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12 - MARKETING ADVISORS / TRAINERS _____________________________________________________________

I_____________________________________________________________ NTRODUCTION I don’t claim to be a marketing expert. However, over the years I’ve learned many lessons from several long-time practitioners; some lessons were good, some weren’t. Unfortunately, many people have a strong dislike for the network marketing business model. Personally, I blame that phenomenon on the fact that most people doing network marketing have been taught and have practiced many wrong methods.

I’ve “been there, done that”. Never again! Didn’t like doing it back then and I don’t ever intend to do that again. None of us like to “be sold”. We like to “buy” or be “shown”. There’s a big difference. Figure that out and use it in your business. I highly recommend the people, products and services discussed on the next 2 pages. Follow their advice to greatly increase your success rate. By the way, neither Tim nor Eric have seen the information in this book. Their only connection to me is that I’m listed in their databases as a user of their products and services. Don Ferguson Author

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Marketing Advisors

We’ve been taught to approach everyone we know, our family, friends and everyone “within 3 feet”. We’re taught to be “excited”, rave about how long our company has been in business, their success rate, how much money people are making, etc., etc., etc.

12 - Network Marketing Advisors __________________________ _____________________________________________________________

R ECOMMENDED ADVISORS _____________________________________________________________ Tim Sales


I’ve been a fan of Tim Sales for many years. His description of the network marketing business model in his video “Brilliant Compensation” is enlightening, easy to understand and gives a person great confidence in the validity of this type of business. I especially like this quote of Tim’s: “Wealth is not a mystery. It’s a formula.” In my mind, the information in Brilliant Compensation can and should be used by people in every type of business. His explanation of the reasons behind the growth and decline of companies’ fortunes following the life patterns of the baby boomers should be taken seriously by all business leaders in all types of business. Marketing Advisors To learn more about creating more wealth for yourself, watch two videos, "What The Wealthy Buy" and "Brilliant Compensation" by registering at _____________________________________________________________ Profitable Planning & Management Inc. Page 126

12 - Network Marketing Advisors __________________________ _____________________________________________________________

Eric Tippets


I’ve been using Eric’s Income Tax Estimator app for only a short time. However, I’m really pleased with his approach to network marketing: don’t try to sell your product or “opportunity”; rather, make a comment about how much money people can save on their income taxes by having a part-time, homebased business. None of us want to be “sold” on anything - especially a product or business that we’re not interested in. However, we are all interested in paying less income tax!

Don’t “sell” your business to anyone; simply tell them about it. Have a conversation. If they’re interested in joining your business, they’ll tell you. More information about Eric and the support he provides to network marketers can be found at _____________________________________________________________

F ULL DISCLOSURE _____________________________________________________________ I gain financial benefit from products and services purchased at the two links provided above. If you sign up for Tim’s and Eric’s services at those links, you too can gain financial benefit when other people sign up at your links.

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Marketing Advisors

Eric’s approach has people asking you for more information about your home-based business. That’s much more fun than trying to “sell” your business concept.

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