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Market buyers


Wednesday, aug. 14, 2013


Support the merchants who support you! Please look at these ads from businesses who represent many of the buyers at this year’s 4-H livestock sale. Next time you see one of them, remember to tell them thanks! Bode Deming with his Market Hog

Rachael Oliver with her Grand Champion Market Steer Purchased by


Clara Jespen with her Market Steer

Donald L. Netzer Tara M. Rose-Miller

1060 S. Central Ave., Sidney 406.433.5511 Purchased by



Sidney, MT 488-4006


Ryder Rice with his Market Steer

Alex Young with his Market Steer Chisum Lewis with his Market Steer

Tana Kostelecky with her Market Steer

Taylor Searer with his Market Hog



Becca Deming with her Grand Champion Lamb

Jordan Skaley-Lange with his Market Hog

Soda Rice with her Market Hog

Tate Hazen with his Market Hog Purchased by Purchased by

Purchased by


John Helmuth - Grand Champion hog Rachael Oliver - Grand Champion steer Becca Deming - Grand Champion Lamb Grady Larson - steer Emma Torgerson - lamb Jordan Skaley Lange steer Kate Reid - steer Sarah Helmuth - steer Ali Jo Merritt - steer Brooke Morrill - hog Gabe Granada - hog Eathan Carda - lamb Chase Kilzer - goat Hazen Fink - steer Clara Jepsen - steer Carly Candee - steer Jordan Baxter - steer McKenzie Hazen - hog

Brooke Morrill with her Market Hog

Sidney, Montana

Youth who sold market animals at the fair

Randy Lander - hog Brode Gorder - hog Zoe Morrill - lamb Jalyssa Gorder - steer CJ Nevins - steer Riley Kostelecky - steer Seth Indegard - steer Jack Reid - hog Brielle Gorder - hog Rachel Prevost - lamb Tana Kostelecky - steer Brady Gorder - steer Soda Rice - steer Garrett Leland - steer Jenna Baxter - hog Tyler Lein - hog Emily Carda - lamb Abbey Reidle - steer Elizabeth Hill - steer Cody Vitt - steer Grace Dragseth - steer Emma Torgerson - hog

Braden Kindopp - hog Christian Prevost - lamb Taylor Searer - steer Kyra Candee - steer Jimmy Topp - steer Autumn Rehbein - steer Tayler Lange - hog Ashton Handy - hog Seth Prevost - lamb Rain Rehbein - steer Emmett Johnson - steer Jaylen Baxter - steer Alex Young - steer Tate Hazen - steer Mateya Coffman - hog Alexi Griggs - lamb Chris Colgan - steer Mary Voll - steer Anna Dragseth - steer Tea Thiessen - steer Clay Carpenter - hog Dominica Granada - hog

Taylor McPherson - lamb Kallie Candee - steer Koltan Nevins - steer Tyler Thiessen - steer Trista Hovde - steer Renee Granada - hog Lindsay Reid - hog Sierra Osborne - lamb Trey Schepens - steer Taryn Candee - steer Tucker Nevins - steer Owen Lonski - steer Will Van Hook - hog Riley Lander - hog Daryn Wolff - steer Sam Casterline - steer Taylor Schepens - steer Dillon Lunderby - steer Dillon Reid - hog Ryder Rice - hog Ty Handy - steer Kade Rindahl - steer

Chisum Lewis - steer Bryar Lange - steer Myka Steinbeisser - hog Wes Van Hook - hog Bonny Krogedahl - steer Bailee Fink - steer Ryder Rice - steer Jesse Staffanson - steer Bode Deming - hog Holly Colgan - hog Tanner Lien - hog Jared Rosaaen - steer Garrett Reid - hog Autumn Larson - hog Somer Reidel - hog Ryan Lander - hog CeCe Reid - hog Seth Prevost - steer Brodie Gorder - steer Taylor Searer - hog Jaylen Baxter - hog Ali Jo Merritt - lamb

Rachel Prevost - steer Brielle Gorder - steer Clara Jepsen - hog Katherine Hill - steer Sarah Helmuth - hog Rachael Oliver - lamb Jenna Baxter - steer Jordan Skaley Lange - hog Autumn Rehbein - hog Zoe Morrill - hog Kate Reid - hog Jordan Baxter - hog Sierra Osborne - steer Rain Rehbein - hog Soda Rice - hog John Helmuth - steer Christian Prevost - steer


Market buyers

Wednesday, aug. 14, 2013

Sidney Herald

Sam Casterline with his Market Steer

Brielle Gorder with her Market Steer Purchased by

Ali Jo Merritt with her Market Lamb

Purchased by

Purchased by

Sponsor logo here


Farm Equipment Sales Glasgow, MT


Jordan Baxter with her Market Hog

Todd & Tammy Hermanson 406.488.4467



Soda Rice with her Market Steer

Mateya Coffman with her Market Hog

Wes Van Hook with his Market Hog

Katherine Hill with her Market Steer Purchased By:

Purchased by

Purchased by

S/L Services

302 W. Main, Sidney 406-433-4416 ~ Fax 406-433-4417


2265 S. Central Sidney, MT 406-433-6754 XNLV103877


Kate Reid with her Market Hog

Jalyssa Gorder with her Market Steer

Anna Dragseth with her Market Beef

Dillon Lunderby with his Market Steer Purchased by Purchased by

XNLV103592 XNLV103994

Tyler Thiessen with his Market Beef

Kolton Nevins with his Market Steer Cody Vitt with his Market Steer

Gabe Granada with his Market Hog

William Van Hook with his Market Hog Purchased by




Tyler Lien with her Market Hog

Brielle Gorder with her Market Hog

Garret Reid with his Market Hog

Emma Torgerson with her Reserve Champion Lamb

Seth Prevost with his Market Beef Purchased by

Purchased by

Jeff and Tammy Berger Pro-Frac Heating & Trucking, LLC

PO Box 2758 • Williston, ND 58802 • 701-826-3666

www.sto c k ma nba nk .c o m

Frontier Equipment Williston, ND

Market buyers


CJ Nevins with his Market Steer

Carly Candee with her Market Steer

Purchased by

Wednesday, aug. 14, 2013

Kade Rindahl with his Market Steer


Will Steinbeisser with his Reserve Champion Hog

Purchased by

Purchased by




John Helmuth with his Market Hog

Jared Rosaaen with his Market Steer


McKenzie Hazen with her Market Hog Purchased by

Purchased by


Purchased by

406.488.1953 | 406.480.2006 510 10th Ave SE, Sidney Across from Sidney Livestock Market Center •Feed •Supplies •Services •Tanks •More CRYSTALX® Dealer


R&J Ag Supply

Bryer Lange with his Market Steer

Autumn Rehbein with her Market Hog


Dominica Granada with her Market Hog

Purchased by

Purchased by


Purchased by


406-433-BANK 120 2nd St. NW, Sidney, MT


Bailee Fink with her Market Steer Ashton Handy with her Market Hog

Zoe Morrill with her Market Lamb

Grace Dragseth with her Market Steer

Rain Rehbein with her Market Hog


Renee Granada with her Market Hog

Lindsey Reid with her Market Hog Seth Indegard with his Market Steer

Randy Lander with his Market Hog

Hazen Fink with his Market Steer

Sidney LiveStock

Purchased by

Purchased by

Office: 406-742-5312 XNLV103993

Office: 406-742-5312 Dispatcher 701-844-5312 Fairview, Montana

Purchased by

Dispatcher 701-844-5312 Fairview, Montana


Market Center Sidney • 406-482-3513

75610th 10th Ave. Sidney 756 Ave S.E.SE, • Sidney , MT (406) 482-5251 • Fax (406) 482-6644 482-5251 Tim Larson - Manager We work for the producer!

Market buyers

Sidney Herald


Wednesday, aug. 14, 2013

Autumn Rehbein

with her Market Steer

Owen Lonski

Riley Kostelecky with his Market Steer

with his Market Steer

Somer Reidle with her Market Hog Purchased by

Tucker Nevins with his Market Steer


1281 S Central • Sidney • 433-1401

Tayler Lange with her Market Hog

Jimmy Topp with his Market Steer


Sunrise Equipment Purchased by


Purchased by


Noah Strauser with his Market Hog

Purchased by

2900 West Holly, Sidney 406-488-3112

NOAH STRAUSER (406) 768-7630 JEFF STRAUSER (406) 768-7031

John Helmuth with his Market Beef

Brodie Gorder with his Market Steer

with her Market Steer

Sarah Helmuth with her Market Hog

Jack Reid with his Market Hog

with her Market Steer

Ryder Rice with his Market Hog


Purchased by

Sierra Osborne with her Market Lamb Purchased by:



Purchased by 24-Hour Dispatch 406-774-3330 XNLV103586

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