.David Patricia Rocha, Family

UUDr. Patricia Rocha, Family Practice/OB Lisa Lackey-Molina, FNP-BC UULisa Lackey-Molina, Visiting Specialists –FNP-BC NM Heart Institute

Cibola Family Health Center 1423 E. Roosevelt Ave. Grants, NM

(Just one block from Cibola General and NM Foot & Ankle Hospital on Roosevelt) Visiting Specialists – NM Heart Institute and NM Foot & Ankle To establish care with one of our board-certified providers, To establish with of today! our board-certified providers, just stop by care or give usone a call Phone: 505-287-6500 | just stop by or give us a call today! U


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