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2/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010




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94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/3


CHAMPION BUYERS Grand Champion Steer

Grand Champion Goat

Grand Champion Lamb

Grand Champion Hog

Exhibited by:

Exhibited by:

Exhibited by:

Exhibited by:

Amy Scheid

Magdalena McLaughlin

Sheila Oliver

Sid Skiver

Purchased by:

Purchased by:

Purchased by:

Purchased by:

RW Pruett Construction Co./ Russell and Daun Pruett

San Rafael Cattle Co./Ross & Susie Humphries

Bob & Mary Bowman

JC Fencing/ Corky & Joy Quiroga


Reserve Champion Steer Exhibited by: Crystal Noon Purchased by: Burrell & Burrell Farms/Judy Burrell

ADDITIONAL BUYERS: Amy Adams Atascosa Ranch Bob and Mary Bowman Burrell & Burrell Farms Dave and Diane Balanoff Debbie Schmidlin Double Diamond Ranch Supply Doug and Bonnie Petersen

Reserve Champion Goat Exhibited by: Garrett Fish Purchased by: ZZ Cattle Co./ Tom and Charlotte Bell

Emily Wilson High Noon Feed Jim Click Auto Joanne Palella Joe Gallardo Lazy RR Ranch Lea Ward Lone Mountain Ranch Lupe Jasso/Law Offices of Donald Hudspeth, PC Margie Buyer

Reserve Champion Lamb Exhibited by: Coy Hubbell Purchased by: Atascosa Ranch/ David & Edith Lowell

MCC Club Lambs & Goats Megan Titche Oro Blanco Ranch Phil Skiver Pineline Ranch Rosemont Copper San Rafael Ranch Sonoita Mini Mart Steak Out Restaurant Sulpher Springs Valley Electric Cooperative

Sun Belt Builders Unisource Energy University Pet Hospital Vaca Ranch Vera Earl Ranch Walker Guest Ranch Wilhelm Family Vineyard XS Energy Drinks ZZ Cattle Company

Reserve Champion Hog Exhibited by: Karina Pallanes Purchased by: Steak Out Restaurant/ Grace & Michael Wystrach

4/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

2010 Santa Cruz County Fair 10th Annual

RANCH AND RODEO FAMILY FUN DAY Friday, September 17, 2010 8:30 AM

Open to all Ranch Horses – First 20 to enter Open, Junior (4-), Super Select (55+) Division Awards


11:30 AM

Contestants, Families, Sponsors, Volunteers


12:30 AM

Open to Competitors in Ranch Horse, Ranch Rodeo, Junior Rodeo Events


1:00 PM

Teams may enter twice with change of two members.



5:00 PM Books Open - 6:00 PM Rope #13 AND #11


94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/5

Table of Contents General Rules & Regulations.................................................................4

Department G - Agriculture....................................................................5 Outreach Entry Information..................................................................11 Department H - Apiary..........................................................................13 Department I • Home Making Arts Division IA – Home Arts and Sewing..................................................13 Division IB • Culinary…………..........................................................19 Department J • Hobby...........................................................................24 Department K • Floriculture..................................................................28 Department L • Photography.................................................................36 Department M - Fine Arts.....................................................................36 Department N • Cowboy Crafts............................................................37 Department A • Rabbits & Fowl...........................................................37 Department B • Livestock.....................................................................38 Department 0 - 4-H Program................................................................39 Department Q • Schools, Young Engineers & Scientists......................47 Department R - Schools, Student Art...................................................48 Planned Arena Events……………………………… ………………..IBC

Santa Cruz County Fair & Rodeo Association 2010 Board of Directors Dean Fish ........................................…….........President Audrey Wystrach Gilbraith……………….......Vice-President Leisa George…....….........................................Secretary Kathee Martin……......…..................................Treasurer Brent Coe………….…......................................Director Rudy Cubillas.......................……......................Director Anita Kay……………………………………....Director Manuel Murrietta…............................................Director Carol Schmitt…..……………………………....Director

Carol Schmitt.................….............................. ..Chair Dean Fish………………………………………Voice of Reason Tina LeTarte.......…........................….................Office/Grounds Manager Pat Basinger, Bonnie Chambers, Foster Drummond, Katheryn Drummond, Leisa George, Carol and Harold Hager, Anita Kay, Jim Koweek, Noemi Quiroga, Karen Soliere, John Wade, Alfredo Velasquez

Santa Cruz County Fair Committee

Darcy Dixon, Area Extension Agent and Director Dean Fish, Area Extension Agent Melody Skiver, 4-H Program Assistant The Santa Cruz County 4-H Leaders Council

U of A Cooperative Extension/4-H Office

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Richard & Judy Bell

source one enterprises, Inc.

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6/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

Gates Open at 8:00 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Entry Times Tuesday, September 7, 2010 4-H Photography Projects Extension Office, Nogales 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Tuesday September 14, 2010 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. 4-H General Projects (except photography and livestock) Wednesday September 15, 2010 The following departments at Fairgrounds 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Fine Arts, Home Economics, Horticulture, Apiary, Cowboy Crafts, Photography, Gems and Minerals, Crafts, Hobbies, and Ceramics, Floriculture (except fresh on Saturday). Eggs to be entered this date All Day School Exhibits Thursday September 16, 2010 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. 4-H Livestock (large and small) Open Livestock (excludes eggs) Friday September 17, 2010 9:30 a.m. Perishable Foods Saturday September 18, 2010 8 am to 10 am Floriculture Classes 148, 149, 150, 151 and 152 With fresh flowers

All entries, including livestock, may not be picked up prior to 4:00 p.m. Sunday, September 19, 2010 or by appointment. Call the Fairgrounds Office at 520-4555553 for more information. Judging Times Thursday September 9, 2010 4-H Photography Projects Extension Office 5:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday September 15, 2010 4-H General Projects (except photography) All day Thursday September 16, 2010 All Open and School Classes, includes

Home Ec, Fine Arts, Horticulture, Apiary, Cowboy Crafts, Photography, Gems and Minerals, Carfts, Hobbies, Ceramics, Floriculture (except fresh on Saturday) (except those listed below) Eggs to be entered on Wednesday and judged on Thursday. Friday September 17, 2010 10:00 Perishable Foods Saturday September 18, 2010 4-H Livestock Judging 9:00 a.m. Fresh Cut Flowers 10:00 a.m. Open Livestock 1:00 p.m. 4-H Small Stock 2:00 p.m. Sunday September 18, 2005 4-H Round Robin Showmanship 9:00 a.m. 4-H BBQ Lunch 11:00 a.m. till sold out 4-H Livestock Auction 2:00 p.m.

General Rules &Regulations Procedures for entering exhibits in the Fair are as follows (except 4-H & FFA) 1. Competition is limited to Santa Cruz County and the area lying geographically and historically adjacent. 2. Every entry shall be entered in the name of the producer or the owner or his/her agent. 3. There will be no entry fees and no premiums will be paid. 4. Entry tags will be furnished for each animal or article exhibited. These will be properly filled out and attached to the exhibit. 5. Articles entered in competition at the Fair will be accepted at the Fairgrounds on Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010 from 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Check department rules for entry deadlines for Special Events, like Perishable Foods and Floriculture. 6. All exhibits and entries shall be under the complete control of the Fair Management Board and cannot be removed from the grounds before 4:00pm, Sunday, September 19, 2010 or by appointment. 7. In any lot where there is no competition, judges may award ribbons according to merit. Open Departments judged on the American System (except 4-H).

8. Ribbons will be awarded according to judging records. NO EXCEPTIONS. 9. THE FAIR MANAGEMENT BOARD WILL TAKE EVERY PRECAUTION TO INSURE CARE AND PROTECTION OF EXHIBITS, BUT WILL ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSSES OR DAMAGE TO ANY EXHIBIT OR PERSON. 10. All exhibits must be prepared to conform to the special regulations of the department in which exhibited. 11. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Fair Management Board will be final. 12. Commercial organizations and others exhibiting articles not for competition must make arrangements for available space (call Tina LeTarte at 520-455-5553). 13. Exhibitors will be responsible for transportation of exhibits to and from the Fair or designated pick-up points. 14. All classes except Fine Arts have a Children's and Junior Category that will be identified with an Alpha suffix on the entry (unless otherwise noted in department). Children "CH": age 6-13; Junior "JR": age 14-18; Senior is defined as age 19 or older, as of September 1. Age must be on entry form. Exhibitor must stay in age group and cannot exhibit in any other section. Use same lot numbers as Senior Section. 15. Articles previously entered in the Santa Cruz County Fair or any other county fair may be entered & marked for display only but are not eligible for competition. 16. Fair Management is not responsible for any awards offered by private individuals or businesses. 17. The Fair Management Board has the right to reject any exhibit. 18. Animals showing disease or infestation (open or 4-H/FFA) will not be allowed to exhibit. Animals that are deemed uncontrollable or a safety hazard must be removed from the grounds upon owner/exhibitor receiving notice.

Department G-Agriculture Department ‘G’Agriculture John (520) 455-5553 JohnWade Wade (520) 455-5553

All agricultural entries will be accepted on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. They can be picked up Sunday, September 19, 2010 after 4:00 pm. Department Rules Also see General Rules & Regulations on Page 4 (Check page number for rules) 1. Any exhibitor who has entries in the agriculture department must have grown


any and all articles entered. 2. Entries must be prepared according to show specifications and be worthy of exhibit, clean and properly listed. 3. An exhibitor can make only one entry per lot. He/she may, of course, compete in as many lots as desired. EXCEPTION: In any class with lot "Any Other Variety", more than one may be made in that lot provided each variety is named. If three (3) or more entries of one (1) variety appear a new lot will be added so that exhibits may be judged in their own category. Be sure that the "variety" is written on entry form. 4. In any lot where there is no competition, judges shall make award according to merit. In the event the quality of the entry is not satisfactory to the judge, he/she reserves the right to refuse award or premiums regardless of the number of entries in the lot. 5. This Department is not eligible for State Fair Outreach Program. EXCEPTION – PUMPKINS

CLASS NO. 33 - Jr. Arizona Gardener EXHIBITORS LESS THAN 16 YEARS OF AGE - Be sure to state your age on entry blank. Use same Lot numbers 10-11 and Lot numbers 31-861 CLASS NO. 34 - ARTISTIC DISPLAYS Lot Description 10 Artistic display of at least 6 different varieties of vegetables grown by one exhibitor. 11 Artistic display of at least 6 different varieties of fruits grown by one exhibitor. CLASS NO. 35 - CONTAINER GARDENING Entry must be one gallon size or larger with no size limit but MUST be portable. Must be grown by EXHIBITOR. VEGETABLES Lot Description 31 Acorn 32 Asparagus 33 Basil

34 Beans 35 Beets

36 Broccoli 37 Brussel Sprouts 38 Butternut 39 Cabbage 40 Carrots 64 Peas 41 Cauliflower 42 Celery 43 Chinese Cabbage 44 Chives 45 Collards 46 Corn

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Lot Description 55 Lettuce 56 Lima Bean 57 Live Taro Plant 58 Muskmelon 59 Mustard Green 60 Okra 61 Onions 62 Parsley 63 Peanuts

65 Pepper 66 Potato 67 Radishes 68 Red Cabbage 69 Rutabaga 70 Spinach

94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/7 47 Cucumber 48 Dill 49 Egg Plant 50 Endive 51 Garlic 52 Ginger 53 Kale 54 Kohlrabi

71 Squash 72 Swiss Chard 73 Tomatoes 74 Turnips 75 Zucchini 76 Any other varieties (Must be named) 77 Mixed Vegetables

Min. 3 CLASS NO. 36 - EAR CORN (6 Ears) Lot Description 78 Mexican June 82 Popcorn, any variety 79 Yellow Dent, any variety 83 Squaw Corn, braided husks 80 White Hybrid 81 Sweet Corn, any variety 84 Any other variety CLASS NO. 37 - DRY BEANS & PEAS (1 pint) Lot Description Lot Description 85 Pinto 91 English Peas 86 Pink 92 Black-eyed 87 Any other variety 93 Crowder Peas 88 Lima Beans (large) 94 Any other vari eties, 89 Lima Beans (baby) Cowpeas 90 Sow Beans, any variety CLASS NO. 38 - FRUITS & NUTS (All fruits must have short stems if possible.) PEACHES (Plate of 3) Lot Description Lot Description 95 October Krummel 99 Any other vari ety 96 Late Elberta Clingstone 100 Indian 97 J. H. Hale 101 Nectarines, any variety 98 Any other Freestone PEARS (Plate of 5) Lot Description Lot Description 102 Bartlett 105 Beaurre D'Anjou 103 Keiffer 106 Any other variety APPLES (Plate of 5) Lot Description Lot Description 107 Delicious, Red 112 McIntosh 108 Delicious, Golden 113 Jonathan 109 Red Rome Beauty 114 Granny Smith 110 Winesap 115 Any other variety 111 Crabapple, any variety OTHER FRUITS Lot Description 116 Quince (5) 117 Grapes, seedless table any variety(2 bunches, 1 lb) 118 Grapes, slipskin table any variety(2 bunches, 1lb.) 119 Grapes, wine, any variety (2 bunches, 1 lb.) 120 Strawberries, any variety (half pint) 121 Berries, any variety (half pint) 122 Pomegranate (3)

Can Make

Your Home

Feel Good!!!

123 Dates, any variety (5) 124 Figs, any variety (5) 125 Pineapple Guava 126 Ju Ju Bee's 127 Any other fruit NUTS Lot Description Lot Description 128 English Walnuts 131 Pecans (pt.) 129 Black Walnuts 132 Any other variety 130 Almonds (pt.) 133 Pistachios CLASS NO. 39 - COMMERCIAL FRUITS & NUTS Use same lot numbers 95-115, 117-118 and 128-132 as Class 38. CLASS NO. 40 - HERBS Leaf, Dry, 4 oz. Lot Description Lot Description 131 Sage 137 Basil 132 Dill 138 Marjoram 133 Tarragon 139 Thyme 134 Rosemary 140

Mint 135 Oregano

141 Any other variety

136 Parsley FRESH HERBS & SPICES IN POTS Lot Description Lot Description 142 Basil 150 Oregano (Cult.) 143 Burnet 151 Oregano (Wild) 144 Chervil 152 Parsley 145 Chives 153 Rosemary 146 Coriander (Cilantro) 154 Sage 147 Fennel 155 Savory 148 Garlic 156 Shallots Marjoram 157 Thyme 158 Any other variety CLASS NO. 41 - VEGETABLES BEETS: (5 to bunch, with tops) Lot Description 263 Pickling 264 Table BEANS: (12) Lot Description Lot Description

265 Green snap 266 Yellow snap

268 Lima 269 Any other variety, named

267 Purple snap CABBAGE: (1 head) Lot Description Lot Description 270 Copenhagen 274 Wakefield 271 Danish, Bald Head 275 Any other varieties 272 Golden Acre 276 Any other flathead 273 Red 277 Heaviest CARROTS: (5 to bunch, with tops) Lot Description Lot Description 279 Long type 281 Ox Heart type 280 Half long type 282 Any other variety CELERY: (1 bunch) Lot Description 283 Any celery CORN: (3 ears in husk) Lot Description Lot Description 284 Sweet, Bi-

color 286 Sweet, white 285 Sweet, yellow 287 Any other variety CUCUMBERS: Lot Description Lot Description 288 Pickling (6 to plate) 292 Armenian (1) 289 Slicing (3 to plate) 293 Chinese Bitter 290 Lemon burpless 294 Any other variety (3 to plate) (3 to plate) 291 Burpless, Green, Long (3 to plate) KOHLRABI: (without tops, 5) Lot Description Lot Description 295 Purple 296 White LETTUCE: Lot Description Lot Description 297 Lettuce, 1 head 299 Any other variety 298 Romaine, 1 head MELONS: (1)


Lot Description 300 Cantaloupe 301 Casaba 302 Crenshaw

303 Honey Dew

Lot Description 304 Persian 305 Chinese 306 Any other long type 307 Any other round type

OKRA: Lot Description Lot Description 308 Long type, plate, 5 310 Any other variety, 5 309 Short type, plate, 5 ONIONS: (5) Lot Description Lot Description 312 Babosa, yellow (grano) 319 Red, any variety 313 Babosa, white (grano) 320 Yellow, any variety 314 Bermuda, yellow 321 Brown, any variety 315 Crystal wax 322 Table, 5/bunch w/tops 316 Valencia, sweet Spanish 323 Boiling onions 317 White, sweet Spanish 324 Any other variety 318 White, any variety 324a Green Onions PEPPERS (Strung): (All must be one (1) 2 ft. string or more with chili closely strung) Lot Description 325 Chili, red, fresh 326 Chili,Mexican, fresh, red 327 Chili,Mexican, fresh, green 328 Chili, Dried, red 329 Chili,Mexican, dried, red 330 Tabasco, fresh 331 Tabasco, dried PEPPERS: (plate of 5 fresh) Lot Description Lot Description 332 Chili, long, red 344 Paprika, Hungarian 333 Chili, long, green 345 Pimento, sweet green 336 Cherry 346 Pimento, sweet red 337 Fresno 347 Sweet green bell 338 Habanero 347A Other Bells 339 Pasillo 348 Sweet red bell 340 Tabasco 349 Gypsy 341 Cayenne 350 Sweet Banana 342 Floral Gem 351 Big Bertha (green) 343 Jalapeno, green 352 Any other yellow, 343a Jalapeno, red 353 Any other variety Peppers: Dry (one pint) 354 Chiltepin 355 Ancho pascia 356 Any other variety PUMPKINS: (1, must have stem) Pumpkins May Be Entered For State Fair


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Lot Description 357 Stock 359 Heaviest 360 Any miniature variety, named (3) 361 Any other variety, named RADISHES: (10 to bunch, with tops) Lot Description Lot Description 362 Red, long 366 White, icicle 363 Red, round 367 Scarlet, white tips 364 White, long, Chinese 368 Any other variety 365 White, round, Chinese SWISS CHARD: Lot Description 369 Swiss chard, green, 1 plant 370 Swiss chard, rhubarb, 1 plant SQUASH: (must have stem) Lot Description Lot Description 371 Banana, pink 383 Scalloped, summer, 372 Banana, blue skin market type 373 Buttercup 384 Yellow, summer, 374 Hercules Butternut market type 375 Butternut 385 Zucchini, 3 with stem 376 Acorn (Table queen) 386 Fan-Ga 377 Cushaw, crook neck 387 Tahitian 378 Cushaw,Mexican type 388 Heaviest zucchini 379 Hubbards, golden 389 Heaviest banana,pink 380 Hubbards, green 390 Any other variety, 381 Hubbards blue named 382 Sibley 382a Spaghetti TOMATOES: Lot Description Lot Description 391 Cherry, plate of 10 394 Green, 5 with stem (Red or Yellow) 395 Ripe, 5 without stem 392 Pear, small (10) 393 Plum, plate of 10 395A Yellow ripe (5) 393 A Plum, large (5) 395B Orange ripe 393b Salad tomatoes (10) 396 Any other variety, named TURNIPS: (5 to bunch, with tops) Lot Description 397 Purple top 398 White 399 Any other variety WATERMELONS: (1) Lot Description Lot Description 410 Chilean 415 Jack of Hearts 411 Klondike 416 Black Diamond 412 Yellow Baby 417 Jubilee 413 Sugar Baby 418 Charleston Gray 414 Icebox 419 Sweet Favorite 420 Heaviest

8/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

421 Any other variety, named MISCELLANEOUS Lot Description Lot Description 422 Brussel Sprouts, 12 435 Parsnips, 5 w/o tops 423 Broccoli, trimmed 436 Peas, fresh blackeye 12 1 lb. bunch 437 Peas, green, 12 424 Cauliflower, 1 438 Rhubarb, 5 425 Citron, 1 439 Rutabaga, 3 w/o tops 426 Eggplant, 1 440 Salsify/Oyster plant,5 427 Eggplant,dwarf white,2 441 Spinach, 5 plants, 428 Eggplant, Japanese, 2 2" butt or more 429 Any other eggplant 442 Mustard greens, 5 430 Endive, 1 443 Any other vegetable

431 Garlic, dry, no tops, 444 Leek, 1 bunch plate of 5 bulbs 445 Stock beets,3 w/o tops 432 Elephant garlic, dry, 446 Sugar beet, 1 plate of 3 bulbs 447 Edible ginger, 1 433 Jerusalem artichokes,5 448 Taro, 1 434 Parsley, 1 bunch, 449 Any other variety, named 2" to 3" butt PEANUT and SUNFLOWER ENTRIES SEE CLASS 44 GOURDS - SMALL (5) Lot Description Lot Description 452 Pear 454 Nest Egg 453 Crown of Thorns 455 Small fruited mix 456 Any other variety, miniature GOURDS - LARGE (1) Lot Description Lot Description

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456 Cave mans club 457 Birdhouse

458 Dipper

459 Bottle

(Product grown in any past season) Lot Description Lot Description 860 Fruit 861 Vegetable

461 Turk's Turban 462 Large fruited mixed, 3 463 Any other gourd 464 String of dif ferent

Homemade wines & beer! ELIGIBILITY: Wine or beer MUST be made within one year of the opening day of the Fair. Contestants may not enter more than one wine or beer in any given category.

460 Luffa gourds CLASS NO. 42 - POTATOES POTATOES (5 to plate) Lot Description Lot Description 474 Norland 480 Kennebec 475 Bliss Triumph 481 Russett 476 Irish Cobbler 482 White Rose 477 Katahdin 483 La Sorta 478 Pontiac 484 Any other variety 479 Red McClure or Peach Blow SWEET POTATOES: (3 to plate) Lot Description Lot Description 485 Nancy Hall 489 Centennial 486

CLASS NO. 46 - HOMEMADE WINES Wine entry to consist of two (2) glass containers, either clear or colored, of the type used as a standard in the wine industry, with a capacity of 4/5 quart. One bottle will be opened for judging. The unopened bottle will be on display and may be claimed by the exhibitor at the close of the Fair. Judged on appearance, smell & taste. Class Description 001 Aperitif - (Dry Sherries, Vermouths) 002 Desert Wine - Grape, Port, Sweet Sherry, Sweet Sauternes, Late harvest 003 Desert Wine - Any other fruit 004 Red Table Wine 005 Sparkling Wine 006 White Table Wine 007 Best of Show

Evaluation Sheet For Judging Wine APPEARANCE Color . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 points Clarity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 points SMELL Aroma (Fruity, grassy, vegetal) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 points Bouquet (Oak, bitterness, yeasty acetate) . . . . . . . . . . 2 points TASTE Sweet (sugar) - Sour (acid) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 points Bitterness (astringency) - High alcohol (hot finish) . . . 2 points OVERALL IMPRESSION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 points TOTAL 20 points HOME BREWERS BEER COMPETITION Beer entry must consist of three (3) 10-14 oz. bottles, either brown or green glass. They must be free of any markings and/or lettering. No Grolsch-style bottles are allowed. Two bottles will be opened for judging. Home brewers may not use a commercial facility in which to brew their beer. Special Note: Beer Recipe must be submitted with entry. Class 1 -American Lager a) Light/Standard/Premium b) Dark Classics c) American Pilsner Class 2 - European Pale

Porto Rico 490 Georgia Reds 487 Jewel 491 Any other 488 Yellow Jersey variety CLASS 43 - VEGETABLES, MINIATURE (Same lot numbers as Class 41) CLASS NO. 51 - OILSEED, FIBER AND MISCELLANEOUS CROPS (2 quarts) Lot Description Lot Description 728 Soybeans 736 Safflower 729 Flax 737 Sesame 730 Peanuts, Spanish 738 Carob pods 731 Peanuts, TN red 739 Sunflower seeds 732 Peanuts, Virginia 740 Sunflower, 1 head 733 Peanuts, any other 741 Cotton seed 734 Any peanut plant (1) 742 Any other variety 735 Plantago CLASS NO. 55 - MOST UNUSUAL (Freak or crossbred - Agriculture or Horticulture)

Jesse E. Hernandez, Agent 1840 N. Grand Ave. #5 NOGALES, AZ 85621

Ph.(520) 287-0787 Fax. 287-0790


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94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/9 a) Bohemian Pilsner b) Northern German Pilsner c) Dortmunder Export d) Muenchener Helles Class 3 - Light Ale a) Blonde Ale b) American Wheat c) Cream Ale Class 4 - Bitter and English Pale Ale a) Ordinary Bitter b) Special or Best Bitter c) Strong Bitter/English Pale Ale Class 5 - Scottish Ales a) Light 60 b) Heavy 70 c) Export 80 Class 6 - American Pale Ales a) American Pale Ale b) American Amber Ale c) California Common Beer Class 7 - India Pale Ale a) India Pale Ale Class 8 - Koelsch and Altbier a) Koelsch-Style Ale b) Duesseldorf Altbier c) Northern German Altbier Class 9 - German Amber Lager a) Oktoberfest/Maerzen b) Vienna Lager Class 10 - Brown Ale a) Milk b) Northern English Brown Ale c) Southern English Brown d) American Brown Ale Class 11 - English and Scottish Strong Ale a) Old Ale b) Strong Ale (Wee Heavy) Class 12 - Barleywine and Imperial Stout a) English-Style Barleywine b) American-Style Barleywine c) Russian Imperial Stout Class 13 - European Dark Lager a) Munich Dunkel b) Schwarzier (Black Beer) Class 14 -Bock a) Traditional Bock b) Helles Bock/Malbock/Doppelbock c) Eisbock Class 20 -Porter a) Robust Porter b) Brown Porter Class 21 - Stout a) Dry Stout, Sweet Stout b) Oatmeal Stout c) Foreign Extra Stout Class 22 - Wheat Beer a) Bavarian Weizen b) Bavarian Dunkelweizen c) Berliner Weisse d) Weizenbock Class 23 - Strong Belgian Ale a) Dubbel b) Tripel c) Belgian Strong Golden Ale d) Belgian Strong Dark Ale Class 24 - Belgian and French Ale a) Belgian Pale Ale b) Witbier

c) Biere de Garde d) Saisons, Belgian Specialty Ale Class 25 - Lambic and Belgian Sour Ale a) Straight (Unblended) Lambic Style Ale b) Gueuze/Geuze Style Ale c) Fruit Lambic-Style Ale d) Oud Bruin e) Flanders Red Ale Class 26 - Fruit Beer a) Fruit Beer Class 27 - Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer a) Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer Class 28 - Smoke-Flavored Beer a) Classic Rauchbier b) Other Smoked Beer Class 29 - Specialty a) Specialty, Experimental, Historical Class 30 - Mead a) Traditional Mead b) Varietal Honey Traditional Mead c) Cyser (Apple Melomel) d) Pyment (Grape Melomel) e) Other Fruit Melomel f) Metheglin, Braggot g) Mixed Category Mead Class 31 - Cider a) Standard Cider and Perry b) New England-Style Cider c) Specialty Cider and Perry Class 32 - Best of Show a) Best of Show

Department DEPARTMENT "H"H-Apiary (Beekeping) APIARY (BEEKEEPING) Superintendent: TBA - ph. (520) 455-5553 NAME COUNTY FROM WHICH ENTRY ORIGINATED. COMPETITION: Competition is defined as a contest for supremacy between two or more products, animals or articles, owned by separate exhibitors. IMPORTANT: READ GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS IN THE FRONT SECTION OF YOUR PREMIUM BOOK. Exhibitors may enter only once in each lot. Identification tags will be held in the Entry Office. Careful attention should be given to the proper classification of exhibits, to do so may prevent disqualification by the judges. APIARY EXHIBITORS: Exhibitors shall comply with the following rules: 1. All exhibits must be in shape to place on display when brought to the department. All necessary pre-exhibit preparations must be completed when brought to the department. Exhibitors may use their own labels or affix their name and lot number to the bottom of the jar or package. However, for judging purposes, one jar or package in each lot must have no label other than the identification tag. 2. All containers must be clean and of uniform size and comply with regulations as to size. All honey and pollen must be dis-

played in three (3) industry standard, glass or plastic jars. All honey and pollen entries not in industry standard glass or plastic jars (with a capacity of not less than 1 pound or more than 2 pounds of honey) will be automatically disqualified. 3. All honey must be in marketable shape and free of foreign matter. 4. All pollen entries must be in marketable shape and free of foreign matter. Pellets must be dried so as not to mold. Pellets must not be flattened, powdery, and not uniform in shape (caused be excessive handling). Flavor (taste) and color will be judged. Lack of uniform color will not be a factor (pollen is never collected in a single color, only in a general singleness of colors). 5. All combs must be new combs wrapped in heavy cellophane or be in a single frame observation hive. 6. All Comb Honey sections should be cleaned of propolis or any other “bee Traffic� prior to being packed. Individual cells with pollen in them will count against the overall score of the individual entry. 7. The exhibitor must have produced all hive products within the last twelve months. Division 001 - Senior (16 years and over) Division 002 - Intermediate (15 years or under) EXTRACTED HONEY, 3 Jars Class Description Class Description 795 Alfalfa 798 Clover 796 Catclaw 799 Cotton 797 Citrus 800 Mesquite 801 Tamarisk 802 Very light honey, other than above classes 803 Medium colored honey, other than above classes 804 Dark honey, other than above classes 805 Best variety and display of extracted honey

OTHER PACKS OF HONEY AND BEEHIVE PRODUCTS 806 3 sections comb honey (Ross Rounds, half comb cassette acceptable), any flavor, packed in undecorated cellophane or other suitable transparent container. 807 3 containers of Cut Comb Honey, packed in any suitable leak proof transparent container. 808 3 jars chunk honey, 1 lb. each 809 3 jars granulated (candied) honey, 1 lb. each. 810 3 jars creamed honey, 1 lb. each. 811 1 new comb finished sealed honey, placed in single frame observation hive or wrapped in transparent material so that it cannot leak. 812 1 new comb extracted dry We will help you find your "Special Place" in the Sonoita-Elgin-Patagonia area. Carol L. Ford / OWNER/BROKER

(520) 455-4634

813 Carved beeswax, not less than 3 lbs. 814 Carved beeswax, less than 3 lbs. 815 Molded beeswax, not less than 3 lbs. 816 Molded beeswax, less than 3 lbs. 817 Display of beeswax, other than class 814, 815, and 816 more than 3 lbs., natural or sun bleached. 818 Display of beeswax, other than class 814, 815, 816 and 817, less than 3 lbs., natural or sun bleached. 819 Two pairs molded beeswax candles, different colors 820 Two pairs dipped beeswax candles, different colors 821 Two pairs honeycomb candles (purchase of foundations acceptable) 822 Pollen, 3 Jars 823 Mead (Plain) 3 Bottles 824 Mead (Fruit) 3 Bottles 825 Best and most Complete exhibit of Division 001 by one exhibitor APIARY SCORE CARD FOR JUDGING HONEY COMB HONEY %EXTRACTED HONEY Clearness 25% Cappings 25 Body



25% Fullness 25% 25% Cleanliness 25% 25% Color 25% 100%


Score Card for Judging Beeswax Attractiveness of display 40% Color 20% Cleanliness 40%

100% Judging Mead Judging Pollen Clarity Cleanliness Aroma Uniformity of pellets Flavor Dryness-free of mold

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25% 50% 25% 20% 25% 20%

Body Attractiveness of display

25% 10% 100% 100%

DEPARTMENT “IA” & Crafts Arts Sewing Home Arts Sewing & Crafts Superintendent: Karen Soliere (520) 4555402 Revised March 2008, amended May 2010 SPECIAL RULES - READ CAREFULLY Also read the General Rules and Regulations in the Front Section of Your Premium Book.

Department IA-Home

1. Exhibitors in the Children’s and Junior Sections must stay in their age groups. They cannot make entries in any other section except where stated otherwise. Please state age on entry form. Age definition: Adult - 19 years of age and over; Junior - 14 through 18 years of age; Children - 6 through 13 years of age. 2. No article may be entered for more than one premium, and ONLY ONE ARTICLE MAY BE ENTERED IN EACH LOT unless they are distinctly different (at the discretion of the Superintendent). 3. An Article may not be entered for competition more than one year. ARTICLES DEEMED BY JUDGES AS HAVING BEEN ENTERED MORE THAN ONE YEAR WILL NOT BE JUDGED. 4. Any EXHIBIT found offensive in any way will not be displayed or judged. 5. ARTICLES WILL NOT BE JUDGED OR EXHIBITED IF THEY ARE STAINED, SOILED OR UNSANITARY.

AWARDS: Awards may be given to: High Point in Canning, Baking, Sewing, Handwork, Best of Show Quilt and Perishable Foods. An overall Sweepstakes award may be given to an exhibitor who enters canning, baking, sewing and handwork. The award is based on points in all four categories. JUDGING: Articles in the Domestic Arts division may be judged on the following: general appearance; appropriateness; design; material; color; workmanship, assemblage; stitches; finish (right and wrong sides). Personal opinions as to colors, patterns, are unacceptable. JUDGES: They shall read carefully the general and special rules in the department or class in which they serve, and are instructed not to award premiums unless exhibits are deemed worthy of merit. DIVISION 026 - Child Exhibitors (6 through 11 years of age as of October

10/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

1) Age must be on entry form. DIVISION 027 - Youth Exhibitors (12 through 17 years of age as of October 1) Age must be on entry form. Exhibitors in the Children’s and Junior Sections must stay in their age groups. They cannot make entries in any other section. USE SAME LOT NUMBER AS SENIOR SECTION FOR GARMENTS Lots 74 -669. DIVISION 028 - Exhibitors 65 years and over Age must be on entry form. Use same class numbers as Open Section - classes 74 - 669. DIVISION 029 - Developmentally Disabled Only developmentally disabled individuals are eligible to enter this Division. Use same class number as Open Section classes 74 - 669. DIVISION 030 - Visually Impaired Only visually impaired person are eligible to enter this Division. Use same class number as Open Section - classes 74 669. DIVISION 001 Sewing Class Description 74 My First Item (wearing apparel only) 75 Apron 76 Bedspreads 77 Blouse (Adult) 78 Blouse (Girl) 79 Coat/Cape/Jacket (Men) 80 Coat /Cape/Jacket (Women) 81 Costumes 82 Decorative Dress (Adult) 83 Decorative Dress (Child) 84 Doll Clothes 85 Dress (Adult) 86 Dress (Child) 87 Duvet 88 Jumper (Adult) 89 Jumper (Child) 90 Lingerie (Pants/Half Slips/Sleepwear) 91 Shirt (Adult) 92 Shirt (Boy) 93 Shorts (Adult) 94 Shorts (Child) 95 Skirt (Girl) 96 Skirt (Adult) 97 Slacks (Child) 98 Slacks (Women’s) 99 Slacks (Men’s) 100 Suit (Women’s) 101 Suit (Men’s ) 102 Vest (Child) 103 Vest (Women’s) 104 Vest (Men’s) 105 Western Shirt (Women’s) 106 Western Shirt (Men’s) 107 Other Than Classified DIVISION 002 - Smocking Class Description 108 Blouse



109 Dress 110 Jacket or Vest 111 Party Dress (Girl) 112 School Dress (Girl) 113 Boy’s Garment 114 Hat or Bonnet 115 Household Article 116 Holiday Decoration 117 Original Design 118 Christening Gown 119 Baby Layette 120 Sleepwear 121 Other Than Classified

DIVISION 003 - Sewing With Sergers Garments must be made and finished with a serger. Collars and hems may be top stitched after finished with serger. The article can be made of any fabric conducive with the art of sewing the new short cut methods in serging. Class Description 122 Dress (Women’s) 123 Dress (Girl’s) 124 Blouse (Women’s) - No T-shirts 125 Blouse (Girl’s) - No T-shirts 126 Skirt (Women’s) 127 Skirt (Girl’s) 128 Pants (Women’s) 129 Pants (Child) 130 Sweatshirt/suit (Child) 131 Sweatshirt/suit (Women‘s) 132 Sweatshirt/suit (Men’s) 133 Jacket 134 T-shirt 135 Household Article 136 Other Than Classified

DIVISION 004 - Quilts 1. ALL WORK NOT DONE BY EXHIBITOR MUST BE IDENTIFIED ON A CARD. 2. Note on card method of quilting used: Hand (H), Home Sewing Machine (HS), Long Arm (LA), Computer Operated (CO). 3. All wall hangings must have sleeve. Class Description 137 My first quilt - hand quilted 138 My first quilt - machine quilted 139 My first quilt - combination hand /machine 140 My first quilt - tied 141 Miniatures up to and including 20” 142 Hand pieced - hand quilted - less than 60” 143 Hand pieced - machine quilted -less than 60” 144 Machine pieced - machine quilted less than 60” 145 Machine pieced - hand quilted - less than 60” 146 Hand appliquéd - hand quilted - less than 60” 147 Machine appliquéd - machine quilted - less than 60” 148 Hand embroidered - hand quilted less than 60”

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149 Machine embroidered - machine quilted - less than 60” 150 Hand embroidered - machine quilted – less than 60” 151 Hand pieced - hand quilted - over 60” 152 Machine pieced - machine quilted over 60” 153 Machine pieced - hand quilted - over 60” 154 Appliquéd - machine quilted - over 60” 155 Appliquéd - hand quilted - over 60” 156 Hand embroidered - machine quilted - over 60” 157 Machine embroidered - machine quilted - Over 60” 158 Whole cloth quilt - machine quilted 159 Whole cloth quilt - hand quilted 160 Quilt finished by a group 161 Wearable quilted items 162 Quilts started by one generation, finished by another generation 163 Nontraditional quilts any size, includes art quilts, original designs, or innovative use of traditional design pattern 164 Household items incorporation quilting; placemats, totes, pillows, runners 165 Other than classified

DIVISION 005 - Hand Embroidery All work must be done by exhibitor. No quilts - no wall hangings. (Work must be done by hand) Class Description 166 My first project 167 Punch needlework, any article 168 Blackwork, any article 169 Pulled or drawn thread, any article 170 Counted cross-stitch, any article 171 Counted thread, any article 172 Cross-stitch - stamped 173 Cross-stitch - apron, towel, tablecloth 174 Handkerchiefs (3) 175 Luncheon cloths, mats or doilies 176 Needlepoint - bag (no plastic) 177 Needlepoint - bargello 178 Needlepoint - multi stitch, 3 or more 179 Needlepoint - painted canvas 180 Needlepoint - silk and/or metal 181 Needlepoint - any article 182 Open canvas (Hapsburg) 183 Petit point - bag (no plastic) 184 Petit point - any article 185 Pillow cases (2) 186 Brazilian embroidery 187 Sheet set with pillowcases 188 Table cloth 189 Towel - tea/hand 190 Household article 191 Silk ribbon embroidery 192 Duplicate stitch embroidery 193 Shadow box embroidery 194 Decorated shirt, original design 195 Decorated shirt, transfer design 196 Crewel embroidery, any article 197 Swedish embroidery 198 Battenburg lace, any article 199 Ornament, needlepoint other


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94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/11 Christmas 200 Ornament, embroidery other Christmas 201 Other than classified

DIVISION 006 - Machine Embroidery No quilts - no wall hangings Class Description 202 My first project 203 Handkerchiefs (3) 204 Luncheon cloths, mats or doilies 205 Table cloths 206 Household article 207 Pillow cases (2) 208 Detached embroidery 209 Sheet set with pillowcases 210 Table cloth 211 Towel - tea/hand 212 Household article 213 Silk embroidery 214 Decorated shirt, original design 215 Decorated shirt, transfer design 216 Other than classified

DIVISION 007 - Hand Knitting Class Description 217 My first project 218 Edging or insertion 219 Fashion accessory 220 Vest 221 Fiber other than yarn, any article 222 Bed jacket 223 Bed socks or slippers 224 Combination 03 3 or more fibers, any article 225 Bedspread 226 Dress (Girl’s) 227 Sweater ( Child’s) 228 Afghan, most elaborate design, all knitting 229 Afghan, other than classified 230 Doily (over 8”) 231 Gloves or mittens 232 Household article 233 Doll wardrobe 234 Poncho or cape 235 Blouse 236 Dress or suit 237 Cardigan sweater (Women’s) 238 Pullover sweater (Women’s) 239 Pullover Sweater (Men’s) 240 Cardigan sweater (Men’s) 241 Shawl or stole 242 Coat 243 Socks 244 Toy 245 Hat, cap or beret 246 Recycled fibers

DIVISION 008 - Machine Knitting Class Description 247 My first project 248 Afghan 249 Afghan or carriage robe 250 Afghan, pattern knitted in 251 Baby set 252 Booties 253 Cap, any type

254 Cape or poncho 255 Dress (Girl’s) 256 Sweater (Child’s) 257 Christmas Decoration 258 Coat 259 Dress (Women’s) 260 Edging 261 Fashion accessory 262 Holiday decoration (other than Christmas) 263 Household article 264 Dress (Infant’s) 265 Cardigan sweater (Women’s) 266 Pullover sweater (Women’s) 267 Cardigan sweater (Men’s) 268 Pullover sweater (Men’s) 269 Pillow 270 Jacket, saque or sweater 271 Shawl or stole 272 Socks 273 Stuffed toy (1) 274 Toy, any material (1) 275 Dress or pants suit - two piece 276 Vest

277 Other than classified

DIVISION 009 - Tatting, Knotted/Knitted Lace Class Description 278 My first project 279 Tatting - doilies, all tatting 280 Tatting - on garment or accessory 281 Tatting - ornament 282 Tatting - other than classified, no samples 283 Knitted lace - doilies or tablecloth, all knitting 284 Knitted lace - garment or accessories (i.e. Shawls) 285 Knitted lace ornaments or small decorative Items 286 Knitted lace - other than classified no samples

DIVISION 009 - Tatting,

Knotted/Knitted Lace - cont. Class Description 287 Netted or knotted lace - doilies, all netted or knotted 288 Netted or knotted lace - garment or accessories 289 Netted or knotted lace - household article 290 Netted or knotted lace - other than classified, No samples

DIVISION 010 - Cut Work or Hardanger (Work must be done by hand) Class Description 291 My first project 292 Collar 293 Scarf or table runner 294 Centerpiece 295 Luncheon set 296 Pillow cases (2) 297 Tablecloth 298 Towel 299 Mats or doilies

300 Garment 301 Household article 302 Wall hanging 303 Other than classified

DIVISION 011 - Bobbin Lace Class Description 304 My first project 305 Bookmark 306 Doily 307 Handkerchief lace - mounted 308 Garment - trimmed with edging or insertion 309 Framed/protected lace display 310 Ornament 311 Other than classified - no samples DIVISION 012 - Miscellaneous Work No Christmas Work in Division 012 Class Description

312 My first project 313 Decorated shirt - appliquéd 314 Decorated shirt - painted 315 Decorated shirt - other than classified 316 Painted Garment (no T-shirt or sweatshirt) 317 Fabric painting - any article (no Tshirt or Sweatshirt)

DIVISION 012 - Miscellaneous Work, cont. Class Description 318 Monks cloth 319 Creative stitchery - any article - only original designs are eligible 320 Decorated garment 321 Holiday decoration - Halloween 322 Holiday decoration - Thanksgiving 323 Holiday decoration - other than classified 324 Centerpiece - other than classified 325 Plastic canvas - jewelry box 326 Plastic canvas - place mats 327 Plastic canvas - bathroom décor - set of 3 328 Plastic canvas - kitchen décor - set of 3 329 Plastic canvas - needlepoint box 330 Plastic canvas - needlepoint tote 331 Plastic canvas - toy (20”X20” maximum) 332 Plastic canvas - needlepoint décor 333 Plastic canvas - other than classified 334 Wreath - other than Christmas 335 Tole painting - on wood 336 Tole painting - on metal 337 Fabric painting - T-shirt 338 Fabric painting - sweatshirt 339 Stuffed bear 340 Stuffed - other than classified 341 Toy - any material (1) Exhibitor must furnish a standard to hold doll upright - put name on standard to identify ownership. Dolls: Purchased, not over 24” high, only one doll to a class. Clothes for doll must be made by exhibitor. No crochet dolls or crochet clothing. Classes 342 - 348 342 Bride - dressed 343 Formal - dressed 344 Baby - dressed 345 Doll - period dress 346 Doll - national costume 347 Bed doll 348 Clown doll Dolls: Self -made, not over 24” high, only one doll to a class. Classes 349 Bride - dressed 350 Formal - dressed 351 Baby - dressed, purchased head & limb 352 Baby - dressed, self-made head & limb 353 Doll - original or conversational piece must be made by exhibitor 354 Character doll, not over 18” 355 Doll - national costume, not over 18” 356 Doll - Boudoir doll, not over 24”

12/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

357 Doll - other than classified

DIVISION 012 - Miscellaneous Work, cont. Class Description 358 Doll - soft sculpture 359 Doll - complete porcelain, hand made 360 Doll - baby, muslin or kid body 361 Doll - adult, muslin or kid body 362 Doll - child, muslin or kid body 363 Doll - porcelain, other than classified Dolls: Purchased or Self-Made. Clothes for dolls must be made by exhibitor. 364 Pair of dolls, stuffed 365 Pair of dolls, molded DIVISION 013 - Christmas 366 Stocking - felt 367 Stocking - cross stitch 368 Stocking - needlepoint 369 Stocking - crochet 370 Stocking - other than classified 371 Tree skirt - felt 372 Tree skirt - quilted 373 Tree skirt - needlepoint 374 Tree skirt - crochet 375 Tree skirt - other than classified 376 Ornament - felt - set of 3 377 Ornament - needlepoint - set of 3 378 Ornament - sequin - set of 3 379 Ornament - ball - set of 3 380 Ornament - tole painted - set of 3 381 Ornament - crochet - set of 3 382 Ornament - glazed - set of 3 383 Ornament - unglazed - set of 3 384 Ornament - other than classified - set of 3 385 Wreath - purchased & decorated by exhibitor 386 Wreath - self-made & decorated by Exhibitor 387 Wreath - organic 388 Wreath - other than classified 389 Wall hanging - framed 390 Wall hanging - unframed 391 Nativity set 392 Angel - under 24” 393 Santa - under 24” 394 Christmas tree - under 24” 395 Centerpiece 396 Reindeer 397 Mr. & Mrs. Claus 398 Other than classified

DIVISION 014 - Infant’s Clothing Garments for under three years of age, and only articles made in the past two years. Class Description 399 Holiday 400 Christening gown 401 Bib 402 Afghan or carriage robe - crocheted 403 Afghan or carriage robe 404 Baby set - crocheted 405 Baby set - knitted 406 Baby set - Other than classified 407 Booties - crocheted

408 Booties - knitted 409 Booties - tatted 410 Cap - any type 411 Dress - crocheted 412 Dress - embroidered 413 Dress - feather stitching trim 414 Sacque or sweater - crocheted 415 Sacque or sweater - embroidered 416 Sacque or sweater - knitted 417 Quilt - any material - hand quilted 418 Quilt - any material - machine quilted 419 Quilt or Comforter - machine embroidered 420 Quilt or Comforter - hand embroidered 421 Quilt or Comforter - appliquéd 422 Other than classified

DIVISION 015 - Hand Weaving & Preparation Open to All This Division applies to Harness Controlled Looms (foot powered or levers, no fly shuttle). In this category, the

weaving technique is the basis for judging. If made into an article, the suitability of the weave to the finished piece will be considered. Handweaving - Apparel Class Descriptions 423 My first project 424 Swedish 425 Clothing 426 Neck Scarf/Shawl/Poncho 427 Other than classified - describe

Handweaving - Table Linens Class Descriptions 428 Placemats - lace (4) 429 Placemats - rag (4)

Handweaving - Table Linens - cont. Class Description 430 Placemats - overshot (4) 431 Placemats - other (4) 432 Table runner - lace

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433 Table runner - rag 434 Table runner - overshot 435 Table runner - other 436 Napkins (4) 437 Other than classified - describe

Handweaving - Household 438 Pillow 439 Rug - chenille 440 Rug - rag 441 Rug - other 442 Afghan 443 Baby blanket 444 Hand towel - lace 445 Hand towel - other 446 Yardage, not less than 2 yards - indicate use 447 Woven material with either warp or weft hand-spun - state which 448 Other than classified

Handweaving - Decorative 449

Tapestry - traditional 450 Tapestry - small format (max 12”X12”) 451 Tapestry - other 452 Wall hanging 453 Other than classified - describe

DIVISION 016 - Other Woven Forms This class applies to hand manipulated weaves, judging will be based upon the technical excellence of the weaving. The suitability of the finished article to the chosen technique will be considered. Class Descriptions 454 My first project 455 Card weaving batt, (card & inkle) 456 Frame loom weaving 457 Free-form pin or nail weaving 458 Basketry 459 Other than classified

DIVISION 017 - Spinning Submit 2 oz. skeins labeled for number of yards in skein and suggested use of yarn.

Class Descriptions 460 My first project 461 Cellulose fiber, plied 462 Protein fiber, singles 463 Protein fiber, plied 464 Handspun article, other than weaving DIVISION 018 - Dyeing

Class Descriptions 465 My first project 466 Five skeins of naturally dyed yarn, labeled as to mordant and dye source. May be hand-spun or commercial yarn equivalent amount of dyed roving. 467 Five skeins of other than naturally dyed yarn, etc. DIVISION 019 - Pillow Must be complete - with filler Class Descriptions 468 Applique 469 Candlewicking 470 Counted cross-stitch 471 Crewel embroidery 472 Crocheted 473 Cross-stitch 474 Embroidered 475 Embroidered - combination stitch 476 Fabric painting 477 Felt 478 French lace sewing 479 Hand-knit 480 Latch hook 481 Needlepoint 482 Open canvas work 483 Quilted 484 Ribbon & lace 485 Shadow 486 Smocked 487 Woven 488 Other than classified

DIVISION 020 - Wall Hangings & Pictures Exhibit will not be accepted unless framed and ready for hanging. (Hardware including wire.) Absolute maximum size - 4 ft. X 6 ft. Frame and mat not included in size. Glass may be considered in the judging. No saw tooth hangers.

DIVISION 020 - Wall Hangings & Pictures-cont. Class Descriptions 489 Blackwork 490 Crocheted filet 491 Crewel embroidery (kit) over 8”X10” 492 Crewel embroidery (kit) under 8”X10” 493 Crewel embroidery - original (no kit) 494 Counted cross-stitch - sampler 495 Counted cross-stitch - 20 sq. in. Southwest 496 Counted cross-stitch - 20 sq. in. Angel

94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/13 497 Counted cross-stitch - 20 sq. in. Portrait 498 Counted cross-stitch - 20 sq. in. Juvenile 499 Counted cross-stitch - 20 sq. in. - Any other 500 Counted cross-stitch - 80 sq. in. Southwest 501 Counted cross-stitch - 80 sq. in. Angel 502 Counted cross-stitch - 80 sq. in. Portrait 503 Counted cross-stitch - 80 sq. in. Juvenile 504 Counted cross-stitch - 80 sq. in. - Any other 505 Counted cross-stitch - 120 sq. in Southwest 506 Counted cross-stitch - 120 sq. in. Angel 507 Counted cross-stitch - 120 sq. in. Portrait 508 Counted cross-stitch - 120 sq. in Any Other 509 Counted cross-stitch - 250 sq. in Southwest 510 Counted cross-stitch - 250 sq. in Angel 511 Counted cross-stitch - 250 sq. in. Portrait 512 Counted cross-stitch - 250 sq. in Any Other 513 Counted cross-stitch-over 250 sq inS-West 514 Counted cross-stitch-over 250 sq inAngel 515 Counted cross-stitch-over 250 sq inPortrait 516 Counted cross-stitch-over 250 SI Any Other 517 Latch hook (kit) under 2’X3’ 518 Latch hook (kit) over 3’ 519 Latch hook, original 520 Quick point 521 Cross stitch 522 Embroidered 523 Embroidered - original 524 Felt - no kits 525 Hooked (kit) 526 Hooked - original 527 Petit point 528 Needlepoint kit 529 Needlepoint - original 530 Needlepoint - long stitch 531 Needlepoint 2 or more stitches - 80 sq in 532 Needlepoint 2 or more stitches - 120 sq in 533 Needlepoint 2 or more stitches - 250 sq in 534 Needlepoint 2 or more stitches-over 250sq in 535 Needlepoint - counted/charted 536 Needlepoint open canvas 537 Applique 538 Hand quilted 539 Machine quilted

DIVISION 020-Wall Hangings & Pictures-cont. Class Description 540 Double medium 541 Decoupage 542 Ojo de dio (God’s eye) 543 Bunka embroidered 544 Mandela (free form weaving) 545 Landscape weaving 546 Stained glass 547 Etching on glass 548 Macramé - ready to hang - no glass 549 Beaded 550 Glitter on glass 551 Plastic canvas 552 Brazilian embroidery 553 Other than classified

DIVISION 021 Crochet Articles specifying heavy or fine thread Thread size: Heavy 34, Knit Crosheen (bedspread weight): Fine 30-100 Class Description 554 My first project 555 Blouse 556 Sweater 557 Poncho 558 Apron - all crochet 559 Collar 560 Shawl or stole 561 Vest 562 Dress (Girl’s) 563 Edging or insertion/s on garment 564 Crochet garment - wool 565 Crochet garment - other than wool 566 Bedroom slippers 567 Bag or purse 568 Gloves 569 Mittens

Classes 570 through 584, must specify on entry form: fine thread, heavy thread or yarn. 570 Handkerchief - on edge 571 Hat, cap or beret 572 Doll - Formal - fine thread - over 10” 573 Doll - Formal - heavy thread over 10” 574 Doll - Formal - yarn over 10” 575 Doll - Bride - fine thread 576 Doll - Bride - heavy thread 577 Doll - Bride - yarn 578 Doll - Bed 579 Doll - Other than classified - fine thread 580 Doll - Other than classified - heavy thread

DIVISION 021 Crochet - cont. Class Description 581 Doll - Other than classified - yarn 582 Bath towel - crochet trim 583 Potholder 584 Hot plate mat 585 Table runner 586 Crochet on centerpiece 587 Crochet on pillowcases 588 Crochet on sheet 589 Doily - Butterfly - under 10”

590 Doily - Butterfly or centerpiece - over 10” 591 Doily - Raised flower - under 10” 592 Doily-Raised flower or centerpieceover 10” 593 Doily - Ruffled - under 10” 594 Doily-Ruffled or centerpiece - over 10” 595 Doily - Pineapple - under 10” 596 Doily - Pineapple or centerpiece over 10” 597 Any other doily - under 10” 598 Any other doily or centerpiece over 10” 599 Edgings or insertions 600 Household accessories, other than classified, (no novelty) 601 Fashion accessories, other than classified 602 Toys 603 Other than classified Bedspreads or Coverlets 604 Solid color - fine thread 605 Multicolor - fine thread 606 Solid color - heavy thread 607 Multicolor - heavy thread 608 Yarn Afghans - No larger than 56”X72” 609 Quilt pattern 610 Mile-a-minute 611 Reversible pattern 612 Hairpin lace 613 Broomstick 614 Granny pattern 615 Afghan stitch 616 Afghan stitch - decorated with embroidery 617 Ripple or rick rack 618 Indian or southwestern 619 Raised flower 620 Popcorn pattern 621 Any other pattern 622 Afghans over 56X72” Luncheon or tablecloths 623 Solid color - fine thread 624 Multicolor - fine thread 625 Solid color - heavy thread 626 Multicolor - heavy thread DIVISION 022 - Rugs 627 Punched 628 Braided 629 Crocheted - yarn 630 Crocheted - other than yarn 631 Hand hooked - yarn (no latch hook) 632 Hand hooked-other than yarn (no latch hook) 633 Hand hooked - from used material 634 Needlepoint 635 Latch hook 636 Latch hook - original design 637 Other than classified

DIVISION 023 - Home Crafts 638 Basket - decorated 639 Basket - rag-wrapped 640 Basket - woven 641 Jewelry - beaded 642 Jewelry - other than beaded

643 Ceramic vase 644 Ceramic - glazed 645 Ceramic - unglazed 646 China painting 647 Porcelain painting 648 Plaster crafts - no ceramics 649 Clothing accessories 650 Box - decorated 651 Hat - decorated 652 Decoupage - any article - except picture 653 Dream Catcher 654 Ecology box 655 Etching on glass 656 Fabric frames 657 Hair accessories 658 Macramé - any article 659 Medicine wheel 660 Book - padded 661 Photo album 662 Stained glass 663 Temari balls 664 Tote bag 665 Other than classified Stamping/Scrapbooking 666 Card - any size 667 Scrapbook page - 6”X6” 668 Scrapbook page - 12”X12” 669 Other than classified

Department IB-“IB” Home Arts-Culinary DEPARTMENT - Home ArtsCulinary SPECIAL RULES - READ CAREFULLY Please read the General Rules & Regulations also. Exhibitors in this department must be non-professional. Exhibitors must derive less than 10% of their income from the sale of their articles. Exhibits must be the total work of the exhibitor. EXHIBITORS are solely responsible for deciding on the PROPER CLASS AND LOT for their entry; entries improperly classified will not be changed or judged. NO EXHIBIT may be entered for more than one State Fair premium and ONLY ONE ARTICLE may be entered in each lot. ALL CANNED GOODS, preserves, jams and jellies, conserves, pickles and relishes must have been prepared during the years 2008-2009.

CONTAINERS: All caps and seals must be without rust or scratches, new if possible. CANNED PRODUCTS, meat, fruit and vegetables must be exhibited in (16 oz.) pint, or (32 oz.) quart jars. JELLY must be in standard jelly glasses with lid or standard half pints. Do not use wax. PRESERVES, JAMS, CONSERVES, PICKLES and RELISHES are to be exhibited in pints. Dill pickles will be acceptable in quart jars. CAKES and pies must be on disposable containers, such as paper or aluminum plates. COOKIES should be on a paper plate and inserted in a plastic bag. Fasten tag to plate, CHIL-



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DREN, JUNIOR AND SENIOR SECTION MAY NOT ENTER IN ANY SECTION BUT THEIR OWN. Please state age on entry form. Age definition: Senior - 19 years of age and over; Junior 14 years through 18 years; Children - 6 years through 13 years of age, as of October 1. The Board reserves the right to remove and dispose of foods showing signs of spoilage during the Fair. JUDGING: Articles in the Domestic Science Division may be judged on the following score: General Appearance; Texture; Flavor; Consistency; Uniformity; Color; Crust; Crumb; Keeping Qualities. Judges are instructed not to award premiums unless exhibits are deemed worthy of merit. Any exhibit found stained, soiled or offensive in any way to the judges will not be judged. WHEN IT IS OBVIOUS TO THE JUDGES THAT TWO OR MORE EXHIBITS ARE IDENTICAL (as from the same cooking kettle), THE JUDGES WILL BE ALLOWED TO AUTOMATICALLY DISCARD ONE OR ALL ENTRIES.

SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO BECOME A WINNER In competition, details are all important. Judges do not judge by likes or dislikes. They have standard rules by which they must abide. If your foods do not receive awards, it does not mean they are not edible. The first thing to consider is the container. Use only the type specified for each class, and make certain that the jars are thoroughly sealed. Jars must be clearly and neatly labeled as to contents and must be free from any stickiness. CAKES: Judged as to appearance, texture, crumb and taste, each count 25%. FRUITS: Uniformity of pack and ripeness in very important. The ripeness determines the color and texture of the fruit. The syrup or liquid should be clear not cloudy- and should cover the contents. VEGETABLES: Here again, the liquid is very important. It must be clear, and it must cover the vegetables. PICKLES AND RELISHES: All cucumber and mixed pickles must be firm and crisp. Sweet pickles should be firm, yet tender. Don’t over-cook. Again, natural color of product used, clearness of liquid and uniformity of pack is important. JAMS: Do not sieve or strain. True jams resemble crushed fruit with no separation of fruit and juice. Natural fruit flavor should be preserved, neither too much nor too little sugar. Jams should not be rubbery. JELLIES: Jelly should be transparent and have good texture (quiver), color and clearness. Maintain the natural fruit flavor. Watch for too smuch sugar - no crystals allowed. PIE: Pie judged on appearance, flavor,

14/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

texture of crust, texture of filling. PRESERVES: The color and flavor must be natural to the fruit. Syrup must be clear and thick. The pieces of fruit firm and whole. MARMALADES: Have the color as natural to the fruit as possible. Small, thin pieces of fruit in clear thick syrup is desirable. Not too much or too little sugar. BREAD: Appearance of crust, crumb, flavor and texture. *NO PACKAGED MIXES* Division 026 - Children Exhibitors (6 through 11 years of age as of October 1) DIVISION 027 - Youth Exhibitors (12 through 17 years of age as of October 1) Age must be on entry form Exhibitors in the Children’s and Junior’s Sections must stay in their age groups. They cannot make entries in any other Class. USE SAME LOT NUMBER AS SENIOR SECTION - Lots 80 - 502.

Division 001 - Bread Only whole loaves will be accepted. No mini loaves. Class Description 080 Machine made bread - white 081 Machine made bread - wheat 082 Machine made bread - raisin 083 Machine made bread - any other 084 Flour Tortillas 085 Jalapeno 086 Self-ground flour 087 White 088 Whole wheat 100% 089 Wheat & white 090 Raisin 091 Graham 092 Bran 093 Rye 94 Sourdough 95 Yeast rolls (6) 96 Sweet rolls (6) 97 Muffins 98 Baking powder biscuits (6) 99 Nut bread (no fruit) 100 Banana w/ nuts 101 Banana w/o nuts 102 Date 103 Cranberry 104 Citrus 105 Pumpkin 106 Zucchini 108 Scotch scones 109 Croissants 110 Ethnic bread (describe) 111 Coffee cake - yeast 112 Coffee cake - not yeast 113 Other than classified - yeast 114 Other than classified - not yeast Division 002 - Loaf or Bundt Cake

Cake must be on disposable container such as cardboard on cake round. Only whole cakes will be accepted. Class Description 130 Angel food 131 Chiffon 132 Sponge 133 Pound 134 Gold 135 Marble 136 Applesauce or apple 137 Spice 138 Carrot 139 Pumpkin 140 Banana nut 141 Chocolate 142 Sour cream 143 Microwave (any) 144 Fruit cake - dark, to be cut for judging 145 Fruit cake - light, to be cut for judging 146 Your favorite cake, other than classified

Division 003 - Layer Cake Cake must be on disposable container such as cardboard or cake round. Only whole cakes will be accepted. No whipped cream frostings or frosting with uncooked egg products. Must have at least 2 - 8” layers. Class Description 147 Carrot 155 Devils food 148 Yellow 156 Banana 149 Marble 157 Mocha - cake & icing 150 Nut 158 Orange 151 Cake w/filling 159 White -cake & icing 152 Coconut 160 White - any other icing 153 Chocolate161 German Chocolate Cake & icing 162 Fudge 154 Chocolate163 Your favorite cake, Any other icing other than classified

Division 004 - Miscellaneous Cake must be on disposable container such as cardboard or cake round. Class Description 165 Chocolate roll - chocolate in cake 166 Cupcakes (4) 167 Cut fruit tarts 168 Gingerbread 169 Jelly roll 170 Petit Fours (5) 171 Tea party cookies (6) small decorated 172 Cheesecake - topped - baked Division 004 - Miscellaneous - cont. 173 Cheesecake - untopped - baked 174 Cheesecake - unbaked 175 Miniature pies 176 Doughnuts (5) - cake 177 Doughnuts (5) - raised 178 Fried pies

179 Gum paste novelties 180 Sugar eggs 181 Molded chocolate 182 Candy art - not molded 183 Other than classified

Special Rules for Division 005 and 006 Anyone who sells cakes from home kitchens is considered professional when more than 10% of their income is made from such activity. Teachers of cake decorating, who are now teaching or have taught in the past, are not eligible to enter this division. This rule also applies to Bakery and Restaurant decorators. Decorated cakes of questionable subject or theme by the judges will not be judged or displayed. Cake separators are not considered part of the decoration on the cake. No whipped cream frosting or frosting with uncooked egg products. Decorated cakes must be movable and completely finished before bringing to the Home Arts Culinary Department. Sheet cakes not to exceed 12”X18”. Tiered cakes not to exceed 27” in height, including decorations.

Division 005 - Decorated Cakes-Non Professional Division 006 - Decorated CakesProfessional Decorations & Cake Must Be Entirely Edible Class Description 184 Gum paste decorated 185 Wedding - top must be edible 186 Child’s birthday 187 Adult birthday 188 Anniversary 189 Holiday of your choice 190 Shower 191 Other than classified

Decorations May Be Non-Edible (Styrofoam OK) Class Description 195 Wedding 196 Child’s birthday 197 Anniversary 198 Doll 199 Holiday of your choice 200 Adult birthday 201 Most outlandish 202 Arizona theme 203 Other than classified

Division 007 - Cookies Six (6) each Class Description 220 Butterscotch 221 Chocolate brownies 222 Date bars 223 Citrus bars 224 Bars, any other (may be iced) 225 Filled, any kind - cookies 226 Refrigerator 227 Sugar

94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/15 296 Sugar free - give name 281 Chocolate fudge- 297 Arizona theme Cooked 298 Other than classified 282 Peanut butter fudge 283 Any fudge not classified 284 Coconut squares

228 Chocolate chip w/nuts 229 Chocolate chip w/o nuts 230 Pinwheel 231 Peanut butter 232 Citrus cookies 233 Fruit 234 Cookies made with candy 235 Ginger snap 236 Hermits or rocks 237 Molasses 238 Oatmeal w/nuts 239 Oatmeal w/o nuts 240 Novelty, cut out 241 Microwave 242 San dabs - Mexican wedding 243 Decorated 244 Ethnic - describe 245 Other than classified

Division 008 - Pies Pies must be on disposable container such as paper or aluminum plate. Class Description 246 Apple 254 Peach 247 Apricot 255 Pecan 248 Blackberry 256 Pineapple 249 Boysenberry 257 Blueberry 250 Any berry not 258 Cream Classified 251 Cherry 259 Pumpkin 252 Dried fruit 260 Any fruit not 253 Lemon classified

Division 009 - Edible House (Adults Only) Must be completely edible and secured to cardboard/board base (no larger than 20”X24”). Will be judged on workmanship, overall appearance, neatness, originality and creativity. Division 011 - Homemade Candies Amateurs Only (Not less than 7 pieces) Class Description 270 Date roll 285 Taffy divinity 271 Cactus 286 French creams 272 Candied apricots 287 Pecan pra lines 274 Candied grapefruit 288 Pecan brittle Peel 289 Peanut brittle 275 Candied orange peel290 Any brittle not clas276 Caramels sified (name nut) 277 Chocolate creams 291 Penuche 278 Chocolate fudge 292 Bon bons 279 Chocolate fudge 293 Mints W/marshmallows 294 Molded hard candy 280 Chocolate fudge 295 Microwave candy W/ nuts

Division 012 - Canned Fruit Class Description 299 Applesauce 309 Dates 300 Apples 310 Grapes, dark 301 Apricots 311 Grapes, light 302 Blackberries 312 Loganberries 303 Blueberries 313 Peaches, white 304 Boysenberries 314 Peaches, yellow 305 Cherries-Dark-Sweet315 Pears 306

Cherries - Sour-

317 Strawberries 307 Fruit Cocktail

308 Figs

316 Plums (pie cherries)

318 Other than classified 319 Best variety fruit Products - 6 jars

Division 013 - Preserves Fruit cooked with sugar so as to keep its shape. Class Description 320 Apricots 330 Loganberry 321 Apple 331 Peaches 322 Blackberry 332 Pears 323 Blueberry 334 Raspberry 234 Boysenberry 335 Quince 235 Cherries 336 Strawberry

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326 Conserve 337 Tomatoes 327 Crabapple 338 Watermelon 328 Figs

339 Any other, give name

329 Grapes 340 Sugar free, give name

Division 014 - Jams Fruit boiled with sugar to a thick consistency, without preserving the shape of the fruit. Class Description 341 Apricot 351 Pear 342 Apricot-pineapple 352 Plum 343 Blackberry 353 Strawberry 344 Blueberry 354 Raspberry 355 Apple butter 345 Boysenberry 346 Cherry 356 Other than classified

347 Fig - give name

357 Butter - give name 348 Grape 358 Sugar free give name 349 Pineapple combination 350 Peach

Division 015 - Jelly Must be in standard jelly glasses with lids or 1 pint jars. No wax. A clear food preparation of soft, elastic consistency due to the presence of pectin, etc., as fruit juice boiled down with sugar. Class Description 359 Apple 373 Peach 360 Apricot-pineapple 374 Plum 361 Blackberry 375 Pomegrante 362 Blueberry 376 Prickly Pear 363 Boysenberry 377 Quince 364 Crabapple

378 Raspberry 365 Currant 379 Strawberry 366 Grape 367 Grape - wild 368 Grapefruit 382 Pepper 369 Lemon

380 Elderberry 381 Pyracantha 383 Other than classifiedgive name

370 Lemon 371 Lime mint 384 Sugar free - give name 372 Orange 509 Mint 510 Lime mint

Division 016 - Marmalades and Conserves Marmalade should be clear, jelly like preserve with fruit, usually citrus, suspended in small pieces. Conserves should be a mixture of several fruits, cooked to jamlike consistency with sugar, addition of nuts optional. Class Description 385 Marmalade, grapefruit 386 Marmalade, orange 387 Marmalade, combination of fruits 388 Marmalade, sugar free - give name 389 Marmalade, other than classified give name 390 Conserves, apricot 391 Conserves, cherry 392 Conserves, fig 393 Conserves, grape 394 Conserves, pear 395 Conserves, plum

Division 016 - Marmalades and Conserves-cont. Class Description 396 Conserves, peach 397 Conserves, rhubarb 398 Conserves, strawberry 399 Conserves, sugar free - give name 400 Conserves, other than classified - give name

Division 017 - Miscellaneous Class Description 401 Juice, fruit or vegetable - give name 402 Syrup - any kind - give name 403 Vinegar - fruit/sweet - give name 404 Vinegar - herb/non-sweet - give name 405 Other than classified

Division 018 - Pickles, Relishes, and Spiced Fruit Class Description 406 Chutney 422 Olives, ripe 407 Chili salsa 423 Onions, pickles 408 Zucchini 424 Piccalilli 409 Barbecue sauce sweet425 Pickles, peppers 410 Beets 426 Tomato cat

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sup 411 Bread & butter pickles427 Watermelon grapes 412 Chili sauce 429 Apricots 413 Cucumber relish 430 Crabapples 414 Dill relish 431 Dates 415 Sweet relish 432 Figs, dark 416 Cucumber pickles 433 Figs, light 417 Dill pickles 434 Grapes 418 Green string beans 435 Peaches 419 Mixed pickles 436 Pears 420 Mustard pickles 437 Plums 438 Grapes, Thompson seedless 439 Watermelon

440 Other than classified

Division 019 - Canned Vegetables Class Description 441 Cauliflower 446 Green beans 442 Asparagus 447 Greens 443 Beets 448 Mixed veg etables 444 Carrots 449 Okra 445 Corn 450 Onions 451 Peas 453 Tomatoes 452 Peppers, red or green454 Wax beans 455 Best variety (6) jars. Name what is in jar - example: type of juice, meat, vegetables, relish, fruit 456 Representable meal (5-9) jars - Name what is in jar - example: juice, meat, two vegetables, relish, fruit 457 Other than classified

Division 020 - Canned Meat Class Description 458 Venison 461 Turkey 459 Beef 462 Chicken 460 Pork 463 Fish - give name 464 Other than classified- give name 465 Best variety canned meats (To consist of not more than 8 jars - exhibitors name on each)

Division 021 - Beef Purchased chipped beef may be used in recipes. Class Description 466 Canned beef - any cut 467 Canned beef - variety meat - liver, tongue, etc. 468 Canned basic beef sauce 469 Canned beef soup with vegetables 470 Chili con carne 471 Mincemeat 472 Dried

16/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

Varieties - Using beef as one ingredient. (No Mincemeat.) Attach recipe. Class Description 473 Cookies 474 Brownies 475 Cake - unfrosted 476 Bread Division 022 - Honey Cooking (Exhibitors in Division need not be Beekeepers) Recipes must be attached or placed on bottom of container. Other exhibits in Division 022 - Honey Cooking, must be palced on disposable containers such as paper plates or covered cardboard. Class Description 477 Candy made w/honey 478 Cakes made w/honey 479 Cookies made w/honey 480 Pies made w/honey 481 Bread - yeast - made w/honey 482 Bread - no yeast - made w/honey 483 Muffins made

w/honey 484 Other than classified

Division 023 - Dried fruits, vegetables, etc. Enter classes 491 & 492 - in spice size jars.* Class Description 485 Onions 494 Apples 486 Celery 495 Figs 487 Potatoes 496 Grapes 488 Carrots 497 Pears 489 Tomatoes 498 Plums 490 Any other vegetable-499 Peaches give name 500 Dates 491 Herbs dried 501 Bananas 10 variety* 502 Any other fruit - name 492 Herbs dried 503 Any meat -

493 Apricots

give name 5 variety*

Division 024 Gift Basket (18 and over, only) One (1) each: jam, jelly, conserve, marmalade, and preserve in a gift basket. Assemble a gift basket with 5 different types of spreads. They mnay be the same flavor, but must be of a different type of processing. 520 Filled Basket

Division 025 Exceptional Ehibitors Only developmentally disabled and visually impaired individuals are eligible to ENTER this Division. Use class numbers from Open Department - Classes 80-520. CLASS NO. 200 - PERISHABLE FOODS MUST ENTER BY MAIL OR ON FRIDAY, September 19, 2009.

NOT ELIGIBLE FOR STATE FAIR Foods will be brought in on Friday, September 18, 2009 at 9:30 am and judged at 10 am. Foods should be brought in at the temperature you would like them judged. This can be done by using insulated containers, wrapping carefully, and bringing your entry as close to the judging time as your schedule will allow. Lot Description 200 Fresh Salsa 201 Mexican Food 202 Main Dish (Entrée) 203 Vegetable Dish 204 Casserole 205 Salad 206 Appetizer 207 Dessert 208 Wild Game 209 Barbequed Food 210 Chili

211 212 213 214 215 216 217


219 220 221

Quiche Home-made Cheese Home-made Ice Cream Cheesecake Pie Cake Frozen Jam, Jelly and Pickles (must be thawed) Frozen Fruit or Vegetable (must be thawed) Bread Soup Other Than Classified

DEPARTMENT"J" HOBBY Department J-Hobby && Crafts CRAFTS Superintendent: Anita Kay (520) 4554622 SPECIAL RULES - READ CAREFULLY The objective and purpose of this department is to disseminate knowledge and encourage the growth of stimulating hobbies. It is the feeling of this department that each year we should strive for progressive excellence, a policy of QUALITY rather than quantity. Any entry is acceptable as long as it fits into the general scope of the Hobby Department. LOSS OR DAMAGE: The Board will not be responsible for loss or damage; but all possible precaution will be taken to ensure safety. The exhibitor, if desired, must arrange insurance. EXHIBITS: ONLY ONE ARTICLE OR ITEM may be entered in each lot. Every effort will be made by the superintendent to properly display all accepted exhibits. NO EXHIBIT will be accepted unless there is a class and lot covering it as listed in the premium book. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. The exhibitor is solely responsible for deciding on the PROPER CLASS AND LOT for his entry. Entries improperly classified will not be judged or changed. JUDGING: Entries may not be shown in competition more than two years. Judges are instructed not to make awards unless exhibits are deemed worthy of merit. Model Building No material to be used in Model Building classes 10 through 92, such as Legos, tinker toys, logs, building blocks, etc. Division 001 - Senior Model Building Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 002 - Intermediate Model Building Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. Kit Conversion Any amount of conversions may be added to model. Scratchbuilding materials may be used, or two kits or more to make one model. This is also known as kit bashing

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94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/17 or crosskitting, or kit modification. Division 003 - Senior Kit Conversion Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 004 - Intermediate Kit Conversion Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. Scratch Building (No kits) Division 005 - Senior Scratch Building Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 006 - Intermediate Scratch Building Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. Kit Built A model kit built strictly from the original kit; nothing else added except for paint, apply-decals. Division 007 - Senior Kit Built Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 008 - Intermediate Kit Built Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. Diorama Limited to 720 square inches. Any model with additional scenery and related items constitutes a diorama. Division 009 - Senior Diorama Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 010 - Intermediate Diorama Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. Motorcycles Class Description 10 Military (motorcycle type built exclusively for the military) 11 Stock (any motorcycle, built as it originally came from the factory) 12 Racing (any motorcycle, built for use in racing competition) 13 Diorama (see definition) Aircraft 15 Free flight model (capable of flight) power or non power 16 Flying scale model - built up construction 17 Control line model 18 Non-flying solid scale model - wood or metal 19 Plastics 20 Diorama (see definition) 21 Display - group of airplanes without scenic background, limited to 288 square inches Automobiles 25 Old time 28 Stock 26 Custom 29 Diorama (see definition) 27 Racing Vehicles 35 Horse drawn 39 Trucks 36 Lighter than air (Blimps, 40 Space Dirigible, Balloon)

1 Any other 37 Military (describe kind) 38 Motorcycles 42 Diorama (see definition) Boats and Ships (plastic) 45 Sail 47 Military 46 Working, other than sail 48 Diorama (see definition) Boats and Ships (materials other than plastics) Class Description 50 Old time 51 Modern 52 Working Sail 53 Working other than sail (Electric, Gas, etc.) 54 Military 55 Diorama (see definition) Railroads 60 Locomotive (steam) 61 Locomotive (diesel and electric) 62 Freight car 63 Passenger car (non-powered) 64 Caboose 65 Self-propelled railcar (railbus, trolley, interurban, etc.) 66 Maintenance of Way 67 Structures (railroad water tower, station, etc.) 68 Diorama (see definition) Model Rockets 70 Scale (capable of flight) 71 Sport (capable of flight) 72 Non-flying scale 73 Diorama (see definition) Architectural Building 75 Any type 76 Diorama (see definition) Scaled Reproductions 80 Any type Scaled Figures 85 90mm and larger figures 86 90mm and larger mounted figures 87 89mm and smaller figures 88 89mm and smaller mounted figures 89 Fantasy figures 90mm and larger 90 Fantasy figures 89mm and smaller 91 Collections (limited to five pieces) 92 Diorama (see definition) 93 Any not listed in lots above Special Rules this section of the Hobby Department: 1. Will be judged independently by type; that is, matchbooks will not be judged against miniature animals or dolls, etc. except for special awards. 2. Tell in a brief statement (on a 3” x 5” card - no larger) how your collection was formed. Did you get it over a considerable time period? Was it gathered from many sources? Did you collect it personally? How many items are in your full collection? This information will be helpful to the judges, and even if you don’t get a prize, it will be of interest to the people who see your collection. 3. Collection shall be defined as a group of not less than ten (10) articles collected

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by the exhibitor. A maximum of 10 pieces for larger items, 35 pieces for smaller items, with the exception of mounted collections see instructions below. Size to be determined by the Hobby Department Staff on day of receiving. Articles in a collection must not be made by the exhibitor. Collections entered as a club project cannot compete for premium awards in Collections. 4. Due to availability of display space, only the best of large exhibits will be displayed. Mounted collections not to exceed 720 square inches. The display in this Division should reflect the evidence of the hobbyist’s time, effort and ingenuity. Distinctiveness is also an important factor. **Class numbers are not used with Divisions 017, 018, and 019.

Division 017 - Antique Collections (Prior to 1930) Only one antique collection accepted from an exhibitor. Division 018 - Vintage Collections (1930 to 1950) Only one vintage collection accepted from an exhibitor. Division 019 - Modern Collections (Since 1950) Only one modern collection accepted from an exhibitor Handicraft Division No exhibit accepted unless there is a class listed below for same. Only one item except where noted. Division 020 - Developmentally Disabled Use class numbers 160 - 363. Division 021 - Visually Impaired Only exhibitors who have been declared visually impaired are eligible and encouraged to enter this Division. Use class numbers 160 - 363. Crafts Made From Wood Division 022 - Senior Craft Made From Wood Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank.

Division 023 - Intermediate Craft Made From Wood Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. Class Description 160 Wood, carved animals 161 Wood, carved figures 162 Wood, carved miscellaneous 163 Wood, inlaid 164 Wood, turned 165 Woodworking, (furniture, etc.) cut by exhibitor 166 Woodworking, (furniture, etc.) pre cut 167 Wood, cut miscellaneous 168 Fair Fun, any craft made from wood

Jewelry and Egg Decorating Division 024 - Senior Jewelry & Egg Decorating

Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 025 - Intermediate Jewelry & Egg Decorating Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. Class Description 175 Beadwork 176 Egg decorating - real (jeweled uncut) 177 Egg decorating - real (jeweled - cut) 178 Egg decorating - using napkins, decoupage, etc. 179 Egg decorating - hand painted or batiked (wax resist dye) 180 Jewelry, handmade, any article 181 Jewelry - safety pins 182 Jewelry - macramé 183 Lost wax - body jewelry 184 Fair Fun, any beadwork, egg or jewelry

Toys and Dolls Division 026 - Senior Toys & Dolls Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 027 - Intermediate Toys & Dolls Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. 190 Handmade toys, wood 191 Handmade toys, stuffed 192 Handmade toys, other 193 Dolls, handmade, Ceramic 194 Dolls, handmade, Porcelain 195 Dolls, handmade - soft (stuffed fabric) 196 Dolls, handmade - soft - novelty figures (stuffed fabric) 197 Dolls or figures, handmade, draped styrofoam 198 Dolls, Kachina type draped 199 Dolls, Kachina, carved from wood 200 Dolls, handmade, constructed with purchased parts 201 Dolls, corn husks 202 Dolls, Mop 203 Dolls, Other than classified 204 Fair Fun, any toy or doll

Doll Houses & Furnishings, Etc. Division 028 - Senior Doll Houses & Furnishings Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 029 - Intermediate Doll Houses & Furnishings Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. 206 Doll houses, 1” to 1 ft. scale-kit 207 Doll houses, smaller than 1” to 1 ft. scale 208 Doll houses, handmade, no kit 209 Doll houses, other than classified 210 Miniature room - smaller than 1” to 1 ft. scale 211 Miniature room - smaller than 1” to 1 ft. - all handmade 212 Miniature room - 1” to 1 ft. scale 213 Miniature room - 1” to 1 ft. scale - all

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handmade 214 Miniature room - commercial (bakery, florist, hat shop, etc.) 215 Doll furniture: kit, 1” to 1 ft. only limit 4 pieces 216 Doll furniture: original, 1” to 1 ft. only - limit 4 pieces 217 Doll furniture: kit, smaller than 1” to 1 ft. - limit 4 pieces 218 Doll furniture: original, smaller than 1” to 1 ft.-limit 4 pieces 219 Doll house furnishings needlework (afghans, rugs, pillows, etc.) 220 Doll house furnishings - modeled (plants, fruits, foods, etc.) 221 Doll house furnishings - other (not furniture) 222 Plastic canvas needlepoint, Building scene (limit 20” x 20”) 223 Plastic canvas needlepoint, Doll House (limit 20” x 20”) 224 Plastic canvas needlepoint, Doll furniture 225 Furnished doll house

Miscellaneous Crafts Division 030 - Senior Miscellaneous Crafts Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 031 - Intermediate Miscellaneous Crafts Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. 230 Arrangements - commercially made flowers 231 Arrangements - handmade flowers 232 Basketry 233 Batik or tie dyes, fabrics 234 Box, decorated - not decoupage 235 Candles, commercial and hand decorated (1 pair or set) 236 Candles, handmade and decorated (1 pair or set) 237 Candles, other 238 Centerpieces, table decoration 239 Decoupage - plaques, wall decor 240 Decoupage - other 241 Dimensional tole 242 Dough art 243 Electrical devices and lamps 244 God’s Eye 245 Macramé - wall decor 246 Macramé - hanging 247 Macramé - other 248 Magnetic decor 249 Metal, miscellaneous 250 Mini painting, 3” x 5” or smaller 251 Mobiles, any material 252 Mosaics - from stock design 253 Mosaics - original design 254 Nature craft - wall decor, arrangements, novelties 255 Origami - Paper folding NO scissors or glue. 256 Paper maché, figures, jewelry, etc.

18/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

257 Paper craft, collage, magazine folding, etc. 258 Plastics, novelties (box, bottles, lamps, etc.) 259 Quilling 260 Shell, miscellaneous (not a collection) 261 Silk flowers, original design, hand dyed 262 Silk flowers, kit 263 Tin can art 264 Tole painting on metal 265 Tole painting on wood 266 Weaving - off loom weaving by hand 267 Woodburning - kit or original design 268 Fair Fun, any miscellaneous craft 269 Magnet 270 Metal, any item 271 Egg 272 Faux stained glass 273 Picture Frame 274 Flower Pot 275 Piñata (under 18”) 276 Victorian Craft 277 Hair weaving 278 Gift wrapped item 279 Jewelry Box 280 Other than classified 281 Superintendents Special (articles must be approved by superintendent or entry office before entry will be accepted.) Homemade Soaps 282 Hand soap 286 Animal shampoo soaps 283 Laundry soap 287 Milk soaps 284 1 pint of soap granules 288 Other 285 Glycerin soaps Homemade Lotions 289 Glycerin 291 Milk 290 Animal 292 Other

Flower Arranging Non-Holiday: Man Made Materials/Natural Materials 293 Mixed Media 298 Corsage 294 Pressed Flower 299 Table Decoration 295 Bookmark 300 Wall Décor 296 Centerpiece 301 Hair Décor 297 Picture 302 Bridal Bouquet Scrap Book/Album One Page Layout 303 Baby 306 Wedding 304 Vacation 307 School Days 305 Family fun 308 All other

Needlework and Fabric Art Division 032 - Senior Needlework and Fabric Art Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank.

Division 033 - Intermediate Needlework and Fabric Art Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. 308 Counted Cross-stitch Picture(max. size 475 sq. inches) 309 Crewel picture 310 Fabric Art (no kits, burlap, felt, other fabrics) 311 Fabrics - painting 312 Needlepoint- yarn, original design 313 Needlepoint - yarn, printed pattern or kit 314 Stitchery - original design 315 Stitchery - printed pattern 316 Stitchery - kit 317 Fair Fun, crewel, cross stitch needlepoint, fabric painting or stitchery

Holiday Decorations Division 034 - Senior Holiday Decorations Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 035 - Intermediate Holiday Decorations Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry form. Class Description 318 Christmas Wreath 319 Christmas ornaments (maximum 3) 320 Christmas decorations (ceramic) 321 Christmas decorations (fabric or yarn) 322 Christmas decorations, other 323 Holiday decorations, other 324 Nativity Scene 325 Fair Fun, any holiday decoration

Glass Decorating Division 036 - Senior Glass Decorating Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 037 - Intermediate Glass Decorating Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. 326 Glass Etching (maximum size 475 sq. inches) 327 Glass stain - painted glass 328 Pen and ink on glass 329 Stained glass - lamp shades 330 Stained glass windows - leaded - up to 475 sq. in. 331 Stained glass windows - copper foil up to 475 sq. in. 332 Stained glass - Full fused-original design 333 Stained glass -Tack fused-original design 334 Stained glass - three dimensional 335 Stained glass - other than classified

Ceramic & Plaster Craft Division 038 - Senior Ceramic & Plaster Craft Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank.

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Division 039 - Intermediate Ceramic & Plaster Craft Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. 336 Ceramic - handmade, high or low fired clay 337 Ceramic - cast from mold-fired finish 338 Ceramic - unfired finish (acrylics type decoration) 339 Ceramic - over glaze (decals, china paint, lusters, precious metals) 340 China painting 341 Plaster craft 342 Fair Fun, - any ceramic, china painting, etc.

Leather Craft Division 040 - Senior Leather Craft Exhibitors 16 years of age and older – be sure to state your age on entry blank. Division 041 - Intermediate Leather Craft Exhibitors under 16 years of age - be sure to state your age on entry blank. Leather (Hand Tooled) Class Description Class Description 343 Album cover 347 Billfold 344 Bag or purse 348 Briefcase 345 Belt 349 Picture, hand tooled 346 Holster belt 350 Any other, not listed Unborn Calf Leather 351 Bag or Purse 352 Billfol Leather Braiding 353 Bridle Reins 356 Belts 354 Hat Bands 357 Any other 355 Whips Braided Rawhide 358 Bridle Reins 361 Bridle Headstalls 359 Bosal 362 Any Other 360 Quirts Whips Other 363 Old Leathercraft

Division 042 Old Timer's Handicrafts (Exhibitors must be 65 years of age or over) Entries may be divided into categories for judging at the discretion of the judges. 364 Women Exhibitors 365 Men Exhibitors

Fine Art – Amateur Division Special Rules for this section of the Hobby Department 1. Work must be framed and mounted, with wire or hooks, suitable for hanging. 2. Picture must not exceed 800 square inches, including frame. Division 043 - Senior Fine Art Amateur Exhibitors 16 years of age and over, use class numbers 366 - 378


(520) 287-6848

94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/19 Division 044 - Intermediate Fine Art Amateur Exhibitors 11 years of age and under 16 years, use class numbers 366 – 378

Division 045 - Junior Fine Art Amateur Exhibitors under 11 years of age, use class numbers 366 - 378. 366 Oil 371 Charcoal 367 Acrylics 372 Pencil 368 Water color 373 Pen and ink 369 Pastel 374 Mixed Media 370 Fair Fun, - interpretation using any medium Sculpture 375 Metal 376 Wood

377 Stone 378 Clay

DEPARTMENT -FLORICULDepartment "K" K-Floriculture TURE Superintendent: Carol Schmitt (455-5734) GENERAL RULES 1. GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS published in the front of this book apply to this department. 2. Containers for cut specimens will be furnished. All containers for artistic arrangements and potted plants must have name and address attached to the bottom of the container. 3. The number of entries to be made by one person for competition shall not be limited; however, only one entry in each lot (unless otherwise specified) and only one entry from any one address in each lot will be accepted. 4. The department superintendent will be in charge of every exhibit. All due care and precautions will be taken to protect exhibits, but the Fair will in no case be responsible for any loss or damage which may occur, and entries are made and accepted on this condition. LABELING 5. All plants and cut specimens shall be labeled with plant name. 5. Entries improperly classified will not be changed or judged. Proper classification of exhibits will prevent disqualification by the judges. JUDGING 7. Judges will award such premiums as exhibits merit. If any entries are judged not worthy of a premium, the judges will make no award. 8. In "Any Other" Lots where three or more exhibits of one variety are shown and named, the Superintendent may, if deemed necessary, create one or more Lots. This will allow exhibits to be judged in their own category. 9. Exhibitors shall not be permitted in the immediate vicinity of the judging area

during judging. 10. Judging will be the same morning the entries are received. 11. The decision of the judges shall be final. DESIGNS (FLORAL) 12. Arrangements using artificial flowers or foliage will NOT be accepted for judging, except where specified. 13. Arrangements may be of all dried materials, all fresh materials, or combination of both, unless otherwise specified in a particular LOT. 14. Bases and accessories may be used in all classes, unless otherwise specified. All accessories are used AT THE EXHIBITOR'S RISK. 15. All fresh material must have an ample water supply available to insure good condition throughout the display period. Fair reserves the right to remove any exhibit at any time that its appearance is unsuited to remain on exhibit. Conditioning of flowers is advised.

113 Any other, no limits CLASS NO. 146 - DESIGN, SILK FLOWERS Lot Description 114 One sided arrangement a. Triangular b. S Curve c. Other 115 Table centerpiece a. Conventional b. Imaginative 116 Any other, no limits CLASS NO. 147 - POTTED PLANTS AND DISH GARDENS Must have been in exhibitor's possession for three months. No accessories. Lot Description 117 African Violet, collection, (4 or more plants) 118 Cactus, one variety 119 Cactus, one container, more than one variety 120 Coleus 121 Flowering plant, one variety Flowering plant, one contain 122 er, more than one variety 123 Foliage plant, one variety 124

Juniors, Arrangements, Potted Plants, Garden Flowers, Roses, Branches and Dish Gardens. To be entered September 15 only from 9 a.m. to 7 P.M.. Fresh cut flowers to be entered on Saturday, September 18 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Not eligible for State Fair Outreach Program. CLASS NO. 145 - DRIED DECORATIONS Lot Description 107 Wreath a. Dried b. Green c. Combination 108 Swag a. Dried b. Green c. Combination 109 Using a basket 110 Using a bottle 111 One sided arrangement a. Triangular b. S Curve c. Other 112 Table Centerpiece a. Conventional b. Imaginative

Foliage plant, one container, more than one variety 125 Foliage plant, succulent 126 Foliage plant, Fern, any vari ety 127 Geranium, pink a. Single b. Double


Rio Rico, AZ • (520) 223-1370




131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138


Geranium, red a. Single b. Double Geranium, white a. Single b. Double Geranium, other color a. Single b. Double Geranium, ivy leaf Geranium, scented leaf Geranium, other odd leaf Other foliage plant Other flowering plant Terrarium Terrarium, desert plants Exotic foliage plant

139 140

Exotic flowering plant Collection of one plant, 4 or more 141 Collection of Begonias, 4 or more 142 Collection of cacti/succulents, 4 or more Hanging plants, more than one variety 143 Collection of plants, more than one variety 144 Dish Garden 145 Hanging flowering plant 146 Hanging foliage plant 147 Plant with fruit CLASS NO. 148 FLOWERING or FRUITED BRANCHES One stem, can branch. Must be named. (12"-24" in length) To be entered Saturday, Sept. 18, 8-10 am Lot Description 148 Bougainvillea, red 149 Bougainvillea, any other color 150 Cassia, any variety 151 Lantana, orange or red 152 Lantana, yellow 153 Lantana, any other 154 Oleander, any color 155 Olive 156 Passion Vine 157 Pecans 158 Pomegranate 159 Pyracantha 160 Red Mexican Bird of Paradise 161 Yellow Mexican Bird of Paradise 162 Queen's Wreath 163 Shrimp Plant, red 164 Shrimp Plant, yellow 165 Fruited Branches, Any other not listed 166 Flowering Branch, Any other not listed above CLASS NO. 149 -GARDEN FLOWERS To be entered Saturday, Sept. 19, 8-10 am Lot Description 167 Alyssum, 1 stem any color 168 Anemone, 1 stem, any color 169 Aster, 3 stems 170 Canna, 1 stalk, yellow 171 Canna, 1 stalk, pink 172 Canna, 1 stalk, red 173 Canna, 1 stalk, any other not listed 174 Celosia, 1 stalk, plumed vari ety, any color 175 Celosia, 1 stalk, crested vari ety, any color 176 Cosmos, 3 stems, orange 177 Cosmos, 3 stems, lavender 178 Cosmos, 3 stems, white 179 Chrysanthemum (1 spray) 180 Chrysanthemum, 1 bloom dis budded

181 182 183 184 185 186

Dahlia, 1 stem Dianthus, 1 stem, any color Geranium, 1 stem Gazania, 1 stem, any color Gerbera, 1 stem, any color Gloriosa Daisy, 1 stem, any color 187 Marigold French double, 3 stems 188 Marigold, French single, 3 stems Lot Description 189 Marigold, variegated, 3 stems, one variety 190 Marigold, giant, 3 stems 191 Pansy - 3 stems, any color 192 Phlox, 3 stems 193 Petunia, double, 1 stem, any color 194 Petunia, single, 1 stem, any color Salvia, 3 stems, any color 194 195 Shasta Daisy, 1 stem, any color 196 Snapdragon, 3 stems 197 Strelitzia, 1 stock, any color 198 Vinca, 3 stems, white 199 Vinca, 3 stems, lavender 200 Zinnia, dahlia type, 3 stems, one color, 4" or over 201 Zinnia, cactus, 3 stems, one color, 4" or over 202 Zinnia, medium flowered, 24", 3 stems, one color 203 Zinnia, small flowered, under 2", 3 stems, one color 204 Zinnia, large variety, 12 stems, mixed colors 205 Wildflower 205 Any other flower not listed above (must be named), 1 no flowering shrub, may enter more than one. Must be different varieties. CLASS NO. 150-ROSES To be entered Saturday, Sept. 18, 8-10 am Lot Description 207 Hybrid Tea a. One flower, salmon b. One flower, red c. One flower, pink d. One flower, yellow e. One flower, bi-color f. All shades, 1 each color 208 Hybrid Tea, blends, 1 each color 209 Hybrid Tea, mixed colors (2) 210 Hybrid Tea, mixed bouquet (8) 211 Grandiflora, 1 stem of each color 212 Grandiflora, spray, one color 213 Floribunda, 1 stem of each color 214 Floribunda, spray, one color CLASS NO. 151 - MISCELLANEOUS ROSES

20/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

To be entered on Saturday, Sept. 18, 8-10 am. (One stem, named) Lot Description 215 Old Garden Roses introduced prior to 1867 216 Old Garden Roses introduced in 1867 or later 217 Single or semi-double rose, any color 218 Single or semi-double rose, any color, mini 219 Climbing rose, any color 220 Climbing rose, any color, mini 221 Full blown rose, stamens must show, any color 222 Full blown rose, stamens must show, any color, mini 224 Most Fragrant rose, any color 225 Most Fragrant rose, any color, mini 226 Polyanthas, one spray 227 Polyanthas, three sprays, different varieties

228 Shrub Rose, single bloom, any color 229 Shrub Rose, three stems, any color 230 Unknown Rose, growing in your yard

CLASS NO. 152 - DESIGN ARRANGEMENT Fresh Cut Material, Some Dried Material Allowed To be entered Saturday, Sept. 18, 8-10am. Lot Description 230 Massed Arrangement 231 Line Arrangement 232 Close Harmony of Hues/Colors Arrangement 233 Crescent Form Arrangement 234 Table Centerpiece Arrangement 235 Table Centerpiece Arrangement 236 In a Glass Container 237 Featuring Dahlias 238 Featuring Chrysanthemums 239 Featuring Roses




240 241 242 243 244

Featuring Marigolds Featuring Zinnias Featuring any other flower Arrangement of Foliage Arrangement of fruit and/or vegetables

YOUTH DIVISION General rules in adult schedule to be followed. All junior entries will be divided and judged in school and age groups as follows: 1st thru 3rd 4th thru 6th 7th thru 9th CLASS NO. 153 – Plants

Lot 245 246 247 248


Description Foilage Plant Blooming Plant Plant rooted in water One annual or perrenial, one bloom or spray

Three annuals, different kinds, one bloom each

CLASS NO. 154 – DESIGN Lot Description 250 Arrangement in a toy 251 An animal or animals made of fruit, flowers and/or vegeta bles 252 Table Arrangement 949 Shrub rose spray, any color

Department“L” L-Photography DEPARTMENT PHOTOGRAPHY Superintendent: Foster Drummond (4562911) This Department is NOT eligible for State Fair Outreach program. See general rules and regulations at the front of this book. 1. Photographs will not be accepted if previously exhibited at any other County Fair. Snapshots or enlargements of the same photo may not be exhibited the same year or more than once.


Ph: (520)287-2529

2. Enlargement sizes: 5”x7” to 11” tox14” Snapshot sizes: 3”x5” to 4”x6” Maximum mounted size: 20”x24” Snapshot series: Photos must 3. be related and captioned, telling a story or depicting an event. Limit of six (6) prints per series and must be mounted on a single display, maximum size 16”x20”. 4. NO FRAMES OR GLASS ACCEPTED. Hard or soft cover is acceptable. Some form of mounting is required for all photographs. 5. The Photography Department will take due care, but will not be responsible for loss or damage to exhibits. 6. Due to the popularity of digital photography, film and digitals will be judged equally. 7. Judges will present, if merited, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons in each Class and Lot. “Best of Show” ribbons will be presented, one for each of the classes. 8. Please have your class and lot designations chosen prior to entry.

Class designations are as follows: A - Professional (Sells or publishes work for profit) B - Amateur (Non-professional or hobbyist) C- Youth (Ages 14 and under) Class A-1: Professional Black and White Prints Class A-2: Professional Color Enlargements Class A-3: Professional Color Snapshots Class A-4: Professional Computer Enhanced Class A-5: Professional Color Snapshot Series Class B-6: Amateur Black and White Prints Class B-7: Amateur Color Enlargements Class B-8: Amateur Color Snapshots Class B-9: Amateur Computer Enhanced Class B-10: Amateur Color Snapshot Series Class C-11: Youth Black and White Prints Class C-12: Youth Color Enlargements Class C-13: Youth Color Snapshots Class C-14: Youth Computer Enhanced Class C-15: Youth Color Snapshot Series Class 16: Open to All: Humorous, Color or Black and White Class 17: Open to All: Photos taken at last year’s fair, color or black and white Lots: Entry limits are 4 per lot and will be categorized as follows: Lot 1: People Lot 2: Scenic Lot 3: Animals Lot 4: Flowers/Plants Lot 5: Skies





94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/21

Department M-Fine Arts

Amateur and Professional SUPERINTENDENT: Katheryn Drummond (456-2911) This Department is NOT eligible for entry in the State Fair Outreach program. If you would like to enter your art in the State Fair please enter it in “Hobby - Fine Arts”. Articles may not be entered in both areas. See also General Rules & Regulations at the front of this book. For professional artists over 18 years of age only. 1. Only original works not previously exhibited at any County Fair will be accepted. 2. Entry must be the work of the exhibitor. 3. Entry must be framed, wired and ready to hang. No wet painting will be accepted. UNFRAMED ART WILL BE ENTERED IN “HOBBY” CLASSES. No sawtooth hangers. 4. Entries should be made early to facilitate hanging. Works must remain in place until Monday, September 21. 6. There will be two categories: Three (3) entries per entrant or a maximum of twelve (12) square feet of wall space. Status based on the artist having had an accredited art education or who has sold more than $750 in work in any year's time. The Superintendent reserves the right to make such a designation and may decide the same if an applicant enters under a wrong category CLASS M-1 - PROFESSIONAL PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS & SCULPTURE Lot Description 1. Oils and Acrylics 4. Sculpture 2. Pastels 5. Other (Pen & Ink, 3. Water Colors Pencil, Charcoal) 6. Scratchboard


Lot Description 1. Oils and Acrylics 4. Sculpture 2. Pastels 5. Other (Pen & Ink, 3. Water Colors Pencil, Charcoal)

6. Scratchboard

Department N-Cowboy Crafts

Superintendent: Steve Schmitt (455-5734) This Department is NOT eligible for entry in the State Fair Outreach program. If you would like to enter your art in the State Fair please enter it in “Hobby - Fine Arts”. Articles may not be entered in both areas. Open to everyone who was, is or ever wanted to be or might someday be a working cowboy. A display of handcrafts related to gathering cows, herding horses or spare time crafts using ranch equipment. Class N1: Professional Class N2: Amateur Lot Description Lot Description 1 Leather works 16 New Saddles 2 Halter Maker 17 Restored Old 3 Hacamores Cowboy Gear 4 Horseshoe Craft 18 Spur Straps 5 Hat Bands 19 Horsehair items 6 Cinch Making 20 Silver 7 Braided Rawhide Work 21 Hobbles 8 Spurs 22 Breast Collars 9 Riata Braiding 23 Knives 10 Bosals 24 Reins 11 Headstalls 25 Belts 12 Saddle Blankets 26 Silver 13 Restored Old Saddles 27 Bits (with before picture) 28 Engraving 14 Homemade knives 29 Gun Holster & Belt 15 Chaps 30 Other

Department A-Rabbits & Fowl

Superintendent: Dean Fish (281-2994) Department Rules See also General Rules & Regulations at the front of this book. 1. Wire cages will be provided, please call to reserve. 2. Birds exhibited in a trio or pen may not be judged as individuals. 3. Eggs will be judged on uniformity of weight, shape, color, shell texture and interior quality of candling. One egg in each entry may be broken at the discretion of the judges. Eggs to be entered on Wednesday with all other open entries! 4. Classes will be provided for all varieties of large and Bantam chickens, turkeys, and guineas which are recognized

in the Standard of Perfection. 5. No more than four (4) per lot. 6. Animals will not be released until 4:00 P.M. Sunday. CLASS 1 - POULTRY 1. Cock, Male Bird (hatched before 1/1/09) 2. Hen, Female ird (hatched before 1/1/09) 3. Cockerel, Male Bird (hatched after 1/1/09) 4. Pullet, Female Bird (hatched after 1/1/09) 5. Old Trio, One Male & Two Females (hatched before 1/1/09) 6. Young Trio, One Male & Two Females (hatched after 1/1/09)_ 7. Pen of Three Females, to be judged on maturity of body type, growth, maturity and egg laying characteristics (hatched before 1/1/09) 8. Pen of Three Fryers, 9 to 12 weeks 9. Pen of Three Roasters, 16 to 20 weeks 10. Large White Eggs, 24-26 oz. in carton 11. Large Brown Eggs, 24-26 oz. in carton 12. Large Green Eggs, 24-26 oz. In carton 13. Medium White Eggs, 21-23 oz. in carton 14. Medium Brown Eggs, 21-23 oz. in carton 15. Medium Green Eggs, 21-23 oz. In carton 16. Small White Eggs, 18-20 oz. in carton 17. Small Brown Eggs, 18-20 oz. in carton 18. Small Green Eggs, 18-20 oz. In carton CLASS 2 - TURKEYS, BANTAMS, GUINEAS Individuals or Pair CLASS 3 - DUCKS & GEESE Lot No. 1. Hen 4. Goose 2. Drake 5. Gander 3. Ducks, pair 6. Geese, pair CLASS 4 - RARE & EXOTIC Peafowl, Pheasant, Quail, Etc. CLASS I-5 - PIGEONS Any Standard Breed Lot No 3. Male, young 4. Female, young 1. Male, old 2. Female, old CLASS 6 - RABBITS Lot No. 1. Buck, over 6 months 4. Doe, over 6 months 2. Buck, under 6 months 5. Doe, under 6 months 3. Doe and litter

Department B-Livestock

SUPERINTENDENT: Dean Fish (2812994) Department Rules See also General Rules & Regulations at

For Business and Visitor Information Call:

520-377- 9336 1279C West Frontage Rd. • Rio Rico, Az. 85648

the front of the book. PRE-REGISTRATION OF LIVESTOCK IS NECESSARY TO ENSURE PEN SPACE - CALL FOR ENTRY FORM AND PLEASE MAIL AS DIRECTED. POST ENTRIES ACCEPTED AS SPACE ALLOWS. 1. All livestock must be owned by the exhibitor. Exhibitor must bring identifying sign to place on pen after cattle are judged, for exhibit purposes. 2. The Fair Management Board will provide pens and water, and will not in any case be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to livestock exhibited. 3. Exhibitor may exhibit two (2) pens in each class. 4. Livestock will be released at 4:00 P.M. Sunday CATTLE CLASS 1 - FEEDER STEER CALVES Pen of Three (3) - One Alternate Allowed CLASS 2 - WEANER HEIFERS - 6-12 MONTHS Pen of Three (3) - One Alternate Allowed CLASS 3 - REPLACEMENT HEIFERS 18-24 MONTHS Pen of Three (3) - One Alternate Allowed CLASS 4 - BREEDING STOCK HEIFERS Will be judged by breed if quantity permits. CLASS 5 - COW AND CALF PAIR Any Breed EXOTICS CLASS 6 - ALPACAS SHEEP CLASS 7 - RAMS Lot Description 1 Ram, 1 year or older 3 Pair of Ram Lambs 2 Ram lamb CLASS 8 - EWES Lot Description 4 Ewe, 1 year or older6. Pair of ewe lambs 5 Ewe lamb CLASS 9 - GROUPS & PAIRS Lot Description 7 Young flock: 1 Ram lamb, 2 Ewe lambs, bred by exhibitor 8 Get of Sire: Four animals, any age, get of one sire, all bred and owned by exhibitor 9 Flock: One yearling or lamb ram, 2 yearling ewes, 2 ewe lambs, owned by exhibitor 10 Best pair: either sex or age, owned by exhibitor Any other types of livestock: (colored wool sheep, angora sheep, meat goats, llamas, ratites, etc.) are more than welcome to exhibit to promote breeds and help make a better Fair.

22/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

4-H General Rules

1. Details and arrangements for exhibits will be handled by Fair Superintendents & assistants.

2. 4-H and FFA youth may exhibit only projects completed in the current 4-H or FFA year and those in which they are currently enrolled. ALL ENTRIES MUST HAVE A PARTIALLY COMPLETED RECORD BOOK TO COMPETE IN THE FAIR. The Record Books must accompany the exhibit when entries are checked in.

3. Every effort will be made to protect and care for entries, but in no case will Cooperative Extension or any Fair Official be responsible for any damage or loss which may occur. Entries are made and accepted on this condition.

4. This division is open to any participant in a 4-H Youth Development Program or FFA Program. This would include club members in good standing and enrolled with the Cooperative Extension Office during the current club year, 4-H School Enrichment participants and youth involved in 4-H Special Interest Groups or self-determined projects may compete in this division. 5. All entries must comply with the description number and size as given in the class description or will be disqualified. Note: FOUR items per division, ONE entry per class unless otherwise specified.

6. Entries will be accepted on-line at the website specified by the Cooperative Extension Office. Complete instructions will be available in the August and September 4-H Newsletter. Entries must be input into the online system by 5:00, September 4, 2009. If internet access is not available, members may request a written hard copy entry form and submit those by 5:00, September 3, 2010.

7. All exhibits and contests will be judged by the Danish System of judging with blue, red, white and no award groups, according to the decision of the judge.

8. In classes where there is no competition, the judges may decide which award, if any, is merited.

9. If entering the Arizona State Fair, exhibitors must see that their exhibits are tagged with a 2"X3" folded and taped card with his/her name, division and class

numbers. These tags must be attached before bringing your entry to the county fair. For the Santa Cruz County Fair, your entry must be tagged, with an official entry tag, prior to bringing them to the display area. Official entry tags will be made available to all members at fair check-in. 10. All other personal identification must be removed from the exhibit before bringing it to the fairgrounds.

11. In the Food Department, cakes should be exhibited on cardboard rounds or squares. All other exhibits should be brought in on disposable paper plates and covered with zip-lock bags. Please DO NOT use foil covering. 12. Junior and Senior General Projects Sweepstakes Award: Total points in all entries for 4-H Divisions A - N. Calculated on the basis of points as follows: blue ribbon = 3 points, red ribbon = 2 points, and white ribbon = 1 point.

13. The Fair Management Board and Cooperative Extension has the right to reject any exhibit showing evidence of disease or infestation or any exhibit that is a hazard to spectators or other exhibits. This applies especially to any animal that is not properly trained which could be a menace and/or safety hazard to spectators, exhibitors or other exhibits.

14. All 4-H exhibits will be released at 4:00 P.M. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 or MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M.

15. At the Discretion of the judge, awards may be given at the Fair in the 4-H Division for: Gr. Champion & Reserve Clothing Gr. Champion & Reserve Food Preparation Gr. Champion & Reserve Family Relations Gr. Champion & Reserve Photography Gr. Champion & Reserve General Arts and Crafts Gr. Champion & Reserve Fine Arts Gr. Champion & Reserve Misc. Project Exhibits Gr. Champion & Reserve Misc. Educational Exhibits Gr. Champion & Reserve Group Educational Exhibits Gr. Champion & Reserve Entomology Gr. Champion & Reserve Growing with Plants Jr. and Sr. General Projects Sweepstakes Gr. Champion Poultry Showmanship - Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion & Reserve Poultry

Gr. Champion Rabbit Showmanship - Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion & Reserve Rabbit Gr. Champion & Reserve Pigeon Gr. Champion Pygmy Goat Showmanship - Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion & Reserve Champion Pygmy Goat Gr. Champion Pack Goat Showmanship Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion and Reserve Champion Pack Goat Gr. Champion and Reserve Champion Market Goat Gr. Champion Market Goat Showmanship - Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion Sheep Showmanship - Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion & Reserve Champion Lamb Gr. Champion & Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe Gr. Champion & Reserve Champion Breeding Ram Gr. Champion Swine Showmanship - Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion Beef Showmanship - Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion & Reserve Champion Hog Gr. Champion & Reserve Heifer Gr. Champion Round Robin Showmanship- Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion & Reserve Steer Gr. Champion Dog Showmanship - Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion Horse Showmanship - Sr. & Jr. Gr. Champion & Reserve Champion Dog Obedience Tubac Center of the Fine Arts Award Mary Catherine Bradley Senior Fine Arts Award Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors' Photography Awards

16. Senior Division youth are those who were 14 years of age by January 1, 2009. Junior Division youth are those who were at least 9 and not 14 years of age as of January 1, 2010.


011 Beginning Clothing The following should be simple-to-sew patterns made with easy to-sew woven fabrics. Zippers, buttonholes, and set-in sleeves should be avoided.

101 - Pillowcase or dishtowel

Dr. Saucedo 490 N. Carondelet Drive • Nogales, Arizona



102 - Tote or drawstring bag 103 - Pillow, no ruffles 104 - Apron, any style 105 - Skirt with elastic 106 - Shorts/pants with elastic and draw string waist 107 - Blouse or shirt 108 - Vest with or without lining 109 - Dress or Jumper 110 - Any other simple to sew garment 111 - Any other simple to sew article (scarf, hair tie…) 112 - Educational Exhibit related to project learning

012 Intermediate Clothing The following should include techniques such as zippers, buttonholes, interfacing, trims, lining, etc. Various fabric choices should be explored.

113 - Back pack 114 - Pillow with ruffles, quilting, appliqué 115 - Skirt with fitted waist 116 - Shorts/pants with fitted waist 117 - Blouse or shirt 118 - Dress or jumper 119 - Vest with button closure 120 - Jacket or coat 121 - Two or more piece ensemble 122 - Sleepwear 123 - Any other garment 124 - Any other article (hat, purse, etc…) 125 - Educational exhibit related to project learning

013 Advanced Clothing The following must include techniques significantly more difficult, such as set-in sleeves, tailored fit, two-piece collar, special seam finishes, etc. Consider using fabrics which require special handling.

126 - Vest, must be lined 127 - Blouse or Shirt 128 – Dress 129 - Skirt with zipper and waistband 130 - Short/Pants with zipper and waistband 131 - Jacket or Coat 132 - Two or more piece ensemble 133 - Lingerie or Swimwear 134 - Garment designed by member 135 - Any other garment of appropriate difficulty 137 - Any other Article of appropriate difficulty

Food Preparation Division Each food item entered should be of high quality and attractively prepared. All entries should be on a paper plate and placed in a zip lock bag or wrapped in plastic. Cakes and breads should be left whole. Cakes may be placed in glass or


• Laser Body Sculpting • Tummy Tuck • Breast Augmentation • Vaginal rejuvenation • Complete Pregnancy & • Gynecology Care • Liposuction • Stretch mark reduction



94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/23 plastic cake server. Submit 4-6 uncut cookies, brownies, muffins, and rolls. Foods exhibited must not contain perishable fillings or toppings such as: creams, eggs, custard, rice, meat, meat and vegetable combinations, cooked beans, fresh fruits, etc. Foods requiring refrigeration will not be accepted. Attach to each food item entered a 3"x 5" card with the name of the food item and the recipe used.

021 First Year Foods 191 - Cookies, no bake, drip or bar 192 - Drop biscuits 193 - Muffins or quick breads 194 - Any non-perishable items dried 195 - Educational Exhibit 022 Second Year Foods 196 - Cookies, drop bar or rolled 197 – Biscuit, drop or rolled 198 - Quick coffee cake 199 - Any other non-perishable item 200 - Educational Exhibit 023 Third Year Foods 201 - Cookies, bar, bar or rolled or pressed 202 - Bread Sticks or soft pretzels 203 - Cornbread 204 - Any other non-perishable item 205 - Educational Exhibit 024 Fourth Year Foods 206 - Cookies pressed or molded 207 - Dinner or Cinnamon Rolls 208 - Cake, Half Sheet or Layer 209 - Any other non-perishable item 210 - Educational Item 025 Fifth Year and Older Foods 211 - Cookies, specialty 212 - Yeast bread 213 - Candy 214 - Any other non-perishable item 215 - Educational Exhibit 026 Food Preservation 216 - Canned Fruit 217 - Canned Vegetables 218 - Canned Meats 219 - Dried Fruit or Fruit Leather 220 - Dried Meat 221 - Jams, Jellies or Preserves (may enter one of each) 222 - Pickles or Relish (may enter one of each) 027 International Foods 223 - Non Perishable food item (attach 3x5 information card) 224 - Educational exhibit 028 Outdoor Cooking 225 - Non-Perishable 226 - Educational exhibit

Family Relations & Human Development Division All entries should be easy to use, durable, safe and attractive. Used items are appropriate, but need to be clean. Attach a 3”x5” card to each entry (except educa-

tional exhibits) stating use of the item, what age group it could be used with and how it relates to project learning.

031 Child Care (All Levels) 325 - Sitters Kit Year 1 326 - Sitters Kit Year 2 327 - Members reference book of ideas/clippings 328 - Two Original stories bases on project criteria 329 - Two Puppets made by Member 330 - Original Handmade toy or play idea 331 - Sitters Journal/Scrapbook (minimum 5 jobs) 332 - Daily Outline for summer sitting job (minimum 5 days 6 hrs /day 333 - Original Childs book 334 - Report of volunteer service 335 - Educational Exhibit related to project learning 032 Life Enrichment JR Exhibitors 340 -

est) 346 - Service Educational Poster 347 - Journal of Special Experience 348 - Any Other Exhibit

Photography Division Entry Information: 1. All photos must be part of the member's project learning and must be mounted on poster or mat board. Photos may be framed. Photos entered on inappropriate material may be disqualified. 2. Junior members may enter prints (no smaller than 4” x 6”) or enlargements. The photos may be attached to poster or mad board. Senior members must enter 5” x 7” or 8” x 10” enlargements. Photos must be window matted. 3. All entries must be labeled on the back with the following: name, age and year in 4-H when photo was taken, division, class, type of camera used and printing process used (by self in lab or on computer, print

394 - Plants or flowers 395 - People 396 - Special Event 397 - Close up of any subject 398 - Action Shot of any subject 399 - Trick Shot of any subject 400 - Still life (artistic arrangement of inanimate objects) 401 - Photo illustrating a creative interpretation of a commonplace subject 402 - "This is 4-H" Poster 403 - Photo story 404 - Educational Exhibit

046 Intermediate & Advanced Photography 405 - Trick photo done by processing 406 - Portrait or silhouette 407 - Panorama 408 - Montage 409 - Special effects 410 - Poster of at least 3 photos showing variations in lighting 411 - Poster of at least 3 photos showing variations in shutter or film speed 412 - Poster of at least 3 photos showing variations in perspective or distance 413 - Poster of at least 3 photos showing variations in computer alterations of 414 - Art exhibit 415 - News photo layout 416 - Astrophotography 417 - Color as a subject 418 - Use of scale, shadows, texture, reflections or patterns 419 - Use of special lenses, filters or flash 420 - Photo in the style of a well known photographer (specify on back)

General Arts and Crafts Division

Social RecreationEducational Poster on an activity 341 - Expressive Arts-Educational Poster on dance, drama photography 342 - Cultural Heritage 343 - Outdoor Education 344 - Sports/ exercise and Physical activity 345 - Hobbies 346 - Service 347 - Journal of the Special Experience 348 - Any other exhibit expressing a life project 033 Life Enrichment SR Exhibitors 340 - Social Recreation Educational Poster 341 - Expressive Arts Educational Poster 342 - Cultural Heritage Educational Poster 343 - Outdoor Education/Recreation Educational Poster 344 - Sports, Exercise and Physical Activities Ed. Poster 345 - Hobbies (collections of special inter-

shop, web service, etc.). 4. Digital photos must be printed on photo paper. An explanation of any alterations made should be attached to the back. 5. Exhibitors may enter two black & white and two color photographs per class. Poster exhibits are limited to one per class.

Division 041 - First Year Photography Division 042 - Second Year Photography Division 043 - Third Year Photography Division 044 - Fourth Year Photography Division 045 - Fifth Year - Tenth Year Photography

Class and Class Description 390 - Landscape or cityscape 391 - Sky scene 392 - Building or structure photo 393 - Animal, bird or insect

Division 051 - Leathercraft by Junior Members/General Arts and Crafts Division 052 - Leathercraft by Senior Members/General Arts and Crafts

461 - Belts 462 - Billfolds 463 - Coin purses, key cases etc 464 - Camera Cases etc. 465 - Halters and bridles, breast collars, etc 466 - Leather covered articles 467 - Braided articles 468 - Laced articles 469 - Purses, briefcases, saddlebags, gun scabbards 470 - Soft leather items 471 - Any other articles 472 - Educational exhibit

Division 053 - Woodworking by Junior Members/General Arts & Crafts Division 054 - Woodworking by Senior Members/General Arts & Crafts No balsa, Popsicle stick, clothespin, or




L . L . C

Office: (520) 281-1737 ¥ Cells: (520) 223-5733 and (520) 313-3034 235 Circulo Cerro ¥ Rio Rico, AZ 85648

toothpick projects will be accepted in these classes. 475 - Bench vise 476 - Nest shelf 477 - Napkin or letter holder 478 - Tie rack or key holder 479 - Tool box 485 - Shoe shine or tool box 486 - Pencil holder 487 - Birdhouse or feeder 488 - Toy 489 - Any other article 490 - Educational exhibit

Division 055 - Related Arts and Crafts/General Arts & Crafts May enter two different items per class for classes 534 - 539.

055 Related Arts and Crafts 534 - Ceramic article - mold purchased 535 - Ceramic article - wheel 536 - Ceramic article - Other technique 537 - God's eye or dreamcatcher 538 - String craft 539 - Tissue paper craft 540 - Waste basket 541 - Beadwork 542 - Dip and drape 543 - Paper Mache 544 - Plaster craft 545 - Tole painting 546 - Decoupage 547 - Fabric craft 548 - Metal craft 549 - Woodcraft 550 - Saltcraft 551 - Glass etching craft 552 - Stained glass craft 553 - Natural craft 554 - Jewelry 555 - Bread dough craft 556 - Christmas decoration craft 557 - Other holiday decoration craft 558 - Cloth doll 559 - Any other doll 560 - Quilted Item, hand sewn 561 - Quilted item, machine sewn 562 - Costume 563 - Any other craft item

056 Fine Arts All entries must be the work of the exhibitor and classified truthfully as to conception, whether the entry is original or a copy. 565 - Oils and tempura, original 566 - Oils and tempura, copy (partial or entire) 567 - Watercolor, original 568 - Watercolor. Copy (partial or entire) 569 - Pencil sketch, original 570 - Pencil sketch, copy (partial or entire) 571 - Charcoal, original 572 - Charcoal, copy (partial or entire)

24/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

573 - Pen and ink, original 574 - Pen and ink, copy (partial or entire) 575 - Pastels, original 576 - Pastels, copy (partial or entire) 577 - Any other fine art project

057 Fiber Crafts 587 - Knitted home accessory 588 - Knitted clothing article 589 - Knitted garment 590 - Any other knitted item 591 - Crewel embroidery (own design) 592 - Crewel embroidery (Stamped design) 593 - Embroidery item (Own design) 594 - Embroidery item (stamped design) 595 - Counted cross stitch design (own design) 596 - Counted cross stitch item (stamped design) 597 - Needlepoint

(Kit) 598 - Needlepoint (original) 599 - Stitchery (kit) 600 - Stitchery (original) 601 - Beginning macramé 602 - Intermediate macramé 603 - Advanced macramé 604 - Needleweaving 605 - Fingerweaving 606 - Article, product of inkle loom 607 - Article, off loom weaving 608 - Article, product of table or frame loom 609 - Article, coil technique 610 - Article, twining technique 611 - Woven basket 612 - Crochet item made with single crochet 613 - Crochet item, made with double crochet 614 - Crochet item, made with crochet pattern stitches 615 - Latch hook article (kit) 616 - Latch hook article (original) 617 - Any other fiber craft

058 Cake Decorating Entries should be on disposable plate or board and covered carefully if not handdelivered. 625 - Any cake or cookie (8"), no decorator tubes used 626 - Any cake or cookie (8"), decorator tubes used 627 - Edible cake, edible decorations 628 - Non edible base, using decorator tubes 629 - Educational exhibit

059 Decorate Your Duds Any clothing item which has been "decorated" or "accessorized" may be entered which illustrates one of the following textile craft skills: appliqué, embroidery, needlepoint, cardweaving, macramé, patchwork, crocheting, quilting, tie-dye,

printing, or painting. 630 - Hat or cap 631 - Socks 632 - Shoes 633 - Blouse or t-shirt 634 - Dress or jumper 635 - Shorts or pants 636 - Skirt 637 - Vest or jacket 638 - Belt 639 - Any other

Miscellaneous Division

There is a distinct difference between Divisions 061 and 062. Project exhibits must be an example of a member's project learning. Educational exhibits must be designed to teach others about a member's project or demonstrate an exploration or study of a subject. 061 Miscellaneous Project Exhibits 640 - Aerospace/Rocketry 641 - Automotive

642 - Home Environment 643 - Bicycle 644 - Lapidary 645 - Clowning 646 - Shooting Sports 647 - Computer Science 648 - Small Engines 649 - Creative Writing 650 - Tractor 651 - Electricity 652 - Geology 653 - Environment 654 - Other Projects or activities not listed 062 Miscellaneous Educational Exhibits Exhibits should be on posters no larger than 22" x 28", 3-sectioned display boards, or a sheet of wood not exceptionally large or heavy. Demonstration posters are not accepted. Exhibits done by 2 or more members are allowed. Please enter individually but indicate other participants on entry form. 690 - Aerospace 691 - Automotive 692 - Bicycle 693 - Citizenship 694 - Clowning 695 - Community Improvement 696 - Commodity Marketing 697 - Computer Science 698 - Conservation 699 - Consumer Education 700 - Creative Writing 701 - Dairy 702 - Dairy Foods 703 - Dog or Pet 704 - Guide Dog 705 - Electricity 706 - Environment 707 - Food Conservation and safety 708 - Geology 709 - Health 710 - Home Improvement 711 - Lapidary 712 - Large Livestock 713 - Leadership 714 - Natural Resource 715 - Public Speaking 716 - Safety 717 - Shooting Sports 718 - Small Engines 719 - Tractor 720 - Small Stock 721 - Vet Science 722 - Wildlife and fisheries 723 - Other projects or activities not listed

063 Aerospace and Rocketry 724 - Commercially Made Rocket Model 725 - Originally Made Rocket non powered, w/explanation



94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/25 726 - Powered Flying Model Commercial or Original 727 - Launchable Rocket commercial or original w/ explanation 728 - Launch pad or controls 729 - Log book of rocket launches and photos 730 - Educational Exhibit or related learning

064 Geology All collection exhibits must be labeled with proper name and type of specimen(s), the date collected, and the location found. 731 - Cabinet Specimens 732 - Miniatures 733 - Single Specimens 734 - Fossils 735 - Minerals of the same family 736 - Minerals of the same locality 737 - Lapidary-done by member, not purchased 738 - Jewelry 739 - Any other exhibit not previously listed 740 - Educational exhibit of related project learning 065 Shooting Sports 741 - Pistol 742 - Rifle 743 - Muzzle Loading 744 - Shotgun 745 - Archery 746 - Hunting and Wildlife 747 - Educational Exhibit of related learning project

Group Educational Exhibits Division Entries should demonstrate 4-H promotional or educational exhibits developed by local clubs, groups or county 4-H Councils. Exhibits in lots 842, 843 and 844 should be free standing. The exhibitor is to furnish any needed tables as part of the exhibit. The exhibit should be eye appealing and the message easy to read. The exhibits in classes 845 and 846 should promote 4-H in general or a 4-H project in particular.

071 Group Educational Exhibits 842 - Clubs 843 - Leaders ' Council 844 - County Jr. or Teen leaders ' Group 845 - Club Banner 846 - Promotional Poster 22"x 28" Exhibits in will be judged on correctness of identification, and labeling. All cases should be securely fastened and glass cleaned inside and out.

Division 4-H Clover Kids 4-H Clover Kids are youth ages 5 - 8 who are enrolled in the program. The purpose of the exhibits is to display articles and/or posters that show what has been learned while enrolled in the program. This division is non-competitive. Participation ribbons only will be awarded. Live animals are not permitted for exhibit in this division. Posters are not to exceed 22” x 28”. Youth must enter in the appropriate age class. 081 Clover Kids Group Exhibit 847 - Group Exhibit (Ages 56) 848 - Group Exhibit (Ages 78)

082 Clover Kids (5 & 6 Years Old) 849 - Animals (no live animals) 850 - Food & nutrition 851 - Health & safety 852 - Nature & gardening 853 - Our community 854 - Recreation 855 - Science 856 - Sewing 857 - Creative arts 858 - Recycled recyclables 859 - The environment 860 - Insects 861 - My family 862 - Other 083 Clover kids 7-8 year olds 849 - Animals (no live animals) 850 - Food & nutrition 851 - Health & safety 852 - Nature and gardening 853 - Our community 854 - Recreation 855 - Science 856 - Sewing 857 - Creative arts 858 - Recycled recyclables 859 - The environment 860 - Insects 861 - My family 862 – Other

091 Mounted Insect Collected 881 - Collection by a first yr member >25 in past yr 882 - Collection second yr., 50 different species total; 25 past yr. 883 - Collection third yr., >100, 50 past year 884 - Collection 4th year, >175 total, >75 past year 885 - Special insect specimen (past year) 886 - Life stages of 3 insects belonging to different orders

887 - Education Exhibit 092 Beekeeping 888 - Extracted Honey, two jars, 1 lb. each home packed, labeled 889 - Comb Honey, any flavor wrapped in cellophane

Horticulture Division Members enrolled in gardening projects, such as horticulture, vegetable growing and plant science, are encouraged to exhibit in this division. All plants must have been in member's possession and growing in the container in which they are exhibited for at least 3 months prior to the State Fair.

095 Growing with Plants 911 - House Plant Grown for flowering ability must be blooming 912 - House Plant grown for foliage only 913 - House Plant- Hanging Variety 914 - Succulents- should be clean 915 - Cactus-should be clean 916 - Dish Garden- at least 3not mixed; succulents or cactus 917 - Dish Garden-at least 3 plants; any house plants 918 - Terrarium-any size. Must be covered 919 - Bottle Garden 920 - Scenic Garden 921 - Container Gardening; vegetables, flowers, herbs… 922 - Evergreen Tree or shrub, propagated from stem cutting. 1 plant 923 - Propagated house plants from cuttings 924 - Tree or shrub propagated from seed. 1 plant 925 - Rose- 1 stem- Name variety 926 - Garden Flowers-3 stems same flower and color 927 - Growing CropsProduct samples -6 ears of corn 1 quart of 928 - Vegetable exhibits-5 each on plate- onions, carrots, radishes… 929 - Large Vegetable -1 each on a plate- cauliflower, watermelon, head 930 Other - Other Collection

GENERAL LIVESTOCK RULES (Changes from last year in bold type) 1. All 4-H exhibitors are subject to the 4-H General Rules and must be properly enrolled with the Extension Office. Enrollment for the market animal projects is required by March 1 of the current year. Active 4-H or FFA participation and eligibility are required for showing and selling exhibits.

2. Exhibitors must comply with the 4-H or FFA Dress Code while showing or the exhibit will be disqualified. (4-H Dress Code: Clean, white, long-sleeved shirt and dark green, gray, blue or black pants, boots, shoes (no athletic, tennis or sandals), belt and green tie or scarf is mandatory, hat or cap and jacket/vest are optional. FFA, please check with your advisor.) The exception is for the horse showmanship and dairy animal classes. Exhibitors will wear appropriately fitting clothing and footwear, with safety in mind.

3. Each exhibitor must take care of his or her own animal(s). Exhibitors must furnish their own feed, feeding and showing equipment. Do not feed or water another person's animal. All containers on fairgrounds must be clearly labeled with their contents.

4. Each exhibitor is responsible for the area around his or her own animal during the fair as well as clean-up after the fair. All animals must be in their appropriate areas at all times. 5. Each exhibitor will be furnished straw or sand for bedding. If shavings or other bedding materials are desired, the exhibitor is responsible for providing it.

6. Grooming and fitting are an important part of showmanship. However, this is only meaningful to the 4-H or FFA member providing that they do the bulk of the work themselves. 4-H and FFA members are expected to do their own grooming, fitting and feeding with a minimum of assistance from parents, leaders and/or other members. If a small amount of assistance is required, the 4-H or FFA member must be present and actively participating.

7. UNETHICAL FITTING: The showing of unethically fitted or filled livestock is prohibited. Unethical filling will be deemed to consist of, but not limited to, any product administered internally or externally to alter the conformation of the animal. Examples: No injections for body “fill-ins”. No false or artificial attachments. The hair must be that which is naturally grown from the animal. It cannot be removed by clipping, etc. and reattached.

8. No injections of any kind may be given to any animal, except as directed by a veterinarian in consultation with the specie superintendent. All injections must be reported to the 4-H Extension Agent or FFA Advisor responsible before being given to the animal.

9. Mind altering substances will not be

Nogales-Santa Cruz County

Chamber of Commerce Bridging the Americas 123 Kino Park Place • Nogales, Az 85621

(520) 287-3685 (Phone) • (520) 287-3687 (Fax)

“Building a stronger, friendlier community through networking and outreach”

allowed for use on animals. Only herbal calming products may be used and must be reported to the superintendent by the exhibitor in advance of use.

10. Each livestock exhibitor must handle his or her own animal in the ring, except in the breeding projects, where more than one (1) animal is shown or under special circumstances approved by the Livestock Committee.

11. All animals must be trained for handling and showmanship. Unruly behavior of the animal will result in immediate disqualification. Inhumane treatment will result in disqualification from the show and sale. The Livestock Committee will enforce this. 12. Entry in the showmanship classes is encouraged, but not mandatory. The exhibitor must show his/her own animal, with proof of ownership of at least sixty (60) days. 13. Round Robin Showmanship: Divisions will be determined by the Livestock Committee.

A. The winners of the following classes of livestock showmanship are eligible for the Livestock Round Robin: alpaca, beef, sheep, swine, dairy animals, horses, poultry, rabbits, market goats, pygmy goats, pack goats, dogs, pack goats and cavies. Others may be added at the discretion of the Livestock Committee. B. If an exhibitor wins two or more classes, the person must choose which animal he/she wishes to show. The second place exhibitor in the class not chosen by the first place show person is eligible, then third placing and so on down the blue ribbon placing.

C. All Round Robin exhibitors must comply with the 4-H or FFA Dress Code while showing or the exhibit will be disqualified. (4-H Dress Code: Clean, white, long-sleeved shirt and dark green, gray, blue or black pants, boots, shoes (no athletic, tennis or sandals), belt and green tie or scarf is mandatory, hat or cap and jacket/vest are optional. FFA Dress Code please check with Advisor.) This includes horse and dairy animal.

14. Breeding projects must be the property of the exhibitor for a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to show day, registered with respective breed associations, in the exhibitors name sixty (60) prior to show day. Livestock inspection papers or a bill of sale will be required as proof of ownership. Commercial breeding projects may



26/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

have a bill of sale as proof of ownership.

15. All prospect/feeder and small stock animals must be the property of the exhibitor for a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to show day. Livestock inspection papers or a bill of sale will be required as proof of ownership.

16. In all cases of discrepancy concerning ownership, weigh-in, tagging requirements or rules, a panel of five members of the Livestock Committee will make the final decision.

17. All market beef, sheep and goat livestock exhibitors must have Seasonal Pass from the Arizona Department of Agriculture. Information is available from the project leader, the County Extension Office or from the Arizona Department of Agriculture website (

MARKET LIVESTOCK RULES 18. In beef, sheep and swine market projects; 4-H members are allowed to weigh in and tag only two (2) animals per species at the initial weigh-in. Only one (1) market animal may be brought and weighed at the fair per species.

all sale animals.

Barbados breeds).

MAXIMUM FAIR SELLING WEIGHTS Species Maximum Beef lbs. Sheep Swine Market Goat


140 270 140

21. Sale animals are to be fed the following minimum number of days: Beef 150 days Sheep 90 days Swine 90 days Goats 90 days

22. Animals bearing graffiti, glitter, ribbons, bows, articles of clothing or anything that distracts from the animal's natural appearance will not be allowed in the Show Ring or the Sale Ring.

23. The following must be brought to the weigh-in at the fair for all market animals: 1) Up to date financial records and the cumulative portion of the 4-H Record Book; 2) a copy of the livestock inspection papers (beef and sheep); 3) a copy of vaccination records (if required); and a 19. Exhibitors of sale animals must have All Medical Seasonal Pass from the Arizona Insurance Welcome Way, animals tagged and/or weighed on dates Nogales—1852 DepartmentMastick of Agriculture (Beef, sheep 520-281-1550 specified. and goats only). Contact the Extension Rio Rico—1106 Office forCirculo proper Mercado, record forms and vacci520-281-1550 20. RECOMMENDED WEIGHTS nation requirements. Patagonia—101Taylor Ave., (these are only suggested weights) 520-394-2262 Species Weigh-in ______ Fair 24. At the fair, sale animals must be Beef 700-900 lbs. 1000weighed at the fairgrounds at time speci1250 fied for species. lbs. Sheep 50-70 9025. Classification of market animals will 140 be determined by the Livestock Swine 60-90 200Committee, 4-H Agent and FFA Advisor 270 responsible after animals are weighed and Meat Goat 40-60 60will sell in the order in which they were 110 placed.

MINIMUM FAIR ENTRY WEIGHTS Species Minimum Beef lbs. Sheep

80* Swine

Market Goat



190 55

*Lighter weight allowed for nationally recognized lighter weight breeds (examples include Cheviot, Southdown, and

26. Each exhibitor is allowed to sell only one (1) animal in the livestock sale (large or small). However, Grand and Reserve Champions in large Livestock projects must sell. In the event that a member has the Grand and/or Reserve Champion or two (2) Grand Champions or two (2) Reserve Champions, the youth will sell both animals. This is the only exception to this rule.

27. Only blue and red ribbon market animals will sell. White ribbon animals will not sell.

28. A 6% commission will be charged on

• Internal Medicine • Obstetrics & Gynecology • Pediatrics • Family Practice • Dental w/Orthodontics • Community based health promotion/disease prevention activities

Special services • Full Service Pharmacy • X-Ray • Lab • Mammography • Telemedicine

29. All exhibitors of market livestock must hold a current YOUTH LIVESTOCK QUALITY ASSURANCE AND FOOD SAFETY CERTIFICATION Certificate.

BEEF 30. All livestock in the beef project must be tied in designated areas with a satisfactory halter and neck rope during the fair.

31. Beef market projects must be dehorned and manageable by the 4-H member at the time of weigh-in.

SHEEP 32. All market lambs must be slick sheared within 7 days prior to weigh-in at the fair. All lambs must be in acceptable condition, quality finish and in good health. Feet must be trimmed by weigh-in.

SWINE 33. Acceptable swine show sticks are limited to a “hog bat” or “crop”, pvc type pig show stick, or a standard wooden show cane ONLY.

DOG 34. Members and dogs must be actively enrolled in the 4-H Dog Project ninety (90) days to participate in the 4-H County Fair Dog Show. Only dogs entered in the show should be brought to the fairgrounds.

35. All dogs brought to the fairgrounds must have current vaccinations including DA2P,Parvovirus and Rabies (within last three years if dog was over one year old when last vaccinated). 36. Dogs who have been aggressive during the project year must have received special attention to correct the aggression problem and be approved by the advisor before the dog may be brought to the county dog show.

37. Handlers will be dressed in 4-H attire.

38. Collars may be nylon, leather or a simple chain choker. No spikes permitted.

39. Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times, unless showing “off-lead” in a class.

DIVISION – CATTLE 101 Market Steer 1 - Market Steer or market heifer 2 - Market Steer or market heifer Prospect 102 Breeding Cattle 06 - Heifer, Spring Calf, Registered (1/1-

All Medical Insurance Welcome Nogales—1852 Mastick Way, 520-281-1550 Rio Rico—1106 Circulo Mercado, 520-281-1550 Patagonia—101Taylor Ave., 520-394-2262

94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/27 5/31 of current year) 07 - Heifer, Summer Yearling, Registered (5/1/-12/31 of previous year) 08 - Heifer, Spring Yearling, Registered (1/1-4/30 of previous year) 09 - Bull Calves, Registered (1/1-5/31 current year) 10 - Bull, Summer Yearling, Registered (5/1-12/31 previous year) 11 - Bull, Spring Yearling, Registered (1/1-4/30 previous year) 12 - Commercial Heifer, 2 yrs and under 3 years 13 - Commercial Heifer, 1 yr and under 2 yrs 14 - Commercial Heifer, under 1 yr 18 - Cow/Calf pair, any breed 103 Beef Showmanship 15 - Senior 16 - Junior

DIVISION – HORSE 111 Senior Horse- 14 years & over 112 Junior Horse- 9 through 13 years 113 Novice Horse- first year showing in Horse 01 - English Showmanship 02 - English Pleasure 03 - Hunt Seat Equitation 04 - Hunter Hack 05 - Hunt Seat Equitation (over fences) 06 - Working Hunter 07 - English Bareback Equitation 08 - Western Showmanship 09 - Western Pleasure 10 - Western Equitation 11 - Western Bareback Equitation 12 - Western Riding 13 - Reining 14 - Trail 15 - Barrel Racing 16 - Pole Bending 17 - Goat Tying 18 - Breakaway Calf Roping 19 - Tie-Down Calf Roping 20 - Team Roping - Heading 21 - Team Roping – Heeling

DIVISION - POULTRY, RABBITS, PIGEONS, DUCKS & GEESE 1. Birds exhibited in a trio or pen may not be exhibited as individuals. 2. Eggs will be judged on uniformity of weight, shape, color, shell texture and interior quality of candling. One egg in each entry may be broken at the discretion of the judges. 3. Classes will be provided for all varieties of large and bantam chickens, turkeys, and guineas which are recognized in the Standard of Perfection. 4. No more than four (4) entries per lot. 121 Poultry 01 - Cock, male bird (hatched before 1/1 of current year) 02 - Hen, female bird (hatched before 1/1 of current year 03 - Cockerel, male bird (hatched after (1/1 of current year) 04 - Pullet, female bird (hatched after 1/1 of current year) 05 - Old Trio, one male and two females (hatched before 1/1 of current year) 06 - Young Trio, one male and two females (hatched after 1/1 of current year) 07 - Pen of 3 females (Hatched before 1/1 of current year)

08 - Pen of three fryers (9-12 weeks) 09 - Pen of three roasters (16-20 weeks) 10 - Large white eggs (24-26 oz) 11 - Large brown eggs (24-26 oz) 12 - Medium white eggs (21-23 oz) 13 - Medium brown eggs (21-23 oz) 14 - Small white eggs (18-20 oz) 15 - Small brown eggs (18-20 oz) 17 - Other 122 Ducks 01 – Hen 02 - Drake 03 - White eggs 04 - Other 123 Geese 01 - Gander 02 - Goose 03 - Eggs 04 - Other 124 Pigeons 01 - Male, old 02 - Female, old

exhibitor) 12 - Get of sire (3 does, any age from same sire) 13 - Produce of dam (two does, any age from same dam) 14 - Best 3 does 15 - Senior Showmanship 16 - Junior Showmanship

DIVISION - SHEEP 151 Market Lamb 01 - Market Lamb 02 - Market Lamb Prospect 152 Breeding Sheep 01 - Ewe Lamb 02 - Ewes, 1 year & under 2 03 - Ewes, 2 years & over 04 - Ram lamb 05 - Rams, 1 year & under 2 06 - Rams, 2 years & over 153 Sheep Showmanship 01 - Senior

02 - Market Goat prospect 03 - Senior Showmanship 04 - Junior Showmanship 05 – Doe or buck

DIVISION - ALPACA 201 Alpaca 01 - Alpaca 02 - Senior Showmanship 03 - Junior Showmanship

DIVISION - DOG 301 Dog 01 - Senior Obedience 02 - Junior Obedience 03 - Novice Obedience 04 - Senior Agility 05 - Junior Agility 06 - Novice Agility 07 - Senior Showmanship 08 - Junior Showmanship

The 4-H Emblem The 4-H Emblem is a green four-leaf clover with a stem and the letter “H “in white or gold on each leaf. This emblem was registered with the United States Patent office in 1924. The four H's represent the Head, Heart, Hands and Health. These signify a unique characteristic of 4H; we are concerned about the total development of the individual.

03 Male, young 04 - Female, young 125 Poultry Showmanship 01 - Senior 02 - Junior

DIVISION - RABBITS Please list the breed of your rabbits on the Entry Form. No more than 4 entries per lot. 131 Rabbit 01 - Senior Buck, over 8 months 02 - Intermediate Buck, 6-8 months 03 - Junior Buck, under 6 months 04 - Senior Doe, over 8 months 05 - Intermediate doe, 6-8 months 06 - Junior Doe, under 6 months 07 - Dow with litter 08 - Senior Showmanship 09 - Junior Showmanship

DIVISION – PYGMY GOATS 141 Pygmy Goat 01 - Wether, under 6 months 02 - Wether, 6 months to 1 year 03 - Wether, 1 to 2 years 04 - Wether, 2 years & over 05 - Doe, under 6 months 06 - Doe, 6 months to 1 year 07 - Doe, 1 to 2 years 08 - Doe, over 2 years 09 - Doeling, birth to 2 months 10 - Buckling, birth to 2 months 11 - Dam and one daughter (owned by

02 - Junior

DIVISION - SWINE 161 Market Swine 01 - Market barrow or gilt 02 - Market barrow or gilt prospect 162 Breeding Swine 01 - Gilt 02 - Sow 03 - Boar 163 Swine Showmanship 01 - Senior 02 - Junior

DIVISION – DAIRY GOATS 171 Dairy Goat 01 - Kid Doe 02 - Dry Yearling 03 - Milker (over 1 year of age) 04 - Dam and Produce 05 - Senior Showmanship 06 - Junior Showmanship 07 - Nigerian Dwarf

DIVISION – PACK GOATS 181 Pack Goat 01 - Junior Wether, under 1 year of age 02 - Senior Wether, over 1 year of age 03 - Senior Showmanship 04 - Junior Showmanship

DIVISION – MARKET GOATS 191 Market Goat 01 - Market Goat

The 4-H Club Pledge I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country and my world. 4-H Motto “To make the Best Better”

4-H Slogan “Learning by Doing”

4-H Colors The 4-H colors are green and white. Green, nature's common color, is emblematic of springtime, life and youth. White symbolizes high ideals.

Santa Cruz County Cooperative Extension Office The University of Arizona 3241 North Grand Ave., #6 Nogales, Arizona 85621 (520) 281-2994 (520) 281-2985 fax

Rio Rico High School FFA CTE Agri-Science Teacher 1374 West Frontage Road Rio Rico, AZ 85648 (520)375-8700

Santa Cruz County Superintendent of School Office Entries are categorized by division (grade) and class description. DIVISIONS: K- Kindergarten, 001-First Grade, 002-Second Grade, 003-Third Grade, 004-Fourth Grade, 005-Fifth Grade, 006-Sixth Grade, 007-Seventh Grade, 008-Eighth Grade, 009-Ninth Grade, 010-Tenth Grade, 011-Eleventh Grade, 012-Twelve Grade, 013Developmentally Disabled. SA: ART SECTION Two-Dimensional- Digital Arts & Design: Class Description 101 Commercial Art – Advertising layouts, posters, brochures, packaging layouts, etc. 102 Image Collage 103 Painting & Illustration – Original work created by any software 104 Digital Arts, other than classi fied Drawing: Class Description 105 Colored Pencils or Primas 106 Chalk 107 Charcoal 108 Crapas 109 Crayon 110 Pencil 111 Pen & Ink 112 Monochromatic 113 Markers 114 Scratchboard/ Clay board 115 Drawing, other than classified Painting: Class Description 116 Acrylics 117 Airbrush 118 Oils 119 Pastels 120 Tempera 121 Water Color 122 Painting, other than classified Printmaking: Class Description 123 Brayer 124 Intaglio 125 Lithography 126 Relief of Block Print (Wood, l ino, collagraphs, etc.) 127 Silk Screen 128 Printmaking, other than classi fied Other: Class Description

129 130 131 132 133 134

28/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010

Assemblage Collage Mosaics Weaving Wire Experimental – Any Exhibit employing unusual or out of the ordinary methods or com bination of media. 135 Mix-Media – A mixture or combination of three or more types of material or two or more techniques (not collage). 136 Group Projects – Only one group project per school, per grade. 137 Other than classified Three-Dimensional: Class Description 140 Ceramics, thrown

Class Description 200 Portraits, color 201 Portraits, Black & White Nature: Photography depicting living, untamed animals and /or uncultivated plants in a natural habitat. Photographs of domesticated animals or cultivated plants are ineligible. Class Description Nature, Color 202 203 Nature, Black & White SCAPES: Category includes landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes. Class Description 204 Scapes, Color 205 Scapes, Black & White Photojournalism: Photographs that illustrate a specific statement, informative content and emotional impact including

Compositions created from photo(s)

altered from their original state, using

effects such as filters, smudging, cloning,

layering, color modification, etc. Includes

photos altered to look like paintings.

Final compositions may appear photographic, abstract or painted.


together using computer software to cre-

ate a single elongated view. Fianl image

should not exceed 24” in height or length. T: TECHNOLOGY SECTION

High School Level Exhibits may be individual or teams of two. Group or class

projects may be entered, but are not eligi-

ble for awards.









145 146 147 148 149 150

151 152 153

P: PHOTOGRAPHY SECTION Portraits: Formal Photographs empha sizing the head, shoulders or entire body.






Water – All about Water






sports photography that may be used for newspaper, yearbook or magazine publications. Class Description 206 Photojournalism, Color 207 Photojournalism, Black & White Arizona State Fair: Photographs depicting any aspect of State Fair Activity 208 Arizona State Fair, Color 209 Arizona State Fair, Black & White Photography, Other than classified – Any photographic images that do not fall under any other offered categories. 210 Other than Classified, Color 211 Other than Classified, Black & White 212 Digital Photographic Composting – Two or more photographic images combined into a single composition using computer software. Final image should appear photographic or a collage/assemblage, not an illustration 213 Photo manipulation –




Ceramics, other Plastercraft Sculpture (Small) – weighing less than 12 lbs. and smaller than 18” tall. Sculpture (Large)- Weighing less than 50 lbs. and smaller han 5’x 5’ tall. Jewelry Masks Mosaics Paper maché Puppets & Marionettes Recycled Art – From Trash to Art Create a 3 dimensional piece constructed of found/discarded materials. Weaving Wire Woodworking


Alternative Energy Forms



141 142 143

Digital Panoramics – Three or

more photographic images stitched


Technology (Other than Biotechnology)


Middle School and Elementary Level

Exhibits may be individual or teams of

two. Group or class projects may be

entered, but are not eligible for awards.






Earth Science






Physical Science





Medicine and Health

Space Science










Poems – Must be original

Short Stories – Original work

Jokes, Riddles – Original

Cartoons – Not copied


94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/29 “Education must not simply teach work – it must teach life.” ~W.E.B. DuBois

2009 Santa Cruz County

Teacher of the Year Event Sponsored by:

The Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools Alfredo I. Velásquez and The Rotary Clubs of Santa Cruz County Mr. Scott Beach

Mr. Mark Dittmar

Ms. Eliza Lopez

Mr. Christopher Miranda

Ms. Linda Katherine Racine

Ms. Elisa Kathy Romero

Ms. Y. Elizabeth Siordia

Ms. Lydia Orozco

Ms. Laura Ramos

Ms. Kathy Scott

Ms. Elisa Terrazas-Velásquez

Ms. Rebecca Phillips

Ms. Diana Rivero

Ms. Maribel Silva

Mr. Cory Walavich

Mr. Scott Beach Fco. Vasquez de Coronado Elementary School Nogales Unified School District #1 Principal: Ms. Annette Barber It is important to treat each student with the respect he or she deserves as well as understand the potential and learning level that each student brings to my classroom. Every student has a special quality that makes them a unique individual, and I strive to bring those qualities to life in an academic setting, paving the way for the future of their success. Mr. Mark Dittmar Mountain View Elementary Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District #35 Principal: Mr. Steve Schadler On a broad scope, teaching is more than simply imparting what we ourselves possess, as others may have talents we don’t. Rather, it’s the desire to empower others to reach their fullest potential. Teaching always involves the giving of one’s self in service to another. Individuals “wired to teach” are generally the happiest and most productive. Ms. Eliza Lopez Robert Bracker Elementary School Nogales Unified School District #1 Principal: Ms. Michelle Olguin It is extremely rewarding to watch students complete a task successfully and to see the joyful expression on their faces is priceless. Their gratefulness is also irreplaceable. It is incredibly gratifying to know that I am somehow contributing to their education and overall health. Mr. Christopher Miranda Pierson Vocational High School Nogales Unified School District #1 Principal: Mr. Joel Kramer My ideology has been to provide the best high-quality learning environment for my students, with real world scenarios, and transmit a productive philosophy in the Information Technology field. Two important skills that students should learn from my classroom consist in the

hands-on and inter-disciplinary skills. Ms. Lydia Orozco Lincoln Elementary School Nogales Unified School District #1 Principal: Dr. Lucina Romero Inviting parents and relatives to become part of the learning team has been imperative. I truly believe in that old saying “to raise a child, we need a community.” As a teacher, I always try to involve parents by making them part of the students’ learning process team. Ms. Rebecca Phillips Coatimundi Middle School Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District #35 Principal: Mr. John Fanning Dean of Students: Ms. Renee Huerta Content knowledge is fantastic, but knowing all about reading and writing does not necessarily make someone a productive person in society. Excellent teachers show students how to be good citizens even once they leave the classroom. Responsibility, kindness and respect are qualities I hope to instill in my students. Ms. Linda Katherine Racine Mexicayotl Charter School Director: Mr. Balty Garcia My teaching philosophy is quite simple, if a student is comfortable with his surroundings he will be more likely to go that extra step to learn. Beyond teaching the fundamental concepts, I strive for the following objectives in all my students: to understand their culture, learn and be active in two languages, have critical thinking skills, learn to respect themselves and above all, know that there is no such thing as I can’t. Ms. Laura Ramos Wade Carpenter Middle School Nogales Unified School District #1 Principal: Ms. Liza Montiel Dean of Students: Ms. Maria Chavez

A very special thanks to all the Sponsors for making this event a great success. Santa Cruz County Rotary Clubs U of A Cooperative Extension (Teacher of the Year Plaques) – Ms. Darcy Dixon Southwest Educational Consulting Associates – Mr. Michael Hughes Unisource Energy Services – Ms. Sharon Foltz Wal-Mart Supercenter – Mr. Joe Morris ICT Group – Ms. Martha Grijalva Nogales Lions Club- Mr. Luis Parra Veggies, Inc. – Mr. & Mrs. Mike Vohland Mr. & Mrs. Gus Rigoli Mr. & Mrs. Martin Mendoza Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bell Mr. & Mrs. David Lundstrom Nogales Chamber of Commerce – Ms. Olivia Ainza-Kramer The Panousopoulos Scholactic Charitable Foundation – Mr. Dino Panousopoulos Mr. & Mrs. Omar Lohr Mrs. Olga G. Velásquez Mr. Emilio Velásquez Cricket Communications Robinson’s True Value Hardware Store Harriett’s Incredible Edibles Cropper’s Nogales Auto Center Quality Inn (Americana Hotel) – Mr. Michael Clausen & Mr. Ricardo Velez Bazar de Mexico Stage Store Tumacacori Chili Factory Dr. Bill Ardito, DDS JCPenney Safeway Store - Nogales Mr. C's Restaurant Bella Mia Ristorante The Steak Out Restaurant Oasis Cinema Eva’s Enchantment Nogales International Newspaper – Mr. Manuel Coppola & Ms. Denise Holley Hilltop Art Gallery (Centerpieces) U.S. Census Bureau – Mr. Angel Rocha NUSD TUTV – Mr. Juan Armenta & Staff NUSD Support Services – Mr. Ricardo De La Riva & Staff SCC Superintendent of Schools Office Staff – Mr. Manuel F. Huerta, Ms. Luz Lopez, Ms. Denisse Melendez and Ms. Esthela Navarro

A unique nature of teaching is the humanity we teach every day, and that humanity includes healthy doses of humor. Allowing humor in the classroom is as vital to a teacher and to the student’s success, as are those carefully designed lessons. Ms. Diana Rivero A.J. Mitchell Elementary Nogales Unified School District #1 Principal: Mr. Michael Young Asst. Principal: Ms. Ana Rosas My love and respect for the teaching profession inspires me every day to honor the field of Education. I try to teach my students about personal accountability. I accomplish this by teaching my students to set goals, by challenging them to stretch beyond their comfort zone, and by celebrating their accomplishments. Ms. Elisa Kathy Romero San Cayetano Elementary School Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District #35 Principal: Ms. Gail Rich My philosophy of teaching is centered on the achievement of each individual student. I strongly believe that we are all learners and teachers. I continuously learn as much from my students as they learn from me and each other. I teach not only with my mind buy with my heart. Ms. Kathy Scott Nogales High School Nogales Unified School District #1 Principal: Mr. Fernando Parra Asst. Principals: Ms. Aissa Bonillas Ms. Judith Mendoza My philosophy of teaching is reflected in three words: Yes, you can or Si, Sé Puede. No student, regardless of their ethnicity, income level, or social standing should be made to feel that they do not deserve just as fine an educational preparation as any other more privileged student. Ms. Maribel Silva Mary L. Welty Elementary

Nogales Unified School District #1 Principal: Ms. Claudia Welden From the first day of school, I start to build positive relationships with my students and parents. The students and their parents walk in to my room and feel that they are in a nurturing and welcoming atmosphere. More learning is done when students feel comfortable, secure, and care about. Ms. Y. Elizabeth Siordia Desert Shadows Middle School Nogales Unified School District #1 Principal: Ms. Joan Molera Asst. Principal: Ms. Kristi Ceballos I believe in treating each student as an individual; all people are given their share of tools to work in life, but for a student to build their own strong foundation, it is necessary to understand that each one uses their tools in a different way. I believe that getting to know each student individually will help build stronger foundations. Ms. Elisa Terrazas-Velásquez Challenger Elementary School Nogales Unified School District #1 Principal: Ms. Marie Vazquez I instill in my students that they can achieve and succeed in life regardless of the obstacles they may face. I have high expectations for each of my students, and try to teach them that they can accomplish anything, if they work hard and if they do not give up. They become risk takers because they know that their ideas are well respected. Mr. Cory Walavich Calabasas Middle School Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District #35 Principal: Mr. David Verdugo Dean of Students: Mr. Manuel Carrillo In my classroom students understand that our primary goal is to come together to produce the highest level of musical performance that we are capable of. Through band, I am able to teach kids the lifelong skills of responsibility, teamwork, helping others, organization, and respect.

“I tell them that the world cannot do without them i tell them they can do anything they set their minds to do i tell them they can be the brightest, shiniest stars in the sky and the world will be a better place because of them.”~Leah Becks

30/95th Annual SCC Fair Book 2010


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94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/31

2010 Santa Cruz county Fair Dedicated to the Basinger family of Elgin

It makes perfect sense that the 2010 Santa Cruz County Fair is dedicated to Pat and Wayne “Cotton” Basinger and their kids, Debbie, Tyler, Judy, Mike, Sherri and Terri. This family has been actively involved with the fair ever since moving here in 1966.

The Basingers had been looking for a place in the country to raise their growing family when Cotton saw the Collie house in Elgin. He fell in love with it, and was determined to live there. Pat was not as taken with the idea, however, as she was distressed to learn that the house was infested with snakes. Wayne finally convinced her that things would improve, and the Basingers moved to the ranch, purchasing more acreage and running some cattle. Wayne worked tirelessly to repair and improve the place, adding additional rooms and outbuildings. He built a successful construction company with Pat as the bookkeeper, as well as pursuing his love of roping and rodeoing. The children all rode, roped, showed horses and were involved in 4-H.

The first year they lived on the ranch, in 1966, their daughter Debbie, then twelve, showed her first 4-H sheep at the Santa Cruz County Fair. Pete Bidegain stopped by the ranch the night before the fair and noticed that Debbie had neglected to shear her sheep. He went home, got his clippers and got Debbie to prepare the sheep properly for the show ring. She must have done a good job, because her sheep won Grand Champion in the 4-H competition the next day. “Every year all the kids had projects,” Pat remembers. “They didn’t have any baseball or soccer then. Nowadays kids have everything to do.”

The girls did sewing projects to enter in the fair “Judy won a beef cook-off contest,” Pat said. “She hated that I made her do that,” she laughed. “Mike showed rabbits and chickens. We got them from Mrs. Sharp in the San Rafael Valley,” she added. All the kids showed sheep and horses, as well.

Cotton was the 4-H horse leader for a time. If the kids did well at the county fair they could go on to the state fair in Phoenix. Cotton remembers the trips up to Phoenix for the state fair. “We had old raggedy trailers and raggedy pickups, and we had kids and hay and rakes and shovels and saddles tied on every-

where. We looked like a bunch of hayseeds going down the road,” he laughed. “Everybody cheered for everybody,” Pat said. “There was a lot of camaraderie.”

“The whole community was involved in the fair,” Pat said. “Everybody here entered something in the fair. It was the thing to do. I cooked and baked. There was a lot more vegetables and home ec entries. The fair was the main thing in our lives.”

In fact, Pat is still actively involved in the fair, volunteering and entering her award winning quilts, and her daughter Sherri recently won awards at the fair for her photographs of hummingbirds.

Pat and Wayne are proud and humbled to have been recognized by the Santa Cruz County Fair. “I don’t know why they chose us,” Pat remarked with her usual modesty, but anyone who knows this family recognizes that the fair committee could not have made a better choice.

94th Annual SCC Fair Book 2009/32

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2010 Fari Book  

2010 fair book

2010 Fari Book  

2010 fair book