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my book of memories

Chapter 1 Hi my name is Natalie Schoblocher and I am 14 ,and I’m a dog lover . We have five dogs that are all rescued. I love to read and be outside . My favorite outside activity is street hockey. My favorite book is by James Patterson ,12th of Never . I live on a cul de sac two blocks from Piggly Wiggly in Little Chute . Little Chute is a small Villages , mostly Dutch people live here . It is a quite and peaceful place to live . All my neighbors are friendly we help each other out . Some of my short term goals I have are getting a job , getting a learners permit for getting a drivers license . Some long term goals I have are getting a drivers license. Going to Tech school to become a Vet Tech .

chapter 2 rita schoblocher 1008 woodland ct.        kaukauna wi, 54130 Dear mom, I am writing you this letter for an assignment for school and because I would like you to know how much I care about you.How much I enjoy helping you out . I am really glad that you adopted me when I was little ,that was the best thing that you could ever do .I appreciate you teaching me the importance of reading , helping others out if they need it.You have always on my side even if dad didn't get our point . Guess what I'm trying to say is that I am very greatful to have you and dad for always being there for me . I could not thank you enough for all the love you guys give me. Thank you mom. sincerely schoblocher


chapter 3 Either in the past 3-5 years I was riding my bike with my sister and we were pretending to be in a circus and I was turning my front wheel back and forth quickly and it turn to far to one side and I went over face first and broke my front teeth ,scrape up my right arm . This is significant to me because i can remember it so well. Who was there,my sister was outside with me , on our street , me and my sister were outside riding our bikes ,we were pretending to be in a circus and i was going back and forth on my bike and the fount tire turn too too far one way one i fell and broke my 2 front teeth ,scraped my right arm up,I went inside to my mom and dad ,my dad was really mad because i got hurt and he was yelling then mom yelled at him to stop yelling at me,my mom clean up my scraps arm and put a bandaid on it . 1st,I was riding my bike 2nd,I fell and got hurt 3rd mom cleaned me up? I was upset when it happened now when I look back I think man that was stupid. my life change because I am more careful on a nike now.

chapter 4 time for school by Natalie Schoblocher

it was time for a new school school year to begin, i got up in the morning ate breakfast ,then i started up my computer and logged into the week one orientation at first it some like a lot to take in at once , like home work we were told to do the getting started activities for each class ,by week 3 i had the hang of it but every once in awhile i get stuck!

chapter 5 the future times

dogs it’s been 20 years since she started the sweetie pie foundation where she has been working really hard to unbanned banned dogs breed and to get more people to realize its the owner that make them mean. she also takes in unwanted dogs and gives them a second chance . she is accepting donations or if you would like to adopt a dog please call or text this number 900-080-0606

news report a police officer went to talk to a suspect in an ongoing investigation only to discover a dog fighting ring. the man was put under arrest immediately . the animal rescue was called and on there way . there was a total of 50 dogs rescued and 20 dogs that didn’t make it. the dogs that did make it where taken to the vet to be checked out . the ones that were ok went to a dog be sure to be re trained.if you have any info please call 911 tip line.


Natalie schoblocher

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