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"I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become." Oprah Winfrey


ll my life, I have







work I





and keen

“something.” As a

insights into the production process. I have

kid, I wanted to be

also learned how to persuade others to work

Michael Jackson; in middle school, I tried to

toward their best potential and to adapt to a

be the poster child for theatre (unsuccessfully),

variety of cultural settings with comfort and

in high school I tried to be everyone’s friend


and to please everyone. It wasn’t until I got to

offer to any project is my strong work ethic. I

college and read Carson McCullers’ The Heart

am passionately committed to accomplishing

Is A Lonely Hunter that I found my most

difficult tasks given to me in a timely and

important self-truth: I can only be myself.

orderly fashion.

However, the most important trait I

It is both a struggle

I did not grow up with

and a challenge of youth to be

everything handed to me. Nor did

one’s self and to truly live up to

I ever go without. My parents,

the potential we believe lies

both from the ghettos of South



Dallas, worked hard to ensure

discovered that it is also a joy

that my sister and I had a proper




to walk the path of owning one’s own life.

education and a home which allowed us to feel

In the last few years, I have worked

safe. Only until I moved to Missouri for college

diligently to develop the essential skills that

did I realize how much my parents truly

make me stand out from the pack of other

sacrificed. At twenty-five I am still learning.

entertainment hopefuls. I possess a grounded

But I know for sure to enjoy the moment I am

self-confidence that comes from knowing how

in and allow myself to grow into the man I am

I have grown during hardships and I have also

called to be: an African American man of

developed an acute understanding of the intra-

potential, grace, and integrity.

personal motivations of others. Through my

T: 682 559 0913 E:

William Hudson Goal: To gain sustaining & productive work experience

EDUCATION Drury University | Springfield, MO

December 2011

Bachelor of Arts Secondary Theatre Education, Bachelor of Arts Communication


Missouri Initial Licensure, Teacher of Theatre (All Levels) December 2011

Passed Missouri Test for Educational Licensure December 2011 (MTEL) exams

TEACHING EXPERIENCE Central High School | Springfield, MO

Fall 2011

Student Teacher 

Worked with advising teacher Gretchen Teague on curriculum frameworks for classes including Advanced Acting I (15 students, mixed ages), Advanced Acting II-III (10 students, junior and senior levels), Intro to Acting/Improvisation ( 15 students, freshman and sophomore levels), and honors Public Speaking ( 29 students, mixed ages)

Created rubrics and tools used for both informal and formal assessment in the classroom

Team taught with advisor on subjects including theatre history spanning from Greek theatre to the English restoration and present day American theatre, dramatic structure, playwriting & playmaking

Developed classroom activities, including a project called My Childhood Dream ,incorporating theories and ideas of Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner Augusto Boal and his study on power, melded with study on characterization and role play

Solo taught lessons on Medieval Theatre, developing 10 minute plays, playwriting and playmaking, studies on Shakespeare and Marlowe, as well as work on Theatre History and the current social context of classics

Sat in on Central High School speech & debate courses

Acted as associate director for the award winning Central High School Theatre Company’s fall musical, Little Shop of Horrors

Assisted in the casting of Ubu Roi, the production presented as a part of the Missouri High School Drama Guild Festival

Boys & Girls Club of Springfield | Springfield, MO

May 2009 - December 2009

Technology Lab Director 

Organized an after school reading program which grew to 32 members by fall 2009

Created and implemented weekly lessons for 120 elementary and middle school students

Organized and sponsored field trips to historical sites in regional Missouri

Maintained and repaired 2 computer labs used daily by 120 elementary and middle school students and 10 staff


Dead Man’s Cell Phone | Drury University

Spring 2011

Director  

Analyzed scripts to understand a variety of themes and conducted extensive character analysis Collected and organized research in order to develop efficient, creative, and cost effective stage designs

Obtained the visual, verbal and written communication skills required to convey ideas to collaborators

Arsenic & Old Lace | Drury University

Spring 2009

Stage Manager 

Collaborated with writers, directors, choreographers, producers, and designers in an educational setting, under the direction of Tony nominee Robert Westenberg

 

Logged and reported to production team Collected and reviewed general audition forms

Distributed sides and selections to actors

War | Drury University

Fall 2008

Director  

Analyzed scripts to understand a variety of themes and conducted extensive character analysis Collected and organized research in order to develop efficient, creative, and cost effective stage designs

Obtained the visual, verbal and written communication skills required to convey ideas to collaborators

WORK EXPERIENCE Starbucks Coffee Corporation


Barista 

Sparked revenue through sales techniques

Accurately maintained cash resources by computing sales prices, receiving and processing payments

Demonstrated excellence in service and hospitality utilizing invaluable interpersonal communication skills

Cleaned and maintained supplies, tools, equipment, and storage areas in order to ensure compliance with safety regulations

Prepared and served beverages in timely manner

Hollywood Theatres


Cashier/Concessions Worker 

Encouraged and promoted up-selling within the concessions team

Maintained and cleaned stock room, vending area, and point of sell station

Member of concessions team which decreased losses by 5% for 2010

El Capitan Theatre | The Walt Disney Studios

Summer 2011 (Seasonal)

Retail Host

 

Use my winning smile to greet guests, provide directions, information, and control guest flow Greet guests and assist them in making their summer purchases, while using a computerized concessions system to record the sale of all items

Behavioral Sciences Department | Drury University


Administrative Assistant 

Co-managed scheduling, travel arrangements, and contact listings for advisors

Administered and distributed department supplies, outreach materials, and student giveaways

In Supervisor’s absence, maintained regular briefings on current activities, and updated activities on calendar

PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE That Metal Show (Season 8) | VH1 Classic

Summer 2011

Production Assistant 

Assisted the crew on set for the VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show for 12 episodes

Do Something Awards 2011 | VH1

Summer 2011

Production Assistant 

Coordinated video crews and on-air talent

Lead supply runs, collected & helped move gear.

School Spirits | Syfy

Summer 2011

Research Assistant 

Assisted the casting director for the Syfy’s School Spirits

Called potential show participants, pre-Interviews, and ran errands for the crew and completed office work for the Producer

MTV Movie Awards 2011 | MTV

Summer 2011

Audience Coordinator 

Creatively worked within a team of four to coordinate 2000+ audience members, red carpet members and seat fillers for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

DU Uncut | Drury University

2008 - 2009

Production Assistant 

Wrote, shot, & edited video under the direction of Emmy winner Brian Shipman

INTERNSHIP Gotham Casting

Summer 2011

Social Media Coordinator 

Strategically focused Gotham's Twitter & Facebook with personality and user interaction. User-ship up 25%

House Casting Assistant Office Coordinator

Summer 2011

Managed front desk, reception, and client waiting area, Prepared/submitted reports to the concerned authority accurately

Coordinated with different departments regarding day- to- day activities

Also served as a Casting Assistant for companies including Subway, Foot Locker, Nike, Walgreens, American Express, Microsoft,


Objective: To obtain an internship with Gotham Casting

Radio Interviews, KDRU 98.1 

Cazwell, September 2010, Peace Bisquit Records

Tech N9ne, September 2010, Strange Music Records

Directing & Design Best Director Student-Directed One-Act Play 2008-2009 Drury University

Internships In addition to production & research during my internship with Gotham Casting, I was charged with creating an identity and increasing activity via their Twitter & Facebook accounts. I chose to use a lighthearted sense of humor and daily engagement with followers. The results worked! Gotham’s online user-ship went up 25%

To Whom It May Concern: Will was a valued intern at House Casting over the summer of 2011. He was always on time, reliable, and had a positive attitude. We relied on Will to manage a very busy lobby filled with actors and models, and he was organized and calm during each audition to which he was assigned. He worked well under pressure and was eager to learn about the commercial casting world. The staff at House Casting feels lucky to have been able to have Will as our intern. Should there be any questions, please contact me at the number below. Sincerely,


Rachel Williams Casting Associate, House Casting 323.769.0200


Social Social Media Media

CASE STUDY: I am never one to bypass an opportunity. This case study is a testament to the power of social media and an example of my ability to make an impact

Community Service & Volunteering

For the Soul I know for sure that what you give comes back to you. And the return tastes sweet

American Cancer Society (2009-Present)

Boys & Girls Club of Springfield (2009)

Drury Summer Scholars Program (Summer 2008)

Heifer International (Fall 2007)

Camp Vega Girls Camp (Summer 2007)

Amnesty International Member (2006-Present)

Habitat for Humanity (Fall 2006)

Springfield Reads Program (2006-2009)

NAACP Member (2005-Present)

Dallas Children’s Theatre (Spring 2005)

Elementary Teaching Internship (2004-2006)

William Hudson

1628 North Benton Avenue, Apt 9, Springfield, MO 65803

To Whom It May Concern: I met Will Hudson when he was in the audience for The Oprah Winfrey Show. From the moment he stood up to ask Oprah a question, we took notice. Since then, I have dealt with Will on a handful of shows. He has become one of my favorite guests of all time. Not only is he full of initiative, but his energy is contagious. I love that he tries to take everything a step further and always has some creative idea to include. It's been a pleasure to get to know him and I know he has great things in store for the future. He would be an excellent addition to any team. Sincerely, Amanda Cash Senior Associate Producer, The Oprah Winfrey Show 312.591.9222

To Whom It May Concern: Will Hudson was a student of mine for 2 years. He was enrolled in my Elementary Teaching Internship class. Will had such a love for the arts and social activism, that we were able to place him in a middle school theater classroom to complete his internship. I have been able to see him grow as a teacher and as a person. He has already started to touch the lives of youth with his passion for communication. Will knows what he wants to achieve in his life and is taking the steps to complete it. He is strong willed and sets very high standards for himself. He believes in taking risks where he should, but not at the cost of anyone. He is friendly and creative. He works very well on a team, as well as completing tasks on his own. Will takes the initiative to get things done and takes directions well from other. It has been a pleasure to see him reach each of his goals he has set. He is not afraid to ask for help when needed. I look forward to the day where we can work together! If there are any questions, you can reach me at Will would be an asset to anyone and everyone! Sincerely, Katie Branch

References To Whom it May Concern: I don't remember the exact moment when Will & I became friends, but stories like that isn’t important with friendships this strong. Will has been my friend for a little over three years and we have grown so much since we first met. We spent literally almost every day together our freshman year of college, watching Oprah every day at 4 and Desperate Housewives on Sundays at 8. As we continued through college, our majors took us down separate paths, organizations allowed less free time, and the distance between our apartments grew. There are few friendships that can stand busy schedules, but we've remained just as close. We make time for each other when we can, even when my sorority meetings tear me away from Desperate Housewives and his rehearsals run into the Oprah hour. When I travel home to Oklahoma for the holidays and he returns to his beloved Texas, we make a conscious effort to keep in touch. Many people say they have made friendships that will last forever, but not many people mean it. I am sure that in 30 years, Will will still be a phone call away, even if our shows have long faced cancelation and we live hundreds of miles from each other. I may not remember how I met Will, but I'll always remember how much I love my best friend. He would be a great person for anyone to meet and work with. Sincerely, Kellie Ahern 405.650.3337


Paul Schindler Editor Gay City News COMMUNITY MEDIA, LLC | 515 Canal Street | NEW YORK, NY 10013 Dear Paul: On June 16, over 1 million men, women and children will line the streets of New York City. They will be attending the 42nd Annual New York City Pride March, the longest running pride and LGBT march to date. In addition to guest speakers, events, promotions and parties, NYC Pride will host a series of performers. Notable past performers include Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, and Cyndi Lauper. King Ralphy, the current Steve Rubell of New York nightlife, will attend Pride in support of his current record Bump (Lemme Get That). In just five years, Kingy's blossomed from event host to socialite, promoter, publicist and music artist with friends in Victor Calderon and Peter Rauhofer. King Ralphy will be hosting an ABC (Anything But Clothes) party at Midtown Loft & Terrace. You are invited to be his guest as DJs spin remixes of his current single and past records including Over to the Speaker. Ralphy will be available for interviews and questions. All proceeds from the event will be donated to The Trevor Project. I will be in touch soon to discuss a possible interview. I look forward to speaking with you and having a toast to pride & music

Sincerely, William Hudson Media Director

--------------William Hudson 682.559.0913

King Ralphy 347.539.6773 Gomination Records





WHO IS WILLY? Will y is about the fusion between ol d -s chool qual ity and modern day technol ogy. Inspired by my namesake, Willy is American-made male underwear in development from my own mind and breadth of creativity. Willy is currently in the mix of product development. What kind of fabrics should we use? Where should we place the logo? Should we include freebies in shipped orders as surprises? These are the customer focused questions I am asking myself as I create a product which will be available online and in wholesale markets. Willy is personal and in its genesis stages. I hope these creative samples and details serve as in invitation to the ground floor of the brand as well as my creative mind.

DIFFERENCE I t’ s al l ab o ut t he f a b ri c a nd c o nstruc ti o n. We w i l l b e usi ng L e nzi ng M o dalŽ (m a de o f 1 00 % na tura l b e ec h w oo d) w hi ch i s a nti - mi c ro bial (p re v e nts o do r), m a na g e s m oi sture a nd k e e p s y o u co ol . Whe n b l e nde d wi th c o tto n i t a c tual l y c r e a te s a so f t e r, m o re l uxuri o us f e el . Se a m s a re de si g ne d to str e tc h a nd re c ov e r, a nd w e a re usi ng di f fere nt m a te ri al s to k e e p y o u co mfo rta bl e w he re i t c o unts (1 8 - H o ur Je rse y , mi c ro pi q ue co ol z o ne s, stre t c h ri b b e tw e en l e g s).




Will Hudson Communication Portfolio  
Will Hudson Communication Portfolio  

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