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Volume 2 • Issue 15

Impact Wrestling super-star

Rob “the Freak of Nature” Terry

Goes Hard with Orange 62

Plus! Dolly Donshey, Juliana Harkavy, Future 6 clothing, Fall Trends, Gift Ideas, healthy eating with Amore, NBA star Renaldo Balkman, And More...





Lifestyle | Health | Art | Fashion | Sports | Entertainment CDC pg.


Volume 2• Issue 15

Orange 62 pg.


Fall Trends The Elite Traveler Juliana Harkavy Infinite Vitality Social ‘Netiquette Dr. Love Fashion Forward Diva ‘D’ Dolly Donshey Swimwear Adam vs. Eve TSK: Renaldo Balkman Max Muscle CSA Hidden Star

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shots Photos by Christopher Garofalo

August 6, 2011 Fashion Industry Association Premiere/ launch party at Ceviche, Clearwater Fashion Industry

Association, is a Florida, non-profit, professional organization with members in apparel, accessories, beauty, photography, modeling and other sectors of the industry. Mission The Fashion Industry Association’s mission is to be the leading hands on platform for our members to network and receive resources needed for them to reach their highest potential in their careers and/or businesses. The FIA provides monthly newsletters, seasonal trend reports, event calendar, job bank, and a professional directory online, as well as networking events, business seminars, business and career consulting, career fairs, and fashion shows.



shots Photos by Christopher Garofalo

July 23, 2011 3rd Annual Tammy Levent Birthday Bash held at Fisker Jaguar Spyker of Tampa, Elder Automotive Group, Tampa








“When it comes to seasonal trends, I lean toward the lower cost stores/brands for specific pieces that are considered a short-term trend, and spend a smaller amount of money on more pieces. When it comes to classic/timeless pieces, I prefer to spend more money since it will never go out of style.” ~ Hillary O’Konski, Makeup Artist

T hough

it is only the beginning of September, a good fashionista must look forward to the next season. With fall around the corner, now is the time to start getting your closet ready. As a people watcher, I enjoy observing the way people coordinate their clothing. How a person dresses is a form of self expression. I’m all about expression and freedom of speech. But some of you (and you know who you are) express yourself in ways that are disturbing. Your voice rings loud and clear, and not in a good way. That look-at-me sign says, “I wore my favorite pieces all at once.”


Three Basic Style Groups 1

Some of you follow the trends and look like you just walked off the runway, inspiring others to emulate your flawless look. Kudos to you.


Some of you pick one trendy piece, but fail to coordinate it affectively with items already in your closet. Your dated, ill-fitting or out-of-season pieces overshadow your new trendy item.

Our models are photographed featuring four of my favorite autumn trends: a bright colored coat, handbag, pencil skirt and vest. These pieces are shown the good, bad and ugly way to wear them. Here are some additional fall trends:

Peplum blazers, coats and vests Furs and leather Emphasis on the waist, fitted dresses Bright orange and red colors Fur trimmed shoes Colorful handbags Prints Layers

Photos By Doyle Harrell ∙ Hair By Monique McLaughlin ∙ Makeup By Hilary O’Konski ∙ 727-543-4619 Models Provided By Ro Martinez ∙


There is another group that causes me to laugh, at times audibly. You pile on the pieces with abandon, regardless of color, season or fit. There are websites devoted to you. Members of this group need the most direction.


Lindsay Nici, actor and trendsetter commented:

This year we are looking at bright colors, though

a girl can never go wrong with black. Be prepared to be bright and beautiful this season. It is time for you to stand out in the crowded sea of people that are around you. There is more of an emphasis on the waist line, either a scarf, belt, or a more fitted bottom. A classic pencil skirt is a great way to show off your waist and a must have in your closet this fall. You will also need a blazer or coat, a fashion trend that not only keeps you warm during those cold months but also keeps you stylish. Fur coats are popular this year, but if you do not have the money to spend on a fur you can stick with a blazer, coat, or vest. These are classic pieces in fashion that can be worn in different ways either for business or for pleasure.

The next time you reach into your closet to express yourself, think about who you may run into. Wear your outfit proud, like the fashionista you are. Prepare to pack away those summer clothes and bring in new fall wear. You may even want to mix some summer items in with the coming season, but keep in mind that a bikini top never looks good under a coat paired with fur lined boots. Now that you have a peek into the “good” way to wear Fall Trends 2011, the “bad” and the “ugly” ways are hasta la vista baby!

Ro Martinez, author, model and modeling coach, has been in the business for 25 years. Her multimedia exposure includes TV, film, and commercials. She has appeared in catalogs, newspapers, and on magazine covers. Ro has even appeared on the Internet and on billboards! Ro holds modeling and acting workshops focusing on people of all ages, sizes, and ethnic groups, and guides them toward successfully entering the exciting and glamorous field of modeling. Her book, Modeling at Any Age is a step-by-step, comprehensive, easy-to-read guide for modeling and how to flourish in the industry. For information on becoming a model or actress, visit or email Ro at



he area’s finest & most complete selection of:

Our mission is to help our customers select the outdoor appliance that best fits their needs for fun, family, friends, and cooking out.� The Outdoor Kitchen Store wants to help you create your outdoor kitchen, which could be a grill on a cart, a portable island with a grill of your choice or permanent cabinetry with a grill, refrigeration, ventilation, a bar to seat 4 stools around for enjoying the pleasure of cooking out with friends and family. We sell fun, convenience, and an opportunity to unite friends and family in the outdoor area of your home. Our customers come to us for advice, support, help, and ideas on how to utilize their home as a place for family and friends to gather to take advantage of our climate for fun, cooking out, and togetherness. We bring our experiences of coaching, teaching, customer service, sales and marketing to this industry for one reason: to have fun with family and friends.

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Outdoor Kitchen Appliances • Barbecue Accessories • Premium Grills • Big Green Egg21

The Big Green Egg traces its roots to the 3000 year old Japanese kamado (fire stove). The Egg has undergone several enhancing changes in the last 30 years to make it not only the pioneer in the ceramic cooking industry but truly the leader in excellence and innovation. The glazing process on the outside gives it a lifetime of untarnished or faded beauty. The internal ceramic with its durable properties allows for cooking steaks and blackening fish at temperatures exceeding 700 degrees or cooking a brisket at 175 degrees for 8 hours.   The Outdoor Kitchen Store is the original Big Green Egg dealer in west central Florida serving our customers for 17 years.

Photos: Paul Pelak | 22


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Tammy Levent

CEO, Elite Travel

Best Cities to Get Wed

E very wedding is a destination wedding for someone. Many of the friends you grew up with By Tammy Levent

are probably scattered around the country, or around the world, and your family might be spread over several states. Unfortunately, this means many of your guests will have to spend significant funds to attend your wedding – so why not add a little more bang for their buck by having your wedding at a vacation destination? Tell your friends to plan for a long weekend of partying, hiking, sunbathing, gambling and celebrating in one of these fun cities. Las Vegas–Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to party Think of Vegas from your guests’ perspectives. Hotel rates are constantly discounted, automatically giving them a better value for their dollar, and even Grandma can find a cozy chair in front of the slots. It’s family friendly and party-friendly at the same time; just don’t blow your wedding budget on the craps table. Las Vegas hosts over 100,000 weddings every year that range from the classic and kitschy Elvis drive-thru type to sophisticated events at extraordinary resorts. Why does Las Vegas hold the most weddings of any city in the Western hemisphere? Because it’s so easy.

Some might say a little too easy. There’s no waiting period, no medical tests, and you can download your marriage license application online. Then you just have to run in to the Marriage License Bureau with your ID, Social Security number and cash for the license, and you’re legal.

Having a high-end wedding in Las Vegas is easy: Pick a gorgeous hotel and work with their wedding coordinator to literally have a ball. Ceremony packages at the Venetian, for instance, start around $3000. But, frankly, they don’t include much before you have to start increasing the budget. However, if you’re willing and able to spend, you can have whatever you want – isn’t that what Vegas is all about?

a living spirit. The people who inhabit Sedona now also tend to be reverent about the land. It’s still a sacred site for many and you can’t stand among wonders like Merry-Go-Round rock without feeling like you are in a magical place. Sedona is an ideal destination for nature-lovers and spiritual seekers, but also for guests who appreciate adventure travel. Adrenaline junkies will love the hiking, white-water rafting, rock-climbing and horseback riding, but there is also a lively wine and micro-brewing scene and plenty of day-spas. Sedona is sure to please all ages and all interests.

Cutting costs in Sin City is also easy and a little research pays off big time. For example, all resorts offer discounts for Sunday or weekday weddings, which will save you a few hundred dollars. Considering room rates also drop on those days, having a mid-week wedding is the easiest way to keep prices Meet Me in Miami down for the entire wedding party – as long as your I don’t have to tell you about the party possibilities guests can plan to skip work for a few days. of Miami. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in South Sedona – Best location for jaw-dropping wedding Beach would be unforgettable – depending on how much you drink, of course! And consider having your photos wedding brunch at Nikki Beach as a little added thank If you’ve dreamed of a wedding that not only celebrates you for your guests. your love but the full glory of nature, Sedona is the spot. Towering red rock formations contrast against a Wedding venues in deep blue sky make an awe-inspiring ceremony site the area range from that your guests will never forget, and that you can chic modern hotels, to Gilded Age resorts, to show off in wedding photos for years to come. old private mansions. Some of the best The Palms resort Sedona officiates and spa offers the make a point quintessential Miami to include the wedding: Antebellum-inspired architecture, beach or incredible scenery palm tree-lined garden ceremony sites, and colorful into the words flowers everywhere. Their wedding team is wellof the wedding practiced, and events go off without a hitch, so it’s an ceremony itself, ideal option for stress-free planning. For couples who like Reverend enjoy modern aesthetics and have bridesmaids and Andrew of Heart of Sedona, whose groomsmen who put the “Party” in “wedding party,” sample ceremony text starts with “Let us take a moment Hotel Victor in South Beach delivers a sophisticated of silence to open our hearts to love’s presence revealed atmosphere for the ceremony and reception, and has in the natural beauty around us, in the earth and sky, the Passage Bar nightclub on site for an impromptu in the trees, the breeze, the sounds of the stream, the after-celebration. song of the birds.” In fact, you can easily find any type of ceremony in Sedona, from non-denominational Next door to Hotel Victor is the opulent Versace to Native American, to any other alternative you can Mansion, which also hosts weddings but with an Italian Renaissance style perfect for brides in ball-gowns and think of. Free spirits are welcome. tiaras. This is what I love about Miami: any style you Before Sedona became the backdrop for countless could want, any food, any experience you feel like Westerns, Native Americans conducted sacred rites having, is within steps from each other. and ceremonies there, believing that the red earth held



Juliana Harkavy By: Lindsay Satmary

WHTB-What was your most memorable moment of filming Dolphin Tale? JH-Getting to meet all the people who Winter has inspired in real life. Sick children, people who have gone through the most horrific tragedies or been born without limbs, and seeing all their hardships melt away as they connect with this animal who has also overcome. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed. It changed the way I see the world. WHTB-Where was your favorite place to hang out during your time in the Tampa Bay area? JH-Pottery, JH-Potter Bears and Beads. An adorable little studio in Clearwater where you can walk in and paint your own pottery. I loved to go in there on my time off and just paint for hours. WHTB-Tell us something fun about Winter, the dolphin: JH-Winter has such a fun personality! She loves to show off, but she is not a trained dolphin. She was never made to do any stunts or tricks for the film. Our director, Charles, was adamant about that. He's such a kind person and was very sensitive to Winter's needs. What you're seeing on film is all her own behavior. She knows what will get a laugh or get attention. She's also big baby. bab She has a little floating raft that is the dolphin equiva lent of a blankie. She's always on it or around it, it's so cute. You'll see it in the movie. WHTB-In what ways do you relate to Rebecca, your character in Dolphin Tale? JH-Rebecca and I are both fierce animal lovers. She chose to make it her career, and after acting, working with animals would be one of my top career choices as well. Rebecca has a big heart, I like her a lot. WHTB-Why should people head out to see Dolphin Tale (top 3 reasons)? 1) It is a story about a real-life miracle, and will give people of all ages hope and faith. 2) Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr., Kris Kristofferson. 3) You will walk out of the theater feeling amazing, no matter how you went in.


WHTB-What are some of your favorite behind-the-scenes moments of Dolphin Tale? JH-When Harry Connick Jr. and Morgan Freeman would sing together. I mean, does it get any cooler than that? WHTB-If a movie was made about your life, who would you cast to portray yourself? JH-My best friend Kat Dennings. She's an incredible actress and she knows me better than anyone, all my crazy inner workings. Plus everyone tells us we look alike- It would just work. WHTB-What's a Dolphin Tale FAQ not everyone may know? JH-That Winter is only in captivity because she was too badly hurt to survive in the wild. She isn't being kept for any reason but her own safety and well being. It is simply a miracle that her situation has also lead to the well being of so many others. WHTB-What other projects have you worked on besides Dolphin Tale? WHTBJH-Besides theater and commercials, my first real "role" was as a rude waitress on a hidden-camera prank show for Inside Edition. But doing that gave me such anxiety- I can't handle being rude to people. Before Dolphin Tale I did an episode of "The Glades", a film called "If You Only Knew" and a 20 minute short called "Whatever Lola Wants" that got me my first best actress nomination. That was really fun. WHTB-What are some challenges you face in your career? JH-I really wish I didn't have to watch my figure. I find it to be quite a challenge. If I weren't acting I would bakery, eat plates upon plates of cupcakes, then probably get pregnant a million times and play with open up a baker babies all day. Honestly the hardest thing is being away from Peter (my boyfriend) and our two dogs, Beau and Lilly when I'm gone shooting. It can get really lonely, but it's made us stronger in the end. WHTB-Name 3 artists on your iPod: JH-Regina Spektor, Devendra Banhart and Johnny Cash.

Photos of Juliana done by: Jonathan Scott


WHTB-Do you have any pre-production rituals that help you get into character? You'll rarely see me on set without my iPod. Music transports me faster than anything, I always use it to get into character. It also helps me to pace like a crazy person. WHTB-What do you like most about the Tampa Bay area? The beach. The first 2 months on Dolphin Tale I didn't have a car, so I spent all my time walking up and down the beach with my friend Betsy (she plays Kat in the movie), collecting shells. I still have the shells in my room. WHTB-How long have you been working in the entertainment industry? WHTBSince I was 9 years old. My first role was as a little girl in India (which was actually the Huntington Gardens in Los Angeles) in the film "A Little Princess". The scene got cut out and I was devastated. Then I became obsessed with acting and decided there was nothing else I wanted to do. An early sign I was a glutton for punishment, but I couldn't be happier with the choice now. WHTB-Have you met anyone exciting during your career so far? There have been so many inspirational and iconic people on this journey. I'm so lucky to have worked with the talent I've worked with. Standing next to Morgan Freeman I was so overcome with gratitude I almost cried while we were rolling. WHTB-Where can we follow what you're up to and see more of you? I'm a big Facebooker. If you search Juliana Harkavy on Facebook I'm always updating it with new information. You can also follow me on Twitter (@JulianaHarkavy) or go to my website, Interview by: Lindsay Satmary



Infinite Vitality, Clearwater, Florida


e all know that stress can symptoms, which might include: have a debilitating effect • Anxiety on your body’s energy level. But did • Arthritis you know that stress could cause a • Depression condition called adrenal fatigue? • Reduced memory Not many people understand how • Difficulty concentrating • Insomnia adrenal fatigue works, much less • Frequent bouts of influenza how to combat its tendency to rob • An inability to lose weight despite your body- and mind- of the vitality intensive effort that is essential to your wellbeing. The body’s ability to effectively deal with stress is one of the keys Adrenal fatigue, also known to survival. Aside from producing as hypoadrenia, can be hard to adrenaline, a key component in our diagnose, but its effects are very body’s fight or flight mechanism, real. Its symptoms often worsen author Dr. Edwin N. Lee believes over time, starting with just a our adrenal glands also function general sense of being tired as our as the sugar, salt and sex glands, stress levels increase. However, so to speak. The adrenal glands if undetected and left untreated, secrete three specific hormones: adrenal fatigue can result in other

cortisol (sugar), aldosterone (salt) and Dehydroepiandrosterone, commonly known as DHEA (sex). Realize there are two distinct ends of the adrenal fatigue spectrum:  Secreting too much cortisol results in a condition called Cushing’s Syndrome; secreting too little cortisol, when the adrenal glands actually fail, which is known as Addison’s disease.  When the functions of the adrenal glands are weakened or stopped by stressors such as uncontrolled anger, chronic illness, excessive exercise, low blood sugar, excessive use of sugar or caffeine or prolonged sleep deprivation, the body no longer deals with stress in (continued)




is required to make the changes necessary to restoring your body back to good health. By incorporating the above therapies and treatments, patients will be able to reduce and reverse the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Once this happens, you will begin to notice an increase in your wellbeing and vitality as well as a corresponding decrease in your symptoms. Recovery So what can be done to halt the effects of adrenal times can be anywhere from six months to two years, disease? It is easy to say, “Relax, rest and learn to depending on the severity of your adrenal fatigue.   manage stress.” However, recovering from adrenal fatigue may require a combination of healthy Traditional health care providers are slow to recognize eating, moderate exercise, dietary supplements and or even diagnose adrenal fatigue, mainly because the bio-identical hormone therapy. As far as the exercise lab tests used to evaluate adrenal function cannot routine, author Dr. James L. Wilson recommends necessarily be used to diagnose adrenal fatigue. As exercises that increase lung capacity, muscle tone studies increase and patient experiences are recorded, and flexibility. My own recommendation would be awareness increases daily. So if you find yourself following a monitored program of moderate aerobic suffering from continuing fatigue related to stress, don’t allow yourself to be satisfied with a prescription activity, weight training and yoga. of rest and relaxation. The cause of your fatigue might As with any condition, a certain amount of discipline be more serious than an inability to cope with the pressures of daily living. an effective manner. Unfortunately, adrenal fatigue often goes undiagnosed until it is actually too late and patients find themselves in the beginning stage of adrenal failure. Part of the problem is that traditional medicine has not yet dedicated a diagnosis code to this disorder. 

Successfully treating adrenal fatigue is very much like filling up the gas tank in your car. You can choose to run on fumes, but you will not get very far, and eventually, an empty tank will stop your progress completely. A full tank gets you to your destination without worry. By restoring adrenal function, you can go the distance in life with energy and vitality.  

Reference List: Lee, Dr. Edwin N. (2010). Feel good look younger: reversing tiredness through hormonal balance. (1st ed.). Florida: IHB Publishing. Wilson, Dr. James. L. (2007). Adrenal fatigue: the 21st century stress syndrome. (11th ed.).  Petaluma, CA: Smart Publications.

Brian G. Wolstein, D.C.

B.S., Food Science and Human Nutrition – UF Certified Age Management Medicine – Cenegenics Medical Institute Diplomat – Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Medicine – A4M

David G. Wolstein, MD

Board Certified – Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Medicine – A4M Diplomat – Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Medicine –A4M – Fellowship – Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Medicine – A4M *A4M - American Academy of Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Medicine



01. Communicate with your friends via wall comments or tweets to let them know you’re thinking of them. 02. Post fun photos to share of family and friends. 03. Add your boss, parents, co-workers, or other people. 04. Use an away message to let people know you’ll be out of the office for a few days. In this age of instant communication, it’s easy to assume people are always accessible. 05. Respect opinions of others. Social Networking brings together all types of people with different backgrounds. It’s your proole, so while you should be free to share your opinions, be careful not to offend others. Losing friends over a passing thought isn’t always worth it. Then again, your real friends shouldn’t judge you for your thoughts. 06. Understand the purpose of the event invitations and use them pur appropriately. 07. Keep your farm, your sh, and your horoscope on your wall. 08. Status updates are an indication of how you’re doing and what you’re up to. There is such a thing as TMI. 09. Use Facebook and Twitter as a means of announcing important things to many people at one time: an engagement, a new baby, a new job, etc. 10. Allow your friends to “prove” their friendship as they see t. 11. Use the Internet with caution. Avoid situations that may come back to haunt you. Just because you delete it doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t printed it out already. 12. Feel free to connect with new associates online if you see a Facebook or Twitter on his or her business card.


Facebook & Twitter Rules 01. Use your friends walls as a personal billboard to promote yourself/your business, lling their wall with spam, ESPECIALLY if you don’t even take the time to personalize your message. Advertising costs money. Friendship is priceless. 02. Post inappropriate photos of yourself or others that could be damaging to your reputations. And don’t let all of your 500+ friends view photos of your children. There are privacy settings available. Use them. 03. Forget about the privacy settings. Better yet, don’t do anything stupid on the Internet and you won’t have to worry about it. 04. Use your away message when you’re not actually away. If you’re on your computer sending e-mails and you away message is on, that’s a problem for people replying to you. 05. Start drama on someone’s wall. Be an adult. If you really want to confront someone via the Internet instead of in-person or a phone call, at least have the decency to send a private message. 06. Send every single person an invite to “Thirsty Thursdays” every week. Some don’t even live in the area. The rest just don’t care. 07. Spam everyone’s wall with meaningless crap. Some people have lives outside of social networking and don’t need to be bothered with our cows, golddsh, or a zillion other game notiications and timewasters. 08. Assume everyone cares if your kid is “regular,” what you ate for dinner, what kind of socks you’re wearing, how bored you are, and especially public displays of anger towards your signiicant other. If you’re entire wall is like one dark cloud raining down, nd something to be thankful for and keep it positive. Don’t bring everyone else down with you. 09. Forget that some people in your life may not like hearing big news via ssocial networking. 10. Making people copy & paste a status update to “prove they care” is a terrible idea. We’re all adults and many of us have more important things to do that spamming or threatening our “friends.” 11. Post anything when you’re intoxicated. It never ends well. For anyone. 12. Automatically add people to your mailing list just because you have their e-mail address. This assumes they are interested. Never assume.


Facebook & Twitter Rules

Article by:

Lindsay Satmary

Client Relations Manager, Spectra Marketing Solutions

Connect with Lindsay! /spectrams /LindsayTampaBay @LindsayTampaBay More social networking & marketing tips available at:



re you dating someone exhibiting 5 or more of the following behaviors? 1. Controlling 2. Grandiose feelings of self importance 3. Constant need for admiration or attention 4. Preoccupied with fantasies of success, fame, power or beauty 5. Believes he/she is special or unique and can only associate with other special or high status people 6. Has a sense of entitlement 7. Takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own needs

Narcissism by: Dr. Gina Midyett

from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As you can imagine though, NPD is often one of the most difficult personality disorders to treat because the person rarely admits to any mistakes or wrongdoing and rarely apologizes when confronted. They have a hard time looking at themselves objectively and can become very defensive. In my profession, I often treat couples where one spouse exhibits a behavior which falls in line with NPD. It’s typically accompanied by a complete lack of empathy for their significant other and an attitude, which takes little to no responsibility for the problems in their marriage.

You probably don’t have to think very hard to come up with somebody you’ve encountered 8. Lacks empathy or is cold who fits the criteria. Initially, they may come across as very charming, or calloused but this charm is a disguise as they 9. Is envious or jealous are often only looking to impress of others and believes someone in order to fulfill their own others are envious of need for affirmation and affection. them As the relationship progresses, it 10. Displays arrogant usually becomes a rollercoaster behaviors or attitudes of emotion for what I’ll call the victim of this behavior. Feelings of If so, according to the American inferiority and self consciousness Psychological Association, you begin to arise as the narcissistic may be dating someone suffering partner begins to project an aura of

power and superiority inevitably causing the victim to feel as if they don’t measure up to the narcissist’s standards. By playing the role of victim the other party only encourages and enables more of this type of unhealthy behavior. Recently, I treated a case where a young woman was in a relationship with someone that was in a very high powered, successful profession. In the beginning stages of the relationship he would make an extreme effort to shower her with material gifts and lavish vacations. He would then have a sense of entitlement, hoping to receive praise and admiration for the things that he did rather than doing these things simply as an expression of his love for her. He also exhibited another tell-tale sign of NPD, anytime she showed admiration toward or complimented anyone else, he responded with extreme jealousy. His defensive response? To respond by criticizing and belittling the other person. As a counselor advising couples in this type of relationship, it’s important that I help shed light on (continued)

You can’t have

without ” “Sexy


Dr Rand McClain and The Santa Monica Center can not only help you look and feel sexier, but through medical intervention help enhance or treat sexual health.  Dr McClain and his medical team have partnered with national laboratories and a licensed Specialty Pharmacy to deliver a customized treatment plan to each patient which is specific to their needs. Treating Female and Male patients Dr Rand McClain • • • • • • •

Erectile Dysfunction                                                                       Vaginal Dryness Low or deficient sex drive Premature ejaculation Inability to achieve orgasm Decreased vaginal or penile sensitivity Decreased fertility

The Santa Monica Centers has partnered with Dr Gina Midyett and Advanced Ultrasound to offer the latest diagnostic and treatment plans for optimal sexual health and function.  • Physician consultations

• Lab analysis

• Penile Doppler’s • Testosterone Restoration Therapy • Low cost prescription medications and bio-identical hormones • Licensed therapist specializing in sexual health and fitness on site

Leaders in Rejuvenation Medicine

The Santa Monica Centers, LLC

The Santa Monica Centers also specializes in weight-management, sport and fitness medicine, and hormone restoration therapy.

2901 St. Isabel St. Suite E | Tampa 813-422-7760

Dr. Gina Midyett is a Mental Health Counselor, Marriage & Family Therapist, and Master Hypno-

therapist with over six years experience. A graduate of Pepperdine University in Southern California, she maintains a private practice in Tampa, where she is currently working with a broad spectrum of clients. Among her areas of expertise are child and adolescent issues, ADHD, eating disorders, self-esteem, trauma, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, relationship issues, sex therapy, personality disorders, and substance abuse. In addition, Dr. Midyett has been a Professor of Psychology at several Universities in the Greater Tampa Bay area and often presents to general audiences speaking on the topics of mental health disorders. Her extensive background in physical fitness and nutrition has led to her philosophy that a healthy body and a healthy mind go together simultaneously, leading to a complete self. She integrates diet and exercise programs into her therapy, as well as relaxation and meditation. Dr. Midyett is an interactive, solution-focused therapist. Her approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address life challenges by integrating complimentary methodologies and techniques resulting in a highly personalized approach. With compassion, open-mindedness and understanding, she works with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain personal growth. She is also fluent in both Spanish and English.

PhD in Clinical Psychology MA in Clinical Psychology Licensed Mental Health Counselor Marriage and Family Therapist Certified Master Hypnotist

Dr. Gina Midyett, LMHC

4144 N Armenia Avenue, Suite 210 | Tampa


this behavior as a treatable problem. I tried to provide insight to his lack of empathy toward her feelings and (continued) her needs. This enabled her to recognize how her self esteem was being affected by this and with therapy she was able to see her own value and that she deserved to be in a healthy, loving relationship with someone that My treatment plan with the individual is to help them reciprocated the love that she gave. find ways to address and fill the void of the parental relationship and having them focus on the importance RECOGNIZING A PROBLEM AND KNOWING of confronting and dealing with the issues that exist from the past. WHEN TO SEEK TREATMENT One of the main causes that I’ve seen with cases of NPD is that it stems from low self esteem, and typically the type of esteem issues that began to form in childhood. These issues can be rooted in one, if not all, of the following issues:  Loss/Absent strong father figure  Condescending or critical parent  False sense of self worth  Unable to ever discover or identify their true self worth  Very passive mother who has enabled the behavior

It is very important for a person dating someone with NPD to seek treatment for themselves as well. Being in this type of toxic relationship can often times lead the significant other to develop feelings of extreme self doubt, symptoms of anxiety, and also can cause them the further repeat the cycle. Understanding that this is the “ME” Generation and that sometimes overtly narcissistic behavior is applauded on TV or movies it may be hard to diagnose a real problem, but when it effects the intimacy and respect in a romantic relationship, something has to be done.

ss e r D k c a l B Little 44

for Every Body Type


Photos by: Ross Krison Models, hair and makeup by: Ro Martinez Kelly Machbitz, AICI CIP Tampa Fashion and Beauty Examiner Follow local beauty news at:

f you have looked in your closet and uttered the words, “I have nothing to wear,” this article is for you. Having a little black dress with classic lines that can be worn as a standalone piece or coordinated with current accessories is the answer. With our busy lifestyles we need a wardrobe that is simple, affordable and versatile. Our mothers and grandmothers had jackets lined in the material of their dresses so that only the two could be worn together. Today our jackets and dresses must do double and triple duty so that we can go from one event to the other seamlessly in one day. TRENDS Incorporating just a few of the trends in subtle ways means you don’t have to change your entire wardrobe, something that most of us don’t have the time or money for. Having touches of trendy pieces will make most outfits look updated, especially a little black dress which I view as a blank canvas. Although I prefer classic lines that never go out of style over trends, a few trendy pieces are a smart choice. I am showing you three looks, but the sky is the limit if you let your imagination take over.

VERSITILITY Is the little black dress as classic, appropriate, and versatile as it’s made out to be? Yes, even more so. It can take you from a job interview, to a meeting with your child’s school teacher, to a date with the right accessories and addition of a blazer. Very few pieces hanging in your closet are as versatile as the little black dress. Purchase one and use it all year round. In the summer, pair it with strappy sandals. In the spring, wear it with a colorful belt and pumps. And in the fall pair it with a wrap and sheer black stockings. In the winter,

Our models photographed side by side to show the figure differences.

What our models like about their black dresses: “I spend the majority of my time in a scrub uniform, it is nice to have at least one little black dress in my closet. With my little black dress I am always prepared for any occasion. If my friends call me to go out to a club, all I have to do is put on my dress, add a pair of high heels and earrings along with bangles and I am ready for the night. If I need to go on a business meeting all I need to do is put on my black dress, low heels and a scarf and I’m ready to bring my A game. My little black dress has even helped me on my casual dinner dates by simply accessorizing with flip flops and earrings. Owning just one little black dress saves me money and I am always ready to conquer the world.” Kristeena Moore, photographed



“The little black dress is simple, elegant and works for any occasion. I can wear the little black dress to a college class, a dinner date, or even a night out on the dance floor with my friends. I can dress it up or down by the different accessories I choose to wear. Also, wearing flats or high heels can change my look instantly. My little black dress is a must have!” Danielle Pastirko, photographed

Karissa – our petite model wears a cropped jacket over her black dress

Kristeena – our curvy model wears simple accessories and a scarf to bring attention to her face and shoulders.

try it with tights, boots and a sweater Danielle – our tall and thin model uses a scarf to add curves to her thin frame. coat. The little black dress is also appropriate for all body types; just find the style that fits your figure. We have selected three of the many body types for our models, to show that petite models look best in dresses just above or below the knee. Tall and thin models should choose soft fabrics and layer accessories to add curves visually. Curvy models can

still wear a fitted dress and look good as long as they avoid large prints and oversized accessories. Kelly Machbitz, author of Wear This, Not That!  Stylish Solutions to Flatter Your Figure, had this to say:  


If you are petite (5’ 4” or shorter) you

don’t want to get swallowed up in a lot of details or heavy fabric.  The best style of dress for you should be constructed of medium or lightweight fabric and hit  just above or below the knee.  Longer dresses will visually shorten your legs.  Look for a well-tailored, fitted dress in a simple style and solid color.  Avoid bows, lace and other trim that may leave you looking like a little girl instead of the beautiful woman you are.  Top it with a cropped jacket or

sweater to give the appearance of Kelly’s advice makes the most of longer legs, subtle jewelry, and high your figure by accentuating the heels -- stilettos if you dare! positive while diminishing any figure flaws. Making the right choices will not only make you look your best but Tall and Thin help give you added confidence as While you have the most enviable well. When you know you look good, body type, it isn’t true that you can you feel good! wear anything.  You still need to pay attention to details.  Look for dresses Yes, we all have jeans, capris and made in soft, airy fabrics like voile shorts to wear with loose comfortable or textured fabrics that  will add tops for the weekend. We may also volume.  Horizontal stripes and have suits and other working attire. layering pieces like scarves and But the answer when you don’t know vests can also make you look more what to wear to an event or business curvy.  Pair your dress with boots to meeting should always be the little camouflage skinny legs, or flats to black dress. It is suitable for almost avoid additional height.  Keep acces- any occasion and one piece dressing sories in scale with your frame.  A requires no coordinating top or strand of pearls or several chains bottom, possibly no belt and a jacket layered over your dress will look is optional. just right.  Avoid oversized rings, large bangle bracelets and chunky COST necklaces as they will make you look even thinner by comparison. Regardless of the cost of your black   dress, when you purchase classic clean lines you will be able to use Plus Size The key to flattering the plus size figure  is to put the focus on your best feature.  You may want to highlight your shoulders or your back with a strapless or halter style.  You also want to keep the waist well defined and create a longer visual appearance.  Look for simple wrap styles, vertical stripes or details, or solid colors.  For the most slimming effect, be sure the dress is fitted at the shoulders and bust line.   Select  hemlines that fall just above or below the knee (the thinnest part of the leg!).  Avoid large prints, dresses that are too tight or anything oversized.  Wear your dress with high heels and medium-sized accessories (small accessories will make you look larger by comparison).

your garment for many years, making your purchase a sound investment. Impulse purchases or purchasing for an event on the other hand, such as a wedding or cruise, can lead to making a costly mistake if the garment is worn only once. Keep an eye out for a simple piece that you can have in your closet so that when you are invited to a big event you are prepared. If you must make a last minute purchase allow enough time to find a wellfitting dress that can be worn over and over again with the addition of accessories. Take advantage of after-season sales, clearance racks and unadvertised specials. I have made my best purchases when I wasn’t looking for anything in particular while shopping for my husband and passing the women’s department. Taking along a list of shoes and accessories you own, your budget and what styles fit you best is my advice to help you make a purchase you will be happy with.

Ro Martinez, author, model and modeling coach, has been in the business for 25 years. Her multimedia exposure includes TV, film, and commercials. She has appeared in catalogs, newspapers, and on magazine covers. Ro has even appeared on the Internet and on billboards! Ro holds modeling and acting workshops focusing on people of all ages, sizes, and ethnic groups, and guides them toward successfully entering the exciting and glamorous field of modeling. Her book, Modeling at Any Age is a step-by-step, comprehensive, easy-to-read guide for modeling and how to flourish in the industry. For information on becoming a model or actress, visit or email Ro at


Diva ‘D’ likes...

Diva ‘D’ picks her favorite gift accessories for Fall 2011

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Majority of items photographed by IADT Professional Photo Student, Amber Rapp.

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Impact Wrestling’s

Rob “the Freak of Nature” Terry

The Welsh-born, all-natural bodybuilder/pro-wrestler stands 6 feet 5 inches and weighs in at 290lbs. A true “Freak” and one of the most dominant forces in professional wrestling today.

Photos: Paul Pelak | 55

Photos: Paul Pelak |

Photos: Paul Pelak | 58


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Photographer: Romeo Duncombe-Clarke |




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Photographer: Romeo Duncombe-Clarke |





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Dolly D


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House o




by Monique McLaughlin

know Fashion Designer Dolly Donshey, you should know that she literally wears many hats (in addition to designing them). The correct term, she will tell you, is millinery, which is the designing and making of hats. Millinery is almost a lost art form in the United States, but is rapidly making a comeback thanks to the beautiful works of Philip Treacy (via his award winning styles on celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga) and the pieces he showcased at the Royal Wedding this year. Donshey is passionate about bringing this art to the Tampa Bay Area. Photo by: Michelle Owens Cobble

Donshey studied under the tutelage of Jan Wutkowski, an alumnus of the Melbourne School of Millinery in Australia. Her interest in hat making, sparked by her involvement in the retro, vintage and pinup world as a performer and model, fueled her passion to create beautiful works of art called the “Lola Fall 2011 Collection” that debuted last year in Orlando. Her “Emma Spring 2012 Collection” made its debut in several magazines, which caught the eye of fashion coordinators, landing interest in several high profile fashion shows.

and different designs inspired through Donshey’s love of vintage and the raw beauty of nature. In part, “Cycles”, Donshey says, is her homage to late designer Alexander McQueen. She will also be releasing a new jewelry line as part of Tampa’s new obsession with accessories.

Donshey takes pride in her work and uses her time to locate the most distinct and eclectic materials to use in her designs. You won’t find cheaply made head pieces in her collections, as House of Donshey has a name and reputation to maintain. Her hats are As Tampa Bay’s up-and-coming designer, Donshey considered couture, but she also carries ready-to-wear is set to be featured in all three local Fashion Weeks and she creates custom ordered pieces for her clientele, (St Pete Art and Fashion Week, Tampa Bay Fashion which makes Donshey a favorite in bridal circles. Week and Sarasota SRQ Fashion Week) in the next Wardrobe stylists often use House of Donshey’s few months. Her new fall 2012 collection “Cycles” pieces in editorial shoots, to add flair of the dramatic is going to premier at Tampa Bay Fashion Week in pictures that normally showcase only clothing in and is the collection to watch. It’s her best work yet, their concepts. many will say, as it features drama, unique materials

Photos by: Brian James


Local publications have chronicled Donshey’s involvement in charities that the designer holds close to her heart, the most notable being RAINN (The Rape Abuse Incest National Network). In July, Donshey hosted a fashion show, benefiting RAINN, featuring designs by Kimberly Hendrix who co-designed a full runway collection for Mercedes Benz Fall 2008 Fashion Week in Los Angeles and appeared on the TLC reality series Bikini or Bust.  Working with other talented designers is a dream for Donshey, as the marriage between clothing and accessories is an integral one in the fashion world. Donshey was set to audition for Lifetime Network’s Project Runway in their inaugural accessories spin-off reality show, but did not meet the minimum age qualifications. “Everything indeed happens for a reason,” Donshey said, “but it forced me to put so much effort into creating the “Cycles” collection, which has opened so many doors for me. I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have had in the two years from the inception of House of Donshey and the warm welcome I have received from the Tampa fashion community.”

Contact Monique McLaughlin at (813) 765-1354

Photos by: Mathew Jacobson



“Providing ideals, not just labels”

Future 6 Clothing offers customers high quality clothing, unique and diverse products and a cultural community. We are focusing our market on the youth who populate our target sports: surrng, skate boarding, wake boarding, MMA, snowboarding, and moto x. Our strategy will embrace these extreme sports enthusiasts as a culture with respect and esteem. Our strategy also embraces the idea of community, consistency, honesty and integrity.

Started in 2010 by two individuals, Blake and Donny, with one common ideal; create and maintain a solid foundation that inspires, pushes, builds and motivates competitors within our sports. Our clothing line is the beginning of our mission; the core is to market athletic talent and provide opportunities to move forward in their paths of extreme sports hopes and dreams through hard work, positive innuences, and the drive for education. In 2011, Donny integrated a third member and childhood friend, Steve, who came on board to help cultivate our concept. Our designs are custom created by our friend, Mike, who is able to capture our ideal as well. Between the four of us, Future 6’s concrete platform has taken us further in one year than we ever anticipated, all while carrying day jobs in one of the most vicious industries and economies known. Our success thus far is due to our drive, dedication and extremely strong network of friends and associates, as well as all of us are still active members within each sport’s community. In 2011, we developed a non-for-proot company as well, Future 6 Helping Hands, to develop revenue for youth athletic programs and other charitable organizations.

We currently sponsor over 14 athletes and competitors across Florida in the skate, wake, surf, MMA and moto x scenes. Ages range from 8 years old through 44 years old. We have sponsored several events state wide in all areas while not pushing ourselves to retail yet. We do offer sponsorship contracts that require speciic grade point averages to existing students. Our branding is everywhere due to the current exclusivity of our product and local, hometown feel. We market and promote heavily by being part of major events and competitions. We will be ready for retail distribution by making our debut at the Orlando Surf Expo coming January, 2012. Our website is almost ready as we have been taking careful and tremendous detailed time to launch our web site with the release of our own custom athletic social network.

Presenting Future 6 Clothing through passion and conndence, our community represents a declaration of self through sport. With Future 6, your individuality ignites our movement. We strive to provide ideals, not just labels.

For more information, details and pictures, nd us on Twitter and Facebook at Future 6 Clothing. Website launch January, 2012 at or feel free to email our operations department at

Creative Destruction Clothing: An Entrepreneur’s New Collaborative Concept to Designing Shoes


n a struggling economy full of ever changing industry leaders, doors have opened up for new creative businesses to dive into markets. 23 year old entrepreneurs, Daniel Fernandez and Cameron Barbas, have collaborated with award winning tattoo artists from around the country to develop a new way of designing shoes. They have trademarked the name of the shoes Tats™ and call their company Creative Destruction Clothing. Not only have the two lifelong friends and Tampa natives brought a new concept to the shoe world, but they have also opened the door to artists around the country to showcase their artwork while partaking in this new journey. It all began almost two years ago as an idea between creator and founder, Daniel Fernandez, and prominent local tattoo artists. After

strong persistence to establish start-up funds while retaining artistic control, he found an investor. Due to the belief and appreciation of the art community from the gun slinging investor and staff of CDC™ the company has been able to grow exponentially in a short time frame while maintaining 100% of the artist’s artistic integrity.

me goose bumps to think of where we’ve come as a company and the potential,” says Daniel Fernandez as he tries to push the standing hairs back down on his arm.

After years of different paths of life and college Daniel and Cameron Barbas were reunited in Tampa. Daniel saw Cameron’s knowledge of the marketing craft, as well as his “As a graduated photography major engaging personality as an ideal fit I am truly passionate about art, style, to complete the initial staff of CDC. and color. For years this is the reason The team was set and the idea was for all of my tattoos. People go out now ready to become a reality. The and think it’s cool to have tattoos, artists begin to work. which it is (he says through a smile), but people miss the artistic value of The first thirteen designs of Tats what most of these artists possess. began in the back offices of two These guys are masters at a craft that premier local tattoo shops, Ink Fink they can’t go back and fix. The same and Las Vegas Tattoo. Mucca, of goes for the canvas shoe. This has Ink Fink, began airbrushing the first become an opportunity to work with two pairs with his nationally recogpeople who have the same drive nized style of art, called sugar skulls. and beliefs I have, and it still gives He has been invited to tattoo trade

shows around the United States to display his expertise in this form. “I really love the colors and detail in the sugar skulls. A lot of people enjoy the vibrant colors the style brings. I see a way to twist reality into a lifelike, almost cartoon skull full of color and detail. It’s funky. I love when people look into the eyes of my work and they can feel the story behind their eyes. That’s what I love to do and I love that CDC opens the door for me to get my style of art out there.”

The rest of the shoes were designed in the heart of Tampa tattooing, Ybor City, at Las Vegas Tattoo. Daniel has been friends with owner and tattoo legend Doc Dog for nearly five years. To his credibility, Doc Dog was on a committee that wrote the original code of the tattooing in Las Vegas and opened up the first tattoo shop in the Sin City. When Bruce Ripley, promoter of Tampa Tattoo Fest, wanted to gather the “legends” of tattooing at this year’s Tattoo Fest in Tampa, Doc Dog was a cornerstone piece that made it happen.

Daniel has received over ninety percent of his tattoos by a variation of artists at the Ybor location. The same approach goes for the shoes, as multiple artists from the Las Vegas Tattoo shop have worked to develop the first line of Tats. The artists Steven “Fish” Warner, Jon Clark, and Michael Hall all bring their own unique approach to the wearable art they have created.

into a realm where people normally wouldn’t look at our artwork because of the negative stereotype some people have of tattoos and the artists. There’s no respect!” he laughs into his arm after his best Rodney Dangerfield impersonation. Fish’s black and white talent can be seen in his Classic Skulls pair of Tats on sale online.

Contrary to Fish’s style, Jon Clark and Michael Hall bring a lot more color to the table. Michael Hall uses a more traditional tattoo style of artwork, while Jon Clark is an artist of his own style. “Jon is probably one of our most diverse color artists” says CDC partner Cameron Barbas. “The difference between designing “Every shoe that he touches comes to shoes and tattooing is that CDC life. If you’re not admiring the detail allows me so much more freedom. of the lifelike eyes of the Tats black There is no specific avenue with rim Day of the Dead you’re trying these guys; they just want me to to decipher the color filled story of draw. There are times where you Frankenstein’s tears (in Tats black are handcuffed creativity wise by rim Frankenstein) that he originally [tattoo] customers because they want drew with color pencil and markers. something so specific,” says Fish as His unique style doesn’t stop there; he finishes an award winning portrait Jon is the creator of two shoes that of Rodney Dangerfield that won 2nd have become fan favorites in the 35+ prize for at the 12th annual Tattoo age group in By the Bay and Gone Fest in Tampa. “The shoes allow us to Fishin’.” go beyond the tattoo enthusiasts and One artist in particular, Steven “Fish” Warner, has done a majority of Dan’s body art. Fish, as he is known by friends and family, is a black and white style artist who specializes in realism and portraits.

After these four artists have completed the original artwork on the shoes they are paid for the rights to the design. “I’m a photographer I understand the rights and attachment an artist has for his artwork. At CDC we give credit where credit’s due. I have been taken advantage of before multiple times for photographs I have taken and someone else has exploited my work. So we work the opposite here,” says Creative Destruction Clothing founder Daniel Fernandez.

relationship does not end here. As CDC gives “credit where credit is due” they pay the artist royalties for every shoe sold of the particular design. “It’s still their artwork. This is the way we establish a working relationship between business and art. They do what they do best, draw, and we handle everything else after that. Without them and their talents we would not have a product to sell, so we acknowledge them throughout the process that their art is selling,” says Barbas.

Once the artists have been paid for their design the shoe is then sent out to a manufacturer and the artwork is reproduced onto a canvas and then molded into a shoe. The artwork is then covered with a protective mold. The shoe is then distributed and sold around the country. The circle of artist to Creative Destruction Clothing

It wasn’t until their first trade show in Tampa when a new door opened. They were flooded with positive feedback from not only customers, but artists as well. “Artists were approaching us from all over the state and other parts of the country asking how they can be a part of the team and design a pair of Tats. Without hesitation Dan and I told

them the process, gave them a pair of blank shoes and the rest is history,” says Cameron. They currently have artists who have worked on shoes or are in the process of designing shoes from Tampa, Tallahassee, New Port


during their brief three hour event. As the guests entered the shop they noticed that the artistic value did not end with the shoes and apparel, it was also hanging on the walls. CDC owners decided to bring in local photographers and artists to sell their works straight out of their Howard Avenue location. Creative Destruction Clothing brings a whole new collaboration between tattoo artists and business to design shoes in a way that no other company has. They welcome all artists to submit work for upcoming prints. “There are too many phenomenal tattoo artists in the world to restrict who we work with,” says Fernandez. Richey, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, California, and Indiana. “This is an art community company, so the only way we saw it was to extend an invite to all artists to partake.”

As for Daniel Fernandez and Cameron Barbas, they show that anything is possible through drive, innovation, and persistence. Both of the entrepreneurs came from a background that did not foresee a shoe company in the future at 23 years old, but day in and day out they strive Creative Destruction Clothing opened their first store to reach the motto and slogan of their company and text front on July 9th at 500 S. Howard Ave. in Tampa and book definition of what a creative destruction is “Create! had an attendance of over 250 people through the doors Destroy! Conquer!”


Floridians know that September is no end to beach days and summer nights. The What’s

Hot Tampa Bay team brings you beachwear from two fabulous lines. Ladies, check out the following swimwear collection by Syrup Swimwear. A new favorite of celebrities like Alexa Vega, Arielle Kebbel, Cara Castronuova, this line has been showcased in Miss USA, Miami/Las Vegas Fashion Week, ABC’s the Bachelor Pad, Bare Pool Lounge, and of course campaign model, Kari Gibson. Guys, check out the hottest new line of board shorts sho out of Orlando. Future 6 is dedicated to providing determined, passionate, and driven athletes with the essentials they need to not only thrive but excel in their sport by any means necessary! At the same time bringing you the hottest new trends in fashion, and throwing the best shows/events you have ever been to! Enjoy!



Photographed by Kevin Kelii Girls Styled by Lindsay Satmary Guys Styled by Kevin Lejuenesse Hair & Makeup by Erica B. of EG Event Management
















Project Coordinator:

Lindsay Satmary, Spectra Marketing Solutions assisted by: Erica Gerbolingo and Drew Satmary, Spectra Marketing Solutions (

Designers featured:

Syrup Swimwear ( Future 6 (


Kevin Kelii of KK Photography (


Tonic (

Hair & Makeup:

Erica B. of EG Event Management (863-608-1337)

Model Coach: Coach

Erica Gerbolingo, EG Event Management (

Male Models:

Christian Toczko, Dalton Jackson, Giampiero Fuentes, Kevin Lajeunesse, Nick Shoner, and Robert O'Mahony.

Female Models:

Cynthia Jimenez, Erica Gerbolingo, Idalia Ortiz, Kate Melde, LeaAnne Powell, Roxanne Yaist, and ToniLynn Coker. Special thanks to Aaron Fust, Donny Ottofaro, Erica Gerbolingo and Grego Zwolinski.






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o Adam, the other night I was having dinner with a single girlfriend and she was telling me about her recent girls trip to Las Vegas for a Bachelorette party.  They had an awesome time. Stayed at Mirage, lounged by the pool, went to a Chippendale’s show (they still have those??), and of course hit the bar scene.  The last night they were there they met a group of nice boys from Texas.  As my friend started talking to one of these hotties she asked him if he was married (because if he was, she clearly wasn’t going to engage in any additional flirting).  So Cowboy raises his left hand… no ring.   “I didn’t ask you if you were wearing a ring, I asked you if you were married”  (don’t hate me for having intelligent friends!).    Anyway, he told her he wasn’t married and they proceeded to dance, drink, and flirt.  Heavily. To the point where she thought one of them would end up

in the other’s hotel room.  At the end of the night as they were all walking out together, my friend was looking around for Cowboy and his friend says “Are you looking for Matt?  You know he has a girlfriend, right?”   IDIOT!   But that’s not all. Oh no.  Not only did she spend her last night in Vegas flirting with some guy who didn’t man up to the fact that he had a girlfriend, but she strolled back to her hotel 2 hours before her flight with nothing packed.  And to make matters worse she got stuck between a fat smelly guy and old guy who reeked of smoke at the perfect time when the alcohol was wearing off and the hangover was setting in.   Ok, so that’s not important right now.   What IS important is why during the course of the night, didn’t the Cowboy fess up to, talk about, hell even mention in passing the fact that he had girlfriend?  What if he and my friend had a real connection and decided to stay in touch after their planes landed in their respective cities?   


 So I had to ask myself:  Does “What Happens In Vegas Stay sIn Vegas” still apply to those in relationships?!?!?   Granted I’m one of the few people in America who has never been to Vegas.  In fact I rarely leave the Tri-county area, which is another issue in itself.   But I’ve heard stories.   I’ve seen the Hangover I and II!   I’ve even seen Viva Las Vegas!  And if I ever make it to Vegas and happen to be in a relationship you can bet your slot machine that I will not pretend like I’m single nor will I lie about my current status.  It’s not in my wiring.   But for some reason it’s different for you men.  Single men will wear wedding bands out because they think women will find them more attractive.  Don’t play, you know it’s true.  And I’ve known guys who’ve done it.   These are the same guys who probably think it’s not cheating if it’s in Vegas because “Vegas doesn’t count”.  So does Sin City make it OK for one to Perpetrate the Fraud?  And what happens after the fact?  For most, I would hope that guilt lingers longer than the hangover they got from doing Vokda shots at the TAO Nightclub.  Unfortunately I don’t have that much faith

in some of you.    I think some of you would get home and go about your daily lives with no remorse whatsoever.  And your poor unknowing girlfriend will continue to think you are the Great Apollo (I think I just threw up in my mouth).      But why Las Vegas?  Is it because most people see it as their own paradise?  An adult playground where they can do everything (and then some) that they wouldn’t dare do at home?  There’s Drinking 24/7, strip clubs are open 24/7, gambling on any and everything in sight, world class restaurants, sexy shows, awesome nightclubs… I get it!  I get it!  There’s an allure to the city. A somewhat of a sensory overload.  You wanna have fun, I get that too.  It’s one thing to drink to the point that you can’t remember your own name and end up going home broke, sloppy, and having a headache for a week.    However, it’s another to knowingly disrespect your significant other who will most likely be all dolled up with a smile on her face, waiting for you at the airport to drive your sorry ass home.




Adam Well there are so many things wrong with this story, but the most glaring is the C-BLOCK thrown out by Cowboy’s friend. I’m guessing the friend who just sold Matt out was the only one going home with Rosie and her four sisters that night and figured he’d be the “sensitive guy” and show how much he cares. I’m also guessing he gets nixed on the invite for the next Sin City excursion with the guys. Second. You mean your friend missed out on that REAL CONNECTION she had with the drunk guy in Vegas? Sounds romantic.  Hey Naive, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I don’t think there are too many Ozzie and Harriets out there celebrating the 50th anniversary of their hookup of destiny in a town that sees more one night stands than a Jersey Shore marathon. Third. You need to get a cat sitter, a crowbar to open that wallet of yours and get out of Tampa once in a while. I have a 9-year old nephew who has been to Vegas.... TWICE. I mean the two gay guys on American Pickers couldn’t unearth more dusty old unused items than the stuff that must be in your suitcase. But let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this question you’ve posed here Eve. And i’ll make it easy for you and your girlfriends to remember; IT DONT MEAN A THING IF HE AINT GOT THAT RING !


A man going to Las Vegas and saying he’s only going for the sights is like a fat woman saying she’s going to the Cheesecake Factory because they have a great salad. If a man isn’t married, he’s single. It’s that simple. And he will act single while staying, of all places, Las Vegas. And by the sounds of it, that Cowboy didn’t need an out-of-towner with his homies to lasso another broad. My guess is, he’s plowing fields in his own hometown just the same. The problem is, your friend is one of the very few people who pack their scruples on a trip like this. She should’ve put the blinders on and rode that horse til the sun came up then giddy up’ed out of town. That way she’d have a hell-of-a lot more interesting story than the one she saddled you with.  And, maybe I don’t follow the masses on this, but in my opinion, VEGAS AIN’T ALL THAT !  It’s for amateurs and those who get aroused by bright shiny objects. Have you seen the douchebags and hookers who flock to that pool at REHAB? It’s like every cliche you’ve ever seen on a bad night on Howard Ave all rolled up into one huge I’m wearing mirrored sunglasses, sucking my

stomach in, holding a pool drink with Red Bull, wearing a bathing suit I bought just for this day type crowd.  Oh, and taking 5,000 digital camera pics to post of Facebook of the RAD time we had in the desert.  Vegas was made Vegas by guys like Sinatra, Elvis and Meyer Lansky. Although it’s always been corrupt. It used to be corrupt with class. Now the reputation fed by those catchy played-out commercials has made expectations so high that by simply going there you must act a fool so as to tell a great story to all your friends when you get home. Like Barry Sanders once he crossed the goal line, Baby, act like you been there before. Lucky for your friend, she didn’t hook up. Speaking as a guy, you can find more lay-ups in Vegas than a WNBA game. She didn’t need to be branded as one more.  Plus, like Jeffrey Tambor said in the aforementioned Hangover movie, “Remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That s***’ll come back with you.” 


o d l a n e R n a m k l a B

NBA Star goes one-on-one with What’s Hot Tampa Bay By: Basil Spyridakos

NBA star Renaldo Balkman doesn’t receive the type of notoriety and camera time as a player like Kobe Bryant or Dwight Howard, and he likes it that way. The soft-spoken, yet strong power forward for the New York Knicks is going into his sixth year, and he continues to play basketball at a high level all while contributing to his community. With the NBA firmly locked out, Balkman has found other avenues to keep preoccupied and stay productive. The former South Carolina Gamecock sits down with What’s Hot Tampa Bay’s Sports Knucklehead, Basil Spyridakos, to discuss playing in Puerto Rico, his activity in the community, and what he thinks of the Bay area. Basil Spyridakos: This is your second stint with the New York Knicks. What is it like playing with Carmelo Anthony? Renaldo Balkman: It’s great! I’ve played with (Carmelo Anthony) for a few years now in Denver and now for the Knicks. He’s an unbelievable athlete, and we’re lucky to have him with the (Knicks) organization for a few years.

playing in Puerto Rico as we speak. How is that like?

tina. What are you and the team doing to prepare?

RB: My mom’s Puerto Rican, so I’m able to play with the national team. They treat me really well. They call me the Puerto Rican Dennis Rodman, which is an honor to be compared to a Hall of Famer like Rodman. They call me “Boricuas” Rodman.

RB: We’re currently doing a lot of two-a-days, lifting weights, doing conditioning. It’s hard work, but we’re all working together because, to us, it’s all about winning and bringing the Gold back home to Puerto Rico.

BS: They call you “Boricuas” BS: What can you tell us about the Rodman? NBA lockout thus far? Will there be basketball this season? RB: Yeah. It’s a compliment. To be named after a Hall of Famer is a RB: I hope so. I hope there is a great feeling. I work hard and I feel season and I hope that both sides like I rebound and dedicate myself to basketball just like Rodman. come to an agreement soon.

BS: Now, you appear like a serious tough guy, but I hear you have a heart of gold. Tell me about the camp you held in San Juan for the kids there.

RB: I had 200 kids for the boys and girls club of Puerto Rico and I wanted to bond with the kids because they don’t have the kinds BS: You were actually one of the BS: You’re currently getting ready of courts and playgrounds we have first NBA players to play overseas for the World Basketball Champi- in the US. I wanted to do something once the lockout began, and you’re onships and you’re playing Argen- special for the neighborhood, and


putting a smile on the faces of these kids really lifts me up. BS: You’re now living in the Tampa Bay area. How do you like living here? RB: I actually used to live here when I was a kid. I liked it then and I like it now. I don’t do too much though. I just like to hang out inside and keep to myself. I don’t do too much. BS: That way you can’t get in trouble, right? RB: Yeah, I don’t get in any trouble. I keep my nose clean. I’m actually supposed to start a basketball camp up in the area soon. I’ll give you more details as they come along. I’m pretty busy with the Basketball World Championships. BS: Of course. No doubt. Orlando’s not too far away, but the people in Tampa aren’t into basketball that much. Why do think that is and what kind of exposure could help the NBA in Tampa? RB: Florida’s a football state. Always has been and always will be, but there are a lot of guys that play basketball around here. People here need to speak out more about it. There are three or four guys in the NBA from Tampa. The problem is, there are no notable “runs” or gyms that guys play basketball at. (University of) Florida’s a good basketball school, but they get a lot of their recruits out of state. BS: Speaking of college, I remember that nasty game winning shot you had against Florida State in the 2006 NIT. Can you still ball like that? RB: I love them days, and I used to have so much fun (at South Carolina). I can still do it. It motivates me to still keep going. That’s actually when I got recognized. BS: Thanks for an amazing interview and good luck in Puerto Rico. RB: Thank you, and I want to say thanks to the people of Tampa. This lockout will come to an end and we will have basketball. And I also want to say thank you to the people of Puerto Rico for their fan support.

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It’s not EASY to lose weight Fred Pressley,

M.Ed., NESTA Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

10 ways to overcome barriers to weight loss: not a smart goal and can leave you feeling crushed. 1. Just say “NO!” to crazy diets In order to feel success along the way your SMART With a new diet craze popping up every day, how goals should be set up in stages. It is also important to do we know what is good for our body and lifestyle write the goals down and put your goal reminders in specifically? There is a sensory overload of diet several highly visible places. programs that all claim to be the answer to our weight loss prayers. “Diet” is commonly misused. A diet is the simply the food or drink regularly provided 3. Eat cold turkey, but there’s no need to Go Cold Turkey or consumed, whether good or bad. Weight loss Giving up our favorite foods cold turkey is is about proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. A emotionally draining and uncomfortable for most certified nutritionist can help you understand your people. Just like weaning a baby from its bottle, it is body’s needs and how to provide yourself with proper important to use stages to slowly minimize the intake nutrients. But losing weight isn’t just about… well, of unhealthy foods. Pizza is okay from time-to-time. losing weight. Undergoing gradual lifestyle changes You might think twice, however, about that third slice. that are small steps to a permanent lifestyle can make Remember, the occasional treat will ward off a binge significant improvements in your health and weight and instill a positive mind set. loss goals. 2. You have nothing to fear but fear itself Never let your fear of failure be greater than your desire to succeed. Setting weight loss goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time sensitive) is important for your emotional sanity. “I want to lose 10 lbs before Amanda’s wedding,” is

4. Think about Feeding the mass versus feeding the masses For many, cooking healthily for oneself is difficult because it is hard to find recipes and ingredients for one serving. In an effort to save time and money, find your favorite healthy recipe, cook it Sunday night and


freeze the leftover portions. Many recipes taste better the second time around and this could save you time and a trip to the fast food drive through on a busy day. Ziploc bags are also a great way to portion your food right after it is purchased and creates great grab and go snacks! 5. I’m just big boned…….. It is difficult to look around and think that because your family members are overweight, or have heavy set body types that you are destine to look this way. The key is consistency and commitment. Individuals who are on a weight loss plan are 65% more likely to achieve their goals if they have the direct support of their family. Sit down together and develop individual and family SMART goals and post them in the kitchen then head out to the grocery store together! A family that embraces lifestyle changes together will ALL benefit. 6. Invest as much in how you feel as you do for how you look Why is it that we are willing to spend a small fortune on nails, hair, make-up, and clothes to mask or cover the unwanted body composition, but we can’t get an apple at lunch instead of chips? Our mind set can’t be contained by the day-to-day. Our focus needs to be on the lifestyle changes that help us get fit, stay healthy, and KEEP looking good. 7. Don’t feel pressure to be a lifetime member of the clean-plate club Understanding how to eat is important in maintaining our weight loss goals. Not the mechanics of eating, but the quantity should be considered at every meal or snack. Whether you eat it all or you don’t, food is either going to waste or your waist. Eating has everything to do with portion control. Eat slower than you normally would. It takes the human brain 7 minutes

to realize that we are eating so let the message get to your brain so it can tell you it’s full! Once you are full, save the rest as a left over for another meal. 8. Make time every day for YOU The perception of lack of time is the number one barrier to exercise and weight loss. Nobody makes time for their body! Exercise must become a top priority in life because exercise is crucial to achieving your weight loss goals, and to developing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise also produces endorphins which make you feel better. When the gym isn’t an option for many, simple physical activities you can do at home, at work or even with your family, that do not require equipment, are the answer. Try things at work like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walk/jog during lunch or break. Play outside with your kids. 9. Don’t worry……Be happy! Our eating habits are based in biology. When we are stressed or bored our body triggers our appetite and we eat to calm ourselves. When we eat our brain releases serotonin, which gives us a little jolt of happiness. Really what we crave is an outlet. Instead of grabbing those munchies, talk it out to put your body at ease. Ask for a hug, or go for a walk. 10. I can’t do without Oreos, Lays and Haagen Daz! A support system is a very powerful tool to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Introducing healthy meals and snacks that are family friendly is important. There are cook books and recipes that can help you take the comfort foods you and your family love and make them a little bit healthier. Promoting healthy eating, through little lifestyle changes, will go a long way. Once everyone starts to see the results while enjoying the tasty treats, a new leaf will be turned in your household.

Fred Pressley, M.Ed., NESTA Certified Sports Nutrition Coach Cynthia Pressley, MSH, NASM, NESTA Certified Sports Nutrition Coach For more information or health seminars contact Fred and Cynthia at

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CSA Can Help! 95% scholarship success rate! $20,000/year+ average scholarship received! Maximum Exposure!


Who is Collegiate Sports of America? What do you do? CSA is the number 1 college athletic recruiting service in America. In fact, we were the first recruiting service when we open the doors in 1981. We have helped over 45,000 studentathletes receive over $1 billion dollars in scholarship money. What are the biggest factors in getting recruited? Far and away the biggest factor is exposure. Being a great player and a great student doesn’t matter if nobody knows you are a great player and a great student. You have to be pro-active and reach out to multiple schools if you really want to receive enough interest to result into scholarship offers. My coach is helping me with my recruiting. Does CSA take the place of my coach in the recruiting process? No. We work with your coach to get you maximum exposure. Let’s face it, coaches have to juggle multiple tasks. Game plans, practice plans, scheduling, administrative tasks, teaching, work, and family life can take a tremendous tolls on a coach’s ability to help a player get to the next level. At CSA, it is our business to get you recruited. This is what we do and we are good at it. Our success rate is 95% and our average athlete receives over $20,000/yeart+ in scholarship money. The recruiting process is tough! What are some of the biggest mistakes parents make in the recruiting process? By far the biggest mistake parents make is starting the process too late! Ideally, you should start the process between your freshman and sophomore year in high school. I can’t tell you how many times we meet with student- athletes and their parents during their senior year in a panic because they haven’t received any offers and they just finished their senior seasons. It’s a lot of pressure for both the athlete and parents. All of which could have been avoided by starting early in their high school career. Not to mention, college coaches have been identifying potential athletes and closing down their recruiting classes earlier and earlier. Starting late may leave you without a college even though you may have the ability to play at that school.

Why should I use CSA? Quite frankly, we make the recruiting process easier. When most parents think sending out to a couple dozen schools is good, we send out to hundreds. When it comes down to it, if you want more offers, you have to send your information out to more coaches. We highly recommend sending out to hundreds of schools with the intent of getting 20-30 schools interested and 2-3 offers. What sports do you work with? We work with all college sports for both males and females. In fact, getting scholarship money for female athletes can be easier than males as there are more opportunities in various sports. For instance, D-I colleges are allowed to give 20 female scholarships in rowing. Lacrosse, golf and field hockey are also sports where scholarship money goes unused. Sometimes the biggest factor in getting a scholarship is not the talent level of the athlete but just getting your information out to enough interested coaches. Can parents do this themselves? Yes, but it is tough! You will have to gather hundreds of physical addresses, email addresses, make introduction phone calls, make follow up phone calls, submit player information, build a profile, make a highlight video, negotiate offers, etc. It is very time consuming but it is possible for a parent to do their own recruiting. Or, you can let us do it for you. We are professionals at getting our clients exposure, college coaches know us and they trust us. How much does it cost to use CSA? We have various options for student-athletes based on their particular situation. The best thing to do is to give us a call, set up an informational meeting with us and we will be happy to go over everything at that time. Chad Bell 813-363-3782, Clyde Keller 813-309-3250,,


kles’ Ian Bec

hidden star

Owners Pat & Linda Baldwin


quality of their food. So I hurried to taste their fabulous food when I heard that they added a healthy menu to there repertoire. I’ve tried other companies pre packaged food before and I was not ever impressed with the quality of the food or the overall taste. Linda and Pats love for food is very prominent in there preparation. I would rather eat eggplant lasagna, chicken peccadillo or grilled cilantro red snapper. I’ve finally found a great solution Instead of boiled chicken, brown to eating ridiculous ultra healthy rice and steamed broccoli. food that tastes like you’re cheating. Amore the fine catering company All of Amore’s meals are freshly on Henderson Blvd has come up prepared and quickly chilled in with a fabulous pre packaged menu microwave dishes for freshness. The that’s both delicious and convenient. food is never frozen, never freeze Eating should be a “Lifestyle” and dried and never vacuum packed. Menu selections change weekly, so not a diet. you’re assured of a constant variety. I was exposed to Linda and Pat a Meals are available for pick up in few years ago at a What’s Hot event there refrigerator case daily, or you at The Home Theatre gallery and I could order by visiting there online was instantly blown away with the store open 24 hours a day. Check ating healthy has always been a challenge for me. Preparing and eating 5 or 6 small meals a day is the ideal way to eat. My job at the radio station and my lifestyle sometimes makes that task nearly impossible. Being unprepared with quality food at a radio station spells certain death since every fast food restaurant tends to leave food at one of the 8 Clearchannel stations everyday.

them out at Amore’s pre packaged meals and snacks have no preservatives, additives and are gluten free. The packages are conveniently marked with nutritional information for those who are watching their calories like yours truly. I try and keep my entrees below 400 calories. The menu consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and convenient snacks. Some of my recommended favorites are the jumbo stuffed omelet or the smoked salmon on a whole-wheat muffin for breakfast. The grilled Cajun chicken salad or the stuffed pablano peppers for lunch. And the crab stuffed shrimp or the coffee marinated tenderloin for dinner. Snacks include shredder salad bowls, pesto meatballs, cilantro-ginger rice paper rolls and others.


Eating healthy is extremely difficult; preparing delicious healthy food is almost impossible. Linda and Ted Have spent years mastering their craft and they are ready for PRIMETIME. All this small needs is a chance to prove to you how good there fare is. Amore is owner operated and you can feel the tender loving care that’s they put in the food the second use step through there doors. Why eat cookie cutter food when Amore is serving gourmet style health food? Amore is located in the Amore Plaza in South Tampa right across from Castelanno and Pizzo on Henderson Blvd,4245 Henderson Blvd to be exact .Lets all get in shape before Christmas this year. Amore, ”IT’S A LIFESTYLE”.


What's Hot Tampa Bay 15 (September 2011)