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Walnut High School Walnut, CA Volume 49, Issue 2 November 3, 2016

Walnut High All Male sophomore Nathan Magno performs a choreography to “She Likes” by Pleasure P during the Fall Pep Rally on Friday, Oct. 28.

WHAM practiced for over 30 hours on this piece, which was choreographed by Ryan Yamasaki (alumnus ‘16). “When I was up on the stage I felt so alive, and when I heard the crowd roar, I felt a burst of confidence and energy surge through my body.”




Mission We, the Hoofprint staff, strive to inform the student body in an accurate, timely and objective manner. While we take responsibility for the legitimacy of our reporting, we also recognize the freedom of the press and speech given to us under California Education

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Investigative reporting


Discover how student actions have helped to shape the future of District of Choice.

Start off the fall season with tunes that will put you in the ultimate autumn mood.

Code 48907. We seek to reflect the diversity of the school and to be an open forum that encourages student expression and discussion. Through our


coverage, we hope to represent the distinct character of the Walnut community.



Print Editors-in-Chief: Cherie Chu, Sabrina Wan

Examine the way students learn through audiovisual and social media.

Online Editors-in-Chief: Lisa Shen, Jo Ann Sun Media Manager: Brian Wu Managers: Olivia Chiang, Vivian Lee Business Managers: Airi Gonzalez, Jeffrey Tran Photo Lead: Jeffrey Tran Photo Manager: Airi Gonzalez News Editors: Jessica Huang, Melissa Kim Opinion Editors: Brian Chen, Phillip Leung Feature Editors: Natalie Jiang, Albert Law In-Depth Editor: Angela Zhang Scene Editor: Sophia Ding Arts Editors: Kevin Arifin, Angela Cao Sports Editors: Haixin Guo, Julie Lee Video Manager: Eunice Lin Social Media Editor: Samuel Compolongo Online Media Editor: Caroline Huang




For those filling out college applications, it’s time to consider whether outside help is beneficial in the long run.

Photographers: Jamie Chen, Samuel Compolongo, Sara Corona, Richard Zhang Staff Writers: Sarah Aie, Andre Alvarez, Florence Ao,



Marching Band and Colorguard incorporate a new Heroes and Villains theme at their first field show of the year.


Anabelle Chang, Erica Chang, Amber Chen, Emily Chen, Jamie Chen, Kelly Chen, Nicole Chiang, Jocelyn Chow,

Junior Cyrus Lee tells the story of his move to America, 7,000 miles from home.

Jason Corpin, Sara Corona, Tristan Gonzalez, Brian Honng, Jeremy Hsiao, Justin Jiang, Brandon Lai, Austin Lam, Isaac Le, Samantha Lee, Isabella Leung, Annie Li, Ashley Liang, Ashley Lin, Kyle Lin, Elaine Liu, Cynthia Lu, Jason Luna, Amy Lo, Emily Ng, Bella Pan, Isabella Pollalis, Uniss Tan, Athena Tang, Emmeline Tantry, Sean Wang, Brandon Win, Sherman Wu, Anna Yu, Irene Zhou Adviser: Rebecca Chai

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Junior Fitty Liu supports organizations that help those in need by selling her art.

18 Sports

From league baseball to collegiate scholarships, seniors Dylan Needham and Dylan Zavala share more than just a name.


november 2016


Insight into the role of mental and physical health resources School pressure. Peer pressure. Family pressure. We’ve all experienced the ups and downs associated with the high school experience. However, we often keep our troubles to ourselves instead of seeking outside help, which can be dangerously suffocating during the crucial adolescence growth period. There is a myriad of resources offered to us, whether through counseling or health support, yet we often do not take advantage of these opportunities. Perhaps there is a certain culture that denounces weakness that induces some students to think it uncomfortable to reveal their vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, confronting and learning from these issues are the most crucial aspects of personal development, and we should utilize the school’s support system wisely to enhance this growth.


Grade Level Coordinators are available to all students at all times for issues, ranging from scheduling academic classes to planning for the future. Class of 2020 Grade Level Coordinator

DuJuan Johnson

“If you ask any student that’s been in my office, usually the first thing I say is ‘we all make mistakes.’ I want them to feel that there’s someone that has experienced what they’ve experienced. There will be consequences, but we can learn from them and move forward. As GLCs, we’re not here to scare kids, we’re here to help and encourage.”

Class of 2017 Grade Level Coordinator

Ken McDill

“Mental health ranges anywhere from listening to a student when they are having difficulties to giving advice to a student from our experiences. People make mistakes, and kids make mistakes. The whole idea is for them to grow up, to mature, to evaluate who they want to be and why they want to be [that].”

Peer counselors are confidential sources with whom students discuss personal conflicts. Peer Counseling Adviser

Drew Johannsen

“People get sad and stressed and angry and hurt. Peer counselors are a safe place to go, they aren’t going to judge you or tell what you say, so sometimes it’s easier, after you get through the initial awkwardness of it, to share deeper stuff. I think people are shocked that advice is not our big thing, it’s mostly listening and helping you make decisions for your own life.”

Peer Counselor

Sydney Montgomery, 12

“Without [school resources] I feel as though students would feel completely alone and unheard. Also, I feel like students are comfortable talking to people who are around the same age as them. The perspectives affect how much a student would trust and share their issue.”

Sports Medicine and the nurse are open to all students in need of physical aid. Sports Medicine Teacher

Nelson Chen

“My position is that I’m an athletic trainer. The other half of my day is probably being a counselor. Honestly, kids just need someone that listens. I think they’ve been told all day from teacher to teacher what they need to do, but they have no one to talk to. I think part of my job is to just listen and to have these kids not bottle up these emotions.”


Donna McAnally-Cuelho

“[When a student comes to me] I ask them what’s wrong, and then I try to decide if it’s something medical or if they just need to talk. Sometimes they just need a hug, somebody to tell them it’s okay. [For] some of these kids, there’s a lot of things that happen at home and school that they’re dealing with and they just need to talk to somebody, they need the guidance.”

Sports Medicine Procedure


The sports medics follow a specific procedure in times of emergency.

1 Investigate -

Evaluate the situation and surroundings.


2 Ask questions Assess the severity of the injury, and find out if it has happened before.

3 Begin protocol Notify parents and decide whether or not physical therapy should be performed in or out of school.

4 Plan Devise a physical rehabilitation program for the student to follow and recover.



investigative reporting

Student statistics

Student Interviews

These statistics reveal the average number of students who seek outside guidance. SOURCES: ROB COAD, DUJUAN JOHNSON, AND DONNA MCANALLY-CUELHO


Students express their opinions on the necessity and usefulness of mental and physical health resources.

Grade Level Coordinators

Emma Yan, 9

Kaitlyn Choi, 10

2-3 students visit per day for academic reasons


“When you have all that pent-up stress, it can really build and going to resources can help relieve that stress. It depends on what your situation is, but they can give you advice. They can lead you to other people you can talk to and other places you can go.”

students per day

3 students visit per day for personal issues 3 students visit per week to discuss plans for the future

“There’s a lot of kids who don’t have many resources at home, and school is like a second home to them. I feel like if kids are able to open up and be in a more comfortable environment, they’d be more interested in coming to school and staying in school.”

Peer Counseling


students per year

3% eating disorders 2% substance abuse 3% sexual identity 4% self-harm 5% academics

18% depression

7% social issues

Kaitlin Shao, 11

“I’ve heard that [school] resources are actually pretty helpful. I know that they see a lot of students. GLCs make it known that they’re here for you for all four years, and peer counseling always comes into classes and talks about where you can go to for help.”

17% anxiety/stress 12% family

12% conflict resolution

David Argueta, 12

“It all depends on the student, how open they are and how badly they need the help. Peer counselors, it’s just their job to get to the source of the problem and help you out, but you think the only people that understand your problems are closest to you, like your friends or family.”

17% relationship issues



students per day

DID YOU KNOW that Walnut High has a Lifeline card? If you feel that you or someone you know needs support or advice, please refer to the following sources, speak to your GLC or talk to your teacher. SOURCE: WALNUTHS.NET

This Card Is A Lifeline! WAL NUT

If you are in need of help and don’t know how to ask for it, give this card to a: • WHS Peer Counselor • GLC or School Psychologist • Teacher • Parent or a trusted Adult



november 2016


Editorial Presidential Election With the presidential election coming up in less than a week, we all probably have a preferred candidate. Much of what we know about the presidential candidates comes from media, and the way that news sources portray such people greatly influences our impressions and opinions of them. Although media and news are supposed to be free of partisanship, many sources are pushed either left or right in order to cater to the largest audience possible. Rather than spreading the complete truth, they choose to selectively publish what demeans the opposing candidate or raises their own candidate on a pedestal. As consumers of media, we are only able see what is given to us and not what is kept hidden, thus getting only half of the whole image. When Saturday Night Live releases exaggerated renditions of the presidential elections and news sources endorse a certain candidate for presidency, we are spoonfed partiality without a chance to create an opinion for ourselves. Although we think we are making informed decisions about the candidates and their policies, we ultimately base our choices on the image that the media has given us. We, at the Hoofprint, realize the importance of publishing content that shows all sides of a story. In fact, our mission to do so is embedded in our policy: “We exercise [the] rights to thoroughly investigate and report all issues in an unbiased, objective manner.” Our goal is to present the facts, and have the readers make conclusions and judgments based on what they read. We strive to uphold this belief in hopes that in this modern day and age, when mass media is within reach and easily distorted, we can take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It may serve as our prime medium of communication and knowledge, but we should still exercise the right to question the level of truth and neutrality in what is broadcasted. Without this practice of questioning, we are blinded from the truth and oftentimes unconsciously support the biased opinion of media rather than our own. It becomes a threat to society when people are manipulated to believe whatever the media wants us to believe. Ω

HOW TO GET YOUR OPINIONS PUBLISHED: 1. If you’re interested in getting your work published, type a reply to an article or situation on campus and email it to letter@whshoofprint. com, or draw a comic or political cartoon in black ink and turn it in to Ms. Chai in D-1. 2. Include your name, grade, first period class and phone number. (Anonymous letters will not be published.)

Teacher involvement in college apps It’s the season of college apps. How much support can teachers offer? It’s time to get help, but also time to consider if we’re putting in our effort. Brian Wu

the student enjoys the environment

Throughout our K-12 education, our

Media manager

and the vibe of the school. Although

teachers hold our hands and tell us

it may sound cliche, the fact is that

what to do, what to study and when


we will be living there for the next

homework and projects are due.

in AP classes, I’ve



four years and whether or not we like

However, the majority of colleges



simply being there will be crucial to

simply do not allow for professors

complaint repeated over and over


our happiness, our academic studies

or even TA’s to guide us through

again: “why aren’t my teachers more

and our social life.

school. We will be one student among

involved in my college applications”?

An important thing to remember

hundreds to even tens of thousands

Everytime I hear this question, I

is that our English teachers do not

of students on a single campus, so

ask myself, “why would I ever want

know us nearly as well as we know

students must keep track of their

my teacher to be involved in my


own responsibilities and prepare for

applications for, arguably, the most

especially the essays, are designed to

important four years of my life?”

highlight our unique characteristics



Although our parents or peers

and our differing stories. These essays

often give their own ideas as to

are also a representation of our own

which colleges are ideal, the choice

voice and ideas, rather than what

is ultimately up to us. There are

subjectively sounds good to someone

many factors such as cost, financial


independence. Instead of asking what our teachers, counselors, or parents can do for us, we should be asking what we can do for ourselves. College is where we make new friends, new connections,






aid, geographic location, student

Choosing a school that fits our

population, and available majors

academic and social needs is our first

that affects our decision to apply to

step into becoming adults. As college

responsibilities. In the end, our own

certain schools. However, the most

students, we will be responsible our

decision is what matters the most as it

important factor that goes into

own time, money, health, social life,

is ultimately what we will depend on

choosing a school is whether or not

academics, and ultimately our future.

for the rest of our lives. Ω



Q&A How much should teachers be helping us?


Emily Nguyen, 12

“I think that teachers should be involved to a limited extent. I think that they can help students out and everything, but I don’t think that they should really shape what you write or what you decide to do. ”

Gilberto Ochoa, 11

“Teachers should be really involved in college applications, because most of the time, students aren’t too sure how to apply, or what to include in their college applications. ”

Nathan Burdick,12

“They should be really involved because a lot of students don’t know what they’re doing. My teacher helped me a lot. She’s actually gone over my personal questions already.”





Gossip: The Scoop Gossip is something that constantly circulates around campus; we simply take what we hear for granted. Sabrina Wan

and pieces from what others around


us are saying. Once we’ve compiled enough facts to form a coherent story,

Gossip (noun):

“Unconstrained and casual

we relay them to the next person and so on.


This perpetual cycle of spreading

or reports about other people,

rumors is nothing new. It reassures us

typically involving details which are

that we are in the loop of the social

not confirmed as true.” According

strata, gaining a sense of connection

to Oxford Dictionary’s definition of

with our friends and classmates. It

the word, there is no validity behind

simply becomes another conversation

such statements. So why do we tend

starter — something we can bring

to take so much of what we hear at

up to in a group discussion when

face value?

there aren’t any other intellectually

When shocking (compelling and entertaining) news about something in our community breaks loose, a sudden urge to find out more takes ahold of us, which eventually festers into an unrelinquishing desire to satiate that curiosity. We turn into detectives: trying to uncover more information about

grounded subjects to take up on. The issue with pervasive gossip is that it has no solid foundation. We pass them around by word of mouth because we find certain statements interesting; however, rarely do we ever stop to think about the impact of the rumor and its authenticity. Ω Continued at

what’s happening by gathering bits

Now trending: What makes new viral trends so successful?


Much like last year’s media outbreak, the ALS Ice Bucket Challlenge, the #22KILL challenge has had recent success. Albert Law

to support the cause (source: CNN.

in the activity too. We can raise

that an average of 22 veterans

ups. The organization also sells

Feature editor


The Ice Bucket

Challenge throughout

awareness easily because we have

commit suicide everyday. Veterans

merchandise to donate to the cause

Why was the challenge so

mob mentality; whenever someone

in particular make up for more than

and hosts extracurricular activities including triathlons.

successful? It is the curiosity in our

does something interesting or unique,

50 percents of the suicides. The


nature that makes us so intrigued to

we want to take part to it also. But

movement raises awareness for the

What made this trend so successful


see what is happening. When a friend

what is most important is how the

veterans suffering from post traumatic


country, with people nominating each

gets nominated to do the challenge,

attention can actually be beneficial

stress, traumatic brain injury and

popularized the ALS Ice Bucket





other and donating various sums of

the first thing we ask is “What is

toward the cause it is trying to bolster.

other stresses that the military lifestyle

Challenge. The two trends are

money. More than 17 million people

he or she doing?” or “Why is he or

A new type of awareness has been

results in.

simple, easy to film and anyone can

participated in the challenge, and

she doing that?” After we discover

growing: the #22KILL challenge.

The challenge requires participants

donate money to the cause. We can

over 2.5 million people nationally

why they are doing the challenge,

The movement started in 2013 after

to do 22 push-ups each day and has

raise awareness easily because we

donated a cumulative $115 million

we naturally feel inclined to partake

the Veteran Analysis (VA) released

totaled around 44,315,896 push-

have mob mentality Ω


november 2016


Creativity assignments in modern classroom Creative activities (oral presentation, group projects, video production) are breaths of fresh air, but how effective are they in terms of learning?



Phillip Leung

Besides, there’s really no alternative:

Opinion editor

if students don’t follow the format, their grades will drop. On the other

Another from







and middle schools have taught

teacher. Another Schaffer-style essay

us all to think outside of the box.

you have to write. Doesn’t sound too

Yet, high schools and universities

fun, does it? A majority of written

reward conformists who follow the

assignments in high school follow

standardized rules.

a format that limits the creativity student can express.

should we implement time into

style essays: it follows the format of


TS, CD, CM, CM, transition, CD,

writing? Creativity is one the goals of

CM, CM, CS. Although the CD and

education in general. Independent

CM positions are interchangeable,


the format is restrictive because

thought; perhaps bringing higher

students can only write a certain

success rates when dealing with

number of sentences per “chunk”

academic challenges. Students will

or paragraph. In addition, teachers

also be driven to ask new questions

dock off points if students fail to use

and develop innovative answers.

all parts of the “chunk.”






Many students whom I have

no can


limit bring

to to


the Schaffer format prevents them

class discussions will become more

from expressing their ideas fully.

livelier and meaningful. Teachers

Sure, it’s arguable that you can vary

will have more freedom in other

the information in each sentence,

styles of writing or altering their

but it’s just not enough for other

lesson plans. Essays will no longer


be a tedious burden to students. Ω



Think that creative activities are useful


Think that English classes should assign creative activities

Brian Chen

am not advocating for one-sided

Opinion editor

minds who think to only memorize formulas; I do promote the fostering




of creative minds with pragmatic

the bad guy. Because

knowledge. Rigor and structure,

we’re trying to learn, let alone pass

ironically, are still the best equation

AP tests at the end of the year,


creativity should play no part in the

classes I have taken, such as AP US


History and AP Literature, have a little to no creative processes, yet,

presentations, these are not tangible

have proved the most rewarding in

methods of learning. There is a

terms of teaching how to be creative

time and place for these expressive

with essays and analyzing passages.

activities, but in the realms of

Creative minds are ultimately a

English, math, science and history,

byproduct of the solid framework of

they prove inferior. Extracurricular


skills such as oration and imagination abide by their name: they are extra to seems




misconception that teachers who favor conformity. In reality, they



ended writing projects and oral

shun creativity are “boring” and Think that math classes should assign creative activities


tremendous amount of structure with

There 55%


As much as I like open-

the curriculum.


classroom. Thanks to creativity,


Like creative projects


spoken to believe this “limit” set by


Students give input on creative activities, such as oral presentations, video production, arts and crafts.

So should we introduce a more creative writing method? Or

For example, take the Schaffer-

Student Stats

simply resort to giving students less

As for mathematics, we all know the drill: our classes follow a strict order of lectures and tests —maybe a quiz here or there to excite us. When we receive a project, all of a sudden we celebrate because it is deviant from our ordinary, monotonous

academic freedom. There is very

pattern. These projects, while there is

limited time in the school year —

some validity to them, are generally

less than 180 days, limited further by

unnecessary and simply a way to

interrupting schedules and holidays.

amuse bored students. Ω

To make one thing clear, I

Continued at




CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF RAIN | Wong uses his free time to predict the weather forecast

The Weatherman 2: Ben Wong

Senior Ben Wong spends his free time checking the weather and predicting future forecasts with his own equipment. Sherman Wu

from their neighborhood to be

it strengthens our connections and

Staff writer

used in newscasts. Wong has been

shared interests,” Wong said.

a member since last March and

However, Wong’s journey has

frequently shares his observations

met a few difficulties. Wong has met

Ben Wong has kept an eye out for the

with the network.

one certain difficulty along the way.

weather and now records it on his


Ever since his childhood, senior




He has kept his affiliation with the

Weather Watcher network gave

CBS Weather Watchers undisclosed

Wong’s interest in meteorology

me an opportunity to meet others

from his parents because he feels that

began when he was a child. Several

around the southland who all had

it would attract unwanted attention.

meteorologists have inspired him

one common interest: watching the

“It was like a part of me I wanted

over the years such as Dallas Raines,

weather. It’s nice to see others beside

to keep to myself. To this day, they

Garth Kemp and Kaj Goldberg. He

me who share a common passion,”

think me going out every evening to

always watched the weather forecast

Wong said. “It makes me feel like I’m

take photos is simply a hobby, which it

and was fascinated with the forecast

not the only ‘crazy’ one out there.

is, but they don’t know the purpose,”

maps and radars as well as the

Whether or not I would’ve been

Wong said.

temperature trends.

accepted, I most likely would still be

free time.






doing the same things I do today.”

Wong has made a considerable amount of meteorological predictions

remembered joining my parents for

in the past and uses those experiences

breakfast and dinner and watching

to better his estimates in the future.





which were the news. That got me interested into the weather which sparked my interest in it,” Wong said. Wong




weather station that has a rain and wind gauge along with a light and humidity sensor that he bought from

“I hope to inspire listeners, viewers, whatever it may be, to simply give the weather a bit more of a thought at the very least.” - Ben Wong, 12

“I take a note on what my prediction was and compare it to what

Tools of the trade Wong’s weather station is equipped with all the tools he needs to make predictions.

actually happened, and hopefully try to increase the accuracy of my next prediction,” Wong said. Wong is still undecided as


determines direction of wind blowing and displays the flow and wind speed that passes by

to whether or not he wants to become





future. Nevertheless, he aims to



LIGHT IN THE SKY | Besides meterology, Wong also enjoys photography and takes pictures of the sky.


determines the intensity of wind flow

encourage those who are interested in

“I felt like I was one step closer to


finally getting what I’ve been trying

Other than meteorology, Wong

to reach for a while now. I’m very

also enjoys photography, taking

“I hope to inspire listeners,

grateful for getting [the equipment].

pictures of the sky. He links those

viewers, whatever it may be, to simply

It gave me a sense of officiality finally

photos with meteorology.

give the weather a bit more of a

being able to work hands-on with a

“Whether or not they are

thought at the very least,” Wong said.

certified piece of equipment with

featured on the air, as long as there’s

“And hopefully one day, if I actually do

several instruments,” Wong said.

someone out there that enjoys my

make my way towards a meteorological

Wong joined CBS Weather

photos, it’s enough to keep me going.

related occupation, hopefully I will

Watchers, a group maintained by

I enjoy sharing my photos with

have inspired someone who will have

CBS Los Angeles, where participants

others and it makes me happy to

become passionate enough as I was

submit weather data and photos

know that I have audience. I feel like

to take over my position.” Ω


measures how much rain there has been throughout the year

humidity, Temperature, pressure sensor

the sensors measure how dry the air has been and how hot or cold the weather is



The Dream Team

Seniors Justin Chau, Kevin Chen, Amy Liu, Matt Nieh and Dylan Truong are part of the unoffical League of Legends team that compete in HSL. Austin Lam

actually pretty fun because I was kind

Staff writer

of bored of League for a while, so this

“It’s a really different mentality. In

spices it up again,” Truong said. “It

solo queue, you just play for yourself.

gives me something to play for.”

You try to carry the game yourself, but

For most people, League of

Previous competitive League of

in competitive 5v5s you play for the

seniors Justin Chau, Kevin Chen, Amy

Legends experience inspired Nieh to

team, and you have to follow what other

Liu, Matt Nieh and Dylan Truong

hand-pick his own players to make up

people say. You can’t just do whatever

decided to take it to the next level

his own team to represent Walnut in

you want,” Chen said. “[Playing as a

by creating an unofficial team and


team] is kind of like a different game.

“I first was a sub for another team

in the High School Star League (HSL).

but they moved me to a different team




five. You’re playing as one unit.”

and I didn’t exactly like the players that

As a team, they have competed

this is a chance and experience that

were on it. I wasn’t comfortable playing

against three other high schools each in

most people don’t get,” senior Matt

with those players and instead decided to

a best of two series, going 1-1 against

Nieh said. “Most people aren’t able

form my own team so I picked up players

Bonita Vista, 2-0 against Hamilton

to play competitively with games, but

that I’ve played with for the past couple

and 1-1 against Chaparral. During

I gathered a group of people that are

years and just gathered them up so we

matches, they rely on each other to

capable of competing at a somewhat

could play,” Nieh said.

play different roles.

Aside from playing the games

“Everyone has their specific role in

Prior to the team’s formation,

themselves, the team also has to organize

the team. They would consider me ‘the

the players were already well-versed

the games with the other schools,

shot caller’ and we have other people

in League of Legends and somewhat

requiring Liu to step up as their team

like Amy who is our team coordinator

familiar with each other.


and everyone has a part so I’m not


that each of them had the necessary

“I do the formal talking with the

the leader but everyone has a main

skills to compete at an advanced level

other teams. I go on the HSL website

role they need to play for the team to

convinced them to join together.

and check the brackets and see who is

work,” Nieh said.

“We made a team so I could

our opponent. Then, I try to contact

Even with their results, the team’s

justify the amount of time that I spend

that person and schedule a time,” Liu

main goal is to get better at the game

on League. [Making the team] was


together rather than just winning the

half and half mine and Matt’s idea,” Liu said. The team arranges competitions against




possible. “[Playing against other schools] is

To the entire team, playing as

Each of the members of HSL plays a unique and important role on the team.

It’s a lot more fun when playing with


decent level and represent Walnut.”

Meet the Players

this new way of playing.

Legends is just a game. However,

competing against other high schools


tournament and the prize money.

a unified requires a much different

“We just want to get better as a

mentality as it requires all of the

team, we’re not aiming to win anything

players to be on the same page at all

big,” Liu said. “We’re not trying to win

times in order to succeed. Despite this,

HSL, we’re just trying to improve our

all of the players are willing to adapt to

individual skills and teamwork.” Ω

Dylan Truong ROLE: TOP LANE

“The most important thing is that you can’t feed and you have to bring pressure from the jungle and and it alleviates every other lane. [My build] differs game to game because I build [accordingly] to what my team needs”

Matt Nieh


“I try to pressure the lanes and get them ahead. The Jungle role basically controls the pace of the game and can apply more pressure to the game and get more objectives, which can lead to a victory.”

Justin Chau ROLE: MID LANE

“Mid-lane is the center of the map and the main [job] is to roam around the map and help the other lanes. In team fights, the mid laner has to do most damage and often times they have to be the one to engage the fight.”

Kevin Chen


“I play [attack damage] carry. As an AD carry we build up on damage [and] we don’t deal with any defensive items, so the second someone comes on us or we misposition ourselves, we [instantly] die. The team has to protect me, I’m like the main damage dealer.

Amy Liu


“I play Support. Basically you set up kills for your team and make sure that they win. We control the crowd control and we can move the plays [to our favor].”


TEAMWORK | Although the seniors do not spend much time together at school, they cooperate and communicate as a team during games to ensure their victory.






Is blood thicker than water?

The Quesadas

Student statistics


How do you classify your family?

What is family, exactly? Is it the parents and siblings you go home to, the friends you see every day (sometimes more than you want to), or the organization that has become more like a home to you than an obligation? The word family is used loosely nowadays. At the beginning of the year, lengthy captions accompanying the matching club fair profile pictures described every club as someone’s “second family.” Best friends aren’t just best friends; they’re brothers from other mothers and sisters from other misters. Has the word “family” been so worn down that many times, it no longer refers to relatives by kinship?



Single parents




Cherie Chu, Editor-in-chief

*Father was not available for intervview.

I like that they let me make my own decisions when it comes to church and things.

If [a problem] is really bad then i’ll totally go to them, but like that hasn’t happened yet.

[Our family’s] different and I like different.

I think [adoption] was something on my heart for a long time.

I thought, gosh, if were going to give our heart over to having a family let’s do this right and bring in some kids. But you had to get me stuck with 3 girls.

Find a place where you can feel like ‘this is family.

I like the food, the drawing. I love drawing. I like going on hikings and especially ice cream.

Although we’re not all related by blood, we’re still family and so family doesnt have to only include blood relatives.

I like not being related to any one of you. I like that we’re really diverse.





4% 5%


noun a group of people who are related to each other: a person’s children.


noun an acquaintance, or a member of one’s peer group.

Tara Lizzaragga | Psychologist

What support services does the school provide for students? “There are different types of psychological services such as therapy, group therapy, and support groups and different things like that. We have a highly trained peer counseling and school psychologists.”

1-2: 6% 3: 17%

On a scale of 1-5, how safe or supported do you feel among your friends?

4: 42%



How do you think students deal with issues alone? “A lot of the students, if they are used to high end stress they feel that they can work on it on their own. A lot of the time we’ll be referred if a teacher is concerned about a student or sometimes the peers are worried about that student.”

5: 24%



6 or more: 11%

14% 3% 3%

2 1

Children living with... both parents from first marriage an unmarried parent

two parents, one or both remarried neither parent



In addition...

From day one, they treated [Sarita] like a sister. There was no barrier.

2 million children are raised by gay or lesbian parents

21% of households live

100% below poverty 100% poverty meaning... the average three-person family makes less than $20,000 in annual income


*The US Census Bureau classifies a household as “all the persons who occupy a housing unit as their usual place of residence.”



1.6 million children live with adoptive parents


noun an abbrieviation of “family” typically used to refer to a group of close peers.

Many students face circumstances beyond their control with their family. Bad parent-child relationships are not uncommon, and can be detrimental to a students’ success in school.

National statistics

What does it mean to be family? “Family”


How many family members are in your household?



46% I think [in a family] there should be something that they would do together, time together.


Family members only

Non-Family members only


Different types of family In the traditional sense, family consists of a mom, dad, and kids. However, the definition of family has changed and is constantly expanding to include households with different circumstances and backgrounds. Increasingly, the “standard American family” is diverging from this idyllic image of a perfect, two-parent household.

“Family is someone you hang out with and are really close

“I use the word homie a lot when I greet someone.

“I’d consider the people I call fam to be my support system. My

with. With your genetically related family it’s different

It’s like a sense of breaking the ice. It makes the

friend who I’ve been growing up with, we’ve been good friends

because they already know every aspect of you. At school,

relationship seem closer even if it’s someone new

for more than six years. Even our parents are very close. He is

you hang out with them a lot. If you have that, it’ll help you. If

that I’m introducing myself to.”

someone who I would consider strong support.”

you’re having a really bad day, they’ll help you.”

Tut Tongchantra, 12

Matthew Basbas, 11

Helen Chu, 10


On a scale of 1-5, how safe or supported do you feel within your household?


Albert father, Brenda mother, Sarita 15 years old, Tiara 13 years old, Angelica 17 years old and Carson 13 years old


46% of students turn to their friends first when they have a problem


Perhaps blood is thicker than water, but water is cohesive––it sticks together. Family is multifaceted and by no means limited to people who share part of your DNA. Family is a support system, made up of people who love and who are loved. The next time you call someone “fam,” remember: they are nothing short of that.




Cross - generational

Blended families

households composed of two biological parents and their children.

nuclear households with a family member 65+ living with them.

households consisting of a nuclear families with parents couple and children from current of the same gender and their and previous relationships. children.




Single parent

unmarried couples with at least one child

households with an adopted households with a single parent child or supporting a foster child. and children.

Other Family doesn’t fit into clearly defined boxes, and can be any combination of these groups.


How should students deal with serious issues? “If it’s more emotional they can go to our 19 peer counselors that are really trained in the area of emotional support and if it s something more severe than the peer counselors will come to [the psychologists] to wrap that support around them.”

Angela Zhang | In-depth editor “It’s difficult to change your family because you’re born into it, and many circumstances are unforseeable or can’t be helped. It’s important to keep in mind that the family you’re born into isn’t always made up of people who you should look up to, and love can come from other places. It’s also important to seek support from other places such as from friends or other members of your community.” Robin Wong | Student “I don’t advise bottling [your struggles] up like I do, that’s a bad idea, but I advise trying to seek some sort of safe space: going to see your friends or maybe talking it out with someone you trust. It really helps because they’re usually your peers and listen to you and give you advice, and they treat you better. I know it’s different for everyone, but I just advise to lean toward the future. After years of emotional and physical strain you don’t really feel like you can really connect with [your parents] anymore, but when you do, it’s like ‘oh, this is alright.’”


november 2016


By Cherie Chu Photos by Jeffrey Tran kids. They are going to grow up

that’s done in war is done when

who have special needs. We’ve been

homes for foster children, Thompson

is an MVF: most valuable father.

Track coach Keith Thompson

asking questions about where they

kids have to go through foster care.

able to work with physical therapists

has no upcoming plans to expand

He’s a parent of five, but the list

came from, and we’re not going to

They really have a ton to overcome,”

and psychologists and they give us

Bithiah’s House to a capacity over

of his children doesn’t stop there.

have answers for everything, which

Thompson said. “When I look at

strategies, as a family, on how to


Thompson is the co-founder of

is going to be hard,” Thompson

my kids that have gone through

help. It really takes a whole family

Bithiah’s House, a residential

said. “We use ‘tummy mommy’

foster care and adoption, they’re my

to do it.”

treatment center that houses and

and ‘tummy dad’ and we’re like the

heroes. They’ve gone through more

cares for toddlers and infants.

‘forever mommy’ and ‘forever dad.’

than I’ll ever have to go through; I

We always want to have this ongoing

can’t imagine what it is to be them.”

Inspiration. Thompson has always had an

inclination toward helping children, but it was his wife, Michelle, who encouraged him to pursue this interest actively. Her passion sparked when she was young, when she had

communication so that way they’re not surprised.”

23,000+ children are

currently in foster care in Los Angeles County.

worked in orphanages on mission trips to other countries. “When we got married, we started to talk more about [adopting


children. My wife] was much more passionate than I was, but the more that I was involved in what was going on, my eyes were open to these kids who have no places to live,” Thompson said. “I always felt that we could provide a bed, food and shelter for these kids. It definitely is a passion of mine that these kids are looked after because a lot of other people can’t.”

According to Children’s Rights,

foster children who are never adopted by families have higher rates of homelessness, unemployment and incarceration when they become adults compared to people who have never experienced foster care.

2 2 adopted children and 1 foster child.

have undergone necessary treatment

because they’re going through so

and have designated doctors by

much more than anyone else,”

created. The name was inspired by

the time they are placed into their

Thompson said. “First, we want to

permanent home.

have this be successful and really do

And thus, Bithiah’s House was

the Egyptian princess Bithiah, who adopted Moses from the Nile River in Christian and Jewish texts and is known as one of the world’s first foster parents. “It all started off as an idea because we just really wanted to help


After their marriage in 2003,

the Thompsons had two biological

some of them have been abused and neglected. Their mom and dad

care license in 2008. Since then,

Pediatrics also reported that exposure

they have adopted two children and

to abuse, violence or negative

fostered over 15, one of whom stays

environments, all of which are

with them today.

common for foster children, impairs

“In our family, adoption is not a secret. We’re very open. We use the words ‘biological parents’

proper brain development at an early age. “They’ve compared the brain of

or ‘adopted parents.’ Right now,

a child who has gone through foster

we don’t call ourselves adoptive

care to [that of] a combat soldier

parents, we’re just ‘parents’ to our

that’s been in war. The same damage

[we may] open up a second home.”

We’ve been able to see really big improvements with our kids, with other kids that have come through

Community. While the house was started

of many people in the community.


From monetary donations to toy

Our passion is more toward toddlers

stocked with baby goods, Bithiah’s

formula and cribs, have been raised

and infants, but it’s just such a sad

House has been ready to open

to support Bithiah’s House.

thing that kids don’t have homes to

since June. However, the state has

go to,” Thompson said.

been unresponsive in approving the

every single thing to this facility. It is


beyond just me and my wife doing

a time, and it was just not enough when we’re getting calls from the county that has 30 to 40 kids at a time that don’t have a home to go to.


children in foster care await adoptive families. SOURCE: ALLIANCE FOR CHILDREN’S RIGHTS

Bed for Every Baby,” is just that.

The American Academy of

likely that they’ll be able to succeed.

views its growth as the group effort

start completely over,” Thompson said.

year, if things are going smoothly,

left alone,” Thompson said.

to a stranger or a strange facility and

children before getting their foster

kids can have intervention, the more

taken care of. Nobody deserves to be

For a while it was only one baby at


they ever have known and have to go

a good job at just this. Maybe next

by him and his wife, Thompson

have lost custody of their kids. And so they’re ripped from anything that

“Our hope that the earlier the

our home. Every kid deserves to be

but really, when you think about to where they are with our family,

they’re at Bithiah’s house, I want


“People say how lucky [my

what they had to go through, to get

them just to be a number. When to treat them like kings and queens

adopted and foster children] are,

Thompson has biological children,

Bithiah’s House aims to set up

attention as they can. I don’t want

systems for its infants so that they

kids and provide a bed for them.



“I want the kids to feel like they have as close to a one-on-one

Bithiah’s House’s motto, “A

With a trained staff and shelves

“It’s just a joy. We love

treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation. “There’s things that you can do to help the baby or the toddler to get back to normal more efficiently,” Thompson said. “It’s a passion of mine because I’ve seen my kids and foster placements that we’ve had

“People have donated just

this,” Thompson said. “The coolest thing is the hundreds of people

Bithiah’s House. It’s emotional

involved in this with some capacity.

because of what it represents and

Bringing awareness to this has been

what it’s going to do for these kids,”

a really emotional experience to go

Thompson said. “We have amazing

through and show just how kind

people who are going to be working

people’s hearts are.”

there, but we’re just waiting for the state to come tour and let us open up. We’re ready to go. If they said we could open today, we’re ready to open.”

facility that houses up to six services including drug withdrawal

items, including diapers, baby

everything that has to do with

Located in Walnut, it is a treatment toddlers and infants and provides

drives, over $120,000 and countless

Bithiah’s House has 1full-time house parent,



has been raised by hundreds of donors.

12 part-time caregivers Support. Bithiah’s Boutique, a craft fair and 60+ volunteers. with about 40 handmade vendors,


Despite the high demand for

will take place Saturday, Nov. 19 in Chino Hills. All proceeds from the event will go directly toward funding the facility. Ω





november 2016


Ameci’s Pizza serves a spicy twist Ameci’s is the perfect fusion of urban-style blended with traditional Italian. Its Hot Cheetos Pizza is certainly worth a try. every appetite. Upon walking in, I

Upon taking my first bite, I expected

was immediately transported into

the pizza to be spicy but the gooey

a classic New York-style pizzeria.

cheese that melted in my mouth to

The green, red, white and black

counter the spice, making it a perfect

Emily Ng

color scheme and interior are not

blend of salty and spicy. The Hot

Staff writer

only inviting but also gives you the

Cheetos topping, which was slightly

728 S Glendale Ave, Glendale

impression of being in a big city.

soggy at the bottom from the oil,

Ameci Pizza and Pasta is a small

Unlike a lot of other restaurants,

added the right amount of crunch.

urban-styled restaurant located in

Ameci has an open kitchen, which

The slight sprinkle of basil added an

Glendale. Originally opened in 1984



earthy aroma, making it taste fresh.

by a Sicilian Italian who moved

workers and customers. It made me

Although the heavy cheese might not

to California, the new owner has

feel like a regular customer even

be everyone’s cup of tea, the pizza is

recently taken over the restaurant,

though it was my first time.

a unique combination only found at

keeping the roots of original items while adding his own twist. Although


The cafe’s menu includes a variety of Italian foods, including




pizzas, pastas, calzones, submarines

is the Garlic Cheese Stick Pizza

industrial part of Glendale, Ameci

and salads, but it is best known for

with marinara sauce on the side.

has a homey feel that is perfect for

its Hot Cheetos Pizza, which can

It’s relatively cheap for the amount

anyone looking for a quick bite to

range from $10 to $25, depending on

that you get. The thin crust topped

satisfy their hunger.

the size. Hot Cheetos on a thin crust

heavily with mozzarella cheese is a


with light tomato and cheese is not

delicate in between of garlic bread


a combination you would be able to

and a cheese pizza. Ω

jumbo, and giant—Ameci satisfies

find in a typical Italian restaurant.


different medium,


Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” tops charts From its rich beats to upeat sound lanscape, Gaga’s new hit album triumphs the charts as a No. 1 bestselling album. PHOTO COURTESY OF ITUNES.COM











Continued at

Jamie Chen

relationship. The empowering mood

life. The heartfelt lyrics addressed to

Staff writer

and flawless execution sets up the rest

Joanne show a gentler and typically

of the album with high expectations.

unseen side to Gaga.

Lady Gaga makes a comeback









after three years with the long

“Diamond Heart” impresses but also

matches “Joanne” with its emotion

awaited “Joanne,” her fifth album

adds a dash of country and patriotic

and beautiful lyrics. The violin in

that promises a fresh, soul-searching

American spirit. The next song, “A-

the instrumental entangles with her



YO,” is a sassy upbeat mix between

somber voice as she sings of “shots

appearance and intense vocals, Gaga

country and pop that gets the listener

fired on the street” and the injustice

overhauls her previous ambiguity

to dance and clap along. The two

of people “ just standing around.”

for her authentic, unrestrained self.

bring the progression of the album

Gaga concludes her album with a

In the 14 tracks of “Joanne,” Gaga

from the heartbreak of “Perfect

solemn but sincere nod to the recent

establishes a connection with her

Illusion” to reclaiming oneself with

shootings of the year.

listeners through the different genres




of country, rock, pop and funk.

“Joanne” tells a story of hope,

Named after the album, “Joanne”

and change throughout its duration.

The album starts off strong with

brings a shift in upbeat songs to a more

The songs go beyond expectations as

the single “Perfect Illusion,” which

mature and slow paced sound. Joanne

they present a variety of themes that

features electric guitar and catchy

represents the change Gaga needed

are not too similar. The songs are

chorus reminiscent of her past songs.

in her life. The album and song titles

rich with meaningful lyrics and will

Gaga sings about mistakes made

are named after Joanne Germanotta,

take time process and enjoy. Though

in love and being awakened after

her late aunt who died of lupus at 19

the songs may not be everyone’s

realizing it was all a “perfect illusion.”

and her own middle name. Although

cup of tea, the songs themselves are

The strong beat complements Gaga’s

Gaga has never met her aunt, Joanne

tastefully made. If you’re looking for

belting voice as she vocalizes the

was the inspiration Gaga needed to

songs to inspire change in your life,

feeling of strength and awareness

stop her drug addiction, which is what

this is the album. Ω

after getting out of an unhealthy

she has attributed to her new, positive

Continued at




Dining at Jasmine Mediterranean and Persian Cuisine With its blend of Mediterranean and Persian culture, this restaurant offers a range of food that caters to all taste palettes. flaky wooden frame uncovered. The

and onions from the salad bar. The

ceiling’s bareness is a stark contrast

spices used to flavor the hummus was

to the colorful aesthetics used to

sharp and sour but the mushroom

decorate the walls of the restaurant

salad did a good job of mellowing

and is quite offsetting, giving a

out the sharp taste. The tomato and

Isaac Le

painfully unprofessional contrast to

onion combination added a kick to

Staff writer

the carefully designed restaurant.

the salad, enhancing the flavor and

21130 Golden Springs Dr, Walnut

The Jasmine





leaving a strong aftertaste.


empty when I arrived but quickly

When we returned to our seats,

Persian Cuisine is a family owned

grew more crowded as the evening

the waitress took our order. She was

restaurant that showcases a wide

went on. Once my mom and I entered

extremely friendly and familiar with

variety of middle eastern foods.

the restaurant, we were immediately

the menu. The waitress had specific

greeted by a waitress who quickly

recommendations including the beef

seated us.

barg and chicken wrap. She was










decorations that contributed to the Mediterranean


Once seated, we were given

also meticulous in her description


lentil soup and pita bread as an

of menu items. After contemplating

vibrant colors of yellow and orange

appetizer. The lentil soup was heavy

her recommendations, we decided

that were used to paint the walls

on vegetables but had a very light,

to order a chicken wrap along with a

were reminiscent of the deserts

warming flavor that paired well with

beef barg.

located throughout the Middle East.

the crunchy pita bread.

GATEWAY TO FOOD HEAVEN | Jasmine Mediterranean and Persian Cuisine’s entrance gives customers a first look at the middle eastern culture that the restaurant represents.


The chicken wrap finally arrived

A plethora of colorful plates were

After finishing our appetizer,

and was composed of pickles, onions,

used as decorations and add a sense

the waitress returned and pointed

tomatoes, lettuce, chicken and a sour

of authenticity to the restaurant,

us in the direction of the $6, all-

sauce all wrapped in a tortilla.The

embodying many aspects of middle

you-can-eat salad bar. The salad

pickles had a very sharp taste and

eastern culture.

bar contained soup as well as a large

were very acidic, which also partly

Although the paint job was

variety of fruits, vegetables and

took away from the flavor of the

generally well done, the ceiling in

sauces. I decided to try the mushroom

chicken. Ω

the dining room was left bare with its

salad, hummus and a mix of tomatoes

Continued at

SMOKE AND GRILL | Cooked over an open fire, the beef barg is a specialty of Jasmine Mediterranean and Persian Cuisine.

Tea time at Tranquil Tea Lounge


Located in the heart of Downtown Fullerton, this tea lounge exhibits a peaceful ambiance that invites customers to unwind and have a cup of tea. The hot teas and relaxing atmosphere of the lounge makes it an ideal place for comfort.



The Pumpkin Pie is brewed from pumpkin infused Rooibos, honeybush, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. In the Pumpkin Pie I could only taste cinnamon; everything else was overpowered. After adding sugar, though, the tea became a lot more palatable.

The Chocolate Souffle had a wonderful blend of sweet flavors. It tasted distinctly of honey with hints of rose and caramel. However, despite its name, I was unable to find any trace of chocolate in the drink. The drink left a pleasant floral aftertaste.




“You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”

Drama has been practicing for the past two months in preparation for its Fall Drama Production from Nov. 2-5 at the Performing Arts Center.






3 4







Playing Schroeder, freshman Aiden Borgen sings on stage while expressing his adoration for Beethoven. “I always get a positive feeling when I sing that number because there are a lot of high notes and a lot of choreography. It really gets you pumped and full of positive energy, [and] it really gets you going,” Borgen said.

Sophomore Riley De Leon, who plays Sherman, places a Valentine’s Day card in Snoopy’s collection box. “I was like ‘oh God, Snoopy’s getting away, I [have] to give it to him really quick,’ so [I] was a little rushed. I knew that if I didn’t give him the Valentine, I wouldn’t have been as thrilled,” De Leon said.

Snoopy actor sophomore Tony Voss talks to the audience while sitting on top of his doghouse. “We become attached to these characters that we portray. Their emotions become ours and when the lights go off, there’s a sense of relief and excitement felt by those who watched [and by] cast members,” Voss said.

Acting as Charlie Brown, senior Christian Vidauri expresses his sadness after discovering that his mailbox is empty on Valentine’s Day. “I felt really depressed [before] and I got into character by incorporating some of my memories from the past where I felt really sad,” Vidauri said.

Senior Kammy Ibarra, who plays Lucy, sings the opening song, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” with the cast. “It took me a little while to understand how Lucy acted. I am very much not like Lucy. I am very quiet unless I am around people I know. It took awhile to get over being quiet to being loud and annoying like her,” Ibarra said.

Portraying Linus’ beloved blanket, senior Tessa Wong dances with Linus actor sophomore Tony Voss. “It’s definitely a weird role considering I’m not a human, but it’s fun and I love to dance. So dancing on a stage as an inanimate object is quite interesting,” Wong said.


november 2016

17 ALL ABOUT THAT BRASS (LEFT TO RIGHT) I Distante spends his lunch playing the tuba. I His snare drum resonates as Distante practices in the band room. PHOTOS BY JAMIE CHEN AND SAM COMPOLONGO

From the eyes of a Pacific Crest member Senior Matthew Distante recounts his experience as a major tubaist in the Pacific Crest Drum Corps. Erica Chang

After experimenting with various

states as part of Pacific Crest to

nothing else. Your life for all of

Staff writer

instruments, Distante discovered the

compete in Drum Corps, a rigorous

summer is band,” Distante said. The

“We were told to imagine

tuba. With time, Distante became

nation-wide drumline competition

only way to describe [Drum Corps]

someone we missed dearly, and we

separated from a loved one.

The field was hot, the sun

more of a principal player and joined

that takes up the most part of the

is marching band to the extreme.

had to reach for that person. We had

beated down and the routine was

Marching Band with the position of a

summer. Since Drum Corps is non

[Drum Corps is] the hardest thing

to display emotion, we had to imagine

challenging, especially while carrying

marching tuba.

school-affiliated, Distante had to go

I’ve ever done, considering how

and give our all,” Distante said.

a 37-pound tuba. Despite the intense

“Once I got in high school is

through difficult auditions to qualify.

heavy the instruments were. You just

“You get so into [the performance]

heat and physical strain, senior

when I really started to discover my

He took the position of the marching

grow more accustomed to it, and you

sometimes; I ended up tearing up

Matthew Distante chose to spend

passion for music,” Distante said. “I

tuba and practiced with Pacific Crest

learn to get stronger.”

because I thought about something

his entire summer as such: attending

appreciate the musicianship that goes

for consecutive 12-hour rehearsals

12-hour practices to train for Drum

into playing [the tuba]. Everyone

called “all-days.”









really close to me when we were


performing in finals night. That’s the

thinks tuba players are just incredibly

“We rehearsed at Diamond Bar,


kind of energy you need to display

Distante’s journey with band

basic, but when you unearth that, you

which is a really nice high-quality

union of

America through the

to the audience whenever you’re

was different from most. He was

just realize how beautiful you can

stadium field. Days consisted of

Transcontinental Railroad. Through

playing, whenever you’re not playing

originally placed in drama in sixth

make an instrument sound.”

either travelling, eating, sleeping,

the theme, Distante and his corp

[and] when you’re performing.” Ω

practicing or performing. “There’s

conveyed the hardships of being

grade but transferred into band.

Distante travelled to over 20 PHOTO COURTESY OF LISA LOPEZ

Crest adopted a theme of

Continued at

Rhapsody performs at first festival Rhapsody in Blue attended its first festival Tuesday, Oct. 25 at Vanguard University. Irene Zhou Staff writer

SING IT LOUD (TOP TO BOTTOM) I Rhapsody waits to perform at Vanguard University. I Rhapsody rehearses during one of their Thursday after-school practices.







learning experience for us because

Rhapsody members performed

we were not only be able to showcase

Rhapsody in Blue performed at

their new classical songs “Il est Bel

our hard work, but also saw what

its first festival of the year Tuesday,

et Bon,” “Confitemini Domino” and

other choir programs are doing,” Xu

Oct. 25 at Vanguard University.

“Velo Que Bonito.”

said. “We listened for tone quality



and learn different techniques from



“Learning the classical music

and blend of voices and watched for

sectional and class rehearsals in

has been tough because the pieces are

facial expressions of other choirs.

the beginning of the school year to

pretty musically challenging. To help

Ultimately these things will help

prepare for its first festival.

each other with music, many choir

us bc we can apply it to our own

“I feel like our hard work has

members have shared helpful tips


paid off. In the beginning of the year,

for learning music and pointed out

we would spend a lot of time learning

errors made during class rehearsals,”

professional clinician commented

just a small section of music,” junior

sophomore Anita Xu said. “Knowing

on Rhapsody’s weak spots while they

Angela Yang said. “Now, as we’ve

that the whole choir is working hard

sang. He worked with members to

learned some of the harder classical

and has my back really pushes me to

improve their dynamics and mouth

music, our Christmas music and our

work hard as well.”


show music have been easier to learn

Rhapsody singers were given the

and rehearse. I felt excited for the

opportunity to watch other choirs to

performance because we got to see

learn from the other students.








maturing their overall sound as a choir. Ω Continued at




Playing around the world Senior Christopher Ryan fulfilled his dream of playing soccer internationally when he travelled to Sweden last summer. By Ashley Liang

this past summer, players from over

was a special moment and a truly

Staff writer

80 different countries attended. In

amazing experience,” Ryan said. “It

total, about 1800 teams participated.

was really exciting and I felt a huge

Mentally and physically, soccer is

“You get to play against other

rush of emotion. Looking around the

a challenging sport. It demands total

countries, so it’s kind of like a youth

stadium and seeing 80,000 people is

concentration and pushes each player

World Cup,” Ryan said. “The

something I will never forget.”

to the limit on the field. This is what

experience made me realize that I

There were three segments to the

captivated senior Christopher Ryan

have to work harder, since everyone

competition: the group stage, play-off

as he pursued soccer throughout the

outside of the country is really good.

B and play-off A. Ryan and his team

years and motivated him to attend

performed well in the group segment

an international tournament last

where they had numerous wins, but

summer. Ryan




soccer when he was six years old. Throughout





“Looking around the stadium and seeing 80,000 people is

finals in play-off A.

something I will never forget.”


improved his ability, and the sport has

–Christopher Ryan, 12

evolved into more than just a hobby. “It’s a passion––[soccer] is what

“It was kind of disappointing,” said,





experience in the end. I learned a lot just by being able to play against people from other countries, and I

I do,” Ryan said. “When I play, it’s

And it’s a different style of play so I

now know what I have to work on.

a different feeling. It just makes you

realized that I needed to work on a

Since practice started again, I’ve

feel like a different person. You don’t

couple of things as well.”

worked on being more ruthless and

think about the world, you just go out there and have fun.” Through

TWO HOURS A DAY, FOUR DAYS A WEEK | Senior Christopher Ryan looks to hone his soccer skills and improve through practicing, conditioning, and technique drills.

unfortunately lost during the quarter



The tournament was organized

going after the ball more.”

similarly to the Olympic Games,

Currently, Ryan also plays for


with an opening ceremony prior to

Walnut’s varsity soccer team. After

Legends FC, Ryan was introduced

the event. The players from each

practice at school, he goes to his

to the Gothia Cup—the largest

country walked into the stadium,

club and trains two hours a day, four

international soccer tournament for

carrying flags and parading around

days a week. A typical day consists

youth. The Cup is held annually over

the field.


the course of a week in the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, and

Boys’ water polo defeats Charter Oak





and everyone was watching us. It




technique drills. Ω Continued at PHOTO BY JEFFREY TRAN

Varsity boys’ water polo remains undefeated in league for the second year in a row. Walnut started off the game

By Julie Lee and Haixin Guo Sports editors Boys’




Charter Oak 15-8 at an away game on Thursday, October 27, extending their league record 4-0. Driver sophomore Kyle Green led the Mustangs’ offense with five goals and four assists while center junior Noah Brokaw totaled four goals, two assists and three steals. “[We should] definitely [have] more focus before the game rather than joking around and hitting each





sophomore Zach Moscoso. “We [knew we could do] really good plays, really good passes and really good finishing in the game so basically just better preparation for the game and more focus overall.”

ending the half with a score of 9-3.

with two goals from Brokaw three

The Mustangs’ defense limited

minutes into the first quarter. Green

Charter Oak to only one goal in

scored two more unanswered points

the third quarter, while improving

off a pass and a steal before Charter

its offense with lob passes to the

Oak countered with a goal after a

center. Green, Brokaw and Moscoso

timeout, ending the quarter 4-1.

each scored a goal to bring up the

“I think we didn’t play that

lead, 12-4 at the end of the quarter.

good, but we still played well. We

“Coach Tyler tells the outside

were too close together and we kinda

shooters to make sure that we’re not



afraid to take outside shots if we are

them and thought we had to score

not pressed up because their team is

and pass as soon as possible,” utility

giving us an opening to shoot. That





goal made me feel good about myself

Driver sophomore Patrick Webb



because I listened to the coach and

scored the first goal of the second

followed through with what he said

quarter off a pass from Brokaw, and

so it paid off. When I can successfully

utility junior Justin Swafford followed

save a goal or prevent [them] from

up with another goal one minute later,

scoring, I feel very accomplished and

giving the Mustangs a lead of 6-1.

I really feel like I contributed to the

Walnut continued its offensive streak

team as a whole,” Moscoso said. Ω

in the last two minutes with a 3-2 run,

Continued at

GOAL TIME | Utility junior Moises Alfaro takes advantage of an opportunity to score.


november 2016

Fall season overview: positions


As the current season wraps up, here is a breakdown of the positions in volleyball, football, water polo, tennis and cross country. COMPILED BY ANDRE ALVAREZ, TRISTAN GONZALEZ, ISAAC LE, JEREMY HSIAO AND SHERMAN WU PHOTOS BY JAMIE CHEN, AIRI GONZALEZ, JUSTIN JIANG AND JEFFREY TRAN



Christian Elias, 11

Nick Aviles, 11

Antonio Scott, 10

“To contribute, I make tackles and sacks because if I don’t stop the run, the score margin would be much higher. My favorite part would have to be going out there and trying to get as many tackles as possible.”

“I just have to do what I have to do, I stay calm and don’t panic. I have more fun playing [defense] than other positions because it has a lot of contact.”

“You have to keep two main jobs in mind. The first job is when it is not a pass play and it’s a run play, you have to block. And your second job is on pass play and the ball is thrown to you, be sure to catch that ball.”

Linebacker, #7

Amber Johnson, 9

Selena Chen, 11

Emily Nguyen, 12

“Through this position, I support my team by blocking or cushioning the blow so that they can receive the ball, or I can totally block out the hitter [to] change their actual formation.”

“Usually the pressure’s on [me] because if [I don’t make] a good pass, then the setters don’t get a good set, the hitters don’t hit, and it’s really like you have to have the perfect pass [to the setter].”

“[My team relies] on me to get the ball to a hitter. I think it’s the best [when I get] to help them score to get us closer to winning the game.”

Middle blocker, #7

Libero, #6

Setter, #32


Cornerback, #5

Wide Receiver, #84

CROSS COUNTRY Nicole Stout, 9 “Everyone supports each other during races and practices. Without teamwork, we would all see cross country as an individual sport and not try hard to win league meets. We all have to work together to reach [the] goal of winning league or winning state.”

Doubles players: Katherine Co, 11

“I believe it’s important because playing doubles is all about teamwork and knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If one of us were to make a mistake, we shrug it off and focus on getting the next point.”

BOYS’ WATER POLO Noah Brokaw, 11

Eudora Fong, 11 “I like [playing doubles] a lot better than playing singles because you have the support of your teammate and it’s a little less pressure. I feel like if you’re playing doubles you have someone who has your back.”

Set, #13

“I think the importance of my position is that my team can rely on me to get the point when we need it.”

Patrick Webb, 10 Driver, #18

“[My position] allows the team to work together to score a goal [or] set up and give it to a big guy to turn and shoot.”



Fall Season Scoreboard girls’ tennis

girls’ volleyball

10/11 vs. Los Altos 17-1 W 10/13 @ West Covina 14-4 W 10/18 @ Diamond Ranch 18-0 W 10/20 vs. Charter Oak 14-4 W

10/12 vs. Los Altos 0-3 L 10/17 @ West Covina 0-3 L 10/19 @ Diamond Ranch 2-3 L 10/24 vs. Charter Oak 0-3 L

boys’ football 10/07 vs. Chino 13-63 L 10/14 @ Los Altos 7-52 L 10/21 vs. West Covina 7-54 L 10/28 vs. Diamond Ranch 7-35 L

girls’ golf 10/06 vs. Troy 183-192 W 10/10 vs. Diamond Bar 195-210 W 10/11 vs. Charter Oak 215-289 W 10/13 vs. Troy 201-206 W


boys’ water polo 10/15 vs. Tesoro 9-7 W 10/15 vs. St. John Bosco 10-8 W 10/15 vs. University 8-7 W 10/27 @ Charter Oak 15-8 W

cross country Mt. Sac Invitational, 10/22

2. Chloe Arriaga 5. Emma Arriaga 100. Evan Sentoso 114. Diego Serrano

17:13 17:41 17:31 18:14


Upcoming Sports boys’ and girls’ wrestling

boys’ and girls’ soccer

Walnut varsity boys’ and girls’ wrestling begins the winter season with the boys’ team having won five league games last year while the girls’ team sent five individuals to state level last season.

Boys’ and girls’ soccer look to improve from last season’s league records of 8-9 and 5-11, respectively. Both teams are beginning to practice before preseason, and girls’ varsity has a new assistant coach.

girls’ water polo

boys’ and girls’ basketball

This year the girls’ water polo team is starting the season with a new coach after an overall league record of 2-4 last year. For the whole season, the girls’ water polo team won seven games and lost 11. Last year, four seniors graduated, allowing several sophomores to join the team this year.

After a 24-6 overall record last season, boys’ basketball starts again this winter after being knocked out in the CIF quarterfinals against Camarillo High School last year. Girls’ basketball also looks to improve from a 15-10 overall record last season.

November 2016  
November 2016