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NOTICE Mat-Su Borough Density and Build-Out Study Open House Meetings

NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETINGS All meetings of recognized boards, committees, and commissions of the Borough are open to the public and are held at Borough offices, 350 E. Dahlia Ave., Palmer, AK, unless specified otherwise. Three or more Assembly Members may be present at advertised public meetings of federal, state, and local governments or other entities. Meetings are scheduled as follows: BOARD DATE TIME LOCATION Library Board 04/21/12   10:00 am Talkeetna Public Library Health & Social Services Board 04/23/12   10:00 am United Way of Mat-Su Office, 124 W. Swanson Ave., Unit C, Wasilla 04/23/12 5:00 pm Assembly Chambers Board of Equalization   CANCELLED Parks, Recreation & Trails Advisory Board 04/23/12 5:00 pm Lower Level Conference Room Board of Equalization 04/24/12 5:00 pm Assembly Chambers Abbreviated Plat 04/25/12 8:30 am Assembly Chambers Transportation Advisory Board 04/25/12 1:30 pm Assembly Chambers Work Session Re: Traffic Modeling Data Transportation Advisory Board 04/25/12 2:30 pm Assembly Chambers Board of Equalization 04/25/12 5:00 pm Lower Level Conference Room Board of Equalization 04/30/12 5:00 pm Lower Level Conference Room Assembly Work Session Re: Presentation 04/30/12 6:00 pm Assembly Chambers of School District Budget and Any Remaining Budget Items   CANCELLED Assembly Special Meeting Re: Annual 05/01/12 4:00 pm Assembly Chambers Evaluation of the Borough Manager Board of Equalization 05/01/12 5:00 pm Lower Level Conference Room Assembly Regular Meeting 05/01/12 6:00 pm Assembly Chambers Board of Equalization 05/02/12 5:00 pm Assembly Chambers Assembly Special Meeting Re: Public Hearing 05/02/12 6:00 pm Central Mat-Su Public Safety on Ordinance Serial No. 12-012 (FY13 Budget) Building Platting Board 05/03/12 8:30 am Assembly Chambers Greater Butte RSA Board of 05/03/12   10:00 am Mat-Su Borough Operations & Supervisors Drive-Around Maintenance Building Board of Equalization 05/03/12 5:00 pm Assembly Chambers Assembly Special Meeting Re: Public Hearing 05/03/12 6:00 pm Central Mat-Su Public Safety on Ordinance Serial No. 12-012 Building (FY 13 Budget) and Possible Deliberations Alpine RSA Board of Supervisors 05/03/12 6:30 pm Chickaloon Community Center If you would like further information on any of these meetings or are interested in serving on any of the advisory boards, please call the Borough Clerk’s Office at 745-9683, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Borough Website is: Disabled persons needing reasonable accommodation in order to participate at a Borough Board/ Commission meeting should contact the Borough ADA Coordinator at 746-7432 at least one week in advance of the meeting. The Planning Team meetings scheduled are: (Planning teams consist of Planning staff and members of the public who are appointed by the Planning Commission to work on community comprehensive plans and special land use districts, and community planning meetings.)

The Mat-Su Borough will host four Community Open House meetings to present a Density and Build-Out Study (the Study) developed during the past year. The Study uses current U.S. Census population data for 2010, future population estimates, and expected land use patterns to forecast population and needed community facilities through the ultimate build-out of the Borough. Eventually, the Borough will have approximately 400,000 people and will rival Anchorage as the leading metropolitan area in the State. The Study will help community members understand where growth is expected to occur and where new community facilities may be needed including: schools, emergency service facilities, libraries, parks, and other community amenities. These informative open house meetings will present the data in an easy to understand format and allow participants to ask questions and complete a brief survey gauging interest in the data and strategies for its use. The meetings will be in an open house format during a two-hour window between 7 and 9 o’clock. Participants may come at any time during the meeting to view the data and ask questions of Borough Staff one-on-one. The Borough invites the public to participate in this exciting opportunity to understand the future of the Mat-Su Borough. Meeting Dates and Places: Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 7pm – 9pm Willow – Willow Community Center, Mile 69.7 Parks Hwy Thursday, May 3, 2012, 7pm – 9pm North Valley – Talkeetna Elementary School, Library, 13930 E. Timberwolf Loop Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 7pm – 9pm Palmer – Mat-Su Borough School District, 501 N. Gulkana Street Thursday, May 10, 2012, 7pm – 9pm Wasilla – Emergency Services Station 6-1, Training Room 1, 101 W. Swanson Avenue For questions please contact Emerson Krueger @ 907-745-9526 Publish: April 20, 24 & 27, 2012


FY13 HUMAN SERVICES COMMUNITY MATCHING GRANT PROGRAM APPLICATION WORKSHOP Beginning on May 1, 2012, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough will be soliciting applications from non-profit agencies for the FY13 Human Services Community Matching Grant Program. The application for FY13 funding will be significantly different than in previous years. The primary change is the application will be an electronic submission through the United Way’s Grant portal. In an effort to provide applicants with information and assistance in completing the application online the Planning Division will be holding a free application workshop on April 27, 2012 from 1:00-3:00pm in the Assembly Chambers of the Dorothy Swanda Jones Building at 350 E. Dahlia Avenue, Palmer, AK 99645.


Please contact the Planning Department at 745-9556, or by email at for workshop registration.

The Community Council meetings scheduled are: (Community Councils are not agencies or subgroups of the Borough)

Publish: April 17, 20 & 24, 2012

Lake Louise Non-Profit Corporation 04/20/12 10:00am Matthews Public Safety Building Annual Meeting Sutton Community Council 04/25/12 6:30 pm Sutton Elementary School, Computer Lab Glacier View Community Council 04/26/12 6:00 pm Glacier View School North Lakes Community Council 04/26/12 7:00 pm Mat-Su Boys & Girls Club, 3700 E. Bogard Road, Wasilla Knik-Fairview Community Council 05/02/12 6:30 pm Knik Public Safety Building General Meeting Moose Creek Soapstone Community Council 05/03/12 7:00 pm Palmer High School Gym Susitna Community Council 05/03/12 7:00 pm Upper Susitna Seniors Center

Publish: April 20, 2012




PUBLIC NOTICE The Ice is MELTING!! Be sure to remove all huts, vehicles, camps or other items left on the ice ponds, lakes, creeks and rivers. This message is brought to you by the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Code Compliance Division

The Hatcher Pass Recreational Area Access project will begin soon. Timber that is cleared from the site will be made available to the public for removal at no cost. Locations and times for removal will be post ed on the Hatcher Pass Recreation Area’s Facebook page and the project website:


Different rules apply in different parts of the borough. Important information: maps, codes, forms and applications are available on the Borough website www.matsugov. us or contact Code Compliance at 907-745-9853 or email

Open to any user group wanting to access the fields at the Alcantra Sports Complex for Summer 2012. WHEN: April 25, 2011 WHERE: Main Borough Building 350 E Dahlia Ave Palmer, 2nd floor conference room. TIME: 6-8pm Please contact Warren Templin at 745-9690 or Jill Irsik 745-9578 with inquiries

DID YOU KNOW? There are required SETBACKS in the borough. Setbacks for structures are: 10 feet from a property line, 25 feet from a Right of way or Public use easement, and 75 feet from any water body. Docks, piers, marinas, aircraft hangers and boathouses may be located closer than 75 feet and over the water, provided they are not used for habitation and do not contain sanitary or petroleum fuel storage facilities. Structures permitted over water under this subsection shall conform to all applicable state and federal statutes and regulations. Violating these setbacks may make financing your property (buying or selling) difficult, and could be expensive to correct after you build.

Larry DeVilbiss, Mayor 745-9682

Warren Keogh, #1 745-1161

Noel Woods, #2 745-3027

PUBLIC NOTICE DID YOU KNOW... That if you sell a vehicle in the State of Alaska, you as the seller must notify the State of Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles that the sale has taken place. Alaska Vehicle Titles have a tear off portion at the bottom of the title that must be filled out completely, signed and sent in. If you do not do this, YOU can be held legally liable for that vehicle I would also be advisable to write out a bill of sale for you records that include the name and address of the buyer and all pertinent information about the vehicle.

Ronald Arvin, #3 373-6685

Steve Colligan, #4 373-1502

Darcie K. Salmon, #5 232-8080

Jim Colver, #6 746-5300

To see a complete listing of all boards and commissions, please go to and scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on membership.

Vern Halter, #7 355-1328

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