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Debt Reset Are you ready to Reset Your Debt? Debt stressing you out? Give us a shout! We are here to help you save money and get back on track. If you need a quick tune up or a complete nancial overhaul Simplify your life by consolidating bills & having a single payment: Ÿ Pay off high-interest credit cards Ÿ Pay off high-interest installment loans


WFCU is the

place 4U!

Get your FREE personalized credit review with one of our Loan Specialists, and learn what options we have available for your individual needs. Come by or call us at 316.941.0600 option 4.

Know Your Credit Score Are you getting spring home buying fever? Spring is usually the busiest home selling and buying season. If you're planning to make your big move soon, know your credit score and how it impacts your payments. After all, it impacts how much house you can afford because it affects your mortgage interest rate, which in turn impacts your monthly payments.

A buyer with a credit score between 620 and 639 would receive a rate that's 1.37% APR* higher than a buyer with a credit score between 700 and 759!**

20%Down Payment



5.370% APR* 4.000% APR*

$671.97 $567.73

5.370% APR* 4.000% APR*

$121,906.98 $86,332.17

30 Year Term

Save $104.24/month on your payment

Save $35,574.81 in interest over 30 years

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. **According to FICO's credit score calculator

It is important to look at your credit report before you start looking for a new home. Not only will your credit score affect your interest rate, it could also affect the down payment you'll need to qualify for a mortgage.

Need help with your credit report or want to nd out what you qualify for today? Call us at 316.941.0600 option 6. We'll be happy to help you navigate your way to the perfect home.


HEATHER RUSSELL Heather with her husband and daughter

Heather and her family

Heather and her daughter at the zoo

Branch Supervisor, City Hall Heather joined the WFCU team in February, 2017. For 12 years she was active in 4-H in Saline County, and continued with Collegiate 4-H at KState, where she studied Accounting, Family Studies and Human Services. Her goal was to become a 4-H agent. “I enjoyed all of the experiences I had in 4-H and am grateful for the life skills I learned. While at K-State, I worked for the 4-H Specialist in planning and executing Discovery Days, a camp at K-State for over 600 Kansas Teens.” she added. “I’ve had many great accomplishments with 4-H and am grateful for everything the program taught me. Working at a credit union, I’ve realized that it is somewhat of a mix of my two majors because it includes both accounting and family studies as it gives me the opportunity to help someone better their nancial life, which is what I love being able to do!” Heather enjoys spending time with her daughter, going to the park, Sedgwick County Zoo and Exploration Place.

“I love music, reading and animals, especially dogs; we have two Shelties.” Heather loves traveling and has been to 45 states. “Growing up, my family traveled for summer vacations so I was able to travel to most of the states through those vacations. I traveled for different conferences in high school as well as collegiate.  My aunt and uncle lived in Germany and my family and I visited them in 2007. We also visited France, Austria, and Italy. Europe was the best trip I have taken and I hope to travel there again.  I’d like to visit the United Kingdom and back to Italy someday.” Heather also mentioned that even though she loves to travel, she does not like to y.   You can see Heather at our City Hall location, where she serves as Branch Supervisor.

Watch for more WFCU team members in upcoming newsletters.

Youth Month April is Youth Month, and we want to share an exciting update on how WFCU is making a difference in Wichita schools. WFCU is the sponsor of nancial literacy education in several schools in our community. We partnered with Banzai, a national award-winning nancial literacy program, to provide interactive nancial education to students in classrooms throughout Wichita. WFCU currently sponsors 7 schools, which receive the program for FREE through our sponsorship: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

East High School Horace Mann Magnet Maize South High Marshall Middle School

Ÿ North High School Ÿ South High School Ÿ West High School

750 students in our community have bene ted from this program since October, 2017. Watch for Banzai education links on our website coming soon, exclusively for our members. Teachers interested in using the Banzai program can visit the following website: or call 888-8-BANZAI.

Hike the Hill WFCU Leaders and other GAC attendees met with legislators to discuss pressing credit union issues during the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference. On the top of their priority list was easing the regulatory burden for small nancial institutions and protecting the credit union tax status. Hike the Hill is an annual GAC tradition, and a vital credit union responsibility. Credit union leaders meet with lawmakers from their respective states to communicate legislative priorities and build on already strong relationships with Washington legislators.

Pictured above (L to R): John Davis, WFCU Board of Directors Walter Bautista Ron Estes, U.S. Representative (R-Kansas) Ashley Pelz, WFCU President/CEO Jacquie Miller, WFCU Vice President of Lending and Sales

The Hike followed a week in which GAC attendees heard a slate of speakers that included former President George W. Bush and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Acting Director Mick Mulvaney. CUNA GAC 2018 was the biggest yet, and we look forward to an even bigger event in 2019. Pictured left (L to R): Ashley Pelz, WFCU President/CEO John Davis, WFCU Board of Directors Jacquie Miller, WFCU Vice President of Lending and Sales

Shred Day East Shred Day for the EAST location is scheduled for

Saturday, May 19th

from 9:00-11:00am WFCU East Location/Cambridge Market 9747 East 21st Street N

316.941.0600 WFCU Holiday Closures: FEB MAY



Memorial Day (All offices closed) Independence Day (All offices closed)

Coming Soon: FEB MAY


Shred Day Cambridge Market 9am-11am

Limit 3 boxes per car.

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Q2 newsletter 2018  

Q2 Newsletter 2018 April Issue

Q2 newsletter 2018  

Q2 Newsletter 2018 April Issue