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Directions for Dipity Timeline

1. Sign in using the name and password provided in Edmodo. 2. Click Get Started to begin

3. Add a topic name and description. Confirm that the Timezone is Central Time. Add a picture if you want to. Confirm that the permissions are set exactly like I have them here.

4. Click on Add Event on the left hand side. Fill in the form that pops up. Keep doing this until you have added everything you want to. 5. When you have finished adding all your dates, click continue in the bottom corner of the screen. 6. Just hit Save and view Timeline. 7. In the future, you can hit the Add an Event button to add more stuff to the timeline if you want to.

8. Choose embed to get your embed code. Press CTRL+A to select and then copy the code.

Dipity timeline directions  
Dipity timeline directions  

Directions for using a dipity timeline