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Publication date 14 October | Next issue 18 November





Read about The Zoo Run and find out why Terri, Bindi and Bob Irwin support this charity event

treme OCR Team Development Program Do you want to include the fastest growing outdoor sport as a preconference corporate challenge, Christmas break-up or as part of your leadership development program?

physical and mental challenges of

Participate in a unique adventure that is pure fun and just a little bit crazy with a whole lot of good times thrown in at Xtreme OCR!

remain together no matter what

Bring your workplace team to have a GREAT time using the obstacle course as an arena to improve the functioning of your team as a unit, and to increase the effectiveness of team members as team players.

their limits and challenge their

Innovate, communicate, collaborate & motivate to complete the

the obstacle course together. Operate as a unified group to complete the physical and mental challenges of the course, and obstacles stand in their way. Embark on a memorable experience where your team will push effectiveness while conquering more than 25 bad-ass obstacles. Leave the obstacle course feeling connected, creative, confident and capable.

I would definitely recommend this to people who have a passion for obstacle racing.. and even those who don’t because after doing this, you will Michelle Giffen

Xtreme Obstacle Course Race series

Race 2: October 20th Race 3: November 24th

Race 5: January 26th

Register now and start training!

Race 4: December 22nd

Race 6: February 23rd

Venue: X-OCR 20-acre Rainforest Obstacle Course, 5 min from Australia Zoo

Categories: Intermediate: 1.5km 25 Obstacles / Open: 3.0km 50 Obstacles / Masters: 3.0km 50 Obstacles / Elite: 4.5km 75 Obstacles

Registrations: Connect with XOCR: 0488 222 886



PLAY train race

Series Entry $60 per race Single Race $69 per race

editor’s note Where do I begin? If you hadn’t noticed that the Sunshine Coast is becoming the health, sporting and fitness event capital of our country, then let me refresh your memory. In the last couple of months we have hosted Tough Mudder, Sunshine Coast Marathon, Sunshine Coast Ironman 70.3, Queensland Special Olympics, Real Food Festival, National Youth Touch Football Championships, National and Queensland Club Gymnastics Championships, National Junior Outrigger Canoe Racing Championships and The Swisse Color Run.

EDITOR’S NOTE with Jen Forster

It’s what you say to yourself, about yourself, when you are by yourself that matters most Brad Sugars

Ahead of us we have The Noosa Triathlon Festival, The Zoo Run, Noosa International Sevens Festival, Triathlon Pink and so many more. Every weekend there is something to get involved in and the best part is there is absolutely something for everyone, all ages and all levels of fitness. ‘I’m too old’ or ‘I’m not fit enough’ just don’t cut it anymore as reasons not to be involved. If you have an event that you know of or are participating in, please feel free to share it on the Why Fitness Magazine Facebook wall. Speaking of social media, we are very excited to share that Why Fitness Magazine has added a new dimension to the magazine by creating our very own YouTube channel, Why Fitness Magazine TV. We have a new feature which we are calling ‘5 in 5’ – Five Questions in Five Minutes. We are videoing these interviews so that not only can you read about them in the magazine, you can now scan the QR code on the article and watch the full interview LIVE! I love being able to share with you the real personalities behind the success stories on the Sunshine Coast. Check it out on page 10/11. This issue is themed ‘Mind Over Matter’ and I just love this topic. Through my years of training and competing in events for fun as well as at an elite level, the one thing I know without question is that the body will do whatever the mind tells it to. If you say you can’t, you won’t, but if you say you can, you will. In January this year, I decided I would run up and down Mount Coolum three times in one session, every week for 30 weeks. There were weeks when my body was tired from other training, it was dark, windy and raining and my body did not want to get out of my car. If it was up to my body some weeks, it would not have happened. On those days I know that what got the job done was 100 per cent my mind. And I could just have easily decided not to. In either instance my mind always has the final word and so does yours.

Why Fitness Magazine supports local charity Surf Life Saving.

What has your mind been holding your body back from achieving? Is there something you have always wanted to do but your mind keeps talking you out of it? I’d love to hear from you and if you like, keep you accountable to doing it! Yours in fun and fitness

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WHY does fitness matter to You? Why Fitness Magazine, the Sunshine Coast’s ONLY Fitness Magazine Would you like your business to be featured in Why Fitness Magazine? Contact Jen on 0403 236 783 to find out how! Don’t miss a single issue! Why not subscribe to Why Fitness Magazine? You will receive every issue, delivered directly to you.

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Publication date 14 October | Next issue 18 November







Read about The Zoo Run and find out why Terri, Bindi and Bob support it.

Published by Matters Magazine ABN 95 131 837 833 P. 5444 4456, F. 5302 6609 Noel Burns House 18/21 Nicklin Way, Minyama Editor/Advertising Enquiries Jen Forster 0403 236 783 or 5444 4456 Publisher Vickie Magic 5444 4456 or 0433 198 868 Photographer Jen Forster Distribution Dranko Magic, 0408 751 863 Design Keith Sweeney, Writers, Columnists and Sub-editors this issue: Alex Mitchell, The Health Hound, Vickie Magic, Craig Harper, Richard Fogarty, Annette Sym, Jennifer Forster, Kaitlyn Akers, Gary Martin, Jason O’Pray, Jodi Chapman, Rebecca Mugridge, Cassie Westerman Distributed from Beerwah to Noosa Proudly printed on the Sunshine Coast by the Ink Spot Commercial Printers, Maroochydore | 5443 5431 4 ISSUE 6

6 5 FIT AND WELL with Cassandra Westerman, LifeSpark. 6 TOP MIND BODY FITNESS CONNECTIONS by The Health Hound. 8 The Zoo Run LOCAL SUCCESS Terri Irwin and Joey Ambassador, Tegan Lather. 10 FIVE IN FIVE - FIVE QUESTIONS IN FIVE MINUTES with Pete Jacobs, Casey Munro, Kacey Willoughby and Catherine Thiele. NEW 12 FIT AND FAMOUS with Richard Fogarty. 13 ADVANCED FITNESS PERFORMANCE with Jodi Chapman. 14 LOCAL SUCCESS Tammy Pluck is on a Quit Smoking Mission. 15 LOCAL BUSINESS 14 WHY FITNESS CALENDAR What’s On? 15 LOCAL BUSINESS 15 NOOSA TRIATHLON 31 Years of Swim, Bike and Run 16 ASK US WHY Why Fibre and Why Coaches. 16 MEET THE SPEAKERS at The Health and Fitness Triathlon Seminar. 18 WHY CHANGE with the sledge hammer of self help CRAIG HARPER.

20 20 THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE by Gary Martin, Nutritionist, Living valley Springs. 22 WHY BFRESH with Rebecca Mugridge. 23 LOCAL SUCCESS with Rachael Witton from Sunny Kids. 24 WHY FITNESS CALENDAR Find out what’s on and where? 24 WHY EVENTS with Cr Jason O’Pray. 37 WHY COOK with ANNETTE SYM. 38 MIND OVER MATTER Local businesses share their ‘mind over matter’ secrets. 44 Vickie Magic shares her FITNESS MAGIC. 45 WHY SUNSHINE TOYOTA with Brett Wardley. 46 Find out WHY THIS AND THAT – check out the ‘must haves’. Something for every fitness enthusiast. 48 KAITLYN AKERS tells us how to be BEACH FIT. 50 MEET OUR ADVERTISERS.



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Do you know what these are? We are proud of our innovation of videos at the end of some of our articles. To view the videos, download a QR scanner with your smartphone (the app we have found to be the best so far is i-nigma. Just go to your applications and search for it, then download the free application).

Have you ever had one of those “I just had a crazy dream” moments? One where you created the most intricate, dazzling and sophisticated design, artwork, invention, musical piece or structure? In the haze of waking you imagine yourself making millions of dollars from your talents – until the questioning gaze of your partner brings you back to earth. Ah, dreams! Imagine tapping into that deliciously creative space when you are awake. This life force is a powerful catalyst in bringing about change in your life. For example, working on your wellness vision requires imagining what could be, widening your view of yourself and boldly stating what you would love to be true in your life. It’s a chance to let your barriers down and dream big. As children we access this imaginative state through play, which allows us to learn, create and grow. Fast forward to the adult years and we rarely get pure moments of flow, when we are engrossed in something in a child-like way. This flow state is where we create our dreams, get in touch with our emotions and have mastery experiences; all positive stuff for our happiness and wellness. If your creativity tap has been in an off position for some time, you can restart the trickle by engaging in activities where you experience flow. Take up a hobby, join a team, find something that challenges your thinking. Even your job can provide flow when the activities are rewarding in and of themselves and there is a balance between challenges and skills. The self expands through acts of self-forgetfulness. Lose yourself with the help of these tips: • Make a list of activities you loved to do as a child. Have you still got the urge? It’s never too late to learn something new and be engrossed in something you love • Make novelty the theme of the week. Have fun exploring and inventing things. Exercise your curiosity muscle. Be inquisitive. Make sure you get others involved in the fun. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere.

Cassandra Westerman is a certified Wellness Coach with Cassandra Westerman LifeSpark. M. 0410 456 966, WHY FITNESS 5


Top Mind-Body Connection Fitness Techniques

by Henry Hound It has been said that you are what you eat. However when it comes to fitness, diet and weight loss, there is an increasing body of evidence that shows you are what you think! It is all about the mind-body connection. This is something that has long been a part of eastern philosophies and weight loss practices such as yoga and Tai Chi, but is now becoming an integral part of many western workouts and diet plans.

1. MINDFUL EATING Basically, mindfulness is the Eastern concept of being more aware. When it comes to eating, being more aware of what you eat, how you eat, why and when you eat, could be the key to long term and effective weight loss. Beyond the mind-body connection there seems to definitely be a very specific mind-gut connection. Harvard University researchers have suggested that a slower, more thoughtful way of eating and making more healthy food choices, could help with many of the problems associated with overeating, especially those related to stress.

2. YOGA The overall health benefits of yoga have been known for centuries. Yoga practitioners focus their attention on breathing, while doing a series of stretches and poses. For many, yoga is a path to enlightenment. For others it is a great way to exercise, relieve stress, and stay in shape. But for whatever 6 ISSUE 6

reason you chose to participate in yoga, and whichever type of yoga is practised, for there are many, understand that yoga is first and foremost about balance. Yoga in all its forms not only improves physical balance with all the benefits that come with it, but is also one of the best mind-body techniques to bring one into balance, both emotionally and spiritually.

traditions of Tai Chi and Yoga, as well as Western techniques of cardio and aerobics, and some of Australia’s own Alexander Technique thrown in for good measure, to create what its founders call an ‘integrated total mind-body workout’ and even daily activities. Core training uses gear like balance balls and wobble boards, which all lead to strengthening and conditioning of the muscles of the mid-section.

3. TAI CHI AND QIGONG Tai Chi and its related form Qigong or Qi Gong are kinds of moving meditations that combine breathing techniques with martial arts movements. They work to improve and enhance Qi. Qi, pronounced, ‘chee’ comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and means ‘life force’ or ‘energy flow’. In TCM, imbalances or blockages of Qi flow are responsible for all sickness and disease. The practices of both Qigong and Tai Chi involve specific slow, almost ballet-like movements while paying mindful attention to your body and breathing. Whether you believe in the power of Qi or not, both practices have been proven to reduce stress, improve balance and coordination, and when practiced long enough, also provide an effective form of self-defence!

4. NIA Neuromuscular Integrative Action, or NIA, is a technique that was developed in the States by Carlos and Debbie Rosas, and is achieving world-wide popularity. NIA is a combined technique that takes a ‘best of both worlds’ approach, and pulls from the Eastern

5. PILATES Pilates is an exercise that has become very popular lately, and while it may appear to be a recent phenomenon, the technique was first introduced by its originator Joseph Pilates back in the 1930s. It is a mind-body exercise that has overall health benefits but focuses on the core - the development of the strength and flexibility of the torso and abdominal muscles. This is what has made the exercises so popular with dancers and gymnasts. Pilates uses forms and postures, with an emphasis on breathing technique. While considered a mind-body exercise, it does not have any of the philosophical or spiritual aspects of the Eastern techniques such as yoga and Tai Chi.

6. MEDITATION There is a ton of evidence for the effectiveness of meditation to reduce stress. There is an equal amount of evidence of how stress reduction helps with overall health, reduces your risk of heart disease, and helps with your weight loss efforts. While Eastern

feature practitioners have intuitively known the benefits of meditation, or related its effects to improved Qi flow, modern researchers believe that meditation and similar relaxation techniques cause a reduction in stress hormones such as cortisol. Cortisol is related to both heart disease and stress overeating.

7. DEEP BREATHING As you have seen, many of the mindbody techniques have a breathing component to them. Deep breathing itself is also a powerful stress reducer. While not really an ‘exercise’, the simple act of relaxing and focusing your attention on deep rhythmic breathing can do wonders for your body. Try it whenever you are feeling stressed. While there are many specific breathing techniques, all you really need to do is take five long deep breaths, focusing only on your breathing as you inhale and exhale. You will almost instantly feel your body relax and your mind begin to calm down.

8. PROGRESSIVE MUSCLE RELAXATION Progressive muscle relaxation, or PMR, is related to the forms of Eastern mind-body techniques that recognise the deep connection between mental states and physical ailments. In PMR you learn to rhythmically tense and then relax all the specific muscle groups in your body one at a time. It is a body awareness technique in which you learn to better recognise the feeling of tension and how to release it.

instructor and get a good feeling for his or her philosophy. As the classic Karate Kid movies so well illustrated, mindfulness and effectiveness of martial arts training is as much a function of The Master, as it is of the practice itself.



The term ‘physical fitness’ causes a lot of confusion for people, and this may be why they fail in their attempts to get in shape. It is because they place too much emphasis on the physical part. Health and fitness pros know that true health and wellness can only be accomplished by taking a mind-bodysprit approach to physical fitness.

There are many forms of martial arts. In their original Eastern forms, most, if not all, incorporated a mind-body aspect. Today, many of the forms have been Westernised to become pure fighting techniques, and much of the mind-body experience has been diluted. No matter what form you choose, speak with the

By redefining the way you look at exercise, as not so much a way to build muscle, or to lose weight, but as a way to get your mind and body working together to reduce stress and to achieve peak performance, you will be more likely to reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be.”



Redefine Your Face And Body With This Non-Invasive, Fat-Melting, Skin-Tightening Innovation

Dr Hugo Pin MD (Fra) Peregian Beach



CHASE A CHEETAH The Sunshine Coast now has its very own Zoo Run! The inaugural Zoo Run, a fun run through Australia Zoo,is set to take place on Sunday 27th October 2013 to raise money for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Why Fitness talks to both Terri Irwin and Tegan Lather (the 13-year-old brains behind The Zoo Run). TEGAN LATHER WHY FM: Tell us about the Zoo Run. How did you come up with the idea and what was Terri Irwin’s reaction? TEGAN: I was really lucky. Jill and Warren from Jetts Fitness Coolum and Peregian loved being my Platinum Sponsors for the car rally in May, and they asked if they could please do another event with me. They then asked if it could be something that the Jetts members would like. Our friends Trudy and Dave had just run the Cancer Stair Climb (they are very fit) and were telling us about it on the day of the car rally. This was the same day Jill and Warren spoke to me, so I started to think. Then a

couple of days later I asked Mum and Dad if we could run around Australia Zoo on the shuttle bus track. I wanted to ask Terri myself and get her permission, so I waited until I was having lunch with her at the Junior Philanthropist Award Luncheon. Terri laughed and said she would ask the Zoo management for me. When it got approved a couple of weeks later it was really exciting. WHY FM: How fit do you have to be to get involved? TEGAN: I know that Jetts Fitness are using the Zoo Run as a challenge and they have an eight week fitness plan for their members. Of course we want everyone to be fit and healthy so they can do either the 5km or 2km run, but I am not that fit. I will be walking the 2km but will still have heaps of fun. I will be with my VIP guests - Trixie and Johnno from The Block are coming on the day. WHY FM: How far do you have to run and is there an age limit? TEGAN: There are two different runs - a 5km for the really fit and the 2km for the fun, and families either running or walking. I hope that everyone will think about doing the best distance run or walk for them. Any children under three and in a pram are free. There are no age restrictions, but if a child is going to do the run they need to be accompanied by an adult at all times. We


will be running through the Zoo so it is for everyone’s safety. TEGAN: How did you become involved in wildlife conservation and what do you love about Terri Irwin and Australia Zoo? When we first moved to Bribie Island, I chose to go to Australia Zoo instead of the Ekka. While we were there Dad took me to the Wildlife Hospital. I saw a koala on the operation table and said to Dad, “What can I do to help? I want to help”. I was too young to volunteer, so I joined the Joey Ambassadors. Mum helped big time with my first fundraiser. She asked all her friends and people she knew for help and we put on Ask Animals Anything. We raised over $11,000! It was hard work, but heaps of fun. I cooked sausages, sold raffle tickets and cleaned up after the event. We are always cleaning up, but holding up that BIG cheque and knowing that I had saved some animals made all the difference. It can cost up to $5000 just to save and rehabilitate an injured koala. Our koalas are in trouble and if we can help them and save them we should. Of course I grew up singing songs with and watching Bindi DVDs. She is only a year older than me. So I was really excited the first time I meet the family at an animal encounter - DJ the Rhino. They are all so nice. They are just a family that know a lot about animals but they all really care about our native animals and animals all over the world that need our help.


AT THE ZOO RUN Terri is always so nice. She is always happy and helps me where she can. Of course she loves seeing me at the end of the book signing line as she screams – “Yeah the Lathers the end of the line!” They all sign our books for raffles for fundraisers. Bindi and Robert are really nice as well. The whole family will say g’day when they see us around the Zoo. WHY FM: Our final question is always about your ‘Why’. Why do you do what you do? TEGAN: Because it is fun and I am helping change the world, even if it’s just a little bit. I am so lucky; I get to hang out with my family doing all these cool animal encounters, fundraisers and I get to meet the best people! I talk to and hang out with people that want to help me reach my goal of raising $100,000 for conservation. I have people around me that love animals and respect me. I know that I can do anything if I try, and work hard. I thank everyone that has helped me with all my fundraisers. I also get to do a lot of cool things. TERRI IRWIN WHY FM: Tell us about the Zoo Run. How did the idea come about and what was your initial reaction? TERRI: I am so proud of Tegan for instigating the idea for a Zoo run. To experience Australia Zoo before we are open is pure magic.

Running to help wildlife benefits both people and animals. I am really excited to see Tegan make this happen.

TERRI: Bindi, Robert and I will definitely be part of Tegan’s first ever fun run one way or another!

WHY FM: Have you ever participated in a fun run? If so, where was it and how far did you run?

WHY FM: What comes to mind when you think about Tegan and the other inspiring work of the Joey Ambassadors?

TERRI: I have participated in fun runs as far back as when I was a kid growing up in Oregon. Although fun runs for charity can vary in distance and location, I’ve never even heard of a run taking place in a zoo. WHY FM: Tegan, as a Joey Ambassador, has been fund raising for Australia Zoo for three years and has raised over $45,000. This is extraordinary considering she is only 14 years of age. What would you say to someone considering becoming a Joey Ambassador and how can they get involved? TERRI: Tegan has proved that one person can make a huge difference. She is an inspiration for all kids who want to be a Joey Ambassador for Wildlife Warriors and change the world. Tegan has helped to save hundreds of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals from koalas to sea turtles. This fun run will raise much needed funds to support our Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. This is definitely a terrific event for kids to get involved with.

TERRI: I am incredibly moved by the dedication of Tegan and our Joey Ambassadors around the globe. These kids are working hard to make real, positive change in their world. They are speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. Many people talk about the need to protect our wildlife and wild places. Our Joey Ambassadors are doing it! WHY FM: What are the plans for Australia Zoo in the coming years? TERRI: Australia Zoo is growing strong. Our two tiger cubs will be out for our visitors to enjoy from October 24. We have three pregnant giraffes due any day. And coming soon: camel rides! WHY FM: Our final question is always about your ‘Why’? ‘Why do you do what you do? TERRI: I love sharing wildlife adventures with our Australia Zoo visitors. I want to give you a life changing experience. My passion is ensuring you make that special connection with our wildlife friends.

WHY FM: Will you be taking part in The Zoo Run?

Tickets for the Zoo Run are $50 per runner for the 5 Km run and only $40 per runner or walker for the 2Km fun run. This includes a T-shirt, water, fruit, and load of fun and value, plus a goodie bag! Participants also get discounted entry into Australia Zoo on the day of the Zoo Run? This event is capped in numbers so be quick to register your place or sponsorship for the Zoo Run! Registration details and extra information can be found at WHY FITNESS 9



PETE JACOBS, CASEY MUNRO, KACEY WILLOUGHBY, AND CATHERINE THIELE Pete Jacobs 1. Share with us: what would you be famous for to our readers? I am the 2012 Hawaii Ironman World Champion. The event consists of a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride, and a 42.2km marathon run. I won in 8 hours 19 minutes. 2. How did you get started in Ironman? I was training for triathlon with some older guys who took me under their wing and on their long rides. They introduced me to Ironman and taught me how to ride in those early days, and how to survive the race. 3. Who do you want to be when you ‘grow up’? Who inspires you and why? I am inspired by John Maclean. He has an unrelenting focus on being the best at whatever he sets his mind to. His approach to life is what I admire most, and is told brilliantly in both his books, ‘Sucking the Marrow out of Life’ and ‘Full Circle’. 4. What do you love to do when you are not training for Ironman?


I Iove working in the garden, and spending time with Jaimie in our kayak, as well as exploring the Hinterland and the markets. 5. What’s your ‘Why’? Why do you do what you do? I want to find out the limits of my body, and how I can get the most out of it. It’s an incredible journey of discovery about how the body works, and how to improve myself and my life.



Photos of Pete Jacobs and Casey Munro supplied by Eyes Wide Open IMAGES | Barry Alsop


Welcome to our brand new feature, Five in Five - Five Questions in Five Minutes. We are very excited to bring this to you with the added option to view the full interview via our exciting new YouTube Channel, Why Fitness TV! To watch, scan the QR code. Not sure how to do this? Simply download an App to scan QR codes (Inigma is one of our favourites) and away you go! Enjoy! In this Issue, Why Fitness caught up with some ‘iron’ clad Sunshine Coast superstars. Meet Pete Jacobs, Casey Munro, Kacey Willoughby and Catherine Thiele!

Casey Munro

Kacey Willoughby

Catherine Thiele

1. Share with us: what would you be famous for to our readers?

1. Share with us: what would you be famous for to our readers?

1. Share with us: what would you be famous for to our readers?

Well, I’m world famous in the Sunshine Coast sense for placing third at the inaugural Sunshine Coast Ironman 70.3 a couple of weeks ago.

I am the 2012/13 recipient of the first WITSUP (Women in Triathlon) scholarship.

I am an Ironman competitor and the creator and founder of Ironchicks, a forum for women who love to run, ride, swim, train, smile and race!

2. How did you get started in triathlon? I began cycling professionally and went as far as I could with that. Triathlon suited me well and I seemed to be good at it, so the transition was made. 3. Who do you want to be when you ‘grow up’? Who inspires you and why? Michael Jordan. He is, to me, without doubt, one of the highest achieving sportsmen of our time. 4. What do you love to do when you are not training for Ironman? I moved to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne and I am in love with the water here. I love to get out and do a bit of spear fishing. Yes, I’ve seen sharks and in fact saw a 1.5m shark around Old Woman Island the other day. I always thought I’d bolt, but oddly, I wanted to move towards it so I could get up close with it! 5. What’s your ‘Why’? Why do you do what you do? I think I gave up cycling because I saw what I could achieve with triathlon. I want to achieve the top level and be the ‘Michael Jordan of triathlon’.

2. How did you get started in triathlon? After two knee reconstructions, my good friend encouraged me to give triathlon a go. So I traded in my exboyfriend’s bike and the rest is history! 3. Who do you want to be when you ‘grow up’? Who inspires you and why? I am inspired by Belinda Granger, who has been inducted into the Australian Ironman Hall of Fame. I don’t think I could ever be like her, but I am just so inspired by all that she has achieved in the sport of triathlon. 4. What do you love to do when you are not training for Ironman? I Iove hanging out with my two nephews and niece. When I’m in training, I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I would like and it breaks my heart when I hear them say they miss having sleepovers. 5. What’s your ‘Why’? Why do you do what you do? I just love it. I love the people I train with and everything about it. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

2. How did you get started in triathlon? Really by accident. A friend came to stay and left her bike behind. I started doing a bit of riding and before I knew it, I was registered for my first Ironman event. 3. Who do you want to be when you ‘grow up’? Who inspires you and why? It sounds cheesy, but I’d like to be my Mum. Also, I’ve always wanted to be P!nk! I mean those dance moves, her uber coolness and of course, those abs! 4. What do you love to do when you are not training for Ironman? I’m a mum to a four and a seven year old and I just love hanging out with them. I like doing the little things, right down to hanging the washing on the line when I am not totally exhausted from training, believe it or not! 5. What’s your ‘Why’? Why do you do what you do? I love the mind games. Testing myself and my mind to see just how far I can go.


fitandfamous What would you be doing if you didn’t get into fitness: I would have been a builder with a nail bag on, as I am a qualified carpenter, but Rugby League took over my carpentry plans. Do you have any superstitions when training and competing in your sport: No, but I am a massive believer that you get confidence from the work you do at training to be at your best in competition.

A fresh approach toAND wellness opening FIT FAMOUS in Buderim this

How would someone close to you describe you: Determined, competitive, friendly and adventurist. What do you dislike: People not being accountable.


with Richard Fogarty

When you talk fitness, no-one is more

Best sporting memory you have: Winning the Rugby League World Cup 2000, playing at Old Trafford using Manchester United dressing sheds. Biggest/best break you ever got: Bulldogs not making the finals in 1996, that allowed me to have my NRL debut and play with Terry Lamb in his last five career games as a future replacement of his.

up-to-date than one of rugby league’s greats, who now calls Sunshine Coast home. I am speaking about Scott Hill, former Melbourne Storm, State of Origin, and Australian rugby league player. After a tough session in the

What is the best advice you have received: Live in the ‘NOW’; be grateful for all that comes into your life.

gym, I sat down with Scott Hill to ask the serious questions, WHY Fitness?

Richard Fogarty and

Scott Hill

What piece of advice would you give to an up-and-coming sports man or woman: YOU, and only YOU, are the one who will take you to your ultimate best by making good choices along the way. My greatest success is: My family. My most annoying habit is: Leaving things behind. WHY Fitness: It keeps the mind and body balanced and takes you outdoors to enjoy life. Richard Fogarty is a Business Owner/ Youth and Family Mentor/Inspirational Speaker/Fitness Trainer/ Life Coach. M. 0414 429 562

A fresh approach to wellness opening in Buderim this


Integrated services for better health // ExErcisE Physiologist // EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST // MASSAGE THERAPIST // MassagE thEraPist


you will love the convenience of having all your health and wellness services under one roof.

// DIETITIAN // Private health fund rebates available 6 WEEK PROGRAMS // DiEtitian // PSYCHOLOGIST // DVa (Vets) and Workcover clients welcome STARTING IN OCTOBER // Psychologist // LIFEPLUS+ EXERCISE CLASSES // Doctor referrals welcome // PRIVATE HEALTH FUND REBATES AVAILABLE // certified lifestyle Programs // lifEPlus+ - ExErcisE PrograMs




2/96 Burnett street, Buderim Q 4556

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advancedfitnessperformance that you realise that perhaps your gruelling training schedule has pushed your limits beyond mind over matter. Symptoms may be: diminishing libido, lack of motivation to do things you know you enjoy, dreaming of your next holiday, or beginning to hate your job. You may also notice trouble sleeping and a general lack of care or interest in the things that used to be important in your life, or in your relationships.


MIND OVER MATTER? OR PUSHED PAST YOUR LIMIT? Pushing yourself to your limit as an athlete, takes tremendous mental strength and determination, especially when the alarm sounds at 5am on a winter morning when it’s five degrees outside. “Do I stay in my warm, cozy bed?” you may wonder for a moment, but you roll out and get your gear on for another day of training. Again, mind reigns over matter while you curse the freezing cold weather. Seasons pass, events come and go, goals are achieved, and all the while new goals are planned. Some of us continue on this journey of always feeling fantastic, jumping out of bed with bounding energy, but for others the effort eventually takes its toll physically, leaving your still very passionate, determined mindset wondering what the hell is going on. Pushing yourself too far, or skimping on sleep, uses more of the nutrients needed to produce your dopamine and adrenalin. This leaves you feeling emotionally and physically drained. The first changes may be subtle, such as not enjoying your training as much, wishing it was over sooner, or dreading the thought of another early morning. You may at first see these signs as only associated with your training. It’s only when you look a little closer at what’s going on in your work life and your relationships

Dopamine is a brain neurotransmitter that controls motivation, happiness, drive, libido and energy. Eating well and exercising is crucial for good health, but the body is reliant on a few other things to be able to be happy and motivated, build muscle, lose fat and produce energy. Three of those things are the right balance of food groups in your diet, protein absorption and good nutrients. Good nutrients, along with proteins, increase dopamine levels in the brain for motivation. Dopamine is then converted to adrenalin in your body, for the energy you require to do exercise. Dopamine is made from tyrosine - an amino acid made of protein, B6, folate, zinc, magnesium, B complex, vitamin C and iron. If you find your energy depleting,

including these specific nutrients in supplement form with your breakfast until your energy returns, is beneficial in filling deficiencies that may continue to deplete with over-training. The energy boost is usually felt almost immediately. Balancing fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in the diet, makes a dramatic difference when it comes to getting great results with your training or exercise, once you have the energy

If you would like advice on the optimal diet for you, or to know more about other health issues, book a free half hour consult on 5443 1987, to discuss your options. You may also wish to view the free webinar “7 Steps to Freedom from Anxiety & Depression” at www. to learn more about these processes. A webinar is simply a seminar that you can watch on the internet.

to do it. With low dietary protein or poor absorption, not only do you risk a lack of dopamine for energy, but your muscles also cannot grow or repair. Your muscles are the engine of your body that burns calories. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn and the faster your metabolism will become. For anyone who is training, you require at least 3-6 protein meals daily. You also need to be absorbing the protein through the gut. Absorption of protein is often taken for granted. If you’ve been ill, or are a little older, there may be a lack of bacteria in the gut necessary to form a complete amino acid chain, which is where a lot of your proteins are manufactured. Be aware of this if you are training and notice no change in the muscle, or cannot lose weight.

By addressing each of the above factors, you will have much better results with the same effort, while improving your mood in the process. Jodi Chapman BHSc Naturopath & Nutritionist at Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre, 44 Baden Powell St, Maroochydore. P. 5443 1987, WHY FITNESS 13




After overcoming cervical cancer, the 34-year-old’s campaign to empower wellness among her colleagues on the Sunshine Coast will now be adopted across Blue Care’s 260 centres and services state-wide. Mrs Pluck’s mission began in June when she partnered with Queensland Health’s Workplace Quit Smoking

Program and inspired more than 50 colleagues on the Sunshine Coast to give cigarettes the flick. The program provides support, advice and nicotine replacement therapy for Blue Care workers, their families and volunteers who are trying to quit. “I think I am an example of how, with support, you really can turn your life around,” Mrs Pluck said. “I was lucky the doctors caught the cancer in time, and if I can help just one person avoid the emotional and physical rollercoaster my family, friends and I went through on this journey, then it is worth it. “In two years I have quit smoking, lost over 30 kilograms and fortunately, I have been cancer free for 18 months. I never would have thought I would be climbing mountains, doing triathlons or studying fitness.”

Mrs Pluck said she was inspired to help others quit smoking and transform their work, life and health balance, after taking an active role in Blue Care’s work culture program, modelled on the famous ‘The FISH Philosophy!’. She also grew concerned about what others’ futures may hold after reading research about the growing prevalence of chronic diseases amongst Australia’s ageing population. “Before coming to Blue Care I worked in a variety of areas in the hospital system and saw the devastation that smoking and a poor lifestyle had on peoples’ lives. It is a harsh lesson to watch young women in their 30s dying of lung cancer,” she said. “Everyone knows the risks of smoking, especially nurses and carers as we see the impact it has on patients and their loved ones every day.” “Too many of us, though, go outside and light up after ensuring our clients are well looked after, and I want to remind my colleagues about the importance of self-care.” “Even my specialist said that my cancer was lifestyle and smoking related.” “Quitting smoking with the support of colleagues can make all the difference to help you stay on the wagon.”

The proverb ‘prevention is better than cure’ is not lost on Sunshine Coast registered nurse Tammy Pluck who has introduced a quit-smoking program to her 8,800 Blue Care peers. 14 ISSUE 6

“Although staff members are encouraged to get involved, participation is voluntary. It’s not about a smokefree facility or centre – we just want staff and volunteers to be aware this support is available to them.” For Mrs Pluck, introducing the Quit Smoking program is only the beginning. She has plans to introduce more programs in an effort to help others improve their health and potentially prevent any chronic or life-threatening illnesses from occurring down the track. The Workplace Quit Smoking Program is a joint Australian State and Territory Government Initiative under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health.



Local Business Local Business is a free write-up for businesses that are new, have moved, or just doing or have done something worth a mention. If you know one, or are one, drop us a line at and let us know.

Maroochy Junior Squash As Maroochy Junior Squash approaches its third anniversary, it has much to celebrate. It has a core of 25 players and over 110 kids have tried squash. The club is recipient of the prestigious 2013 Queensland Junior Championships Eagle Encouragement Award, and has two players in Queensland’s top ten U11 Boys. However, there is so much more to squash than tournaments. It is the healthiest sport in the world and is great fun for girls and boys to play year-round, in all weather. If you’re under 19, join us at our open day 9am-12pm 26 October 2013, Maroochy Squash Centre, Kingsford Smith Parade, Maroochydore. Ph: Robert Moura on 0437 542 827 for further details

NOOSA TRIATHLON 31 Years of Swimming, Cycling and Running

This year, 2013 will mark the 31st Anniversary of the world famous Noosa Triathlon. Over 8,500 individual and team competitors will take on the 1.5km swim, 40km cycle and 10km run on one of Australia’s most famed triathlon courses on Sunday, 3 November 2013. The five-day sport and entertainment festival continues to attract world class athletes from a broad spectrum of sports, celebrities, keen triathletes, and sports enthusiasts of all levels, together with the local community which encapsulates the special atmosphere that is Noosa Tri. Arising from very humble beginnings in 1983, the first Noosa Triathlon attracted only 180 competitors, helmets were optional, wetsuits were banned and cyclists got lost on the course.

Cellular Healing Is your mind fit and healthy? Help balance your neurological pathways with meditation. Learn effective visualization techniques to reduce stress and sculpture both your mind and your body. Empower yourself and experience a beautiful Transformation with Sound healing. Every mediation session holds the purest energy and a deep healing takes place and only costs $10.00 per session. We will work with ancient Mystery School teachings, Ceremonies, Astrology, Coloured Rays and Sound. Join Tracey’s infinitely expansive meditations Wednesday’s Caloundra 9am or 7.30pm. Buy 10 classes get 1 free. Amplify, Activate and Shine. Access your inner wisdom, open your mind and learn to love life. Tracey Rhodes 0403 249 840

Today, the Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival is an annual five-day hallmark event celebrating sports participation, healthy lifestyles, fitness and fun. With an irresistible mix of sport and entertainment coupled with sun, sea and surf in one of Australia’s most popular destinations, the event consists of various family, social and sporting activities for all ages and abilities. The pinnacle event on the final day of the festival is the Noosa Triathlon. As the world’s second largest Olympic Distance Triathlon, behind London Triathlon, and the largest in Australia, the Noosa Triathlon has become an incredibly influential tourism destination event, presenting a unique environment, which has proven attractive to both interstate and international visitors. Despite the quality and sheer magnitude of the event, the Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival prides itself on incorporating a more relaxed, easy-going beach atmosphere typical of its location, while retaining the professionalism and competitive nature evident in larger international triathlons. WHY FITNESS 15


Ask us

Why... FIBRE? We know that fibre is important to us because it helps keep us ‘regular’, but did you know that the recommended daily fibre intake for guys is around 30 grams per day and for the girls, around 25 grams per day? Health reports suggest that many of us are not getting anywhere near these amounts.


Why... COACHES? Coach, mentor, trainer... whatever you choose to call them, everyone needs one. Even the best of the best in their chosen fields have coaches. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Maria Sharapova all have an assortment of coaches and mentors to help them with their skills, mindsets, nutrition, performance... the list goes on.

So where do we find it? Fibre is found in all plantbased foods, such as fruits and vegetables, breads, cereals, grains, rice, pasta, lentils and legumes.

So if they are the best in the world, why do they need a coach? Consider for a moment that it is because they have a coach that they are the best in the world.

It also has been hypothesised that diets high in fibre have a lower energy density and may therefore help in reducing obesity.

And here are three reasons why:

Fibre comes in two forms – soluble and insoluble. Insoluble fibre - Insoluble fibre has a laxative effect as it absorbs water to help soften the contents of the bowel, helping to keep the bowels regular. Insoluble fibre is also very filling. Foods higher in insoluble fibre include: high fibre breads and cereals, the outer skins of fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Soluble fibre – Soluble fibre helps to lower cholesterol levels by lowering the LDL (bad) cholesterol. It can also help stabilise blood glucose levels in people with diabetes. Soluble fibre also slows down stomach emptying, therefore helping people to feel full for longer after eating. Foods higher in soluble fibre include: fruits and vegetables, dried beans and lentils, and oats. TIP: Remember, for fibre to work at its best, you need plenty of fluids on board.

1. Knowledge. A coach is someone who has studied and continues to study all aspects of the sport in detail. Because of this, they have a level of expertise that goes beyond natural ability and skills. They understand the how and the why, which takes the guess work out of the equation for the athlete so they can get on with the doing. 2. Objective. They are able to view situations devoid of the emotions and stories that the athlete may become attached to. Remember the tantrums of John McEnroe? Coaches are not affected by the highs and lows but rather support and encourage based on the facts. 3. Accountability. A coach is essentially a lie-detector. An athlete can kid themselves but they cannot kid their coach. Whether it is for your fitness, your business or your life, having a trainer, coach or mentor is essential to achieving results, hitting targets and reaching your goals – fast!

Water Filter System Creating Healthy, Alkaline Drinking Water

The Water Filter that not only removes harmful water contaminants, but also replenishes beneficial minerals.

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8-Stage Tap Water Purification & Mineralisation




MANDY NAPIER, former Ironman triathlete and founder of Mindset for Success (www.mindsetforsuccess. Helping people rewire their brains for success and living happier, healthier lives.

WHO BRUCE CONRAD WILLIAMS, emotional mastery expert. Master your emotions, you master your life!


Inspiring individuals to discover who they truly are, become the master of their destiny and create a life filled with happiness and fulfilment.

PASSION Bruce is fascinated by the way our thoughts create our reality. He loves to show people how simple shifts in perception unleash amazing vitality and creativity that help us achieve our peak potential.


Most people want to live happy, healthy lives, right? So why is it that most people aren’t living the life of their dreams? Because they try to create their future from their past! The keys to change are found on the inside. Based on methodologies and tools from the latest neuroscientific research, Mandy works on the deepest levels of brain functioning with people, transforming self-sabotaging patterns into successful strategies. Bringing with her the determination that helped her succeed in triathlon and represent Australia four times, Mandy’s down to earth approach and tenacious spirit are key components that can aide your journey to success.


The quality of your life is determined by the questions you ask. Ask better questions, use your muscle of courage daily and take small steps. Believe in yourself, embrace your uniqueness and be grateful for all you have in your life.


SPEAKING ABOUT How do you create the ultimate mindset for maximum health and performance? “It’s way easier than you think. Discover how to recycle your brain-trash, turn fear into fuel and create all the energy you need for a life you love.” Bruce will share his own weight loss story and reveal three simple mind-hacks guaranteed to juice up your health and performance.

TIP Be yourself! Forget the fads or what everyone else is doing – do what you love and love what you do. Any movement that gets you breathing hard and sweating for 30 mins is doing you good. It doesn’t matter if it’s gardening, line-dancing, yoga or ping pong. If you love it, it’s you, and you’ll keep doing it because you’ll always be you!

Boost Your Training & Health Instantly! Water Filter System

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Have yourself committed presumptuous, I’ll assume you’re in this group. Of course, it’s normal to want better, to want more. We see it with people who join a gym, people who enlist the services of a life coach, financial planner or psychologist, people who start their own business, enrol in a self-help program, make a New Year’s resolution, go on a diet or plead with their long-suffering partner for ‘just one more chance’.

WHY CHANGE with Craig Harper Transformation is the Motivation Most people who pick up a magazine such as this have one thing in common: a desire to change something, or perhaps many things, about their current reality. At the risk of being

18 ISSUE 6

Yep, for most of us, transformation is the motivation, the objective,the intended destination. It’s why we pick up magazines like this one. On some level, we all want to become a better, ‘new and improved’ version of our current self. But the question is, how many of us will actually achieve what we set out to, and then build on that success over the long term? That is, to change and, more importantly, stay changed? Sadly, in most cases the answer is, not

many. Take a look around, or maybe in the mirror, and you’ll see the evidence. New Year’s resolution anyone? Educated and Stupid For the most part, we are a collective of intelligent, talented people who essentially know what to do but, far too often, don’t do what we know. Not consistently, anyway. We eat food we don’t need while wanting a leaner, healthier, sexier body. We spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need while complaining about our financial situation. We have the same unhealthy conversations with the same people while hoping for healthier relationships. And we treat our bodies like crap for decades and then wonder why they break down. And then, after all our less-thanideal decisions and self-destructive behaviours, we wake up one day in the

whychange middle of our less-than-desirable existence and ask, “How on earth did this happen to me?” Really? Do you really want me to answer that? A MouseClick Away For better or worse, we live in the information age. If we want to know anything about virtually anything, it’s only a mouseclick away. You and I are part of the most informed and educated generation to ever roam the face of the earth; not that we do a lot of roaming these days. Information, resources, research and answers are all in overwhelming supply. Yes, we are very educated, theoretically, but not always smart, practically. Good at the knowing, not so good at the going. I’ve spent decades watching clever, talented, educated people do stupid things; things that are at odds with their alleged core values, goals and intentions. Do things that destroy everything from their fitness and health to their career and marriage. On the flip side, I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people who have consistently found a way to succeed. Ways to maximise what they have and to consistently

rise to the challenges of their situation. To ask better questions. To be resilient. To do what most won’t. To explore their potential, despite their fear. And, most importantly, to keep doing when most people are throwing in the towel.

Conversely, people who are not committed


not doing in a very logical sounding manner.

Desire versus Commitment

And ten years down the track they’ll still

When someone is totally committed to changing their reality, they’ll find a way to get the job done, no matter what. Things like talent or lack thereof, motivational peaks and troughs, good and bad days, pain and discomfort, support or criticism won’t determine their behaviour, their results or their reality. Non-negotiable: there’s a term for your consideration.

to change will invariably find a convenient way to give themselves an out. The escape clause is their best friend. They spend their lives rationalising and justifying what they’re

be living in the same place. Or worse. So, if I was your coach today, I might say something like this: “Don’t tell me what you’d like or what you want, wish or hope for. No, tell me what you’re totally committed to doing, creating, achieving and being.”

ABOUT CRAIG HARPER Craig Harper is one of Australia’s leading presenters, educators, coaches and commentators in the areas of health, fitness, high performance and change. *With thanks to Penguin Publishing, this article is an extract from Craig’s new book ‘Pull Your Finger Out’ - 101 ways to stop wasting time and start living your best life. This and Craig’s regular blog and other books are available at



Flight of the Bumblebee... By Gary Martin ND. AFAIM.

On 15th May 2006, after forty days of climbing, 46 year old Mark Inglis of New Zealand became the first ever double amputee to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. While acclimatising at 6400 metres, a fixed-line anchor failed, resulting in Inglis falling and breaking one of his prosthetic legs in half. It was temporarily repaired with duct tape, while a spare was brought up from base camp. How do you stop a guy like Mark Inglis? What makes him different from you and me? Murray Hambro, 33, is also a double amputee. In December 2010, Hambro was serving as a Lance Corporal in the Second Royal Tank Regiment in Afghanistan when his tank drove over a 65kg roadside bomb. Hambro, who was at the top of the tank in the turret, was sent flying by the force of the explosion. His injuries included breaking all the bones in his feet, his pelvis, fracturing six vertebrae in his neck plus ripping his liver and spleen. Within 48 hours of getting to hospital he was a double amputee. 20 ISSUE 6

Determined to walk again for his August 2011 wedding, Hambro applied mind over matter and took his first steps in February, just three months after the amputation. Against the advice of the surgeons he was back on the road on a newly modified motorbike by April of that year. In the same year, Hambro managed nine weekends of club racing before securing a place in the season’s Triumph Triple Challenge. In 2012 he slid into a tyre wall at 130 kph, but has continued his motorbike racing career with more determination than ever. He has ‘LEGLESS’ embroidered on the back of his race leathers and ‘NO FEET’ on his personalised number plate. What about the Paralympians? Australia has sent delegations to the Summer Paralympics since the first games in 1960. In 2012 our team of athletes, presenting with multiple mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness and cerebral palsy took home a total of 85 medals, including 32 gold. One of my greatest inspirations is Australian man Nick Vujicic. Nick was

born in 1982 in Melbourne, without arms or legs. He has two small feet, one having two toes, attached to his pelvis. After bouts of depression in his childhood years, Nick figured out how to live a full life without limbs, adapting many of the daily skills other people accomplish without thinking. He writes with his two toes. He uses a computer and can type 43 words per minute using the ‘heel and toe’ method. He can throw tennis balls, play drum peddles, comb his hair, brush his teeth, pour a glass of water, answer the phone and shave, in addition to participating in golf, swimming, soccer, surfing and sky-diving. He was elected school captain at secondary school and worked with the student council to raise funds for local charities and disability campaigns. At age 17, Nick became a public speaker and founded a non-profit organisation, ‘Life Without Limbs’. Nick graduated from university at age 21 with a Bachelor in Commerce, with a double major in accounting and financial planning. He is a profound motivational


A contented mind and a cheerful spirit stimulate innovative thought.

speaker, travelling internationally and focusing on teen issues. He has addressed over three million people in over 24 countries. Nick was married in February 2012 and became a proud father in February 2013. The power of the will is an amazing thing. When rightly directed it can change the entire chemistry of the body and mind. There are literally hundreds of chemicals and compounds that can be produced in our bodies depending on what is going on in our lives. Take adrenaline for example. In a scary situation, under the influence of fear, adrenaline will be pumped through the system providing super-human strength for a short period of time. It is the same with all the other neurotransmitters. We decide how we will think or react in any given situation. Each thought then produces a series of chemical changes affecting both brain and body. Those who learn to effectively manage their emotions and thoughts become masters of their own destiny.

My father had a serious motorbike accident at the age of 24. He spent months in hospital and was told he may never walk again. One of the carotid arteries to his brain had to be permanently tied off and he was left cross-eyed for several years. Through sheer determination he exercised his legs and eyes every day until sweat poured from his brow. He went on to have four children, became a phenomenal snow skier and one of Sydney’s leading electrical engineers. He developed osteoarthritis in his damaged hip during his later years and eventually decided to see a specialist. When the doctor saw his X-Rays he declared that it was impossible for my dad to be walking. Dad explained that he was still playing competitive squash every week. The doctor called him ‘The Bumblebee’. According to aerodynamic law, based on wingspan, body weight and revs per second, bumblebees cannot lift off. They cannot fly.

The difference is that nobody has told them they can’t do it. We are all bumblebees if we want to be. We are all capable of far greater achievements in life than most of us believe. Try a little exercise this week. Expand your preconceived selfrelated possibilities and plan to do something BIG. You can be fitter and stronger than you have ever been. You can enjoy life more than you ever thought possible. You can overcome any health challenge. You can harmonise relationships. With a little mind over matter you can align yourself with providence and experience the high places of life.

Gary Martin ND. AFAIM. Founder, Living Valley Springs Health Retreat, Kin Kin



Watermelon & Coconut Refresher When it gets hot, cool off in style and rehydrate with beautiful in-season watermelon. This delicious fresh drink makes a large jug.

2 cups watermelon, chopped into small pieces, semi-frozen 1 can JT’s Coconut Essence coconut water, very chilled 1 cup blueberries, washed (fresh or frozen)


½ cup fresh strawberries, washed ½ teaspoon organic vanilla (optional) ¼ cup fresh mint leaves

with Rebecca Mugridge

Fresh star fruit, strawberries or watermelon slices to decorate your glasses

ABOUT REBECCA MUGRIDGE Rebecca is a passionate horticulturalist and organic edible gardening advocate. She’s also a professional recipe creator, food stylist and food photographer, experienced speaker, presenter, freelance writer and the award-winning author of The Pram Diet (Random House). Rebecca loves to promote healthy living and home cooking as well as supporting local producers on the Sunshine Coast. Recipe and photography © RebeccaMugridge2013

METHOD Blend together the watermelon and coconut water Add the blueberries, strawberries, vanilla and mint Mix together well Pour into serving glasses Cut fruit pieces to decorate glasses Serve with a fresh mint sprig.



Celebrate melon season with this beautiful drink that makes you feel like you are somewhere exotic.

Watermelon is rich in electrolytes and water content and nature’s gift to beat tropical summer thirst. Watermelons are very low in calories (just 30 calories per 100 g) and fats, yet a very rich source of numerous health-promoting phytonutrients and anti-oxidants that are essential for optimum health. Watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamin-A, which is a powerful natural anti-oxidant.

The addition of coconut water makes this drink super-hydrating as coconut water is full of electrolytes and magnesium. Watermelon is 91% water and a source of vitamin C, and the additional fruits boost the nutritional value. Perfect to cool down after your workout, or for entertaining with friends. Visit BFresh for all the lovely fresh ingredients.


. Local. Active. Quality. Friends.

Kind. Happy. . Family.

et grocery’ Kristy’s ‘gourm hi Masaman Ta favourite is the e. “It’s made st Lush Curry Pa ve to support locally which I lo delicious!” st and well, it’s ju et grocery’ Brooke’s ‘gourm New England favourite is the tter. “This Bu Larder Lemon vour that is a delicious fla ell with brie w ly us io goes delic gluten free.” ’s it d an – cheese et Grocery. yling from Gourm nsill & Brooke Fre Meet Kristy Gree

22 ISSUE 6

239 Nicklin Way, Warana P. 5493 2839



B Fresh. Famous locally for:  World class cafe  Gourmet groceries t range  Gluten free produc e ng  Alergen free ra d vegies  Farm fresh fruit an  Family friendly


Fitness leads Sunshine Coast local to new career. ‘Why Fitness Magazine’ speaks to Rachael Witton, local charity SunnyKid’s new Business Development Manager. Being relatively new to road riding, I took up a challenge to raise money for a charity amongst 50 local business owners last year. I was running last the entire 110 kilometres. On the last 20km a guy rode up beside me, introduced himself and asked what my passion was...“I would love to teach kids about financial literacy and how to live their best life with those skills.” This generous man then introduced me to Chris Turner, CEO of SunnyKids, knowing our vision was aligned. Chris shared the SunnyKids story, supporting kids to shine no matter what their circumstances. I was hooked. I generally apply the bacon and eggs theory to most things in life.... you know, “the chicken was involved but the pig was committed....” although a clean living vegetarian I’m definitely the pig in this scenario... fully committed! Over the last 18 months I supported SunnyKids however I could – spreading their story, volunteering, donating and recently coordinating My Dad’s Day Out.

A few days later I was offered my current role of Business Development Manager of SunnyKids and I’m so thrilled to be a part of this dedicated, inspiring team that delivers award winning programs to at-risk kids across the Coast. The simplest way you can support SunnyKids is by donating $40 which will help a child stay engaged in their education for a whole year. $40 isn’t a lot of money, however the contribution to a child’s life is significant. More info at I’m usually found chasing around after my daily triathlon of three young kids who love the beach, nippers, swim squad, tennis, rugby, netball, bike riding, mountain climbing and more. In the gaps I love a shuffling run around the Coast and inhaling a chai after a bike ride with friends of a weekend.

My motto for life: Exercise your body and mind, share the skills and passion you have with great gusto




KAWANA PARKRUN - WEEKLY FREE 5KM TIMED RUN Every Saturday at 07:00am SPIN CITY CYCLES MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE Every Saturday 6am Location varies check Facebook for updates AKASHA PHYSIO AND YOGA Every Tuesday 6am 34 Greenoaks Dve, Coolum Beach LIV/GIANT LADIES ONLY ROAD RIDE 1st Wednesday of each month 5.30am Starts at Spin City Cycles BUSINESS CYCLES ROAD RIDE Every Wednesday 6am Starts at Spin City Cycles AKASHA PHYSIO AND YOGA Every Thursday 1pm North Shore Community Centre, Mudjimba 19 OCTOBER Hinterland Relay for Life 22 OCTOBER Why Fitness Magazine New Issue Launch 5.30 – 7.30pm, RSVP essential $18 + gst 26 OCTOBER Noosa Classic Boat Regatta 27 OCTOBER The Zoo Run Australia Zoo 30 OCTOBER Noosa Triathlon Festival Noosa 10 OCTOBER Queensland All Schools Triathlon Lake Kawana 15 OCTOBER Holden Scramble Championship Finals, Novotel Twin Waters Resort and Twin Waters Golf Club PGA of Australia |

WHY EVENTS with Jason Opray

When it comes to the importance of events here on the Coast, I’ve been working very hard to change the mindset of many locals. While I believe I have made some decent headway, I am still trying to get the information out there. As I don’t have the space here to harp on about the many benefits events bring for businesses and residents of our region, here is a quick snapshot:


The economic benefit is more far-reaching than many people realise. As well as events bringing out-of-towners here, to directly spend their money at our local cafes, accommodation houses and shops, there is a flow on effect that is very hard to track. A recent example is the many cafes and restaurants in and around the Ironman 70.3 event who advised me they were jampacked, requiring extra staff. With the extra pay, these staff may in turn buy a new pair of running shoes or pair of togs locally, and join the local gym or local pool. This is the cycle of cash flow.


Events in many ways epitomise our Sunshine Coast lifestyle – diverse, sporty, healthy, active, embracing our sensational outdoors, landscape and climate.


With so many terrific sporting events in ourr backyard, locals are increasingly stepping up and having a go, leading to ongoing health goals and many even turning their lives around by applying mind over matter.


These major sporting events are establishing wonderful new, healthy role models for our children to look up to. Plus, there are always many opportunities for the youngsters to get in there and participate themselves.

23 OCTOBER Sunshine Coast Rodeo Nambour Showgrounds Jason O’Pray, Economic Development (Tourism, Sport and Major Events) Portfolio, Division 8 Councillor

24 ISSUE 6


WHYYour Skin Matters with Donna Gordon | Skin House









AGE ISFITNESS JUST AMATTER NUMBER……. WHY DOES TO YOU? “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it ISSUEdoesn’t 6 matter.” Mark Twain

ADVERTISING Aging is an accumulation of damage APPROVAL FORM to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs. If any of that damage

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You’ve heard it said the ‘strong is the new sexy’. But what HALF PAGE VERTICAL I’ve noticed trending right now, is that more and more women are at the gym toning up. A clean eating regime and some weights are the best formula for a better sexier, younger you!

“If there was an exercise to tone up my skin,

I’d do it.”

Thermage® addresses the visible signs of aging, toning those trouble areas in just one treatment ‒ no surgery, just naturally younger looking skin that can take years off your appearance.

I head to the gym most days as I’m hooked on fitness. magic potion to beauty, I believe! And there DATE Fitness is the30.09.13 are many hot graciously fit girls doing it because they know 01 look 5-10 years younger. I’ve watch CONCEPTit’s making them many a lad sneak peeks at some of the ‘older babes’!

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And of course the rejuvenation is accelerated with consistent maintenance of the skin every three or four weeks Proceed to make those young skin cells shine! CORRECT to print Reconditioning the body and face gives back a tight EDITS REQUIRED composition - forget soft! And most importantly, you’ll look great naked! It’s a beautiful sexy gift to yourself.

Make changes and resupply proof

Get healthy and gain some youth back - a combination of strength, mobility, flexibility, food, sleep, skin and so much more……attitude!

It is the responsibility of theit,client thoroughly recheck that all Before you know you’lltobe shouting out advertisement content is accurate and correct prior to publishing. your number and proud to do so! Why Fitness Magazine bears no responsibility for incorrect material reproduced at time of print.

Donna Keogh Gordon has been practising paramedical therapies for 20 years. Thermage® Skin Tightening was bought to the Coast by Donna seven years ago with extensive research of its outcomes and performance. Donna is at the forefront of her career with paramedical skin and AntiAgeing remedies! Self-contracting to clinics on the Coast and can be contacted for a personal consultation.

Clinic: 6 Sandhurst Crescent, Peregian Springs Call Donna today 0438 531 876 //



Chiropractic Matters with Dr David Hendrey | Vibrant Healthy Living

Is your spine or nerves holding you back?


This commonly overlooked aspect of exercise can lead to significant performance gains. We are all aware of muscle or cardio fatigue, but what is neurological fatigue and how do YOU as an athlete manage this part of your training. Quite simply neurological fatigue is when the nerve gets “tired”. To understand this, let’s review the steps that occur when we perform a movement.

ine & Full sp am ex nerve xrays ing includ

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1. Our brain determines what movement is required and fires a series of messages to the right muscles in the right sequence or order. 2. The Electro-chemical signal is conducted along a series of nerve pathways. 3. If enough electricity arrives at the junction between the nerve and the muscle, the nerve releases a chemical (neuro-transmitter) 4. This neuro-transmitter crosses the small gap to the muscle and causes the muscle to fire or contract. 5. After the contraction occurs, the neurotransmitter is reabsorbed by the nerve ending and is recycled. After a period of time the neural pathways simply begin to lose efficiency and the movements become harder. As an athlete detects this they either demand more by sending more signals or they slow down.

Neurological fatigue occurs from: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Get your core super strong Whmention y Fit ne ss a n d get yo with TRX! ur 1st C lass Fr ee

Stress, either from overtraining or emotional stress Poor posture Poor technique Poor spinal function (Subluxations)

Dr David Hendrey Kawana Ph: 07 5437 7222

Dr Simon Morgan Caloundra Ph: 07 5438 2008

These result in poor nerve firing patterns, poor technique, fatigue and greater risk for injuries. If left untreated it will have a great impact on how and to what level you can train and perform. The major focus of Chiropractic is optimising health and performance by reducing any neurological dysfunction. This is why there is so much emphasis on biomechanics, posture, injury management and prevention, and spine and nerve function. Many athletes get great benefits from Chiropractic care, helping them perform at their peak. Why not see if your performance can be boosted through Chiropractic? 26 ISSUE 6



Dr Eric Slead Maroochydore Ph: 07 5408 4224


Sporting Education Matters with Maureen Cummings | Sunshine Coast Grammar School

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN A SITUATION WHICH FRIGHTENED YOU? What helped you to get through the situation? How did you feel? The tricky things in life which set our mind into a spin, may make us sweat and can send our nervous system into overdrive resulting in a fight or flight scenario. Our brain is a powerful organ. If we focus hard enough on the challenges that lie ahead we can push overselves beyond our normal physical boundaries. On the other hand if we lose focus, anxiety soon sets in, triggering stress hormones to be released within our bodies, causing adverse effects on our heart, blood pressure and sleeping patterns. Imagine if we were able to harness the power of our brains to quash any negative thoughts going on inside our minds and turn them all in to positive thoughts.

When we push our bodies to the extreme in sporting activities, we often find that we need to draw on all our strength and put our mind over matter to enable us to cross that finish line. Not so long ago I was in this exact situation supporting my friend, Lindy. We were both pushed to the extreme competing in the World Para Triathlon Championships in London. Lindy is blind. Her mental toughness was put into play like never before as she is not a naturally strong swimmer and struggles in cold conditions. As we immersed ourselves in the 16.5 degree chilly water, we harnessed the power of our minds by keeping calm through each stroke until eventually we made it to dry land - no mean feat even for the hardiest of swimmers. Lindy had just completed the hardest leg, in her mind, of this triathlon. How did she do it? Was it mind over matter? Our next challenge was the tandem bike. In the pouring rain, cycling amongst 40 tandem bikes and approximately 180 single bikes, we embarked on a gruelling course laden with many obstacles and challenging conditions along the way. I remember saying “Lindy, our job is to stay upright today. Time is irrelevant”. Imagine how Lindy was feeling, unable to see, voluntarily abandoning all control of the bike, trusting my actions absolutely. Trust is a psychological state of mind and Lindy put her trust in me. Through our repeated close interaction with each other in training for such an event, we both managed to tune into each other’s values and goals, allowing our trust to grow to its highest level. Psychologically we understood what was important to each other and, in Lindy’s mind she knew that the level of concern and care, combined with a mutual need for satisfaction to complete this challenge, would get us over the finish line. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, keeping a positive mind set is essential to make progress or even survive the predicament. That is not always easy to do, as I found out while in the pouring rain on a bike in a World Para Triathlon where my decision making, skill and experience allowed my disabled friend and me to ultimately survive the ride. It was very stressful, so remaining focused was critical. The final leg of the race was the run. By now we knew the end was near and through sheer determination we drew on our experience and inner strength. Finishing the event with a sprint in the final 100m allowed us both to soak up the atmosphere, knowing our minds had enabled our bodies to successfully complete a very tough race. Your mind is so much tougher than your body. Open it up and let it take you to places you never thought you could explore! WHY FITNESS 27


Adventure Matters with Melinda Bingly | MAB Personal Training & Adventures


ADVENTURE IT IS AMAZING HOW MUCH THE MIND IMPACTS THE DECISIONS WE MAKE... How if we believe we can do something then we can do it and if we believe we can’t, than we won’t. Your mind has the power. A great way to explain it is the pain versus pleasure principle. Our mind works in a way that means we will do the things that we believe are pleasurable and avoid the things we believe are painful.

Book a corporate adventure a month for your team and each member will receive two


bootcamp sessions

For example when some people think of climbing a mountain, in their minds they believe: • • • • •

It is impossible It is hard My body cannot handle it I am not fit enough It will be no fun

These are all mind games. So how do you take control of your mind? Use the pain and pleasure principle.

Create stories or points for yourself that are pleasurable and positive about doing the activity. Even though it won’t be easy, create a story in your mind that you can do it, and believe you can. Try these: • I am strong and my legs will get me to the top of the mountain • The view at the top is going to be spectacular • The feeling at the top will be awesome, amazing and so worth it. • I will feel empowered • The feeling of being able to inspire others will be fulfilling • It will be an awesome opportunity to connect with nature on a higher level

Melinda specialises in personal training, corporate adventure days and individual one day adventure experiences. Find us on

Join our TEAM KAYAK ADVENTURE MORNING 20th Oct or 2nd Nov

Training together as a team can help bond your team to work better together.

Also, create a story about how painful it will be if you don’t do it, for example: • • • •

I will feel weak, defeated and lazy I will miss the opportunity of the view at the top I will be disappointed in myself as I’ve always wanted to do it I will still be stuck in that negative mindset.

Use this same principle in every area of your life and enjoy more fun and adventure, which equals happiness. 28 ISSUE 6

LIKE us to get updates on upcoming adventures

Outdoor Adventures-Kayaking-Hiking-Confidence Building Personal Training-Nutritional Advice-Bootcamps

Ph 0401 286 200 / Email Private Studio Located Golden Beach


Golfing Matters with Tim Gall | Pelican Waters Golf Club

WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR GAME - DRIVING, IRONS, CHIPPING or PUTTING? Well in actual fact it is putting. If you take two shots on a par four hole to get to the green and then have two putts, that’s a regulation par. That would mean you would have 36 putts and 36 other shots if you hit every green in regulation.

So putting makes up 50% of your game and if you start to put the ball in the hole in one putt, then you are reducing your score. So putting makes up 50% of your game and if you start to put the ball in the hole in one putt, then you are reducing your score. The game of golf has evolved and special putters were created to assist players to keep still. They help your swing by keeping your legs locked and swinging your arms and shoulders in a pendulum motion as illustrated below.

The laws have changed, and from 2016 the style shown in first two photos of putters will be banned Players will be required to adopt the old version of putting, which is illustrated in the third photo. This will have serious implications for players such as Adam Scott and the new generation of golfers who have learned only the belly style or anchored putters. Golf club manufacturers are already working on how to create a similar putter length without anchoring against your body, to improve putting techniques. Watch this space…. But for now it’s to the grave in 2016 for anchored putters!



Balance Matters with Chris Nelson | Anytime Fitness


There are those who would bungee jump or sky dive and those who wouldn’t. Who in your eyes has the strongest mind? Now there is no right or wrong answer to this question, however each person will have their own opinion. What is mind over matter? The phrase ‘mind over matter’ was popularised in the 1960s and 1970s and was used in reference to paranormal phenomena, especially psychokinetics. Nowadays it’s more common to hear someone use it as encouragement to complete a task that you’re either afraid of or unsure of the outcome. This shows that the phrase has a wider range than first thought. As a fitness professional, I see and hear clients, members and friends use this phrase to pump themselves up or to overcome a fear. I think a lot of things in life can relate to mind over matter, with exercise or lifestyle activities being one of the greatest.

I compare a lot of things in life to jumping off a rock into a creek. If you’re up there to long, you will eventually either jump or you’ll want to do it but over-think it and not do it. Which person are you? Are you one who would jump or not? Which option would disappoint you more? The way I overcome fear and the mind over matter block, is to think about that question. Once you have decided, then go for it either way and remember there is no right or wrong. I’m going to challenge you now, to do something that you wouldn’t normally do, or once tried before and failed. To overcome that fear that held you back previously, I need you to finish what you started; I need you to create that balance between fear and excitement. Once you complete that one thing you couldn’t before, I guarantee your journey in life, be it fitness, career, family or relationships, will take a turn in a forward direction. Mind over matter is definitely in the head of every person, however it can be controlled by your own personal ability and strength. So step outside of your comfort zone and complete that challenge that you came so close to doing last time, and greatness along with balance will follow.

30 ISSUE 6


Sporting Massage Matters with Deane Everson | Viatality Options


Have you ever been injured while playing sport and asked yourself whether you should have a massage or just leave it alone and wait for the injury to heal? If it is a muscular strain, apply ice for the first 24 hours with your injury elevated higher than your heart. This is to reduce the swelling. If there is still swelling after 24 hours, it’s time to seek medical attention, but if the swelling has subsided it’s safe to have a massage. So how does remedial massage help? Remedial massage is a treatment modality that manipulates the soft tissues of the body. It includes movement for a specific therapeutic effect, rather than a general therapeutic effect. It uses relevant techniques, lubricants and movements according to the client’s needs and responses. This leads to healing which begins at the cellular level, aiding soft tissues in repairing and restoring functional integrity.

Can you have a massage when a cast is present? Yes you can. Your therapist can massage the muscle around the cast. This will take away any muscle tension that comes with overcompensating for the injury. In addition, massaging the muscle around the injury will stimulate blood flow in and around the injury to help it heal faster. Massage can be used to treat chronic muscularskeletal imbalances, strains, sprains, broken bones, bruising or any injury where the skin is intact. Growing evidence of massage benefits in sport

Deane’s massage techniques have been vital for keeping my body in peak condition and also for injury prevention over the last 8 years. For anyone that loves to train hard, compete well, keep active or just needs relief from muscular soreness, Deane has the ability to pinpoint exactly what your body needs and provide a highly recommended massage Sharon Forbes, group fitness instructor and personal trainer, Sports - outrigging, touch football, triathlon, marathon running and weight lifting

Are you serious about sport? Massage to suit your specific sporting needs FREE 30-minute infrared sauna with every pre-event or post-event recovery sports massage.

While many athletes are convinced of the physical benefit of massage, research on its effectiveness is accumulating. Massage involves applying mechanical pressure to the soft tissues, and this has been linked to improved muscle flexibility, increased range of motion in the joints, and decreased muscle stiffness. Recently, researchers at McMaster University reported that deep massage after an intense workout actually caused muscles to enlarge and grow new mitochondria (responsible for converting nutrients into useful energy). Deep tissue massage removes blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions, and speeds recovery by increasing the flow of blood and lymph, particular in any injured areas.


The team at VITALITY OPTIONS is committed to maximum recovery in minimum time.

P. 07 5450 5729 E.

Clinic: Shop 5a/Cnr Merchants Pde and Seaside Blvd, Town of Seaside, Marcoola



Indoor Sports Matters with Shaun Blackman & Todd Forrest | Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports


Often people associate mind over matter with the power of the brain to manipulate our body’s physiological responses. Perhaps it’s conceivable that the two are entwined. Can our thoughts determine our state of being? Do we underestimate the mind body connection and the power of the brain, not only to control our thoughts but also our physical being? Is it a coincidence that Buddhist monks who practice daily meditation live healthier and longer lives? The Dalai Lama imparts his wisdom in relation to practises of training the mind and at the age of 78 he is a testament to the fact that what we think, we become. His holiness is indisputably a picture of pureness, peace, balance, health and happiness. Today’s society is flooded with inspirational quotes that adorn our walls to remind us to stay positive and strong, and to rise up when we are down. So many of us use these quotes to help create an environment where mind rules over matter. Undoubtedly, a strong, disciplined mind can create a better life. The key elements that help us develop mind over matter are confidence, persistence, determination, commitment, courage and control. A strong mind eliminates any fears or inadequacies and helps us remain focused on achieving our goals.

Sport provides us with endless examples of mind over matter. How many times have you witnessed an athlete compete and never give up, even if they are injured or staggering senselessly across a finish line or awaiting a final siren to end a game? Having a strong mind allows us to have the capacity to deal with and face challenges in all facets of life. By developing thought patterns that reflect mind over matter you will find that you have the energy and stamina to face a challenge without being robbed of inner strength. Having mental toughness helps us to break out of a seemingly lacklustre existence, and enter into a much bigger domain—one that is bursting with possibility. “People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.” - Norman Vincent Peale 32 ISSUE 6


Running Matters with David Chick | Allez Sport Mooloolaba


For all Your NOOSA TRIATHLON Requirements!

It is common for non-runners to find it difficult to understand how someone could find the strenuous effort of running relaxing and a way to de-stress from the common hustles and bustles of everyday life.

The thing about running is that, once you reach the level of fitness and conditioning that is attainable for most casual runners, running at your medium effort should allow for plenty of time to ‘think on the run’. Running is a great tonic for improving your mental state, as well as increasing your energy levels throughout the whole day. Recent articles have indicated that those who exercise regularly suffer much less from mental illness and stress related disorders, and generally have a more positive view on life. Add the obvious cardiovascular, muscle conditioning and anti-ageing benefits of running and you can see why it is one of the fastest growing participation sports in the country. You are not going to feel like jumping out of bed every time you have a run planned, but just get up and get moving and the voice saying you are ‘too tired’ and need to sleep more will soon be contradicted by how good you feel after you get back from your run. So if you feel sluggish during your work day, try switching your body and mind on to some early morning run training and see how efficient you become with the increased energy levels it provides.


THINK RUNNING, THINK ALLEZ SPORT. THINK ALLEZ SPORT, THINK RUNNING. Allez Sport are the experts in RUNNING Our team who serve you ARE RUNNERS No matter what level you are running at, the right shoe makes running more enjoyable, painfree and comfortable Allez Sport are local sponsors for: The Sunshine Coast Marathon // The Sunshine Coast Run Series // The Sunshine Coast Cross Country Series // Mooloolaba Triathlon Team


Shop 3/34 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba P 5477 5246



matters When we think of fitness we often think of choosing the appropriate exercises to fit our goal or goals. What we give little thought to is the training of our minds, yet herein lies our biggest hurdle to getting started or to adhering to an exercise program. Somebody tells us that it is too hard… and that somebody is us!

exercise, but they can learn to appreciate the benefit and value it adds to their lives. This is where self-talk comes in. We all have a little voice inside our heads. This voice is the key to getting us out of bed earlier so we have time to exercise, or to putting on our running shoes when we get home in the evening. The most

Industry Education Matters with Belinda Holstein from Sunshine Coast TAFE

For dedicated fitness addicts, it may be hard to understand that not everyone loves exercise!

important point to remember is that we control our little voice, it doesn’t control us. Thinking and attitudes precede behaviour and therefore influence what we do. So, it’s important to consistently train our minds to want to improve our health and fitness, and to perceive healthy

Mind over Matter (The Power of Self-Talk)

Some people will never be intrinsically motivated to exercise. Why would you love something that makes you sweat, puff and hurt - particularly when you don’t see results straight away! Neuroscience tells us that humans will only adopt a new behaviour when they value it more than the behaviours they are currently exhibiting. Some people will never love

behaviours as something to be valued. What’s that little voice inside your head telling you? Is it lifting you upwards and onwards towards better outcomes, including maintaining good health and fitness? Or is it dragging you down? It’s your choice. You have control. Choose wisely; your life may depend on it.

Give your career a healthy start; enrol in a fitness course at Sunshine Coast TAFE! Sunshine Coast TAFE delivers high quality training, recognised by employers. Our fully functioning gym, Degrees of Fitness, is newly refurbished allowing our students hands on practical training delivered by industry experienced teachers. Certificate III in Fitness Certificate IV in Fitness Diploma of Fitness Pilates Short Course Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation Outdoor Recreation Specialisation Skill Sets

For more information call Sunshine Coast TAFE on 5457 1000 or visit 34 ISSUE 6

matters Swimming is for all fitness levels and for any age group. For the hot summer weather, why not challenge yourself with the variety of swimming options available on the Sunshine Coast? With choices like pools, the ocean, aquacise or specialised hydrotherapy, why not try mixing it up?

Swimming Matters with Rob Dunne from Train Race Inspire

Swimming: the fantastic summer sport challenge

Most people see swimming as just following the black line in the pool, but swimming is actually the ultimate mind over matter sport. One of the most commonly repeated facts about swimming is that it is 80 per cent mental attitude and 20 per cent physical performance. Swimming is a great all-over body workout that uses 93 per cent of your muscles and all your major muscle groups. It is a great cardio workout, increases respiratory fitness and improves endurance. The reaching action improves flexibility of the joints and as you are floating there is less impact on your joints than other sports, especially compared to the high impact sports. The 5 star activity rating for swimming is as follows:

Swimming also has one of the highest kilojoule burn rates; the average woman burns 1,875 kilojoules per hour, and men burn 2,344 kilojoules.

No matter what swimming activity you choose, there are health improvements at any age or any fitness level. Swimming is great for pregnancy as it helps as a natural compression to aid with the blood flow, helping relieve swollen legs and ankles. Swimming is a great activity to do as a family, as a low cost activity with easy access at our local beaches, rivers and swimming pools. So why not challenge yourself and your mind to go to the next level in your fitness? Have fun and stay cool




and get active this summer.



Osteopathy Matters with Damian Kacperski from Pure Osteopathy

impact on our cardiovascular system, immune system and hormonal system. Logically, the musculoskeletal system is also significantly affected. Most people have heard somebody saying that they ‘hold their stress in the neck and shoulders’. A high level of stress hormones, particularly adrenaline, brings on a fight or flight response. This increases muscle tone, decreases blood flow to vital organs, increases blood pressure and increases blood sugar in the body, among other things. If the stress is frequent and prolonged, these can lead to an array of health problems.

respiration- the diaphragm. Unfortunately, many of us use muscles that attach to our spine, ribs and neck. These secondary muscles of respiration elevate the rib cage instead of using the diaphragm. So if you are breathing in deeply and your chest and shoulders rise upwards significantly, you are most likely creating an altered breathing pattern.

Try the following: • lie on your back on the floor or bed • bend your knees • take a deep breath, gently

Mind and Body

What to do

inhaling through your nose

• make sure that your chest is

Although there is no silver bullet to avoid stress, there are some simple techniques to help you reduce the muscular tension. One of my favourites is breathing!

not rising up, or only very little

• slowly exhale through your mouth

The challenge is to breathe into the base of your lungs using only the diaphragm. If done correctly, you should see your abdomen rising and chest and shoulders remaining relaxed. This will help you relax

In the last decade there have been significant increases in interest in complementary and alternative medicine. Many doctors also claim to practise so-called integrative (mind and body) medicine. More and more people relate to the mind-body connection. There is no doubt that our psychological and emotional wellbeing have a profound

and slow down your fight or flight response. Although there is no silver bullet to avoid stress, there are some simple techniques to help you reduce the muscular tension. One of my favourites is breathing! Simple enough, you would think. However, many of us suffer from an altered breathing pattern. Normal breathing at rest should involve only one primary muscle of

Some people feel a significant improvement within a few minutes, just like in yoga. Correct breathing will also help with activation of deeper abdominal and lower back stabilising muscles. In fact those of you with some pilates experience would know that diaphragmatic breathing is the first thing to master.

It’s not just the pain, it is how it affects your life! neck back shoulder knee ankle hip elbow sport and spinal injuries active aging headaches Safe and gentle treatment for all ages We address the causes of your injury, not just the symptoms

New in Sunshine Beach

36 ISSUE 6

24 Duke Street, Sunshine Beach Ph: (07) 5455 3311



Veal with Creamy Mushroom Sauce SERVES: 4 Recipe from SYMPLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE BOOK 3

Need Book 3 cover

Ingredients: Cooking spray 500g mushrooms, quartered

why cook with Annette Sym SLIM DOWN FOR SUMMER If you want to lose some weight before Christmas, you need to have the right attitude and a positive mindset. Here are some tips:

2 tablespoons brandy

2 sachets Cream of Mushroom cup-a-soup (Continental®)

1 teaspoon crushed garlic (in jar)

1 x 375ml can evaporated light milk

½ cup shallots, sliced

2 tablespoons fresh parsley chopped

1 tablespoon cornflour

4 x 150g lean veal steaks

In a non-stick saucepan that has been coated with cooking spray, sauté mushrooms, brandy, garlic and shallots together for two minutes. Combine cornflour and soup mix with milk and add to saucepan with parsley. Bring to boil and simmer until mushrooms are cooked to your liking. Leave to one side. In a non-stick frypan coated with cooking spray, fry steaks until cooked to your liking. Pour sauce over veal and serve. Variations: Replace veal with 600g lean rump steaks OR Replace veal with 600g skinless chicken breasts OR Replace veal with 400g tofu cut into four slices

dI e TI TI A N s T I p This is a creamy mushroom sauce without all the fat. Serve this delicious recipe with pasta or Basmati rice.

1) See it, believe it, be it. Make sure you’re your own cheer squad and let nothing stop you 2) Eat healthy food and be as active as you can so you have more energy to bounce through your day 3) It is proven that if you write down your goals there is a greater chance of success. When you do this, make sure you include how you are going to achieve each of these goals. Annette Sym is an international author and speaker and the creator of seven best selling low-fat cookbooks, Symply Too Good To Be True.



REAL WEBSITES by REAL PEOPLE Service and Quality Guaranteed // Website Design Mobile Websites // Online Shops // Social Media Domain Names // Website Hosting

Member of The Sunshine Coast Business Associates. Proudly supporting local charities.

Call today for a FREE consultation!

Clark Marshall | P 0487 395 745 Based on the Sunshine Coast | Operating Globally 42 ISSUE 6 WHY FITNESS 37


A minute with Chris Nelson I have been involved in the fitness industry for eight years. I love doing what I do as it’s one of the only jobs where helping people can be so rewarding. The biggest bonus for me is pushing people past their self-perceived limits and helping them achieve their impossible. I have worked at a number of different health clubs but to put it simply and not in an arrogant way, none compare to Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness is known worldwide for its facilities, but I think it’s the people that make it great. The combination of great members with knowledgeable staff makes it a great workout environment. There are over 2200 Anytime Fitness clubs worldwide and seven right here on the Sunshine Coast, with members having access to every club in the world. 1300 ANYTIME |

QUOTE/MANTRA “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going!” Fuelling results on motivation and emotions is great, but creating a healthy habit and sticking to it then looking back at the ‘old you’, that’s what makes your exercise regime satisfying.

WHY FITNESS OFFER Post a picture of yourself on either Instagram or Facebook and hashtag the following #afcurrimundi and #whyfitnessmag. Then come into the club, show us the picture and receive 50 per cent off your joining fee for the month of October. Get 50 or more likes on the picture and we’ll throw in a personal training package worth $210!

A minute with Jo Murray The Hot Pipi journey began in earnest back in 2006 when Peter & I created a menu that was not only gluten free, but also beautiful, fresh, tasty and enjoyable. The goal: to have coeliacs & those who choose to not eat gluten, enjoy a quality restaurant meal without worrying about cross contamination, ignorance & boring food. People have literally cried tears of joy, because they can eat safely, here at Hot Pipis. In 2010, my own journey of physical rehabilitation found me investigating the health benefits of clean eating and Paleo food. It was time to expand our menu! As my health improved, mobility increased & impending wheelchair warnings decreased, my passion for clean food grew. The difference to my health from eating beautifully presented & prepared Paleo meals was astounding. That we have been able to keep our meals clean yet still appeal to all non-gluten free, non-paleo and non-fitness freaks is a credit to our team.

QUOTE/MANTRA “Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to continually be part of unanimity.” Christopher Morley 38 ISSUE 6

Hot Pipis is our passion. Food is our love. To be able to combine healthy, delicious and safe food... a privilege. 07 5444 4441 |

WHY FITNESS OFFER Bring in this offer and receive half price off second main meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not valid with any offer or promotion. Valid to 24 Dec 2013


A minute with Tim Gall Tim Gall has been General Manager of Pelican Waters Golf Club for the past six years. Tim is a professional golfer by trade and while he played little on the tour, he has been able to forge a career out of golf through managing resort golf courses. In 1989 he started work at Sanctuary Cove as a qualified PGA member and was washing carts and carrying golf bags. Over the past 24 years he has worked his way up the ranks and became a General Manager at Twin Waters in 1996. Tim has worked at many resort courses including Sanctuary Cove, Arundel Hills, Twin Waters, North Lakes, Peregian Springs and Pelican Waters Tim says “At Pelican, we strive for service by providing a warm welcome, magic moment and fond farewell. We are open seven days and cater for public golfers, golf membership, golf lessons, weddings, functions, lunch and breakfast”.


07 5437 5000 |

“If it is meant to be it is up to me.” I was trying to think, what is my favourite quote? It took me a while to realise what it is that I try to live by and it really is as simple as this! The reason I say this is because at the end of the day I need to make it happen. If I decide personally or professionally to not do anything, then it won’t happen, so I think, “Tim, make it happen”.

WHY FITNESS OFFER Buy two main lunch meals and receive a bottle of house wine Valid until 31st October 2013. Not valid with any other offer Must present ad to receive offer.

A minute with Sarah Korzeba The world of Physiotherapy has recently begun to recognise the “mind-body” connection, whilst yoga has long attributed the state of the physical body to represent that of the mind. A blending of western scientific knowledge with traditional eastern beliefs is what Sarah Korzeba, of “Akasha Physio and Yoga”, does best- both in the treatment room and in the “class room”- that of her “PhysioYoga” classes- currently held in Coolum Beach and Mudjimba, with a view to expanding. Nurturing body, mind and soul is the essence by which these “moving meditations” flow- leaving you feeling uplifted, refreshed and energised! Classes are kept small for higher supervision ratio, and health insurance rebates apply. If you feel you’d like quality, need rehabilitation in moving back to the workplace or sports, or prefer to mehndi-lotus-collection.php move at your own pace (indeed breath) then this class is definitely for you!

QUOTE/MANTRA “Our breath is the connection between our internal and external worlds” I love this quote as what an amazing connection it is! How often do we allow these worlds to meet- I mean REALLY MEET?!?! Yet this is exactly where the magic happens in my yoga classes…. the depth of practice/ experience felt is assisted by such a simple yet profound connection… that of the breath with our deeper, true nature- pure bliss!!

0411 470 916 |

WHY FITNESS OFFER Pay only $150 for 8 weeks of UNLIMITED yoga classes - choice of 3 across the week - a total value of $432! Never offered anywhere else for these classesexclusive to WHY FITNESS magazines readers! Valid for the first 10 callers to Sarah on 0411 470 916, expires after 28.10.13.

Akasha Physio & Yoga

physiotherapy - acupuncture - yoga



A minute with Sarah Page Sarah started out training friends to help them achieve their fitness goals. After many years of considering taking up body sculpting, she finally decided to do so at age 40, showing it is never too late to start looking after you. In doing so, a passion developed for helping others do the same. Sarah began her search for the most effective fat loss system that would work long term and was sustainable. She wanted something that would not only teach her clients about how to construct their meals but also how to do it by themselves. The system Sarah found was the scientifically researched and proven ‘Metabolic Precision” (MP) system which was founded and created by Dr Paul Cribb. Sarah is currently the only trainer on the Sunshine Coast utilising this system. Add in 30 minutes of exercise 3-4 times per week and Sarah has the winning formulae for creating the body you never thought you could have.


“What goes around comes around” I believe that the more you help others overcome obstacles in their lives that they are unable to do themselves, the more positive things that will happen in your life. I love helping people reach their goals. By doing this, the positive aspect is that it reflects on me and my business.

0403 743 746 |

WHY FITNESS OFFER Unlimited attendance to Sarah’s Group Fitness Program for only $19 per week. Choice of Ten Sessions Normally $25 per week Offer Expires 18 November 2013

A minute with Rob Dunne My name is Rob Dunne, entrepreneur and founder of Train Race Inspire. I have lived on the Sunshine Coast all my life and have ten years’ experience in the sporting and retail industry expanding across Queensland and New South Wales. My passion is to reduce statistics like: • 65 per cent of the Sunshine Coast community is overweight • 85 per cent of the Coast does not exercise for more than 30 minutes a day • 90 per cent of the Coast does not have a descent pair of exercise shoes or exercise apparel to wear. Train Race Inspire specialises in footwear, swimming, triathlon and other athletic apparel and accessories. The vision of Train Race Inspire is to:

QUOTE/MANTRA “I always turn to the sports pages first, which records people’s accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man’s failures” Earl Warren

• Inspire people to be more active • Make sportswear affordable for all • Give back to the community in reward for its support Our mission to achieve this is by providing expert advice and service to our customers and providing the latest gear and the best brands in sportswear at affordable prices. We cater for beginners through to the expert level and have a wide range of kids athletic sportswear to help them get inspired and to help them enjoy being active. 07 5446 1421 |

WHY FITNESS OFFER For every $100 Spend, mention Why Fitness and receive a $20 Gift Card. Conditions Apply.

40 ISSUE 6


A minute with Caroline Muoio Caroline Muoio loves small business and is passionate about supporting local Australian designers. At Area 13, Cotton Tree’s funkiest swimwear store, she does just that, offers a quality service and backs it up! Funkita, Funky Trunks (for men), Hive, Zealous, Amanzi, CatFish Designs, Slix Australia and Babes in the Shade are just some of the gorgeous Australian labels you will find. Add in Speedo, Engine Swim and Finz and all your swimming needs are covered. Whether it’s an aqua nappy for bub or technical racing garments for elite athletes, Area 13 is your go-to store. One-size-does-not-fit-all so to ensure you get the right fit for your body shape, Caroline offers professional advice and a complimentary fitting service. If you can’t make it in, there is also an online shopping service available. “You never forget your first pair of swimmers, there is often a fond memory attached” says Caroline. “Do you remember yours?” 07 5443 8013 |


“Imagination is everything...”

Spend $100 or more and receive

The mind is a powerful tool. If you think it,

valued at $29.95

WHY FITNESS OFFER a FREE Turkish Beach Towel,

you can create it.

A minute with Ann Zulehner Ann grew up in Europe, where natural spring or mineral water has been taken for granted for many decades. Her idea was to make pure drinking water widely available to more people at an affordable price. Creating the Annsation Water Filter business was only a matter of time. It’s no secret that drinking enough water is vital to our health. Since water is such an important component of our physiology, the quality of the water should be just as important as the quantity. The Annsation Water Filter transforms ordinary tap water into pure and energising drinking water. Unlike most common filter systems, it not only removes impurities of the water but also replenishes valuable minerals our body benefits from.


0488 446 099 |

“You are everything – you just have to BE it” That’s what I learned when I was a teenager reading my first book about how manifestation works. We have to be persistent and never give up on our goals in order to see that dreams CAN come true. When we put our mind on something and believe in it, we actually can achieve everything anytime.

WHY FITNESS OFFER Buy one Annsation Water Filter System and receive a complementary 5-Stage Filter Cartridge with your order. Simply mention ‘Fitness’ in the Coupon field when ordering online at

Water Filter System



A minute with David Chick I established Allez Sport when I moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2005. Already having run and competed in triathlon for over 20 years, it was a chance to combine my love and passion of endurance sports with my need for a career change. Eight years later, we have an awesome local community of runners and triathletes who are regulars to our store and a host of regular holiday makers to Mooloolaba who come and stock up while on holidays year after year. It is great to see local events such as the Sunshine Coast Cross Country, Run Series and more recently the Marathon and 70.3 Triathlon. Allez Sport sponsors all these events and it’s wonderful to watch them thrive and provide opportunities for many to compete locally. Our store philosophy is to stock the very best products available while endeavouring to provide value to our customers through accurate information and advice about these products.


07 5477 5246 |

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do!” I favour this quote as when I am racing and suffering I tell myself that this feeling is as bad as it gets, and if I just hang in there it will get better. But it’s relevant for anyone who faces adversity at some stage in their life.

WHY FITNESS OFFER Mention Why Fitness and spend over $150 to receive two pairs of Asics pace socks free.


A minute with Dr. David Hendrey Dr David has always been fascinated by peak performance and optimum health. Growing up he virtually lived at the Life Saving Club and was always swimming, running or riding for the pure joy of movement and freedom. Coming up to 30 years since Dr David did his first triathlon, he has raced twice for Australia as an amateur finishing in the top 10 in 2009. As a Chiropractor Dr David loves to learn and grow, staying on the cutting edge of peak performance and health. Every year Dr David learns a new skill or technique to help his patients and this year he completed his training in TRX. This is strength and flexibility training using your body weight with suspension straps. The great thing about TRX is that your core and back muscles are activated with every movement you do. “Having a strong back and core muscles are essential for everyone” Dr David says. 07 5437 7222 |


“The best things in life aren’t things” Art Buchwald

42 ISSUE 6

WHY FITNESS OFFER Call Hendrey Chiropractic in Kawana on 5347 7222 or Wellsure in Caloundra on 5438 2008 for your first TRX class for FREE.


A minute with Scott McKay Let me introduce myself, my name is Scott McKay, the Owner and Trainer of Jungle Fit. I started my career in personal training not too long ago, following an extensive career in the Military where I served in both Australia and overseas. As a combat soldier fitness was a major aspect of my role. I am now launching Jungle Fit, a military and nature inspired personal training service. My wife and I recently moved here with our young son Joshua and want to bring a new spin on fitness to the Sunshine Coast. Jungle Fit is different to mainstream personal training and gyms. There are no TVs, air conditioning, mirrors or comfy machines, no light workout in a park. What you will find here is a really motivating workout environment with super charged training, taking advantage of the outdoors along with other likeminded people.

QUOTE/MANTRA “To get results, you need to be able to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. You need to train hard. The harder you train, the further you go, the harder you go.” This is the mantra I live by and is the foundation of Jungle Fit!

Your first group session is always FREE. A new client needs to experience what we have to offer prior to committing to training. Jungle Fit outdoor training is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance and general wellbeing. 0423 808 922 |

WHY FITNESS OFFER Your first group session with Jungle Fit is always FREE. Call today and mention Why Fitness and you will go in the draw to win a place in Jungle Fit’s eight week challenge, commencing Mid October.

A minute at Karinya Montessori Children’s House Why are mainstream teachers saying Karinya Montessori children are ready for the challenge of schooling? We are finding feedback from schools suggest our children generally leave the centre with a high level of independence, resilience, and a strong foundation of academic skills that are now required for mainstream prep environments. At Karinya Montessori the educators and parents of our children nurture independence by supporting each child in their holistic self-orientation of respecting themselves, others, the environment and their learning, whilst developing a wonder of the world that gives them compassion. We provide a curriculum that supports children to learn in purposeful and self directed ways, by giving children the opportunity to develop skills in – independence, confidence, creativity literacy, numeracy, motor development, technological awareness, and supports curiosity of the world.n


“While it is important to endeavour for a greater good in life, nurturing relationships with family and friends and participating in exceptional experiences remain the fabric which supports the work/life balance.”

07 5472 0505 | www.karinyamontessori.comd contact number and website

WHY FITNESS OFFER We offer your child an Education method that strives to help him or her become a confident, successful and capable lifelong learner. WHY FITNESS 43

fitnessmagic the first step towards changing it is to change your words. “I can lose weight”, “I can stick to my exercise regime”, “I can drink enough water every day”, “I can do this” and “I can do that”.

FITNESS MAGIC with Vickie Magic

If you say so! “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are 100 per cent correct” (Henry Ford). We all do it: “I can’t lose weight”, “I can’t stick to my exercise regime”, “I can’t drink enough water every day”, “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that”.

I am on a roll with my weight loss, I now only have 19 kilos to go, and guess what? This time I can, this time I don’t have a doubt in the world about achieving success. Do you want to know why? Because I say so, and not only do I say the words, which of course were the first step, I have been saying them long enough now that I actually believe them. When we first start saying the “I cans”, it is pretty clear that we don’t believe them, because if we did, we would have already achieved success in that area, right? But as we keep practicing saying it, our minds, (who don’t know any better), start to believe it and the more they hear it the more they believe and pretty soon that becomes our reality.

Your mind is the very core of who you are. Your mind believes the words you tell yourself. It has to, that is how it gets its information. This isn’t made up, this is fact. If you say you can’t do something, your mind has to believe you. It doesn’t have a choice. You say, “I can’t drink enough water”, all that is left to do is for your mind to live into that. So when you say “I am fantastic at drinking water”, then you are. Give it a try. You will be absolutely blown away at the results. The next time you catch yourself trying to tell yourself a reason why you can’t do something, stop yourself, and turn it around to “I can do this”, or “I can do that”. Then live into that. That is all there is to do really. It sounds too easy, it sounds too good to be true, but I promise you; try it for one day then one week, then a month and pretty soon you will become an ‘I can’ machine.

So my challenge to you is to think about an area in your life that you struggle with, something you can’t do, that you want to do, and start by telling yourself you can. Vickie Magic is the owner/publisher of both Why Fitness and Business Matters Magazine. She has recently taken on a fitness regime and shares the ups and downs of the journey with you each issue.








At the most competitive price!



We offer the best available cover…


We offer general insurance for absolutely whatever you need covered!


Whatever it is for you, I can assure you



Is it about time for a full health assessment?

We offer ‘Jargon Free’ policy understanding…

We know what is covered.

Phone 5450 6174 Mobile 0423 808 108

20% to 50% off all triathlon apparel and accessories

Authorised representative of Longfellows Insurance Broking: A division of Priben Pty Limited ABN: 63 737 820 765 AFS: 261209

With Caloundra Bulk Billing Surgery and Cooroy Family Practice you could be entitled to a 100% bulk billed check up... meaning it may not cost as much as you think!


Look after yourself. Start by finding out where you are now.



Caring Male & Female Doctors & Practice Nursing Team *Call us today to see if you qualify for bulk billing

Train Race Inspire

44 ISSUE 6

Coolum Beach Esplanade (opposite Surf Club)

5472 0064

48 Elm Street, Cooroy

5438 1488

68 Bulcock Street, Caloundra

whysunshinetoyota Brett has recently moved up from the Gold Coast with his family to take on the new role at the Sunshine Coast dealership.

awesome – we have cars for teenagers getting their driver’s licences through to tradies, families and retirees. There’s a vehicle to suit every lifestyle!

“The decision to make the move up to the Sunshine Coast was an easy one for us. My personal and lifestyle values are very much in sync with Sunshine Toyota.

My vehicle of choice would have to be the Toyota FJ Cruiser. It looks cool, tough and rugged and can go anywhere. There’s room for our bikes and it’s a lifestyle thing – we can go four wheel driving and camping at Noosa North Shore and Fraser Island. The Toyota Yaris is cool and funky. The Rav4 is the best small 4WD on the market, bar none. The Prado and Land Cruiser ranges are powerful, tough and reliable.

I’ve competed in the Mooloolaba and Noosa Triathlons a total of seven times, finished four Ironman 70.3 events and one full Ironman in Port Macquarie.


For me, choice of vehicle is so important! Toyota has models to suit varied demographics. The range is

with Brett Wardley


Margie Atthow

Don’t take my word for it though, come on in and test drive the car that suits your Sunshine Coast lifestyle.”



Do you love to run? So does Margie.


As the winner of the 5km at the Sunshine Coast Marathon Running Festival, Margie understands the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy body. Correcting any underlying imbalances using a hands-on treatment process is how Margie can have you running pain-free. Margie also will assess your running style, and create you a home exercise program to keep you running. “I love my running and I want you to be back doing what you love too!”

Phone 5444 0394 Suite 3/16 Walan St, Mooloolaba



E NO Choose the method that for over thirty years has helped thousands of people to improve their health, fitness and lifestyle. • Without the need for willpower • Without terrible withdrawals • Without weight gain • Without drugs or substitutes

The healthy natural alternative

Call now and receive our free info pack and find out how you can achieve success today

1300 851 175 WHY FITNESS 45

whythisandthat  Womens Nike FlyKnit (Exclusive to Allez Sport) | $200


this and

Allez Sport P. 5477 5246


 Mens Nike FlyKnit (Exclusive to Allez Sport) | $200

Allez Sport P. 5477 5246

 Nordictrack T17.2 Treadmil Now $1249.50 Half Price!

Rebel Maroochydore (adjacent to cinemas) P. 5479 2518

Scene @ Thanks to Jo Murray and the team at Hot Pipis Moolooaba for hosting our Issue 5 Launch. Delicious paleo food and discovering the latest fitness apps, thanks to Jakki Goodall, made for a fun and informaitve night. Go to to book for our next Launch Event.

Cassie & Trent Macdonald

Photos courtesy of Dranko Magic

Tom & Melanie Cameron (and Kian)

Anthony Kunkell, Tim Gall & Bernard Kasteel

46 ISSUE 6

Sandy Riba, Clark Marshall & Tegan Matthews

Launch festivities at Hot Pipi’s

Jakki Goodall & Pauline Ryeland

Jo Murray

Rob Dunne & Elle Knight

whythisandthat  Wahu Paddle Wheel | $69.99

Amart Kawana P. 5444 7777

 Funkita Primal Night, Chlorine Resistant Swimmers | From $59.99

 Raw Comet Body Board | $39.99 Elnino Flow Surf Board | $199.99

 CommandoFit Range | From $19.99

Amart Kawana P. 5444 7777

Rebel Maroochydore (adjacent to cinemas) P. 5479 2518

Who, What, Why, Where and When... Sunshine Coast 70.3 Ironman

Area 13 P. 5443 8013

MAB Adventures

Free Race Training, Mooloolaba

Charity Bootcamp for Stroke Foundation WHY FITNESS 47

beachfit In my search for the secret to being great at something, I have read what feels like thousands of books and magazine articles written by high performers. The common thread in all is really quite simple. Ready? Here it is: Decide what you want to do, then do it over and over again. Even if you make a mistake keep going until you get it right. Positive thinking is the driving force that keeps you turning up to the practice sessions which inevitably lead to you achieving your goal. Great coaches will tell you to be ‘race fit’ - high achievers practise both physically and mentally (believing in themselves), and through both, performance improves. So, as a lifesaver, what does it take to be ready to save a life on the beach?

BEACH FIT with Kaitlyn Akers

What do Madonna, Elle Macpherson, Kylie Minogue, Danii Minogue and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common besides having no cellulite, looking very youthful and Ashlea and Kasey from Tone Zone Noosa all have amazing bodies? Yes that is right... they all use Power Plates.

cellulite aging  Fast track weight loss  Improve bone density

Our lifesavers and lifeguards here on the Sunshine Coast practise practical and theoretical scenarios in training over and over. This practise helps us to deliver peak performance on the beach. You can be confident that when it counts, we are ready with skills and strength. But you can help us out this summer. Please encourage your friends and family to swim between the flags! Because if we can’t see you, we can’t save you.

P. 5444 1919

Thanks to Tone Zone and Power Plate training you only need 20 of these minutes a day to stay healthy and beat premature aging.

 Reduce

The hardest part is that we have to believe we have a chance of success to decide to do it in the first place.

Kaitlyn Akers is the Deputy President, Sunshine Coast Branch SLSQ Qld, and Lifesaver of the Year 2011

There are 1440 minutes in every day.

 Beat

It takes a great deal of courage and a steady nerve to face surf that is beyond normal physical capabilities.

What shape are your books in? Need help?  Qualified accountant specialising in bookkeeping  Registered BAS agent  Payroll & PAYG  Xero Certified Partner MYOB & QuickBooks  Accounting software setups  Mobile service John Pickering, the accountant who is passionate about bookkeeping.

Tone Zone, the fastest way to fitness. BOOKKEEPING AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES

The accountant specialising in bookkeeping

20 Mary Street Noosaville Qld 4565 Phone: 07 5474 0692 48 ISSUE 6

Call John Pickering on

0401 717 630


GUARANTEED TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS Learning Outcomes: • The Art of Negotiating • Handling Objections • Closing the Sale










• DISC Profiling • Sales Presentations • Body and Energy Language

• Mindset for Success • Set SMARTER Goals

TAE40110 Training and Assessment - 18-22 November 5 full day workshops in Maroochydore

BONUS te first aid certifica ch available with ea course taken!

Guaranteed proven results. Discover how easy it can be to create and deliver excellent presentations.

PHONE TODAY 5452 7722

and see if your course can be funded! Servicing all of Qld and Australia // We TARGET your training needs

N AT I O N A L LY R E C O G N I S E D C O U R S E S AVA I L A B L E We cater for functions and parties, corporate meetings, markets and festivals. BOOK NOW!

Servicing all of the Sunshine Coast

Pure Energy Training Zone are specialist fitness trainers with 20 years in the sport and fitness industries. Bootcamps, personal training, group training, Pilates, nutrition and exclusive provider of the proven, postnatal fitness system Lean Mumma.



Buy three Heat and Eat retail products and get a free pack of gourmet gluten free sausages!


mobile 0407 143 173 TRISH

Why Fitness Special! AROMA BALANCE MASSAGE: 50min $65 Back, hand & foot treatment.

Specialising in Burmese (Myanmar) cuisines and time honoured traditional South East Asian food.

Shop 3, Henzell St, Dicky Beach Shopping Village Phone: 07 5438 1132


Hair stylists that listens!

l Why Fitness Speciacut,

• Fashion & Medical Wigs • Spray Tanning • Ladies & Men’s Body Waxing • Teeth Whitening • Fashion Accessories

1/25 Blackall St, Woombye phone: 5442 3733

from $80*. *Call Sara for details

*See in store for details

ery FREE Brow Tint with ev 0! Rockwear purchase over $5

COLOUR ME! Full colour, style treatmment & blowdry or flat iron

Latest trends, styles, upstyles, hair extensions, facial waxing and tinting

5452 7191 Centrepoint Arcade, 9 Ocean St, Maroochydore

What do you do and why? I am a beautician who offers all aspects of beauty; I also specialise in eyelash extensions. Luv Struck lashes is a relaxed and elegantly appointed salon located in Cotton Tree. My ‘why’ is the gratification that I get from seeing people feel fantastic about themselves after their treatment. Sheileen Forster 5443 9424


LACK–A-PURSUIT–ITIS OFFER One PT (together) and choice of 8 group training sessions per week. $200 for one month AND bring a friend for FREE (that’s just $25 a week each) To cure LACK-A-PURSUIT-ITIS take the Pursuit Fitness magic pill four times a week. Sammy Pluck is a personal trainer who:  IS 100% committed to your results  WILL keep you motivated  WILL make sure you get the results you are after Have you?  Tried everything and nothing works  Avoided looking in the mirror  Tried everything to stay motivated  Just given up  Lost your commitment

 WILL keep you on track  WILL keep you committed

Sammy 0421 486 448 WHY FITNESS 49


This list of our advertisers can help save you some valuable time when looking for one of these industry specialists.





Access Consciousness

0410 471 724

Change and Transformation Facilitators

Advanced Wellness and Behavioural Centre

5443 1987

Natural Therapies

Akasha Physio & Yoga

0411 470 916

Physiotherapy & Yoga

Allen Carrs Easy Way

1300 851 175

Easy Way to stop smoking

Allez Sport

5477 5246

Running Specialist

Amart Kawana

5444 7777

Sporting and Leisure Equipment


0488 446 099

Water Filter System Specialist

Anytime Fitness


24 Hour Health Club

Area Thirteen

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Swimwear and Training Accessories

B Fresh

5493 2839

Café, Deli and Fresh Produce

Blue Care

5438 5049

Aged Care Facility

Blue Dog Web Designs

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Web Designers

BOD Studios

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Rockwear Stockist

Caloundra Bulk Billing Clinic

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Bulk Billing Medical Centre

Cassandra Westerman Lifespark

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Certified Wellness Coach

Full Circle Wellness

0403 001518

Integrated services for better health

Health and Fitness Seminars

5478 6375

Health and Fitness Seminars

Hendrey Chiropractic Pty Ltd

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Impact Insurance

5450 6174

General Insurance

Jungle Fit

0423 808 922

Personal and Group training

Karinya Montessori

5472 0505

Early childhood education

Living Valley Springs

1800 644 733

Absolute Health Retreat

MAB Personal Training & Adventures

0401 286 200

Personal Training and Adventure

Now Beauty

5438 1132

Beauty Salon

Pelican Waters Golf Club

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Performance Physio & Rehab

5444 0394


Pickering Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

0401 717 630

Bookkeeping Services

Pure Energy Training Zone

0429 958 830

Specialised Fitness Training

Pure Osteopathy

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Rebel Maroochydore

5479 2518

Sporting and Leisure Equipment

Sarah Page Personal Trainer

0403 743 746

Personal Trainer

Sara Sizzahands

5452 7191

Stylist that listens

Skin House

0438 531 876

Skin Health Therapy

Sunshine Butterflies


Disability Support Service

Sunshine Coast Grammar School

5445 4444

Independent-Educational School

Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports

5479 1913

Indoor Sports Centre

Sunshine Coast TAFE

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Industry Education Training Providers

Sunshine Coast Vein Clinic

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Non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Sunshine Toyota

1300 230 342

New and Used Vehicles

Target Training

5452 7722

Training Service Providers

Tone Zone Noosa

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Personal Training Studio

Train Race Inspire

5446 1421

Triathlon Apparel

Vitality Options

5450 5729

Sports Massage Specialists

Xtreme OCR

0488 222 886

Obstacle Course Race Series

Sunshine Coast Tafe

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Industry Education Training Providers

Sunshine Coast Vein Clinic

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Non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Sunshine Toyota

1300 230 342

New and Used Vehicles

Target Training

5452 7722

Training Service Providers

Tone Zone Noosa

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Personal Training Studio

Vitality Options

5450 5729

Sports Massage Specialists

Xtreme OCR

0488 222 886

Obstacle Course Race Series

 First Aid trAining  CPr

Manual Handling (Back Care)

Fire & Evac

Courses can be customised to meet the requirements of your industry and specific to your needs. All trainers are nursing educators, paramedics or registered nurses. AllAbility Training is owned by the Sunshine Butterflies Charity. 100% of profits support kids and their families living with disability on the Sunshine Coast.

Please contact us for availability at our premises or your location for group training. Phone: 5470 2830 WWW.ALLABILITYTRAINING.COM.AU AllAbility Training delivers nationally recognised training.

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