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Feb. 5, 2014

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New Porter Campus at Wiregrass Ranch brings college experience close to home

Photo By • Alex montgomery Hit the books - Pasco-Hernando State College uses modern architecture and contemporary color schemes to attract students to their newest community college branch, the Porter Campus at Wiregrass Ranch. The campus opened its doors to students in the Wesley Chapel and Northern Hillsborough region on January 13.

Pasco-Hernando State College opens Wesley Chapel branch by Nikki morse social media editor



he region is being rewarded with a new addition — Florida’s newest community college site. “The opportunities and potential of our newest campus are truly limitless,” Stanley Giannet, Porter Campus Provost, said in a release. “We invite students and area residents to visit Porter Campus and to take advantage of all that we have to offer, from credit and noncredit courses to lifelong learning programs.” Located in Dade City, New Port Richey, Brooksville, Spring Hill and, as of Jan. 13, Wesley Chapel, Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC) offers opportunities to earn a degree, prepare for transfer to a university, enhance current job skills or start on the path to a new career, as well as

dual-enrollment classes for high emphasis in teaching, business, school students and openings to engineering and the social and earn a GED. behavioral sciences. PHSC, formerly known as The Associate in Arts degree Pasco-Hernando Community even comes with guaranteed College, is the first college to admission into one of Florida’s come to the Wesley Chapel area 11 public universities as a junior and may as well as b e c o m e providing P H S C ’ s training for “The opportunities and b u s i e s t more than c a m p u s 30 highpotential of our newest based on the e m a n d campus are truly limitless,” dcareers population in boom in healthcare, C e n t r a l Stanley Giannet law, business P a s c o human Porter Campus Provost and County. services “I’m all through its for academic certificate institutions, programs. so more For c h o i c e s students and and more colleges would only adults who work full-time jobs benefit our students, although or have a family to take care of, I’m worried about what it will PHSC offers day, evening and do to traffic,” said Kimberly night online classes. Phinney, an English teacher. The application fee for PHSC The college gives students is a minimal $25 and carries no a foundation in the arts and deadlines. sciences with a choice of major PHSC also offers college credit

School News

and preparatory classes for $103.18 for Florida residents and has a tuition installment plan for students who wish to pay incrementally, as well as several financial aid opportunities. Finally, the schools offer opportunities to join cheerleading, women’s cross country, women’s softball, women’s volleyball, men’s baseball and men’s basketball. The next opportunity to view a PHSC sporting event is Wednesday, Feb. 5, where the baseball team will take on Lake Sumter State College. The newest location, Porter Campus at Wiregrass Ranch, will boast all the same features at its predecessors and will be located at 2727 Mansfield Blvd. in Wesley Chapel. The campus is named after Don Porter, whose family moved to the area sometime after World War II. His family still owns and operates the Wiregrass Ranch, which is one of the largest cattle farms in the state.

Hot Spot

By the numbers... $103.18 per credit (Florida residents)

10,928 enrolled degree-seeking students More than 450 courses available to students

PHSC Porter Campus

Source: Infographic by: Brandon Goldman




Electrathon racing team wins second place at Middleton race

Young Life high school program draws students together

14 Jack Taylor making the most out of his senior season

wildcatnews 2

Feb. 5, 2014


Cypress Creek Town Center projected to bring big-name discount stores to region By Brandon Goldman

outlet stores to Wesley Chapel that were previously only found at the Ellenton and Orlando Premium Outlet Malls – both of which are an hour’s drive from fter years of the greater Tampa Bay area. “I think having an outlet mall rumors and speculation, the closer to New Tampa will be Cypress Creek good for those who get tired of Town Center going to the same old stores at project has been given the green Wiregrass,” said Kenya Wright, light. Construction for an open- a senior. Early in 2012, Saks Inc. air outlet mall in Wesley Chapel announced they would be the will begin in summer 2014. “I anticipate the Cypress first to sign on to the Cypress Creek Town Center Creek outlets will open project with sometime their signature in the fall Saks “Off 5th” of 2015, “I think having an outlet outlet store. which is mall closer to New Tampa “I’m really appropriate will be good for those who excited for considering get tired of going to the the Saks store the holidays because they will be same old stores at always have a prime Wiregrass.” really great time to clothes and attract new kenya WriGHT their discounts customers,” senior are usually G r e g really good,” Lenners, said Rebecca Ross, G e n eral a junior. Manager of The As of press time, other Shops at Wiregrass, leading retailers such as Banana said. The outlet mall, which will be Republic, Calvin Klein, J.Crew, located on a 50-acre property at Coach and Nike have also the intersection of State Road announced plans to open outlet 56 and Interstate 75, will be the stores at the Cypress Creek While these first of its kind in the greater Town Center. stores may be different than Tampa Bay area. Located less than 5 miles from those located at The Shops at popular shopping complexes Wiregrass, it is unclear how the like The Shops at Wiregrass and outlet mall will impact traffic The Grove at Wesley Chapel, and sales at nearby shopping the Cypress Creek Town Center locations. “I feel like Wiregrass will will bring unique discount

ONline Editor-in-chief


Illustration courtesy of • Florida Retail Partners New Mall In town - The Cypress Creek Town Center will give residents in the area a wider selection of available stores. Currently, the only major shopping facilities in the area are the Grove and Wiregrass Mall. still keep the majority of its customers due to the fact that most outlets sell things that may be out of season or that you can’t find at normal malls,” Wright said. The opening of Cypress Creek Town Center will also bring needed jobs to northeast Tampa. “Wiregrass stores are never hiring since everyone applies

for the same few jobs, but now that new stores are coming, I feel like it won’t be as hard to get a job anymore,” Ross said. After many bumps in the road, The Cypress Creek Town Center will finally deliver on a promise for discount stores to the Wesley Chapel and New Tampa area. “I’m very excited for the mall to open because I think it will

put Wesley Chapel on the map,” Lenners said. Representatives from the Richards E. Jacobs Group, the firm that is spearheading the construction project, said they were unable to disclose specific details with The Predator about the shopping center until the building process has been started.

Midterm exams after winter break By Will kingsley Staff Writer

T Photo illustration by • Scott Sollazzo Exam Overload - The placement of exams after winter break places extra stress on students. The exams have taken place after break in Hillsborough County for the past few years, while other counties have theirs before winter break.

he debate on whether student mid-term exams should be taken before or after winter break is an ongoing discussion. Different students have various opinions on this topic, but which is the most beneficial? “I think that students should take the mid-term exams before they go on winter break,” said Gladys Costa, Spanish teacher. “I believe students tend to forget information during the break, and they will not study or review during the holidays.” Costa has this view due to her previous teaching occupation in Jacksonville, where they had first semester exams before the

two-week break. “At my old school in Jacksonville, we used to give exams before the holidays, and the students grades were much better,” Costa said. This could very well be a reason why many teachers want exams before the break, because it improves students’ grades. However, some students feel a different way about the subject. “I believe that having exams after winter break will improve your chances of getting a better grade on the test,” said Lucy DeLattre, a sophomore. “The two week period that we have allows us more time for studying.” DeLattre said there are cons to having exams after break, though. “A lot of people will procrastinate with the time given, and minimal study time will be ac-


complished,” DeLattre said. Scotty McGuire, a sophomore, agreed with DeLattre. “I feel like it is great to take exams after break due to the fact that we will have a substantial amount of time to study for these tests,” McGuire said. “They are a very important part of our grade and if we have the break to study over, we should do fine.” It seems as if students take one side of the argument, while teachers take the other. Costa argues the fact that information will be fresh before the break, while the students state the break could be used to help kids prepare. “I think students will be able to start fresh in the new semester after the time off, as opposed to having to recall all of the information in the first semester,” Costa said.

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Feb. 5, 2014


Amazon Prime Air innovates shipping By Brandon goldman

“If Amazon Air was available for you, would you use it?”

online editor-in-chief The future is here, and it will arrive in 30 minutes or less. No longer does one have to wait three to five business days to receive their online purchases. Instead, in a matter of a few years, one will be able to select a 30-minute delivery option on their Amazon online purchases and have their items, that weigh less than five pounds, sent via a robotic octocopter drone that will use GPS and remote-control technology to deliver packages. Early last December, Amazon CEO Jeffrey Bezos introduced the concept of Amazon Prime Air on CBS’s “60 Minutes” television show. “When I first saw the announcement of Amazon Prime Air, I thought it was a joke, or something not even close to being done, but it was a working drone and I was thrilled that a company was doing something never seen before,” Anthony Guidetti, co-founder and editor of the online tech-blog GeekOnIn, said in an interview with the Predator. The concept of an automated delivery service with the potential to deliver online-purchased items faster than a pizza went viral. Amazon’s 90-second video demonstrating the new Prime Air service raked in nearly three million views in less than 24 hours. Opinions from loyal Amazon users and technology enthusiasts flooded popular social

19% NO 48% YES


screenshot courtesy of • amazon is this science fiction? - One of the Amazon Prime Air prototypes lands at a mock home in a commerical test run. The new shipping service is hoped to deliver in 30 minutes or less beginning in 2015.

media websites like Twitter and Google+. While decades of futuristic television shows like the “Jetsons” and “Futurama” have prepared us for technology like Prime Air, many are pessimistic about how efficient the service will be. “It’s hard to embrace the technology when you’re older because you get set in your ways and you’re not always looking for ways to improve things, but I think it could work, and I’m excited for it,” said Elizabeth Bolstridge, Web design and administrative office technologies

teacher. Limiting each delivery to one package per drone could pose a huge barrier to getting a product to one’s door in 30 minutes. Some are curious how the drones could deliver packages to isolated, rural areas as well as apartment complexes. “It’s a cool idea, but I don’t see how it (the drone) can get to my house in a half-hour if I don’t live close to the warehouse,” said Alec Arnold, a senior. “So many things could go wrong, but I’m all for trying it out.” Others, like Aditya Chelikani, a senior and president of the

Engineering and Robotics Club, question how Amazon will be able to run the service without the issue of individuals hacking the drones. “Besides that (the issue of hacking), I think it could work,” Chelikani said. The United States military has been experimenting with unmanned aircrafts for years and has proven drone success in combat situations overseas. Back in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been working to figure out how to safely implement drones similar to Prime

*60 Wharton High students were interviewed during a school day

Air into the National Airspace System (NAS). “If they (Amazon) can figure out a way to ship heavy objects, that would make Prime Air perfect. There would also need to be many fail-safes implemented, like people trying to shoot down the drone,” said Guidetti. While the general public is still years away from seeing the 30-minute delivery option become a reality on their online purchases, revolutionary technologies like Amazon’s Prime Air service are only the beginning for next-generation delivery services.

Electrathon engineers students to success parking lots. The tight turns make drivers slow down to STAFF WRITER speeds of around 20 to 30 mph, so larger leagues rent out oval tracks where they can race at Electrathon is a new team speeds of around 50 mph. “All the kids, especially the where students are able to build electric race cars from scratch male students, are looking at it as a chance to drive what is esand compete with them. “It’s a way to try new technol- sentially a scaled down race ogies on a home-brew level,” car … but it’s important that there’s still an educational assaid Christopher Hart, the pect to it,” Hart Electrathon Team said. “There are sponsor. “To try new battery reg“It’s a way to try new things that I cannot teach in ulating technoltechnologies on a home- the classroom ogies and stuff brew level.” because we like this and just can’t have maybe create lab in that developments chRIStopheR hart asituation.” car companies electrathon team sponsor Electrathon could evengives students a tually use or chance to try out their incorporate in engineering skills in real their electric life. The opportunity to learn cars.” welding and other skills gained The homemade go-cart l o o k - a - while in the team is an opporlike is powered by two bat- tunity which many high school teries. The frames are welded students never receive. “It’s kind of our only opporfrom either steel or aluminum and the tires are ones designed tunity to do shop-class-type for BMX. Currently, club mem- things, like building and learnbers are racing one of Plant’s ing how to weld and stuff like old cars, but they are working that, because we don’t have a on building some of their own shop class or an auto class or using parts donated by Buggies anything like that,” said James Unlimited, Oliver’s Bike Shop Winfrey, a senior. At the club’s first race at Midand fundraisers. The cars are raced on quarter- dleton High on Dec. 7, Electramile tracks weaving through thon members placed second in


Photos by • brandon goldman on your mark - (above) James Winfrey, a senior, races to beat other schools’ times at an Electrathon event at Middleton High. The event took place on Dec. 7, 2013 and the team came in second place. (below) A Electrathon member wears the medal Wharton won at the Electrathon event. Brandon High won first place. the High School Class. For students interested in joining Electrathon, there are still opportunities to be drivers and pit crew as the team is currently building two new cars from scratch. Interested students may go to room 223 for more information. The Electrathon of Tampa Bay season lasts until May, and the most recent races were Jan. 11 at HCC Brandon and Jan. 25 at Wharton.

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Feb. 5, 2014


To eat or not to eat...

Enjoying Valentine’s Day shamelessly By Amanda kidd

tremely high amount of calories, fat and sugar values are promientertainment editor nent in chocolate and candy. Why ruin a healthy diet over one box of candy? There are a he red box that taunts vast amount of ways to get into endlessly throughout the Valentine’s Day spirit without the excessive calories. the day. “One way to avoid eating all of Inside it holds an array of sweets. How ironic that that candy would be getting an Edible Arit be in the rangeshape m e n t of a i n heart, stead when “One way to avoid eating all of of a t h e that candy would be getting an b o x realo f ity is Edible Arrangement instead of a chocthat box of chocolates.” the inolates,” famous s a i d Va l e n Cristina tine’s Day Cristina Fuentes Fuentes, a jucandy box Junior nior. gives no love Edible Arrangeto one’s health. ments offers many Typically, the averdifferent choices for edage calories present in ible bouquets. that delicious box of wonThese bouquets don’t feature derful is 1,400. That is almost the same amount that should be flowers, but fruit cut into the shape of flowers. By chooseaten on a daily basis. “Because I work out every day, ing an option such as this, one I would feel awful if I ate my can escape the negative effects day’s worth of calories in choco- of candy while satisfying their late,” said Shaelyn Hammel, a sweet tooth. Another alternative to the freshman. Along with having an ex- typical Valentine’s Day candy


would involve fresh produce and cookie cutters. By using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, one can make a variety of vegetable and fruit heart snacks. This option is not only a creative twist to the bland, normal ways of eating, but is still fantastic for one’s body. “By cutting fruit and vegetables into shapes, it makes it fun and healthy at the same time,” Hammel said. Now, what a b o u t those adora b l e Va l e n tine’s D a y cards t h a t always include a sweet surprise? How can anyone avoid giving out the regular candy grams to their friends? Well, there are several methods that could turn candy grams into healthy grams. Instead of using the basic store-bought candy, one can get

creative and use produce items. For instance, u s e

fruits and include a pun within the note attached like “I’m bananas about you” or “You are the apple of my eye.” Gone with the fat and in with the nutrients. Although not eating any candy would be ideal, one can still enjoy a few pieces here and there. As long as it is a healthy portion, it will not have a drastic effect on the body. “Because dark chocolate has many health benefits, and fat free candies are not as bad as other types, I think both would still be okay to eat,” Fuentes said. This Valentine’s Day, try taking the initiative to make it a day of health rather a day of regret, and escape the aftermath of a glooming conscious of having to work off all the calories eaten the day before. This year, celebrate the holiday with healthy eating and enjoy time spent with friends instead of spending hours at the gym.

Photo illustration by • alex montgomery Delicious and shame-free - The heart-shaped chocolate box is notorious for its use on Valentines Day. However, these popular boxes are very unhealthy and can be traded out for alternatives like fruit arrangements.

There’s more than one way to exercise Honestly, with all the time students spend at school doing homework and leading an active social life, who really has the time to exercise? In addition to eating healthy, getting enough exercise shouldn’t be compromised. What many students don’t realize is that there are more ways to get fit than just the conventional going-to-the gym option.

Option 1

Option 2

Join a gym. This is one of the most common ways people get their exercise. Planning out a schedule for when to go and making sure to stick to it is the best way to not only stay healthy, but learn time management.

Join a sports team. Many students who are healthy most likely participate in a sport. Although, by now, students who are in a sport have been practicing for years, it’s never too late to sign up. Sports don’t have to be competitive; find a place where the sport of choice is practiced recreationally.

S 2 9 16 23 30

Option 3 Walk. Walking is one of the easiest and most simple ways a person can get their exercise. Even just walking around the neighborhood for 30 minutes can be sufficient. Too hot? Fortunately, there are facilities with treadmills under air conditioning, making the temperature favorable for anyone who finds the steamy Florida weather intense.

Option 4 At-home exercise videos. They are a great way to get a quality workout in the comfort of your own home at your own time. You don’t even have to go out and buy one. There are plenty of quality videos available on the Internet, like the Blogilates YouTube videos. They’re a fresh, fun way to get in the amount of exercise every student needs.

Finding the balance between exercising, getting everything done and engaging in an active social life should be a priority for all students and there should be no excuses with so many options available.

Infographic by: Marielle Gomez

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Pros & Cons of Finding a Roommate Online

By Madison Giarrizzo College Editor Having a roommate in college won’t be the same as on a sitcom. Roommates probably won’t become fast friends who will talk for the rest of their lives, and they might avoid each other for most of the time. Finding a roommate online is an easy way to find a roommate, but it can also have downsides. First off, people lie online. All the time. Anyone who has ever been on Twitter, Facebook or really anywhere on the Internet, can see that it’s apparent that people lie online. A person could go looking for a roommate, find one that looks good and seemingly checks out, but then it turns out the person isn’t really a 17 year-old-girl named Diana from Naples, but instead a 50-year-old man named Henry from Kentucky. Also, finding a roommate online takes away the ability to meet in person. They are stripped of that ability to talk to the person face to face and see if they exhibit qualities that are annoying. They could end up getting screwed over if they find a seemingly perfect roommate online and it turns out that they have the annoying habit of singing loudly when sleeping. Having this information before would’ve been really beneficial. But finding a roommate online can also be beneficial. The Internet allows people to meet others they wouldn’t have otherwise. In the face to face world, people make certain assumptions before getting to know people. This can hinder the ability to find a good roommate because you assume just from this one characteristic like how they dress that they would be a terrible roommate, when in fact they could’ve been the best. Roommates may not become best friends; they may never talk unless absolutely necessary. But as long as your roommate pays, that’s the most important qualification ‒‒ besides not being a serial killer. And the internet allows people, despite all drawbacks, to find a good potential roommate.

Feb 5, 2014


STEMulate personal earning potential By xella doi staff writer Many things come to mind when deciding a college major, including the pay grade of one’s perspective career. According to Forbes, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors have the highest starting salary because startups and established businesses alike are eager to modernize. “Nothing is more needed than engineers because engineers make the technology that makes our country successful,” said Christopher Hart, a science teacher. “The manufacturing technology, the medical technology-- everything that makes a modern society function and successful compared to other societies is engineering. Otherwise, we’d all be using sticks and stones.” A career coming from a STEM major can be fulfilling for many people who want to create or innovate. Oftentimes, the reason people decide on a STEM major is because they want to create something of their own. “Anybody that has a desire, anybody that has an aptitude for science, for creativity, anybody who has an idea or anybody

Illustration by • yvonne bertovich wants to see their own idea or creation take form (should look into a career as an engineer),” Hart said. STEM careers can benefit the world in a multitude of ways, so it isn’t being selfish to choose such a major. “A lot of times it’s hard to make that connection, because if I’m making a better engine for Ford, how is it helping mankind?” Hart said. “But maybe its more fuel efficient-- there’s almost always something in it that’s making life better for people.” Of course, when choosing a major, it is a bad idea to base a

decision solely on money. There is no definite way to become wealthy because if there was, everybody would be rich. “The average salary listed for a major is not necessarily what you will get,” said Magda Rodriguez, a college and career counselor. “You should be sure that your choice is something that you want to do for the rest of your life, regardless of the pay.” The average starting salary for someone majoring in computer engineering is an attractive $70,400. However, it probably wouldn’t

be a good choice for someone who would rather be outside in the fresh air than inside typing code to pursue a STEM major. It is important to consider what you like personally. Additionally, the ranking of the highest paying majors is not based on what is possible for a person to earn. It is mostly rated by starting salary, and many careers can make more money later on. “When choosing a major, there are tons of contributing factors for most people, like money,” said Myles Henderson, a junior. “But personally, I’ll choose something I like doing.”

Senior Bucket List 10 things to do before graduation

1. Sit With A New Group Of People At Lunch One Day

2. Register To Vote

3. Say Yes To Everything For One Day

4. Plan an Epic Promposal

5. Make A Sincere Apology To Someone You Hurt During High School

6. Create Your résumé 7. Buy A College Sweatshirt From The School You're Attending

8. Tell Your Favorite Teacher How Much They Meant To You 9. Say Thank You To Everyone Who Supported You For The Past 4 Years

10. Go To A Football Game At Your School

Infographic by Madison Giarrizzo

opinion 6

Feb. 5, 2014


‘Winter Break’ not a break at all; time spent prepping for midterms EDITORIAL By Yvonne Bertovich Co-Managing Editor



was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, every creature was studying, even a mouse. An innocent rhyme, yet quite applicable, as student exams have succeeded winter break for several years now. Some may deem the change beneficial, in that students can have an extended period of uninterrupted study. Students attempting to review past material holistically with the intent of remembering, however, may have found it quite difficult when the free world was buzzing with festivities, or their rowdy uncle had a few too many spiked ‘nogs. Winter break is a typical time of year to relax, travel and catch up with relatives—a difficult task if one’s nose was jammed in a literature book or hastily filling out a psychology packet. Even if exams are after break and students choose to not study, the notion of having to return and prepare themselves for

illustration by • jasirah williams a test encompassing half a year’s material typically still looms in those of their right mind. Unfortunately, there would be no visions of sugarplums or gumdrops. Not to mention that this schedule warrants some teachers to assign review work that

takes far longer to complete than many comprehend. When exams proceeded the holidays, it was arguably a perfect segue into a more fulfilling winter break. Students could leave with no necessity of having one thought about school,

as all material had already been tested on for the first half of the year, and nothing new was yet introduced. Perhaps the best solution to exam qualms is, in the future, to take full advantage of a valuable two weeks off, relax and

prepare for an emotionally and mentally taxing return. Like the giant, not jolly, metaphorical Santa impersonator it is, Hillsborough County will give exams to all whenever it darn well pleases, regardless of what students really want.

Would you prefer exams before or after break?


“After, because then you’re not in class and have more time to study.” sophomore


ASHLEY BENJAMIN Print Editor-in-Chief BRANDON GOLDMAN Online Editor-in-Chief YVONNE BERTOVICH MARIELLE GOMEZ Co-managing editors NIKKI MORSE Social media editor AMANDA KIDD Entertainment editor


“I would like them before, because then after break it’s a fresh start.” sophomore


“I’d want them before because then they’re not hanging over your head.” junior

P REDATOR 2013-2014



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“I’d want them before break, because then over break we can have fun.” senior



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Volume 17 Issue 3


By Delaney Riveiro

Photo illustration by • Keegan Mckay Write it out - Delaney Riveiro, a junior, uses writing to express herself, especially when she’s experiencing strong emotions. Many students use a creative outlet to express their feelings, whether it be writing, music, painting or something else.

Student finds strength in poetry By yvonne bertovich co-managing editor Pen in hand, inhibitions cast away, the poet writes—boundless intention to set free any emotion of profound or troublesome nature. For some, like junior Delaney Riveiro, words and rhythm just come easier. “I write about whatever is prevalent or bothering me at the time,” Riveiro said. Riveiro, with her original poem “Strength,” won first place at the ninth annual Poetry Jam. She performed her poem at the

county competition on Jan. 31 and quite contemplative, as her at TECO Black Box, but results poem was incredibly personal. “It was about w e r e n o t my father cheatavailing on my mom “I use it as a release for able by and their distronger emotions.” press vorce,” Riveiro time. said. “I use it as a “It was release for stroninterger emotions.” Delaney Riveiro esting Poems to their Junior to hear poets are, in a everyway, guardians one’s whose embraces p e r are incomparably spective on different issues, reliable and comforting. and a lot of the themes were the “I usually just write poems in the heat of the moment, and same, like love,” Riveiro said. As joyous as such success I’m sure I’ll keep writing them,” was, Riveiro remains humbled Riveiro said.

They tell me the heart wants what the heart wants, but why does my heart always want what it can’t have. Why does it always want what doesn’t want me and why does it want things that cause me such pain. I live my life on the other edge of sanity, hiding from the things I want most. Living in constant fear of the love I crave so desperately. Cowering like a little kid at the swimming pool for the first time. You scoop me up, toss me into the deep end and I wonder if I’ll drown. I crash and thrash as the water surrounds me trying to force its way into my lungs. But I stand tall, the Statue of Liberty and sharing a glance with my best friend, the thinker, I ponder if I’m even on the right wavelength. I find myself in these whirlwinds of misunderstandings. I find myself in a twisting path of rusty nails and broken promises trying to cling to the damp, tattered fairy tales my daddy slashed when he tasted infidelity. Trying quick to heal the wounds of my mother cast by her lover’s hand. Hold me back, ‘cause I’m stronger now. Hold me back, before I fight for what’s right. Keep me down. Silence my vengeful cry so I can pretend it’s all alright. But I know it’s not. I don’t want to spend another night swallowing my pride and keeping my true feelings inside—but I do, to help my family survive. Sometimes I feel like it’s my job to provide and I must do so with lies. And I do, because I’m not the same girl who cowered with her brother behind the shower curtain late that night. When you raised your hand to her face and blood was spilling from the wounds of my mother as she tried to fight. To protect us like a momma bird from a father, a daddy that had gone berserk. Trying to save us from the broken bones and battle scars. Crimson spatters on the cotton white. As we lay hiding, hiding inside the darkness of your looming shadow. Wrapped tight beneath the covers

as you bang, bang on the door. I see you. Nothing more than the shell of what you use to be, turning your violence on the one who was right. Using your fists to pound at your perception of the truth. Morphing it into a twisted version of itself until you think you’re right. So you can find a way to help your damned soul sleep at night, to justify your cruelty and to try and wash away stains of her blood from your calloused hands. As you stand, the stronger man, staring victoriously at the bleeding lamb of innocence, everyone else can see they are stronger than you’ll ever be because true strength comes not from co-dependency on muscle and blind punches of spite, but from refusal to succumb to the pressures of ignorant people promising power to all who follow them as they hypnotize your mind white so they can fill in their lies on the pages of your individuality. Running, sprinting in the black of the night into the arms of a friend who will treat us right, into the arms of our savior who took that young girl seriously as she called in hushed whispers on that fateful night. With her brother huddled in her shaking arms as she searched for the strength that would let her true self ignite. Without your deceit I wouldn’t be who I am today, but in no way will I thank you for the pain and the suffering. I pretend like the actor I intend to be, but I’ll never love quite as blind as the girl behind the curtain on that dreadful night. Never again will I taste the trust I once had, never will I heal completely. Never will I be as good as new. I will mend but only to a variation of the old me to a new form of originality. I made strength from the fear so I could fight. I may never be the girl I was before you beat the blood from my mother, but I’ll always be stronger than you’ll ever see.


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Feb. 5, 2014

Feb. 5, 2014




a thing. They were amazed by the fact that he was older than me.” PRINT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jodi and Bobby also had the same family roots in Florida with the same family values, which they both deemed to be a positive in He is a guidance counselor and their relationship. she is an English teacher that can “His family was from West be seen around campus together Tampa and my family had roots in almost every day. But you may West Tampa. (It) was all about who not be aware of their “awesome” we knew and who they knew in relationship, as described by Bobby common. We were calling friends D’Agostino, guidance counselor. and family up a lot and we would Jodi D’Agostino and her husband ask ‘do you know this family, and met while working at Van Buren have you ever heard of this guy?’” Middle School in the mid-1990s. said Jodi. “It was passing time one day Even though they have two and we saw each other and we said children, a girl, Rachel, 13, and a ‘hey, how are you doing’ to each boy, Sage, 9, Jodi and Bobby still other, and that’s how it all started,” find time to spend with each other. Bobby said. “We try to enjoy our company “He was wearing a three whenever we can. It’s hard to piece suit that was navy do that when you have blue and he had long, kids that need to be curly, curly hair. here and there all “Love When I saw him the time. Any makes you feel all I could think chance we get, good about yourself of was ‘who we try to go and it gives you a sense of is that guy out together, purpose in this world.” with that hair even if and oh my it’s out to gosh isn’t he the store tall?’” Jodi said together, Jodi d’agostino giggling. and we just english teacher They have tell jokes and been together for laugh,” said 18 years since their Jodi. spontaneous encounter. The couple also “When I introduced my family watches television shows together to her, they all thought she was such as Castle, The Black List and great,” Bobby said, “They never Modern Family. They also watch thought I would meet someone so wrestling with their son who is into special like her.” the sport. Likewise, they find time Jodi added, “My family was to hang out with their friends and happy. My mom really liked him neighbors. and they got along really well. They both admire their sense He’s older by 8 years so it was like of humor and intelligence, which

Over 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are purchased yearly


t of en

them are purcha s

omen by w ed

Around one thousand cards are sent to Verona, Italy for Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Photo courtesy OF • Bobby D’AGOSTINO happily ever after - Jodi and Bobby D’Agostino share a meal at their wedding on Jan. 2, 1999. They celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in January and hope their relationship continues to flourish.

makes their love strong. “Love makes you feel good about yourself and it gives you a sense of purpose in this world. You’re going to witness a lot of things in this world that make you question why you get out of bed every day,” said Jodi. “But when you find someone like (Bobby), it’s great and makes everything so much easier.” “I think of love as when you

respect and like your spouse after almost 20 years, and your spouse feels the same about you, that’s a good thing,” Bobby said, chuckling. In January, they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and 18 years total together. In the future Jodi and Bobby hope to have a relationship even stronger than it is now and how it has been in the past.

Valentine’s Day is the #1 day for florists

“When we spend time together, I feel calm and happy. Without her, I wouldn’t laugh and life would be too serious and boring,” said Bobby. Jodi added, smiling, “We just enjoy being together all the time. I don’t think there was a time when I’ve been with him when I didn’t want to be with him.”

73 percent of those purchases are made by men 90 percent of those roses sold came from Colombia and South America

Valentine’s day leaves some without companion By cathy pahl club editor

forever alone? - Ricky Condon eats by himself on Valentine’s day since he has no companion. Valentine’s day can sometimes be a very hard day to cope with being alone for some.

surprisingly, there is always something to do. In the movie “Valentine’s Day,” they throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party to celebrate singles for once on this holiday.

Some recommendations on this holiday for singles include getting a pint of ice cream and some sappy movies and enjoying singledom.





Photo illustration by • scott sollazzo

$448 million spent on candy the week before Valentine’s Day


The chocolate, the teddy bears, the flowers — it all sounds like a fairy tale … except for when you are single. “I think a lot of people are really embarrassed at the thought of being single on Valentine’s Day,” said Natalie Santoro, a senior. Valentine’s Day is a day for couples to express their love for one another, but what about the single people? “If you’re single, it doesn’t matter, just have fun,” said Sarah Moll, a senior. Valentine’s Day activities for singles may seem like an awful way to spend this romantic holiday, but there are many events specifically for singles. For a holiday that seems to be discriminatory toward those uncommitted to a relationship,

“I think you should try not to focus on it, pretend like it’s just a normal day. Maybe hang out with some friends, keep it casual,” Santoro said. Being single on Valentine’s Day is not something to be ashamed of. It’s just something that people should be able to accept. Singles have even made a new name for this holiday to make themselves feel more accepted on this day; this holiday can also be known as Singles Awareness Day. It can be described as an alternative to Valentine’s Day for people who are single. Next time Valentine’s Day is thought of as a waste of a holiday, be sure to try out everything to make this holiday the best it can be, no matter the relationship status. When being single on Valentine’s Day, don’t get hung up on relationships, and diverge away form the norm to start a new tradition.


Valentine’s Day can either be the happiest day or the saddest day for both men and women of all ages across the world. For elementary school students, Valentine’s Day is one of the most exciting days of the year. In elementary school, we would devise our own shoe box into a “mailbox,” decorating it with the wackiest paper mache creations the mind could think of. Our creations would be adorned with pink, white and purple hearts, arrows and cupids, making sure our design was the best in the class. Before the big day, we would venture to multiple stores to look for the most creative Valentine’s Day cards and the sweetest candies that everyone wanted to hand out to our classmates. At the end of the day, stuffed with Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes, cookies and brownies, we’d go through our mailboxes and read the kind-hearted messages from our peers, all while eating even more candy like we didn’t have a monstrous chance of getting a cavity . In middle school, our group of friends would hand out small bags of candy filled with candy hearts, lollipops and Twizzlers so we would all feel special toward each other. In high school, the Valentine’s Day extravaganza becomes grander. As soon as you walk onto campus, giant teddy bears, bouquets of flowers and balloons can be seen from every corner. We would hope that one of those bouquets were ours, only to find out at the end of the day, that was only a fantasy and it would never happen – or at least for this year. Valentine’s Day was better in elementary school. We were guaranteed a card, some candies and maybe even some flowers. We wouldn’t feel depressed or insignificant because we’d get something from anybody or everybody in our elementary school classes. Now we are faced with the dauntless task, year after year, showing up to a sea of pinks, purples and white for a party that we were unexpectedly sucked into. But we also have to remember, you can’t always get what you want, as famously said by The Rolling Stones. There’s always next year and the year after for us to find our special someone. And if not, you always have the opportunity to do something for yourself on Valentine’s Day.

Teacher couple’s love continually grows

80 p erc

By Ashley Benjamin Print Editor-in-Chief



Designed by Ashley Benjamin


The crazy things we do for

Valentine’s Day is a 14.7 billion dollar industry in the United States

Infographic designed by Ashley Benjamin Sources:

hotspot 10

Feb. 5, 2014


Photo courtesy of • allen guy

Young Life brings teen sanctuary to New Tampa By nikki morse social media editor

Photo courtesy of • sabrina williams walking in a winter wonderland - The girls of Cabin Paint Fork stand on the stairs of their cabin lobby ready to ring in the New Year at Windy Gap 2013. The camp took place from December 28 to January 3 in Weaverville, North Carolina where the participants came together from all across the state to enjoy a week full of bible study, skiing and much more.

Shaelyn Hammel freshman

Meagan Bell sophomore

“It makes me feel more “I like playing all the connected to Jesus and fun games and being around positive people.” God.”

Monday nights, from 6 p.m. to all hours of the morning, students usually spend their time catching up on assignments that were ignored during the weekend, locked into the confines of their bedroom with an array of textbooks and scratch papers scattered everywhere. But why spend the night groveling and holding back a breakdown when Young Life is just a 10 minute drive away? Every Monday at 7 p.m., around 90 New Tampa students drive into Tampa Palms to the local YMCA— located at 110 E. Oak Ave— to enjoy an hour of songs, games, skits, ice breakers and a short message about God, the lure being a come-asyou-are dress code, friends who recommended the event to other friends and the promise of a Moes Monday trip sometime in the surrounding hours. “Young Life is a Non-Denominational Christian outreach ministry for high school kids,” Alissa Holcomb, Area Director for New Tampa, said. “We build friendships with teenagers, mentor them and point them towards Jesus. One thing to focus on is that kids can just come and be themselves. You don’t


have to come already believing many openings for high-school in God or even have a desire to. students to gain the volunteer You don’t have to go to church hours they need to apply for to be a part of Young Life. You scholarships like Bright Futures. For example, every Wednesjust get to come and be yourself. People don’t feel judged, they day at the Family of Christ can put aside all the stuff that’s Christian School — located on going on in their week and ex- 16190 Bruce B. Downs Blvd — perience what it really means to students help serve meals to the homeless at Serving It Up. Vollive life to the full.” One of the more well-known unteers can also help counsel the attributes of Young Life is the Capernaum Club, which is for teenagers highly anticiand young pated camps adults with — Windy “You don’t have to come s p e c i a l Gap and already believing in God or needs. Sharp Top. “I love Occurring even have a desire to. You the relain the winter don’t have to go to church tionships and summer, to be a part of Young Life. with teenmore than 100 students from You just get to come and be agers. I just love buildthe area travyourself. “ ing friendel to one of s h i p s — Young Life’s 24 properties Alissa Holcomb meaningful around the young life New Tampa friendships. I think that’s United States Area Director what it’s for a week of all about. I adventure, have mainbonding and t a i n e d the cabin life experience, all while being com- friendships through college and pletely unplugged from the out- beyond,” Holcomb said. So for a chance to hang out side world. Yes, that means no with friends, sign up for the best cell phones! If the high-adventure camps week ever and score volunteer and time away from home hours that are sure to wow coldoesn’t attract students, the lege admissions, it looks like volunteer opportunities defi- homework will have to wait annitely will. Young Life offers other hour.

Nate Bleckley junior

Jeffrey Keil senior

“I get to hangout with “It gives a fun and all my friends and fresh outlook on being refresh my views.” a Christian.”



Feb. 5, 2014


Alternatives to ordinary fundraisers By cathy Pahl Club editor There is a fundraiser takeover going on in the bustling hallways, and it is a sight seen each year—World’s Finest chocolate bars, Main Street Sweet Shoppe gummies and all the candies inbetween. What club advisers haven’t realized is that there are many other fundraisers that have not been done again and again throughout the hallways. Some things similar, yet different, that are being sold this year include chocolate covered pretzels, king size chocolate bars by Hershey’s and even beef jerky. “I think clubs should sell coupon cards because they can pay for themselves after a few uses,” said Allie Donlan, a senior. Although selling various food related items seems like a good plan to bring in the cash flow a club needs, it could also be a hindrance due to excessive supply of the product and an ever decreasing lack of demand. If the club still wants to do a food related fundraiser, there are many other things that can

be tried by clubs. “I both think and believe that selling Chick-Fil-A in school is good because people need to ‘eat more chicken,’” said Donlan. Some may think that car washes and bake sales are the only other options people can do, but creative websites can do all the work for a club, with hundreds of unusual fund gaining options. One option recommends is to “Go Hairless,” where volunteers commit to shaving their heads if a specified amount is raised by a deadline. Just think how much money a club could raise if they got a teacher, or even a principal, to do such a daring task. Large events are rarely done in this school, but just think about different organizations such as Relay For Life; they could raise millions of dollars in just one night. It’s crazy how much revenue can be gained. If someone were to get just a few clubs to host a small carnival, a talent show or even host an in school dunk tank in which one could dunk their club presidents, the funds raised from

Photo illustration by • mariah henderson SHAVE YOUR HEAD and EARN SOME Dough - Jonathan Filippi, a senior, shaves his head to help his club gain funds to go to competitions. There are many ways to gain money for your club other than using overplayed ideas. each would outweigh any cost one would expect to spend on it. recommends a walk-a-thon to bring in money. This is a common fundraiser in most elementary schools, and

with all the donors, it can create great revenue for the effort put in place. The only problem a person may encounter when picking an original fundraiser is getting it

approved. This should only be a small worry, because in the end, this is one of the better options one should take when putting a revenue producing event together.

Stewart wins Teacher of the Year award By Dane constant

ment at Wharton and was teacher of the year for the 2000-01 aND ROBBY FISHER school year, is now his mentor and is situated in the classroom CONTRIBUTING WRITERS right next to him. “Having another adult in the Chemistry teacher James Stewart was recently named teacher class right next to mine helps keep me sane after only being of the year. “I have always loved chemis- around kids all day,” Stewart said. try,” Stewart said. “I Many think it’s of Stewart’s stumy true dents passion for his my subject “I think its my true passion for my said teaching that really subject that really inspires me to is coninspires me to be my ducive be my best.” to a subest.” perior Stewart james StewART learning thanked his fellow CHEMISTRY TEACHER environteachers ment. “He for voting m o r e to give him than dethe honor. “I really didn’t see it coming,” serves the award,” said Robins Stewart said. Peck, a junior. “He always has Stewart’s love of chemistry a sarcastic edge that keeps the began when he took the class at class light and entertaining. He’s also very relatable, and Wharton as a student. His teacher, Wes Newton, who I feel like he understands the still part of the science depart- struggles of being a high school

Photo by • alex montgomery And the winner is... - James Stewart teaches one of his chemistry classes about the importance of science. He was awarded with the school’s Teacher of the Year award, courtesy of other teachers at the school. student.” Victor Elensi, a senior, added, “He not only balances out the whole informal structures, but also gives examples that are

easy to digest and understand. He’s able to explain complex concepts so that you aren’t left with any questions.” In addition to being a chemis-

try teacher for four years, Stewart is also one of the school’s teacher’s union representative as well as the club sponsor of the Science National Honor Society.

Zephyrhills Municipal Golf Course



Overseeded Fairways and Greens Beginners and Juniors Welcome 813-782-0714


39248 B Avenue • Zephyrhills

entertainment 12


Feb. 5, 2014


Media shuts out women from decisions, positions By Madison Giarizzo

on how women view themselves, even from a young age. According to a study done by psychologists at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill, girls as young Women make up 51 percent as age 6 are beginning to see of the country, yet only 20 to 30 themselves as sex objects. When percent of most roles and jobs in young girls consume media that perpetrates the stereotype the media. “It’s important that these num- that their only value is in bebers increase,” said Natiyah ing something men objectify Washington, a senior. “Men and and their only worth is in their women both play an important looks, they start to believe this role in the success of everything idea. “(Women are portrayed) as in this country. Women have contributed a lot to this country, perfect creatures that are ugly so it’s about time that we get the unless they look a certain way, i.e. mascredit we s i v e deserve.” boobs, This line link need is “Men and women both play an waist, a m a d e even more important role in the success of large butt, hair pressing everything in this country. Women long and hairas most have contributed a lot to this less,” said children grow up country, so it’s about time that we Elizabeth Seymour, spending get the credit we deserve.” a senior. much of “Without their time with the natiyah washington m a k e u p , media. senior jcel wo et hl reys, Accordand pering to The f u m e , Representation Project, American teenag- you’re a hideous creature that ers, on average, spend 31 hours needs to stay out of sight.” Women are usually portrayed a week watching TV, 17 hours a week listening to music, three this way in the media because hours a week watching movies, most big media corporations are 10 hours a week online and four run by men. According to The minutes a week reading maga- Representation Project, women have only 3 percent of clout pozines. The media has a huge impact sitions in telecommunications,

college editor

by amanda kidd ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Boy meets girl. Girl falls for boy. They’re all the same. Although the plots may be pretty similar, the acting is what makes romantic comedies a must-see or waste of time. Nicolas Sparks has created numerous romantic plots that have touched the hearts of millions, but none of his story lines seem to have a comedic edge to them. So what features must a movie have in order to be labeled a romantic comedy? There is really no science to it. Just as long as there are humorous appeals throughout the script and the plot features a classic romantic scenario, it could be considered a romantic comedy. These movies normally don’t feature a serious climax, nor are there disastrous events that fling the two main characters into each other’s loving arms. There is a heavier focus on what a love affair in the real world would be like. Let’s be honest, a muscular man with a glistening tan and long flowing hair won’t come take me away to his magical castle on a huge white stallion. So what’s the point of having that kind of plot in a movie about love? It’s not real. These movies allow people to escape their mundane lives, but seeing a movie about love that could actually happen seems so much more enjoyable. That’s why my attraction to the genre of movies is so great. People can have a connection to those plots opposed to those that could never actually happen. Romantic comedies are a genre unlike any other. It’s a combination of two top-selling genres that seems to generate hit movies. Its ability to reach all types of audiences is amazing, and it’s perfect for date night. No longer will that boyfriend have to agonizingly sit through an hour and a half of Fabio passionately kissing his damsel in distress. And let’s be honest, a happy boyfriend equals a happy girlfriend.

Photo by • josie lepe/bay area news group/mct woman in charge - Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer attends the annual trade show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. She has a powerful role in the media due to her position in the company. entertainment, publishing and advertising. This means a majority of the portrayals of women in the media are decided by men and not women. This leaves portrayals of women at a disadvantage, because women writing women characters have a perspective of being a woman that men don’t have. So it’s not a surprise that only 38.9 percent of characters in prime time programs are women. This serious deficiency in female characters also transfers onto children’s shows, where the percent of female charac-

ters is an even lower 30.8 percent. When young girls don’t see themselves represented in the shows that they watch, when they grow up, it seems almost the norm that their stories shouldn’t be represented on prime time programming. But not all hope is lost. “(It’s possible to overcome the oppression) by surrounding yourselves with positive people that boost your confidence instead of being around men who make you feel lesser of a woman,” said Elizabeth Apolinario, a senior.

Article 47 shows talent within student population By Marielle Gomez

the first five minutes, it was the best thing any of us had ever Co-Managing editor done … It just kind of came gether really fast.” When it comes to writing songs, Whether it’s soccer, cheerleadeach band ing, writing or any other activm e m b e r ity, every student has that one brings differthing they’re immensely pasent ideas to the sionate about. In junior Steven table, from exBorkowski’s case, it’s music. istential top“It’s my passion,” he said. “It’s i c s , to romance, to something that you live for. It’s events that have affected not just something that you do, their lives. it’s something that you live to “It’s hard to describe do. It’s your purpose.” your own music … In May 2012, We’re never like, ‘OK, the band Arwe want to sound like “It’s not just ticle 47 was this,’ or ‘We want to formed, something that you sound like Maroon consistdo, it’s something that 5,’ or something,” ing of you live to do.” Borkowski said. “We Borkowsjust kind of get togethki, Jassteven borkowski er, we play and each of mine Deja, us writes the songs … we junior 20, and his all just write the songs and brother, Paul then jam it.” Borkowski, 21. The band can be found play“Paul and Jas were in a band before (Article 47) called ing at different venues like New Decaf DNA, and then they World Brewery, Crowbar and broke up and I was like, ‘Oh USF. However, most of their fan I’d like to jam with you guys,’ base is centered around St. Peand we all jammed,” Borkowski tersburg. “We like to have our shows as said. “It’s funny because within

Photo courtesy of • steven borkowski more like an experience rather than just like some band that goes up and plays some songs that you bob your head to,” Borkowski said. When it comes to practicing, Borkowski tries to put in as much time as he can into his music. However, most of the group practice occurs during the weekend because each of the group members live in different areas. “We can’t really jam together

that often during the weekdays … sometimes during the week since Paul and I are brothers, we get together and go through songs that we write so we can get kind of an idea then bring it to Jas,” Borkowski said. The band has enjoyed success, having an album released on iTunes available to purchase. “I feel like most people are here for a reason, and I feel like I found my reason,” Borkowski said.



Feb. 5, 2014


Florida State Fair set to entertain By amanda kidd entertainment editor The sizzling of fried foods in the distance. Children dragging their parents to the front of the line. Laughter heard as people experience the twists and turns of numerous rides. It’s that time of the year again— the 2014 Florida State Fair. Featuring food galore, a variety of game booths and every ride one could think of, the Florida State Fair is taking place this year from Feb. 6 to 17. Admission will be $12 for adults and $6 for children on Saturday to Sunday, and $10 for adults and $5 for children Monday to Friday. However, like always, admission for students in Hillsborough County will be free on Fair Day this Feb. 7. “I’m expecting really fun rides, a huge ferris wheel and tons of fried food,” said Andrea Valencia, a junior. The State Fair is known for including a large amount of fried food booths. There are a vast amount of options from salty to sweet, including fried pickles and fried cookie dough. Along with typical fried items, a fairgoer can experience other delicious food items, such as

Photo courtesy of • tom hagerty cotton candy anyone? - The fair’s skyride travels back and forth as it carries enthusiastic riders in the background. The fair has been open since 1904 and also features fine art and agricultural competitions. pizza, fries and foot-long corn dogs. With the way the booths are set up, there is a food stop on every corner, allowing someone to eat all throughout the day. “I expect to be able to find a variety of deep-fried food that speaks to the demographic of students,” said Noah Genson, a junior. Although food is a major characteristic of the fair, the rides are

another key component. Dating all the way back to 1893 when George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. opened the first ferris wheel to the public, the attraction has been a sought out by citizens across the country. Even though the ferris wheel may be the oldest attraction there, many other rides for all ages are spread throughout the grounds – rides that spin, rides

that have speed, even rides that rocket a person into the air. Whether someone is aged 4 or 50 years old, there is a ride for them. There is fun for all ages. “There are so many different rides, and it’s really exciting seeing them all lit up,” Valencia said. Now, for those who are looking for a place with pristine cleanliness and high security, this is

not the place for them. Trash is pretty common, and one could get dirty due to the fact the fair is set up on an open field. Another down side to the fair is that everything costs something inside. The only way to avoid getting back in line to purchase tickets would be getting an all-day ride pass, but that leads to a problem of wasting money if one doesn’t want to stay and ride rides the entire time. Whether it is food, a show or a ride, there is always a cost leading to one leaving with an empty wallet and nothing to show for it. “I don’t like how you have to pay for everything,” said Hannah Olson, a junior. “Even if you get a free student ticket, you still have to pay for everything inside the fair.” The fair has been a continuous tradition throughout America that, for several weeks, is able to gather thousands of people together to enjoy great family fun. It’s entertainment that comes to Florida only once a year and allows people to have experiences they normally wouldn’t be able to have in their daily lives. “I like how the fair only comes once a year, it makes it something that everyone looks forward to,” Valencia said.

17 years strong, Wharton continues to grow copy editor Throughout the halls and classrooms looms the ghosts of Wharton’s past, visible in the subtlest of ways — scratches on lockers, stains on cement, stories whispered into the air. Like everything, Wharton has a history, and the student body is immersed in it. The Wharton history book begins on August 21, 1997, the date the school officially opened and became New Tampa’s first high school. It also starts with one man — Paul R. Wharton himself, who was a part of the Hillsborough County School for 38 years. As the pages of the history book are flipped, transitions are made from principal to principal — Mitchell Muley to George Gaffney to Scott Fritz and now Brad Woods — each contributing their own bit of development to the school. “I think that we’ve continued to improve on some great things that were happening before I got here. I think that we have continued to push students academically; I think we’ve raised the academic bar since I’ve been here. During my time here, we’ve been able to earn two A grades, two Bs and a C,” said Woods. “I think, during my time here, I’ve been able to make some changes to the physical structure with the security cameras, the marquee, the installation of the rubber track, with being able to give teachers access to whatever technology or equipment that they need for them to be able to do their jobs to the best of their ability.”

The purpose of Wharton’s creation in 1997 was to relieve other schools of overcrowding from several high schools transferred to Wharton, but most from King. Forty-seven percent of ’98 class seniors reported to have transferred from King. “We’ve grown to become one of the most heavily attended schools in Hillsborough County, so enrollment is probably the biggest change,” said Thomas Tonelli, guidance counselor. Raoul Zayas, TV productions teacher, added, “I think we’ve gotten bigger population wise. We didn’t have the 100 hall, we didn’t have the 500 hall, so I think we’ve just gotten bigger.” With the population of the school growing throughout the years, extracurricular activities, clubs and classes have been bustling with talent, adding to Wharton as a whole. “There are programs that have always came on really, really strong and have made the school look really good and I think have enhanced the school,” Zayas said. “The arts have always been strong. Athletically, we’ve always been strong. We’re an A school. That’s a big deal.” Wharton also gathers its history through the influence it makes outside its campus. “I think it’s always been a positive school. I think, a lot of times, the media in the Tampa Bay area tries to make us look bad, like they tried with the Blue Crew and all that, and Plant and all that,” Zayas said. “I think anyone that knows Wharton and is here knows that that was not good media, in my opinion, and not good reporting; they didn’t get the whole story. I think that things have always been very positive here at Wharton.”

Tonelli added, “There’s been a lot of things that we haven’t gotten a lot of positive publicity for, for whatever reason, whether it be some type of discipline situation or a fight, but, unfortunately, it seems like, unfairly and unjustly, the media and some people in the community have tried to attack Wharton for some negative things that have happened, when really, the positive accomplishments of both the students and the school far outshine any negatives about it.” Wharton’s history blossoms through the various activities that it sponsors — the history grows through all titles won by sports, clubs and art departments. The history grows through the alumni who leave and make names for themselves, carrying Wharton’s name with them, such as notable alumni Adam Kluger, branding agent, and Larry Edwards, NFL player. “Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat,” Tonelli said. Photo by • scott sollazzo oh how time has gone by - A stack of yearbooks from 1998 to 2013 sit in the yearbook room. These yearbooks contain priceless memories from Wharton.

w H ARTON TRI V IA 1. Who was Wharton’s first principal? a. Scott Fitzgerald b. Mitchell Muley c. Scott Fritz d. Johnny Smith

2. What grade did Wharton recieve for the 2012-13 school year? a. A b. B c. C d. D

3. Who was a Wharton alumni that went into the WNBA? a. Debbie Merill b. Ashley Baker c. Tamara James d. Candice Dupree Answers: 1. B, 2. A, 3. D

By marina jankovic




Feb. 5, 2014



By Giovanni Orabona

ncaa postseason system changes As the 2013 college football season comes to a close, the focus is shifted to 2014 and the newly implemented College Football Playoff. This playoff system will replace the Bowl Championship Series, which has been heavily criticized for many years because of its poorly selected matchups, providing non-worthy proposed championship series, such as 2012’s Notre Dame vs. Alabama. The new playoff system is a welcome site for many college football fans tired of seeing their team in low ranked bowl games. The BCS does depart on a good note with one of the most entertaining championship games of all time. Florida State, which also played in the first BCS title game, defeated Auburn 34-31 in a last-second comeback win to send the old system out in style. Although a fan favorite, the playoff will need many adjustments. Currently, the system only includes the nation’s top four ranked teams, leaving this system a very small improvement for fans hoping to have NFL-style playoffs. I am happy to see that the NCAA has taken notice from the many complaints fans have had about the very flawed BCS system, but I don’t see this college playoff system taking a major impact until the NCAA decides to widen the number of teams able to participate in the it. Regardless of the amount of teams, I am still glad to see playoffs in college football; it’s this playoff system that will help create a more exciting and worthy champion and eliminate less spotlightready teams like last season’s Ohio State.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup celebrates its 20th tournament. Hosted in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, the event includes 32 teams from across the world that will battle it out for the coveted FIFA World Cup trophy. Brazil has the most cup trophies at five, and with home field advantage this year, they are the heavy favorite. Meanwhile, Spain, the defending World Cup champion, is a close second behind Brazil. However, Spain will have to make history if they want to repeat their victory, as the previous four World Cup Finals held in South America were all won by South American teams. Third seed Argentina will have its hands full as forward Lionel Messi, team captain, is playing with a tweaked hamstring. The four-time Ballon d’Oris winner is regarded by many as the best player in the world, and the injury will greatly affect Argentina if Messi is not able to play at full capacity. The United States, placed at the 13th seed, is not shaping up to move very far into the tournament with a mess of injuries and team commitments. It will be a struggle for the U.S. to

Photo by • John Sleezer/kansas city star/mct fight for the cup - Jamaica defender Demar Phillips (12) and USA midfielder Alejandro Bedoya (11) battle for a head ball in the first half at Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas, Friday, October 11, 2013. The USA defeated Jamaica, 2-0. have its best line up on the field in June. A nightmare of match-ups may plague the U.S., whether they face powerhouses like

Netherlands and Italy or lower level teams like Russia and Greece. Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann will need his best players healthy for the U.S. to

make a deep run. The World Cup’s popularity hasn’t decreased since the 2010 tournament, as 1.1 million tickets were sold for this year’s cup within the first seven hours of sales, according to Countries all over the globe tune in to watch the soccer spectacular. The 2010 World Cup generated record-breaking viewing figures reaching an audience of over 3.2 billion people, which is 46.4 percent of the global population, according to “I’m watching the cup to see USA win it all,” said Mitch Hartnell, a senior. Fernando Ventura, a sophomore, added, “I’ll be watching the World Cup because soccer is my favorite sport. I’m rooting for Argentina because Lionel Messi is on that team and he’s on my favorite team, Barcelona.” According to, the Brazilian government spent $12 million to invest in new stadiums and infrastructural upgrades in preparation for the event, making this year’s tournament the most expensive World Cup of all time. However, problems erupted as the three stadiums in construction will not be ready for the World Cup’s debut date of June 12.

sochi. 2014 The Winter Olympics lit its first torch on Jan. 24, 1924 in France. Since then, more than 20 games have taken place around the world including Italy, the United States and Japan. This year, starting on Feb. 7 in Sochi, Russia, more than 50 countries will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals and potentially go home with the most awards at the closing ceremonies on Feb. 23. Here’s a look at some suprising facts about the Winter Olympics.


There will be Olympic sport disciplines. Some of these sports include hockey, figure skating and curling.

The 2014 Winter Olympics torch was lit on Oct. 7, 2013 in Moscow, Russia . It traveled through over 130 Russian cities.

The Olympic torch is white with red accents, the traditional color of Russian sport.

The top three countries with the most Winter Olympic wins are...

#2 The previous Winter Olympic games were held in Vancouver, Canada in 2010.

Russia won their right to host the 2014 Winter Olympics after winning their bid against Austria and South Korea






The Paralympic Games will only have 5 disciplines: Alpine Skiing, a Biathalon, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Sledge Hockey and Wheelchair Curling

Here are some countries that will be participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics Sources: Designed by Ashley Benjamin

wildcatfeature Predator

Feb. 5, 2014


WINTER SPORTS Basketball, soccer and cheerleading lead Wharton to victory during the winter season.

1. Photo by • alex montgomery

2. Photo by • alex montgomery

4. Photo by • scott sollazzo

3. Photo by • ALex montgomery

1. The cheer team does a pyramid at a Wharton Invitational for other cheerleading teams in Hillsborough County. The competition took place at Wharton High on Jan. 8 and the Wildcats took home fourth place. 2. Chase Litton, a senior, shoots a jump-shot during the Wildcat’s game against Alonso High. Wharton won 54 - 42 at Alonso. 3. Elizabeth Collins, a junior, throws in the ball during a tough and physical soccer game against Freedom High. The final score was 3 - 2 with Wharton winning at Freedom High on Nov. 21, 2013. 4. Coach Chad Reed goes over the game plan after the first quarter of a girl’s basketball game versus Alonso High.

gameday 16

Feb. 5, 2014


New point guard from Jordan earn a fifth consecutive district title for the Wildcats. sports editor Taylor said playing is much more challenging on this side of the Atlantic. There’s more to Jack Taylor “Over there, they don’t really than meets the eye. The 6-foot-1 have the same skill level they senior has traveled from Jordan have here, which is why I enjoy to Tampa to play the sport he playing here a lot better,” Taylor loves—basketball. said. “I feel like I’ve improved,” He was born in Saudi Arabia Coach Tommy Tonelli said and moved to Jordan at age 5. Taylor’s time in Jordan helped B e f o r e him develop in traveling other ways. to Ameri“The competi“He’s improved ca, Taylor tion and level of t r a v e l e d tremendously from last year. play, intensity a r o u n d His confidence has improved and physicalthe Middle ness in Jordan as well as point guard play.” isn’t anything East, playing basketclose to what ball along Tommy tonelli it is here, ‘but I the way. think in Jordan, Coach he was relied “Living in Joron by his team dan was as a scorer and very different—the culture, the shooter; that’s helped him here,” people, the way they act—every- Tonelli said. “He’s demonstrated thing was just a lot different from those abilities.” it is here,” Taylor said.“The style Last year, Taylor didn’t expeof play (basketball) is a lot differ- rience much playing time, as he ent. Coaches teach you to shoot was still establishing himself into a lot more and hit the open man. a new style of basketball. Now, Here, it’s a lot more aggressive. he’s a starter and a major scoring Players here like to show off a threat. little bit, but overall, the style of “He’s improved tremendously the game is a lot different.” from last year. His confidence The point guard has brought his has improved as well as his point athletic talent across the Atlantic guard play. I don’t think he and landed in the bay to help played much point guard prior

to coming here, but it’s a demanding position and he’s done a good job with it,” Tonelli said. For Taylor, opportunities are limitless at starting point guard with the repeating district champion basketball team. “I’m just trying to improve, listen to coach Tonelli, hopefully earn a college scholarship, help my team as much as possible, try to get districts again—that would be a major thing—and just try to help my team as much as myself,” Taylor said. Taylor and his team play in the district tournament on Feb. 5 at Bloomingdale. Tipoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.

By Giovanni Orabona

Jack Taylor 2013-2014 Stats Average points per game: 15.8 Average assists per game: 4.7 Record as starter: 16 - 5






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HOOPS - Jack Taylor, a senior, scans for a lane around a defender. The point guard lived in the Middle East all his life before moving to Tampa last year and establishing himself as Wharton’s new point guard.




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