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M A G A broken biscuits have no calories, right?





Publication date 27 May | Next issue 1 July


myths Busted you should stop training when pregnant, yes or no?

butter is bad! fact or fiction?


Only men can catch crocodiles and drive big trucks, true or false? See page 8



Improve your lung function naturally. Himalayan Salt Therapy, a natural, drug free treatment has been scientifically proven to enhance not only sports performance but recovery also, by increasing the efficiency of the respiratory system. Himalayan salt has long been known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, as well as helping loosen mucous and phlegm build up. Studies have shown that people with chronic upper respiratory conditions, seasonal allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma and skin disorders can derive significant benefits from salt therapy. Salt therapy is widely used throughout Europe and salt rooms have even been built into hospitals and specially constructed sports arenas. A man-made Himalayan salt cave (halo chamber) reproduces the natural microclimate of a Himalayan salt cave, by dispersing a dry salt aerosol in high concentrations into the halo chamber (salt room) whose surfaces are covered in Himalayan salt. All parameters are controlled by high tech equipment from Germany, such as humidity, salt concentration, temperature and air purity.


The lungs are lined with cilia hairs that work in a waving motion to move mucous towards the throat to be either swallowed and broken down through the digestive system or coughed out. This is the lungs natural way of removing impurities such as dust mites and pollens which are lodged in the mucous. A build-up of thick excess mucous occurs when the lungs are not in full health, removing the mucus results in a more efficient gaseous exchange, therefore improved lung function, ultimately enhancing performance. As the Halite Himalayan salt is inhaled, it travels through the sinuses and respiratory tract, attracted to the mucous, the excess of which is liquefied enabling it be removed, reducing inflammation and killing bacteria. DIAGRAMS COURTESY OF TAIMMA COMMUNICATIONS INC.

Figure 1 depicts a healthy lining of mucous on the lungs.

Himalayan Salt Therapy

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Figure 2 shows a thick layer of mucous sitting on top of the cilia hairs, making it almost impossible for the cilia to remove the mucous on its own causing a breading ground for bacteria and infection and reducing gaseous exchange.

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editor’s note

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. Marcus Aurelius

EDITOR’S NOTE with Jen Forster I am very proud to say that the launch of Why Fitness Magazine to the Sunshine Coast has been an overwhelming success! Thank you to everyone for your notes of congratulations and positive feedback. As I have moved about the Coast this past five weeks I have been approached by so many people, sharing their excitement and enthusiasm for Why Fitness. I really feel like I have found what I was born to do. Everything about creating each Issue of Why Fitness ticks all the boxes internally for me. The process, from start to finish, truly lights me up. I am touched, moved and inspired every single day by the people I meet, the passion they have for what they do and their stories that they share with me so openly and honestly. I then get to bring all of this, through the pages of Why Fitness, to you! How does it get any better than this (thanks Dr Dain!)? And the best part of all, I am not on holidays, I live here! This issue really excites me because it is all about Fitness Myths Busted. And my oh my, there is an absolute plethora of them! Everywhere you look: eat this, don’t eat that; high GI, low GI; high protein, low carb; low weights, high reps; heavy weights, low reps; stretch, don’t stretch; push ups on your toes or on your knees; fat burning zones, ab rollers; pills, potions and shakes. Phew, it’s a minefield! So what is right? And what isn’t? In this issue you’ll find simple, easy to understand, informative knowledge from some of the Sunny Coast’s fitness experts. Use what makes sense to you and discard what does not. At the end of the day, only YOU know what makes you feel good and what does not. Choose ‘feel good’ every time, as this is what will have you lining up for more. If it’s not your idea of fun to run every day, then guess what, don’t do it! But find something that you would happily do every day and go do that. One of the biggest myths I come across is, ‘no pain, no gain’. For me, ‘no FUN, no gain’ is vastly more accurate. Because if it’s not fun, what are the chances of it becoming part of who you are and what you stand for? Every single thing I have done in my fitness life I have done because I have loved it. Sure, sometimes it’s tough, but I love that too! I love the people, I love the challenge, I love the goal, I love the locations, and I love the end result and then, guess what? I get to choose that all over again. One of my favourite quotes is ‘do what you love and success will follow’ and this could not be truer for your fitness! Yours in fun and fitness...

Why Fitness Magazine supports local charity Surf Life Saving. If you would like to donate please email jen@whyfitness.com.au. why fitness 3












Publication date 27 May | Next issue 1 July

broken biscuits Have no calories, rigHt?




mYtHs Busted butter is bad! fact or fiction?

You sHould stop training WHen pregnant, Yes or no?




Only men can catch crocodiles and drive big trucks, true or false? See page 8









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7 Myths

The Worst Diet and Fitness by Henry the Health Hound

Myths serve a purpose. At least the ‘traditional’ kind do. There were lessons to be learned from the classic Greek and Roman myths, and still are, despite the fact that today we know they are nothing more than fanciful stories. The problem with diet and fitness myths; however, is that they get passed around so much, and even appear in print and on the internet, that people start to accept them as truth. And nothing can get in the way of your weight loss and fitness goals more than not being able to separate fact from fiction – except maybe an angry Minotaur! So here, in no particular order, are Henry the Health Hound’s 7 Worst Diet and Fitness Myths – BUSTED!


Dieting and Working Out Turns Fat Into Muscle

Muscle and fat are two completely different kinds of tissue in your body. You can no more turn fat into muscle than you can turn straw into gold. Think of it this way: muscle is like your body’s engine and gears, and it takes energy to run the machine. Fat can be one source of that energy so, when you work out, you build muscle and reduce fat by consuming that energy. Conversely, when you laze around and eat, your body stores fat rather than using it for energy, and your muscles degrade from not being used. But in either case one does not and cannot turn into the other.


All Carbs are Bad - PERIOD

A lot of dieters, and even some trainers and nutritionists insist that ‘all carbs are bad’. The truth is, your muscles crave carbs. In fact, carbohydrates are the main source of fuel used by the body to function properly; not only physically but mentally as well. Without carbs, you would not have the strength and stamina to work out, and even if you did, you would likely be disappointed in the results. There are good carbs and bad carbs though, so the trick is to learn to tell the difference. Fruits, veggies and whole grains are good carbs. Anything ‘white’ as in breads, rice and pastas are bad carbs. Of course alcohol, soda, sweets and other

42.2km / 21.1km / 10km / 5km / 2km



Photo Courtesy of

AUGUST 25, 2013


junk are all bad carbs; however, even certain bad carbs can be good under certain circumstances because they are absorbed by the body quickly and burned slowly. This is why marathon runners will often load up on pasta.


The truth is, your muscles crave carbs. In fact, carbohydrates are the main source of fuel used by the body to function properly; not only physically but mentally as well.

Crunches and Ab Machines Will Give You a Six-Pack

meant to be taken as a substitute for high fat and high starch foods.

You can pretty much dismiss any ab machine or device sold on late night TV that promises to bust belly-fat and build six-pack abs, as a myth. But a lot of people also think doing this kind of workout on legitimate machines in a gym will turn that spare tyre into a washboard! This goes back to myth Number One. You can’t turn fat into muscle. Working out will help you burn fat, but you cannot pick and choose where it will do so. Crunches will help strengthen the muscles around your midsection and improve your posture, but you won’t be able to see your abdominal muscles until you reduce your overall percentage of body fat.


Fat Free is A-OK

Speaking of high fat foods, this is another one of my favourites. People think as long as a food is ‘fat free’ it’s a diet food, and will not make you put on weight. The food marketing industry loves to play on this and proudly emblazons bags of marshmallows and jelly beans as ‘fat free’. Yes, maybe they are, but they are loaded with sugar – and will wreak havoc on any diet!



Five Fruits A Day

If You’re Not Sweating, You’re not Working Out

I hear gym rats say all the time, if you are not working up a sweat you are not burning any calories. That is just not true. Sweating is the way your body cools itself, not how it burns calories. You can be active, healthy and burn plenty of calories by doing simple exercises like walking or light weight training and never break a sweat!

This is one of my favourites. I constantly run into people that think eating five servings of fruit a day is an antidote to eating burgers, fries and other junk. It isn’t. Yes, it is a good idea to eat five servings of fruit a day, but not on top of other junk! The recommendation is


Woman Will Look Like Men if They Strength Train

This is a terrible myth that keeps many women from strength training. They’re afraid that if they strength train by weightlifting, they will look like men. No way! The truth is weightlifting and strength training is the surest way for men and women to burn fat, build lean muscle, and boost resting metabolism.

About the Author Henry The Health Hound is the pseudonym of an internationally recognised expert on health and fitness. Because he often debunks diet myths, exposes scams, and barks at Big Pharma and food and drug regulatory agencies on his website www.healthhound.org, he must stay undercover to be able to investigate crooked, unethical, immoral and downright dangerous health offers with impunity.

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Big Trucks, Crocodiles, Volcanoes... She Lived Happily Ever After Get an education, meet a man, get married and have kids. For decades this has been a myth society has had many women buying into. It was the complete, happily ever after fairytale. What it wasn’t was driving big trucks, catching crocodiles, getting up close with orang-utans and elephants, and climbing volcanoes. But for local girl, Sue Parish, this is exactly what happily ever after was. Sue first visited Sumatra in Indonesia as an exchange student, and from that time felt a connection to the place. “I just loved it, I felt a peace and calm there that I’d never known,” says Sue. During this program, like a lot of young people, Sue created dreams about how her life would look, the places she would go, and the things she would do. The world was her oyster and she couldn’t wait to live out all her dreams. But this all changed when Sue was 18. In a tragic cycling accident in southern New South Wales, her 20 year-old brother was killed while doing what he loved – cycling. “Our family was turned upside down,” says Sue. In her young girl’s mind, Sue made an assumption at that time that if you do what you love, bad things happen; after all, this is what happened to her brother. So the dreams and goals created by a young and eager mind in Indonesia dissolved into just focusing on ‘the right thing to do’. 8 ISSUE 2

For Sue, this meant getting married, having kids and living happily ever after. “This was the only thing that seemed safe in those dark days and what I was supposed to do,” says Sue. A few years later, Sue married and had a son and then a daughter. “I remember looking at my daughter when she was around 13 months old; it was the last time I breastfed her. I remember thinking, OK, I have done what I am supposed to do, and I’ve done everything for everyone else, so now, what about me?” This was the first ‘pull’ Sue experienced to return to Indonesia. “This was something I just had to do, something I needed to do, just for me,” says Sue. After spending three weeks ‘finding herself’ in Indonesia, Sue returned to a marriage in crisis that ended shortly after. But this only proved to Sue once again that if you do what you love, bad things happen. So again Sue fought the tugging on her soul and stayed ‘safe’. When her second marriage ended Sue was left in fear, loss and panic. She plummeted into a state of deep depression; experiencing a tremendous sense of failure coupled with anxiety attacks. “I couldn’t even look after my kids, who were then eight and ten. They stayed with my mum and all I could do was call in and kiss them goodnight; I couldn’t even

speak. These were very dark days for me. At one point a major panic attack landed me on the doorstep of a distant relative’s home. Dad had to come and get me because I was paralysed with fear. At that time, it dawned on me that I was a grown woman, so I needed to either stand up or give up.” On that day Sue made the commitment to make her life OK again, and booked a one way ticket back to Indonesia. She did not know how long she would be gone, but she knew she had to go. She knew that somewhere the ‘real’ Sue existed. She had to find her, once and for all,


Bootcamp Sumatra is a fully escorted, week-long experience that takes small groups on a f itness, cultural and adventure experience - from meeting the inhabitants of the villages, to elephant treks, tubing down the river and getting up close with orang-utans.

using Indonesia as the foundation to take away everything else familiar so she could reconnect with herself. Six weeks later Sue returned home to her children. “I remember sitting at the airport reflecting on the hopelessness I had felt. I had shut myself away to deal with my life the only way I could at the time. I knew I was strong enough to make it all OK again. I just had to work out how. Sumatra once again reached out to me and provided me the answers I was looking for.” Upon Sue’s return to Australia she continued her role teaching Indonesian at a primary school in Casino. When she lost heart in the system, Sue took six months off and read books in the sun on her veranda. “I felt terribly guilty, but it was my time to learn and be still. I eventually asked myself, if I could do anything at all what would that be?” With Sue’s newfound lease on life and freedom

to be, the answer to that question came. She would work on a crocodile farm. And why wouldn’t you!? Sue googled the nearest farm, offered to do work experience and soon found herself leading tours, dangling raw meat to feed the crocodiles and a noose to catch these giant creatures. This eventually ended and again she asked herself the question, “What would I do if I could do anything?” This time the answer was to drive a big truck. “Well, after you work with an animal that wants to eat you, what else would you do? Driving a big truck was living the dream. It was easy work with no emotional investment and no responsibility.” But the invisible connection to Sumatra in Indonesia continued to pull at Sue’s heart and soul. Over the previous ten years Sue and her children had continued to make many trips to this untouched, celestial part of the world.

we’ve got you covered

others I have shared it with.” As a result Sue has created a business which gives small groups an opportunity to experience the magic of Sumatra. Bootcamp Sumatra is a fully escorted, week-long experience that takes small groups on a fitness, cultural and adventure experience from meeting the inhabitants of the villages, to elephant treks, tubing down the river and getting up close with orang-utans. The week-long experience ends with climbing a volcano, with physical fitness challenges thrown in along the way for fun. “Every person that has taken part has been changed by the experience,” says Sue. “Indonesia helped me regain my identity, my heart, my soul and my life. I now get to share this life changing place with others and it may well bring something special to

“I wanted to share the beauty and life changing experiences that this beautiful country had


given to me, my children and

their lives too, just as it did for me.” www.experiencesumatra.com.au

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Robert Appleton,

from re-evolve

10 ISSUE 2

fiveminuteswith Move it or lose it! Doing the common, uncommonly well… Recently making the Sunshine Coast his home, Rob Appleton, known as ‘Appo’ to his friends, has been on the move his whole life. Only recently did it become clear to Rob that everything he has done in his life, the places in the world he has been, the people he has sought out to meet and work with, the sports and training that have inspired him, have all had one common element running through them all. That is his fascination and understanding of the life-changing benefits, quality of life and ultimately, longevity, that simply moving your body can bring. Rob grew up on farming properties in central Queensland and ever since he can remember has had a love of sports and movement, becoming involved in athletics, boxing, bull –riding and rugby union during his teenage years. Rob’s father and grandfather had worked on the land and it was of course expected that Rob would too. “I completed an electrical trade and managed a cattle station for Dad in my early twenties. But an opportunity to play Division 3 Rugby Union in Ireland came my way and I took it” says Rob. Rob eventually returned to Australia and spent a year and half with the army “I was searching for something, but this wasn’t it’ says Rob. After being honourably discharged, Rob completed a carpentry trade and spent some time back on the tools on the farm, before eventually heading to Brisbane with his trade for work. “When I wasn’t working I loved training but could never find a trainer who understood my needs. So I began to train myself and soon other people wanted to do what I was doing. So I gave up my trade and became a personal trainer” says Rob. Soon after I stumbled upon a gym that was different from anything I had ever seen before. It was called CrossFit FX and was headed up by Mick Shaw and Steve Willis, better known these days for his famed TV role as ‘the Commando’. “I had some knee issues from my rugby days and was looking for a way to train that would help my injuries and strengthen the rest of my body at the same time. CrossFit ticked all the boxes.”

“That was in 2006” says Rob. “CrossFit has done a lot of good things, but there are good and bad versions of it out there” says Rob. “What it does do, is get people moving using Olympic lifting, gymnastics and track and field training. Technique is everything with CrossFit and I couldn’t get enough of this knowledge”. Although Rob has since claimed qualifications as a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and completed CrossFit Strong Man, mobility, goal setting, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and endurance programs, his was still unsatisfied with his knowledge around the body’s functionality. What he had learnt though, was movement was at the heart of his quest for further knowledge. Rob continued his search, discovering yoga and Pilates as fundamental assets to what he had learned through CrossFit. “There is no one thing that does it all” says Rob. “But what had become very clear to me was that fitness was less about the

aesthetic changes exercise is so often coveted for, and more about the longevity of a quality life” says Rob. One of the most significant life changing experiences Rob shared with me was around the six week Ronin body guard/remote emergency medical assistant training course he completed in South Africa with Tony Smith. “Unlike most training courses, this was not simulated in any way. Every night for six weeks we were on the streets of South Africa, dealing with gunshot wounds and stabbings” says Rob. “I learnt more about myself there than at any other time in my life. To be a player and not a spectator in the game of ‘live or die’ made me see the world very differently”.

Rob is inspired by many people, including his grandfather and father who shared their wonderful work ethic. He was also privileged to work with ex SAS Soldier Keith Fennell, facilitating ‘extreme condition’ corporate programs for firms like Boral. Rob has also worked with his mentor and friend, Greg Chamberlain, a 37 year veteran of the Army, to lead Kokoda adventures with Glenn Azar’s business, Adventure Professionals. Rob is most inspired by the movement maestro, Ido Portal, for his vision and interpretation of fitness. “There is so much to learn from this visionary man about movement” says Rob. I asked Rob what he wanted to be famous for, and he replied “I don’t want to be famous. I just want to invoke some curiosity or passion in others to connect with their bodies through movement”. When asked “Why does fitness matter to you?” Rob replied “It’s what keeps us connected to what really

matters. Movement is everything – fitness simply exists inside of this”. I also asked Rob “Why do you do what you do?”. He said “it satisfies my thirst for knowledge as a coach and a student – and at any point in time we are both those things”. Rob operates his programs at CrossFit Noosa which is headed up by Danny Mellor and Woogie Marsh. Rob still regularly travels the world as a remote emergency medical assistant, leading adventure groups to remote places. Rob can be contacted at rob@re-evolve.com.au. Scan the QR code to see Rob’s inspiration, Ido Portal, demonstrating the art of movement. why fitness 11

localevent Jon Barker, General Manager and Event Director and Paul Basile, Operations Manager


Tough Mudder

Designed by British Special Forces to test your all erie around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camarad

12 ISSUE 2


If you haven’t heard of the 20-plus kilometre, hardcore obstacle course known as Tough Mudder, then you have probably been living under a rock. The Sunshine Coast has been abuzz with ‘Mudders’ lining up to register since it was announced that our beloved Coast will play host to this crazy event in August 2013. It’s easy to be distracted by the distance (it’s a half marathon), as well as the much publicised obstacles, some of which require you to run through fire, dive into ice-filled pools and of course, run through a vast array of exposed electrical wires. You’d be forgiven for thinking it is an event just for adrenalin junkies, fitness freaks and the odd mid-life crisis candidate. And on the surface, it probably is. However, Why Fitness recently caught up with Tough Mudder’s Jon Barker, General Manager and Event Director, and Paul Basile, Operations Manager, during their brief visit to the Coast. we discovered that Tough Mudder not only has a heart, but also a soul. How did you come to be involved in Tough Mudder? JON My background is in running the PGA golf events in the USA, as well as working in film and television such as American Gangster with Russell Crowe and Sex and the City as well as The Good Wife. I was approached by head hunting firm Odgers of London, who represented a sports division. At first, with what they were describing, I thought they were out of their heads. But I went in for a chat and was blown away by the concept of Tough Mudder. The ethos of this three year-old company is one of teamwork, pushing boundaries and camaraderie. It’s friends helping friends and strangers meeting strangers. I knew immediately that I wanted to be involved. PAUL I have been a lifelong athlete, recently involved in CrossFit, and working as a fitness professional in operations with Bally Total Fitness. From here I went on to work in operations and logistics for the Vancouver and London Olympics. Following this, like Jon, I was

approached by Tough Mudder and jumped at the opportunity. How many Tough Mudder events have there been, worldwide? JON We have just celebrated our 100th event. In 2013 there will be a total of 54 events worldwide which will see 750 000 people compete. We are expecting 22 500 people to compete here on the Sunshine Coast in August. People of all ages and fitness levels are lining up to register. We even have local business networking groups training together. What kind of base level of fitness is required to complete a Tough Mudder challenge? PAUL Tough Mudder is extremely challenging. However, at the same time, it’s not exclusive. You have to be healthy enough to do it but at the end of the day it will come down to the time it takes. If you were to concentrate on one thing in your training, running would be it. It is an endurance event so while strength is important, if that’s all you’ve got, then it will be tough. However, if all you can do is run, you will also be in trouble. Overall, high intensity interval training, or short burst training, that allows you to build your strength and cardio together, will be your best focus leading up to the event. The electrical wires is an obstacle that is talked about a lot. Should people be afraid of these and other obstacles? JON That’s exactly what we want! We want you to be fearful. We want you to be scared because we want you to conquer that fear; that’s the point. Tough Mudder plays largely on fears: fear of height, claustrophobia, electric shocks. But challenging those fears and facing them head on can be life changing. PAUL It is not comfortable and it is not enjoyable. But so much of this is about the mental challenge and we put it out there in a physical form. Overcoming fear is just as important as being fit. No, the electrical obstacle is not enjoyable. I did not like it at all [note: this guy is buff!]. But knowing

that I did it, that I got through all the obstacles, has opened up so many other possibilities to me now. That is what the challenge is all about, it’s part of the experience. Fear is a habit. It’s the same as dreading waking up at 5am to go for a run. If you can break that habit you can then challenge yourself to something new. Why do you do what you do – why Tough Mudder? JON There is something about standing at our start chute and watching six hundred people (the event’s start is wave-based over the weekend) ready to go with excitement on their faces. You are connected emotionally to that and then there is something even more emotional seeing people cross the finish line with the realisation that they have achieved something that they never thought they could do. PAUL I was attracted to Tough Mudder because of my background in fitness. Fitness is not how fast you can run or how much you can lift; to me, fitness is holistic. To be healthy, fit and happy occurs mentally and physically and Tough Mudder taps into that. Tough Mudder puts people in a position where they are forced to grow emotionally and socially. Being lifted or helping lift someone over a ten foot wall does this. Access to this here on the Coast has never really existed before, not on this level. Tough Mudder is tough, it is challenging, and it is scary. This August, your fears of drowning, being shocked, being in enclosed spaces, of heights, the unknown – all these fears and more will be challenged. But on the other side is a calming sense of achievement, knowing your limits, facing your fears, breaking through both and discovering a part of yourself that was never available to you before Tough Mudder.

Scan the code to see a snapshot of the event and for the link to register

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Why... SLEEP? “I wish I could just stay in bed for another five minutes.” If you’ve ever found yourself saying this, consider that your body isn’t just being lazy; it may actually be in your best interest to get that extra sleep! The average person requires six to eight hours of sleep every night for the body and brain to function at a premium.

A good habit to get into is picking a time to go to bed and sticking to it. So if you need to be up at 6am, that means being asleep (or at the very least, being in bed) by 10pm. Even if you don’t feel like sleeping, just try it for a week and see how your body adjusts.

Factors that affect our sleep include: How emotional we are Whether the room is dark and quiet What foods we eat The consumption of alcohol before bed Regular, ongoing lack of sleep is a bad habit to get into. Reduced sleep is linked to weight gain, a shortened life span, high blood pressure and diabetes. Sleep is just as important to a healthy, fit body as eating well or exercising regularly. Like food and exercise, your quality of sleep is also vital.

Why... NUTS? Nuts: To eat or not to eat? Will I gain weight or lose weight if I eat them? The short answer is that nuts definitely get a big TICK!

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Nuts contain the linoleic and linolenic essential fatty acids and the fats in nuts for the most part are unsaturated fats, including monounsaturated fats. Nuts also provide arginine, which is a substance that may help make the walls of the arteries more flexible and less prone to blockages. Many nuts are good sources of vitamins E and B2, and are rich in protein, folate, fibre and essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and selenium. But not all nuts are created equally. Two great choices of nuts are walnuts and almonds. Eating walnuts improves the way the body burns fat and walnut consumption may improve the use of body fat in overweight adults. Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E and have been linked to a decreased risk of cancer. Nuts are most healthy in their raw form. Some easy ways to increase your consumption of these nuts are to add them to salads, throw a handful into a snaplock bag for snacking and even add them to your smoothies. Nuts… nature’s multivitamin!

Why... HATS? In our very lucky country, ‘slip, slop, slap’ is a no-brainer. In a country where skin cancer kills thousands of people every year, hats are very important. A good quality, widebrimmed hat is essential for outdoor activities. But some hats protect us in other ways. Tradespeople wear hard hats to protect themselves from falling or loose objects. Lifesavers wear hats to make sure they can be seen while in the water. Some hats are worn to show a level of authority in a group or club. People wear hats to show support for their team. There are even dunce hats to symbolise someone’s (lack of) intelligence. Some hats are worn as part of people’s religious beliefs, such as a turban or a yarmulke. Other hats are worn only for special events, such as the Melbourne Cup, a student’s graduation day or by the mother of the bride on her daughter’s wedding day. A lot of sports even have their own specific type of hat that enhances the experience of the sport and/or the wearer’s performance. In our beautiful part of the world, one thing is for sure – there are a million and one reasons to slap on a hat!

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relaxing S P A


Combinin g luxury and n ature to Create a unique spa environment The Spa at Palmer Coolum Resort evokes total relaxation and well-being for both men and women. For the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and acne – even for improved wound healing. With our wide range of treatments by PRIORI®, DECLÉOR and OMNILUX™ the Spa at Palmer Coolum Resort has something for everyone. Get in motion with the activities available at our fitness centre: aquacise, aerobics, yoga and fitness at our fully equipped gym open 24 hours. Memberships available.

12 M O N T H






unlimited G O L F



the palmer Coolum resort 12 month unlimited golf pass in C ludes:


Unlimited golf for 12 months Unlimited range balls for 12 months 40% discount off rack rate for up to three guests 40% discount off motorised carts 10% food & beverage discount 10% Pro Shop discount Maintenance & management of Golf Link Handicap


$2750 pER pERSON / $5000 pER c OuplE

- Palmer Golf shirt - Palmer Golf cap - 30 min golf lesson with our PGA professional Patrick Gibson

Warran Road, Coolum Beach, Queensland Australia T. 07 5446 1234

www.palmercoolumresort.com.au why fitness 15


Is aging optional?

why change with Craig Harper

The Age Rules Perhaps her choices, behaviours and outcomes were exceptional when compared with others in her age group, but why do we make age an issue? If an 18 year-old can successfully attend college, then why can’t our senior citizens? I’ll tell you why (and thanks for asking): because you and I live in a world where we are judged, pigeonholed and to an extent, ruled by age. And no, these are not always written rules, but they are rules nonetheless.

that far too many of us allow ourselves to be determined (as opposed to influenced) by our chronological age. A Dirty Little Secret Sadly, in our culture age is much more than a number. Much more than a tally of accumulated years on the planet. It’s a statement. A label. An anchor. An expectation. A limitation. A barrier. A determinant. A dirty little secret. Something to be lied about. In fact, it’s the thing people lie about most.

Powerful rules.

Late Starter A while back I read an article about an ‘exceptional’ woman who had just completed her first university degree at the ripe old age of 77. While the story was an interesting one and the woman is indeed an inspiration, I wondered why a person doing some study and passing a few exams would be reported in the newspaper. Was it newsworthy because of her age? If so, why? Are 77 year-olds stupid? Do they not have a capacity to learn, grow, improve, adapt and develop new skills? Don’t get me wrong – I think she should be congratulated on her achievement, but I also think it’s a pity that, as a community, we often have such low expectations of our 77 year-olds that when one of them does something that millions of other people do every year, we’re surprised. Could it be that she’s not in fact exceptional, rather a normal, capable, intelligent student who happens to be older than her classmates? There’s a thought.

16 ISSUE 2

Growing up, many of us were taught that age should dictate certain choices and behaviours. Old people bowl. Young people surf. Old people stay at home. Young people attend college. Old people let their brains turn into mush. Young people learn.

Many people (perhaps the majority) seem to arrive at a certain figure (50, 60, 70… 40) and then overnight they become old. They somehow step into old age like a farmer steps into cow crap. They act old because that’s the rule, the belief and the expectation and not long after, they are old.

Such self-limiting crap. The Value of Being Inappropriate We have age-based rules about when we should retire and when we should work. Who we should date, or not date. When we should study. When we should stop playing sport. What type of car we should drive. What music we should listen to. What we should do with our money. When we should get married. How we should exercise. And dress. And socialise. In fact, we seem to have an ever-expanding range of rules about age-appropriate behaviour. But if there’s one thing I love, it’s being inappropriate. Some people are age-appropriate all the way to misery, boredom and under-achievement. How unnecessary.

What does this tell you?

And disempowering.

Over my journey, I have met young 80

Of course, I’m not so naïve and optimistic as to suggest that age should never influence thinking, behaviour or decisions. But as an exercise scientist and trainer of thousands of bodies over the years, it’s been my observation

year-olds and old 40 year-olds. So have

Notice how when the media describe someone, they will invariably mention the person’s age: “The 41 year-old lawyer crashed his car into…”, even when age has absolutely nothing to do with the story, the event or the situation? Why don’t they say, “The blueeyed lawyer”? Or, “The kind-of-short lawyer”? Or perhaps, “The somewhat smelly lawyer”? Or maybe even, “The egotistical and insecure lawyer”? All those labels are just as relevant as age and definitely more interesting! Old Young People

you. In real terms age, as we experience it, is more about decisions, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours than it is numbers on a calendar. For the most part, age means whatever we decide it means.


Yes, of course we all age physiologically and with that come certain consequences, challenges and realities, however, many people (perhaps the majority) seem to arrive at a certain figure (50, 60, 70… 40) and then overnight they become old. I’ve seen it and so have you. They somehow step into old age like a farmer steps into cow crap. They act old because that’s the rule, the belief and the expectation and not long after, they are old. What a waste. Imagine living in a world where there was no record of birthdays – world where nobody knew how old anyone was. Ever. What would we all do? How would we act? How would we know what to wear? Or drive? Or listen to? How would we know what was appropriate? How would we evaluate people without knowing their age? Maybe the world would fall apart and mankind would perish? Or not.

ABOUT Craig Harper Craig Harper is one of Australia’s leading presenters, educators, coaches and commentators in the areas of health, fitness, high performance and change. *With thanks to Penguin Publishing, this article is an extract from Craig’s new ‘Pull Your Finger Out’ - 101 ways to stop wasting time and start living your best life (out 24 April). This, and Craig’s regular blog and other books are available at www.craigharper.com.au

fit and well with Cassandra Westerman

Wellness… It’s a recently coined term to describe a melting pot of treatments related to keeping an individual healthy, beautiful, relaxed and even hair free. But true wellness – the flipside of illness – deserves much more attention than a weekly pedicure and a juice on the run. I like to think of wellness as a verb – like skiing, surfing or dancing, it is something you do. And if you are not doing wellness, it won’t be long before you are doing illness. Doing wellness is consciously looking at key areas of wellbeing in your life, such as life satisfaction, energy, exercise, nutrition, weight, stress management, mental and emotional fitness and health. Then it is setting about creating new habits, routines and life-giving behaviours which serve you best. It’s about dreaming big, discovering what could be, playing with possibilities and finding the right buttons to push, to unleash your motivation to change. Once you start developing your wellness muscle, your ability to climb ‘Mount Lasting Change’ will soar. Like anything worth doing, wellness takes effort, commitment, discipline and courage. But the reward – to be your best self – is without comparison. Tips to start your journey: Check in on your mojo (your oomph, spark, zest for life, pizzazz). If you had a Mojo Meter, where would you score? Do this daily and try to answer, “My mojo is at this point today because...” Are you fuelled for wellness? What are you reading or listening to? What are you eating and drinking? Who are you spending time with? What are you telling yourself? Your car won’t run on the wrong fuel, so why should you? If discipline creates routine, routine creates habits, and habits build character, what small step can you take today to be who you want to be tomorrow?

Cassandra Westerman is a Certified Wellness Coach M. 0410 456 966 why fitness 17


Spread a little spicy know- how!!

why spice with Shivam Joshi

Chilies are often overlooked as circulation boosters. They can have a dramatic impact on your health by helping to boost circulation and also act as a thinner to help protect against strokes.

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Most people are confused between spices and herbs. A spice is usually any dried part of a plant, such as dried bark, roots, berries, seeds, twigs or anything else that isn’t green or leafy. As you may have guessed, the green and leafy part of a plant is considered a herb! Herbs can be used whether they are dried or fresh, as opposed to spices, which can only be used dried, generally for seasoning and flavouring but not usually the main ingredient. There are many interesting and beneficial facts about spices, which can make lives more healthy in the most natural way. With India’s wonderful cooking styles and variety of dishes differing widely from North to South and from East to West, it is extremely complicated to categorise Indian Cuisine. Indian cuisine is in fact an exciting hodgepodge of spices and aromatic spices. For the culinary enthusiast seeking adventure, there is a surprise around every corner.

However, no matter how complex it is, the one common thread running through all Indian dishes is the use of the ubiquitous chili. Health benefits Chilies are often overlooked as circulation boosters. They can have a dramatic impact on your health by helping to boost circulation and also act as a thinner to help protect against strokes. Good news for fat burners The thermogenic compound ‘capsaicin’ which is found in chili helps increase the metabolic rate, which aids in the fat burning process. Studies reveal that eating chilies can raise your metabolic rate by up to 23% for about three hours. So, eating food with chilies every day is all you need to do to enjoy the multiple and important health benefits they have to offer. Rasoi Indian Cuisine P. 5444 8337 Minyama | Sippy Downs | Buderim Marcoola | Nambour | Landsborough


For me it really has been be... do... have. I had to see the person, or shape, I wanted to be, then be that person NOW.

fitness magic with Vickie Magic

There are so many health and fitness myths and false promises around. When we look in the mirror and see those extra kilos that we just didn’t see coming, we do want that quick promise to lose 20 kilos in 20 minutes. Let me assure you, if you believe those promises and spend money on them, you are more than likely wasting it. Even if you do lose the 20 kilos promised in the 20 minutes (and of course I am exaggerating), you will, more than likely, put it straight back on. This is because you haven’t changed anything; you go back to your normal routine and the cycle starts again. I can say this because I have done it for the last ten years, on off, on off, up down, up down.

I’m sick of it and I am sure that some of you reading this will know exactly what I mean. So how can we change it? How can we CHANGE NORMAL? Obviously that is the secret, we have to CHANGE NORMAL. But how? For me it really has been be... do... have. I had to see the person, or shape, I wanted to be, then be that person NOW. I had to visualise myself as that person, act as though I already was that person, treat myself wonderfully as though I already was that person, like myself as though I already was that person. Really behave as though I already was the weight and shape that I wanted to be. Then I had to DO the actions that the person would do. They would exercise five to six times a week; they would eat healthy food; they would NOT diet, not ever; they would have something yummy occasionally, as long as they used the 80/20 rule, or in my case in the beginning 90/10. This means that 90% of the time everything that goes in your month is healthy nutritious food and 10% being something that you know isn’t really feeding you but you choose to have it anyway. When I eat, I ask myself the question, “Is this something a size 12 person would eat?” For example, I

just came back from a holiday in Bali. Most of the time I ate great healthy nutritious food, but I was on holiday so I also indulged a little. What I have found for me, and I am just like you, is that if I TOTALLY restrict myself 100% of the time until I lose the weight, I simply do that wonderfully for a few weeks then TOTALLY give up on it. That is not the action of a size 12 person. Once you have done the BE and the DO, then you can HAVE what you wanted; however, you can HAVE IT NOW! You don’t have to wait for anything to happen. You already have the feelings, happiness and gratitude of being that person that you are growing into (or growing out of) NOW. Having lost 24.5 kilos and now with only 15.5 to go, I can share that this kind of thinking and action is NOT a myth. It WILL work. Why not give it a try if you too have a little or a lot of weight to lose? Vickie Magic is the owner/publisher of both Why Fitness and Business Matters Magazine, she has recently taken on a fitness regime and shares the ups and downs of the journey with you each issue. Follow Vickie’s fitness blog on Facebook – Mellie Magic The Weigh Down

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The Big



by Gary Martin ND. AFAIM. Founder, Living Valley Springs Health Retreat Since the second half of last century, dietary fats have been charged with many crimes against humanity. For decades, poor old fats have been blamed for atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, increased mortality and much more. The fat family has been ostracised and condemned by the National Heart Foundation, nutritionists, health journalists and doctors. In fact, only certain members of the fat family pose a threat to wellness and longevity. Most fats are actually essential for optimal health. Cholesterol particularly, has been maligned as public enemy number one, when in fact it is one of the most important substances found in the human body. Through fear and misinformation many people have avoided all fats, only to reap disastrous consequences. The Nathan Pritikin (no fat) diet, for example, produced many casualties presenting with a wide range of physical and mental disorders. It is true that some fats cause disease. The consumption of transfats such as those found in margarine has been associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, liver dysfunction, infertility in women and depression. Saturated fats, such as butter, have been blamed for many serious conditions without any conclusive evidence. France, for example, with a population of 62 million, boasts the highest consumption of saturated fat per capita in the world. Yet, France has the lowest rates of heart attack, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Obesity in France is a low 7% of population, and only 11% are considered to be overweight. In 1920, death by heart attack in the USA was insignificant and only related to natural causes in old people. Butter consumption in 1920 was 18 pounds per person per year. By 1960, it had plummeted to four pounds per person per year, while heart attacks had become the cause of 37% of deaths. According to the Baptist Ladies Cookbooks published in the USA during the late 1800s

20 ISSUE 2


timal ly essential for op al tu ac e ar s at f t en Mos particularly, has be hen ol er st le ho C . th al he number one, w y em en lic ub p as maligned e most important th of e on is it t in fac the human body. in nd ou f es nc ta subs

and considered to be the standard of American cuisine, the daily consumption of saturated fat per capita was huge. Yet, cardiovascular disease was insignificant, and obesity was almost unknown. In those days the people ate the fat on their meat, the skin on their chicken, several eggs per day and loads of natural butter. The terms low fat, fat-reduced, 99% fat free etc. were unheard of. In his book The Great Cholesterol Lie, renowned heart surgeon, Dr Dwight Lundell details how we have been blaming the wrong food group for our health problems. If animal fats, coconut oil, butter, cheese, cream and eggs are not the villains they have been made out to be, then what food group is really contributing to all the inflammation, obesity, heart disease and cancer? There are many non-food factors including toxic dentistry, environmental influences, lack of exercise, stress etc. But the dietary elements that threaten health and life itself are those found in sugarbased foods and drinks, processed carbohydrates and refined vegetable oils. In spite of their addictive nature, these foods can and should be dispensed with. Once this is done, the consumption of good fats should be significantly increased. You should also eat moderate amounts of protein and reduce carbohydrate intake. As you do this over several weeks, your prime energy source will change from carbohydrate to fats. Your metabolism will speed up, enabling you to effectively lose weight and sustain higher energy levels for longer periods. Good fats also support healthy brain function and decrease the risk of developing neurological diseases. Animal fats provide significant amounts of vitamins A, D, E and K, along with lecithin, iodine, selenium and a spectrum of health-promoting fatty acids. They satisfy the appetite, hydrate the system, bind up fat-soluble toxins and restore balance. In her book The Fat Revolution, Christine Cronau investigates the origin of the fat myth, condensing a mass of literature, reputable studies and medical research. She proves beyond any doubt that animal fats promote health and prolong life. Many civilisations for centuries enjoyed long, healthy lives while consuming significant amounts of saturated fat as part of a balanced diet. Yet today, in our ‘low fat’ society, our hospitals are full of people with lifestyle related diseases. If we want to promote health and reduce the cost of medical services in this country, the fat myth must be busted and the fat family vindicated once and for all! www.lvs.com.au

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2013 Noosa Ultimate Sports Fest Results 27-28 April 2013 ALL ZINC 96.1 SWIM NOOSA RESULTS Race





1st Male

1st Female

3.8km Swim





2km Swim





1km Swim





500 metre Swim





All SUBARU CYCLE NOOSA Results 1,397


160km Ride





85km Ride






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Noosa Half Marathon





Noosa 10km Run





Noosa 5km Run/Walk





matters Pilates. Everyone has an idea of what it is these days, but did you know it was originally developed by a man (Joseph H. Pilates) and was intended for men? There is some intriguing archival footage showing Mr Pilates teaching his unique method, which was then called contrology, to all male groups. As well as holistic, precise and demanding enormous focus and concentration, this work was built on athleticism and intensity. In fact, the pilates method integrates every aspect of physical fitness, such as:

Pilates Matters with Joleen Watson from Centre for Studio Pilates

Pilates is only for women… or is it?

Strength Flexibility Coordination Speed Agility Endurance

This is why we are seeing more and more MEN in studios all over the world. For the athletic man, pilates is a perfect cross-training tool. Whether your sport is golf, tennis, swimming, running or linedancing, the integrative approach that pilates teaches will assist you in reaching your goals. Pilates focuses on that important balance between strength and flexibility (how

is yours?). Pilates brings awareness to incorrect or ‘over-recruitment’ of muscles, and re-educates efficiency of movement. The principles of precision and control also teach the athlete ‘how’ movement should be initiated. You will be taught how to work from a deeper layer: to focus on quality rather than quantity; to incorporate both concentric and eccentric use of musculature; to lessen the work of the overused/tight surface muscles. For the businessman who doesn’t have the time for (or interest in) sport – or perhaps he has a history of low back pain, shoulder or knee issues, or used to surf but had to give it up due to injury – pilates offers the enormous advantage of postural strength. The body will learn to work more efficiently and you will breathe better, stand taller, move more easily, and carry yourself with confidence. Pilates accommodates all body types because the equipment adapts to whatever special needs (or restrictions) you may have. Isn’t it time you started thinking about how you will move that body in ten or twenty years?

What is Pilates? Is it for men? Q. What is Pilates?

Q. Why would I need it?

Q. Will I get results?

Q. Is it for men?

Q. Who invented Pilates?

A. Pilates is an intelligent exercise that will put you in command of moving your body.

A. Pilates will have you doing all the things you love that you had given up on.

A. Pilates is results driven with a focus on progression.

A. Absolutely! Our male sporting champions rely on Pilates to give them that winning edge.

A. Surprise! Joseph Pilates invented the technique for men.

Would you like to get back to doing something you love? Phone 5479 5767 2/12 Norval Court, Maroochydore info@centre4studiopilates.com


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matters Parents often ask whether golf is good for kids. Of course my answer is going to be yes! Children as young as four start playing golf and play it for life. How does this relate to fitness? Kids who play golf develop good hand/eye coordination, improve muscle development and muscle memory, and stay fit and healthy by walking the golf course. They might even get Mum and Dad off the couch to caddy or walk around as they play!

Golfing Matters with Tim Gall from Pelican Waters Golf Club

Junior Golf: Is it healthy for kids?

Kids who play golf develop good hand/eye coordination, improve muscle development and muscle memory, and stay fit and healthy by walking the golf course.

Golf creates a competitive environment, but you are competing against yourself and there are no physical requirements to play the game. It also helps sharpen the mind through concentration and course management. Adults can also practise staying focused while they play the game. When running junior golf clinics, teaching professionals focus on developing skills by making the clinic fun, with a lot of activities – not just hitting golf balls. We call it ‘creating life skills’. Why not take your child down to the local golf club and see what programs are available? You never know, your child could be the next Adam Scott.

Free Wedding Menu Tasting Every Bride & Groom likes to sample their menu before their big day, so why not get it for FREE? Book your wedding reception with us and receive

COMPLIMENTARY WEDDING MENU TASTING Don’t miss out on this Exclusive Offer consisting of a 2 course meal and matching wines that you won’t find anywhere else!

PHONE 07 5437 5000 Terms and conditions apply. Deposit must be paid within 2 weeks of booking. Offer is for 2 people only. Wedding guest numbers must have a minimum of 40 people. Valid until 31st December 2013. Dates subject to availability.

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matters When personal trainers are presenting to businesses and companies, this is a common question that is often asked. Good trainers know NOT to answer this question.

Here is the answer:

And here is why....

Book three exercise sessions into your schedule each and every week, just

Consider why the question is being asked and why they want the quick and easy answer.

Corporate Health Matters with Matt Collins from Fatburners Gym and Personal Training

as you would an important client. Do something active each

If you were asked, “How can I do what you do as quickly and easily as possible? I don’t want to have to work very hard to get there and I want the best results possible,” what would you think?

day of the weekend. Make better food choices – you know what NOT to eat. Drink HEAPS of water – put a water bottle on your desk and

I know what I would think.

“What’s the one sure thing to do to lose weight?”

Do something active each day of the weekend.

This would perhaps suggest this person is not very dedicated to seeing results and most probably isn’t going to stick to the program for very long. Any sign of hard work and they will run a mile... but not in the good way! If you are a busy corporate person this might be a better question to ask: “What’s the easiest way to make health and fitness a regular part of my life?”

make sure you drink it. No more sweets or chocolates. NONE. Stop it. Just say NO! STOP! Stressed? What are you doing to de-stress? Could you schedule some time in your week for R&R? The trick is to stop thinking about ‘quick and easy’ results and instead put your new health plan into action!

Your business works better with healthy staff! We offer a comprehensive corporate health program for any business on the Sunshine Coast.

Corporate Health & Fitness programs

Matt Collins is a passionate, dedicated businessman and entrepreneur. He and his team at Fatburners takes a holistic approach to fitness with a considered view to balance of the mind, body and soul. I have engaged his services and benefitted personally and now wish to spread this success through our business. Ben Haycroft, Haycroft Workplace Solutions

Contact Matt on 5441 7771 to have your team take our ‘business fit’ challenge today!

www.fatburners.com.au why fitness 25









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Industry Education Matters with Lee Brabin from Fit College

Would you like to turn fitness and health into your career?

Is fitness a huge part of your life? Have you gone from a couch potato to a weekend warrior? If you could do anything at all, would you like to turn fitness and health into your career?

to create your own business and

A good thought, yes! But have you also questioned this before and asked, “Am I too old to be changing jobs or starting something new?” The answer is NO! You might be interested to know that more and more people are making a career change in their 30s, 40s and even 50s and are becoming fitness professionals, also known as personal trainers. Almost two thirds (62%) of fitness professionals are aged between 22 and 39 years, with 4% over the age of 55 years. (Fitness Australia Report 2012)

of, their needs. Life experience is

perhaps employ other trainers. Positively impacting the lives of other young mums is also a bonus. You will have empathy for, and understanding

Personal training is an excellent option, especially for enthusiastic mums looking to return to the workforce. A career as a personal trainer ticks many of the needs of a working mum. One of the biggest advantages is that work schedules can be flexible, which means that you can work your clients around your family. There is also an opportunity

something that cannot be taught; it is something that you learn through your own journey. This is truly one of the things that can distinguish a good personal trainer from a great personal trainer. As a mature-age student, this is indeed a tremendous asset to bring to the profession of personal training. The best part is that personal training is always fun, challenging and rewarding. It is continually changing, which means there are always new things happening for you to learn and share with your clients. It’s never too late to begin a career doing what you love. Certificate III and IV in Fitness courses can be completed via correspondence, part time or full time. Most courses are flexible, which suits mums and their families.

Education and Training Fitness Courses Offered Cert III in Fitness (SBS30310) Cert IV in Fitness (SBS40210) CEC and upskilling courses/programs

s Why Fitness Reader nOW!!! SAVE $$$ EnquIRE

Training, Business and Management


Cert IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) Cert III in Business Administration (BSB30407) Cert IV in Business Administration (BSB4050) Cert IV in Frontline Management (BSB40807) Cert IV in Small Business Management (BSB40407) Diploma of Management (BSB51107)

pus Dates: Upcoming On Cam s) – 27 May FULL Part time (evening July Enrol Now Full time (Day) – 1 art NOW! Online Courses – St

On campus (full time and part time) and online study modes (Maroochydore Campus)

Call 1300 887 017 / www.fitcollege.edu.au why fitness 27

matters Triathletes love to share their knowledge of training techniques, nutrition, racing and the list goes on; however, often that knowledge is only another’s experience, and what may work for them may not necessarily work for you. If you get knowledge from credible sources such as the Australian Institute of Sport, well-researched authors or established coaches, you will find these sources have seen many athletes in a variety of situations and are therefore better able to cater to you.

Triathlon Matters with Jason and Lisa Crowther from Atlas Multisports

Triathlon myths busted!

1. If I don’t take nutrition on during training, I will lose weight… You can be sure this is a common myth. It is important to always take nutrition on during any training session over an hour. Not only will it help improve your performance, but it will also ensure longevity in your training and, most importantly, keep your mood stable! Studies have also shown that athletes who consume nutrition during their training snack less, and in fact eat fewer calories during the day. The basic standard is one gram of carbohydrate per kilogram of

The most important part of swimming is TECHNIQUE. body weight per hour, so ensure you are eating and drinking (remember hydration is also extremely important) during and after every training session. 2. The faster I swim the quicker I will go… Have you ever seen someone at the pool who appears to be going a million miles an hour with their arms but is not going anywhere? The most important part of swimming is TECHNIQUE. The only way to get that right is to slow down your stroke rate and concentrate on technique. Joining a swim squad is crucial – a qualified swimming instructor will be able to give you automatic feedback on your technique and give you some drills to help improve it. 3. Shorts will do… This only needs to be mentioned once. Invest in a of pair bike knicks with decent padding – they are worth every cent!

26 May, 30 June, 28 July

10km, 5km & 2km Noosa Springs Resort and Spa, University of the Sunshine Coast, Pt Cartwright, Buddina


28 ISSUE 2

matters window every month of between 12 and 48 hours during which a woman can fall pregnant. Even then, only one in three fertilised eggs evolve into a baby. Pregnancy is a miracle within itself, so when people see a pregnant woman exercising, alarm bells often go off in their mind. At the same time, a pregnant woman who hasn’t exercised may have serious questions about what she should do.

Personal Training Matters with Noni and Gez McFadden from Play Fitness

Personal training and pregnancy: To train or not to train? Did you know that male sperm can take up to 116 days to generate and are susceptible to damage by toxins such as alcohol, smoking or chemicals during this time? Female eggs are vulnerable for 100 days leading up to ovulation, and there is a tiny

With a muddled ‘baby brain’, plenty of wellintended advice and often massive confusion, it is relieving to understand that pregnancy and exercise actually go hand in hand.

that women listen to their bodies and exercise at a pace within their fitness level and ability. Training with a qualified personal trainer who prescribes pregnancy-specific exercises is a very empowering and successful experience physically and emotionally during any stage of pregnancy. Training increases oxygen delivery to the foetus, promotes steady and healthy weight gain, and provides a sense of strength and confidence to the mother-to-be.

The two major myths associated with pregnancy and exercise are:

MYTH 2: Pregnant women should avoid all abdominal exercises during pregnancy. TRUTH: During pregnancy it is vital to maintain strong abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. The most damage to the pelvic floor is caused during pregnancy, not delivery. As the baby grows, gravity pushes it down onto your pelvic floor and your abdominals stretch outwards. Strengthening abdominals will help prevent lower back pain, and maintaining a strong pelvic floor helps with bladder control later on. A knowledgeable personal trainer will be able to prescribe effective core exercises during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, which are done sitting, standing or on all fours so that blood flow is not restricted.

MYTH 1: Pregnant women should not exercise or engage in physical activity. TRUTH: With your doctor’s approval, it is recommended that pregnant women enjoy 30 minutes or more of exercise daily. It’s vital

Exercising before, during and after pregnancy is the best and only way to ensure you have the energy and vitality to cope with the various stages of pregnancy and motherhood! Remember toddlers run... FAST.

While it is best for both future parents to nourish and exercise their bodies before conception, it is imperative that pregnant mothers start or continue exercise throughout their pregnancy and continue after the birth. Labour can be described as a full-on, nonstop workout for 24 to 48 hours. Exercise helps you feel good and look healthy. It teaches you to breathe, helps condition your muscles and enables a speedy recovery.

why fitness 29

matters The winter months are now upon us and while it’s ideal to turn to winter warmers to keep us cosy on a chilly winter’s evening, it doesn’t mean you have to break your current routine or turn to unhealthy foods and wreck that balance you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Balance Matters with Chris Nelson from Anytime Fitness

Take up the challenge of winter

Most people see winter as the devil when it comes to getting up early and braving the cooler temperatures, but what if you treated it like a challenge? A challenge to commit to the changes you’ve made throughout summer and spring. A challenge to get things done. A challenge to turn up to your bootcamp classes. A challenge to take up a personal training session. A challenge to scan in at your local health club and watch your favourite TV shows while sweating it out on an elliptical trainer rather than sitting at home in your onesie! Throughout the cooler months, complement the changes you have already made by continuing to prepare all your meals and set time aside to train. Continue to keep that balance between time spent in the gym and time spent out of it.


30 ISSUE 2

Just 20 minutes a day is all you need to keep that balance in your life and at the same time, master new skills.

Here’s something to think about… Did you know that exercise can help us master new skills? Recent research has found that exercise improves our body’s ability to master new skills by strengthening muscle memory. So why would you break the balance you’ve worked so hard to attain since reading the first ‘Balance Matters’ article? You wouldn’t! Just 20 minutes a day is all you need to keep that balance in your life and at the same time, master new skills. Don’t believe me? Look back at a picture from this time last year and have a think about all the new skills you’ve mastered since then. It’s time to do it again, but this time with balance.

matters Whether you are a seasoned athlete, weekend warrior, or exercise for fun and recreation, there is a place for massage in your regime. Massage can help to maximise your performance, minimise injury, and keep your body functioning at an optimal level. The question is, how often is right for you?

with Deane Everson from Vitality Options

How physical are you? The regularity of your massage will depend on how often you train, the level of intensity, and whether your work is also physical.

Make a place for massage in your regime

If you train most days at a high intensity, push your body to the max, and are prone to acute or chronic injury, a weekly massage can help you to recover more quickly and sustain high-intensity training more effectively. Massage becomes necessary so that you can perform at your peak.

Sporting Massage Matters

For those who train less often, at a lighter intensity, or perhaps have a physically demanding job, a monthly treatment may be all you need.

Listen to your body. If your body is carrying more injury than usual, or taking longer to recover, listen. Take action sooner, not later. Regular tuneup and maintenance is the key, before your body is in crisis, and can’t train at all.

Your body talks The key is to listen to your body and what it is telling you. Ultimately it depends on how well your body copes with your level of training, how resistant you are to injury, and how much you are prepared to sacrifice for your sport! If your body is carrying more injury than usual, or taking longer to recover, listen. Don’t wait for a niggling shoulder to become a debilitating injury. Take action sooner, not later. Regular tune-up and maintenance is the key, before your body is in crisis and can’t train at all. Take action sooner rather than later and your body will thank you for it!

are you serious about sport? Do you want to perform at your peak? The team at ViTaliTy OPTiOnS is committed to maximum recovery in minimum time.

Why Fitness OFFer

FREE 30 minute infrared sauna with every pre-event or post recovery sports massage

P. 07 5450 5729 E. info@vitalityoptions.com.au Clinic: Shop 5a/Cnr Merchants Pde and Seaside Blvd, Town of Seaside, Marcoola www.vitalityoptions.com.au

why fitness 31

matters Oxygen is one of the essentials in life; without it, we have nothing. As anyone who has just begun their fitness journey can tell you, a lack of oxygen is not a pleasant experience. As our fitness levels increase and we are looking to develop, improving the quality of the air we breathe (oxygen therapy) can greatly boost our performance and recovery rate. The first step is to test your oxygen levels. One of the best methods of measuring oxygen levels is taking a blood sample directly from an artery and testing the blood oxygen level. This is definitely the most accurate method; however, a second method is much easier. Simply place an oximeter (a small light sensor) on your fingertip. This shows the percentage of haemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen. Haemoglobin takes oxygen to the tissues through the blood. A healthy oxygen saturation level is 95-99%.

Oxygen Matters with Michael Sanby from ABC Health Care

Oxygen therapy for fitness

It is relatively simple to add some oxygen therapy to your fitness routine. One method is to use an oxygen concentrator during exercise in a gym or at home, on a treadmill or vibrating platform, for instance. You complete your

People say you can’t live without love...

We think oxygen is more important! Portable and In-Home Lightweight (2.2kg+) Capacity (2Lpm+) O2 Monitors Available Constant Flow

Call us today!

1300 667 104

Mobile Repairs 0488 009 009

13 Bruce Hwy, (opposite Inglewood Rd), Gympie E. monkland@live.com 32 ISSUE 2

Oxygen is one of the essentials in life. regular exercise routine while wearing a mouthpiece and breathe in your local air plus your oxygen. This will lead to higher energy levels and increased stamina, and your recovery time will be reduced. Another option is to use your oxygen concentrator while you sleep. People who have done this report better sleep and greater levels of energy and vitality during waking hours. Sleep is when our body carries out its maintenance work, so the extra oxygen allows your cells to repair and heal more efficiently and effectively. Many professional athletes use oxygen therapy to help their bodies heal from injury, which gets them back to peak performance more quickly and drug free. Exercise, combined with oxygen therapy, allows your body to make the most of the oxygen you are putting into it. If you are looking to maximise your workouts, minimise your downtime and improve your results, then oxygen therapy could be your new secret weapon.

matters There are many myths that surround kiteboarding and stand up paddle boarding (SUP). The most common include: “I don’t have good balance”; “I’m not strong or fit enough”; or my favourite, “I am too old”. Well, it is time to bust a few of these.

Water Sports Matters with Fiona Tarr from Adventure Sports

I’m not strong or fit enough... I’m too old... Can I still stand up paddle board?

In both kiteboarding and SUP there are a number of factors that improve your chances of success. The right equipment, the right conditions for learning and, most importantly, the right instruction, can make all the difference. Everyone learns differently because of varying skills, fitness and confidence levels. With the right equipment, conditions and instruction you don’t need good balance; it will come in time. You definitely don’t need strength, because the equipment does the work for you. People of all ages can learn to kiteboard or SUP, from children to students in their 60s or 70s. The average age of kiteboarding and SUP students is between 35 and 50, so you are never too young or too old to learn. The right size and design of SUP can make a huge difference. With the wrong board you may give up or lose confidence, yet with the right board you could be

People of all ages can learn to kiteboard or SUP, from children to students in their 60s or 70s. The average age of kiteboarding and SUP students is between 35 and 50, so you are never too young or too old to learn. out riding waves within a few weeks or months. The right location and equipment for learning to kiteboard can increase confidence and safety, and make the learning process fun and satisfying. You can compare learning both of these sports to learning to drive – it might seem difficult or complicated to start with, and while you could work it out on your own, you will progress faster and more confidently with some quality instruction and expert advice. Within a short time you will be looking back wondering why you thought you couldn’t do it… Myth busted!

Quality equipment Satisfaction Guaranteed Experienced Staff Special Offer: FREE SUP lesson included with any new SUP package

Free expert advice 07 5455 6677

Kite - SUP - Kayak - Skate


6a 203 Gympie Tce Noosaville why fitness 33

matters The secret to good health is to eat a good diet and exercise regularly, right? Then why is it that you are tired, stressed, moody, suffer with an inflammatory condition and find it hard to recover after exercise? It may be possible that you are not absorbing all the nutrients from your foods. But how does this happen?

Natural Health Matters with Suzi Le Fanue from Integrated Wellness Clinic

Are you absorbing your nutrients?

People often complain of being lethargic, foggy and unmotivated, and possibly experiencing headaches, prior to a blood test confirming a food sensitivity.

I was tired, depressed, stressed & unmotivated

It may surprise you to learn that food sensitivities do not always cause constipation, loose bowels or bloating. In fact, people often complain of being lethargic, foggy and unmotivated, and possibly experiencing headaches, prior to a blood test confirming a food sensitivity. What food sensitivities do is cause a slight irritation to the gut wall, which is the exact area on which nutrient absorption is dependent. It is well documented that those with conditions such as coeliac disease are prone to lowered nutrient absorption. Bacterial overgrowth. A condition known as small intestinal dysbiosis (or SIBO) is characterised by too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria. Good bacteria are essential for optimal nutrient absorption; however, taking a probiotic alone is not enough. You need to deal with both the good and the bad, and at the same time repair the gut wall. If you have an overgrowth of bad bacteria, your gut wall will become slightly inflamed. This causes your body to release cortisol, which in turn causes blood to shunt away from the digestive system. In turn, this decreases nutrient absorption, but it also has the potential to affect the balance of hormones, putting even more

pressure on your nutrients. A strain of bacteria, which was first isolated in 1917, increases availability of proteins essential for serotonin and dopamine production. Both of these keep you calm, motivated and happy. This same strain of bacteria increases CoQ10, which increases muscle repair and recovery and increases physical performance. Heavy metals. Some people’s levels of heavy metals in the body are so high that they are robbing the body of nutrients. Lead and iron interaction is a common issue. They both use the same transporter in the gut, so too much lead competes with iron, thus leading to iron deficiency. Stress and emotional imbalance. This is probably one of the biggest contributors in nutrient deficiency. You may get an ulcer in the mouth, a cold sore, changes in bowel movements, more hair falling out or a little infectious bug when you are stressed. These are all signs that your demand for nutrients is high. How does this happen? I call it the nervous system seesaw. You have two sections of the autonomic nervous system: 1. the fight or flight system, 2. the rest and digest system. The two are like a seesaw: when you are in fight or flight, rest and digest decreases. This means blood shunts away from the gut, so digestion and nutrient absorption takes a back seat. There are clinical tests to confirm if a person has increased intestinal membrane permeability. This is basically testing for how ‘leaky’ a person’s digestive system is, meaning a lack of nutrient absorption.

I am NOW... energetic, happy, relaxed, motivated & as fit as a fiddle!!!

Are you irritable, stressed, anxious or depressed? Struggling to lose weight? Are your hormones driving you crazy? Let’s search for the answer to your health concerns the right way, by searching for the cause. If you would like fact and not fiction, call and book a consultation 5474 1424.

‘Why Fitness special’ $50 off your first consultation! Using Healthpoint, health funds allow you to claim right on the spot!

Suzi Le Fanue BSc (BMed) ND, Naturopath & Nutritionist NOW 2 GREAT LOCATIONS: Mooloolaba & Tewantin | Ph. 5474 1424

info@integratedwellnessclinic.com.au | www.integratedwellnessclinic.com.au 34 ISSUE 2

matters children’s bodies including helping them feel more energetic. Develops coordination and movement control and helps to maintain a healthy body weight. Mental health – Physical activity improves concentration skills and the ability to manage anxiety and stress.

Sport Education Matters with Genevieve Hudson from Sunshine Coast Grammar School

Encouraging active living from a young age The importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Specialist sport programs as early as Prep help increase self-esteem and mental alertness. Benefits of sport and physical activity can include: Emotional wellbeing – Helps children feel more confident and improves selfesteem as well as providing them with a sense of belonging, the ability to sleep better and the opportunity to achieve. Physical health – Sport encourages healthy growth and development of

Social skills – Develops skills such as cooperation and teamwork and is a great way to have fun, make new friends and integrate with other children. Learning and productivity – Active children are generally more motivated and better organised, plus physical activity has direct links to improved learning outcomes. Positive school environment – Active children are generally less aggressive and experience fewer discipline problems. Reduction in anti-social behaviour – Active children are generally more likely to get involved in games and activities with other children rather than screenbased activities such as video games. Young children Children under eight need the freedom to play, explore and learn the skills of throwing and catching, kicking and hitting a ball, jumping, running and swimming, in an enjoyable way. These skills enable them to confidently move on to the next step. Eight to ten year-olds Depending on their individual development, eight to ten year-olds can join in organised competition (e.g. inter-school competition) that is adapted to meet

the children’s developing needs. They will still need help with skill development and with coping with disappointment. 12 years and over Children and young people can enjoy the competition and still learn skills. At this age, some children are showing special talent at, and interest in, a particular sport and can benefit from individual coaching. Children and young people need to learn how to behave when playing, and when winning and losing. Mixed-sex sport Younger children learning the skills of sport usually enjoy games and don’t worry whether they are playing with boys, girls or both. Primary school age girls are usually physically capable of playing successfully in mixed-sex teams, although they may not want to. In adolescence, girls may be disadvantaged by the physical strength and size of boys. Here are a few tips to help keep your children active: Set a good example for children by regularly participating in physical activity yourself. If your child is struggling to become physically active, try flying a kite in the park as a family or at the beach, dancing to your favourite music, throwing a Frisbee, jumping on a trampoline or swimming and splashing about at your local pool. Restrict TV and other screenbased activities to a minimum. Encourage acceptance of all body shapes and ability levels.

why fitness 35

matters False! There are huge differences between them in quality. The bikes may have the same shape, but the similarities end there, and you don’t need to be an experienced rider to feel the difference.

Cycling Matters with Ian Vant from Spin City Cycles

Bike myth: A ‘supermarket bike’ is just like a ‘bike shop bike’.

Bikes from supermarkets generally have: steel frames, wheels and parts that are heavy and rust quickly. They often include gimmicky ‘features’ that make the overall bike experience worse, like dual suspension (which has little purpose but adds even more weight). inferior components, meaning the brakes and gears often don’t work properly (even when new), and tight bearings that make the bike harder to pedal. one size only, which will not fit the majority of people. to be built by yourself, as they are supplied in a box. Unfortunately, we see many badly-built and unsafe supermarket bikes in use.

Bikes from a bike shop have: aluminium frames, wheels and parts, so they are much lighter and will not rust. superior components, so the brakes work, the gears are smooth and reliable, and the wheels are efficient, so the bike is easy to pedal. a range of sizes, so you’ll be on the right size bike, which will be adjusted by the bike shop to fit you perfectly and ensure a comfortable ride. been fully assembled by a bike mechanic who has the experience to build the bike safely, and adjust the brakes and gears correctly. These bikes normally also come with an offer for a free first service. Of course, the main difference for the consumer is the price. A bike (in a box) from the supermarket may cost $100, whereas the fully assembled bike from a bike shop may cost $400. But if the cheap bike only lasts for a year, or is rarely used because it’s uncomfortable and hard to ride, then the bike shop bike, which lasts for over ten years and is used regularly because it’s a pleasure to ride, is actually much better value.

Ride Today.

Spin City Cycles Friendly, professional, honest Sales and servicing at the biggest Giant bike shop on the coast.

Giant Run Out Sale Now On – up to 20% off Phone 5444 3811 122 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba www.spincitycycles.com.au 36 ISSUE 2

matters Fitness does matter when it allows you to enjoy more adventures in your life. In this issue, we look at kayaking.

So WHY kayak? It improves cardiovascular fitness. It increases muscle strength,

There are so many amazing places to kayak on the Sunshine Coast, no matter what level you are.

Adventure Matters with Melinda Bingley from MAB Personal Training & Adventures

Connect with nature, friends and get fit while... kayaking

particularly in the back, arms, shoulders and chest (from moving the paddle).

Imagine this adventure – it’s a gorgeous sunny day and Pumicestone Passage is so glassy you can see your reflection. You and your family and/or friends kayak over to Bribie Island, taking in the sounds of the ocean, the view of the waterways and even spot a few stingrays on the way. You enjoy a packed picnic and then chill out for a while with a swim at the beach or relax and read a book before kayaking back. What an amazing few hours, or why not make it a full day adventure? It’s easy if you have your own kayaks, but also surprisingly inexpensive if you hire them – not to mention it’s great exercise and good for the soul. Here are some other places on the coast where you can find glassy, calm waters for a kayaking adventure with your friends and family:

Currimundi Lake Noosa River Maroochydore River Mooloolaba canals Kawana Lake Pumicestone Passage

It increases torso and leg strength, as the strength to power for a kayak comes mainly from rotating the torso and applying pressure with your legs. It reduces the risk of wear and tear on joints and tissues, since paddling is a low impact activity. Kayaking can be peaceful and meditative or it can be exhilarating, depending on where and how you do it. Paddling is a great way to enjoy our waterways. It allows you to get your ‘fix’ of nature. Adventure is addictive. It is contagious, it is fun, it is living. Connect with nature, connect with friends and get fit while doing so. In the next issue we will take on the adventure of hiking!






Mountain Climbing

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Melinda can tailor-make the exact program for your level of fitness. MAB = Mind and Body Melinda just loves life and is passionate about making fitness fun. She specialises in personal training, corporate adventure days and individual one day adventure experiences.

Pole Dancing

Bike riding



Find us on www.facebook.com/MABPT LIKE us to get updates on upcoming adventures

Intro oFFEr

2 x personal training sessions, 2 x Bootcamp Sessions - All this for only $50 (save $70)

Outdoor Adventures-Kayaking-Hiking-Confidence Building-Personal Training-Nutritional Advice-Boot Camps

Ph 0401 286 200 / Email melindabingley@gmail.com / Private Studio Located Golden Beach why fitness 37

matters Myths in running are probably not quite as rife, but there has certainly been plenty of discussion around the subjects of barefoot running and lower heel pitch in shoes. One myth that doesn’t grab the headlines is the myth associated with running intensity.

Running Matters with David Chick from Allez Sport Mooloolaba

Running myths dispelled Many myths surround all types of fitness and activity. One need only open the latest weight training or bodybuilding magazine to see what the latest protein powder and/or weight circuit combination is ‘to get the most ripped stomach ever’.

Running intensity, or more specifically how hard you push yourself when you run, is very easy to measure these days with the aid of advanced technology heart rate monitors, running GPS watches and the like; however, this topic is more related to the degree of intensity or effort you are prepared to exert each time you run. There is a belief, particularly with more inexperienced runners, that every run needs to be ‘hard intensity’, with the need to strive for a personal best (PB). In fact, the opposite is true. Each run should be approached with a goal for the session in mind, where due consideration has been given to what your last run session entailed and what you have in mind for run sessions later in the week. To go out and run at high intensity every time will only progress you towards two long-term issues for runners: 1. Increased chance of injury Injury is always a constant for distance runners because of the repetitive

nature of the activity, coupled with the slow degradation of the body as it ages. High intensity running puts enormous strain on the body. While a little is good, too much will expose the body to all sorts of potential muscular and skeletal setbacks. 2. Decreased motivation When you first take up running, you may see a substantial improvement in your individual running speed due to improved fitness and weight loss; however, you cannot keep running PBs forever. There is a consolidation at all levels of running where times and results plateau. This can lead to a decrease in motivation if your only running goal is to continue to run faster. Therefore, look at your week of running and determine how you will structure it. For example, include a long slow run on Sunday, a shorter faster 5km run on Tuesday, and go off-road for a 10km run on Thursday. If you need to test your progress, incorporate a time trial each month, but don’t be disappointed if it’s not always a PB, as the benefits of running extend far beyond ‘knocking a minute off’!

THINK RUNNING, THINK ALLEZ SPORT. THINK ALLEZ SPORT, THINK RUNNING. Allez Sport are the experts in RUNNING Our team who serve you ARE RUNNERS No matter what level you are running at, the right shoe makes running more enjoyable, painfree and comfortable Allez Sport are local sponsors for: The Sunshine Coast Marathon // The Sunshine Coast Run Series The Sunshine Coast Cross Country Series // Mooloolaba Triathlon Team


Shop 3/34 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba OPEN P 5477 5246 7 DAYS www.allezsport.com.au


matters As the teams enter the court and prepare to do battle in a game of indoor netball, one thing is very noticeable. Three of the players have beards and are not wearing skirts! That’s right, it’s mixed netball and it brings a new meaning to the term man-to-man defence!

Indoor Sports Matters with Shaun Blackman & Todd Forrest from Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports

Not all the players are wearing skirts!

All over the country, men are running around the netball court keeping fit, having fun and socialising with their friends. As a male, I always thought it was an easy game and that anyone could play. Well anyone can, but to compete you have to be quite skillful and know the rules. Three feet! Contact! Over a third! These are just a few of the rules that are foreign to a guy who has played football (soccer) all his life. To watch this game played by players at the top is, like all sports, a pleasure to view. At a social level there are numerous benefits, the greatest being that it brings friends together and gives everyone a really good workout. Many of the teams playing consist of work

At a social level there are numerous benefits, the greatest being that it brings friends together and gives everyone a really good work out.

colleagues, who are building their teamwork on and off the court. Friends play together so that they can get their weekly catch-up and there are new friendships being formed from building teams with people they have just met. The bottom line is that people are having fun and keeping active at the same time. You can’t beat that, and the guys DON’T have to wear a skirt!

why fitness 39

fitandfamous Meet Sunshine Coast Muay Thai champion Minnie Anderson. Minnie is one of the most driven women in the sport of Thai boxing on the Sunshine Coast, and heading towards greatness in a combat sport dominated by men. I asked Minnie Anderson why fitness has changed her life and the champion sports woman shared some personal answers. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done during competing? During my Aussie title fight I had to be weighed in the nude. When you’re not training in fitness you’re... Enjoying the beach, camping, fishing and relaxing in the sunshine.

Fit and Famous

What is the best advice you have received? The smarter and harder you work the luckier you will be.

with Richard Fogarty

Your greatest success? Really enjoying what I do in sport and work. It’s great to have found the balance in life.

Fit and Famous meets Minnie Anderson When it comes to busting fitness myths, Minnie Anderson certainly proves that ‘a woman can’t compete in a man’s sport’ is the biggest myth of all!

Your most annoying habit? Annoying my husband Joel when the football is on. Most people don’t know... I love to cook.

When growing up you wanted to be? A marine biologist. What is a surprise fact about you? I am one of eight children, with six brothers. Best sporting memory you have? Winning the Australian WMC title. WHY Fitness? There is not a better feeling in this world than being fit and healthy. I wouldn’t live any other way.

Richard Fogarty is a Multiple Business Owner/Youth Mentor/ Fitness Trainer/Motivational Speaker M. 0414 429 562, www.richardfogarty.com, www.poolsbydesign.net.au, www.corestregnthfitness.com.au


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First Aid & CPR Level 2 Exercise Professional Registered & Insured with Fitness Australia Highly Qualified and Respected (BSc ExSci HONS; MA HlthProm; Cert IV Fitness)

• Located at Active Living, The Wellness Company $15 Small Group Training with an emphasis on technique!

5479 1212 Unit 3 & 4 81 Sixth Ave “Elouera Tower” Cotton Tree www.activeliving.com.au


SEX mythS buStEd!

- men can have more than one type of orgasm - All women can experience orgasm

Changing mindsets to empower positive intimate & sexual relationships Pauline Ryeland 0411 701 594 pauline@healthypassionateliving.com www.healthypassionateliving.com

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Working with men & women to educate & improve their sexual experiences including deepening connection & intimacy - Ignite the fire within.


For more information www.healthypassionateliving.com/sex-myths-busted/

minute FREE consult by phone or skype

www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au 07 5475 7272

Magnesium Myths

by Brendan McGuiness Have you ever experienced muscle cramping during or after exercise? This may be the result of a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium plays a vital role in over 300 metabolic processes, which help supply our body with energy during exercise. It also allows our bodies to utilise electrolytes, which are a vital component for muscle contraction and hydration. These days, more and more people are eating processed foods, such as McDonalds (yuck!), while the consumption of whole foods such as nuts and seeds (yum!), which contain high quantities of magnesium, is sadly decreasing. As a result, people are becoming increasingly deficient in this mineral. There are no obvious symptoms of magnesium deficiency – other than potential cramping – which makes it hard to diagnose. As knowledge on this issue begins to grow, many theorists are starting to believe that the daily intake for magnesium should be increased. Three types of foods that may assist in reducing cramps are: 1. Nuts (such as brazil nuts, almonds and cashews) 2. Seeds (try eating sunflower, sesame or flax seeds) 3. Whole grains (such as brown rice or whole wheat products) So whether you’re a daily jogger or an elite triathlete, if you experience the occasional cramp, relief may only be a ‘few nuts’ away.

What shape are your books in? Need help?  Qualified accountant specialising in bookkeeping  Registered BAS agent  Payroll & PAYG  Xero Certified Partner MYOB & QuickBooks  Accounting software setups  Mobile service John Pickering, the accountant who is passionate about bookkeeping.




If you answer yes to any two of these then maybe you do...  I’ve tried everything and nothing works for me.  I used to look great but now everything seems to have dropped.  I just can’t keep motivated.  I always seem to just give up.  I just can’t seem to stay committed.


PURSUIT FITNESS INTRODUCTORY OFFER: 1 PT (together),+ choice of 8 group training sessions per week. $200 for one month (PS. That’s just $25 each/week)

To cure LACK-A-PURSUIT-ITIS take the Pursuit Fitness magic pill four times a week. Sammy Pluck is a personal trainer who:  IS 100% committed to your results.  WILL keep you on track  WILL keep you motivated.  WILL keep you committed  WILL make sure you get the results you are after. Sammy is so sure that you will succeed with her, she is offering 100% guarantee that if you follow her program for 10 weeks you absolutely WILL feel better.

The accountant specialising in bookkeeping

Call John Pickering on

0401 717 630

Sammy 0421 486 448 pursuitfitness.com.au

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Local Business

Montville Mist Spring Water Established in 1998, Montville Mist Spring Water is one of the last remaining, locallyowned natural spring water companies on the Sunshine Coast. Located in a unique and pristine environment in Montville, it is the perfect place to capture pure spring water. No preservatives or fluoride are added in order to offer a chemical-free, healthy alternative to rain, tap and filtered waters. Montville Mist Spring Water’s focus is on offering a friendly and reliable service, while delivering a premium product at an affordable price, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of drinking quality spring water. Our health is truly dependent on the quality and quantity of the water we drink.

Local Business is a free write-up for businesses that are new, moved, or just doing or have done something worth a mention. If you know one, or are one drop us a line at jen@whyfitness.com.au and let us know.

Subway Marcoola Ruth D’Hennin and her super friendly team at Subway Marcoola are always ready to create a healthy, fresh and delicious sandwich, wrap or salad for you.

The Bounce House Do you remember the last time you attended an event where there was a jumping castle, and you were too old to have a go? Well... we have good news for you!

As an avid triathlete, Ruth knows the importance of being able to choose healthy options when you are on the go. At Subway Marcoola, the team are only too happy to create the perfect meal to help you refuel after a training session or outdoor adventure with the family.

Finally a jumping castle company catering for adults exists - and age limits don’t apply!

Fresh is always best and at Subway Marcoola, that’s exactly what you can expect, every time!

The Bounce House Sunshine Coast is a new locally owned and operated business. They offer inflatable fun for any event and all ages! Make your event stand out from the rest. Hire the Boxing Ring, Basketball Bungee Run, Jumping Castle, The Sticky Wall or Sumo Suits!

Out of everything you can do to improve your health, giving yourself the best water you can is the first step to nourishing and investing in yourself. You will taste the difference and feel energised.

Entertaining has never been so easy either. Order a Subway platter (or two) for your next event or corporate function – no fuss, no mess and fresh, fresh, FRESH!

Call the team at the Bounce House Sunshine Coast today for your next event. They cater for parties, corporate events, team building, open days, social days and much more! Find them on Facebook.

P. 5478 5690, www.montvillemist.com.au

P. 5450 6604


Feel Great aGain!

HiGHer quality oF liFe is now aFFordable! initial exam only $60


Chiropractic Membership $90/m

 Find the CAUSE of your discomfort if necessary  Includes consult, exam and x-rays ic (USA)  Fully licensed Doctors of Chiropract equipment  Onsite x-ray and state of the art require more than 3 visits *Please note new patients will likely

actic to the Sunshine Coast  New system of delivering chiropr month  Includes up to 3 adjustments per $30 per adjustment  Any additional care required only  Auto debit payment required cel at any time  NO lock in contracts - Free to can n.

per month in the initial phase of care.

Recommendations cannot be made

needs at a price you can Give your body the regular care it OPEN 6 DAYS | Phone 5443 4545 84 Wises Road Maroochydore | www.adjusttolife.com.au

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until after your initial consultatio

afford. Feel great again!

ADJUST TO LIFE chiropractic








join the why fitness workout challenge

and win! why awaken within with Kim Morrison, Carren Smith and Cyndi O’Meara

STEP 1 Grab your copy of Why Fitness Magazine.

Kim Morrison, Carren Smith and Cyndi O’Meara shared their fitness myths. Here’s what they had to say… Are skincare products safe? Kim: The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is an excellent drug delivery system so the fact you expose yourself to over 200 chemicals a day through your personal care products alone should make you cautious. According to the Environmental Working Group, of the 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products, fewer than 20% have actually been reviewed for safety in the past 30 years.

Your challenge this month is to be aware that you’re aware, be conscious that you’re conscious and choose the life you want to participate in! Can you control your circumstances? Carren: Imagine life without conscious choice. Imagine a life that is always at the random effect of circumstances. Imagine a life with no say. Welcome to the human condition! Your challenge this month is to be aware that you’re aware, be conscious that you’re conscious and choose the life you want to participate in! Who is in the driver’s seat? You, or your circumstances? Are protein powders healthy? Cyndi: Most protein powders are filled with non-food items including additives, flavours, extracts and artificial sweeteners, along with various food proteins which have been isolated, concentrated or hydrolysed. The majority of vitamins and minerals that have been added end in ‘ate’ or ‘ide’ which indicates they are synthetic and probably produced from petroleum by-products. Read the ingredients list to be sure what you are consuming. Kim Morrison, www.twenty8.com Carren Smith, www.carrensmith.com Cyndi O’Meara, www.changinghabits.com.au

STEP 2 Take a photo of yourself doing your favourite training/exercise holding a copy of Why Fitness Magazine.

STEP 3 Post your photo to the Why Fitness Magazine Facebook wall and tell us “Why Fitness Matters to you.”



www.facebook.com/whyfitnessmagazine why fitness 43


There’s something very special about being

fir st! Atlas Multisports, Jason and Lisa Crowther


We are a triathlon squad with the purpose of introducing people to the world of triathlon and developing athletes to help them achieve their personal goals. We do this by providing a social, fun environment that allows people to be challenged and also enjoy themselves along the way. We cater for beginner to advanced athletes with short to long course training available. Our members have the option to come to sessions casually, or have a monthly program written for them with their goals and lifestyle in mind.


It is our passion. We will never forget our first group of half ironman participants. We had a squad called ‘Women In Tri’ and all the girls were first timers to the half ironman distance so they needed guidance in this race distance. After the first ride we experienced tears and a lot of disbelief and Jason wondered what he had got himself into! After twelve weeks the entire group completed their first half ironman and we had two podium finishes and many, many great memories. There were more tears at the finish line! After this we were hooked and realised we loved coaching even more than competing.


Myth: Triathlon is an individual sport. Fact: Being part of a triathalon team gives you a priceless network of support that reaches well beyond race day. You can reach goals, achieve personal bests and try something you didn’t think you were capable of. However you do this with the help of likeminded individuals who very quickly become your lifelong friends. www.atlasmultisports.com.au

JaineyB, Jainey Bennett


JaineyB is a hot new women’s fitness clothes label. Our vision is to create a company that has unrelenting energy and excitement that can be felt by customers and team members alike. This energy will be driving force in becoming the preferred supplier of women’s fitness wear in Australia an internationally, where customers will be continually satisfied with our product, our service and our prices. Our mission is to create functional and fashionable fitness clothing that women will enjoy wearing as it makes them feel comfortable and look beautiful. The biggest differentiation is our pricing structure. We have set prices between 20-30% lower than our competitors, without compromising on quality!


I have been in the fitness industry a long time and just love it. I wanted to have my own label that appealed to all women no matter what age, shape or size and one that is affordable. JaineyB caters for sizes 6-16 in the first releases but future releases will also cater for the larger lady. I believe that all women should feel beautiful, and wanted to design clothes to make them feel good about themselves.


I have come across many fitness myths as a health club owner but in the clothing industry there is just one myth that I think needs busting. That is that the most expensive clothing is the best quality… it’s not always true! JaineyB offers top quality at a lower price. www.jaineyb.com

44 ISSUE 2


We asked our foundation ADVERTISERS these


Tell us what your business is about. What is your mission statement or USP


Why do you do what you do?


3 questions...

Our theme this issue is ‘fitness myths busted’. Tell us a myth associated with your business that you come across often.

(Unique Selling Point)?

What are the facts behind the myth?

Pursuit Fitness, Sammy Pluck


PURSUIT Fitness is all about changing people’s lives for the better!

We are a local mobile personal training and outdoor group training business, complete with a focused team of personal fitness coaches assisting the residents of the Sunshine Coast. We offer a range of sessions and alternate exercises to ensure your body is functioning at its ultimate. We specialise in all types of training with a specific focus on weight loss, antenatal, postnatal and outdoor group training.

Our mission is to change the lives of Sunshine Coast residents and make us all happier, healthier and fitter every day for the rest of our lives. We are passionate in what we do and strive on and are committed to our clients’ results. We know that by forming a partnership together, we can make it happen.


Simply because I LOVE it! I love helping others achieve their goals. I love seeing the physical and emotional changes in everyone I work with. It really is amazing and satisfying to know that you are out there making a difference to someone’s life.


You will lose weight by eating less: this is just one of the thousands of fitness myths that are out there.

It is simple, eating less leads to less fuel for your body to function. Fuel equals energy therefore, there is less energy for your body to use. Not only that, but if you are not eating on a regular basis your body’s metabolism slows down. To simplify, what you should be doing to lose weight is eating often - every three hours is great. You should be able to consume six small portioned meals a day. Increase your protein intake in each of those meals and limit your carbohydrate intake to only breakfast, morning tea and lunch, and I am sure you will start seeing the results you want! www.pursuitfitness.com.au

Pelican Waters Golf Club, Tim Gall


Our business is leisure – hospitality and sport. We are a golf course designed by Greg Norman and ranked number one on the Sunshine Coast by Golf Australia Magazine 2013.We cater for golfers on the course and also in the clubhouse with breakfast, lunch, functions and weddings.


Our mission is to present an inviting golf club providing quality service in a warm and social environment that makes you want to return time and time again.


Golf is a sport most people think is not very active or healthy. It probably is not a healthy sport if you stay at the 19th hole too long! On the other hand, it is a good healthy sport that works your body as well as your mind. You get to walk six to eight kilometres every time you play. When you swing, walk and push your golf buggy you work all muscle groups, but golf keeps the mind active through decisions, pressure and also camaraderie with your golfing friends.

Everyone needs to make healthy choices and golf, walking and eating well can lead to improving your scores, mentally and physically. Why not take a pull buggy next time you play instead of going for that electric golf cart, and see how much better you feel? Now is the time of year to enjoy our beautiful weather and play golf. See you out there. www.pelicangolf.com.au why fitness 45



this and


 Queensland State of Origin Strike Jersey | $159.99  Suunto Ambit2 S and Ambit2 | from $449

Rebel Maroochydore (adjacent to cinemas) P. 5479 2518

 ¾ ‘Cheeky’ Pant | $39.95 Orange ‘Jessie’ hooded Crop | $59.95

Allez Sport Mooloolaba P. 5477 5246

Rise Grind Conquer www.risegrindconquer.com.au www.facebook.com/risegrindconquer

Scene @ Thanks to Ray Carson from Corporate Xperience for hosting our very first Why Fitness launch. The fun included Laser Clay Shooting, Laser Combat and Segways. Too much fun was had by all. Located at the Novotel Twin Waters.

Jen Forster (Editor, Why Fitness Magazine)

Dranko Magic (BM Magazine)

Alex Forster, Jen Forster, Issy Forster

46 ISSUE 2

Issy Forster, Jen Forster & Vickie Magic (Why Fitness Magazine), Amanda Opanubi (Proof Designs), Mel Bingley (MAB Personal Training)

Mel Bingley (MAB Personal Training)

Getting ready for some Laser fun at Corporate Xperience

Ben Haycroft (Haycroft Workplace Solutions, David Chick (Allez Sport Mooloolaba)

Jamie Allan


 Black ‘Ebony’ Crop | $54.95 Long ‘Booty’ Full Length | $69.95

Rise Grind Conquer www.risegrindconquer.com.au www.facebook.com/risegrindconquer

 Powertube Pro Super Bands | from $39.99

 Go Pro ‘Hero 3’ White Edition | $269

Amart Kawana P. 5444 7777

Rebel Maroochydore (adjacent to cinemas) P. 5479 2518

 Triumph Action Sports Berlei Bra | from $49.95

Amart Kawana P. 5444 7777

Who, What, Why, Where and When... Kawana Boxing Fight Night

Pictures courtesy of ‘The FITographer’

MAB Personal Training and Adventures

Spin City Cycles

Sunshine Coast Grammar

why fitness 47


Other suggestions I have heard on the beach include ice packs, vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, hot water, rubbing sand on the sting, local anaesthetic, washing off in the ocean, calamine lotion and zinc cream. In an ABC interview, Dr LisaAnn Gershwin, director of the Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Service, reminded us not to treat all stingers the same way.

BEACH FIT with Kaitlyn Akers

Marine Stinger Myths‌ If, like me, you were a fan of Friends in the 90s, you may remember the episode when the friends went to the beach and a jellyfish stung Monica. The treatment? Chandler urinated on her. Funny, but messy, yucky and not effective.

She went on to say that vinegar works extremely well for tropical jellyfish like the Chironex, more commonly known as the Box Jellyfish and their tiny cousins the Canukia, more commonly known as the Irukandji. Official advice for non-tropical jellyfish found south of Bundaberg, including Physalia, also known as Bluebottles, is that water is the best treatment. Salt water, then hot or frozen water. First remove the tentacles by washing them off in the ocean - salt water.

Keep the person calm and discourage them from rubbing the sting while you ask the lifesaver or lifeguard on duty for help. Once the stingers are off, flush with water as hot as the person can tolerate. If hot water is not available, apply ice packs instead. However, if the sting covers more than 20% of the body or the person has an allergic reaction or develops more generalised pain - seek urgent medical help, dial 000. Additional information on sub-tropical and tropical stingers is available at www.marinestingers.com.au. This is a joint public safety initiative by SLSQ and Queensland State Government. Kaitlyn Akers is the Deputy President, Sunshine Coast Branch SLSQ Qld, and Lifesaver of the Year 2011 P. 5444 1919 ssbranch@lifesaving.com.au

Looking for extra income


at your Club or PT Studio?

MEMBERSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE Snap Fitness now offer flexible memberships to suit your roster. 24/7 Gym. No Contracts. World Class Facilities.

KAWANA 5 Lutana Street Ph: 0427 117 410 BUDERIM 96 Burnett Street Ph: 0408 162 780

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Why not host a Jainey B Flash Store and not only reward your members with awesome prices but receive a profit from the sales? Contact sales@jaineyb.com for full details or call 0417 464 798

Get Fit for Business! Are your books in shape? Sunshine Coast Council in partnership with Fitness Australia is pleased to deliver ‘Fit for Business’. The half day workshop will cover a variety of areas that you need to know about establishing and running a small business in the fitness industry. It will provide the tools and understanding needed to help you plan and implement strategies to drive your fitness business success. Presented by Sandy Riba and Bernard Kasteel, principals of the Sunshine Coast accounting firm Fit Accounting Solutions, this workshop will cover a variety of topics to help you drive your fitness business career, including:

Establishing and implementing your business plan Understanding which business structure is right for you Registrations for an ABN, for GST and Tax File Numbers Understanding your business finances and knowing what numbers matter Council permits and how to apply Using KPI Management to drive your business success Using social media to boost your business

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for either current exercise professionals seeking to expand their current fitness business, or those looking to start a new business. It will provide a range of practical advice on how to establish achievable targets and implement processes that assist in building a sustainable and profitable business. The workshop will also deliver an overview of legal and legislative compliance requirements.

An initiAtive of SunShine CoASt CounCil

Are your books flipping you upside down? You’re fit, but is your business?












What is it? Half day workshop including networking lunch


Who should attend?  Fitness Business Owners  Personal Trainers  Gym Owners  ...any Health & Fitness Industry Business Owners The Details Tuesday, 11th June, 2013 9.30am-1.30pm (including networking lunch) Lake Kawana Community Centre

Why? To get your books in shape!

Secure your seat now by emailing Andrew McCallum at Fitness Australia: andrew@fitness.org.au why fitness 49


Symple Brownies MAKES: 16 squares Recipe from SYMPLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE 7

why cook with Annette Sym

4 egg whites ⅓ cup skim milk 4 tablespoons (60g) Flora® Light margarine, melted ½ cup cocoa 1 cup gluten-free icing sugar 1 cup hazelnut meal ¼ cup chopped walnuts cooking spray Preheat oven 180ºC fan forced. Step 1: In a medium size mixing bowl, beat egg whites for two minutes using an electric beater. Step 2: Add milk to melted margarine then pour into bowl.





Step 3: Add cocoa and beat on low speed until combined. It is an absolute myth that you can’t have your cake and eat it too when trying to lose weight. Here are some tips on low-fat baking the Annette way:


Baking with low-fat margarine instead of butter can reduce the fat content by half.


It’s amazing how much fat you can save using skim milk; only 0.2g fat a cup compared to nearly 10g fat for full cream milk.


Use only egg whites in baking which have no fat and all the nutrients and raising ability. You will save around 6g of fat per egg.


Instead of oil or butter in cakes or muffins, use a 120g can of Heinz apple puree from the baby food section plus ¾ tsp bicarb soda. The apple gives the moisture butter or oil would normally give, but has no fat.


Be careful what you add to your baking. Coconut has 50g fat per cup, and chocolate, cream and cream cheese are all high in saturated fat.

Annette Sym is an international author and speaker and the creator of seven best selling low-fat cookbooks, Symply Too Good To Be True.

50 ISSUE 2

Step 4: Sift icing sugar into mix then fold in hazelnut meal and walnuts with a wooden spoon. Coat a square cake tin (about 19.5cm) with cooking spray then pour mixture evenly into tin. Bake 40-45 minutes or until firm to touch in centre. Leave in tin for five minutes. Carefully turn out onto a wire rack, then turn over onto another wire rack right side up. Once cooled, slide onto a flat surface and cut into 16 squares. Suitable to be frozen.


This list of our advertisers can help save you some valuable time when looking for one of these industry specialists.





Adventure Sports

5455 6677

Water sports Specialist


ABC Health Care

1300 667 104

Mobility Beds/Chairs/Scooters/Oxygen


Allez Sport

5477 5246

Running Specialist


Amart Sports

5444 7777

Sporting and Leisure Equipment


Anytime Fitness

5341 8120

24 Hour Health Club


Atlas Multisports

5351 1286

Triathlon Coaching/Training


Big Kart Track

5494 1613

Commercial Go Kart Track


Caloundra Bulk Billing Clinic

5438 1488

Bulk Billing Medical Centre


Cassandra Westerman

0410 456 966

Certified Wellness Coach


Centre for Studio Pilates

5479 5767

Certified Pilates Practitioner & Coach


Explode Revolution

0408 019 569

Explosive Results Coaching


Fatburners Gym and Personal Training

5441 7771

Corporate Health and Fitness


Fit College

1300 887 017

Become a Personal Trainer


Healthy Passionate Living

0403 353 077

Intimacy & Sexuality Coach, Educator & Healer


Integrated Wellness Clinic

5474 1424

Natural Therapies


Jainey B

5493 5099

Womens Fitness Clothing


Lakeview Dental

5437 7888

Holistic Dentistry


Lazy Runner Sunshine Coast

0419 796 684

Running Club


Lean Mumma Pergegian Coolum

0429 958 830

Specialised Fitness Training for Mums


MAB Personal Training & Adventures

0401 286 200

Personal Training and Adventure


Palmer Coolum Resort

5446 1234

Resort & Spa


Pelican Waters Golf Club

5437 5000



Pickering Bookkeeping

0401 717 630

Bookkeeping Services


Play Fitness

0439 240 243

Personal Training Specialist


Pursuit Fitness

0421 486 448

Group Fitness & Personal Training


Rasoi Indian Restaurant

5444 8337

Indian Cuisine


Rebel Maroochydore

5479 2518

Sporting and Leisure Equipment


Rise Grind Conquer

0424 305 075

Womens Fitness Clothing

Salt Caves Mooloolaba

5444 1339

Salt Therapy

Snap Fitness

0410 456 966

24 Hour Health Club

www.facebook.com/risegrindconquer www.saltcaves.com.au/himalayan-saltcave-sushine-coast-mooloolaba.htm www.snapfitness.com.au/kawana

Spin City Cycles

5444 3811

Everything Cycles


Sunshine Coast Council

5475 7272

Sunshine Coast Council


Sunshine Coast Grammar

5445 4444

Independent -educational School


Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports

5479 1913

Indoor Sports Centre


Vitality Options

5450 5729

Sports Massage Specialists


S u n S h i n e

Think you’ve done something like this before? You haven’t. Explode into your new healthy, positive life... For life. Or don’t.


C o a S t

Mum's do you have a Diastasis?

Lazy Runner Sunshine Coast

Not sure what one is? Call the post-natal fitness experts trained in

The Fun, Friendly Running Club for Everyone

The Only Proven, Progressive, Post-Baby Exercise System!

Beginners Program commencing Tuesdays 6am

Claim your FREE Trial Session today! Phone 0429 958 830 Email nadine.h@leanmumma.com.au www.leanmumma.com.au/peregian-coolum

Check www.lazyrunner.com

Contact Cath Gardener on 0419 796 684 or email: lazyrunnerscoast@gmail.com