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Percussion Ensemble placed second in the Percussion Scholastic Concert A category at the Southern California Percussion Alliance competition on Feb. 4 at Valencia High School. Marimba player junior Jack Huang uses a technique called Stevens Grip while playing a rendition of “Memento Vivere.” “During the performance, I felt that I was in my prime and I was full of confidence with my team because I knew we were ready,” Huang said. “In the end, I was full of joy because all of the effort we put in during practice finally paid off.”




Mission We, the Hoofprint staff, strive to inform the student body in an accurate, timely and objective manner. While we take responsibility for the legitimacy of our reporting, we also recognize the freedom of the press and speech given to us under California Education Code 48907. We seek to reflect the diversity of the

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Investigative reporting

Duke Bakery offers unique Taiwanese delicacies with a touch of European style.

As flu season approaches, be aware of the symptoms of common sicknessess.

school and to be an open forum that encourages student expression and discussion. Through our


coverage, we hope to represent the distinct character of the Walnut community.



Print Editors-in-Chief: Cherie Chu, Sabrina Wan

Examine the role different stereotypes play in the student body.

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Public displays of affection are common, but should they be allowed on campus?

In its second competition of the year, dance places first in five categories.

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Anabelle Chang, Erica Chang, Amber Chen, Emily Chen, Jamie Chen, Kelly Chen, Nicole Chiang, Jocelyn Chow,

Various types of illnesses affect more than just the individuals themselves.

Jason Corpin, Sara Corona, Tristan Gonzalez, Brian Honng, Jeremy Hsiao, Justin Jiang, Brandon Lai, Austin Lam, Isaac Le, Samantha Lee, Isabella Leung, Annie Li, Ashley Liang, Ashley Lin, Kyle Lin, Elaine Liu, Cynthia Lu, Jason Luna, Amy Lo, Emily Ng, Bella Pan, Isabella Pollalis, Uniss Tan, Athena Tang, Emmeline Tantry, Sean Wang, Brandon Win, Sherman Wu, Anna Yu, Irene Zhou Adviser: Rebecca Chai

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Junior Brock Cooper designs clothing and sells them through his social media.

18 Sports

Coach Cecil Woods has played golf for the past 30 years and has passed on his expertise to Walnut golfers.


february 2017


Flu season brings decline in health With the weather fluctuating from hot to cold and students coming down with chills, it seems as if flu season has come. Despite the sudden deterioration in student health, sick students are still attending school regularly instead of resting.

Breakdown of common illnesses Methods to treat sickness Learn about the most common sicknesses, how they are transmitted and methods for prevention. SOURCES: STUDENTHEALTH.GEORGETOWN.EDU AND UHS.PRINCETON.EDU

To recover more quickly from being sick, utilize these essential methods to provide relief during the flu season. COMPILED BY NICOLE CHIANG AND IRENE ZHOU

Resting at home

Common cold Symptoms coughing sore throat runny/stuffy nose minor headaches


Symptoms high temperatures severe headache body ache fatigue

Transmission skin-to-skin contact airborne droplets bacterial contamination saliva

Prevention wash hands often avoid touching eyes/nose/mouth avoid sharing sanitary items avoid close contact

Transmission bacterial infection sharing foods/drinks

Prevention stay hydrated wash hands often avoid close contact

Allergies Symptoms runny/stuffy nose puffy/watery eyes sneezing itchy throat

Transmission not contagious

Prevention strengthen immune system reduce contact with allergens take prescribed medication

“[When I’m sick], I’d rather stay [at] home in bed to rest and get better. Sometimes it can be hard to catch up when I get back, so when I’m at home my grandma calls the school to check what homework Christian Cobarrubias, 9 I have to do.”

Taking medication

Harmeena Sandhu, 11

Eating comfort foods

Stomach flu Symptoms vomiting fever headache fatigue


Symptoms excessive coughing lung inflammation shortness of breath mucus buildup

Transmission sharing food/drink

Prevention wash hands before meals drink lots of clear liquids

“I usually take medication after I’ve gotten sick. It’s usually NyQuil, Tylenol, or Motrin. Even though some people don’t take medicine, I do because it’s scientifically proven to help.”

Brandon Arca, 11

“When I’m sick, I like to eat soup and noodles, usually pho. The taste of pho is my favorite because it’s a mixture of comfort and warmth, and it always makes me feel better.”

Staying hydrated Transmission viral/bacterial infection exposure to air pollution

Preventing the spread of sickness Do you think students should stay at home when they are not feeling well?

Prevention avoid lung irritants (smoking) wash hands often

Teacher perspective Joseph Khouzam Health

“Students should stay home if they’re sick or ill so the viruses and bacteria in the student’s body won’t travel and infect others. Staying home also helps the student recover faster, and they’re able to get more rest.”


Rachel Wong, 10

“It’s important to stay hydrated because when you’re not hydrated, your brain loses the ability to concentrate. If you’re sick, drinking water can soothe your throat and help to flush out the toxins.”

Student perspective Nancy Lamb Spanish

“They should stay home because they need the rest to recuperate and when they come to school, they can get the students and teachers sick too. When they are at school, it’s just too hard to pay attention during class.”

Izabella Hubbard, 9

“It would be better for [sick students] to stay at home and rest until they get better. I stay home because I don’t want to affect the other students around me. I know I won’t be able to do my best if all I’m focused on is that I feel sick.”

Chriselle Badua, 11

“Students should stay at home when they’re sick. They should get plenty of rest. Especially when you’re really sick, coming to school will just make it worse and you won’t feel good throughout the day. It’s better to get rest.”



School procedure for sick students

investigative reporting

Student statistics These statistics reveal the average number of students who attend school when they are sick.


Students must undergo a series of steps before the school nurse can check students out on school for sick leave.

1 2 3




Assessing the situation After you describe your symptoms, the nurse will make an educated decision on how to handle your condition.

7 out of 10 students think that the

3 out of 10 students are currently

school should do more to prevent sick students from attending school

attending school while sick

On a daily average,

Taking action Students will have their temperature taken or blood pressure checked. Temperatures exceeding 99 degrees are considered unsafe for school.

30 to 40

students are absent from school because of sickness

52% of

students always come to school when they have a cold

Notifying guardians In severe cases, parents or legal guardians will be notified to pick up their child from school.

On a daily average, at least

10 to 20

students visit the nurse’s office because of sickness

Reasons for students coming to school sick 67%

52% 46%


er oth

pr per efe so ren nal ce

pr k es wi eep sure th in o cla g u f ss p es


wo sch rkl oo oa l d

Students are only permitted to come back to school after a full 24-hour recovery.

always come to school when they have a fever

pa pr ren es ta su l re


17% of students


Alternative medicines for maintaining health Students utilize a variety of traditional alternative medicinal methods from different cultures to prevent and cure sicknesses. COMPILED BY MELISSA KIM AND SHERMAN WU SOURCES: NCCIH.NIH.GOV, AHCEDMONTON.COM, PACIFICCOLLEGE.EDU


Finger Pricking


Acupuncture is an alternative form of medicine that involves a series of thin needles being inserted into different parts of the body. It works to relieve muscle pain as well as head and stomach aches.

Pricking is the withdrawal of blood from a patient to remove “bad blood” from the body. Although the practice has changed over time, some cultures still apply it, typically by pricking their fingers in order to prevent sickness.

Cupping utilizes small cups to tightly compress sections of skin, usually on the back, to relieve muscle pain and heal the body. It often results in bruising and burns. The method has recently been gaining attention from its popularity among famed athletes.

Samuel Liu, 10 “[Acupuncture] was relatively painless, and it felt like a massage. I felt my energy improve. I think others do it because they want to improve their [physical] capabilities or just for the health benefits of it.”

Ryan Kim, 9 “When I was younger, my mom and grandma used to prick my fingers and toes near the cuticle if I had a stomachache. [Releasing bad blood] is a common belief among Koreans. I would always feel much better afterwards.”

Tylor Wang, 9 “I do it to relax my muscles and release the tension. If certain spots are sore or hurt, that part will heal. I do them because of golf and kendo. I only do it about once a month. I feel relaxed and don’t feel as tight.”


february 2017


Editorial Taking action It’s the dramatization, the intrigue, the shock value that pulls us into the stories featured on our news feeds. Yet, the effects of these jarring tactics gradually fade away as we resume our everyday routines. As the days roll into weeks and months, the once headline-grabbing events become incidental and are eventually forgotten. Before we know it, we have fallen back to passive, distant admiration about the movements that initially mattered to us. The recent violent protests at the University of California, Berkeley over the planned appearance of a public speaker were met with uproar and nationwide condemnation. The violence undermined the school’s staple of free speech and resistance against oppression. While organized protests that instigate violence and disorder warp civil intentions, peaceful protests garner public sympathy. The demonstration should resonate deeply with students here, as Berkeley is a school some of us know, admire and perhaps aim to attend because of the initiative its students are known to take. Yet, most of us haven’t spoken out on behalf of the principles we personally endorse—we haven’t taken action into our own hands. In addition to advocating and organizing through public awareness campaigns, students should engage in community service on issues they care about and contribute to open discourse in classrooms. Though protests are unlikely to be immediately effective, any eventual social change needs a starting point. The civil rights movement, for instance, wasn’t successful until decades after its head start in the 1920s. Progress takes patience and understanding, and we should not only observe from afar the issues we hold close to our hearts but also express that support through direct involvement in the efforts that enact the changes we wish to see. Ω

Retraction: In December’s issue of the Hoofprint, we made an error (due to a poorly cited source) regarding the statistics of foreign language speakers in the world. We apologize for this mistake and will be sure to minimize statistical errors in the future. The actual percentage of people in the world who speak each language is: Chinese: 1,343,755,000 / 7,478,408,000 = 17.9 % Spanish: 417,000,000 / 7,478,408,000 = 5.57 % German: 128,000,000 / 7,478,408,000 = 1.71 % French: 128,000,000 / 7,478,408,000 = 1.71 % SOURCE: NATIONSONLINE.ORG

HOW TO GET YOUR OPINIONS PUBLISHED: 1. If you’re interested in getting your work published, type a reply to an article or situation on campus and email it to letter@whshoofprint. com, or draw a comic or political cartoon in black ink and turn it in to Ms. Chai in D-1. 2. Include your name, grade, first period class and phone number. (Anonymous letters will not be published.)

How to better shape your life With the end of our high school careers approaching, deciding whether or not to take a gap year may play a significant role in determining our future. Brian Wu

student’s entire life, college is what

suggestion to those who truly do not

Media manager

will define who they are. However,

feel as if they are ready for college

the purpose of college is to expand

or have a grasp of what they want

I’m not crazy.

our horizons, our knowledge, our

to pursue. This allows people to find

I swear. What if we

education and enhance who we

what they love, what they want to

took a year off after

really are. Our parents and teachers

do, and to hone in on the path they

high school. Let’s call it… a gap year.

instill in us the importance of college

choose for themselves. Going into

This past summer traveling

as it leads to a greater education,

college blindfolded, without a sense

through Japan and staying in hostels

something irreplaceable in today’s

of direction, is basically wasting both

where up to 8 people shared a room, I

world. Although I definitely believe

time and money.

met people from Australia, Germany,

in receiving a college-level education,

I also understand that some

Thailand and even a group of guys

I also believe that it does not

may use a gap year in order to save

from Chicago. As a 17-year old

necessarily have to come directly

up for college. In other words, an

student traveling by myself, I made

after high school. Because let’s face

individual may spend a year working

small talk with these people and in

it: a lot of us don’t have the first clue


each conversation I was told that they

as to what we will be doing five or ten

housing. Again, gap years open up

were taking a year off either before

years down the line.

opportunities and provide another





college or before graduate school. I

A gap year would be most

must admit, at first I thought, “Wow

beneficial to those without a clear goal

these people are obviously crazy.”

or direction in life. It allows students

A gap year may sound absurd,

As I started to think more and more

to explore, open up their minds

but I think it has its merits. It is

about this concept of a gap year, the

and gain a deeper understanding

definitely not everyone’s cup of tea

more it made sense to me.

of themselves. In this gap year,

but for some, it might be just the

option for those perhaps more economically disadvantaged.

At Walnut, students tend to

students can travel, work, learn, and

thing to get them headed on the right

think that college is everything,

experience what the “real world”

track. And besides, it can’t hurt to

college is the culmination of a

has to offer. Essentially, it is simply a

learn your different options. Ω

Q&A Student opinions on the value of a gap year


Alison Cher, 11

“I did [consider it], but I don’t think I will because I know I wouldn’t be as productive as I could be. I’d probably end up sleeping until noon and watching TV and eating junk food until midnight.”

“I would consider a gap year to travel, have fun and to figure out my interests. I haven’t really found the time to find the Codie Chang, things that I really like. 11 I would use that year to figure that out.”

Nicole Howard, 12

“If you don’t know what to major in, then you can take a year to volunteer or work in different fields and see what you like. It could give you a break from just studying and you can try new things. ”




Balancing health and academic success Suffering through sleep deprivation, poor amounts of nutrition and constant mental stress may result in academic performance, but are ultimately not worth it. The negative health consequences associated with these practices are detrimental in the long run. Olivia Chiang

entire meal just to finish reviewing


notes one last time. Every day I see students in the library during lunch

It’s 2:04 a.m.

doing exactly that instead of eating

With a large cup of

lunch (what they should be doing).


Tips for maintaining your health

Sure, good grades pave the way

in anything, let alone school itself ?

to better opportunities and an

Being in a constant state of anxiety,



stress and depression is not fun, and

in the future, but there are

it surely is a lot less enjoyable than



having a couple of unsatisfactory



of other

coffee in hand and

While many might think this free

undermining one’s health. These

grades here and there. To say that

a huge stack of unfinished papers

35 minutes is a great opportunity

include building self-confidence

these states of mind disturb one’s

piled up on your desk, you struggle

to study for fifth period’s test,

and staying true to oneself, that

learning process in school is an

to keep your eyes open, wondering:

food deprivation leads to energy

serve the same purpose. In fact,

understatement. They not only raise

should I stay up re-doing math

deprivation, impaired focus and

many successful people like Steve

a health concern but also interfere

problems to save that borderline

poor memory—all factors far more

Jobs and Michael Dell, both college

with overall academic performance

grade or should I call it a night and

important and necessary for fifth

dropouts, did not earn top grades

and can even worsen grades along

study during lunch?

period’s test.

but made those alternatives work

the way.

None of the above, actually. 2

Some believe that we can

a.m.’s are for sleeping and lunches

always make up the sleep we lose

are for eating.

or the meals we skip, but we cannot

While getting that extra hour of

make up the questions we miss on a

sleep may not mean much compared

test. While this is true, it’s important

to earning that letter A grade, it’s

to take into account the long-term

time to set things straight. Your

effects of both that determine

health trumps your grade point

which, health or grades, we need to

average. It’s a given that if your

prioritize one over the other. A lack

health starts to suffer then oftentimes

of sleep can lead to permanent

so will your grades.

Caffeine does not replace sleep. It temporarily blocks sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain and increases adrenaline production.

Z Z Z Teenagers (14-17) should be sleeping an average of 8-10 hours a night. Young adults (18-25) should be sleeping an average of 7-9 hours a night.

instead. Here’s where health comes

Yes, it is debatable whether or

into play. Without leading a healthy

not a couple more hours of sleep is

lifestyle beforehand, how would

worth losing that letter A grade, but

these opportunities and successes

it is evident that nothing should be

work out? They won’t.

valued over health. Being healthy

Think about it this way. In 10

is the basic foundation of what we

years time, no one will care what

do; if it is destroyed, everything

grades you got. No, this doesn’t

that follows including grades will

mean “don’t study” or “don’t try.”

become destroyed soon enough.

This means work hard and do your

So the next time you are having an

memory loss and stress-related

best, but not to the point in which

inner battle with yourself, to stay up

By eating instant noodles for

conditions, such as depression and

your health becomes a second

studying or go to bed, be mindful

dinner to save an additional 10

anxiety, while an unhealthy diet


of health’s critical role in our lives

minutes for studying, weight gain

leads to various heart problems,

and an unhealthy diet are inevitable.

diabetes and obesity.

What’s even worse is skipping an

Grades are not everything.

Cutting sugar and refined carbohydrates can improve mood and lower risk for mental health problems. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The same goes for mental

and how overcommitting ourselves

health; without mental well-being,

to academics has the capability to

how would you be able to do well

undermine that role. Ω


february 2017



PDA: A touchy school subject Although PDA is generally considered negative, it may not affect others as much as we think it does. Albert Law

us. For example, we ask our friends

Feature editor

if we are making the right decision in talking to a particular boy or girl.




This sense of fitting in makes us feel

making out in front

secure and confident. When we see

of your locker. What do you do? Do

our closest friends showing affection

you just look at them awkwardly, or

to their boyfriend or girlfriend, it

do you tell them to move? I’m not

elicits a weird feeling because we

sure either.

have a special connection with

Public displays of affection (PDA)




our friend. But on the other hand,


when we see strangers making out,

campus. It’s not necessarily as bad

it doesn’t affect us because we don’t

as other people portray it to be.

have the same connection. Maybe

Perhaps it’s because I’m only an

that’s why we take more notice of

adolescent and therefore, I possess a

PDA among our friends.

less conservative perspective on this

I feel that PDA should be allowed

issue. In regards to PDA, there are

because it’s just a way for students to

many social factors that ultimately

express their feelings in public. Does

influence a person’s views. There’s

PDA affect students physically or



mentally? For bystanders, it could be

friends. There are movies. And

embarrassing and uncomfortable.

there’s personal experience.

But what can be done? Students feel




Parents have a role in the way students view PDA. There are

intense feelings, and they want to do things to express themselves.

parents who openly hold hands and

Okay. I got it. This is the best

kiss in front of their child, while there

way to explain it. There is a sense of

are parents who are very distant.

pride that comes with PDA because

Some parents also disapprove of

it is a way for students to show off

kissing between their child and

the love they have for each other.

their child’s partner. These different

Basically, when you finally find that

childhood experiences can influence

person who likes you as much as you

someone’s perspective, but regular,

like them, you want to hold their

prolonged exposure to PDA can also

hands and show off to the public.

promote acceptance. When we find a new partner, we often seek approval of those around

Let’s face it. Especially at school, PDA is inevitable. Ω Continued at whshoofprint.com

Student thoughts on PDA 251 students give feedback on the amount and type of Public Display of Affection they see on campus, including opinions on what is appropriate. They also show whether or not students think that the administration should place tighter restrictions on PDA on campus. Are uncomfortable seeing PDA

When have you seen PDA on campus? before school



What crosses the line? 70%


passing period


holding hands

during lunch



after school


Believe the administration should restrict PDA




other forms of PDA





NO IDENTITY (CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT) | The model covers his face to reflect the brand’s slogan. | Cooper’s friends pose for the Gold Kids tee. | The Anchor tee features a nautical theme.

Get rich and live in paradise PHOTO COURTESY OF BROCK COOPER

Junior Brock Cooper designs and sells clothing for his own personal clothing line.

Olivia Chiang

to be a positive individual who



will always strive for something,

among his personal photos.

whatever that would be.”

At that time, Cooper released

“I’m not rich, nor do I live




turn into a normal, washed-up brand.” After



It all started in sixth grade,

clothing pieces inconsistently—

artist receives the hand-drawn

when Brock’s brother, Quinn,

ranging from one item per month


This was not a limiting

designed a simple tank top which

to another item four months

drawing into a vector image so it

barrier, but the segue for junior

ultimately pushed Cooper to

later. Since then, he started

can be printed on clothing. Once

Brock Cooper to start up Rich

attempt to design his own apparel.



Cooper confirms the design, the



In addition, his father worked in

solely on his brand, which

piece is sent to the silk screen

streetwear clothing brand that

the clothing embroidery industry

has accumulated over 1400

artist, who then prints the

breaks down stereotypes. Models

which provided a connection to

followers and has consistently

design on the apparel. It usually

for his brand wear ski masks to

the graphic artist Cooper works

released one piece of apparel

takes about one week for each

cover up their faces to eliminate

with today.

every month. Cooper spent the

item to be completed. The final

in paradise.”


labels surrounding self-image.






“I want to give people the

whole month of December 2016

touches include coordinating

“My brand is a vision for

satisfaction of making stuff that

brainstorming about what to sell


myself, where I want to be when I

they actually want to wear and

next, whether it be shirts, long-

apparel for his followers to get

grow up and the lifestyle I would

that they will enjoy wearing,”

sleeves or sweaters, and what

a sneak peak and request pre-

like to live,” Cooper said. “My

Cooper said. “I’d be lying if I

design elements to include for


brand reaches out to those who

said it weren’t for the money. I

the new apparel.

are like me, because everyone

named it Rich Paradise because

“After I started integrating

is the fact that the stuff I do is

has potential to go somewhere

I wasn’t in the circumstance

Rich Paradise [posts] on [my

limited. I’m not making 1,000

in life. Rich Paradise is meant

where money was exactly a ‘go-

Instagram], people jumped on it

or 1,500 [of the pieces], I’m

for the go-getters, [for] those

to’ for me. Money to me is like

and said, ‘Wow, this is cool. I like

making [around] 70 sweaters

who will do anything to reach

finding your first love; when

it,’” Cooper said. “The biggest

and whoever gets it, gets it,”

success no matter the outcome.

you grow up lacking something,

thing I’ve learned from this

Cooper said. “When someone

Money is incorporated in my

which could be anything, it

is patience, because I’ve been

[asks] ‘Is this left?’ and [I say]

clothes because Rich Paradise

makes you determined to have

patient with myself to not drop

‘Sorry, everything sold out,’—

is aimed to those who want to

it,” Cooper said.

[apparel] every week. Keeping

that keeps me motivated because

it at one per month is good

people are reaching out to me to

personal back

strive and become rich. However,

Rich Paradise originated Cooper’s




“What keeps me motivated

joining the Rich Paradise Club


for myself and my company

buy this stuff. I’m not reaching

doesn’t mean you have to be



because it keeps it limited, so

out to them.” Ω

a money craving monster, but

seventh grade, when he posted

it’s not like Rich Paradise will


Continued at whshoofprint.com

From paper to fabric Cooper follows this process when designing new apparel.

01 Drawing Cooper thinks of new designs and translates his ideas on paper.

02 Creating The artist then turns the design into a vector image so it can be printed.

03 Printing The design is then printed on a shirt through silk screen printing and embroidery. Find more of his merchandise @RICH.PARADISE on Instagram COMPILED BY OLIVIA CHIANG


february 2017

Gaming for charity



TWITCH STREAM | Blackford plays multiple games online to entertian his viewers and to contribute toward charity

Nick Blackford streams games live and donates toward charities. Sarah Aie

is a lot like the gaming community

Staff writer

today. It was full of players that also loved the game, and we all just wanted




to have fun.”

and spells. A world of imagination.

From there, Blackford pursued

From playing Final Fantasy VII on

that passion and began to stream

the original Playstation console to

his gameplay through Twitch, a

streaming live games for everyone to

video platform that supports live

watch, gaming has always been a big

broadcasting. His setup consists of

part of math and computer science

Window Capture, a software that

teacher Nicholas Blackford’s life.

captures the user’s computer screen,

Blackford first discovered his love for gaming in his childhood, during

and a webcam to record facial reactions and commentary audio.

which he invested hundreds of hours

“With YouTube, you can watch

immersing himself in each game’s

videos that are maybe a few days

unique experience.

old. There became this demand for

“I played a lot of online games

content that was live. Because people

growing up, like Diablo 2. In that

wanted current content, streaming

game, you were constantly being a part

became a popular platform, and it

of the community and meeting new

developed from there,” Blackford said.

people in that. I spend an unlimited

“I like being a part of that community

number of hours on that game; it was

because you get to interact and

a lot of fun. In a lot of ways, that game

support others who like playing the

same games that you like. It’s evolved

That’s what so cool about it. It’s a

Blackford connect with his friends,

so much to get to where it is now.”

congregational experience,” Blackford

but also provided him with a way

On Twitch, Blackford is most

said. “I remember my friends and

to interact with students outside of

well known for playing Hearthstone,

I would always crowd around the


an online strategy card game that

television screen [to play] console

“I’ve always thought of myself as

includes collecting cards and battling

games. Now, because you don’t have to

being a pretty open person, so I don’t

against other competitors. Over the

have that local network anymore, you

feel like I have anything to hide from

past five years, Blackford has acquired

can do the same type of connection

my students,” Blackford said. “It’s also

37 followers and around 10 to 30

with people from all around. There’s

part of them getting to know me as a

people view his live streams.

not this deep thing that I get out of

person, and not thinking of me as just

“Being able to connect and form

gaming; it’s just fun and it’s a way

a teacher figure that’s going to punish

relationships has always been a part

to meet new people and make new

them for doing something wrong but

of the community that I’ve been in.


rather as a person they trust.” Ω

Gaming always brings people together.

Streaming has not only let

Continued at whshoofprint.com

Expressing her faith through actions Junior Crystal Xu spends her time volunteering and helping others at the Hsi Lai Buddhist temple. PHOTO COURTESY OF CRYSTAL XU

Ashley Liaag

the administrative leader.

Staff writer

GIVING BACK | Xu volunteers at temples to help the elders pray and babysit kids.

much work there is, but it’s really

“Because I’ve been volunteering

fun. The environment that they have

for so many years, I eventually just

there is incredible, and it takes away

From running the registration

went and asked the project leader if

my stress too.”

to designing the daily schedules

there were any open positions since I



loved going there so much,” Xu said.

members influenced her religion the

volunteering at a summer camp is no

“He said yes, and basically I’ve been

most. Both of her parents, as well

easy task. Even so, junior Crystal Xu

going whenever I’ve had the chance.”

as her grandmother, are Buddhist.

gives back to her community through

As administrative leader, Xu is

Because of this, Xu has learned to be

assisting at the Hsi Lai Temple in her

placed in charge of registration and

free time.







more accepting of others.

preparation for activities, along with

“My parents raised me to be

The Hsi Lai Temple, one of the

the other organizers. For retreats,

open-minded, to be aware that there

largest Buddhist temples on the west

she works both with the children and

were different faiths and to respect

coast, is located in Hacienda Heights

behind the scenes, doing paperwork

each one,” Xu said. “It wasn’t until

and hosts overnight summer retreats

while also helping to teach Buddhism

recently that I started to commit

as well as Kids’ Camps, which take

classes in her spare time.

to Buddhism. I loved the message

place over the course of a weekend.

“It makes me really proud to

of treating everyone with respect,

Starting in eighth grade, Xu was

be able to help out at the temple,”

regardless of who they were or what

offered the chance to volunteer at a

Xu said. “There’s kind of a sense of

they had done.” Ω

retreat and after four years, became

responsibility when I realize just how

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Different types of stereotypes

“The idea of a male having to be unemotional has made me at times afraid to open up to the people I love most at times where I’ve needed help. It’s also helped me in seek help knowing that this stereotype isn’t healthy.”

Student statistics


The stereotypes that cover us

Where do you see stereotypes portrayed the most? 75%


Racial stereotyping and scapegoating can have harmful affects both on the groups being stereotyped as well as the people who stereotype. Ignoring the identity of an individual for preconceived notions of their race can breed ignorance and misunderstanding.

The clothes we wear say a lot about us, our appearances at once establish first impressions and incur immediate judgments. On a deeper level, the things we are involved in, the people we surround ourselves with, the posts on our Facebook timelines give an outward impression of who we are. Internalized stereotypes regarding one’s identity can also be harmful. When dealing with race or gender, we are assigned at birth. Immediately after we enter this world, there is a preconceived notion of who we are. As a result of those expectations, we often fall into the stereotypes that others use to define us. Pink is for girls, and blue is for boys. Stereotypes allow us to make a split judgment based on previous experience; what we’re told, and what we tell ourselves. This becomes dangerous when we apply stereotypes to dynamic individuals with complex backgrounds and identities. Like the clothes we wear, stereotypes cover us and influence others’ perceptions of us. Race and gender stereotypes seem to stretch beyond everyday inconveniences or misunderstandings to rigid definitions of who we are or who we should be. Stereotypes can bind, restrict and limit us, and there is no choice in the stereotypes that we wear. We should be more aware of this when judging others


TV, Movies





5% Female 54% Male 44%

Gender stereotypes are more nuanced in nature. From gendered toys to television shows, gender roles play a large part in developing our interests, likes and dislikes. The phrases “girls shouldn’t...” or “boys don’t...” may have been integral in shaping our sense of self and the way we carry ourselves.

Do stereotypes accurately portray the characteristics of certain groups? 71%



Other 2% 8%

Racial Identity



On a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being to a great extent), to what extent has your identity been influenced by the stereotypes associated with your race, gender, etc.?

The Model Minority An example of racial stereotyping is the controversial concept of the model minority. Asians are often portrayed as the “model minority.” The successes of Asian-Americans are capitalized on as a testament to the ideals of opportunity and the American dream. However, people fail to account for the different socioeconomic background of Asian immigrants.

Gender Identity


Stereotypes allow us to make sense of complex situations or people, but stereotypes can become harmful when generalizations are applied to individuals. Part of fixing the problem is addressing the judgments we all hold and our oversimplifications of others.

Christopher Ramirez, 11


Hypermasculinity and Hyperfemininity

Asian 79%

Latino 8%

White 6%

Other 5%

Black 2%

Hypermasculinity and hyperfemininity can arise from gender stereotypes as an overexaggeration of traditional traits, interests, or roles associated with females and males. In men, hypermasculinity is often characterized by extreme aggression and assertiveness while, in women, hyperfemininity is characterized by passivity and conforming to feminine gender roles.

72% of students have been inaccurately stereotyped based on their race.

5 To a great extent 4% 4 14% 3 33% 2 28% 1 Not at all 21%

58% have been inaccurately stereotyped based on their gender.

Growing up as a girl vs. growing up as a boy in America SOURCES: WWW.CENSUS.GOV | WWW.JEC.SENATE.GOV | WWW.HEARTOFLEADERSHIP.ORG

“When I was younger, I wouldn’t put my hair down and people were always like “oh, you should put your hair down more.” Sometimes they’ll also ask me “why don’t you wear skirts” or something and my mom is always like, “why do you dress like a guy.” I get a little bit mad when they say this, but I know it’s not them.”

Birth 50.8% of the US population is biologically female Gendered toys and clothing are introduced immediately after the baby is born.

Jonelle Lin, 10

49.2% of the US population is biologically male

Angela Zhang, In-depth Editor



By the age of 13, 53% of girls deal with body image issues

Only 19.3% of engineering degrees are awarded to women

Stereotypes are introduced in the media, by family members or friends, and play a large role in how boys and girls begin to view themselves. Boys are 5 times more likely to be classified as hyperactive

Gender stereotypes begin to become barriers, dictating the interests of individuals. Issues dealing with self-perception and identity arise. Men enroll in engineering and computer science courses at a higher rate

Adulthood On a percentage basis, women earn 79% of what a man earns Significant discrepancies in the way men and women are treated appear. The wage gap is an example of this. More than 80% of job losses in the United States during the recession were among men


Security beyond stereotypes Teachers give advice about how we can look beyond stereotypes both in the perception of ourselves as well as others.

Stephanie Tufenkjian | Math “Personally, as a woman who is interested in math, a lot of people in my years thought that was weird. Stereotype has been observed in my life, but it never stopped me; it made me more determined to pursue my interests. It’s like ‘you’re not going, I’m going to do whatever I want.’ Each day, we make a decision as to how we’re going to deal with some of the hard things in life. We can either work to overcome them or we can give up. Don’t give up. Continue to be positive. Support other people who are in similar situations and give it time.”

Vicky Flowers | Special Education “I work with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They’re a very careful, kind and sociable group. Some students might be reluctant to talk because they might not want to be friends if they see a student as “having problems.” I think students think this way because of their upbringing. Usually if you’ve been exposed to someone [with disabilities] you get a better understanding. I think a lack of exposure causes people to stereotype special needs students. The more we interact together, the more open the general population is to special needs.”


Rajasri Rajkumar, 12

Cameron Walker, 12

Sebastian Hernandez, 11

Karen Liu, 10

“When I first moved here, a lot of people asked me why I didn’t have an accent, and I didn’t want to eat Indian food in public. Especially in middle school, you feel kind of judged because of how you eat; [eating Indian food] is considered quite messy here, but I really overcame it eventually when I found a better group of friends. I started inviting my friends over, and they really started liking my culture.”

“I’m an athlete, so people assume that I’m like not smart I guess. Because I’m White a lot of people think that I’m racist, or stand-offish, but I’m not like that. It’s kind of just helped me relax and take a step back and get to know a person first before I judge them.”

“[I have been affected by stereotypes] mostly through race. Most people don’t think I’m Asian, I’m only one-fourth Chinese. The only way to know a person is through conversation. But before coming to this conclusion as an adolescent, it was like every race or group of people had a list of what they’re capable of doing which is a very wrong way to perceive anyone.”

“When I get stereotyped as being smart because of my ethnicity, I usually do not give an indication to react negatively to the statement. If I were perhaps in a different environment where Asians are not the majority in a school, I would try to stay on the quiet end and at a lower key than I am now.”


february 2017


they’re handling. I want to be there for more people because it’s just so hard.” — For a period of time, junior Stacey* was scared. Scared that her mother’s cancer would never get better because it After two years, his mother’s cancer was Michael* always was going to strive

thought he and maintain his

position as the top seventh in his sports team. He trained his entire life to finally secure a national position. But at the last second, news broke that his mother had breast cancer. Michael opened his door slightly in the early morning to

inactive and presumably had died off. “Family is there to stay for each other through thick and thin, because no matter what happened, I knew I was going to be there for [my mom]. I was willing to give everything important in my life,” Michael said. —

they were so distressed. Later, his parents confessed that his

Witnessing a loved one in pain can be a heartbreaking

“At first, my parents tried to hide the fact that my mom

experience mostly when you are not certain whether they live or not. Especially for sophomore Maria*, at least. Her sister was

had cancer because they didn’t want me and my siblings to be

diagnosed with lupus, which has some of the same symptoms

scared or worried,” Michael said. “However, a month before her

that cancer patients have, a hereditary disease.

chemo treatment, they came out.” Prior to his mother’s diagnosis, Michael was ranked as

“Chemo was hard for [my sister] because she had to eat certain foods and look out for certain pH levels in her food,”

the seventh best player in the USA team association among

Maria said. “She took really hard classes, and she has to balance

individuals 14 and under. He was also sponsored by a German

it out along with her health.”

company. However, when the news broke out, Michael’s father had

The treatment and its effect brought unwelcome changes in her daily life. With the constant medicine intake, Maria’s sister’s

to take care of his wife on a daily basis, leaving no time to take

mood would be extremely bipolar and she would say things that

Michael out for practice.

hurt. No matter how much the word’s hurt, Maria would always

“I used to practice five times a week, two hours every day, but afterwards, I rarely went to practice, and I fell behind

originally inert at stage two, but then it aggravated. “She had to go through chemotherapy and she started losing her hair. I would help her take the pieces of hair out of her clothes because they would get stuck in the cloth,” Stacey said. Not understanding how grave the situation was, Stacey often got mad at her mother because of the stress she was going through to care for her mother. “I blamed her [for] the stressful times, and I always

up for her and just be there for her because she is so

eavesdrop on his parent’s intense argument, not knowing why mother had stage three breast cancer.

progressively got worse. Her mother’s breast cancer was

tolerate it because she knew how much pain her sister was in. “It really opened my eyes to people who could be struggling

to those that went everyday. I quit and dropped my position

with some things that aren’t in their control and how it affects

because I wasn’t able to hone my skills anymore,” Michael said.

how they put themselves out to the world. It’s really hard

“It was really depressing because I had to give up the sport that

because your feelings can get so hurt. I just try putting myself

I put all my time into, however my mom was more important.”

in their shoes because I don’t know how I could handle what

had to rely on other people just for simple tasks like getting a ride or something.” Stacey said. Although at times there were negative feelings toward her mom, Stacey knew that she would always have her mom’s back. That’s what family is for. — Nearly 14.5 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with cancer while 1.5 million people have been diagnosed with lupus. “I just felt sad and scared because I never thought that someone in my family would get cancer, especially my mom. It was hard for me because I could never know if anything was going to happen without warning, and it was just really unpredictable,” Michael said. ¨It made me more aware of the pain that people had to go through. Before when my friend’s relatives had cancer, I would feel bad, but now, I can relate better with a lot of other people.¨ “It’s so scary because after putting myself in that situation I realized that it could affect me as well. It’s taught me to appreciate what I have because I don’t know what could happen to me,” Maria said. Although we may never experience what Michael, Stacey



There to stay By Natalie Jiang and Albert Law, Feature editors





INDULGE IN PASTRY HEAVEN (LEFT TO RIGHT) | Breads and pastries offered at Duke range from fruity strawberry puffs to savory red bean buns. | With an open space and bright lights, the bakery is light and airy. Small carts make it convenient to navigate around the store.

A taste of Asian delicacies at Duke Bakery

Duke Bakery offers distinct and unique flavors with their signature buns, while catering to all tastes and taking inspiration from both Asian and European influences. 1370 S. Fullerton Rd., Rowland Heights


The overall effect was incredibly

building, the employees were busying

with butcher paper in place of trays.

middle of Diamond Plaza, a favored



relaxing and the monochrome color

themselves trying to rearrange and

It was a bit confusing at first, but

shopping and dining center in

scheme added a sense of elegance as

restock the breads and pastries.

after some help from the employees,



However, they quickly assisted me

the setup proved to be very intuitive.





undeniably makes a grand first

Another element of the bakery

when I asked about Duke’s specialties

Inside each shopping cart-basket

Ashley Liang

impression. Although small in size

that I noticed drew a lot of inspiration

and best-sellers. They were very

hybrid, there was a pair of tongs

Staff writer

compared to the larger dim-sum

from Taiwanese culture are the signs

knowledgeable about their business

that were to be used for selecting the

restaurant adjacent, Duke advertises

and placards lining the walls. They

and were extremely patient with

breads. From their relatively small

a tasteful, minimalist sign that is

are written in both Mandarin and

me— being a first-time customer.

but distinct selection, I ultimately

inviting and alluring.

English, and a few included a bit of

As with most Taiwanese bakeries,

decided on the French Garlic Soft

Duke Bakery is a Taiwanese fusion bakery known for its milky buns and use of organic recipes.

The most prominent feature of

history about the Asian origins of

Duke follows the similar concept of

Bread, Strawberry Milk Bread and

Combining the sophistication of

the bakery is its spaciousness. It has an

the ingredients. I found it to be an

a buffet-style serving station where

bestselling Hokkaido Azuki & Milk

an upscale European shop with the

appealing exterior, but is still evidently

interesting addition, even if it wasn’t

customers are intended to take a


signature tastes of Asian baking,

small from the outside. However, the

very substantial.

basket and choose which items to buy

Averaging $4 a piece, the pastries

this cafe boasts a variety of different

high ceiling and simple decor inside

The service is very impressive

from. However, it’s unique in that it

and breads aren’t exactly a bargain. Ω

pastries that can be enjoyed by all.

creates a more spacious atmosphere.

as well. When I first entered the

had miniature shopping carts lined

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Cafe Valer: comfort food heaven


Whether you’re looking for something healthy or savory, this cafe is the perfect place for brunch, afternoon tea and snacks. 112 Plaza Dr., West Covina

When I first entered the cafe, I

comforting feeling.

was surprised by how small it was.

There were cafe desserts on

There was a little more than a handful

display that added an aesthetic factor

of tables, making it difficult to find

to the restaurant. Despite being behind

seating for a family of five. However,

glass, they were extremely enticing.

Isaac Le

we were able to move a table next to

As I approached the cash register,

Staff writer

ours, mitigating the problem. Though

I heard laughter from the kitchen

the soulful music was slightly hard

that showcased the close relationship

Cafe Valer offers a multitude of

to hear over the noise in the mall, it

between the employees. My dad and I

comfort foods and desserts made to fit

worked with the warm paintings on

were greeted by a warm smile. Ω

anybody’s tastes.

the wall to give the cafe a homely,

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SWEET TOOTH | The cafe showcases a variety of desserts, ranging from cakes and cupcakes to pies and creme brulee.


february 2017

Buoyancy in Train’s “A Girl a Bottle a Boat” Eager to please, Train’s new album, “A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat” tears away from the band’s roots in rock and instead gravitates toward pop. PHOTO COURTESY OF ITUNES

15 “Drink Up”, a funky rock song

a rollercoaster of highs and lows,

alternating between a moderate,

“Play That Song” is the soft rocking

upbeat drift and a more thrilling

of boat with its smaller changes in

chorus that ups the tempo. “Drink

tempo and sounds. Monahan, lead

up, drink up!” the song shouts,

singer, adopts a toned down country

Jamie Chen

encouraging the audience to enjoy

accent apparent in the soulful long

Staff writer

the moment then letting the moment

notes. In the instrumentals, the

Released Jan. 27, 2017

slip away. Like the song suggests,

guitar is dominant over supportive

Back in the late 2000s, when

the moment of the chorus is brief as

piano. “Play That Song” is the classic

pop music was growing out of its

it shifts back to a slower tempo, but

romantic pop song.

rebellious rock phase and into a hip

quickly builds up again, each lyric

Following not after is “The

hop, electro sound, Train exploded

building up to the climax. Once at the

News”, an edgier, modern pop

into the top charts with “Hey, Soul

chorus again, the background guitar

that uses a faster beat, a keyboard,

Sister”, throwing back to the early

and drums introduce new qualities

drums and a sharp guitar sound. It’s

2000s sound with its jaunty ukulele

that provide the song with the variety

hopeful, well paced, and has a fast

strumming. Now, eight years later, the

it needs. With “Drink Up”, Train

flow of lyrics that gives it a rhythmic

band is hoping to bounce back with

shows their songs are about strong

effect. Though the structure of the

“A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat”, an album

vocals and instrumentals. Between

song is mostly uniform, the chorus

that challenges the dauntless spirits

the alternating tempos and sounds

has a sound so unique it’s keeps the

of the 2009 album but is streamlined

and lyrics, “Drink Up” perfectly

listener intrigued.

with today’s contemporary styles.

captures the sense of liberation Train

Though the album introduces genres

wants its listeners to feel.

“Lottery” starts off as a cute, lazy guitar song but rapidly develops into

new to the band’s music, it aims to

The face of the song, “Play

fast paced pop song with a staccato

appeal to older fans who will be able

That Song”, is slower and conveys

beat. Each beat accelerates in sync

to reminisce on the past.

an intimacy not found in “Drink

with the lyrics of the song. Ω

Train opens the album with

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Up”. While the previous song was

Fourth season of “Sherlock” falls short of prequels Sherlock’s fourth season switches its traditional charm for an enthralling action drama, but still struggles to live up to the high expectations crated after a year long hiatus. Released Jan. 2, 2017

Brandon Win Staff writer Actors Benedict Cumberbatch

previous Sherlock seasons, focusing

called useless. Furthermore, when

fourth season, which I personally

returns to impeccably play his role

more on action and not so much on

looking at “Sherlock” as a whole, this

loved experiencing in the first three


the classic detective plot. I would

episode seems to lack in quality. The

seasons. In fact, it felt like a drag to

which helps to bolster the dynamic

even go as far as to call this the worst

first case that Sherlock encountered

watch, and this barely felt like the

between all the actors. Martin

season of the entire series.

in the first episode was interesting,

“Sherlock” TV series at all. Despite








The plot begins quite slow at

but the lackluster development of the

the addition of a new antagonist in

Watson, accurately portraying his

the beginning, with Sherlock solving

overarching plot made it much worse

this season, the character did not

character’s brother-like relationship

a simple case, yet ramps up to an

for me personally.

feel as dynamic or powerful as the

with Sherlock. The cinematographic

others. If a new antagonist were to

angles and shooting style were on

overarching plot involving Watson’s

and Martin Freeman return as



be added to the series, the audience

par, and the complex CGI and

characters Sherlock Holmes and

result in some shocking character

either. The holistic plot in these two

would have to feel the villainous

editing made the viewing experience

John Watson, respectively, in the

developments and plot changes.

episodes are actually connected yet

aspect of the character, which was

much more enjoyable.

fourth season of the crime drama

However, the first episode, “The Six

completely unrelated to that in the

done brilliantly with Sherlock’s arch-

Aside from the lackluster plot

series “Sherlock.” To no surprise,

Thatchers,” seems quite unrelated at

first episode. The plot felt more like

nemesis Jim Moriarty. In short, the

and the overplayed conflict of

the series offers a great modern

all to the rest of the plot of Season

an action drama you would see in

plot felt shallow and overdramatized

Moriarty’s return, the fourth season

adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan

Four, in retrospect. In fact, this

other movies, lacking the charming

throughout the season.

is worthy of persuading viewers to

Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes.

episode, when being evaluated with



In spite of its disappointments,

continue watching the series for the



the rest of the plot in mind, seems

the first three seasons. There are

the newest season does have its

sake of keeping up with the newest

different in style and plot from the

actually misguided and can be even

barely any “a-ha!” moments in the


episodes. Ω







Sadly, the second and third episode






Sherlock through the seasons SEASON ONE Sherlock premiers as a thrilling, charming modern adaptation of the classic Sherlock cases, such as The Hound of the Baskervilles, in a stunning first season.


SEASON THREE Sherlock transitions from mystery to crime drama, introducing character developments and dramatic confrontations with the new, villainous aristocrat Charles Augustus Magnussen.

SEASON TWO The second season’s brilliant plot thickens with the introduction of Moriarty and creates an intense, well-developed hero-villain conflict.





Dance kicks off the competition season Dance won five first place trophies at its second competition Saturday, Jan. 21 at West Covina High School.














Performing to the song “Keep Your Head Up,” captain senior Jasmine Fan closes off with the ending pose of the routine. “We were trying to be as emotional and happy as we could. I think everyone was really proud that we did and we performed to our fullest potential,” Fan said.

Freshman Jordan Takai performs a skater turn during “Nightingale” in the second half of the competition. “I was excited and proud that I didn’t let the team down. In practice, it was a struggle to do it and I was frustrated, but it felt really good when I finally did [the turn],” Takai said.

Junior Jaclyn Hu dances to the beginning of “Another One Bites the Dust.” “You really have to start the dance off really powerful and attack it. First impressions are definitely important because you want to catch the judges’ eyes. You don’t want to the start the dance off boring,” Hu said.

At the beginning of her small routine, junior Britney Zhang transitions into a jump by extending her leg. “This dance was a little different from the stuff we usually do. There was a little less technique, and more focus on facials so we got to prove ourselves as better performers,” Zhang said.

With her hands held up, freshman Denise Kao flicks her wrists during the chorus of ‘Nightingale.’ “[My favorite memory] was just experiencing my first high school competition. We got to spend the whole day together and know a little bit more about how we complete and how we work together as a team,” Kao said.

Lieutenant senior Colby Wong practices her showmanship with her other officers. “We feel silly, but it’s fun to act it out and show our audience. That bond really motivates us to keep going so the adrenaline helps us get through the whole dance with full energy. It feels good to be able to do what you love in front of others,” Wong said.


february 2017


A PERFORMANCE FOR GENERATIONS I Alice Koo reads over the notes as she plays them on her electric bass in the senior home. I Erik Ingram performs for the elderly on his saxophone with the rest of his quartet.

Jazz Sanity: All jazzed up


What does your role in Jazz Sanity mean to you? Electric Bass “The bass in jazz is the literal base, and it sets the tone for the whole song. I’m lucky to be able to perform with such talented people, and I’m learning a lot in Jazz Sanity.” Alice Koo, 10

A group of band friends form a jazz quartet to perform at senior homes. Nicole Chiang

friends joined him and created a quartet

Staff writer

out of a pianist, a drummer, a bassist and a saxophonist.

Steinberg. “I enjoy playing music with my friends and generally am able to get more

Music can bring back memories.

“At first I was accordingly doubtful

time to express myself as a musician,”

Music can rekindle old emotions. Music

of both the legitimacy of the invite and

Song said. “I get to give back to the

can span generations. And music is what

of my ability to play well enough to

community using a skill I’ve practiced for

jazz band sophomores Dylan Song,

perform. I’m not sure why I said I’d go,

years. The reactions of the residents each

Alice Koo, Erik Ingram and Matthew

but I thought it’d be a good opportunity

time is special and different, and they love

Steinberg give to the elderly at the senior

to improve my skills. I didn’t want to turn

that they can remember the music.”

homes of Bridgecreek and Regency

down an invitation of that sort, and it


sounded fun,” Koo said.

Tenor Saxophone “I play most of the melodies in the quartet, so I generally feel pretty excited when I play. And it’s good because I know that I’m doing something that’s beneficial.” Erik Ingram, 10

In order to prepare for their monthly performances, the members get together

Song and Ingram formed the

The two senior homes’ proximity

once a week to practice their chosen set

quartet, Jazz Sanity, for their requirement

allows Jazz Sanity to perform at both

list and bond. The all-jazz music chosen

of 40 hours of community service in

homes on the same day. About a month

by this quartet ranges from the 1940s to

order to be confirmed by their church.

before each performance, the musicians

the 1990s, which was specifically selected

Song decided to play music in order to

select the pieces they want to perform

so that the seniors might recognize some

gain his necessary hours, and thus, the

from Real Books, which are collections

of the scores. Ω

concept of performing was born. Several

of jazz standards, or the compositions of PHOTO BY SAMUEL COMPOLONGO

Drum Set “The drum set makes us sound more like jazz and adds a bit of context. It means so much to me because it gives the seniors a little flashback to when they were young.” Matt Steinberg, 10

Piano “Erik and I started the quartet together, and I play the piano. We meet at my house to practice. It makes me really glad to be a part of something that makes people happy.” Dylan Song, 10

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Choir to perform in Spring concert All choirs have been preparing to sing contemporary pieces for their annual spring concert. Sarah Aie Staff writer


SPRING SYMPHONIES (TOP TO BOTTOM) I Mustang singer freshman Yvonne Corpin warms up with diction and projection exercises. I Chamber singer senior Adrienne Caparaz rehearses contempary a cappella songs.

improved greatly because of the

this concert because we are doing

practice that is put into working on

a lot of a cappella pieces and more

the songs for concerts. [Practices]

modern day songs. Even though

All choirs will perform in their

really help the bond we have as a

a cappella [and other styles] can

annual Prelude to Spring concert

choir because Mustang Singers has

sometimes be more difficult to

Thursday, Feb. 9 and Friday, Feb. 10

people from all different grades.

sing because it’s easier to lose your

in the Performing Arts Center.



spot, it is definitely worth the time

Preparation for this performance



wrap everything up into one great

and challenge. As a person who is

began in January. During regular


interested in music, the difficulty

practice, the choirs follow various

freshman Samantha Lo said.



makes the piece more dynamic

exercises, including singing in small

The choirs will showcase their

and there are more components to

groups to improve sound and drills

sound quality through classical songs,

play with,” Chamber singer senior

that improve facial expression. Extra

such as “Canto del Agua.” However,

Katelyn Rowley said. “It’s a nice mix

technical and dress rehearsals will

as the concert progresses, more

of styles, [which] makes it more fun

also be scheduled after school during

contemporary pieces will also be

because we’re all about to jam out

the week of the concert.

sung to adhere to the jazz and festival

and truly enjoy the music we are


singing.” Ω

“Compared to the beginning of the year, Mustang Singers have

“I’m actually really excited for

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Leading state champions

For the past seven years, Coach Cecil Woods has led the golf program toward success. At





CHAMPION (LEFT TO RIGHT) | Coach Woods warms up at the range. Woods is honored for placing first at the Panama Central American Championship.

Coaching checklist Woods brings three unique aspects of the game to the team.

Sarah Aie

is quick, fast, hard. In golf, when the

Staff writer

adrenaline starts pumping, you must

the opportunity to coach the Walnut

Preparation Recording film and taking notes is part of Woods’ routine of getting ready for a game.

slow down and concentrate even more.

boys’ golf team because his children

Behind every great team is a great

That’s the biggest difference between

were still in high school, but he later

coach. Although playing golf has been

golf and other sports, and that’s one

accepted the job offer in 2010. The

a big part of Coach Cecil Woods’ life,

of the many things I love about golf.”

next year, he started the girls’ golf

coaching uncovered a whole new aspect

Over time, the sport evolved into

program at Walnut High School and

of the game. Throughout his 30-year

more than just a hobby. After doing

has dedicated the last six years of his life

long golf career, he has built a legacy that

well in major tournaments including

to building it into the success it is today.


he continues to pass on to his players.



Girls’ golf are four-time consecutive



Coach Woods focuses on making his players responsible for the results.

Woods’ involvement in golf did






Skills eye



not start until he graduated from

who invited him to try out for the


college. Many of his friends played

Honduras National Team. Eventually,


golf, and he decided to join the trend.

he was recruited and has represented

“Coach has been so impactful to

It was the only sport simple enough

his country for the last eight years.

Walnut High School and us. He’s been

to play while juggling a job and kids.

“It’s wonderful to play for the

able to be so successful because he truly

“Convenience is what got me

national team. It has changed my life and

cares about us. In my opinion, there will

into golf, but it was the competition

has definitely made me a better golfer.

never be another coach like him. He’s very

of seeing how good I could get that

For me, the experience has been great

supportive of the team,” senior Keisha

got me into continuing to practice and

because it’s given me the opportunity to

Lugito said. “A lot of people may not

play hard,” Woods said. “You must

travel all over Central and South America

realize it but he has worked [tirelessly] to

take your time when it comes to golf.

while playing golf and winning a few

get [the golf team] to where [it] is today.”

In most of the other sports, everything

tournaments for my country,” Woods said.

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“I will go to a golf course and write down what they should be hitting on each hole. I also take pictures and movies [of the course], and we go over it the night before a tournament.”

“You can’t say ‘the wind was blowing,’ or ‘I didn’t think that tree was so high.’ It’s a mental thing. If I get them away from blaming other people for what they did, they become much stronger.”

Experience The expertise he has gained from being a part of the Honduras National Team helps him advise the team. “It allows me to explain, show and understand what the young players might be going through. It allows me to explain to them what it takes to win.” COMPILED BY ERICA CHANG, NICOLE CHIANG AND JEREMY HSIAO

Player Q&A: How has Coach Woods impacted you as your golf coach? Varsity girls’ golf reflected on their relationship with their coach and the skills they gained from him on and off the course.

Leesa Heng, 12 4-year varsity

“Ever since I was a freshman, he would always tell us to be fair to every player, to always be kind and mostly just to treat everyone the same. That equality and respect is something that he teaches us as freshmen mostly. As we grow older, he teaches us life lessons that we can use later.”

Megan Qing, 12 3-year varsity

“He strongly influenced my golf game over the past couple years. He helped me improve because I haven’t had other coaches like him. I used to never talk to coach, but he jokes around a lot so it became easier to ask him for help. He always jokes with us and loosens the tension before a match.”

“He’s really good at taking care of us. He always gets us food after we do well. Whenever I go play with other schools, I see how they are, but I feel like our coach is closer. Other coaches are just like, ‘play well’ and they don’t Rachel Zhang, 11 really interact with other players very much, our 3-year varsity coach always gives us help and is just closer.”


february 2016


Girls’ soccer defeats Los Altos In its seventh league game, girls’ soccer outlasts Los Altos 1-0 and improves to a 4-2-1 league record. PHOTO BY JAMIE CHEN

Brian Wu Media manager

The start of

the second

half was also slow but soon Varsity girls’ soccer edges

picked up with a corner kick

out a win over Los Altos 1-0

from attacking midfielder senior

on Wednesday, Feb. 1 in their

Bella Amezcua to center back

second matchup of the season.

sophomore Cheyenne Tucker for





the header and the made goal.

between the Mustangs and the

With possession of the ball going

Conquerors resulting in a 1-1 tie,

back and forth, the game ended

the Mustangs came out strong

with the Mustangs leading 1-0.

in the first half of their second

“I was really ecstatic. We

matchup. Walnut controlled the

had been working really hard

front field by attacking the goal,

to score a goal and we finally

unable to finish a goal, but putting

scored one. It was a team effort.

pressure on the Los Altos defense.

We had many opportunities to

However, the half ended with

score a goal, but we just couldn’t

neither team being able to score.


“The game was very intense







and it was especially difficult in

with Los Altos, the team wanted

the first half because we tried


and tried to score but it just

on the field and passing in





order to create a better offense. “At the beginning of the

would work the best for the front

season, we weren’t clicking as

and for the back,” left defender

a team and we were selfish in



our plays. However, we’ve been


listening to our coach now and the

formation a total of three times

most important thing we have is

in order to see what offensive and

our communication,” Tucker said.

defensive rotation would work best.

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formations in order to see what

The EYES ON THE GOAL | Forward sophomore Nadia Amezcua pushes the ball up the field and prepares to pass to a teammate.




Player Q&A: How do you prepare for a game? Girls’ soccer prepares for games by warming up and performing pre-game rituals to boost their energy and mentality. COMPILED BY TRISTAN GONZALEZ, SHERMAN WU AND IRENE ZHOU | PHOTOS BY JAMIE CHEN, SAMUEL COMPOLONGO AND AUSTIN LAM

Q: What do you do to prepare for a game?

Q: What do you eat before a game?

A: “I try to think about situations that can occur in a game and how I would react to them, [and] I gathered information about nutrition so I could play my best on the field. I try to eat simple and healthy like a granola bar. Also, I try to drink a lot of water before a game. It provides me with more energy and it allows me to perform better.”

A: “On days we have a game, I make sure to have a healthy breakfast and bring my own lunch to school so that I’m not hungry or fatigued by the time of the game in the afternoon. And right before the game I try my best to get pumped up and ready for the game by listening to my favorite music and doing my own stretches aside from the team warm-ups.”

Sheridan Quan, 12

Q: What’s a pre-game ritual that you do? A: “We usually play music in the locker room until our coach shows up, then he gives us our positions and the game plan, and then we start warm ups. During warm ups, I just try to stay loose and get focused, there’s a little nervousness but once the game starts and we’re actually playing it goes away. We just give each other little pep talks when we’re going out.” Stephanie Dye, 11

Julianna Mora, 12

Winter Season Scoreboard girls’ soccer 1/27 vs. Chino 1/30 @ Diamond Ranch 2/01 vs. Los Altos 2/03 vs. West Covina

2-0 W 4-3 W 1-0 W 3-0 L

boys’ soccer 1/27 @ Chino 1/30 vs. Diamond Ranch 2/01 @ Los Altos 2/03 @ West Covina

4-2 W 1-5 L 2-0 W 3-1 W

girls’ basketball 1/25 @ Charter Oak 1/27 @ Chino 2/01 vs. Los Altos 2/03 @ West Covina

68-39 W 66-36 W 62-59 W 58-38 W

boys’ basketball 1/25 @ Charter Oak 1/27 @ Chino 2/01 vs. Los Altos 2/03 @ West Covina

60-43 W 48-46 W 51-54 L 67-56 W

girls’ water polo 1/14 @ Cajon 1/14 @ Patrick Henry 1/19 vs. West Covina 2/02 @ Charter Oak

3-13 L 5-10 L 13-6 W 10-12 L

boys’ wrestling 1/12 @ Los Altos 1/19 vs. West Covina 1/26 vs. Diamond Ranch 1/31 @ Charter Oak

52-15 W 50-18 W 68-6 W 46-27 W

girls’ wrestling 12/17 La Puente Tournament 6th 1/19 vs. West Covina 54-9 W 1/26 vs. Diamond Ranch 72-6 W 1/31 @ Charter Oak 42-0 W




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