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Tuesday, August 7, 2012 Saz’s Hospitality Village Wisconsin State Fair Park

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chief Executive Officer Dave Schmidt, CMB Executive Committee President - Joe Crubaugh Vice President - Mike Vande Walle Treasurer - Judy Baggenstoss Allied Rep. - Joe Sanfilippo

Board Trustees Jim Grebe Bob Hiller

Directors-At-Large Eric Olesen Dawn Ebert Ken Heil Susan Runkel Judy Semrad

The WBA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping members increase their baking and business knowledge, fostering the education of future bakers, keeping members informed about developments in the baking industry and legislative matters affecting them, and representing members’ interests at the state and federal government levels. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. CDT

Tour the Original Cream Puff Pavilion Enjoy a buffet lunch Meet WBA members Bakery Operation of the Year announced Hall of Fame Inductees 2012 Hiller Scholarship Recipient


Straight Dough from the CEO The biggest day for bakers in 2012

The sound bites, crazy ads, and annoying e-mails have all stopped! I have to find a new routine to work around now, because it all came to an end so quickly! Without the hoopla and fanfare we had heard about for nearly 18 months! A few spoke up, joined in and let their choices be known, but far too few have stayed silent or not mentioned where they will be on that all important day of 2012! Oh, wait! I bet you thought I meant that recall thingy on the governor! No, that was important though, and congratulations to all those whose voices were heard by voting for their candidate of choice! I was referring to the GREATEST WBA event in a generation! Join us and all of the other WBA members at the first ever WBA Bakers Day at the Fair & Pig Roast, Tuesday, August 7th, 2012! With only a few days left to return your pre-registration to receive your free pair of tickets for an entire day of fun or purchase additional tickets at $5.00, time is closing fast! We need to include your order by Friday, June 15th in time to get tickets to you for this great day! So, don’t delay! Remember to get that registration form back to us TODAY! You don’t want to miss all of the excitement, the animals, the sounds, and of course the great food and events we have planned just for you from the WBA! And I certainly have to acknowledge our great sponsors who have helped make the biggest day of 2012 possible: Valley Bakers Cooperative Association – Greenville, WI BakeMark – Milwaukee, WI VanderBloemen Group – Waukesha, WI Great Clips – Milwaukee, WI Bell Ambulance – Milwaukee, WI Saz’s Catering – Wisconsin State Fair Park Wisconsin State Fair Park WBA Board of Directors We could not make this event possible without their contributions and efforts. We thank you all so much for your continued support for our members! The WBA staff and I can hardly wait to see all of you here on Tuesday, August 7th, the biggest day in 2012 for Wisconsin Bakers, from Kenosha to Superior. It’s a day of fun for everyone. So, don’t miss it! Send that registration in today. Bring the kids – they’re free. Bring your staff for only $5.00 each – we will feed them for you! It’s a great way to reward your employees without the expense! And be sure to visit with our special guests from Retail Bakers of America (RBA) Executive Director Susan Nicolais, RBA President Ken Downey, and Modern’s Baking’s Ed Lee, Sr.! Plus, a very special surprise guest just for the kids. So, bring your cameras and get the shot to keep for years to come! This will be your best day of summer as it will be mine. Come join us! Just send back the form. Spaces will fill quickly. This event is valued at $35.00 per person and is free as a member of WBA! And, remember just $5.00 per ticket for each person you want to bring over age 11. We have the rest covered for you! That is the BEST DEAL on the biggest day of 2012 – WBA Pig Roast and Family Day at the Wisconsin State Fair. BE THERE! Best of Summer’s Blessings!



JUNE 2012

Valley Bakers holds second graduation ceremony Second program held in conjunction with AIB International By Amy Behrendt

Photo courtesy of Valley Bakers With springtime comes warmer weather, longer days, and graduation season! The graduation spirit definitely was in the air May 15 at Valley Bakers Cooperative Association (VBCA), as students were honored for finishing a program held in conjunction with VBCA and AIB International (www.aibonline. org). This was the second program co-sponsored by VBCA and AIB. In 2011 the first program, Breads and Rolls, was held in The R.W. Hiller Bakery Technology Room at VBCA in Greenville, Wis. The response was so great on this first joint venture that another program was held this year from Feb. 20-May 15. A different topic was held in 2012, titled Valley Bakers/AIB Professional Training Sweet Goods Certification Program. Five separate modules, with each class lasting two days, made up the Sweet Goods Certification Program. The modules were: Module 1: Laminated and Sweet Dough Production Module 2: Batter Cake Production Module 3: Pies and Foam Cakes Module 4: Doughnuts and Donuts Module 5: Production Management Twenty-three students took part in 1-4 of the classes, with 11 students completing all five and graduating from the program. The 11 students who completed all five classes were (including the VBCA member businesses they are from): * Christine Braden, Econo Foods, Iron Mountain, Mich. * Kyle Braun, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, Wis. * Joel DeJardin, Econo Foods, Sturgeon Bay, Wis. * Tim Hutchison, Trig’s Central Bakery, Rhinelander, Wis. * Helene Pagoria, Helene’s Hilltop Orchard, Merrill, Wis. * Kay Preston, Tadych Econo Foods, Brillion, Wis. Continued on next page



JUNE 2012

* Russell Reeves, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, Wis. * Brandon Rudesill, Rudy’s Bakery (aka Bult’s Bakery), Shawano, Wis. * Alexander Smith, Festival Foods, De Pere, Wis. * Dion Walker, Festival Foods, Oshkosh, Wis. * Darnell Wilmet, Festival Foods, Green Bay, Wis. Laura Rockel, from Business Services at VBCA, said that while these are the only two programs held so far, they are open to offering others in the future. The overall response to the programs has been “very positive.” “I have had students say that they went back to the bakery and changed the way they do things due to taking these classes,” Rockel said. “It helps them to understand what to do when things don’t work out.” At the graduation ceremony, Rockel and VBCA Business Development Manager Mike Sprang addressed the students, along with VBCA Board Member Dawn Ebert. Rockel said that a Breads and Rolls program is in the works for Spring 2013. “Thank you for taking time away from your families and businesses to take the course,” Rockel said. She also thanked AIB Vice President of Education Kirk O’Donnell, who helped teach the classes. Other instructors included Steve Sollner and Tim Sieloff from AIB. Ebert thanked the VBCA staff for offering the program, and said that the VBCA board has a “continuing commitment to education in the future for our members.” VBCA has a very busy summer in the works. Plans are being finalized for the annual VBCA Charity Golf Invitational July 16. A month later, Aug. 16, VBCA will hold its Annual Food Show at Shopko Hall in Green Bay, Wis. For all the latest news from Valley Bakers, visit BB

                                                        

Who’s who in the industry Learn more about Chef Jenn Solloway-Malvitz, Chef Instructor & Pastry Chef at Fox Valley Technical College By Amy Behrendt

For those of you who live in the Fox Cities area of Wisconsin, Chef Jenn Solloway-Malvitz may look familiar to you. She has been featured with various recipes in Women Magazine. You may have seen her on one of the local news stations demonstrating different cooking techniques. But, the place where you may have seen her most is at her home away from home, Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wis. ( That’s where she has been a full-time Culinary Instructor since 2002. Chef Jenn has been involved in education, specializing in baking and pastry, for more than 17 years. During the annual Cultural Cuisine event, you will find her working hard at the Dessert Station as the faculty advisor. Seventeen years in teaching has provided a lot of memories for her! What are some of her favorites? “Watching the ‘light bulb’ come on when a student ‘get’s it,’” Chef Jenn said. “When they realize that they actually can do it without my help.” Reflecting on her years in teaching, “I feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing, with the ideal team to do it with,” Chef Jenn said. “I try to make students aware of the reality side of the Chef Jenn Solloway-Malvitz business (long hours and high energy), and I am Photo courtesy of Chef Jenn Solloway-Malvitz exhilarated everyday by the promise of being able to impassion future culinarians in a well-equipped, and constantly updated facility, with a very supportive team and administration.” Chef Jenn added the staff she works with is her “band of brothers.” “They keep me on task and grounded, and are constantly teaching me,” she said. Getting her start The road to teaching provides a lot of culinary and baking history for Chef Jenn, who is no stranger to the hospitality industry. A native of San Francisco, her family has been in the industry since the late 1800’s. Chef Jenn herself has been involved in the industry for more than 30 years. Graduating valedictorian from San Francisco City College Hotel & Restaurant School in 1988, Chef Jenn worked at some of the finest restaurants, country clubs and hotels in the “Bay Area” of California. She apprenticed under Bradley Ogden at the Campton Place Hotel. It was there, she recalls, that she “learned that world class food and pastries do not ‘have’ to come out of Europe to be ‘classic,’” she said. While attending Culinary school, Chef Jenn said she also worked at Il Fornaio, one of San Francisco’s Continued on next page



JUNE 2012

premier bakeries, learning the ins and outs of European style baking. She also worked a second job at Green’s at Fort Mason, a 4-star vegetarian restaurant, where “Chef Annie Summerville taught me the importance of natural, whole food cooking and how to run a kitchen with patience, passion and compassion,” Chef Jenn said. Becoming her own boss Just before graduating, Chef Jenn said she was offered three different, amazing jobs. The one she selected took her to Arizona. It was while she was in Arizona that she opened her first catering company, Sweets, Etc., in 1988. She said she focused on wedding cakes and dessert catering for several small chain restaurants, larger hotels and upscale clientele in the Phoenix area. Over the years, she moved a few times and Sweets moved with her. “My last stop for Sweets was Green Bay, Wis.,” Chef Jenn said, which is also where she currently resides with her husband Steve. She is no longer running Sweets, as she said she stays busy with teaching and feels, “I can better utilize my talents doing consulting work, and helping other businesses grow and succeed,” she said. In addition to running her company, Chef Jenn also has been the Executive Pastry Chef for several large corporations, including the Sheraton, the Marriott and the Radisson; does consultation projects for restaurants and hotels with recipe and menu development and training; and involves herself and her students in recipe testing and culinary textbook editing for Prentice Hall. Whew – and she juggles it all with a smile on her face! Competitions and Accolades Chef Jenn’s love for the industry shows in her work, and she works hard to hone her skills in her spare time. She enjoys competing in American Culinary Federation (ACF) and Retail Bakers of America (RBA) sanctioned events. “By competing, I feel that it demonstrates commitment, integrity and drive, and I find that is constantly raises the bar for students, my team and for the program (at FVTC) as a whole,” Chef Jenn said. Among her awards and achievements are: Over a five-year span: 4 Golds, 2 Silvers and a Bronze at various events An “Exemplary Gold,” near perfect, score in a Team Hot Food Mystery Basket, along with her partner, Chef RC Schroeder, a fellow instructor at FVTC 2000: Obtained her Certified Cake Decorator’s (CCD) award through Retail Bakers of America Sept. 2006: Awarded her Certified Pastry Chef Certification (CEPC), becoming only 1 of 220 worldwide with the designation Sept. 2008: She was awarded her Certified Culinary Educator (CCE) certification Through the years, she also has won numerous Wisconsin Bakers Association awards. One of her memorable creations was in 2007, when she created an under-the-sea wedding cake at the Wisconsin Restaurant Expo in Milwaukee. It stood 8 feet tall, plus the table height, and weighed 200 pounds! Did you know? * Chef Jenn teaches Science of Baking, Principles of Baking, Convenience Baking, Cake Production & Decorating, Pastries, Artisan Breads & Confections at Fox Valley Technical College. * Her favorite dessert “is the PERFECT tira misu, although my Vanilla Bean Chiffon with fresh raspberries and Amaretto Italian Buttercream runs right alongside,” she said. * Chef Jenn is involved in proctoring Certification exams for the American Culinary Federation as an ACE (Approved Culinary Evaluator), and serving on the Recertification Committee for the ACF. How to reach Chef Jenn Solloway-Malvitz Fox Valley Technical College, 1825 N. Bluemound Rd., Appleton, WI 54914 E-mail: BB BEYOND BAKING


JUNE 2012

Breaking bread

Summer plans must include visit to Wisconsin State Fair By Amy Behrendt

Warmer weather Cookouts Time with family and friends I LOVE summer in Wisconsin! As those who live in this great state know, we can have some very harsh winters around here (OK, last winter excluded!) That’s why when summer rolls around, I can’t wait to spend time outside as much as possible: Running, playing with my family and dogs, trips to the cottage, even yard work! I started my column with a very short list of the many things I enjoy about summer, and most likely, they are some of your favorite things too. Did you Peyton and I shared an Original Cream know that you can enjoy all three of those aspects Puff at last year’s Wisconsin State Fair. of summer at our Wisconsin Bakers Association Photo courtesy of Amy Behrendt member event in August? Make plans to join us for the 2012 WBA Pig Roast and Family Day at the Wisconsin State Fair Aug. 7! This is a first annual event of its kind for our membership. As you know, the Dairy Bakery Operation at the Wisconsin State Fair is a very important part of the WBA’s entity. What better way than to bring our members together at the State Fair, an event we have been part of since 1924! We have an exciting agenda planned for our member event at Saz’s Hospitality Village, and the WBA staff is hard at work finalizing the plans for Aug. 7. The member event includes a tour of the Original Cream Puff ® Pavilion, a pig roast buffet lunch, and honoring our Bakery Operation of the Year (BOY Award), WBA Hall of Fame inductees, and our Robert W. Hiller Scholarship recipient. This is in addition to sharing camaraderie with your fellow members! We are also excited that Retail Bakers of America (RBA) Executive Director Susan Nicolais, RBA President Ken Downey, and Modern’s Baking’s Ed Lee, Sr. will join us at our event. But, your day doesn’t end with our member event. While you are at Wisconsin State Fair Park for our event, be sure to also enjoy a day at the fair! There are rides galore (be sure to go on the giant slide once or twice!), live music, animal exhibits, and, even more food! Aug. 7 also is Kohl’s Family Fun Day, and all children ages 11 and under will get in free with an adult! For all the details on this year’s State Fair, visit Let me tell you, if you haven’t been to the Fair before, it’s a blast! My 5-year-old, Peyton, looks forward to attending with me again this year. This also will be his brother Tyson’s first Wisconsin State Fair, and maybe even Tyson’s first taste of a little bit of Cream Puff! Being only 8 months old, Tyson’s fair food tour will have to wait for the future! But all kidding aside, the Wisconsin State Fair truly is a great event for families, couples, friends…everyone! I look forward to seeing many of you at this year’s WBA Pig Roast and Family Day at the Wisconsin State Fair. One of my favorite aspects of my job is seeing and chatting with our members, so don’t let me down! Visit for registration information. Registrations are due June 15! And remember, this will be a great day to enjoy our beautiful Wisconsin summer weather. Before you know it, old man winter will dominate our weather once again! BB BEYOND BAKING


JUNE 2012


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Offer ends July 31 or while supplies last. Please indicate preferred Brewers Fair Friday game at time of purchase.

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At Miller Park, every Friday is a $13 Fair Friday! Your Fair Friday purchase includes one Terrace Reserved ticket to any Friday Brewers game during the 2012 season and one general admission ticket to the Wisconsin State Fair presented by U.S. Cellular®. For tickets, call (414) 902-4000 or visit

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Social Media of the Month: Twitter

Helpful tips to engage your customers with social media By Jessica Hoover Editor’s Note: Jessica Hoover manages all of the social media accounts for the Wisconsin Bakers Association. Feel free to contact Jessica if you have additional questions about how to effectively use social media for your business.

Q: What is Twitter exactly? A: Twitter is a site where users post short messages or status updates (140 characters or less) through their computers and mobile phones. Messages are published on your Twitter profile page in real-time. Q: What is a Tweet? A: A tweet is another name for a status update that is 140 characters or less. Q: What is a Retweet? A: You can retweet (RT) what another Twitter user has posted. To retweet a post, add RT and the original poster’s username (for example, “RT @wibakers”) to the message you want to share with your Twitter followers. Q: What does Follow mean on Twitter? A: Follow is very similar to a “like” on Facebook. When someone “likes” or “follows” you, they are subscribing to all of your posts and status updates. You can follow other Twitter users. When you log into your Twitter account, you will see a chronological list of tweets from everyone that you follow. You can choose to follow or unfollow any Twitter user at any time. BB

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